Actor Nepoleon's House Tour in America - Irfan's View

Actor Nepoleon's House Tour in America  - Irfan's View

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Why wife isn't that tall, so this would help her out.. It's a very neat restroom. This is the place where our food is prepared everyday. So hey, hello Irfan's view, we're in Tennessee, Nashville now.

We're in Nepoleon sir's house, yes I came back to Tennessee because sir invited me here saying that I need to meet his son Dhanush who's a huge fan. So I've come to meet them and like they wished and like his son wished we're making this video for them. I'll show you their house video for you guys. Sir's gonna show you his house in US in Nashville. Guys they said this a 12,000 sqft house and I saw a crazy thing in their house that is they've got a basketball court in their house.

and even that's a full sized basketball court. It's not like a small one it's a full sized. By full size I mean it's the size of what real basketball players play in and they've got that inside their house.

That's a crazy thing man and also he has changed his house accordingly for his son. Hi sir, hello.. How are you? -Hi Irfan. Hello, hi.. How are you? -I'm good. Yes super.. So guys we've got Nepoleon sir with us and we've also got Dhanush bro with us.

I'm very happy to be here and I'm going to show you're house to everyone today. Have you seen my videos before today? I've seen a lot of your videos and my son Dhanush is a big fan of you. So.. I've seen your videos from 3-4 years everytime Dhanush watches it. Is that so? I'll go out most of the times but when I'm here with him I've seen many videos.

When he knew that you're coming to US, he told me that you're coming to US and to Nashville.. and even I was shocked to hear that. Is that so? I thought I should meet you and I told him I'll definitely invited him over. I invited you for him and you're here, thanks.. -Thank you sir. Thanks for the invite.

You've built such a beautiful house and there's a beautiful family here. So the idea of this video is to show you guys that. Come let's go..

It's been 12 years since I moved to US and I bought this house 6 years back and once I bought it I modified everything accordingly for my son. So this is your living room.. -Yes So when we meet some strangers or outsider we could just talk to them here and send them on their way. When we meet close friends and family.. -You've got that living room.

So this is formal living and that's family living.. Similarly this is formal dining and that's family dining. Bro what's your favourite room here? I'll always be in my room.. I just play my games and watch TV So in your free time you'll just be playing games and watch TV -Yes So what games do you play? I play on my playstation. Playstation, yeah? -Yeah I've also got nintendo Even I've got nintendo and I just bought PS5 but I haven't started playing yet. So that's your favourite place in your home? -Yeah Sir what's your favourite place in the house? -My favourite place is the sun room In America they'll build a place like this for the sunlight to enter that'll be either in the front or the back.

and this is the dining area that you mentioned and this is the.. -Yeah sun room. So when you come here you can see the outside and also the backyard. You'll also get enough light. You can also see the inside of the house. because there's also a swimming pool in the backyard and there's a great view for that from here.

So that's like a stage area.. Yes that's to do functions in the evening and we could have swimming pool parties there.. because we don't have enough space, that's why Super, very nice.. and then we've got that lift here for Dhanush to get to the swimming pool. Oh okay.. So he'll come and stop there in the wheelchair and we've got the button here.

We can operate it like this. He'll do down like this Okay so guys you ca get down like this.. We usually take the stairs.. So for Dhanush they've got this lift for him to get down. Similarly he can come back up. So you've altered the entire house.. Yes we've got all facilities for him.

This entire house is for him and the only reason we came here is for him. So we've made it so that he's got all facilities in it. So guys this is the kitchen. You would have known this is the kitchen when you saw it This is the place all our food is cooked. We bought this because we wanted a bigger house.

But it's a smaller kitchen area when you compare it with the house. So my wife said we'll look at a house with a bigger kitchen. I told her it was very hard to even find this place and we can't look for another place just because of the kitchen, so we selected this place.

Cooking has started.. She wanted to do something different Okay.. Guys she's cooking. Say hi. -Hi She's a pure vegetarian.. She's a vegan. Until she got married she didn't have any idea about cooking. She was bought up like that.

