BACK ON THE ROAD : Alaska here I come! |S6-107|

BACK ON THE ROAD : Alaska here I come! |S6-107|

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I mean others have come through here as well. You can see tracks Good morning Internet, it 9 o'clock in the morning and welcome back to the channel Welcome here in Moab in Utah And I am super, super stoked because I have decided that my ankle is good enough. And I can pretty much ride with minimal pain So I am back on the road. I'm gonna leave.. I'm gonna leave Moab today So before I really leave though, the first thing I'm gonna do is, I'm gonna load up Alaska, go back to the workshop where I was before as well And then we are going to really check my suspension, if it is properly set up Um.. if you missed it, I did a suspension upgrade In San Diego. So I bought the suspension from the UK

And they did.. I told them my weight and the weight of my luggage and they set up the suspension But when the suspension was installed in San Diego They actually never did a check or anything like that So I just want to do that first and then I am going to cross the border into Colorado So I am now right over here in Moab So you can see I'm very close to the border with Colorado I am going to probably cross this mountain or something If it's possible and then the plan is, I want to end up somewhere in this area close to I think this town is called Norwood Oh, to just.. seeing Alaska like this all loaded up and ready. Oh, I forgot this one Oh, it makes me so happy Oh, I'm so ready to go. It's been now.. it's been just over a week

Since the crash A lot! I mean I live on the road so this is all my spare parts, tools Video equipment, everything I have It's impressive If you were to hit an unexpected rock at the moment with this amount of stuff This is impressive 'Cause I hit a rock with my... - Did you see how much that squats? Yeah don't.. just put the kick stand up, don't lean it There is not much left - No And then I'm not even sitting on it. We want to... - No. Come over here Come here, go on then Yeah, how much have you got left.. yeah

It's only supposed to have a 10 mls of sag Look at this, look at this! No wonder you ripped the tool box off Yeah no, in fairness it's basically just.. - Normal full compression Yeah - Yeah This would be hard to ride in a parking lot Let alone down a dirt road Yeah, it was hard You need a lot more pre-load She's need a lot more spring. I don't know that you are going to get all that Let's see how much is.. and it's of course really easy to get to Oh yeah What are your front forks like? They're not even.. they're like not even really working properly 'cause it's so down Yeah. Yeah, there's so much.. - The angle

The angle is all screwed up - There's so much rake on the front 'cause the back is.. Yesterday.. so we were riding.. I was riding without luggage And then on the little bumps I was coming out on the front We should count the clippers. So I'm setting that to zero right there Pressed up against this to that and then right in the middle Lewis? - Yeah So you were at 37? - Yeah, 37 ml of sag with no rider And now we're at.. what are we at? - 80 80 with rider And then.. - But now we must... - Yeah, and then we'll put the luggage on just for comedic effect Yeah So with it being at low end of your free sag But she doesn't have luggage so that's actually probably going to be right in between the 10 and 25 ml range I'd rather see the right height because she is always going to have luggage A little closer to the 65 ml mark - Yeah So.. - 'Cause it's not.. it's not ideal but we've basically just got the wrong spring rate

Yeah, it's the wrong spring. You need a super spring But we can kind of.. - We can compensate with the pre- load on it Yeah - And get it close Yeah Won't be perfect. - It's not going to be perfect But it's going to be better than what I did.. - A lot better It'll be a lot better It won't bottom out. It won't.. - Yeah

It won't spit you off if you hit something too hard. - Yeah Ready set, we've changed the whole set up So Alaska is sagging a lot less, a lot less So let's see how she rides now It is finally happening, I am leaving Utah And I'm going to cross into Colorado now Ed is just riding with me for a little bit.. to see me off And well, I don't know if you can see that? Probably not But uh.. yeah, I have some last lookouts of the canyons of Moab But anyway, we are going to ride over Geysers Pass.. Geysers Pass You can see the snow on the mountains Just amazing the contrast of like the hot and super dry desert and then just over here you get snow covered mountains And then he will head back into Utah and I am going to go further into Colorado Oh, it's such a good feeling to be on the move again Yeah, getting into another state.. today

Getting into Colorado, I'm super excited About the mountain passes What an amazingly drastic change of this scenery Compared to just earlier when we were riding in these red canyons Where as we're maybe.. yeah, how many k's would this be apart? It's just right next to each other It's amazing Look at this! There is snow here Ha ha! Oh, this is amazing! Look Wow I don't know, it's not like I'm seeing snow for the first time in my life But I don't know, it has been a while since I did see snow And yeah just.. I don't know, the contrast with the canyons is just awesome In the meantime we've climbed to over 3000 meters Is this the pass already? Yeah, Geysers Pass summit I guess so yeah We're at 3300 meters Are we? - I can notice my bike has less power Can you? - Yeah Yeah, 'cause this is the point where it properly starts to affects things Yeah. - Like technically Moab, I think you're down like 5 %

Or something or maybe even.. - Oh, right But here is where.. - You can notice it, yeah Yeah, the Honda 90s have a hard time Yeah, I imagine, yeah Well.. Madame navigator - Oh Right. I got it, I got it. Um.. Ah yeah, we.. we want to take Geysers road right?

