Biegun Północny- 7 AUT vs -30° STOPNI... | Samochód w Rzece i inne przygody tego typu. (PART 1/2)

Biegun Północny- 7 AUT vs -30° STOPNI... | Samochód w Rzece i inne przygody tego typu. (PART 1/2)

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I'd like the first sentence of this video to be: Merry Christmas and thank you for spending another year together. Such videos, where you'll see such shots and such images: We're able to produce, thanks to the community we create, together. That's mutual respect, which I mentioned, not just once before.

You take part in our events, what later allows us to bring you unique stuff to the channel. WWW.7AUT.PL I invite you, regardless if you already own an e-book or just aim to buy the first one. Stop by and create history with us, together.

Your chances are equal to zero, only if you don't play. So, give yourself a chance, homie. You're invited and simply said - thank you.

Let's begin. In general, let's start with everything in order. Let's start with everything chronologically. And if that's how it's supposed to be, then point number one is, how else: How to load all this on a truck? Of course, it won't be easy, as we go from the very back, to the front of the trailer. At the same time, we don't want to break any carbon splitters.

Cars are low, of course, they are wide, we also don't want to scratch any rims. Basically, to fit it all, it's so tight... And as it turned out, it's even worse... That we keep running from left to right with a measuring tape. Loading these cars is basically one big measurement, to fit everything, and finally, we saw the finish line...

We greeted the girls... And it turned out that everything is fit to be thrown the f**k out. F**ing logistics! Day, like any other in Golkowice. Let's assume that everything went well.

The only car we didn't fit, was the jeep... Which was supposed to be our operational vehicle... So, we just leave it in Cracow and rent something operational on the spot. Days go by.

The truck drove towards the Baltic Sea... And again, she was already greeting the girls. And in the groupchat, a how uplifting and optimistic message arrives regarding the whole situation.

Kamil, there's a problem now. We received information that... There's a storm on the Baltic Sea preventing the ferry from sailing.

Unfortunately, the ferry is trapped. That's special episodes for you. We often find ourselves in deep s**t. Always nice to start with that.

However, good news for both me and for you watching this is... After two days of waiting, the sea have calmed down, the ferry left. However, finishing this introduction, in a moment we have a plane, and looking at the team we're flying with... Something might go wrong with that too.

It may as well crash. You'll get to know the team we're flying with in a moment. Although most of them you might already recognize.

As I said, got to fly. So the direction is... North. Practically the pole, practically the pole. So, meet our cheerful team. You've seen all of them before, actually. He couldn't be missing.

Currently, he has taken on a missionary camouflage, for reasons not entirely known. Accidentally named a licensed roundabout killer, and it stuck. He owes his fame to undeniable achievements.

-Where's your driving license? -In a pack of cigs. -And where's it? -Probably left it back at the hotel. -No, you threw it in the bin. -Because it was empty... One of the oldest in the team. Supposedly the voice of reason, but that's not true.

Has nothing to do with reason. The CEO! Fly here at full throttle. The blanket will catch you, so we don't crash into the other room. We already have someone willing to hold the blanket on the wall. Przemek, fly at me! Rafał Haznar - the guy from Speedland.

Wrona - Peter is amazing. We could basically end the presentation of this character with that. He's been with us on many trips, from Chernobyl, through Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His achievements are, well... They are. They just are. On a trip, Han can't be missed either. Legends circulate in Golkowice, that his name is Damian, but there is no evidence of that. No need to introduce that guy. Unofficial information circulating the church in Golkowice is that...

He introduced amendments to the SpaceX rocket and that's why it finally took off. So we're sure, that if something breaks down, it'll be fixed. And by the way, Kubuś has been pissing off Han lately, so what will we do? We'll make them share a room.

Artur Brzozowski, basically the Man of Morocco. A series loved by many on this channel, and this guy organizes the trip. For example, he's responsible for that memorable situation: Four Mavericks are out of fuel. We're in the middle of nowhere.

The situation surprised us, and that's the only right comment. He was with us also during those beautiful recordings. If you think he's sensible, I'll quickly correct you.

-Recorded?! -Recorded! With a broken rib! Let's add, that I "lead" this expendition, though it happens, I make s**t happen. Oh s**t! Lima Skoda. Mayday, Mayday! Fire on board. Emergency f**ing landing. Give me the fire extinguisher, for f**ks sake, man! Also, Grażyna as a mom and four operators.

Adding them all up, it somewhat suggests some kind of collective pass from the closed department. There's no way to get around without some s**t happening. Fasten your seatbelts, because even for Mr. Paweł, it may be too high. The North Pole Pass Oh, damn! Indeed, there is snow. They didn't lie. And indeed, at this moment, it's time to take off the backpack.

Take it, open it, take out the jacket, and without a jacket - no f**ing chance. So cold in here! So, since on our checklist of things to find, we already have snow checked off... This next one should probably be a house or a car, to get home.

Anyway, Santa Claus appears even here. My loves, we are in Rovaniemi. Even though it's spelled Rovaniemi, it's pronounced "Rovaniami." Finland, exactly. And generally, screw whether it's Rovaniami or Rovaniemi. It's just Santa Claus's home.

And undoubtedly, it's also part of the reason why we're here. (Get on Santa's lap) -Is it warm? -It was much colder in Warsaw. Our friend probably had a drink or two.

