American Bathes With The Locals In Indonesia

American Bathes With The Locals In Indonesia

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hello there from Ambon, I'm back here with Valentino   Today, we're going to go the opposite direction, we're going to go to Natsepa Beach   we're going to go check out some eels, we're gonna go see a waterfall   should be good, should be good I'm looking forward to it   this morning it was raining pretty hard, we  actually canceled our plans. didn't think it was possible, but it stopped raining hopefully, the clouds will burn off and we don't get poured on but if it's cloudy that's fine a little cooler and  yeah but anyways we're heading to the beach   kind of cutting through town right now, going to get some gas and off to another wonderful day here in Ambon, so join us on the Ambon exploration day let's do it her name is Angel? hello Angel hello hi hello first order of business today, gotta get some gas   all right so the first official stop on today's trip is that Natsepa Beach i saw some pretty nice photos on google and uh yeah let's go check it out let's go check it out like Kuta Beach in Bali no this is way better than Bali way better than bali this is beautiful look at that striking a pose all right look at this sand, okay.  it feels good man it feels like clay. it doesn't feel like your typical sandy beach at all yeah very different very different feels wonderful actually uh this house is a guest house that's empty yes yeah what an amazing place you would have too if this was open how unfortunate how unfortunate and in this guy the romantic type, your girlfriend's name is what uh fellini aww, how sweet. my boy and your child's name, El okay so his wife is pregnant and i'm not sure when she'll have the baby but i guess they already have the name, El, yes how sweet man, how sweet, what is this? do you know what this is uh no no it's not food. not a fruit though. okay you eat it you die

you eat, you die yeah i just recorded that but i didn't have  the camera off he was like yeah if you eat it   it'll kill you apparently it's poisonous that's where we were earlier we just came down here to get some lunch. not really lunch just a snack i wouldn't call this lunch i'm just gonna have some fruit covered in peanut sauce and it's probably going to be delicious all the fruit stalls they're all pretty much the same? all the way down right? yeah but there are like some local fruit that i don't know the English word for it but they're all serving the same thing, right? yeah    pretty much the same thing? pineapple, papaya i know this. cucumber and this one    this one is guava this is a type of guava? yeah but like different type of guava. check it, google

so it's going to be crispy and this looks like the same thing but just a different color she's going to search on google yeah is this a cucumber? yeah that's just a cucumber right   sweet potato sweet potatoes too yeah okay and then, starfruit? and that's it. that looks interesting and they serve it in these little bags wow so how much was one of these?   15 000. one dollar for one drink can't beat that. for both of them? no just this all your friends over there? student. you're a teacher? yes of what grade?   elementary, middle school, high school.  you're a high school teacher?

you want to join us our students.. friends? new friends yeah so your students are over there? ah ok i stole their teacher well if you'd like to join us you can, if you want to go back you can, no pressure. all right so it looks like we got the same pink drink as the girls did i thought we were getting a whole kalapa(coconut) like a whole thing, but no. no, you probably need to request it because like the common thing if you say that you want to like drink coconut, they will serve it like this. oh for real not just a coconut and give it to you? no usually, they just give you the whole coconut? no, they use if you say that you want to like quickly serve it like this because like if local people go to this place and order a coconut, it will be served like this and they take out all the meat and put it in there for you. so you don't have to do the work and scoop it out yourself. yeah do you want some of this?

yeah help yourself, please it's not spicy though I don't know if you  like chilies, my stomach is pretty weak that's good it's like sweet and savory apparently, Natespa Beach this is the best place in Ambon to get this right? yeah it's what it is known for not bad, not bad this is the jungle about to say we have made it out to the middle of nowhere and from here i think we're going to go check out a hot spring is what he's trying to tell me   hot water? what? is it hot water? yes hot water, okay hot water so here's some maybe a hot spring in English, this is what? a river having ourselves some English lessons too. mountain, river, trees, jungle yeah   very studious guy right here. he tries his best he tries his best all right so it looks like we've made it to a hot spring in the middle of the jungle   and uh we're gonna go take a dip this is what it looks like okay this is lansium.

you're talking about like it's jelly inside (no)okay when we come back, yeah that looks like a nice river to play in yeah. okay wow okay so apparently it gets hotter this is the coolest on the medium   and then super hot down there let's see how it is feels good yeah? that's what I'm talking about that feels good there's the F bomb, I knew it was coming so the only other hot spring that I've been to in Indonesia was in Bandung but it was super crowded, and i didn't get a chance to get in, this ain't too bad it's not too bad hello let's go over here, oh yeah, that's a difference, that's a  difference, panas(hot) yeah very hot over here yeah that's a big difference, that is a big difference that's the hot one. yeah, but now let me get  used to it that's how you do it, you got to get used to it before you go from pool to pool   you don't just go from nothing to very hot you got to gradually go up bit by bit what a place though right in the middle of the jungle not used to it yet, this is perfect for me, this feels good gotta be careful, this camera is not waterproof, it is not a GoPro it does have a housing case for it but uh if i use the housing case you can't hear me let me see if I'm ready this is very hot? it's really really hot? yeah you're right yeah you're right. you want to try this? maybe so this is the hottest over here wow that's pretty warm yeah that's kind of dangerous actually, wow that is hot that'll give Japan a run for its money. this one's where it's at what an awesome place i don't think i have to worry about this music being copyrighted   i think i'm safe there.