After she got married she started cooking for us when we were in Chennai. because there were many people there she didn't used to cook a lot. Once we came here for 6 months or so she only cooked pure vegetarian. and because I was buying food from outside for the kids she said she'll learn yo cook and she has learnt it well in this 12 years.. So if you had to name to the best cook to make non-veg in this area then it would be my wife. Even I had no one how she does all this So she's just used to it.

Okay, okay.. Very nice. So this is our bedroom.. We can't exactly call it our bedroom it's Dhanush's bedroom. He captured our bedroom. Actually his bedroom is upstairs.. -Yes there's one there but he sleeps here because he needs some help in that time, so we'll always be there with him.

So that's my bed and this is my wife's bed and Dhanush sleeps here. So we would have programmed everything. So that it's convenient for him at night. All the equipments that he needs will be near him as a support.

So he always sleeps in our room. and this bed is a special.. -This was specially made for him. and this bed can be adjusted as per his needs.. If he

needs to watch TV just the portion near his heads lifts up. Similarly the leg portion can be lifted if he needs to stretch his legs. and at night it helps him turn. -If they turn it helps him turn..

and similarly when the psychotherapist visit you can raise it higher or make it go lower. It can be adjusted as her his needs.. To just lift the head. This is to raise the bed alone. So he can sit up and watch TV and if he doesn't need it we'll close the TV and when we need it we just have to hit this button and the TV opens.

Super sir.. He likes to stay in this bedroom most of the times. So he can watch TV and he gets his privacy. Is that so? -Yeah he meets guests when they come home. because you are here he doesn't wanna to get down from his wheelchair. He just wants to be with you the entire day.

This is my wife's Indian cultural dress collection. and similarly American dresses are over there.. It's all over there.. So it's like a walk-in closet. -Yeah So this is all hers. For an example you see this is at this height and I can reach that..

Why wife isn't that tall, so this would help her out.. So she can bring it down.. -She does that and takes what she needs. This portion alone is my area. In America always men get lesser space and women dominate most of the space. That's not just for America..

It's the same in India. That's the case everywhere sir.. In cold weather we've got all these coats... these are all my coats.

This was specially made for him right? -Yeah once he gets in and then we can go in. Will it take the load? Shall I take the stairs? -Yeah come in. So you hear that click right? We've set it to that 40 seconds. and then you should hit this and you can go to the 3rd floor. This lift can be taken to all 3 floors. For the ground floor and first floor the gate opens the other way.

and it opens this way here.. -Yes because there's high roof on this side right? Yeah, so this is on this side. Double door.. Both side door. -Oh okay. This is like a small private living. -Yeah this is for the kids. Okay done.. -This is my younger son's room.

Oh it's his room? -Yeah It's very neat.. He's not here now right? Yeah he's studying in UCLA.. In Los Angeles. Okay what's he studying? -His major is Aerospace and minor is movie creation. So he's took two subjects.

They pick two majors but he has chosen one major and one minor. I don't know if he's gonna fly in real life with a aerospace job. or I don't know if he's gonna chose a life where he flies imaginarily in movies creation He's got 6 more months to finish it.

This is the restroom. Wow! That's nice.. That's a very neat restroom. It's good? -It's actually good. So his.. -His clothes are here.. Okay, nice. Very nice.. It's really good actually.

All rooms will have TVs and all rooms will have intercom system. and sometimes he gets up late or he never gets up.. So we'll call him from downstairs and then he'll wake up. There's another intercom in the bedroom too.

So he'll hear you from that? -Yeah and he can also call you from here? -Yes we can call him from there and he can call us from here So it's all over the house because we don't know who's where in the house. Let me just call my wife.. -Yeah kitchen.. Sudha.. -Yeah What are you doing? -I'm cooking. Okay, okay.. I'm just checking from our son's room to see if we can hear you properly.

You know how quick that is? Actually it was surprising to me when they showed it to me yesterday.. That's why I asked sir to show it to you guys again. It just happens in a jiffy and they're also able to respond so quickly. You can also dial numbers but we've already.. -You've already set it up. You've built a bridge inside the house, so you can use this to get to the other side Actually this is Dhanush's room but as he always stays with us we turned it into a guest room.

Okay, cool.. and then if you go this way you've got closets. -Okay. and if you come this way.. -there's washing and all that. All the floors in our house have a separate dryer washer So you don't need to carry it to a different floor you can just use the dryer washer in the same floor. This is the closet? -Yeah because I didn't get any room there I asked permission from Dhanush to arrange my clothes here.