Like with children. Going to the car or what? Alright, we wanted to see the snow. Like children, like children. The destroyer of fun. Mrs. Grumpy. A Smurf came: We're going now!! On the checklist, we can also mark operational cars.

There wasn't much choice, and not much trunk space, really. Push for f**ks sake! Now, one suitcase here, the other there. Somehow it worked.

Maybe it's not an S-Class, but everything is packed. We're heading further north... And interesting news is coming in on the radio. There are a lot of wild reindeer here, so be f**ing careful. Reindeer? Yes, reindeer, the ones that pull Santa's sleigh.

But here, they are wild, generally, not afraid, and jump onto the road. Like roe deer in Poland? Yes, but a f**ing roe deer is probably one-fifth the size of a reindeer. -Have you ever seen a reindeer live? -I haven't. -Me neither. -And in a car? -Neither.

Let's hope it f**ing stays that way. If we say reindeers, we gotta say Santa, too. And it seems like he's really roaming around, because it's getting better kilometer by kilometer. They were right.

Somewhere around here, Santa Claus is roaming, and it's my gift. This is the bow, this is my Christmas present. Damn, how does it look here! How much of this is here, actually? The snow isn't...

Well, you've arrived, Han. F**ks sake! So beautiful in here! What's going to happen here? -Is this our house? -Look, you wanted a boat! Yo, there's a f**ing boat right under the house! They knew! We got such a lot right in front of our house! Yo, damn it, man! This is going to be so good. Yo, the house has such an vibe, it's great! Such typically Norwegian-Finnish... I don't know how to call it. But it's fantastic, genuinely, and what a place it is... All of this!

Everything you see here, right here... This is already a lake, so here we have a forest, a lake, a spot for drifting... A terrace, some kind of veranda. Damn, it's got a vibe! -And our friend is already at work. -How about that? Such a golden operator.

Thank you. Oh damn! Damn, how I love Christmas! There's a total Christmas vibe! You'll get this video on December 23rd, by the way - it's beautiful. We have a Christmas tree. Where do you click for the lights? Hello? A table, in general, it's such that you could have a Christmas Eve here.

A fireplace. What a living room, too - it's awesome! Everything is made of wood, smells of wood. There's even a sauna. But it's a cool house, no kidding. I'm super stoked! Oh man! This looks completely different from the outside, and inside it's like a villa. I'll tell you honestly: It's the coolest house in the history of our all trips, special materials, and so on.

This is my authentic first reaction. And I genuinely love this kind of atmosphere and the Christmas vibe. And I also love it when there's such a big living room where everyone can sit...

You can f**ing fool someone, you can pull pranks, and so on. (Sleeping with friends isn't advised, though) So, mega, genuinely awesome. Right by the lake, in the forest. Well, everything that I've already shown you. It's dope. I think a big hit is also the huge square, which is actually right under the house and the access roads.

The last 7 kilometers to the house looked like what you see on the screen And if I were born in Finland, I'd be in f**ing WRC. Iceman WRC Labudda I would be. We ended the day with a situation in which we'll probably find ourselves again. It's turning around! We haven't even taken out the suitcases! -Standing up? -Go ahead! Damian! Madman! F**ks sake, Damian! Yo, where the hell are you going? And he got stuck with the car! It went quickly, what happened? These winter tires are crap! One, two, and three! We need to shake him off. And when we do, you hit the gas.

All at once forward. Once! Once, once! (That sync) Come on. Great, guys. Great! Damn it! F**ing indeed! F**ing indeed! Now forward, forward, forward! And backward, Peter! F**k, I knew I'd organize this! I f**ing pushed it, yo! Oh, and the RAV4 didn't want to go sideways. It didn't give me peace of mind. Fortunately, it was quickly figured out.

Doesn't spin?! Doesn't?! Like when we were children - a trailer full of toys I hear him, and even between the trees, I see him far away. We got reports firsthand that our truck has arrived. Mission complete. She's already here with us, on-site.

And, by the way, this truck, firstly: Brings a bunch of surprises that progressively... we will slowly present to you in this material. And secondly, it has aroused quite a bit of...

interest when passing through Poland. I'm very pleased. A lot of tags on Instagram, a lot of TikToks. I'm glad if any of you caught it and smiled because of it.

Because Lora flying on the highway with such a sight... Is probably just a cool thing for car enthusiasts. Meanwhile, it enters here and it just so happened cars right under the house. that we have a place where we can drop all these Damn, this is beautiful! By the way - there will be huge problems with light here.

But, I'll tell you about it in a moment. Damn, what a hit! Welcome very warmly. Turn it off and get out! Mark packed Lora...

And many of you might wonder where you've seen this guy before. This is the guy who flew on the KTM over Maverick in Morocco. Come here, Kubuś. Kubuś, because you were the most excited about this trip... You practically called every day for the last three weeks. Is everything up to date? Are we going? Besides, you driving the Supra...

-Calmly. -We have a gift for you. It's already yours. -Seriously? -You can bring it to Poland, you can leave it here. Do whatever you want with it. It has a welded differential. It's for you, Kubuś. -Seriously? -Yeah, let's unveil it.

Oh f**k, a compact. Yes, it's an E46 compact. I had one like that in the E36 compact. A very powerful car, you can learn a lot on it.

-1.8 IS. -Really? 1.8 IS and it has a welded differential. -Dude, we're flying, right? -Get ready! Up, Kamil! I know, I know. Watch out, watch out! Some of you probably noticed the compact E46 somewhere in the background, when we loaded them.

