Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer: Golden City of India | Itinerary & Tour Guide | Distance Between

Best Places to Visit in Jaisalmer: Golden City of India | Itinerary & Tour Guide | Distance Between

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Hi guys, welcome back to distance twin, I am Shubham and currently I am in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. In Jaisalmer, you get the best desert in the whole of India, camping is available in it, a great adventure activity is available, desert safari which I am doing now. This is also available and apart from this, there are many tourist places here, there is also a living Ford of India where people still live, so in this video I will cover all these things, I will show you, take you around and also tell you the complete cost. For complete information, please watch the entire video. Don't forget to subscribe the channel, like and share the video and travel with me till the end [Music] Jaisalmer [Music] There are three options of transportation to travel in Jaisalmer. The first option is You can travel by bike, cab, car or taxi, the second option is auto, the cost of which I will tell later and the third option which I have chosen for the local side scene, here is a scooter, I have taken it at Rs. 00. Helmet is included in the day and you have to fill petrol.

Driving license is compulsory. You have Aadhar card. Your deposit is done. There is no need of security deposit. The location from which I have taken it is this and from here. I have taken it, you can get it from anywhere as per your wish, you will find many bike rental shops around Jaisalmer Fort, so you can go anywhere as per your wish, wherever you can get it at a reasonable price, you should also find out about the season. Price varies from Rs 400 to Rs 00, every type of bike etc. is available to you.

Jaisalmer also has a railway station and an airport where direct trains and flights are available from big cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad, while there are many airports in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Direct buses are also available from the cities. Jaisalmer is known as the Golden City and the answer to why is so, will come to you when you go out for a walk here. Every house and house here will appear to you in the same color as the bricks used here. These are made of sandstone and this is where they mean production, so you will see them here in golden colour, whether it is a house, a hotel, a mansion, a fort, everything, today I did my trip in Jaisalmer.

Let's start with Patwa's Haveli, whose entry fee is Rs 50 and inside which you get the complete feeling of having a mansion. Actually, there is a set of five havelis which were built by Guman Mal Patwa and these five havelis were built between 1800 and 1860 for about 60 years. It is estimated that time and Rs 10 lakh were spent on this. He was a businessman. Whatever business he earned, he made the best use of it to make his mansion beautiful. This is the specialty of mansions. Actually, different people think that big House Haveli or King's House Haveli but simple meaning is House where the wind blows.

I have come on the roof of Patwa's Haveli and when you come on the roof, you capture the whole of Jaisalmer in your eyes. You can call it Golden City from here. Well, you can tell from the road also, but if you look from above from here, you will see the whole city in front of your eyes and you will also see the fort in front like Almir Fort. It is a very lovely place. Do visit this place

for the entry fee of Rs 50. It is a worth full place and even if you are coming from the point of view for photos etc., it is very worth full. If camera etc. is allowed then there is no problem. There is also a place named Gadisar Lake in Jaisalmer where you can also experience boating in Rs. 00. Evening time can be the best for you. Here near Gadisar Lake, look in front of me, you are a great duck, swimming well. Sunset is going to happen in a short time and if you want to

go boating in this lake, then boating is also an option. There are every type of option here, there are many points of sunset here, if you want, you can see it from Vyas Chhatri, if you want, you can see it from Jaisalmer Fort, but my recommendation is that you come to this place in the evening. You can see the place in many different ways. There is a sunset and a very beautiful view here. There are many cafes here too. You go to the cafe, eat and drink and while doing that, you can see that this is the most fun place. Ultimately, this is what I want to say, I am

