AL Ustad Special Kabab Dubai | Best Iranian BBQ In Dubai | Dubai Food Tour | Ostadi Restaurant Dubai

AL Ustad Special Kabab Dubai | Best Iranian BBQ In Dubai | Dubai Food Tour | Ostadi Restaurant Dubai

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Sha kebab is mutton, sha kebab is chicken, our first number item is the one with curd, it is bad, people hold it like this and say, it is sour cut, it has gone bad, but we eat the same thing at the age of 70 [music] Your love is there, you have come from India, you are hot [Music] The roti is very good , the smell is mischievous, those sweet lips are the feeling of being yours [Music] The feelings and eras are collected and the memories are taken care of, some are ours, some are your fragrance, Zamzam perfumes are the first ones right now. Our breakfast and lunch will be the same at Al Ustad Kebab. It is very famous, it is very old, it is very unique and it is very jolly. It is very happy, it is very welcoming. The flavors are such that every person speaks of it in the afternoon. After today is our Desert Safari. What happens on Desert Safari, I don't know anything, I just know that we go to the desert, we get something to eat, there are some shows till evening, whoever comes here, we have to see their mood once. Akhlaq is a must visit. We are standing outside Al Ustad Kebab at this time. Along with the kebabs and flavours, their jolly

mood is very famous. They are Iranians by coming here and have become multi-lingual, multi -cultural. What is special, what is being made, how. After all, to what extent their happy mood is reflected in their kebabs. As soon as you enter this dated shop, you will not see paint on the walls, you will see photos, you will see some currency notes, you will see Majeed Bhai with me. Those who run it today are standing Salaam alaikum alaikum Salaam Badar Hu Waz Al Ustad Close Friend My Father Past Away Both of them I am pure Iranian We complete life in Dubai Let's go inside slowly This shop will have to be opened layer by layer There are a lot of books in that shop that speak Urdu, Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Arabic, English, etc. I had said that in today's time, they have become multi-lingual and multi-cultural, that is absolutely right, no, the elders say that it is a question of the sinful stomach, it is a question of running away. It seems brother,

it will be difficult to catch them, after some time it seems like no, we have learned from you, you people are masters, we learn from you, take this, Al Ustad said that you guys are masters, what is the speciality? Kebab is mutton. Kebab is chicken, it is saffron, it is lemon thing, our number one item is the one with curd, it is sour and sour, Iranians, Arabs like you very much but Indian Pakistanis do not like it, it is bad, it is not bad, that yogurt. Our one of the best seller will be available now. We will feed you what we don't eat. We come to eat only that. We don't cheat anyone. We give the right thing to the right customer. Keep your taste at home and adopt the taste of the place where you are going. This is our basic principle and should remain the same. Look, an old man says that every flower

has its own fragrance. I call home-made food the best. Even if home-cooked food is three days old, I tell my children that our restaurant is the best. This is a 35 year old photo of people from a restaurant. This is my father. God bless him. This is me. This is where special food was served at the same land. It is exactly 22 years old. This is our father. God bless him, those people. It's love, our master came to Dubai

and shows you this currency around the world. Our customers who come, go to their country once, or after traveling in Europe, say, I brought for you after one year. We have created a Didn't spend any money, this is all a gift from the customer. Look, there is a signature too, maybe some cleaning has been done, no, this signature has also been done. This is the currency of the customer everywhere. Yes, this is from Iran, this is from Iraq, it is ours everywhere. It's a mix, friend, this is old, this is one of the oldest mobile in Dubai, so show me this, this is a complete box, this is a mobile phone, this is a complete mobile, people used to pick it up and go like this, one more one after this, later this Let us show you what this is, yes, this is also mobile, first came the holding, later came the Sutter Mulla Plaza, people were walking like this [ Music] They were giving the right to the right person, comfortably, you used to say the same thing in Rani, Rera Punjabi Se Galna To Ustadi When RERA comes to Hindi, they say their happy guest, the master has arrived and will speak in Malayalam in RERA, when will the master speak, what is the matter, okay, let's go to Iran now, Iran is our mother, we are from the village, it is Shiraz area, but what is the village, Shiraz? People come, they come for the taste, after that they get an addon from above, their happy akhlak, happy akhlak, we have seen, now let's go to the core point where the roots of Al Ustad Kebab reside, from where these aromas emanate and people.