And wondered why we didn't take the Wrangler... Instead, its place was taken by the E46 compact. Well, it was a strategic E46. He got so f**ing buffed, now we can't close the door. Won't close it? Leave without ramps. I need the keys, man.

Oh, right. I really had a very similar one once, with a sunroof, so I feel at home here and it's really going to be awesome. I'm excited as f**k, because it might be a bit risky to go sideways with the Supra... Well, no limits here. We're going all out! Dude, we're sinking, you know? Well, no limits here. We're going all out! The ignition switch has been replaced. Here you go.

No, you're f**ing kidding. Not really. No, I'm f**ing kidding. Here's your stick. -But you could at least refuel. -Alright, don't f**ing mess around. He's picky for free.

And get out without ramps. No, what? Are you kidding? Yes, kidding. She would break in half if you left from here. If we fall into a ditch, we'll get out through the sunroof. He's already planning, he's a step ahead of everyone.

If we fall into a ditch, we'll get out through the sunroof. Alright, not when it's cold, okay? Continuing our tour of Lora... Look at how cool the Supra looks, which rode at the very back.

It even has exhausts covered in snow. Look at that! First, we have a layer of Poland, then the local one. Anyway, I like how everything looks here due to the snow and the favorable weather. Yo, RS6 is fresh, brand new, like it was washed a second ago. Even the M3 is clean.

Damn, but what the hell are we doing on this channel? I'm going to get something that was packed here not by accident, but straight from the United States of America. And we bought winter tires for it too. A few informative words so that you know what's going on here... And what gigantic logistics is behind all of this.

Maybe, let's start with the fact that the forecasted temperature for our entire trip here is -12 to -17 °C... So it's going to be very icy here. But, it's also a challenge for the equipment and batteries we use during recordings. As if that wasn't enough, we're going to have very big problems with light. Now, while it's sunrise, it's 10 AM. Here, the sun rises at 10 AM, and sets at 2:30 PM.

As a result, we only have 4 and a half hours of daylight. You can translate this into the fact that here, 3 days of recording are like one day of recording in summer. Gigantic logistics, many problems to solve, but let's not hide the fact that huge financial resources... Were used, so that we could transport, to such a distant place on Earth... Both sports cars and, let's say, special vehicles.

And although we often do stupid things, often behave like big children... I think it's wonderful and I would like to congratulate everyone on the other side. There to each of you, that you again raise the bar with us. I am extremely pleased with how much this channel has grown...

And that it allows for making stuff like that happen! And bringing you content, that... I'm not the one to judge, but... Trust me, it's hard for us to find content creators from all over the world, to get inspirations from To bring their content here, to Poland. Because we'd have to make a step back, from what we upload here.

Arctic Circle Unloading is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful pictures. Combining all of this together, the environment, the climate, etc. But, forget the climate. The equipment's waiting and is being wasted. Right by the house, we have a test track. Big enough square and a golden corner. Perfect length, width A f**ing playground for big boys.

Inspired by the tests, Jacob unloaded his gift. Then he headed towards the curve. And we knew all well, that it should be recorded. Nothing hides from the drone. I'm sure he'll f**ing crash! 100% The roundabout's his belonging, now! Look, look! It's happening! So f**ing bad! How did that happen? I was afraid I'd hit that tree over there. I got a bit scared.

I wanted to turn the car around, and damn, I got stuck. Fortunately, nothing serious happened, and for sure, we'll get out of here. But that tree, as I've already seen it without seat belts, believe me, it was already hot.

-Fixed? -You gonna push me? -Sure thing. -Well, let's go. Company fuel! Alright! -How is it? -It's very good. -Does it fly? -Flies like a f**ing bird. When I got into it, I went all the way. The licensed roundabout killer got a new car. That's right, I approve of this car, it's awesome.

Approved. Exactly. Interestingly: Beautiful shots, kiss-the-wall... This is Kiss the wall! Here! There must have been some stone. Or a fence.

Or some railing. -But it was centimeters. -Damn it! It's okay. It's beautiful that a few years ago I was really afraid of rear-wheel drives. I only drove 4-wheel drives. We started the project: "From scratch to drifter", 3 years ago, I think.

And I fell in love with all this drifting, you all know it well. Everything ended leading us to the National Stadium. Beautiful thing.

Thanks to this, later we can present such shots for you, like this one... When the car is really well controlled already and you get an awesome shot... Not just when the cars are stationary. And here comes to my mind a bit of a slogan: No risk, no story.

This will be my new daily. I will drive it every day. To school, to work, to pick up girls. Pick up girls, I mean, I'm sorry. A nice car to mistreat. Here, we tried to drift the truck I can't believe it.

How do I comment on this, at all? There will be a lot of action for you in this video and a lot of cool information. We can't ignore the fact that for the first time here on YouTube, you see an M in a different color... Which isn't my private M. It looks very similar, indeed.

We wrapped it because... When we picked it up in Germany, I said back then that I liked purple. It's a paint from the Individual palette. You have to pay a lot extra for it.

But not everyone has to like purple. So we wrapped it. Now it's definitely more versatile. However, if you win, we remove this foil, wait a few hours and you have purple again. Or in my opinion, the best option. I would do that.

Drive it like this for a year, for example. Take it off after a year. And not only do you have a fresh purple paint, because it was protected all the time by that foil... But in addition to all of that, after a year, your car will refresh to a completely different color.

