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Good morning, good morning, good morning, a jet black rabbit, look at the ears, look at the ears. It's a shame, it's a shame, it's a shame for everything, they say , what is he eating there? I wonder what you are eating now, you are there. Yes, we got up in the morning. Our caravan is there, there is Karaman on the other side, there are houses like Holiday Homes here. You can stay in the houses if you want. It is nice to come and see.

Yes , while the sports are going on at full speed outside, they continue to do the latest sports outside. I also continue to make sausage eggs. Eşen Sultan chopped the Ozi. Eşen Sultan fried it. Me too. Kick your eggs. Oğan is doing sports, otherwise I was going to put Oğ, it happened to the egg again. Are you here? Come on, wash your hands. Well done for my son. Well done for him. Well done for me. I will make the tea too.

Can you burn the gold? Is it heat? Eşan Sultan also made copper. It looks very nice, but shouldn't it warm up? No, it's fine, I think it's good enough for you since I don't eat much. Are you done with your exercise? It's yours and mine. You can put it there now. We're in the camp. That's all it will be . We'll manage. I can't handle it. Mom. Don't burn it. Look, you'll burn my bamboo.

You've already made the ends there. You see , he immediately picks up the shell he dropped. The shell is my son. My son. I want salt. How many

grains should I break? I think two more will be enough. When are you going to bleach your hair? I made a different model this time. How does he see it? I'm not pulling a mousse. I'm not pulling it now. Put it on a little later, Ozi, everyone asked about you, Ozu, on the live broadcast. Why don't you join the live broadcast, brother, let him do something, did you throw away the salt after a while, son, put salt if you want, come on.

Does anyone want tea? Do you want tea? Do you want tea too ? Mousse, take the sugar , şakira. Let's add shakira teas too, it's easy to prepare it, but we make shake without brewing the tea. Because they don't drink the brew, they only like shake, these ice cream spoons are here for a long time, these ice cream spoons are like this.

Ozi is coming. Is it cooked? I also heated up my coffee and made it. Oh, good breakfast. Let's do it. Let's come back after breakfast. Are you still in the sport? Is it done or not? How many kilos does she carry now? Mashallah, how many kilos does she carry? I sent her with talt pan. My son knows the pan. My son knows it. Let 's have breakfast. Let's have breakfast. After that, let's come. Yes, Eyşan made a model for my hair. First, me. I went out first,

I went out first, then cinnamon came out . Yes, we are going for a walk. We had our breakfast, we prepared like this, this place will stay like this. After all, it can stop our bike, it crashed on the road, Evil eye, Evil eye, but Demir is standing now, I have never heard of it. Where exactly was it? It's broken Emet put it, good thing you found it, it's like that. When the parts are on the way, it's a problem for them to fall off. A child was coming from behind. Oh God forbid, God forbid,

he went against something we gave him, thank God, let's go, let's go. There is something you can buy, neither cinnamon. Shall we take his bag from there? Where is cinnamon's bag? It goes somewhere. Let's get in. Where is Cinnamon's bag? My son is in the trunk. It could be my luggage too.

Let me see if I can take it here . Let's get the camera drone drone as well. Look, it 's a good thing we opened it. I think you're hungover, back here, back here, he's describing this place , I think we went out, we left the caravan park, let's see where we're going, we came back, we came back, you picked him up and put him away, my son. Oh my god, what did we decide ? Because we came back, we decided to buy this, let's go to the seaside, we got some things tomorrow. Because we can't go to the seaside,

maybe we will go to the seaside. I also took Mr. Taç down so that he could get some air. I get off, he gets off, I get on and he gets on, donkey, come, come on, donkey, donkey, thousand thousand.

Come on, yes, yes, we loaded everything, we put everything, we locked the caravan, let's see, we are going slowly now, we are going to the village. Yes, we are on our way to the village . We are going to the village. Which village will we go to today? Köyceğiz Köyceğiz, where are we going? Let's go, let's go on a journey. Greetings from Master Sefer. From here too. We are looking for a place to swim right now. It

's fine. It's grass here. Look, there was something like a small lake. They were hungry. I swear the trees closed it. It was a tiny thing. But the trees closed it. It's a bit big. Today is beautiful. The sun is cloudy. No, that's why he said they should go in today, tomorrow is a bit of a thing, is n't it? Do you know that I was going to make flatbread from potatoes that I boiled ? Masha'Allah , everywhere in Australia is water. Let's find a place and get in. We found the sea. We saw the sea. You can't get off from here. Muş. When I went directly from here, I thought we would come back

. But no, it's just a place with a corner of the coast. Where are you going to get it? There's a Marina right there. There is a cafe too , it's a real joke, look , but it looks like what does this place look like? It looks very familiar. The last place we went was a place where we talked about pharmacists or something. Isn't it Çeşme? It looks like a road. It looks like a lot of receded water. Those edges are now muddy. Mırık. What happened? What happened? What happened? You're jumping to the news. You're coming. What happened? We're not here yet. I'm not going to let you into the sea. I won't let you in the sea this time. Because I can't wash you in the caravan now. Do

n't stay with sea water. Is it from here ? If you found it, if we downloaded it like that, can you check and download it? Does it get around? Doesn't it seem like there is a lot of moss there? It's like you have to ask about that. Just ask, it's not sexy.

I think it's showing me a yacht. It's showing me something. I don't want a boat. I'm coming, son, I'm doing a chic. You're coming, I'm doing a chic, my husband, he's coming, another chic, we made a chic, this is here, where is the old thing, there is no edge, that side is beautiful too. Here and there, come on, walk around a little bit.

