a Heartbreaking tour of Mosul Former capital of ISIS in Iraq

a Heartbreaking tour of Mosul  Former capital of ISIS in Iraq

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morning my friends, from mosul, the third largest  city in iraq, the big city in the north, and uh   recently famous for being under the yoke of  isis during three years, and it was also   the capital city for some time of isis, so in this  video let's go to explore uh the old city   of mosul, which actually suffered a lot from the  war, and just behind me actually you can see   a huge mosque, they started building it under  saddam, but then it was stopped... the construction   was stopped because of the american  invasion in 2003, and it only resumed very recently   and on my way to the old city, which is this  way, there is a replica of the gate of babylon   and there is an amusement park as well,  well the amusement park is empty because   it's friday, so i think yeah i  think the old city is going to be quite...   well the entire city is going to be quiet,  so it's a probably a good day to explore the   destroyed part of the old city, and uh we will do  the alive parts of the city in another video,   and on the way we have to cross the tigris river, once  again a river that uh saw the oldest civilizations   in the world, and you can see uh, here you can  see on the shores, on this side, i don't know if   you can really see, it's a bit far for you, but we  can see all the ruins of the old city basically   and that's the mighty tigris river, and uh and  as you see they are rebuilding the bridges   because basically during the war between  uh between the iraqi army, helped by uh the   americans and the french i think, when they  attacked isis here to retake the control... to retake the control of mosul, over  mosul, uh yeah during this war,   all the bridges were destroyed,  all the bridges   over the tigris, so that's why they have  to be rebuilt, but the work is in process   as you can see, there they are building the  second part and this part is already built   maybe we'll get some food first because it's  been like 24 hours i didn't eat, and i'm hungry   wow that's terrible it's really painful to see that always, it  reminds me of aleppo or homs, more homs okay it seems that we arrive at an  area with a little bit of activity   so hopefully... how are you, good good thank you yeah so hopefully around here  we can find some some food camera i think in  front, there is some food   oh and there there is something, because i'm  tired of showing you always the exact same   food, so i'm gonna try to do something  else than the sandwich i always show you   look at this truck, oh my god, and it looks  like we have some iraqi pizzas oh samalikum   we have some like iraqi style pizzas here, so  maybe let's see if if they do it, look at that eat, food, yeah this how much or 1000 or 2000 Dinars 2000 let's sit here so what i ordered is a kind of... it's similar  to a man'oushe, you know the lebanese style  

pizza, but it's the iraqi version, so  it's an iraqi style pizza i'd say so here i have... because he proposed me  one thousand or two thousand, so i guess   two thousand is the big one, so i have  a giant iraqi style pizza, let's try it i never know how to eat it very good, very light thin dough, very good okay this one is not a food video so okay guys, let's dive into the old city of mosul  now, so the first thing that surprised me when i   uh when i came to the old city for the first time  yesterday, is when i checked the map, basically   i saw a lot of churches on the map, and i was  like wow... i did not expect it, and actually   well until very recently, mosul was a very  uh, a very mixed city, well until the 50s,   you had like uh, you had also a lot of jews,  but the jewish people left in the early 50s but then until very  recently, it was a very big   community of christian assyrians, assyrian people  here, christian assyrian, because actually mosul   was... or just very nearby, well in the  outskirts of mosul, you have uh the remains   of nineveh, of what was the capital of the  assyrian empire 2500, 3 000 years ago, something   like that, it was even at that time, during a few  decades, niniveh was the biggest city in the world but since then a lot of things changed,   you can see all the bullet holes  in there, in the wall, oh my god see the doors well everything is in bad shape here, hello first time for you... first time for me here you live here... my name is maryam, maria

Maria ? Maryam, oh Maryam, okay and she is my daughter her name is tasnim what is your name, yves nice to meet you you lived here during... when isis was here, yes three years, for three years, so you had  to stay inside the house most of the time, no you want, you want to see... no i was asking you what were you doing   when isis was here, no i just go to  shopping... just go to shopping and that's all... with my daughter