Jaisalmer . Let me tell you what can be the location of your hotel in Jaisalmer. Although you can take the train anywhere within the range of 3 to 4 kilometers from the railway station, but if you wish, you can stay in front of the railway station. If you wish, you can stop at the Jaisalmer Fort. If you can book your step in its vicinity then this will be the preferred location. Apart from this,

if you want to do a group trip to Jaisalmer with me. If you want to join my group trip then the date of 10th February and 11th February 2024 is on which I will start the group. I am conducting a trip. If you are interested in joining then I have given the link of the form in the description box and go to the link and then fill your details on it and you will get a call to join. So first come first. So

if you want to join and are interested then definitely go to the link and this will be a complete trip of two nights and three days and will be a lot of fun in which I will also be staying with you at a place named Sam, about 35 km away from Jaisalmer city and here you will find You get to see the real Rajasthan where there is camping safari and lots of activities in the desert. So brother, I have reached the camp and the welcome in the camp has become more dangerous than it was last time. Many chances have come here , I will show you here. In the camps here, meals are included with your stay and the show in the evening is very interesting. Baaja baaj gaya baaja baaj gaya , I am now going to have my dinner. Let's go to a special place at night. Have a romantic dinner in the desert here and There is also an option of night camping and this is the best part of this trip to Jaisalmer. So brother, have your dinner here and

you will get whatever you want in the dinner. The famous things here are Gatte Ki Sabzi, Paneer, Dal Bati. There is churma, there is roe, there is rice, there is potato curry, there is salad, there is water, that is, you will get everything and in Rajasthani they say jeem lo, meaning eat, that is what you eat, you are hungry, you must come here, I will give you the number from where. How do you want to get the booking done? It 's morning here in the tent and this delicious tea has come, sunrise has happened there and what a pleasure it was to sleep at night. It was so cold outside but it didn't feel too cold. I mean, you are shivering but it was definitely fun and this is the view of our tent. Hey Baba, this is very cold sand, the sand is lying very cold and at night, bone

fire dinner was great, what a fun it was, brother, that is Seth ji, that is madam ji. In a full day trip, you can also take the adventurous experience of jeep safari in the desert and many activities like paramotor activity camel riding are also done here. The camp site in Jaisalmer is here behind me, you can see the complete information here. There are performances etc. at the place and here are all the rooms, this one is the

camp room, this is the cottage room and I have taken this one and I am showing it from inside. The bed is a double bed, it is quite nice, if you want it. You can also get decorated if you are a couple etc. and good chair ware is installed, there is a view from here and there is also a fridge etc. It is hot here, so there is AC, although in the season in which I have come, there might be a little flickering, it will go away. Here is the washroom, it is a very big washroom

and there is a very big room here and the booking I have made here is for classic desert safari etc. I will write it down, I don't remember it properly, so you can make booking etc. from them. I will give the contact details in the description. You can contact me. If you want to go camping there in the desert, want to have some romantic dinner etc. or want to get anything done, please contact me. The fire is going down because the sun is shining. It is already morning and

I am sitting for breakfast. Here are all the things in front of me. You can see the shortbread itself and the potato which is of the Banda type and the tea and coffee. These are all there but one thing is more important than this. Let me tell you, whatever you will see here, whether it is a cafe or a hotel, the balcony of every place is like this, that is, there is complete seating arrangement with views.

Generally, when you go to some place, you take separate money for the roof top cafe. It is expensive but here everywhere, whether it is a hotel or a cafe, you will see this kind of completeness everywhere. Sit here comfortably, on the terrace, in the balcony and have your breakfast and if you want, sit with your partner and come here in the evening. It is really a lot of fun to sit. Currently, I am basking in the sun. Light is coming on half of my face and not on the other half. There is also a War Museum here, about 14 kilometers away from Jaisalmer city. I have already come and booked a ticket inside the Jaisalmer War Museum. The price is in Kamo, I have

taken it, it is in person at ₹ and apart from this, now you see this, it looks something like this, it is an important thing, I will also tell you that this entire area outside the museum here is the garden area in which Tanks etc. are kept, jeep is kept which was used in Langewala and rest of this lovely all black of our India is being beautified. Okay , one important thing is that if you have come in the car with your bag etc. then it is in the car only . You cannot take the drop bags, we requested a little, so we We were able to bring what was an important item of ours, but we had to keep the bag outside like this, that is, we kept it in the open in front of them. There is a little request, but you should be careful, do not bring such a

