A hippie paradise in Egypt Dahab

A hippie paradise in Egypt  Dahab

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morning my friends, from dahab, a small  hippie paradise, in sinai, in egypt, from   the roof of an abandoned hotel, right in the heart  of the tourist village, which is uh interesting   and you can see the marvels of dahab, just  in front you have saudi arabia, and all that,   you see, the shallow water you can see here, it's  a big coral reef, that you have just in the city,   and look at that, we are right in the middle  of the city, basically i'm staying somewhere   there, on the right, not far, you can see it's all  desert all around, this way is the famous blue   hole, one of the most famous diving spots in  the world, and this way is... this is the streets   where all the tourists stay, with the expensive  restaurants, and you can see people swimming   and here enjoying, discovering the corals of  dahab, and here people getting ready to dive,   because it's the main activity around here, okay so  join me, in this video let's discover dahab, but   first yeah we are in the abandoned hotel, so let's  just get out of the hotel first, okay let's go down what what a place to start a video, look at  that, abandoned toilet, egyptian toilets i guess that used to be a room,  there's the bed, the bed is gone   the mirror is broken, and  the toilets are very dirty let's see this way okay let's go down i don't know if it's that the hotel went bankrupt  because of covid, or if it's something else. but   it's quite heavily destroyed you can see that's probably the reception  area, with a lot of garbage inside and the swimming pool here, with just behind  you have the coral reefs, that you   can see from here as well, but well okay  where is the entrance, i don't remember oh that's the entrance well that's... this hotel is not very representative  of what dahab is, dahab is well organized   with nice hotels everywhere,  and well organized for tourists   and it's very cheap also, very cheap  compared to sharm el sheikh especially   which is a much more famous resort  destination, but dahab is more like for uh   well hippies backpackers, stuff like that,  people like that, cheap travelers basically and what is great in dahab, as you can see   no rules anymore regarding how you, how you dress  or anything like that, it's as if i was in spain almost,   i can walk bare chest, not far from the beach,  it's completely accepted, i'm not the only one   doing that, i can wear very short shorts, it's  very different and it's actually very pleasant   after uh probably about uh four months living  in countries where uh, well you can't really dress   uh all the time as you want, you have to cover  yourself in order to be kind of modest somehow,   so it's good also to have this oasis of  freedom on the way across the middle east yeah and also here i rediscover, basically  it's been a very long time... i rediscover  

that women actually exist, and that there are a  lot of women in the world, because usually before   in the streets in iraq or in jordan you have  much less women than men in the streets,   and here it's like back to almost 50 50, and i  rediscover that they have legs and a body well and enough talking i guess. and  now let's go to... let's go to have lunch,   let's go to have a typical egyptian lunch,  which looks like uh... looks very much like   middle eastern food, and that's the beach where  you see, some people start their dive, and that's   where i go to swim, usually during the day,  and actually there is a coral reef also this way,   so there are a few coral reefs around  the city, very great, you don't even need to   go to the big spots, you can just stay  in the city and enjoy wonderful corals so if there are not that many people it's  also because it's the middle of the day,   and it's uh it's very hot it's 35 degrees,  so usually it's much much busier at night let's check the menu can i have a shakshoka shakshoka, plate you order inside, i order there, yes okay i have to order inside apparently, usually  it's outside, but this time it's inside okay i don't get it, i'll just go to  sit and hope someone comes to get the order   because that's the place to order, i don't  know, maybe he didn't like the camera let's just sit and wait, someone is going  to take an order at some point hopefully   actually inside the guys they all have the  papers already, so they already ordered so   i don't know why he refused me to order okay let's try our luck once again can i order, can i have shakshoka one shakshoka plate and one baba ganoush and fried eggs... omelet yeah omelet yeah, and i take one water also 45 , $2.5 okay let's sit nice, i managed to order this time here we go, well i miss the omelette still, but  uh that's the meal, so you see that's shakshuka   i never had that before, it looks like  it's an egyptian specialty, and we have the   baba ganoush, which i love, i think it's based on  eggplants, amazing, let's try it for you very very good, there is tomato onions, a little  bit of eggs i think, a bit of spices, fantastic and here i've got the omelet as well   i always take an omelet to have something a  bit more consistent, because if i take only   this and this, it's just vegetables, it's  not gonna do anything to my hunger the baba ganoush is a salad, well... it's a little bit sour it's very, i don't know the taste is quite  special, you have to try, it's fantastic   and let's go for the omelette that's the best amazing so you can see we are just by a big coral  reef, so you could walk all the way, maybe   let's just show you walking, you can see the  beautiful... that's dahab, that's the beautiful  

