Auli Uttarakhand | Auli Tourist Places | Joshimath | Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek | Blue Poppy Resort

Auli Uttarakhand |  Auli Tourist Places | Joshimath | Auli Gorson Bugyal Trek | Blue Poppy Resort

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Auli is a beautiful hill station located near Joshimath-Badrinath in Uttarakhand The winter activities in Auli and the centuries-old monasteries and temples of Joshimath, it is a unique combination of adventure and spirituality Apart from Auli and Joshimath, in this video, I will take you on a beautiful trek starting from Auli to Gorson Bugyal On one hand, the views of the Himalayan ranges like Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, Neelkanth, Hathi and Gauri mountains visible on this trek mesmerize you . And a stay at Auli's Blue Poppy Resort makes your trip more special For the Auli Gorson trek, I first reached Joshimath via Karnaprayag and Chamoli Auli is about fifteen kilometers away from Joshimath I reached Auli at four in the evening My today's stay was going to be in Auli only and then from here the next day I was going to go to Gorson bugyal Next morning at 8 o'clock I was ready for today's trek, I was staying here at Blue Poppy Resort, this resort is quite beautiful. I will give you its details later in this video One special thing about Auli is that the Himalayan range is visible from here From here right in front you can see Hathi and Gauri mountain.

I first saw these mountains from Tungnath Chandrashila. But today I was seeing these mountains so close and so clear for the first time Talking about Hathi Parbat, its story is quite interesting there are two big rocks on this peak, one of them is considered to be a crow and the other is considered to be an eagle There is an incident in Ramcharitmanas in which Kakbhushundi, a sage, narrates the story of Ramayana to Garuda in the form of a crow It is said that both these rocks depict the same story. Gauri Parbat is adjacent to Hathi Parbat, it is also called Horse Peak and these two mountains are often heard together as Hathi Ghoda Parbat. I'm in Auli currently. After having breakfast we will leave for Gorson Trek

For Gorson Bugyal trek, the forest department has made it necessary to take a guide You can find many local guides here but I did not feel the need to hire a guide because Mr. Ashok, a staff member of Blue Poppy Resort, was accompanying me as a guide. At 9 am I started the trek to Gorson Bugyal. Ropeway facility is available in Auli from where the trek starts you can also do the first one kilometer trek by ropeway. After leaving here, the first thing I had to do was to go to the check post of the Forest Department, where permission had to be taken for Gorson Bugyal. Almost one kilometer of trek has been covered from Blue Poppy and now only two kilometers more are left. After a trek of one kilometer, a lake is now visible, this artificial lake is a special attraction of Auli.

This is one of the highest man made lakes in the world. When there is less snow in Auli, artificial snow is made from the water of this lake for the ski slopes Very little water was visible in this lake right now The climb of this trek starts from Auli itself. There is a lot of snow falling right now, so the climb is not steep. There were many Himalayan peaks in this trek which I was seeing for the first time and one of them is Mount Balbala.

Climbing this peak is considered quite technical One of the glaciers whose water meets the Saraswati river is the Balbala Glacier. About one and a half kilometer trek has been completed and I have reached the check post. Here is the 10th tower of ropeway The trek starts from here, here we will take tickets and then start the trek.

Although this trek is of 6 kilometers, still you have to take permission and a ticket to do this trek. Due to snowfall and rain a few days ago, there was still a lot of snow visible on the slopes, so walking was a bit difficult. The first one and a half to two kilometer trek goes through the plains in which only small and big stones are visible.

But after this the trek goes through the forests. Today the weather was clear and sunny, when the sun falls in the middle of the forest, the forest looks more beautiful. As it happens in every trek of mine, in this trek too no one else was visible except me. Our stop from here was the temple of Padiyar Devta which was now half a kilometer away. After trekking a little further, some flags are seen nearby which belonged to the same temple. Trek of about two and a half kilometers has been done After a trek of two and a half kilometers, this small temple is visible which is known as Padiyar Devta Temple.

After Auli, there are no shops or resting points on this trek till Gorson Bugyal. Only this temple comes which is a sign that you are going on the right path. From here, about five hundred meters of trek is still left, so let's start this trek.