thing, if you are coming by scooter, then where will you keep the bag. One problem will come, rest you see brother, there is no camera allowed inside it, so I am not showing it, but look outside here, it is a very lovely place and you should come here, it is a great visit place , from the museum I went here to Jaisalmer. In the fort, which is also called Sonar Fort, the foundation stone of which was laid by Maharawal Jaisal in 1156 AD, where there is the palace of the king and the queen and its entry fee is Rs. 00 per person. Roaming in Lamer Fort has its own fun, that is, you can walk in the streets here. If you go, you go into history because you cannot get the experience of a living fort anywhere, there are shops, houses, people, old people, all those things are available here and the old temples etc. are also built here. If you see, the temple

is visible here and there is a well here, it feels like you have come to the real Rajasthan because the imagination that has been created by us in movies etc. has been created by showing this Jaisalmer only. So we think if we go to Jaipur then it will look similar but Jaipur is different and rest of the city is different and Jaisalmer is completely different. There are some beautiful temples inside Jaisalmer Fort and you can stay here if you want and many more . There are also cafes. There are many sunset points in Jaisalmer and one of them is Vyas Chhatri. If you see, I will tell you about it. First you see, this is Vyas Chhatri and from here you get a very good view of Jaisalmer Fort.

And this is the sunset point. People come here in the evening and see the beautiful sunset. I will tell you about the entry ticket. The individual entry ticket here is Rs. 50 and there is Vyas Chhatri. Do I also tell you that there are many such umbrellas here? Will be seen and this is called Chhatri, this is the grave of those who were kings, so you see this, it has been established here as a memory of those who were kings and many more are here, so it is very meaningful. It is a lovely place,

sunset point is a crematorium but still the views from here are very lovely of the entire Jaisalmer and you must come here in the evening. There is a big garden about 5 kilometers away from Vyas Chhatri and this is also of Vyas Chhatri. Similarly, this is the cremation ground of the kings, it is about 10 in the morning and today we are going to Lange Wala and Tanot Mata Temple, our car is ready and we will go there, what other options can be there for you to reach there. For this, he will also tell that the distance from Jaisalmer to Tanot Mata Temple is about 120 km, the roads of which are very spectacular and the windfalls falling on this route look very lovely.

This road going to Tanot is a part of the Bharat Mala Road Project, which is especially on the borders of the country. But if it has been prepared then guys, our food has just arrived and we have ordered for the food. I will not disturb and will also give the copyright to Sunny Bhai because it is being recorded from both sides also. This is also everyone's copyright. By the way, Sunny will give the review. Bhai Sunny Blogs, this is their channel, you guys watch it and rest of you give review, guys, I am giving review to you as well as to my public, this is our dal and this is baati and this is churma, it is sweet and we have ordered this. Special in the words of Shubham

Bhai Shubham Bhai, what is the name of this, it is Gatta Masala, yes, its name is Gatta Masala and if it has chapatti, then eat it and give its review, you are eating it for the first time, I am eating it for the first time, okay, that's why I I am getting them reviewed so that exactly I have eaten it before, now I will know exactly how the taste is, yes because I am the first one to try this, this is Churma, yes, no, Churma is this, if this is Baati, then Baati, let's try Baati, basically guys. It is made of millet, it is made of millet, yes, it is made of millet, so I will try it, by the way, I have been wanting to try it for a long time, friend, so I am trying it and telling you how it is actually , the taste is good and I I would recommend to all my viewers that if you are coming to Jaisalmer then you must try the local food here, it is a different experience. There is only one market on this entire route which is known as Ramgarh and it is here that you will get food and drinks. After a journey of about three hours, I reached Tanot. Let's go inside Tanot Mata Temple and tell a little story about the history of why this place became such an important place in 1965 when there was a war between India and Pakistan. it was that