When we first moved to US we brought everything from there in the ship. Is that so? -Yeah Oh you brought all these from there in ship? -Yeah we brought it from there because there's a lot of smuggling happening we have to get proper permission from various departments. We have to apply for permission from central government and get all those permits. and then you need to do customs clearance there and then export it from there. and then it will reach our address.

You have to do all that properly. You can buy stuff that's available in America but when you're bringing solid metals and statues like that then you need to get proper permission. Actually this room here is a bedroom and it's being used as a double purpose room. You can use it as a bedroom or as a Gym. So that's why you've got treadmill and you've also got mirrors here.

So you can exercise. But then what I did was to install lifts for Dhanush I had to put concrete downstairs and made a lifts to reach all the floors. So it has become a smaller space but still it's a bedroom. So the bed's over here. Oh that's a bed? -This is called the Murphy bed.

Wow! That's nice.. You can just turn this and use it as a bed. It just looked like a door.. I didn't expect that. So you can use it as a exercise room or as a bedroom. It's a double purpose room but now it has turned into 3 purpose room. Like for the lift.

You're growing plants inside? -Yes because these plants will die in winter if they're outside. Oh okay, okay.. -So we'll take it out in summer. To be precise.. It will go back out in March. We need to save it from the harsh col weather for 4-5 months. And you've got lights for all that.. -Yes to maintain that temperature.

Okay, okay.. Each rack has different items for the house and to have a safety storage.. Water bottles..

and what we do with these is that we've got a lift.. -So that will take it up. There's a separate lift for grocery So once you park the car after you get the grocery, you don't need to bring it all up through the stairs.. and the capacity is 100, no riders.. -So no one should ride in that. So you just have to place the things in it and it will go up. This is Dhanush's car and this is my car.

My younger son's car used to be parked there.. He has a Tesla. because he's studying in California and he's in the final year he took his car with him this time. Is that so? -It's useful for him there That's like a big van there when we go on a family trip.. It has also got a lift for him. It's actually a 4 car garage, so you can park cars here, here and here. We just turned that into a gym room.

Friends come workout here sometimes and I'll do it if I'm in the mood. Everything changed after the covid.. We don't exercise well. This is called trash can.. -Yeah because there's a trash can we gather all the waste from the house and throw it in that every night.

and weekly once we take it there and the truck comes and picks it up. There are many companies that do that. Even in Chennai when Thalapathi Muka Stalin was Mayor he introduced this system.

When he did that a great Singapore based company did a great job. Onyx? -It's Onyx.. After that no one did it properly. People having thought of disposing the waste properly has reduced. People from here throw it there and people from there throw it here. So garbage isn't going anywhere it's just lying there.

If we all do this together where every house has a trash can and that's picked up by the truck every week.. We can have our streets cleaned and neat. This American standard can be brought to India. Definitely we can.. -People have to concur that's it. Everyone has to concur you're right. The thing about these trash cans is that.. When I came to this house back in 2011

I was the union minister then. I used to come to this house once every month after getting permission from Prime Minister. and all of a sudden my wife said bring that trash can to the road.

"What's a trash can?" It's that dustbin.. Take that to the road. I'm a union minister.. you're asking me to bring a trash can to road? She said we'll have to do everything here. When she said we've got to do everything here.. I picked up the trash can and look around to see if someone sees me.. Then I saw people from ever house pulling their trash cans to roads..

Then I thought okay maybe their we need to do all the house hold work ourselves.. So I kept the trash can there and in another 5-10 minutes the truck came there and took it away. So this is what I learnt after coming to this country.. In America we need to do our work. If you come to that mentality then anyone can come to America and live happily in a good environment.

When I first saw this I thought to myself what's this like a security deposit place? When I saw this gate and all that.. When I saw what's inside.. It was a wine cellar. It's a place to stack up all the wine bottles. It's filled with wine bottles.

Having wine is the American culture. People usually have wine after their meal. They have a peg or two after the meal. Because the Americans like it I've got.. I don't drink, so it's to offer the guest.