bay of dahab, i don't know how you call  it, very nice and like usual like uh   like every day, i do nothing in the morning, go  for lunch, in the afternoon i go for a swim   to look at the corals, and i will see you  after the swim with the corals, for dinner   because i will not take you with me  for the corals, but uh let's see if we   can walk a little bit, you can see i walk, look  at that, the corals are already starting here that's some corals already, and  very quickly later it goes deeper   so you can see, let's go give you a look,  here you can see some corals already   and deeper it's... and deeper it's even more  beautiful, but like yeah you see, i was just there   and i am in the middle of the corals already,  very easily accessible, i'm not stepping on the   corals though, i'm careful not to damage  anything, okay see you for dinner guys the corals were really breathtaking,  for me it's amazing it's the best   snorkeling i had in my life, just outside  of the city, while still i saw the corals   in the philippines for example, honestly  it's better here, anyway another thing, hello   i should have filmed him, another thing i wanted  to say, just to finish the differences... there is music the differences between uh egypt and jordan  that i see, the main differences humanly   basically egyptians are also very welcoming,  very hospitable, very nice, but they are much   more serious than jordanians, jordanians would  smile a lot, and also would talk to you very   easily, while so far egyptians are more reserved,  they don't... probably because they are more tourists...   i don't know, maybe not... but anyway yeah they don't  uh seem to talk uh as easily as jordanians   and basically they don't smile in the same way  as well, like when you meet egyptian   people, they look very serious at first, then when  you start talking they start smiling and to be   nice, but at first they're very very serious, which  is quite different from jordanian people,   anyway to finish the video, let's go to  have a great seafood feast, here in dahab excursion, safari, no, it's okay thank you you can see a barbecue restaurant just here but that's not where we're  going, we're going for seafood   because i have a restaurant, i go almost every day, it's  very very good, and it's reasonably priced as well and here we arrive at the restaurant,  so you can see in arabic it's here and that's the menu in english, but i will  not have anything of that, or maybe i'll   have... actually maybe i will have this one, that's uh like  eight euros, let's go inside, hello can i

can i sit there oh let's go here, let's go here, in the corner so let's see the menu guys, you see  the ashtray is full of water and here is the music, okay let's turn the camera  so you don't hear the music, hopefully it's not   too loud for you, what i want to try is mixed  seafood tajine, 155 which is about eight dollars   let's try that, mixed seafood tajine, oh  they have octopus tajin also, oh my god   oh that's very tempting, but mixed seafood, no mixed  seafood is better, so we're gonna have everything video yeah, youtube okay he's happy, so let's start with the starters,  always they always give you the starters....   starters... i don't know if it's starters  or side dishes, but it's very good   some salad, some tahini, so that's a sesame paste and that's baba ganoush, they always give you tahini and baba ganoush, it goes with the dish basically that's a little bit of soup like fish soup, awesome tahini oh, it's really good, the baba ganoush  like previously in the video really fantastic, let's have the salad oh so good, so tasty look at that, that's what we have, maybe  there is some more coming, i don't know   maybe some rice outside, some  fish, nice sauce, some shrimps some bell pepper shrimps, fish, calamari, bell  pepper, it looks very nice okay so i had to... actually have to order  rice, because it did not come with rice  

but i did not want to eat it alone, but let's  go for it now, look at this beautiful black rice from the nile, i guess very good i had a bit of octopus, nice a shrimp oh very good bye thank you bye okay let's go back to the  center, to finish the video and it's been um almost a week i'm  here, it's quite strange, it's paradise   everything is nice, the place is uh awesome   but strangely enough, not with the camera, with  you i feel uh... okay... i have... i feel full of something   but when i walk these streets, alone at night,  with all these people, in this beautiful place   it's paradise, but i don't know still i  feel empty, yeah paradise is boring somehow for me, that's the way it is, i always find it  more interesting to look for adventures   anyway yeah, it's a weird feeling i had... i wanted  to tell you that because it's what i felt   yesterday basically, i was walking the streets,  beautiful streets full of happy people, but   i just felt empty, empty, completely  empty, as if life was meaningless   boring paradise, see you for  the next adventures guys

2022-09-16 01:55

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