A Cat-Back For Any 2024 Mustang GT! AWE SwitchPath & Touring Edition

A Cat-Back For Any 2024 Mustang GT! AWE SwitchPath & Touring Edition

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Here beside me, we have a 2024 Dark Horse with a AWE cat-back exhaust system. We also have an active and a non-active Mustang GT that are going to get the AWE Exhaust Suite. Stay tuned for sound clips and install. Here we have three of the AWE 2024 S650 Mustang exhausts.

We have a dual-tip Mustang GT non-active cat-back, We have an active quad-tip cat-back and we have a Dark Horse Quad-Tip active exhaust. Starting over here with the dual tip non-active Mustang GT exhaust. This is the Touring Edition cat-back. They also have Track Edition cat-backs available for all of these vehicles. Your non active, your active exhaust and your Dark Horse. So if you're wanting something that's a little more rowdy then you're going to want to go with the track systems. Over here with a dual-tip cat-back exhaust.

you're going to see you get 180 degree technology. What that technology is, is it's taking the sound waves as they exit the vehicle. They reach this chamber here and it cancels out the sound waves by reflecting the sound waves inside this chamber and reintroducing them back into the exhaust to cancel out the unwanted frequencies.

So you get a nice, clean, refined tone when you're driving around on the street and you've got family, wife, kids with you, and you just want to keep it a little bit more tame. On both of these active systems, you're going to get the valves, the actuators pre-installed on the exhaust. That's a lifesaver. When you have to switch over the valves on other systems, you're going to have to deal with a sensitive spring that's inside that is going to be finicky to set up. With these preloaded and pre-installed,

you're not going to have to deal with that. And these systems come with a no check engine like guarantee. Easy to install.

Ready out of the box. No hassle, no headache. You're going to get all the functionality from your factory active exhaust. So you're going to get your comfort mode, your sport mode, and your track mode with functional valves that will change the sound setting based on the mode that you have the valves set in. So when you start it up in the morning, you can start up nice and quiet, don't annoy the neighbors, then head out onto the road. You can wake it up and sport mode or track mode. On all three of these systems,

you're going to be able to choose between two finishes. There's a chrome silver finish and a diamond black exhaust tip finish. On the non-active exhaust system, you're going to get a four and a half inch tip. On the quad tip active exhaust systems,

you're going to get a four inch tip. And on the Dark Horse active exhaust system, you're going to get a five inch tip. As far as weight savings go with the non-active GT exhaust. You're going to be looking at saving 6 lbs over stock and 19 lbs over stock with the Track Edition exhaust. Now moving over here to the Dark Horse and the Mustang GT SwitchPath systems.

You're going to be looking at saving 5.5 lbs over the stock exhaust. And then with the Track Edition system you're going to be looking at saving 22.5 lbs. One thing to note, these systems here are designed specifically for the S650 Mustang.

Now, when you get these systems, you can be confident you're supporting American jobs because these were designed, engineered, and many factored in-house at AWE in the US. As you can see here on these two SwitchPath systems. The system has a unique hanger that is different than the Dark Horse exhaust hanger. That's due to the differences in the rear valance and where these exhaust systems need to sit on the cars. Now these kits here are made in the US from T304 stainless steel. That's going to be great for you guys up north because you're going to get a rust free, easy to maintain system that will stand the test of time.

All of these systems also include a precision engineered H-pipe for that deep muscle car tone, along with bullet style resonators that are going to help tune your exhaust and make sure that sound is just right. Now, the H-pipes include slip adapters that allow you to connect to the factory exhaust or run headers down the road. One of the best things about these exhausts is they have AWE’s lifetime exhaust warranty.

So if you have any issues with the exhaust, reach out to AWE and they'll be happy to help. But for now, let's get these exhaust installed on 2024 S650s and give them a rip and see what they sound like. Here are the tools required for installation. The process is the same for all three systems, with the exception of transferring the wiring for the active systems. We'll start by removing the under panel in the rear. There's a 10mm bolt in the center, 2 push pins and a handful of 7mm bolts that need to be removed. Then towards the front of the vehicle, loosen the clamps, holding the factory exhaust.

Then further back, there are two hangers that hold the exhaust. The bolts can be removed as the hangers hook onto the factory subframe. By the mufflers there are 2 bolts on either side of the exhaust securing the hangers. These hangers are also hooked to the body so the bolts can be removed.

Repeat this on the other side If you're installing an active system remove the push pin holding the factory harness to the body. Then you can disconnect the connectors for the actuators on both sides. Back at the front of the car pry back the tabs on the factory exhaust clamps. Then they can be pushed back to remove the exhaust. Have a friend hold one end of the exhaust while you unhook the hangers in the rear. The exhaust will be able to drop out.

Make sure the factory wiring isn't caught as you remove the exhaust Press the tab in on the factory exhaust clamp, then transfer the factory clamp back onto the remaining factory exhaust. We will re-use the factory wiring on the new actuators, so they will need to be transferred over. Carefully release the locking tab, then disconnect the harness. The hanger will need to be transferred over as well. Plug the harness into the SwitchPath system.

Repeat the same process on the other side. Transfer the last two exhaust hangers to the new AWE system. We will be installing the exhaust adapters, install them with the larger end fitting in the H-pipe as shown. Add a clamp for each side of the H-pipe with the nuts facing down to be tightened easily. Install the H-pipe into the factory exhaust clamps.

Make sure it's completely level before tightening it down. Then snug the exhaust clamps but not fully tight. With a clamp on the axle tube, get it into place on the H-pipe and hang it on the subframe Snug the clamp down. and the passenger side will be the one with a slight bend where it meets the H-pipe. The bolts can be reinstalled in the factory hangers.

Make sure the hangers are perpendicular to the ground as you tighten them. Get a clamp on the passenger side muffler and put it into place. Tighten the clamp. Repeat on the driver's side. The factory hanger can hook back onto the body. Tighten the clamp.

Install the two bolts in the rear to secure the hangers. Reconnect the factory harness and actuators get the push pin secured in place. Repeat for the passenger side, All the exhaust tips use the same mounting method. Install the carriage bolt from the top. And the corresponding nut on the bottom. Then install the exhaust tips onto the mufflers With the active GT tips, make sure that this tab isn't making contact with the other tip Then you can position the tips to your liking, then tighten both nuts on the exhaust tips.

Repeat that process on the passenger side. Now working from front to back. Tighten all the clamps down. Having a friend hold the exhaust in the correct spot helps here. After that check for exhaust leaks and your installation is complete. So now you've heard three of the exhaust systems that AWE offers for the 2024 Mustang. The pre-installed exhaust valves

on this AWE system make it a breeze to install. If you're looking for strictly volume, AWB offers a Track Edition system similar to the Touring Edition system, that's going to give you the volume that you want. With the SwitchPath system, you're going to get to retain the factory function of those valves along with a deeper sound that you can control through your factory valve system.

Now, one thing to mention, the Dark Horse and the Mustang GT have different exhaust fitments. So the systems aren't going to be interchangeable between the two. Drop a comment down below. Let us know which S650 system you thought sounded the best. Now, if you're wanting to pick up one of these systems, we have them all available at Steeda.com.

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