Wow! That's nice There's lots of bottles here I guess no one would know what's all here. There are so many things here Look there are different bottles and it's all from different brands. They say pinot noir, merlot..

and then.. What's it? Cabernet They've got a lot of varieties like that. So I've bought all this so that they can have what they like.

I was shocked after I saw that place. These are the paintings of Dhanush and Gunal. Both my kids were very interested to paint from their childhood. This is what he drew in 2012 That was did in 13.. It's all nearly 10 years old.

Both my kids paint like that.. Look Gunal, Dhanush.. Both of them did a similar one. I thought it's better to have my kid's paintings hanged instead of hanging my photos.. So I myself took all the measurements and hanged it myself when I bought the house.

and this is another bedroom for the guest to stay in. and then this is.. As there's a security system in the house we call it smart home. All the systems that control the house is over here. and then similarly the Ac control is here.

So whenever a fuse burns in the house we can find out where it happened from here. So there's a complete list with numbers, so we can easily find out where it's shut down. When we bought this house we weren't able to know many things.. and what I did was.. They've got files to study about this. Look here..

So to know more about the house.. So there's security system, so you can read that and understand about the security system So you can learn everything that you don't understand about the house here. This is the favourite place of my kid.

Home theater. When I bought this house there were only photos of Hollywood movies. Is that so? okay.. -and when my friends came here they said you're an actor yourself.. They told me instead of hanging others pictures you can hang your pictures here.

and only then I ordered all these photos from India and ask them to be sent here. and then I got it framed here and then hung up all my photos here. But Dhanush and Gunal spend all their holiday time here They'll watch many movies and play many video games.. If we get a chance for family time then we'll watch a film.. That's very rare.. It's a big deal if we watch one film in 6 months. That's how we sit and watch it but they really enjoy it.

Their friends come home and they sit and enjoy with them. It's like and I've got a few sample photos of me here and there Guys next I'm going to show you that surprise place, join me.. This is the place that surprises many people.. This was a huge surprise to me..

I never expected a surprise like this here. because I've always been a basketball player. I really love basketball. I used to be a basketball player even in college. I played in university level.

and then I was the chairman of Tamil Nadu's basketball committee. So when I saw this house I really liked it. But there were also many houses that were better than this but my younger child likes basketball.

and he said daddy we need to get the house with the basketball court. and I said we'll take a bigger house with lifts and all that, so it's easier for your brother. and he asked me if there's a basketball court there and it wasn't.. So he said no.

He was adamant that he wanted this house. 6 years back they were just kids, so in that time.. I thought okay we'll fulfill someone and change it for the other one. We can't go there and build a basketball court.

But we could build lifts here and modify it so that it has all the facilities he need So I made it so that both my kids were happy. Nice sir, super.. What my kids used to do is.. when Gunal was in high school he used to bring 40 kids to house. 40 kids come to our house every weekend. They come here and play from 4-6 and from 6-8 they’ll be in the swimming pool. and then after their bath they'll come sit in the movie theater.

and then they'll order food and eat that as they watch movies all night. and then they'll leave through that door. No one would disturb us. So he had a set of friends like that and they really enjoyed it. So this is a wooden floor and this is in line with international standard.

Usually people don't have this in their homes. It just worked out like that in this house. and then look we just changed everything to our style with the color that we like.. So all cleaning things are over here? -This is used to change the lights or fans.. So we just need to bring this lift there and stand on this and press that button.. It will go up and then we can change the bulbs or fix the fans and all that.

So this is for that This room here is called in-laws house. Our culture is very different from American culture. In American if you have in-laws over they'll make them stay separate part of the house. So they'll live with them for 3-6 months and they'll live here and they just come there to eat. So their house will have a separate space for in-laws house. So it's technically made for that but we're using it for our plants.

Guys this is the space to come to the backyard of this house. Wasn't that nice? So guys once I showed you the house I had the lunch and the lunch was superb. Their sambar... I really enjoyed their radish sambar.

and that kara kulambu was on another level. Rasam was superb. and that fish curry.. I'm not used to eating that fish but then the style in it which they made was just awesome.

Overall I ate well for lunch. I've been eating superbly once I came to America. You might say that's what you do always but they had great food here.

Bye!! see you tomorrow.

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