And on top of that, a roof rack. Now here in Scandinavia, this car looks perfect. And, we got something dope to show you. Please, show this guy. This is what backstage looks like. We have a sound recorder, and I promised you when we were installing the intake system on this car... That I'll show you how amazingly this car breathes.

How amazingly it pulls the air in. And we also have the exhaust system done here. With that, our tires won't squeal because we have snow.

As a result, as you probably guessed, you'll have perfect conditions... To listen to both the intake and exhaust systems. Let's start gently, you stand in the middle. I'll spin around you, and you'll hear how much air the Eventuri intake system draws from under the hood, all made of carbon. In general, not many touring M's in the world...

Especially with a roof rack Have encountered snow so far. This car was released... I had one of the first in Poland, and I got it in May, so there's no talk of snow. Previously, only some press tests, so this is also great content for you.

Now, that you know how it is with donuts, let's go for one, two curves, and you'll then hear the connection between the intake and the exhaust. The eternal problem of BMW engines mounted in Germany is that they sound metallic. Fortunately, MG Motorsport knows how to design the exhaust system and what materials to use...

So it doesn't sound metallic. And now, listen from inside how the intake sounds in the front and the exhaust in the rear. You can't tell me, you hear anything metallic here. Moreover! They say M3 Touring... We're drifting so much!

M3 Touring is too heavy. Cow! You can't drift with that! That's not true. It's stupid talk, because we only turn off the front drive, we're switched to the rear, and this car drifts beautifully. It handles well, the mass doesn't pull us.

Of course, it's not a car that weighs 1200 kilograms, but it is a normally drifting M3, which handles incredibly well. And we can drift it normally with just one hand, look. Not only does it sound beautiful, but also the car handles really well. Here! Throw it in! And that's why this is my favorite. Maybe some: RS6, maybe some Supra.

But me: M3 in combination with A45 AMG. Although, Supra really also tempts me a lot. We're approaching it right now. It's behind the window. It's also amazing, and the fact that the person who wins it is chosen in the first 5 minutes of the live stream...

And if possible, we'll bring her to this live stream. This is ridiculously amazing. Now, you can really hear it! Can you? Now, yes! All it took was to Just open the window. But it's still good. You probably heard everything.

No Christmas without a Christmas Tree (Han the Gatherer) Four main cars and four drivers. Basically, there's no need to drag it out, I leave the choice. As for Kubuś, you've been saying seven times a day for three weeks that it's the Supra, right? -Yes, yes. -Are you sticking to that? Definitely yes.

Rafał, the oldest in the herd, so I'll let you in. I have to have the biggest and comfortable car, so only Audi. -Are you taking the RS6? -No other. I have to take the M3 Touring. I have to because, it's meant for me, f**k it.

Damian? I had no choice but... Drift mode in A45s AMG. -However, listen, do you like it here? -I like. I know that you know something. I know you know something. You do like it, yes? So, we arrived, we brought everything.

Dreams come true. Time to f**k it up. -For each of you, we've prepared something special! -A prize. -And I have a certain envelope here. -Money. I'm starting to worry, if it wasn't taken from some village earlier. -There's definitely a check. -A check for a f**ing shovel.

Attention! What do we have written here? Read! Pink! -Yes, that's me. -I'm taking it out. Well, here it is. It must be admitted - it's charming. I'm switching, right - to Tadeusz Sznuk and reading. Straight from Hogwarts: There are holidays... What?

What holidays without a Christmas tree? - He asked. Hunt for a tree with a pocket knife and deliver it to the location. -This is f**ed up. -Good luck.

So what, does he have to? Look, open it. Pull it out, Damian, choose the one that suits you best. I would look for a saw in your place. It's there, I see! See how the Christmas tree will go down, you'll be cutting like a wild boar! Wild boars will f**k me when I cut this tree, for f**ks sake. Wait, sorry. Is there a deadline for this task? Listen, there's no deadline, but it says: There's a parking lot, next to the parking lot is a house, next to the house is a lake, and behind the lake is a forest.

There, you should look for what you need to do the task. And Damian, I wanted to say, the sunset is in an hour. -Good luck! -Don't celebrate too soon. Choose one of the two operators. This one, because he won't be visible. At least there won't be wild boars.

I invite you with this gentleman. Wait, wait. So what, are we saved, then? Wait, wait. He's about to screw us over again.

Alright, I'm going to change. It's gonna be a long night. Why are you laughing? I'm not laughing because I know my time is coming soon. Hey, but can I bring a Maverick or something to tow it? -Do I have to pull it? -No, you can tow it. Then you'll have such a Christmas tree... And they walked off towards the setting sun. It was cool working together, you know.

Cool projects. On TV. What's my challenge? Why are you so eager? You want it right away? Because, man, if he's gonna cut the tree with a knife...

What the hell am I going to get? Do I have to catch a whale? Listen, I didn't open those envelopes. It's straight from Hogwarts. If I knew, I would have told you.

But Hedwig brings it to me, gives it to me, I don't check that. But this one was pink. There's Lovelas. But you have a Supra! -Yeah. -And a compact! -Yeah, I have. -So, chest out.

How do we know there are bears here? Are they here or not? We know they are. The question is whether we'll encounter them. -There are bears here, seriously? -There are wolves. I think there are bears too.

If we wakes up a polar bear, it will be trouble. Kubuś, polar bears don't sleep. So, even more so. If they encounter a little one, mommy will come and beat them up. -And wolves? Are there wolves? -Yes.

