Bikepacking France - Cathedrals & Castles Along The Loire Valley

Bikepacking France - Cathedrals & Castles Along The Loire Valley

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I'm riding the Eurovelo 3, from Paris to  Bordeaux. And after a couple of rough days   battling the heat and the traffic in Paris  I'm finally at the highlight of the whole   trip. The Loire valley. The Loire by bike trail  offers some spectacular and easy ridden   stretches along the Loire river and this day  promises to offer some fantastic sights in   the form of a castle taken right out of a  Disney movie, an impressive Cathedral and of   course you'll get to see me almost hitting the  wall again in the afternoon due to the heat   So I'm having a bit of a rough time right  now. All in all a fantastic day here in France [Music] [Music] Good morning and  hello from the Loire Valley in France   As you can probably see it's been a super damp  morning here, so everything is basically wet   I talked yesterday about the benefit of having a  picnic table by your campspot, and that is really   making itself worth now here in the morning.  I've spread out all my things across the table   in order for me to pack everything down inside  of my bags. Unfortunately the way I pack my   things is that I start with the tent first.  So that's why I need to have this chaos of  

everything going in into the bags afterwards.  I put the tent in first and the sleeping   bag and then everything follows after. The rain  fly and the ground sheet is pretty wet, so I'm   going to have to pack the tent a bit wet.  There's some sun here but it won't do any   effect on drying the tent now. I'll just pitch  it early tonight and it will probably dry out in   a couple of minutes later on. Let's bring all  of this chaos inside of my bags and hit the road

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] We have made it to the city of Orléans,  where New Orleans probably got its name from  I'm trying to make it over  to the very impressive Cathedral, that   I can see in front of me. I just have  to zigzag through the streets [Music] [Music] I'm standing in front of the Cathedral  of Orléans, and his church was built back   in the 13th century. It is also the seat of  the Bishop of Orleáns. The cathedral has these   dark stained windows and that's an homage to Joan  of Arc, who was a very frequent visitor to this Cathedral What a lovely city Orléans turned out to be.  I really dig the old architecture all over the city Well, by now you should know that this  is one of my highlights of every day here in France Look what I just stumbled upon here  along the La Loire a Velo. They have a sort of   service station for bikes. With a pump and also  a bike stand, with a couple of tools you  

can use if you're bike isn't behaving as  it should. I think I'm actually going to   take advantage of the pump here and see if  I can put some more pressure into my tires [Music] I'm glad I have sunglasses on because  there's a lot of small flies that are   in the air all the time. Otherwise I would  have have to stop every now and then to   rinse my my eyes from the bugs. But the  glasses work as sort of a windshield for the bugs I passed through a city after 1 p.m.  and spotted a Lidl store from the road   And figured it was time to make a stop to  buy some lunch. A typical lunch for me on   this trip consists of a readymade salad, some  juice and perhaps a bread or a small piece of pizza Hello! The guy... or the guys who just passed me  I think I met them two days ago, when I  

left Montargis the first time. So even though the  number of bike tourists and bikepackers have   definitely increased over the last couple of  days, you still happen to stumble upon people   that you met a couple of days ago. So I'm  making pretty long days, but I'm quite slow   since I have to stop and film. So it's kind of a  tortoise and the hare scenario. So I'll probably   catch up to these guys later on today. Now  we have entered the hottest period of the day. 

It's just about 1:30 in the afternoon.  I'm making the most of this time and   eating my lunch in the shade, under this nice tree. With a lovely view of the Loire Valley behind me Today we also pass two nuclear reactors  on the other side of the river. It don't   seem like these two are in working order though.  They might be retired nuclear reactors   I'm doing a little bit of multitasking here. I'm drying my shir that I cleaned yesterday  

but it didn't get totally dry. So I just put it  out in the sun now, for maybe 15 minutes or so   And it should be completely dry for tomorrow.  I have two of these identical shirts that   I sort of switch between. That's why you see  me in the same same clothes all the time   I really like these ones. They're made out  out of merino wool. I'm able to use them   for the whole day, for a couple of days  without them starting to smell or anything.  