It makes sense, as he said, when you get hungry, look at these, they are like village houses, aren't they? Holiday Houses are very modern next to them. This is a little bit like that, it's very nice, isn't it? What do you think about this, they put an uncle there, did he put an uncle's head there, look, they made a tree, they made a flower bed, they left it open where the uncle is, right? I think they use it for sunbathing. There are two sun loungers in the middle. Take us towards the same place as before. Well, we're heading towards the same road . Let's see if it's here or not. But we're still on the road. It might not be here or there. We'll see if we go and come back. But look at the hungry people,

how often, aren't there a lot of kangaroos in there? There are a lot of things , look curious, look, they almost come out, curious, curious, when you say look, they look, there is no problem, but the YTC ones are the predators, Just like the ones that attacked our tent, etc. Oh, you go from here to there with stairs and from there you go to something, you go to the sea. Yes , because there are nests here, there may be penguins inside, they are just sitting at the bottom. Also, we can't see, For example, there is a nest here, cinnamon. That's why

we decided to approach it, something could come out at any moment, we decided to climb up to here, we said to Ozi, take a look with the drone, is it a place to go , is it a place not to go? Depending on the location, we decided to walk or go somewhere else. Right? That's right. Let's use technology while we have it. We said, come on, go and have a look and come and have a look. Let's see how Ozi is filming. Let him film and look at it. We 'll see if you're filming well. Are you recording now? Boy, Ozim looks nice. Are they surfing

? Yes, now you have to climb. After you climb up, there's a lot of stairs. I see it there like that, I don't know, I took the cinnamon on my back, the cinnamon is on my back. Let's see, shall I take it ? Shall we catch a penguin? There are certainly penguins, they have nests , but pengens don't come at this time, right? They come out in the evening. There are holes like this. They are always penguin

nests, aha, exactly, look, right? We are getting rid of the sand like this right now. Yes, we are saved. We were going to look up with the drone. The drone is a signal cutter. There is something that cuts off the signal. It is probably turning back. These are probably malicious people. Oh yes, let's go out to see where the penguins are . There is no way, son. I am holding something. I will give it to you when I get tired. We are here. Oh, I'm tired , but it's the ocean. Isn't it the ocean? Yes, they're asking, aren't they? It's the ocean. It's

the ocean. It's alive. Look at it . It's really beautiful. Oh, but there is a lot of wind. I was talking about it. Two weeks ago, DT person passed away here. They died in this bay. Look, DT person H 241 24 Exactly 2 weeks ago, 4 people died here in this bay. So, the wave took it away, God forbid, they are coming here, 6 people came here, it was the same pain, I am suffering the same pity . Let me pull it like this, I pull the bag like this, I am very shy. Oh no, nothing will happen. My cinnamon's bag is nice anyway, but isn't it ? There are people coming too. Let's see, we're going down now. There's also an exit. Come

on , come on, we're on the sand. Shall we leave the slippers here? Shall we leave the slippers here? Come on, let's leave them aside, not on the stairs. Will it be too hot ? No, it's too hot. It's not good, it's good, it's good, it's not very hot, the moon is so beautiful, it's coming , isn't it straight ? Actually, look , it's coming , it's coming, it's all white, look, it's all white. Is Fatin afraid ? He opens his mouth and looks, how beautiful, how beautiful , but here, 4 people have passed away, so it's normal. Because the waves are very big ahead

. Isn't it big? Up ahead, the waves are diving and diving, the wave reaches meters. Think about it, we are in retreat again, and look, this is not the sea, it is the ocean. The ocean takes you away, right? I mean, God doesn't know how to get there as rocks, right here, because of what they did, it is here.

Oh, it's coming, it's coming, it's very cold. It was very cold. I don't think so. Don't enter. Don't enter. No, don't enter. You entered last time, separate from this cold, don't enter. It's cold, and I was scared. So now, when I said 4 people died and so on, it made me wave. I was scared. I don't know. Don't enter. Never mind. What happened ? Echo. What happened,

girl? Thank you. Did you see that ? Don't forget that. Hey, Ozi, shake your hair, Ozi Pasha, it's all sticky, it's standing on its side, but yes, now we're going to go back from here. We 're going to go back. Come on, Bismillah, we're going, it was nice, we walked and we're going, I went up to a certain point, how far do you think I went, I went up to this point, but I'm up The penguins' nests are always here and now we are getting off, I got off, let's go to the car, I will take Mr. cinnamon out of the bag when I get out of here, it is forbidden. Because

to carry it around. That's why I carried it around in the bag on my back. I think my cinnamon has also taken some ashes. Thank you for his life. I'll take him around like this. I 'll take him out of the bag. Well done to my son. You drank a little bit of water. Drink a little more . My son, drink a little more. Didn't he drink a little more? He put his nose in. Okay, put it on my side. I'll make you drink it . Brother, let's wash our feet. Let's wash our feet.

Come on, look. You saw. This time, you came, it will be one, you will come out of the lamp. Don't say that, also with the letter u, please LF, of course. How was it, it was beautiful, wasn't it? It was wonderful, I swear, it's so different, if you go, you can't come back again, it's so different, they ask you the ocean, that's the ocean, it's just the ocean, it's the ocean. No, there is no guarantee of return to that extent, I mean, God forbid, there is another place now. Let's look there, then slowly,

we will find a place anyway, right? We will give business, we can give sweets from time to time, chocolates. If you want to give chocolates, yes, let them decide, let's go. Yes, we are new to travelling. We continue our caravan camping to explore places. We thank you for watching this vlog and for watching our video. We expect your support with your likes and comments. Tomorrow,

we will make beautiful discoveries in beautiful places again. If you are not subscribed to our channel, you can subscribe for free. If you turn on the notification bell button, you can be notified about our next videos.

See you in our next video.

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