I think there are even more wolves than bears here. I think we didn't think this through, a bit. Listen, now it's not our worry anymore.

Okay. I'm going to have some tea. Me too. I bet they won't come back. But the exhaust is so loud, that we can locate it by echo. It's somewhere there.

But, it's good, because they don't have thick... You know? (Trunks) This one's f**ing dope. We're here just for a Christmas tree! Oh damn, so many little trees! It looks like a Christmas tree plantation. Damn, this one is nice. Dude, it's 5 meters tall.

What if we go deeper in there? We can. Let's go there. There might be something. There's some house. House? Yeah.

Screw it. We'll find something here. This is it! We're not moving anymore. We're going. So much snow. It's bald on this side. No way...

-Man! -Let's see how this knife cuts. They bought some cheap piece of s**t. Not worth my nails. Give me that. Pretty nice, you know? -Progress? -A bit.

-Some progress? -Yeah, like half a centimeter, Yo, it's gonna be tall! Of course. Let them worry later, how to fit it inside the house. I could trick them a little bit, by pulling it with a Maverick. But, they'd say I that doesn't count. Man, this thing cuts! I want to trim it a bit so I can fit, because the knife is a bit short. My hands will be sore tomorrow. Some time later And what is this? Some animal's fur.

Some wild one. Doesn't smell. We could take the little one, but they'll say I took the easy way. And I never take the easy way out. Whole life, f**ing same way, but... Even before leaving, they told me to go buy a saw for cutting. Like they wanted to do some fire or anything. I drove, bought a saw, paid 500 EUR for it, and they bring me a damn pocket knife.

And it's a crappy one, and they tell me to cut. But, I'll manage. -Something can be seen, something is... -Something is happening.

Yo, it's breaking. Listen, I'll cut it all the way so they won't say I broke it. -Did you take that one? -Wait, I have to answer. -Kamil is calling. -Put it on speaker. -Hello! -How's it going? -Good. -Sure? We'll be there soon.

And the bear? There isn't one, but we found some fur. Wait, I'll f**ing show you, because you think I'm taking the easy way out... And bring some 20 cm hoe. F**ing look. Make a hole in the roof, so it fits.

-What are you saying? -We're almost there. You're bothering me. Bye. He didn't believe in me. But... Oh, watch out! And look.

Now the rope, so as not to damage it. Maybe it'll work. What are you doing? Why do you want to pull it like that? Yo, it looks dope with it! 00 to W11, come in. You can launch the f**ing drone.

-Working on it. Przemek, launch the drone! -Prepare the decorations. Prepare the decorations, launch the drone. The commands here. Yo, they're coming! They're f**ing coming! Damn, what a tree he's towing, look! -How the hell did you cut it? -I know you don't believe it. Did he cut it with a knife? Dude, with a small saw, seriously. You know, how I thought you would do it? That I'd cut, pull, and break it like that? Or that you'd run into the cut, or that you'd cut and pull with Maverick's winch.

Damian, but I said 2.5 meters. That's 2.5m for me. If that's 2.5m, much is 20 centimeters for you?

The tree is there, Christmas is not canceled. No worries. Han finished his quest for an A+. Well, as I said, it quickly got dark.

We had to go to the city and the city, which is a paradise. Another playground. Listen, they don't sprinkle anything on the roads! No salt, no sand, no gravel. The whole city's white. Wonderful.

I don't know how it translates in terms of the number of accidents, but to me, that's the bomb. The equipment has been refueled. We're going home in conditions that the camera doesn't show, and besides, it's snowing so much that visibility is zero.

Ignoring this thread, we have an early evening, 11 PM and Kubuś forgot about the rule, which everyone probably knows shouldn't be forgotten. Namely: Don't fall asleep in front of friends. Energised, the animal has woken up.

It's time for courtesy exchange with Han of Golkowice. So, another trip full of surprises awaits. Quiet! Where is he? Okay, one of you has to remove the blanket. Oh, you f**er! The way how he ran away without a word! He threw it and quickly ran like this: I'm out of here, it's not me. Kuba after alighting Han: You're screwed, Sarnecki.

The bed looks like an igloo. He took off the blanket like a pro. Winter toys for big children Another day. Winter, the season, and when it's winter season and another day, it can't be anything else but snowmobiles.

Not only snowmobiles, in combination with this equipment... From which we had to remove the doors and the front window because everything froze inside... The heater couldn't handle it and there was no visibility. So now, it will be...

Rather breezy. We got frozen lakes, lokal Tundra's, forests... Don't know what's gonna come out of it, but our team and the foolproof snowmobiles... The Maverick, that sometimes gets stuck, as you know well. It can also tip over, as you all know perfectly well.

Oh f**k!! It can't mean anything other, than... It could be fun, okay? Could be fun. And my loves, I just entered a frozen lake. I mean, what we prepared here, as far as recording these videos is concerned... I think it's really amazing. It's already like, you could say, Top Gear-ish.

We invested in an awesome microphone, which I currently have plugged in here. I'm yelling a lot, and on a standard microphone, it wouldn't be listenable. We are armed with cameras everywhere.

Listen, it's absolutely empty everywhere here. Finland as a country is eighth in size in Europe. Poland is ninth, so Finland is slightly larger than Poland... But, Poland - about 40 million people, and in Finland, five and a half million people. It's absolutely empty here.

