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Camping: Urlaub mit Wohnwagen, Wohnmobil und Luxus-Glamping am Strand | WDR Reisen

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It's the holiday trend of recent years: camping. Around 11 million Germans love vacationing in a caravan or mobile home. There's nothing more beautiful.

Freedom, if you don't like it, bang, packed up and we're off again. The best time of life, camping. The fan base is growing rapidly, and there are no limits when it comes to features. Hello everyone and welcome to "Our Holiday".

Today in the middle of the countryside with a wonderful view of the lake. We are located in Camping Park Gohren, on the beautiful Lake Constance. More and more people are vacationing this way. I want to find out what excites people about it and what do you need for the perfect camping holiday? We also show you curious things from the world of camping, such as vintage campers and luxury vehicles. We accompany camping beginners on vacation and experience the 1st year with their own mobile home.

And we find out what is possible when camping. Between rustic in a tent and glamping on the beach. Subtitle: WDR mediagroup GmbH on behalf of WDR But first I'll do my obligatory traffic pattern. How do the campers live and what can you experience? Camping Park Gohren near the Lake Constance community of Kressbronn.

A 4-star site with more than 1,700 pitches. A simple tent finds its place here as well as the 1,200 permanent campers. In addition to caravans for rent, beginners can get a taste of camping in the holiday chalet. The whole world of camping meets here.

The place is just great. Nicely located by the lake. Germany's largest lake, Lake Constance, is right in front of the caravan door.

Of course, there is a huge range of leisure activities there. Stand up paddle rentals, diving and sailing school, and a marina are right next door. Water lovers get their money's worth here.

Many campers have their own boat right next to their pitch. Maritime charm in the Camping Park. And even the little campers get their money's worth here. (bleats) Playground, mini golf and petting zoo are simply part of a campsite. But Lake Constance also has a lot to offer off the pitch. Lindau, for example, is only 13 km away.

With its winding streets and medieval buildings, the island town attracts tourists in droves. It's very touristy, but you have to take a look. Here is Germany's southernmost lighthouse. Lindau is also one of the many starting points for boat trips on Lake Constance. There is so much to explore. From the Zeppelin ride, 1 hour for a dizzying 490 euros, to a trip to the flower island of Mainau for 26 euros.

Lake Constance has something to offer for every budget. * Music * Camping stands above all for adventure, for individuality and for freedom. I don't have to tell the people on the pitch that.

But not everyone is born a camper. During the Corona period, many wanted to try camping. Sometimes they jumped in at the deep end without any previous experience. This is exactly what the Erbslöh couple did.

They bought a mobile home in 2020 and we were allowed to accompany them on their first steps. We are 43 years together. And we'll get our car. - Yes. Start in a new section. The two of them went camping 40 years ago and have now gotten back into it.

A brand new mobile home for 59,000 euros became her second home. And changed her life in just a few months. The Erbslöhs were only on the road. 19,000 kilometers. Everything begins with the maiden voyage to Lower Saxony.

Camping at friends' farm. Should we stop here, or what did you think? You have to find a place. Take a look. Here they want to build up in peace and 1. gain experience. It's a bit stressful, so there's only quick food.

Petra makes pasta salad. Because everything still takes a little longer with the mobile home. That's a lot of work. So 1/2 to three quarters of an hour, depending on what you want and what you have, you already have to do.

Have we earned the beer afterwards? And that with the most beautiful campfire in front of the mobile home. Straight on to the next highlight. Lüneburg is a discovery for the Erbslöhs. The medieval city remained undestroyed during World War II.

Many houses are crooked because salt was mined underground for centuries. Little Venice on the Ilmenau. The couple made a stretch. It's now 700 km down.

We rode the 450 yesterday, in one go with short breaks. Was good to drive. After 43 years together, Petra and Rüdiger still feel like taking a love selfie on the Schlösschen Bridge . Everything done right. - Yes, it was a good decision. And then pack up and move on. - Yes. Her second tour went to the Rhine.

There is a lot to see in Bingen. 13 castles, palaces and ruins are in the region. Vacant camper pitches, on the other hand, are rare.

Lucky, the Erbslöhs get one of the last free places. i do like this Hi. It's insane these weekends, the demand. A little Tetris for adults. We sometimes have between 50 and 150 inquiries per day that are simply looking for parking spaces. Tents and caravans are forbidden here.

