Barcelona Bus Turistic | Kırmızı Rota [Barselona]

Barcelona Bus Turistic | Kırmızı Rota [Barselona]

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Greetings... ...from Barcelona's Square Catalunya! Plaça de Catalunya! Hi! Pardon! Pardon. Pardon.! Hi to all!!! It is a beautiful Sunday! i just bumped into a guy :p However, it goes very smoothly! Yeah! Let's say a place for a people who knows how to live! for you! To be honest! Actually for me :)) Yesterday, order to travel around the whole city more comfortably. You know! I bought these city Hop-On Hop-Off tour tickets.

Yes I bought a tour. Catalunya Meydanından kalkıyor. Tam buradan! Şimdi otobüsüme doğru ilerliyorum Let me tell you how much I paid. Let me show you the ticket 39 euros Let me show you the ticket 39 euros Yesterday, thanks to this, I almost... Traveled all over, yes all over Barcelona it's getting pretty cool if you have a limited time I think this is one of the things... should definitely consider! Now! I missed one of the buses.

Thanks god that there's another one it seems it is better for me to move forward to there Las Ramblas around here somewhere Although, I don't know exactly where it is! Somewhere around here for sure, easy to find! muhtemelen, you see where the crowd is, it must be Las Ramblas! Yeeees!!! Now, I'm going up to the second floor of the bus Unfortunately, all the good seats have been kept. Nevertheless, I'm moving to a position... ...where I can shoot more comfortably with my gimbal like this. we've been shooting this video for two minutes. Perhaps one of the best things about Barcelona... to visit the whole city... ...with these tours! Yesterday, I got these... for 39 euros, when I bought the ticket. They gave me a bunch of discount coupons, I used one of the coupons. at MCDonald's I ate 2 Big Macs for 5 euros I gave 5 euros for this. And That's what I told you! As a gain of participating in tours... I have been gifted by the sponsors of the tour with these discount coupons.

Let me show you the size of the hamburger I found another stub on the ground aaannnd I'm gonna use it today. i'm thinking about eating around 5 o'clock or something Let me show you the beauty of the city a bit like this Let me show you the beauty of the square The weather is so hot Unbelievable! It's so hot! I can't describe it to you! until late last night. I can say that I listened to the city I will also share the night videos with you Where to eat the best Tapas? I went there for you. And I tried. Beef...

...and a beer (cerveza) That is all! Yes! One beer! Yes, gradually... ...the bus began to fill up. We will continue in a moment. Cheers! And our bus has just departed! Then let the trip begin! Hey!!! I saw a lot of beautiful beaches today! it was amazing, really! I can tell you that it is quite ideal for the trip. Red Route! My plan is to go to the beach! I used this route yesterday it takes about 1 hour! Today, For example, I didn't take the subway tam evimin önünden mavi rota geçti A blue route passed right in front of my house, so I took the opportunity... shoot the Barcelona Stadium (Camp Nou) from the outside. I am gonna show you that, too! As you can see here, there is a beach called Barceloneta. in "Como" over here! I ate here the first day I arrived Also, on this street is the school, Don Quijote, I go to every day. Now, I am on that famous sightseeing tour called Hop on Hop Off that every tourist... ...loves so much. Yes, Hop on Hop Off! Ahanda, Geçende şu Burger King'de Oh, at that Burger King.

I recently had dinner anyway how far is the beach from here? I wonder. Really! Olympic. Olympics! oh my, it's really beautiful! I'm glad I went on this tour! Seriously. I am now cheered up. we'll be heading to the beaches soon What I'm really wondering is... places there! (venues) I guess I'll go to the beach for a swim.

or not! I do not know! I have got the swimsuit any how. Jeeze... it's beautiful, it's really beautiful! I think everyone, should do things like this when they go abroad Actually, I understand the situation of these tourists much better now. In Istanbul, We may say Tourists' curiosity about SultanAhmet part where the old city is, ... no doubt that it is partly due to... ...this pleasant sightseeing tour. Really! it's extraordinary!!! Literally, it's extraordinary!!! Would you look at the beauty of those greens??? In fact, the reason why people here are completely lost and unable to find their way... the regularity of the city. I mean, it's such an f*ckin' organized city! Only 29 euros [but it is 39 euros :p] I gues so! i'm not sure about the price so I' have to check it You know, I bought a 2-day tour Did I pay 39 euros? by any chance? I mean... bu otobüsü Anyway, if we consider that I am able to use these buses all day and tomorrow any time, probably it is a good deal to fill up the leisure time, isn't it? to get to know the whole city. actually the truth is that "..."

"I can't think of a better economical option" And you know, if you stay here in a hotel room, it's not less than 100 euros. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to come as a student for accommodation, so that you can budget for more activities as I do. I'm being precise and clear! Come as a student! Hasn't it recorded by camera by now? :)

2022-05-24 02:54

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