but uh this place is built for a party look at this very refreshing. is this hot? no, it's not hot? i don't think that water is hot down there but there are rivers in japan, way up in the mountains that are boiling hot how much is this? 15. have a nice day yeah thank you once again, gotta pay for parking, even  out here in the middle of nowhere   it's not much, but every little bit helps  for the people out here i guess in english? i don't know. i don't know i don't know what you call that in English either   but maybe we can uh actually let me try one   yeah i'm guessing, it's like the size of a  grape basically but it has a lot tougher skin first time nicesour sour wow nice, sour, sour wow a little sweet tangy that was surprising, that was really sour sometimes you never know if it's just going  to be a mild flavor mild taste something   it's sweet yeah, it's sweet but it's also very very tart, very tart kind of sour that's good I'm a fan of these. i like it i like uh sour fruit

i don't like this the taste maybe is okay but after uh, all night the burps after you eat that is nasty. anyway y'all have a wonderful day   that fruit is really delicious but man it is, makes your fingers really sticky, super super sticky   okay maybe some new subscribers here. alllll right you're welcome thank you wonderful people here, is this a uh a small village a "desa" is everybody from here? all the people are from this area this city no no no    from far away okay we came from far away too yeah so maybe this is a tourist destination for all the people from ambon from everywhere they come from all over the island thank you all thank you all right meet nice people everywhere. everywhere. are you happy? yes i am happy very happy   oh look at the lizard look oh oh my god oh that's a big one in English? a lizard lizard in Indonesian is called "komodo" a small komodo is that right? lizard is just komodo, komodo  dragon island. maybe someday i'll make it there what is there today? a birthday party they got the speakers going always in the village. it's just a birthday party today though

and it's very easy to tell when you go from  muslim neighborhood to christian neighborhood   obviously, in Muslim neighborhoods, you see mosque after mosque after mosque   but when you're in a christian neighborhood  you start seeing a lot more crosses   you see the churches, you see Santa  clause, and reindeer painted on walls oh yeah okay oh yeah there it is right here the diary okay so we've come to a waterfall  (no, wrong again) and looks like here in the uh river in the  stream this is where you would wash your clothes uh it's okay just leave it in there no, oh we got some koi over here, that kind of freaked me out, he's like whoa look over here   yeah look at that i don't know. i don't know the fish's name. i don't know. koi. lily catfish, yes name catfish that's this wow look at those hello okay those those are the eels, wow big ole guys do they bite? it is safe? they don't shock you, they don't bit you apparently they just look creepy and they can swim backward, how crazy. okay so yeah we have made it to the eel place   and the waterfall place maybe i guess  two in one wow look at that guy dang it looks like a dragon okay so they're gonna bring us some bait or some food or something that's  gonna attract the eels to come out what are you eating you can touch? yeah oh my gosh they're big slimy eels oh my god that feels so weird don't uh don't touch my head. no huh head?no head? body. yeah body.

i don't want to touch their heads don't worry. i'm going to stay away from their face in their mouth oh so bizarre oh oh my god, that's an appropriate time to use that phrase all right so these lovely young ladies right here are trying to teach me some Bahasa Ambon. i didn't realize there was Bahasa Ambon so "beta" is me so how do you say, my name is nick? my name is nick "beta nama nick" just like that? that sounds pretty cool, "beta nama nick"  yeah i like that good i like it thank you   thank you thank you, it was nice meeting you all okay all right ready all right we really haven't eaten anything all day besides that rujak that fruit salad from earlier   i'm pretty damn hungry stopped at a seafood restaurant nice spot good spot good spot is that supposed to be a swimming pool? oh no no   looks like it would be there's some steps right here but i don't think you want to go swimming in that water aquarium? swimming pool look they got steps right here maybe uh for fish for people i don't know   this is clearly a pond right, here we got fish in there oh an aquarium. yes ah where do you want to sit? okay so our waitress did confirm this is in fact a pool it just needs to be cleaned, you need to run the filter need some chlorine and i want to eat some fish and so when you want to eat some fish you gotta look at the fish and decide so that's where she's taking me right now his name yeah i have no idea what do you recommend? for grilled fish he looks like he's done this before just like that oh yeah, I can already tell just digging in just that little bit with my fingers, nice and moist yeah nice and meaty yeah that's good. i try? help yourself man help yourself

oh, good. yeah i'd say so no idea what kind of fish this is but it is good some sort of like tomato chili sauce on top so yeah we've got some green  beans or something over here but yeah i think that's gonna do it for today's video uh i think we got a lot i know we got a lot because i'm on my third battery and i hardly ever get to my third battery so i think we got a lot of footage there's probably gonna be at least two videos from today we're a little bit higher up (today we also explored some abandoned buildings.... but that will be its own video still hard to get a good look at it from right  here though an entire campus abandoned now that's a first that is the first so yeah this right here, i guess, is the mosque right in the middle of the campus right in the entrance when you pull in so yeah thank you for joining Valentino and  I today and we'll see you in the next video

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