see you later i'm a bad interviewer, i don't know what to say burn cars you see all the windows, the windows are gone   and just in front we have  a very famous minaret so this minaret was a big leaning minaret that  was famous, that was representing mosul i think   well if it's this one, it looks  like it's this one, i don't know   but yeah it was a leaning minaret that was  kind of representative of mosul   but it was destroyed, it was also destroyed during  the war, like most parts of the old mosul so yeah i remember i was talking to you  about the assyrians because of the churches   yes actually until isis took the city, the  city was... jewish people has all had already   left, but the city was still very diverse, it was  a mix between arabs, kurds and assyrian people   you can see a beautiful mosque here, nice  old mosque being restored, yeah it was a mix   between uh arabs kurds and assyrian people,  but uh well sadly during the... well since uh   the three years of life under the yoke of isis  here, uh most of christian people have left,   and yeah so basically what surprised me  when i saw the map of the city was that   right in the center of the old city you have  four churches, but uh now they're all   destroyed, and uh and most christians left, so i  think only one still does the service but um   all the others are just destroyed, i think there  are still a few families, a few christian families   living around here, but most christians have  left, or those who didn't leave before isis came   were killed by isis, okay  so let's go to explore now i think we are right where a church was oh my god i guess the christians and  the muslims, that's the yazidis yeah it seems... i think this mural represents the   the religions present in the region, because yeah,  not far from here, mosul is not far from duhok,   from where i was uh maybe two months  ago, and and near duhok, well between   mosul and duhok you have lalish, which is the  holiest place for yazidis, which is a monotheistic,   it's an abrahamic monotheistic religion which  is very rare, it's only in the region, and uh   i don't know if you know but they were heavily  persecuted by isis, and i wonder if that's   that's a tower remaining from a church,  because this is supposed to be a church hello how are you my house oh, this is your house ... old oh, church here oh, there a church okay i walk, i walk around so he confirmed that uh this was a  church, uh he said also this was a church   so i guess... as you can see there  is no much left... oh here here   here we have the door, here we  obviously have the door of a church   wow that's insane, oh my god, and look  at this beautiful old door as well   there is something written in  arabic, and there is something on top   of the arabic, there is something written in  syriac i think, i think that the syriac alphabet yeah you can see, that's a church  but the the roof is missing   so obviously it's all locked because  uh, there are four churches, there are   four big churches in the center of mosul,  and all of them were used, look at that yeah all of them were used as administrative  headquarters by isis, they were destroyed, used as   headquarters, and um and they are... inside it's still...  from what i heard it might be still dangerous  

because uh, when they left, they left  a lot of devices, of explosive devices   that... so some of them might still be inside,  that's why it's important never to go in the   abandoned buildings here in mosul, because  they could be dangerous, and look at that oh my god and there is something here  if you can see, i cannot see hello you can really feel that this city has suffered  a lot, through... well there is the buildings, all   the destruction, that is already of  course very shocking, but also you can see the people, everywhere else in iraq,  people are very welcoming and when they see   me with the camera they talk, and they  smile, nothing works i guess here,   the situation is terrible, people are very  poor, but still when they see you, they smile   and they are happy to see you, and you have  a good time, and here you can really see   that basically there is no  smile, people just don't smile and destruction and destruction  and destruction everywhere so as you can see just in front,  that's a church, so that's a mosque   and that's a church restored by the  unesco, okay so i don't know uh, the church   everything seemed closed, so did not try to  enter, there was a lot of army guys also uh   around around the church, i guess for the security,  and that's a dead end okay, um yes i will not try   to enter, but that church that you briefly saw, i  think that's the one where the pope... that the pope   came to visit... they are rebuilding the church,  i think the unesco is rebuilding the church   and uh, and it's dangerous basically, let's see, as  you can see there are security cameras everywhere   and that's one of the entrances of the church,  you can see the cross, so it's written in arabic   english and french, and you can see that's all the  devices, potential explosive devices   that are inside the church, you see you could  have explosive devices in the teddy bears an old assyrian church, i think it  is.. i read that uh assyrian people  

uh the christians here in the region are  here since the first century, so they are   among the first uh, the first christians  here, they were among the first christians and another mural trying to  repair multiculturalism here but i guess that's how multi-culturalism is here it's very sad because i think it takes a  very long time to build trust, to make that   multiculturalism can work, to make  that it has a chance to work   but sadly, you just need a few crazy people to  to destroy centuries of work, in just a few years and to destroy multiculturalism basically hello hello how are you, praise be to god do you see how the walls are bent wow, these... so many houses are on the verge of  collapsing, okay i don't really know what to tell   you anymore, so let's just walk to the banks of  the tigris, and let's just finish the video there it's really disturbing to see that endless destruction what is written here danger, danger do not enter uh, so does that mean do not enter the buildings   or does that mean do not enter  the street, oh my god look at that well i guess i don't want to be the latest   uh victim of isis, so i will not enter  the street, and just be cautious   and i willfinish the video here, so yeah that's  it for this uh quite disturbing visit of   mosul, of the old city of mosul, and uh see you for  the next... see you for the next adventures guys, ciao so here i have a few men who want to... they  want to be filmed, let's see the  

this is masgouf, no... masgouf ! very  nice, how are you... beautiful very good, yeah yes okay how are you so this is masgouf masgouf good i don't understand, but okay, okay thank you, my name is yves, okay, and you... my name is Tayda okay, bye thank you bye, okay that was a  small additional part of the video,   but the market is, as you see, it's completely  deserted, it's empty so... because it's friday,  

so we're gonna come back another day to  do the video with people here in mosul

2022-07-05 01:51

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