A lot of forests, a lot of empty farms, there are no cars on the street at all. And right now, with the whole pack along with snowmobiles, we're heading into that forest. I think that's enough for an introduction. Now it's into second and f**ing floor it!

Beautiful! Also, as a fun fact, our guide for snowmobiles here is a guy... Who was one of the first in the world to do a backflip on a snowmobile! As one of the first in the world and the first one here in Scandinavia. And that's the guy. Our guide This guy has an ALS in a snowmobile! The shots you see are really beyond belief. But why talk so much about it here.

I bet you know perfectly well. Truly epic and unprecedented images. Obstacles were on our way: These, you can see them.

Good thing we have a good dispatcher, now I'll pass. Oh s**t, wrong gear. Everything you see on the screen is basically part of Finnish Lapland.

And I say Finnish for a reason, because the entire Lapland area is also located in Sweden, Norway, and Russia. To be more precise, we are in a region called Sirkkakoski. It's filled with lakes, rivers, forests, and as I said: A minimal number of inhabitants.

The capital of fishing ports, and in the entire region, there are only a few thousand people... Which translates to a generally relaxed atmosphere for such activities. Things possible for a Maverick with tracks? I probably don't even have to comment. You can see for yourselves. The only problem is that such equipment is not too popular here.

The trails are designed for the width of a snowmobile, not for a tank twice as wide. Driving half of the time through the bushes must have broken something after so many kilometers. The track got twisted! -Has this ever happened before? -Never in my life.

Now we have to turn it back. It doesn't look like it can be done. We'll try! It seems the stabilizer has snapped, most likely. You know, it got a hit, and it wrapped around. Some tree defeated it. And I cut so many of them, that...

What's our plan? Reverse and manually rotate the track. Okay, what should I do? Reverse? Try reverse, let's see what happens. We still need to find an extension. But it won't be too far. So, reverse? Yea, but slowly, yeah. Oh damn! It turned completely once. -What do we do? -Maybe you should try going forward now.

We can try to rotate it, preferably in the same direction we rotated it earlier. We'll do it manually. No acceleration. Three, two, one! Three, two, one! Go! Hold it! Yo, you'll squash your balls. We need to jump on it now. Who doesn't jump, gets a ticket. I found the extension.

Oh, no, that's not it. Yes, that's it. -It was in the track. -It was. So, we need to drive slowly now, because the stabilizer is broken? -Yes, we need to drive slowly. -Okay, let's turn around here. I have no idea. Listen, we're in the middle of the forest...

We've been driving for a few kilometers and someone has a house here, in the countryside. There's a cottage here, just like that. More than that, all-terrain vehicles are parked in front of it...

There are snowmobile tracks, they're fresh, maybe from yesterday. So, someone lives here normally and has access to their house by snowmobile. It will be a moment of truth if we can get back like this. If not... -We'll go in reverse. -Then it's the fire brigade.

Time will come for the fire brigade - keep watching! The way this looks! Insane! Buttons, the entire dashboard, everything, man, all covered in the snow. Great, it positioned itself well. Okay, stop. -Christmas tree! -Big? Very big! Who will stand under the tree, and I'll shake it gently? -I think Grandpa Haznar. -No, no, no.

Come on, come on, grandpa. Rock, paper, scissors, one round. If I win, it's you, if you win, it's me. Best of one. One, two, three.

I won. So, I already see the perfect place for you It was supposed to be pleasant. It was supposed to be nice. -And it's like always. -It was a fair game! -Attention! -Go! I thought it would be worse. No, no.

He was driving too slowly. What, too lightly? Give me another tree. Damn, it doesn't look like it's going to move. No, okay, it actually... Did it fall? Yes, but with a delay, because it's so tall, you know.

Okay, it's done. It went very bravely. Considering that the track was stuck in the body and turned upside down... Three minutes ago, we're all mildly shocked that he's still going, like nothing happened! Once again mowing everything in its path. We even find Jacob in the bushes.

It cannot be denied, that we're covering topic after topic in this video, chapter after chapter. There's no other way to describe it. This is because of the highest quality content we want to deliver to you. In case of this region, this trip, remember that we have 4 hours of daylight a day.

This means we reset our clock. We move on to a day that, when it began, indicated nothing about how it would end. But, step by step. Winter Warrior in its natural habitat (The E4 Friend) Having so many cars in the driveway and such cars in the driveway would make you think: Driving here could be fun.

There's an RS6 with quattro drive. There's an M3, which, as we've already established, drifts quite nicely sideways. There's an A45, which has a drift mode. There's a Supra, which is designed for drifting. But all of this comes with enormous risk. And why? Why take that risk? And why drive, risking a car worth over one hundred thousand EUR? Of course, you can because it's fun, but not if these are standing in front of the fence! They didn't want to start because today is the coldest day of all.

We have -21 °C on the thermometer today. And on the E46's headrest, what do we have written? Winter Warrior! It can't be otherwise. Winter Warrior. Because that's how it is. Now I am one. Three liters, welded diff, hydro-brake and these gadgets stay today in the driveway, giving way to a car...

Which many of you are probably eyeing the most. Admit it, who of you is most eyeing the E46 Winter Warrior? One, the second, or the third? Probably many of you. Of course, it's half-joking, half-serious. Because, you know, if we win one of those, we can sell it and buy a dozen of such Winter Warriors. But today, we're taking the E46 coupe and the most iconic E46 compact, and we're heading there! Actually, everywhere, because this region of Finland is basically one big track for shredding. This region of Finland is basically one big track for mistreatment.