After trekking a little further into the forest you reach a field again. Going ahead from here, you see a Himalayan range on your right side and a prominent peak in those ranges is Neelkanth. This peak is just above Badrinath Dham, so you can see it from there also. I had reached the summit point of Gorson Bugyal at around 11:30 After reaching the summit point of Gorson Bugyal, the thing that seems most special is the 270 degree Himalayan range visible from here. From your left to right side you can see many Himalayan peaks On the other side I saw that many trees and fields covered in white snow were visible. Our guide told that when there is less snow in Auli, skiing is also done on the slopes of Gorson Bugyal.

If we talk about the peaks visible from here, the one that I found most special is Nanda Devi Peak. Nanda Devi is considered to be the second highest peak of India. Nanda Devi Peak has great importance in Uttarakhand. This peak is worshiped as a goddess in Uttarakhand. Apart from the main side of this peak, the other side is called Nanda Devi East.

The next peak visible from here is Dronagiri peak Dronagiri Peak is also known as Mount Dunagiri. It is also famous by the name of Sanjivani Parvat. It is said that this is the same mountain which Lord Hanuman lifted for Sanjivani Booti. The next peak that you can see from here is Kamet Mountain.

Kamet Mountain is considered to be the highest mountain peak of India after Nanda Devi Peak. The name Kamet is said to be derived from the Tibetan word Kangmed. Apart from this, you can also see many peaks from here.

Like Mana peak, Nilkantha Mountain, Bethartoli, Latu Dhura, Nar parvat etc. Auli is visible below, and from there through the forests we came here to Gorson Bugyal. We sat there for almost two hours and now it was time to go back to Auli from Gorson Bugyal. Once again via Padiyar Deity Temple, we reached the resort in about an hour My plan after this was to visit the Math and temples of Joshimath. Which I decided to go the next morning In the evening I started exploring this resort. Mr. Ashok gave me a tour of the entire resort

I found this resort quite unique, Each of its rooms and huts is made of wood and each hut is named after a flower. This is a triple occupancy room which has a double bed and an extra bed. The rooms of this resort are very neat and clean. And the interior of every room is beautiful. There are also huts with double occupancy, let me show you.

Very beautiful views are seen from this point of this resort. This is a six bedded room, if you come with your family or friends then this is the best option. The view of sunrise from Auli is as beautiful as the sunset here. In the evening, when the setting sun falls on the Nanda Devi, Hathi and Gauri mountains, it fills the mind and brain with joy and peace. I have come now to have dinner, this is the restaurant area let's go inside There is a buffet system for dinner, Apart from this, special Jain food is also available here. Rotis are heated on this fireplace So my dinner is done, it was very tasty food. And now I will go towards my room.

Next morning I was ready to go to Joshimath. It was a nice sunny day today! After visiting Auli, you can first go to Jyotirmath in Joshimath. Joshimath also known as Jyotirmath Here is one of the four Mathas established by Adi Shankaracharya In the eighth century, Adi Shankaracharya established four monasteries in four regions of India. And he made his four disciples the heads of those Mathas. The heads of these Mathas are also called Shankaracharya.

There are many other small temples in this Math which you can visit. There is an ancient tree near Jyotirmath which is known as Kalpvriksha. This is a Mulberry tree which is considered to be two and a half thousand years old.

It is said that Adi Shankaracharya attained enlightenment by sitting under this tree. Apart from this, you can also go to visit the famous temple, Narsingh Temple. Lord Narsingh is known as the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After staying at Joshimath today, I had to leave for Bhavishya Badri Temple the next day. Earlier I had decided to stay in GMVN hotel in Joshimath. But then after coming here I came to know that there is a resort of Blue Poppy in Joshimath also.

so today i was going to stay there If you want to stay at Blue Poppy in Joshimath, it is situated in a quiet place, two kilometers ahead of Joshimath Market. This resort here is a premium property by the name of Blue Poppy Premier. A special thing about the luxury rooms here is that you can see Vishnuprayag from every room. Vishnuprayag is the confluence of two holy rivers, Dhauliganga and Alaknanda. And this Prayag is the first Prayag among the Panch Prayag of Uttarakhand. I have come to the restaurant area, you can see how beautifully it has been decorated.

The entire work here is done with cedar wood. There is an open area adjacent to the restaurant where you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner. And like every room, from here too you can see Vishnuprayag. This is the family room, there is another double bed above this double bed.

The experience of my stay in Auli and Joshimath was very good. If you also want to stay at Blue Poppy Resort during your trip to Joshimath and Auli. then I will give you the details of this resort in the description.

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