I just rinse them off in water every day  or so... every other day I mean. I was supposed to   continue in that direction but I'm actually  going to drive over this bridge instead.    Because there's a really impressive Castle over  there, that I really want to stop and see called Chambord  So we're making a little bit of a  detour, but we'll join up with the trail later on today [Music] I've made it to the Chateau of Chambord, and if you're  only visiting one castle when you're here in   France. I would suggest you to visit this one. Built  in the 16th century, being the largest Chateau in   the whole Loire valley, this Chateau was built as  a hunting lodge for the king Francis the First   The Chateau features 440 rooms, 282 fireplaces  and 84 staircases. So just a quick detour to this  

fantastic castle and now I think I'm going  to make it back onto the trail again. I'm about 75   km into this day. So I still have a couple of hours  left and there are campgrounds all along the   Loire River Valley. I don't think I'm going to  have any problems finding a camp site later on So I'm having a bit of a rough time right  now. It's about 5:00 p.m. and   don't think I have that many hours left in  me. So I've started to look for a campground  

and I found one or two, about 14 km  from here. That will make the total for   today at about 110 km, which is just fine for me.  I've loaded up on some energy in the form   of a handful of cashew nuts and I'm heading to  the next town, and see if we can find the campground [Music] [Music] [Music] I made a huge navigation error back there  in the last town and took the wrong road  I missed the sign somehow and ended up on a  farm rural road. And after a couple of minutes  

I realized: Hey, shouldn't this be better marked? I checked the map and realized I had to turn back   So I think I had an extra detour of about 3 or  4 kilm, and I'm blaming it all on my head being   so tired. I'm just about 2 km outside  of the town that I'm planning on staying in tonight It's been a pretty rough day here. I mean when I  was cycling in Sweden the last time with Ryan   We did almost 160 km or 100 miles each and every  day. And those days were picnics compared to this   I'm so not used to the heat. If it's like 20°  C, that's the ideal temperature for me. But when   it's like today... Or actually, today has been a  little better. But yesterday I think it was over 35 It just drains your energy out of your body I think this is the campground on my  right here. But I think I'm going to  

go to the supermarket first and get  some dinner and then I'll head back [Music] I've just come to the  campground now and I haven't set up my   tent yet. My things are still hanging off a  clothes line. There was a nice French couple who   lent me their clothes line, so I'm able to dry  everything off. It was super wet from last night   or this morning, when the condensation took over.  I really think I underestimated this adventure  

I planned to make like 120 km days. When I was  cycling back home in Sweden a couple of of months   ago, when we did 160 km days. I sort of felt like  making 120 down here, where it's super flat would   be piece of cake. But I didn't calculate in the  temperature and we've had a heat wave now for  

the last 3 days. I think today was a little little  bit bette0,r maybe it was like 34 or something. Last   night yesterday was 37, which was horrible. That  means I have to take a lot of stops and plus all   the time it takes to find water sources. Because even though my bottles are pretty full,  

or at least one is full, I still want to swap out  the water for for new fresh cold one every time I   have the possibility, to keep me fresh. Today I  actually felt like I was very close to bonking and   it was all my font. Because I hadn't really eaten  anything since I ate lunch. The other days I've   been snacking on candy and stuff like that.  So I have to remember that for the coming days   to stop every hour or so and get some energy.  These stupid beginner mistakes that you do all  

the time, even though you been doing this for for  the last 10 years or so. Well I really enjoyed the   visit to the Chambord castle. That was super nice. It  was kind of like you're in a movie or Mario Kart   or something. So I can really recommend taking that  detour if you're ever thinking about doing this trip.  Going along this Loire Valley is super easy.  Okay the heat is bad, but everything is very well  

sign posted. And if you just keep your eyes open  you don't really have to have a GPS to navigate   Just watch for the signs. Now I'm going to eat  my usual dinner. I haven't been able to go out to   any restaurants yet. I really hope to do that in  the coming days. This campground is a bit far away  

from the nearest city, I think it's about 3 kilm.  I should have done that yesterday I was living right   by the town back then. But it was too  late for me. So I hope to go to nice restaurant   tomorrow or the next day. I hope you've  watched the previous videos from from the tour   And if you haven't I can really recommend  you to watch last week's episode. You can  

do that by clicking the link up in the corner  here. Otherwise, until next time, have a good one!

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