Everything is geared towards mobile homes. And for the parcel a point charge is necessary. Do I have to go forward again? - You still have so much space here. Ah, that's the stripe. - Countersteering. the other way around Are you that weird again? Wrong idea.

Can you please be nicer? - Next, one more thing. Go on, go on. (Petra) Now it must be good. - Now you're standing well, stop. The location on the Rhine can hardly be topped. But at night it can get restless here.

These ship diesels, they rattle by here. By 5 we got used to it. Then we fell asleep again until after 8am. Erbslöhs are explorers.

From the campsite you can cycle into town. Riding a bike for 2 km, you're in the middle of life. And that's okay. Camper for 8 weeks and already made 3,000 km. The first interim balance is positive.

Halfway through, on the way home, she says it was a good idea. I say what? That we bought the mobile home. The Erbslöhs have already covered 11,000 km in their camper van. One of their highlights: the island of Usedom.

Distance: 730 km. A week of Baltic Sea camping is the plan. 1st destination: Heringsdorf. One of the most popular seaside resorts near the Polish border. However, you can only park your camper on the outskirts of town. The Baltic Sea has never been such a destination.

Not even before the turnaround. (Petra) This flair of these seaside resorts. I let myself be surprised.

Heringsdorf and the bath villas, simply beautiful here. That's dreamy. Is great. Every day there is something new to discover after a short drive. There is even a gondola on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula to dive into the underworld of the Baltic Sea. That's majestic. I've seen more than I dared hope. - Yes.

We can experience real surprises. In Kühlungsborn is one of the largest campsites on the Baltic Sea. 12 hectares in size, with 600 pitches. (Petra) Gigantic. I have to let that sink in now.

That's so huge. From films I know places in Italy that accommodate 2 million people. I thought, are you in Italy or where is this now? The campsite in Kühlungsborn with direct access to the beach. Petra and Rüdiger's Baltic Sea camping tour comes to an end here. 6 days were almost too short for your numerous impressions.

Everything has its charms, its beauties. But you should have seen everything, not just the Baltic Sea beach and the Baltic Sea. Also drive inland.

It's amazing how beautiful it can be. Baltic Sea, we will definitely come again. Erbslöhs are also Spain fans.

The 1,500 km don't scare them, the main thing is sun. Instead of autumn in Germany, 3 weeks on the Costa Dorada. Spain becomes their camping country. And travel educates.

Rüdiger has a hot tip. So that's basically certain, this north-south divide. The further south you go, the higher the temperatures.

Who would have thought? At the destination, the Erbslöhs are happy about a parking space right on the water. Once again had a good feeling. So now let's go see what's here. Ha. It's a bang, isn't it? - Yes, that's right.

The pitch, a dream by the sea. The Erbslöhs explore the Roman port city of Tarragona, 30 km away. There are many historic buildings here, and particularly worth seeing: the Roman amphitheater right by the sea. But Rüdiger and Petra are completely wrong at first.

Unfortunately there is no number here. No, that must be something else. scusi Where do we have to go? Left or right side? - Left. OK. - It is near the sea.

Thank you very much. The two globetrotters from Meerbusch like to get lost. We like to walk any streets, and then you look around the corner again.

Oh, then you have another angle. Sometimes treasures are found. A surprise awaits right around the next corner. Street dancers invite passers-by to join in. good, right? Rüdiger has never liked to dance.

But Petra gets carried away by the Catalan joie de vivre. That's good, isn't it? Oh I can. *music* (all) I need you, you, you, you, you. That's nice, I like that.

And finally you will also find the Tarragona Amphitheater. Souvenir photos of a World Heritage Site. We wouldn't have done it without a camper van. If I hadn't even had Spain on my agenda because the trip down there would have been too far for me. I wouldn't have wanted the one or two nights in the hotel either. But with campers that's good.

As you can see, camping can be a great experience. But that's just one reason why so many people get excited about camping. I ask around at the campsite and meet Nico and Sonja. The two have been enthusiastic campers for 8 years and are on the road quite a bit during the year. City breaks too.

That's about 12 or 13 trains a year. Also winter camping. We have also been to Garmisch-Partenkirchen at -21°. That was an exciting number. heating held up. You bought your mobile home used a few years ago for 38,000 euros. Up to 5 people can sleep here, but most of the time Nico and Sonja are only out with their dog Luna.

Holidays with dogs, camping is also ideal there. The flexibility to be independent in terms of time. Yes, we think it's very nice.