and pulls people here and brings him here Sir, let's go to the kitchen, most welcome, the door is open, please come, Zindabad [Music] Zindabad, okay, you are most welcome, we have come, this is our dahi wala, the dahi wala kebab which we eat at the age of 70, but We have got it done for our Indians and Pakistanis. They say that it is chopped and spoiled, but our 70's people say that this is the real taste [Music] Okay, it looks very beautiful, look here today we have some different things to eat [Music] ] Okay, you will get all these things which are being made, do you know how to make them, if the owner does not know how to make them, then there is nothing else I can do to show you, save your head, sir, we are hot, there is heat here too, okay, these are different types of kebabs. These are being made here outside the road, this dahi wala ( mutton chicken) is our number one, this stand is Iranian, this chicken jafrani is for every Indian, Asian, Pakistani, European people's tongue, chicken jafrani with bone, without bone, this is called Bahr Dara Lemon. There is also mutton, there is chicken and this is our She Kebab. All our Indian Pakistanis can eat mutton and chicken. Apart from this, this

is our master's stander, the kebab with dahi which is number one. Our Indian Pakistani will eat sour and sour food for the first time. Let's eat it the second time, it's okay today, this is why we got so much interest in our work, when you see it, then it is confirmed that the results are confirmed, yes, they are fond of their work, now your children have also started coming. There is my son in it, it sits in the casher, there is earning in it, every work is to graze the heart, there is earning, earn, this should be interest, one hand is not enough to save, two hands is enough to save, ok, this is our Iranian rice, this is called green rice, it is Pulo rice. Green rice is what has green color in it? It is dal and shed vegetable. It is pure veg and this is our white rice with butter. It gives pleasure with saffron and this is

our gravy. Today it is of chicken. Dal, Potato, Chicken is good. This is basically the taste that you follow, is it Arabian or Ira Rani Pure Ranian or whatever it is, yes, this is our egg plant, this is a plant, we are lam lam ok and this is what is happening, baling mutton is lam shak zindabad, this is lam sha. Hai ok adla ka peis hai namkeen go hai apna mein namkeen saab yeh ye apna chicken chicken soup laced chicken soup neeli na aleem ba hum log irani sub itni gadhe we drink it right from saturday to thursday which is from 11 to 1 in the night: Closes for Namaz on Fridays at 6:00 pm and at 1:00 am and most welcome to Dubai Zindabad Zindabad Ye Hamara Raju Hai To Sir, This was Al Ustad's that hot and that happening kitchen which you have seen in Dubai. I saw that this was a big hobby kitchen, Majeed Bhai is with me, we are currently in Al Ustad Kebab, now after some time, all the things due to which Al Ustad is famous are going to come on our table [Music] No, your love India You have come from here so that we will complete it and give it to you. This is dry cross berry which gives pleasure with its white rice and this is Apna Garam Roti and Apna this is chicken mutton with curd. Number one is our chicken cube saffron chicken mutton. We make it with lemon, we call it sister, this is our she kebab mutton chicken, right, this is the sour one which is special, it is our number one who likes it, number one, we eat it with our eyes closed, just like in mutton or in chicken, mutton chicken, lemon chicken. They call it sister,

our dry lemon, this is our Hindustani brother, Pakistani brother, these two are one doti, four and five cha chicken, saffron chicken, when is saffron chicken with lemon, sister and this is green rice, we are using Iranian lamb green rice, this is our own. White Rice Dry Crab Most Welcome Now 94 Thank Ya Most Welcome Enjoy Ra Mill Thank You Zindabad Well, this is a whole platter of Al Ustad Kebab which Majeed Bhai was just explaining to me that the kebab in it is a special Iranian kebab. It is kept a little sour, these Iranian and now Arab people eat it with great fondness, rest of the Indians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis all eat it because like us, we keep eating, today we will eat this, Sir Bismillah, it is juicy, we will also eat mutton and chicken. Namkeen can be done as it is, but it will give you pleasure, it

is absolutely right, your rest is your choice, lemon kebab, saffron green rice, welcome welcome to Dubai, thank you zindabad, let's start with this, it is very hot, it is very hot, it is very soft, it is soft. You will see what it is from the movement of my fingers. I say Bismillah. If you do not eat this Iranian kebab after coming here and also eat kebab of your own taste then there is no use of coming so far, this kebab is very awesome . It is juicy, there is a little bit of sourness but that is its main flavor. Okay, next is this same kebab inside mutton. Okay, here kebab is

also called tio. It is not necessary that if kebab comes anywhere, then you should consider it as minced kebab only. Kebab is a batti attached to skewers made in international style. They also say that after eating it, it is amazing, this is very good, its texture is very good and I don't know how they have produced so much juice inside it, I liked it very much, they were saying that people like it less. But according to me, the best one is this chicken jafrani along with it. According to us, it is ok,

its price is random, this is around 9095 dirhams, this is the whole platter. Let's look at the chicken jafrani, what does he want to say to us [music] Low spice, a little coal fragrance, a little chicken fragrance, overall good, it comes with Bhai Saheb, what do you call this, you are mutton bhattis, it is roasted, some special light, it must have been marinated in spices, definitely we saw it kept inside, let's eat it. It is very good, very good, they have also given us Iranian rice. This is an Iranian restaurant, so things from Iran, you will get the flavors of Iran here. Let's try this one niwali with this raita. It is a guarantee that if a person eats this kind of light food all his life. If you eat it, your age will neither

