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Hi guys, let's sing, it's good, just self, even though you need it , so hello guys, I'm back, hopefully, Vas deferens this time will review the Vario Beat motorbike again , we will review the Bitfinite Fatin motorbike. Just finished taking a shower, so don't ask me to take a shower again , at least take a shower. take a shower, so let's just be crispy, don't trigger it because the person has to be on a hub, because yesterday we were horrified at what time this motorbike was at 2.00

, so it was too hot, so we won't live again this Friday, just wake up in the morning so it's not hot So later Livina is better, more stable too and the concept is now even more jossy, because yesterday the concept was the concept of disposal, you don't have a concept that used to fail, this isn't true, isn't it, so now we're going to call the church right away, so we're going to wash it, want to review the motorbike, what was my motorbike that used to be bad? now I'm uploading a little bit of the names of the motorbikes, Siti Siti Siti, because it was like that before, it was fat a review before playing tiktok and it turned out to be busy, yes, there are also many fans of this fat seed, so when you're lucky, this complicated father becomes a little bit in the Beat world again because before this Beat has never been a bustling fatrim before, at least it's a son, because this is tea if it 's not bitter but those who like delivery are arrogant, the parking lot is because we are serious about washing now . We don't need a motorbike to promote Tik Tok. Everyone knows it. So the name is tiktok. Because Dead Boy, the online download season is here. Anyway, I'll go straight to the point when the temperature starts. So now, let's review the 130cc Beat Fat motorcycle that was used touring Bandung. Gombong is all Ahmad's gas generator, his friend . Now, we're together. No longer, Angga Setiawan. Directly from the carbon , this dipped carbon, buy it at the online shop, don't buy it online shop, the price is 130h, the fender is only directly replaced, it can be seen from the plate, this plate uses PSM 260, yes, PSM is 260, this is the price for 550, it's already the same. Next, buy it on our GT engines

, friend, directly here, it's directly replaced with robot bolts for furniture This one costs 10 thousand as soon as we move to the master, the calipers are still the same as yesterday's concept, using an rcb, the price is 650, I don't know . 120-126 Sung by Astro Kitchen Bolt, now the price range is Rp. 150000. Yes , the wheels are changed, the name is changed. The concept is to make it more different, the main thing is that I'm bored, I want to try this, it's also light, the wheels are using Takasago Excel Asia, the fingers are using Daytona The promo uses the original drum for the wheels , later in the online shop around the face Yes, that's the brand, I'm sure Pro is still the old concept a lot of them are still the same, you guys already have this clutch Ah, this is a gearbox with a headscarf, the gearbox is still the same as the concept yesterday, the price is 35,000 Rp. the price is cheap , only Rp. 50,000 directly to the standard RTD brand lights, the price is 120 which is point 6 which has a number plate, the result is really not even a factory penalty , I just plugged it in and it was replaced, which is clear, it's the same as below, why here Dipped carbon again, this price is around 120, it's cheaper, yes , buy it at the online shop, both are the same online shop directly under the fender, this one is more proper, can't print . Choose this trigraph, it's around Rp. 50.000 50.000 Rp. 60.000 holder elder there is for here the price is Rp. 60,000 Immediately quiet, still the same achievement Yesterday x-max, many people asked, what is the mirror , what is this video only use x-max, the price is 120 Rp. 125 thousand for what is clearly visible, the mask is replaced. Hahaha, less or less, less or less, this is not stable, yes, this is the brand,

the brand uses a Tri motorbike, the price is 550,000, yes, the left and right are the same as the tube, so this is the original tube from The motor directly grips the hand grip, the concept is still the same yesterday, using an LCD, the price is Rp. 65,000, yes, Rp. 60,000 . the price is the same as yesterday's concept, the price is Rp. 50,000, it's already installed, it's just already left It seems like there 's gaskeun , what's wrong with Tebet, the English refrigerator is regular, so it's not cold, the point is to keep it cold. act from this Okay, the output is straight from Nepal. The hose is from Nepal anyway, I have received it, so yesterday it was 2 million

2000000 already-u It's handsome, anyway, I just have to install it . so it has to be torn up a little It looks like it's been more Aa Ouch hahaha already replaced it's definitely clear from the exhaust eh eh it's a fist not Astrajingga forgot again from the brand from the brand Tjm Project want to fight Come on in, what's not oh oh yeah local, right, this is Italy or not America Here's the price for 700 thousand but this is what he seems to be the one out the main It's the same as the muffler anyway It's a package of 700,000 or inlet 38 if for example it's small Yes it's true this is a really good plan but it's hard to follow high , at least it's for the mudguard to work with the Daihatsu Samuel brand left Oops, let's go in and enter ID already the price is 40,000 40,000 35,000 joncok Buy the wheels the same as the front, are they still the same Oh yes, the s line in fact, in this step , use the one for ducks, use duck because if you make the automatic carburetor, that's it . Oops, that's for food, ah, the food menu usually uses the Beat carb, because it's short. So if you use the longer duck, it costs 150 already The Splash and the pair are already handsome, the steps are neat, Oh, this step is cheap, I do n't know what brand the price is, it's only Rp. 50,000 Rp