Not being tied to any meal times. We do what we want to do. For them, being free is the appeal of camping. But her hobby has also changed. Corona has caused a camping boom. This is madness.

This feeling of freedom, which is always conveyed... I drive off where I like, I stop, I drive on, if I don't like it, there are things like that... It's become impossible. Your motorboat must always be with you.

Nico and Sonja are water sports enthusiasts. You can put it into the water quickly and easily from the campsite . You can see things from the water that you can't see from land. You can drive into a bay, a bit away from the hustle and bustle. You can just let yourself drift. This is a very special kind of freedom.

Freedom, Nico and Sonja can still be found at Campen, even if the campsites are getting fuller and fuller. Back on land I meet the Brämer family. Mother Christin, father Sören and the children Pia and Steen came from the Harz Mountains in their caravan. Ever since the children were born, camping has been pure relaxation for the Brämers. The relaxation is that the children have their occupation. You can really get up...

In the time when you want to prepare the breakfast table, the children can go to the playground. There are no times you have to stick to. You can live for the day, not like at home. Getting up, work, school, everything is clocked through.

Camping is just being. - To vegetate in front of oneself. When living in a caravan, the family gets a little closer together. For the Brämers, this is the ideal family holiday in the truest sense of the word. It's rare at home that you can take the time to build a stone tower by the water like we just did. That's what happens when you go camping in a relaxed manner, without hectic, without stress.

The children are happy about the many play opportunities that such a campsite offers. And actually, a week in a caravan shouldn't be too expensive. Pitch is now for 4 with a dog around 450 euros.

You also have to go shopping down here, it's not the cheapest holiday. Definitely cheaper than flying to a package deal. But with 1.5 for a week you'll be there quickly.

There are also strange characters at the campsite. Biggi created this one. She is a long-term camper, lives in a caravan from April to October and dedicates herself to her passion, painting. For Biggi, the campsite is the ideal place for her art.

May I briefly interrupt you? Howdy. Where we live, in the country, no people come. It was just ideal here. I would sit down and paint and people would always come. On the shore of Lake Constance she finds the driftwood that she almost brings to life with her art.

Each piece is unique, just like Biggi himself. There are a lot of people here who don't paint. Are you sticking out somehow? - They just do other things.

They stop... I don't know. Beer evenings or barbecue evenings. As in normal life, everyone is different.

Unique, just like her caravan, which she has named Emma. Biggi designed everything here himself. Your little pink empire. I think it's nicer to downsize. I have limited space and need to figure out how to organize it to be happy. And it's a lot easier than you think.

And I think Biggi isn't the only one who finds a smaller, simpler world while camping. A camping holiday is not always the same as a camping holiday. There are different tastes, especially when it comes to campsites. Some want comfort and want to be close to other campers. And others are primarily looking for nature and want to be left alone.

In NRW there is the right campsite for every type. Here 2 examples. Camping holiday XXL. Germany's largest campsite, the Grav Island in Wesel. 2,500 parking spaces, own connection to the Rhine and 300 boat berths. In a normal summer, the place is buzzing with 2.5 million overnight stays.

At 250 hectares, Grav Island is larger than the Principality of Monaco, but belongs to the city of Wesel. (all) What is the name of the mayor of Wesel? Donkey. The donkey is also the campsite mascot and campers see it on practically every corner. Of course he's not a donkey, but the mayor of the campsite, Frank Seibt, so to speak.

His father came up with the idea of ​​the campsite 50 years ago. When he looked at the meadow and had a vision of a sea of ​​trailers. From this vision came deeds.

In 1969 my father applied for a permit for the campsite. On the 1st weekend we had 20, 30 here. In the following weeks it actually became more and more until we had 500, 600 plots in the 80s. Today there are 2,500.

There are also hectares of land that Seibt and his team farm. Then there are the campers with their small and large worries. The partner has died. After 45 years you have to stop because it's no longer possible from a health point of view.

New campers come, the neighbor has seen that the neighboring plot is free and he comes to the office. Or I know him personally and he says don't lease the parcel. My friends have been waiting for the neighbor to stop for so long. Now the time has come, keep them free, the neighbor is coming.

He has been a neighbor at the campsite for 36 years. Although plot after plot is lined up here, Bruno feels great freedom here. You go out, you don't always have to style yourself.

You sit down, you are free, you are outside. And the one walking by looks just like me. He's not combed properly either, a bit unshaven.