decrease nor will you get sick. Lemon Chicken: We had just eaten lemon mutton, brother, it is not famous without any reason, it has very interesting things, all these seekh kebabs are chicken, theirs is normal, simple and understandable to everyone, let's see inside it. Some of them have also added spices from greens and they are very mild, neither for your stomach, nor for your tongue, nor for your mood. There will be no difference in anything. The spices from these kebabs are mild. We keep roaming in the flavors of our surroundings. If we go out a little and adopt some other flavors, then you will like the kebabs of Al Ustad very much, all these are amazing, this amazing table resides in this amazing table, this is their rice, so now this is their Iranian sour kebab, we take it with Iranian rice. Also, let's see this kebab, there is a little lentil in it, there are some green green herbs in it, it is called green rice, Iranians are special, especially watch [music] These are new, not today, the flavors are so good, all are new, come. Come,

it is very soft, very soft spoken, very peaceful, the flavors are as per your choice, you will not face any kind of problem at all, come on sir, this dal, potato chicken is lying in it, he said brother, if you want to eat with roti, then also have some gravy [music] ] See, for the first time we are showing the food of an Iranian restaurant on this channel. Bismillah, everything is good, you can eat this food every day. I found this to be the most interesting among all these kebab platters and all the others are also good but the most Funny is the one which people consider less good because it is a little different from the basic one, it is sour but when you eat this sour kebab with this Iranian rice, it will taste very good. I have been saying this for a long time, but I am not getting enough after saying this. Please allow me some time in my affair, I can tolerate it [Music] This Iranian date is kept in front of us along with Sulaimani [Music] What is tea? Where it is very hot, in the countries where it is very hot, there is this mint tea. Real mint tea means not the spicy one, it is very beneficial, there is a different atmosphere, those cars are driving near me, people are very happy to drive here, many cars were sold, they were telling me also but I understand better that it Let me experience it by seeing it like a spectacle from a distance. After some

time, from here we will go on the real safari. The car which has brought us here from Stellar Tourism will take us on the desert safari and there are some programs, some dances, some There are shows and after that there is a dinner at the end. To do all this, we had fixed this evening. For now, let's live this life here for some time and then move ahead from here. We have to retire because the car is in its balance. She lives and Samos also moves

[Music] which is intoxicating, driving this car on this sand is called desert safari, it is a very bumpy ride, as you can probably feel it at this moment, which I am doing through the camera. As much as I am able to show you, this is like a high mountain, what is the point of a car going on it, it is a different experience and in my opinion, if you come to any such desert area, you should do it, it is such a carousel that will definitely give you fun. The vehicle suddenly goes down and sometimes suddenly comes up again. There is no road, there is sand and here they also have a special platform for driving. There are many vehicles which are used for this purpose. It has come here from a long distance, now we have come towards the top and now this train is descending very steep, what's the matter [music] This journey started in the evening, the sun is about to set, there is something else ahead. Things are left, let's see what is there in the food and what are the things offered in the programs [Music] After visiting the desert city of Dubai, we have now come to a camp where we have dinner today. There is light above. There is open

sky, there is something to eat below, there is light music, there is Dubai, Arab land, there is atmosphere, we are you and ours, this is the tour of Dubai Food Tour, let's see, there is a buffet here, what things are available to eat in this buffet. There is a variety of cuisine, let's all see. Let's go with the camera and show it to you. They will not take a broken plate. They will take this plate. Spoons are very important in life. Let's take two spoons. Let

's take a fork because even forks sometimes. Necessity becomes [Music] It is the same type of thing which we saw in the previous video at the cruise dinner. These are salads. The potatoes are of the same type of roasted and fried which we ate yesterday but we will avoid it today. Let's see what it is, okay brother, understand that it looks like something like a barn. Okay, there are some fruits, some salads, some pudding type things. Let's go

towards some kebab . What are you saying, this is this roti. When it will be fit to eat, they are cutting it and keeping it in it, after that we will take it, Tano Roti, Tano Roti, this roti has come here, so this is my idea, let's go little by little and eat little by little, what [music] What a small tangdi aa Gaya what I did this yes yes yes yes yes thank you thank you so much, after that will come sir, there are many things here, this raita is very good and Homus Homus is a must eat. If you are eating then fish fry fish fry. Here it is, he said, this is chicken rice [music] It is very different, it looked like aloo gosh and it is also aloo gosht, I did not bring any pieces but it is good, take away the pizza. Prepare to watch The

Bad Dun Show, all the food is ok types, this is something better, let's eat for some time, then let's talk, this was our desert safari journey from today afternoon till now, take this desert safari in Dubai, a new experience. Now please allow me i.e. Mohammad Yaya to take this desert ride of Dubai. Thank you very much [Music] I have just come from India and this has been the middle of the road in front of me Saudi Arabia Egypt here Iran here Qatar here Lab [Music ] Beautiful gathering, royal guest, very beautiful personality, very sweet personal sir, Mohammad Yaya Munda Sath Re

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