At that time, about 3000 bombs were hurled in the entire area, out of which about 450 bomb shells fell inside the temple, but the temple did not suffer even a single scratch and due to this, hundreds of tanks of the Pakistanis were also destroyed. When it was done, all these things happened and after that there was much more importance than before and after that the importance of this place increased even more and here is the complete complex of the temple which I would like to give you, you must know it very much. It is important that there is a camp nearby, on the left side of the temple, if you go there, there is a camp, there you will get this form, you have to fill this form and you, in a way, this is a border pass and you will go with the border pass. So you can go till the border pass till the border, you

can visit the temple which you are seeing and can come and follow the further procedure. You must carry Aadhar card etc. with you, so fill all those details in it. You have to do this with all the members who are with you and then after that you have to deposit it and you get the receipt and by taking it you can go ahead till the border. Babliya border is only 20 kilometers away from the note and the route also It's very good, I have landed at Bablia border and here you will see this, this is the Welcome to Indo Park border, I can see the flag of India, the flag of Pakistan is visible quite far from here and it has its own feeling of coming to the border. No matter which border you go to, whether it is India's or China's, I mean almost I have crossed all the borders. Whoever you want from Bangladesh, be it from here, be it Nepal's, be it China's or Pakistan's, once again alas, how come? Yes brother, here we go, let's go a little distance. The last point of today's trip was Longewala. The

distance of Longewala from Bablia border is about 55 kilometers. Welcome all of you to Longewala and this is the battle site of Langewala when India and Pakistan fought here. When the war took place, their tanks etc. had also come to this place, I show those tanks also, that means the Pakistani army had reached here, then after that the Indian army gave a befitting reply and drove them away from here and our rule remained intact. You see, this

is a Pakistani tank, there is a flag of Pakistan built on it, so the whole story etc. is written here and if you have seen the Border movie, then the whole story of this war was told in the Border movie and see this. You must come to the entire bunker etc. You will get a feeling here and you should come here, meaning that feeling will come, that patriotic feeling will come, as soon as you come to all these places, it comes on its own, that is, you must come and bring your children also. Coming with family, you should have two nights and three days to visit Jaisalmer. First of all, you will come to Jaisalmer on the first

day and after coming on the first day, you will go straight here for camping, which is check in at 12:00 and camping. After reaching there, you will spend the whole day there and then the next day you will do the safari etc. there in the morning and check in to the hotel the next day. Then on the next day you can visit the local side scene etc. in which you can roam here. You can cover Patwa Ki Haveli, Jaisalmer Fort War Museum as well as

Gadisar here, these are the main places and Vyas Chhatri and Bada Bagh, if you can cover these places then all these places will be covered very easily in one day. On the third day, you check out from the hotel from here and also you can go to Langewala and do a full day trip to Tanot Mata Temple. Now tell me what will be the cost of doing this. Here you will get the hotel for Rs 2000 per night for adults, but I am telling you the minimum cost, it may cost more than this, sometimes depending on the season, it may cost more if you consider Rs 2000. It may also be less, your cost of ₹ 5000000 will be reduced here by filling the petrol and you get the scooty for 400. Now if

you do the total then it will cost 000 but in this amount you are doing the local side scene only for one day. And you are doing hotel but if you want to travel here cheaply then according to me, taking a package here would be a better option for you because the camping cost which I told you is Rs 3000 is not included in it and if you get the camping done separately then your It costs more if you buy a package then it is included in the package, your hotel is also for one night, camping here is also for one night, safari is also available here, camel riding etc. Including all these things and there is also a local side scene, it is around 75 to 800 in person. If you get it then if you get it customized then it might cost you more, so prepare your mind and go here in Jaisalmer. If you are going to visit here in Jaisalmer, then your expenses can be Rs 75 to 00 per person. In this, I have visited Langewala and Tanot Mata Temple. Trip

is not included, if you include it then here it will cost you around Rs. 5,000. If you book a four seater car for this entire day trip then the average cost can be around Rs. 5,000. So overall I have told you. I have told

you the budget and also the best time to visit. Now let me tell you that it may be possible for you to visit during this time from mid-October to February. So I hope you have understood the entire itinerary and budget. Apart from this, if you have not understood and want to know about any other place like price or budget or any detail related to travel visa, then you can contact our travel consultancy. So make sure nature is clean. And keep it green by subscribing to the channel and don't forget to like and share the video, that 's all for today, thank you friends.

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