So like-minded people, and that's the beauty of it. Maybe it has something to do with freedom, with mobility. You're not dirty, but you live here. In the meantime, Bruno and his wife Brigitte have furnished their mobile home like an apartment. * Music * When they hit the pitch in 1984, that's unthinkable. It wasn't until the 90s that they really upgraded their lot.

They have been living permanently at the campsite for 16 years. Before he retired, Bruno commuted from here to work at the blast furnace in Duisburg every day. Duisburg, the city, houses, streets. We felt more comfortable here.

At home, the acquaintances and the relatives, we lost them a bit because we were here more often. The caravan plot as the new center of life on Germany's largest campsite. Camping in Münsterland, for example, is completely different. Camping on a farm, in the heart of nature, in peace and quiet. This is exactly what awaits campers in Münsterland near Steinfurt.

In the past centuries, the Köninck farm has changed many times. Was once a classic farm, then a riding stable. It has recently become a nature campsite.

Dirk Koeninck is everything in one. Boss, usher, receptionist. And everything likes to be uncomplicated. Reception is my mobile number. - OK.

Is it there? - It's usually there somewhere. Either the. Or there is one on the other slips of paper. Life is more relaxed at the nature campsite in Münsterland . The open-air scullery serves its purpose. And if a particularly large number of guests come, as on this bridge weekend, the boss simply sets up an additional sanitary container.

Dirk Köninck shares his homeland and heritage with the guests. I want to preserve the old historical buildings. Another goal is to restore the attic behind us, for example. This will later become the reception. On this sunny bridge weekend at the beginning of summer, friends from the Ruhr area meet on the green meadow .

Many families and even more children. * Music * Traditionally, they like to travel across the border with bag and baggage. This year, however, they remain almost on the doorstep. It's very nice here, it seems to me.

The reception was also like that, that you... stand there like that. So relaxed in a way, and that seemed very nice to me.

On a real campsite, you first have to pick up a couple of information brochures and then you're assigned a spot, and then you're there. It's nicer here, I think it's good. There is space here. 27 hectares of space that doesn't look like a campsite at all. Even in normal summers, only 40 to 50 campers are allowed to camp here at the same time.

Anyone who comes to Hof Köninck is looking for something very specific. People are looking for rest and relaxation. That's for sure.

They don't want this big hustle and bustle anymore. I also want to convey to people that there is no stress here. That everything is going a bit slower here, that people are slowing down.

And when they all leave afterwards, they all say it was exactly how I imagined it. And the children too, who have enough to discover here, experience nature. This is a sure-fire success for the parents. They can sit back and relax.

And look at the children on the meadow, how they play or discover something or run after the chickens. That's what I want to convey as well. Well, what's nice about you there? - toads. Ah, mini toads. The twins Jonas and Linus from Hamm have already collected a whole family of toads. Look, they were tadpoles the last few days.

Do you know what tadpoles are? Yes, we learned that in biology class. - Good. * Music * Can you catch a few fish now? It is worth a try. The nature holiday is far from over. Just go camping. Does pretty well on the green field.

* Music * * Music * What do you actually do on the campsite when it rains? Anyone can camp when the weather is nice. * Music * Now sitting inside in front of the TV, that's not possible. Reading. You have to camp in any weather. I have a dog with me and he always has to go outside. * Music * There's always something you can do, can do.

* Music * Or you go to the swimming pool. * Music * Camping is increasingly glamping, which translates to glamorous camping. Of course, that is also the case here at Lake Constance.

Because the demands of visitors are constantly increasing. And the campsite operators are adapting to it. That's why there's a glamping tent here, for example. It's huge, also has tarpaulins and tent poles. But inside it's a bit different than a normal tent.

Have a look. It is furnished like a complete holiday home. So you have a kitchenette for cooking. It's a lot of space.

4 people can sleep here. The tent costs 98 euros per night. Each of these safari tents has a theme, here for example the zebra. When you stand here, you have the feeling that you are in a lodge in Kenya.

I've never been there, but that's how I imagine it. Glamping is for people who say I want to try camping, but I don't want to give up too much comfort. Daniel Aßmann has found particularly spectacular accommodation in the Netherlands . * Music *

While glamping is still in the starting blocks in Germany, the Netherlands are already in the fast lane. In Zeeland, on the southwest coast, 15 new beach houses are set up each season. Up to 6 glamping fans per house can enjoy sea views and the beach right on their doorstep. Bedroom and living room, kitchen, bathroom and 2 terraces. For the all-round carefree package, the beach houses also offer W-LAN, a bread roll and luggage service. As well as the exclusive sound of waves in the 1st row, even before the dune that spatially separates the campsite and beach houses.

