Bernina Express Train 4K Tirano to St. Moritz Switzerland Full Tour

Bernina Express Train  4K Tirano to St. Moritz Switzerland Full Tour

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Hello and welcome! We start this journey in Tirano, Italy at one of the starts of the Bernina Express Train. This is the entrance to the train, which is just left of the Tirano train station if you are walking out of the station. I was just in time for the train and tried to get on a carriage that wasn't connected :D. Here I finally saw this is the one I should be getting on :D. As you can see there is not alot of people.

Some views of Tirano since I was not able to get much video beforehand. We can hear a short intro of the Bernina Line. The Bernina Railway line connects Tirano, Italy and St. Moritz, Switerland. Going through the Bernina Pass. Reaching a height of 2,253 metres (7,392 ft) above sea level, it is the third highest railway crossing in Europe and the third-highest railway in Switzerland.

We are reaching our first stop Campocologno. I decided to go with the 2nd class which was 37 euros because not only was it cheaper but you are able to open the windows and take pics/videos just a bit out of them. You can see here that we basically can have the row to ourselves and I was basically switching to each side for a better view. I will be opening the windows soon to have a more clear view. There is a waterfall in the background here. Putting the windows down as we approach the first major attraction, Brusio spiral viaduct. How amazing is this! You definitely should be capturing this! Now we are going through Miralgo station and another major attraction, Lago di Poschiavo which is a natural lake in the Val di Poschiavo in the Swiss canton of Graubünde.

If you heard the clicking sounds it is because I was trying to put the windows down but wasn't able to. But not to worry I did move to different seat. I would love to come here in the Spring or Summer and explore of this area. This lake some really nice reflections of the mountains. Let's enjoy the views of this lake. Now we are approaching Le Prese stop. Approaching Poschiavo stop Nice views of Poschiavo Approaching the first tunnel. Now we are seeing more frost on the trees as we go higher in elevation. From we enjoy the ride and views. Approaching another tunnel.

Here are getting close to Alp Grüm where I will get off and explore. This was later a bad decision on my part, you will find out why later :) Let's have a look around Alp Grüm. This station has some of the best views. In the winter it is only accessible with the train line. At Alp Grüm, which is 2091 meters up you have views of Palü Glacier, Lago Palu and the Puschlav. So it is a good stop if you would like to get out. It also has a restaurant.

The good thing about this railway ticket is that it is good for the entire day. So you can get off at any stop and get back on heading towards your final destination. But in winter months you are limited to the daylight. So I only did one stop as I was taking time for videos. Spring and Summer months you have much more daylight to really enjoy the views. So you could get off at multiple stops. With the snow it is amazing to see but I will definitely come back in the warmer months. Here you can see the train going down the tracks. This is the panorama train, with much larger windows for viewing. This train is the one that goes to Chur the longer route.

This is why I regret getting off. The train is full and I don't have the freedom to move around each side as much. Luckily, this nice lady let me share her window, much love to her. We are passing through Ospizio Bernina. At 2253 it is the highest point, I had planned to get off at this stop but instead got off at Alp Grüm. Let's enjoy the remaining ride as we are getting close to St. Moritz. Arriving at our final destination, St. Moritz, Switzerland! Here are a few highlights of St. Moritz. Be sure to check out my St. Moritz walking tour as well. Link in the description.

Thank you for joining this ride with me, hope you all enjoyed it. Be sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more!

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