It's true, looking at it through the lens of the conditions, how empty the roads are... That everywhere's forest, very few houses - translates into the fact that we don't bother everyone around. Zero traffic of services like police cars. Add to that these views, and add to that, attention, this is not a mistake: Close to 190 thousand lakes, which create this climate. And, by the way, as it turns out soon, they can also play on the opposite team. Fake b**es.

But, don't fast forward. Don't fast forward. I'll explain everything in a moment. Don't freak out. Where the f**k is the compact?! Do you know, my dear viewer, that BMW produced over 3 million 270 thousand E46's? Do you know, dear viewer, that basically each of them, right after leaving the factory, was a machine created for drifting? 3-liter foolproof engine. Huge availability of parts in our country, Low maintenance costs, and a timeless look by now. Because this car still looks good, and besides, you can drift it all year round...

And change the differential! Yes, I'll give you a non-welded diff if you win. And you can drive it totally as a daily driver. During this trip, our Editor, said one thing, that stuck in my memory so much, that I want to quote it to you. I would be excited about any car if I won any of them. but I wouldn't sell only one of them.

For the others, I would take the money, buy a house, invest, or pay off something. The main prize, M3 plus A45, is over 250 000 EUR! But, I would leave the E46. Because nothing for ten grand EUR will ever give you more joy, than this car. And he's right. I sign under it with both hands.

Polar bear plunging Polar bear plunging (In a car) We've been driving in a radius of a few kilometers from home all the time. I was driving with our operational RAV4, and that's what we recorded from. We warmed up the equipment in it. Basically, everything you saw a moment ago. Han, in the meantime, went to a village nearby with the Maverick. And as for Kuba - well, exactly. Kuba and Wrona were cruising a few corners behind us to, avoid getting in the frame during recordings with their new acquisition.

They cruised until that phone call. For sure: If he's calling and they left, it means he crashed into something. Kamil, f**ing come back here, quickly! We're sinking, man. I crashed into the river. Come here quickly, the water's f**ing reaching my knees already! -You plunged into the f**ing river?! -Do you hear?! -With a car?! -Dude, come back here quickly. Yes! Turn around, f**ing quickly! Dude, the whole thing is in the water! Dude, quickly turn around here, damn it, hear me? Send me a pin! Send me a f**ing pin.

How am I supposed to... A moment earlier Wrona's phone Get out, damn it! Get out here, get out! If we fell into a ditch, we'd exit through the sunroof. Oh f**k! Yo, look! F**k me!! Yo, quickly come get me, damn it! Come on, we're sinking down. Quickly! It's slowly taking on water. Wait, f**ing hold this. We went to do some shredding in Finland. What could go wrong, Kuba?

F**ks sake! We drowned the BMW! I'm about to fall into this water soon. Drive quickly, I already have water up to my f**ing knees! Dude, quickly turn around here, damn it, do you hear? Dude, the whole compact is in the water. Kuba, how did it happen? Yo, you'll slip, don't stand on it. It's cold! We have to f**ing swim. There's no other option. Dude, how do you want to swim? We're constantly drifting away from the shore, further and further. Look how the car is sinking.

And it's flooding more! Hey, we're sinking! Dude, we're sinking, understand? Let them throw us a rope. -Yo, there they are! -Where are they? I mean, them being there is one thing. F**ing hell! What are you doing? Come on, come on because the whole car is sinking here. Take the...

Rope!!! F**k! Come on, can you make it?! Can you? Come on! You got it easier to exit here! Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! Where the hell is the compact? Bring that car, we got to change quickly! Wait, damn it, where are they? Minus twenty! (-28 °C actually) Minus twenty! Let them come with... I'm calling now, damn it! Oh f**k! I looked for you and... You were in the very middle! Cold! Damn cold, isn't it? As f**k! True polar bear plunging! Give me those towels. Sit in the back.

Change your clothes! How am I supposed to change here? Undress normally, in the car. Get in just your underwear. Take it off, quickly! I looked, and they were on the f**ing compact in the middle! Do you have it recorded? F**k. I had the compact for two days. It's hard, hard to take it off.

We could have f**ing died. Damn it, my pants are frozen. -I can't take them off. -Is it that bad?

I can't take them off! -Did you guys drive halfway into the lake? -It started to drift. We arrive here, we look, and the e46 is in the f**ing middle of the lake. With the two of you standing on top of it. I was like: What the f**k?! Sarnecki is a... madman.

Alright, let's go. This stuff freezes! Okay, let's f**ing go! Sauna!! It's so cold, that his jacket froze and could stand up, look. The whole car is in the lake? The car's at the bottom! We arrived after, like what, 2 minutes? Maybe 3? We were a few corners behind them.

We arrived, looked and the E46 was at the f**ing middle, with this much sticking out... -And damn it, they were standing on top of that E46. -How, in the middle of the lake? Yes, there! The boys went to warm up in the sauna. We're calling Han.

Come here, I'm sending you a pin. Come here, I'll tell you something. Okay, okay, send it, I'll see how long it shows me. No, it's unbelievable, isn't it? The best thing is, if we made it here 30 seconds later...

We wouldn't have believed that it was e46 there, and neither would you. There's the Maverick. You just saw it float there. -What are you doing here? -Kuba lost it.