Let's see, maybe we can start a conversation here. I think they're just leaving here. At least that's what it looks like. Real glampers get their money's worth here on 25 square meters. It's expensive but it's on the beach and that's to die for. (Daniel) What did you pay, if I may ask? Roughly 825-825 for 4 nights? Has its price. Did you take pictures to show at home what you...

Absolutely. Glamping is just better. Now we're in.

Now I'm taking you with me. We'll take a look and see what it looks like here. Because that's what you want to see. From the outside they look great.

From the inside 1st impression, a bit small, I have to say. But everything is there at first glance. Microwave. What do we have? Refrigerator. Dishwasher.

At first glance, the kitchen is well equipped. Which is a bit of a shame here... The big shop with a sea view, that would have been nice if we were right on the sea. Unfortunately that is not possible here.

Here the question arises... You really have to say it. If you look out here or in the corner over there at the television, what do you decide? Because the view is sensational from here too. We're going upstairs. How did you do that now, you were still behind me? Little TV trick. I'll put it this way... If you really wake up here...

I'll have a quick rehearsal here, there must be enough time. Because that's of course... ...the big hammer. Yes. More is not possible. Sea, in the truest sense of the word. I really have to say, this is a great experience.

I think you can come down here too. Here you can let your soul dangle. And yes. The location is really sensational. The total price per beach house is 310 euros per night in the high season.

Significantly cheaper in the low season at 195 euros. Kitchen and bath towels cost 13 euros on top and you can also take your dog with you for 4 euros per night. I have to say this is the epitome of glamping for me.

You are right at the campsite, which is directly behind it. But you are in the 1st position, you have your own bathroom, your own kingdom. From the price, I have to be honest, I thought it would be a bit more expensive. People told me they paid about 200, 225 euros a night. I would say no more is possible. That's glamping for me.

Most Germans prefer to spend their summer vacation on the beach. But if you want to experience the real glamping feeling with sand and sea right on your doorstep, you have to book well in advance. *Music* For my taste, that's a little too much luxury. I prefer it more rustic.

For example, I have developed a small box van. There's a bed in there, no shower, no toilet, no nothing, some fairy lights. But I find it comfortable. The nice thing is, everyone can do it the way they want. And here at the Camping Park on Lake Constance, someone is stepping it up a notch.

This is the largest caravan on the whole campsite. And Charly Simon is the owner. Nice that you're here. Hello Christian. What is this giant palace? - This is our trailer.

How many square meters is that? This is a small vacation rental. That is 12 m long and 3 m wide. So about 36 square meters. Most student apartments are smaller.

And not even remotely equipped as chic. Charly's caravan really has everything. We have a kitchen and a big TV. Then we have a couch that you can pull out and make a bed out of. Then we have 2 deckchairs here that you can sit on. Let's see if that works. Have a seat.

Then you can pull here, other side, pull. Yes, exactly. This is already the luxurious version of camping. - Exactly. The bathroom is also larger than in a normal caravan.

Shower, toilet, sink is of course all there. The bedroom also has more space for camper dreams than usual. Listen up. I can only dream of so much space in my little camper. King bed, closets, second TV.

All huge thanks to the retractable and extendable bay windows. Empty weight of this XXL trailer: more than 5 t. You need a truck to pull it. But Charly just leaves his caravan. We always use it on weekends we drive here, we are 2 hours away. We use it as a 2nd house. - May I ask how much something like that costs?

You can look it up on the Internet, something like that is a 6-digit number. Would you still call yourself a camper? - Yes. Because that looks like a vacation home.

I'm still a camper. It's better to be at the campsite than to have an apartment somewhere. You can't even get a 1 room apartment for that money. We couldn't afford that. Then we are right on the water. The only way you can treat yourself to something like that is something like that.

But Charly doesn't have to do without anything. Because next door he has rented 2 more plots. The caravan for the children is still here. Or his guests. And a big tent with a kitchen.

As a long-term camper, you sometimes want to stretch your feet. This is the living room, we've celebrated a lot of parties here. The nice thing is, you always have a speech. Like you. You come by, say hello. We are secluded at home. We want to communicate with people here.