. again bored gathering using extreme KTC size 35 for Vario, the price is for Fai, the price is Hi, let's paint it again, Mr. Editon came in yesterday because this is full, the citison was repaired, it was repaired again using tons , the results are good, anyway, OK, okay, that's it, straight to this, the fault, Yes the same as this, the price is Rp. 50,000 60,000 Rp. 60,000 but that happened, it just happened, it's because it's from Java, so it's a bit confused, it's a bit bent, yes, this bolt uses a little sweetener for the robots. These brakes are cheap, the price is only 80,000 . Yes, the DC is no longer available. Oh, yes, Jobs, yes, I used the x-ride 150,000. I already flashed it and the smaller one went straight to tiktok. I tried it. Yes, the motor

is 10k, amen, amen. already 10k brake masters this will giveaway many times gesswein Anyway ready for gaskeun So now we're at the end of the show Sorry I've been obedient or embarrassed To appear because it's been casted hehehe but I've taken a bath already showered because what made us lazy yesterday we reviewed Lastly, it's hot, including the country, now thousands are cloudy, but it's cool, sad, now instead of many grandchildren, we subset immediately, unload specs iryana CCTV Sony Okay, this is the left side, just what are the ingredients, just buy the front. Already on the lathe, Panda is still original, the front is automatic cotton, still in the engine, the automatic lining is using next .

which is IDR 1,500 for the KTC brand, Grandma, for the roller, because for the fast-paced Pati market, Bandung-gombong. Yes, double talking to Naza, it's cool. Size 9 S8 G crossed 10grams, so 8grams 3-10 grams. It 's just that, basically, racemes come back to Yahya's taste when you ask if you're going to use it for your motorbike, it turns out that it's prefixed or not, it can be different after the others, so if you want to research your forehead, how will your mechanic make another one for you? Also later, those who want, for example, want to get a CVT package, because there will be a lot of people asking at this time, Bro, for example This package of made-up safety belts, bluebeards, don't sell , you can't use this, it won't be a hassle later. The package will open immediately, so basically for those of you who want to be sure to fold the triangle later, it's not inferior to other products, yes, generators with low prices but better quality here, you can directly wait later, fat will generally be in elementary school, so don't forget to follow Instagram and stop at the next videos when you will include sales, the CV sales link is in various marketplaces, it's on Tokopedia, it 's on Shopee and it's on Bukalapak. open those three first, so you can choose whether

a good promotional girlfriend is big, where it is pressed, usually the origin is different for each Marquez, so you can check it right away, just check it using your motorbike sensitivity in various marketplaces which will be sold later there are various kinds of rollers, basically , the hardest roller is usually the lightest one, pradiva all It 's there. So for Persib, it's basically complete. Later, we'll also sell parts for other budget budget mods, just stay tuned. Now, let's go to the DC voltage engine, what kind of engine do you use ? Why did Suspect say So, how do you go? Yes, continue to be extreme, Silisium conveys the daily motorbike, your cat's daily motorbike, Boci directly from provincial dailies outside the province, so there are many provinces regarding special packages for engines, already in the hedlund section of the head, this is still standard, still high standard most ported Polish + noken as them from the parcel using Sweden the level is still hot, for teenagers it's still 137, yes it's still a table for boring, it's not boring, it's special using the motto Okay Matoa which is size five 4.5 4.5 as 128 Yes, it's 30 days for These files use standardize first, use what used to be custom, now standardized because standard salary means 13 0 really daily, really daily cause bandung-gombong bandung-gombong do you believe where the motorbike has gone in Bandung Gombong and Bandung Ciamis Bandung We are ready for the interior of Gombong Mirota, the coordinates of the characters are far from the connections of this motorbike, Thank God it's healthy, we'll look for gas to around the corner the last one is the seat. Oh yeah, maybe we'll give Lex what's wrong with that, the answer was most edited on the tv in brown, drap drap, the custom tv uses standard ML, the maximum anyway, later it's still standard, just use the injectors The Vario TPS uses the BRT brand, immediately has Hello Kitty, continues to worship the yellow-yellow part which is the most zuken and lasts long, al-Allaf, I already know a little bit I will be different in the past, so for Restu, the motor is in order. those of you who are waiting for the checksound, we will be

together with Ince for Eid, the next test will be thrown Okay, so now that 's it for the review, okay ? Don't forget to follow the Instagram from the owner. The sound CD is right here, just check the point because the quality content is really smart, Mama, telling people and educating people about motorbikes in a good way . Achievements don't be full of sensations Great So in the next video, we'll go to pasta, so test Ride this bike, I'm sure I'm curious about the taste of the Bandung-Gombong motorbike offline, Bang, I don't know, he just doesn't say anything. See you next video. Thank you for watching, we'll see you next gas. Get Rich hi hi

2022-05-15 04:14

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