Why? Where is he? Kuba already went home. Just, the E46 needs to be pulled out. From where? From here. -Are you kidding me? -Here, where the currents are. And how did he get in here? Well, he flew out from behind that bend and came in here, through these tire tracks. The only problem was, that E46 started drifting all the way there! When we arrived - I don't know how long it took us, 3 minutes? -Coming here? -Yeah, right.

They were standing on the roof with Wrona and only the trunk lid of E46 was sticking out. As we jumped out of the car, E46 was gone. -And what, did they swim? -Yes. Oh f**k. He...

Well, he probably isn't alright in his head. -Impossible to pull it out. -How, who'd dive in there? What do you need, some diver because you know... Attaches himself to ropes, to the bottom, because there's a current here. -You know, with some... I don't know what... -Some kind of crane. And I haven't seen them f**ing swim here...

For a moment, I thought we'd be jumping for the guys! Because Sarnecki started swimming that way, and Wrona this way. So I jumped for Wrona here, and Przemek went to catch Sarnecki there, right? Jesus, I already... The best part is, that the challenge of a licensed roundabout killer, was cold-water swimming for a minute! So, I think he nailed it with a headstart. -Seriously, was that his task? -Yes! Kuba's Hogwarts card, it was cold-water swimming for a minute, right? Oh, look, there's a whirlpool forming.

I would say it's here. Here, here, here, because here's no whirlpool, just see how it flows, from top to bottom. It's unbelievable.

Thank goodness we were all around, right? That, we drove a few corners ahead so that we were there, and there was the car, from which we were recording, you know? Right next to us, right? As if we were driving with the whole crew. Look, they went in, there are tracks. They mowed down some bushes and floated themselves like on a raft to the middle. But they swam...

-Look, how much is it? 15 meters? -15-20 meters. -And how long did it take us? About three minutes. -The current. This is, I don't even know what to tell you, right? But look, it's going lightly, this one of ours is still fine. Although we don't have the second one at the moment, but we're already getting home.

They quickly took them to the cottage and put them in the sauna. Besides, they weren't in there for that long... Wait, because there's one more turn here, such a nice... And a 360! You asked for it. -Was it visible that I did it? -Yes.

One E46 stays here just as a souvenir. Kuba didn't enjoy it for long. Let's go inside and ask: How did this happen? I don't know! What kind of content, he delivered today! This is the only one like this. I think the second one delivered more unique content. The second one might have delivered more unique content like platinum...

But still - The shots, as he sped by? Well, you can't deny, that until one pushes it too far, like Jacob... Dude, we're sinking, you understand? It's all good. Tell me how this happened because it's crucial. And when you swam out of the lake, you weren't talkative enough to explain the whole situation. We could have f**ing died.

Kuba was going off like a bomb. Into third - he says. I'll shift up into fourth, look! And it pulled us in. We were going through a right turn, maybe we had, damn it, definitely around one hundred km/h.

I think, I'm shifting gears and suddenly I literally lost control for a fraction of a second, right? And when I finally shifted gears, I wanted to give it gas and get out. But he gave gas to the river. And here suddenly, damn it, it started pulling us in, man.

I look, and here suddenly - f**k! Water surface and boom! And from under our feet, water flows in! And I quickly said to Piotrek: Get the f**k out of the car! Fortunately, there was a sunroof. The windows didn't want to open at all, they were probably frozen. We press the sunroof, look, the sunroof opens. I say: Piotrek, get out, right? But look, what a good guy he is, that he let the first one go! He let you go first, but when he called he was shouting: "Come get me, come!" Well, at first it was fine, right? And I look, as the compact is floating to the middle of the river, right? There was a dam, there was a dam! And it was already on the other side of the dam, so the river was already speeding up, right? As if it was flowing downhill. I urgently called for someone to come save us. I take a look, and the compact is starting to go deeper and deeper underwater.

The hood went in, right? Already tilting, and you couldn't stand on that car anymore because it caught such an angle and at some point... Boom, we slipped off the car into the water. -We had to plunge! -Kuba, you know what I want to tell you? Do you know what your task was? A minute of cold-water swimming. You passed.

Even without a letter from Hogwarts. But you nailed it! Too bad for the compact. I had a new car for two days. But screw it. We barely got back to the cottage and everyone starts wondering. Everyone's figuring out how to get it out. There's no other option for us.

The compact must come back with us to Poland. And within half an hour, suddenly, three guests appear at the house. At first, none of us has any idea whether it's the police, forest guards, or maybe someone passing by who got interested. However, be calm. Everything slowly starts to clarify. What happened, Rafał? I mean Artur? In an hour, a diver will come here with his rapid response boat, and we will pull it out.

And it's at depth of ten meters, at the bottom, so... -At how many meters? -At ten. And we had plans that we would do it tomorrow.

You wanted to jump in and you said, you'd pull it out. Will they really come and pull it out? How much will it cost? I know, around 30 f**ing thousand EUR. If it works, this compact will be a piece of Polish YouTube history. Alright, but when will they come? In an hour? In an hour, because I said: Maybe tomorrow, when it's clear? No, because there's gasoline, oil, it needs to be pulled out as soon as possible. TO BE CONTINUED Coming up next They still aren't here, it's 4:37 PM already, I called him, like 10 times.

What's going on, now? The dogs came back without them. Two f**ing hours ago. Let's go look for them, or keep waiting? I don't even know. Kamil? There's a problem.

We're basically gonna be on a par with Greenland. WWW.7AUT.PL MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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