I think so yes - Yeah And then.. this way.. Geyser road, Geyser road Yes. Okay, I know where to go Oh Okay. Oh Yeah, so there's still snow here That's really deep Something came through on balloon tires and got stuck.. stopped there

I just wonder if it is only this bit or it's just.. oeh It's deep - Oh yeah, not there This is the only.. It's proper deep snow Ah this is.. it's almost knee deep This is your work around Okay, so what are you doing Ed? I'm turning the bike around Right Yeah for light dirt bikes Yes, yeah there are some advantages Okay, so the plan is.. Ed is going to go first 'Cause if it doesn't work my bike is almost twice the weight of Ed's bike so If he can get through and if he can't pass then I will definitely also not be able to pass So I mean others have come through here as well You can see tracks So it should be possible. See there is a track there

Oh Ah You will be fine - Yeah I didn't even push it - Really Whee hee hee Okay, that was a lot easier than it looked like Now let's see if we are going to find anymore snow Oh There we go or not No, it's fine If it's less trees then for sure it's all melted It's only.. yeah, if there's a lot of trees then There's still snow around Oh, there we go Every time I am thinking yeah, that's it Oop, oop Oh, oh Maybe I should keep a bit more distance This is a pretty cool ride Just in between all these birch trees Very cute, with all these flowers Colorado that way. - And Utah back over.. you gonna go back over this.. .. Those mountains right? Yeah, I mean that.. that pass there, yeah - Yeah But yeah, I've got about 5 miles of.. maybe 10 miles of zero chance of anybody finding me And then after that.. - Don't break down, okay No I've got a couple of bananas, a cigarette lighter You'll survive. - Yeah. That's all I need

That's all anyone needs Okay, take care Ed. - I'll give it a go Take care If you are going break down, make sure it's further than 450 miles away so I can come pick you up Okay, I'll try my best. - Yeah Good luck - Ride safe Bye! And off he goes, what an absolute legend Honestly. Yeah, he really saved me

Man. I mean the whole plan of course changed massively, I didn't get to see the Grand Canyon I didn't get to see Zion, Bryce I mean going.. I don't know if you were wondering that but going all the way back Making that loop, that would take me like a week or something I just don't have the time. Alaska is .. it's getting into winter So I have to move north But um.. that's just how.. how it can go, you know a journey And this happened and Ed came, rescued me. I saw more of like the area around Moab than I would have otherwise so It was just really, really awesome to hang out and..

.. Yeah, it was just really great because I really felt miserable On my own with my crutches in Overton so Yeah. We are on our own again Alaska Let's go! It's a.. it's a very.. I don't know.. different feeling you know, when you know you are alone again It's just a.. I mean my riding style is completely different I have to say riding you know with.. with Ed

Or another rider Than when I am on my own You just can't take all the risks That you would take otherwise So.. I just have to.. ride a bit more careful again Oh It is still dirt but I've reached a slightly bigger road So it seems. On course, see ah Wow! I don't know how well you can see this because it's right against the sun But that's the mountains that we just came over There with the snow on top Ah, it's spectacular here! I mean, I was really looking forward to seeing Utah. For all the desert and rock formations but I think I can say the same for Colorado I have also been really looking forward to Colorado ' Cause I've heard so many good stories about it, how beautiful it is here Although well, technically I am probably still in Utah But the state border is somewhere around here I should.. I should cross it fairly soon I think 14 miles to the highway So and then from the highway, I'm gonna continue a little bit on the highway My plan is today is to get to Norwood I don't have a booking or anything but hopefully they'll have a room for me It's not really any particular type of destination. It's just a bit of random town I think But hey, maybe it's really pretty I have no idea I have made it to Norwood And just in the background there, I see super high mountains with more snow on them Amazing! So yeah.. welcome to Norwood

Let me find a place to stay I checked online and I think there's like three hotels in town so One should have something right? If you have a reservation.. I don't have a reservation Oh, that's a no Oh, no vacancy Well, then there's only one more option left in town Ah, well it says vacancy there That's a.. that's a good sign Ah, this is cute Hello - Hi How are you? - Good, how are you? Good. Looking for a room? - Yeah Okay. Just by yourself? - Just me, yeah

Okay, let me see what I have. - Thank you This is amazing. Does it still work? - No, no. - No No, it broke. Somebody pushed it down and I can't get it open From which year is it? This place was built in 1898 Oh, wow. - So it's probably at least that old That's amazing. - Yeah

Hey. - That's Daisy May. - Hey, Daisy May How are you? How are you? You are a bike rider? - Yeah There's a lot rich. A lot of wealthy people up there. - Oh, right You heard of Oprah Winfrey? - Yeah Yeah - She lives there? - Yeah, she's got a house there. - Oh

Oh, I thought all the rich people lived in Hollywood No, there's Tom Cruise.. - Oh. - He just sold his house for 39 million dollars Oh.. wow He used to live there. - Oh But those mountains in the distance is that already the Rocky Mountains? - Yeah, that's all the Rocky Mountains here Actually, if you go to Ridgeway it's an absolutely beautiful drive You heard of Ralph Lauren? Yeah. - He's got like 17 000 acres probably 30 miles from here or so Oh. - It's off on your left if you are going to Ridgeway It's just absolutely gorgeous. - Wow

Looks like heaven out there. - Yeah Oh, amazing I went to Telluride yesterday and it was snowing Can you believe it. - No way! - Yeah, it was still snowing the entire ride yesterday. - Really? Is that a lot higher than here? A little bit, the elevation is maybe another 1000 foot maybe I have a place to stay And I can park at the back That's quite nice Very cute town Here Yes And there we go, this is my home for tonight So yeah, I made it to Colorado, another state. I am back on the road. My ankle really hurts right now Um, I still need to kind of plot my route for Colorado. I'm not really sure where I'm gonna go yet but I think I'll just figure that out tomorrow And so that was it for today I really hope you liked this video If you did, please give me a big thumbs up. Subscribe down below

And then I'll see you in the next video

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