Our children also have a caravan here. It's something for the whole family, this camping on a grand scale. You can have a great time at a campsite. But you can also spend a lot of money on the hobby.

If you don't want to live in a normal tent, but in a luxury camper, for example. Or if you have a weakness for classic cars. This team is from yesterday. But still on the go today. A sleek Italian, born in 1966, has a German smooch ball from 1967 in tow. Once through the Bergisches Land.

Once over the Wupper. Thomas and Miriam from Solingen are almost always in the mood for camping. Today they are on their way to the Ruhr area. They are oldie campers and at a meeting with like-minded people they want to present their old treasures. Arrival in Duisburg at Mühlenweide. Now it's up to Miriam and Thomas to build it up true to the original.

All camping gear is from the 60's and 70's. * Music * Thomas' love of camping started when he was still in the army. * Music * There was a nice Hard Rock Café in Hildesheim. And this Hard Rock Café...

It got really hot there. And also until early in the morning. And then you don't feel like going home anymore. And then I just slept in my Kadett City. Rear seat folded down.

It kind of worked better than I thought. So a few months later we went on a journey with this Kadett City, real car camping. That actually went very well for a very long time, around 7 or 8 years. Until the desire for a caravan came. And he stayed. Today's caravan doesn't look much different.

The ERIBA Touring Triton from 1967 is lovingly cared for and decorated in a very small space. * Music * Confined space? However, Miriam first had to get used to it. It took Thomas a long time to convince me because I was used to more space. And yes, I just fell in love with the look and the way the caravan is lived and just adapted to it. I don't know if I would have chosen it voluntarily, but now I can't do anything else.

In everyday life, when things get tight, you can avoid each other, that doesn't work here. And you really have to make sure that everyone keeps their space so that they are happy. Either you pull yourself together or you have a lousy vacation.

There are other tiny caravans on the oldie mile. The smallest is a Puck ERIBA, born in 1965. Less than 3 m long, a good 1.60 m wide. Little space, but enough room for closeness. Owner Margit knows how to deal with it.

Knutschkugel is actually the Dübener Ei, that's where the nickname comes from. The Dübener Ei is one of the lightest and smallest caravans. In the vernacular, he is often called the Knutschkugel.

It was built by the Würdig company in Saxony between 1936 and 1990. * Music * But let me tell you, the puck is of course much tighter and you get closer. You have to understand each other very well. There are no separate beds. Of course, one can only hope that the other person doesn't snore like that.

* Music * If you want to go to bed in the evening, you have to undress one after the other, because 2 don't fit next to each other, that's not possible. Camping in a small space. If there's just enough space for, well, smooching, there's not much else that can happen. So first of all he has nothing to offer. The caravan is just simple. I miss neither the heating nor the refrigerator in the caravan.

Just sit down or sleep or cook. More is not possible, the rest takes place outside. * Music * But camping can also be a luxury. So real luxury. The mobile home manufacturer Volkner in Wuppertal.

Boss Stephanie Volkner ensures that luxury cars are built here. Only according to customer requirements and to order. Prerequisite: You want a 12 m long colossus with a good 500 hp.

And you have 1.5 million euros left for it. And how are such giants formed? It's easy to explain. We buy motor, axle, gearbox and refrigerator. We produce the rest. Under the chic shell of the luxury liner is a bunch of technology.

But of course no customer wants to see that in the end. * Music * After 20 months of construction, the work is ready for the road. Stephanie Volkner drives one of these luxury liners herself. If you put 1.5 million euros on the sales table,

you can count on plenty of solar on the roof and powerful batteries under the hood. So he can just stand anywhere in the landscape. Just theoretically.

Socket on a campsite? Doesn't need the ship. Everything here is trimmed for maximum comfort. Everything is controlled in the display, called "Brainpilot". Also the temperature in the bedroom at night. The side wall of the mobile can be extended so that there is really no shortage of space . Makes a plus of 5 sqm. Customers pay a high price for individuality and exclusivity. We have Royal leather, we have real wood veneered furniture.

We have a piece of furniture here that we developed ourselves. Everywhere round real wood veneer, very, very complex to manufacture. We use the best materials available to build a great vehicle for the customer. Quite apart from the technology. And if the big luxury liner is a bit too unwieldy for the small errand in between, open the flap, runabout out. The patented central garage solution is included in the million dollar package.

* Music * So I found it really exciting to get a taste of the different camping styles. You may also be interested in trying out camping. You take care. Copyright WDR 2022

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