A 48-hour Romantic Getaway to Tallinn ft. Delicious Macarons, Chocolate Workshop and Secret SPA.

A 48-hour Romantic Getaway to Tallinn ft. Delicious Macarons, Chocolate Workshop and Secret SPA.

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Tallinn is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe. It has a historic Old Town. It has some beautiful views on the sea. But I personally think that Tallinn is also a perfect place for a romantic getaway. Just check out the size of this bouquet. We have our heart-shaped moulds out and they look lovely.

So in this video, I want to share with you five places slash experiences that will make your stay here in Tallinn, pretty romantic. Let's go. I'm starting our day in this very stylish Rotermann quarter, and for our very first spot, I'm heading to a cafe called Levier. They are actually known for their very luxurious breakfast and macaroons, which I heard are some of the best in town.

And I’m really looking forward to trying both of them. Let’s do it. Hi, good morning. How are you? So I've made up my mind, can I please go for your avocado sandwich and then flat white and we're going to go for your macaroons. I definitely want to go with a classical flavour, such as pistachio, because that's my favourite one.

What are your two favourite ones? Yes, and passion... Let's go. Let's do it. I came here specifically for the macarons, since everyone recommended me to try them here. But I also got myself a very classic breakfast menu item.

Avocado and salmon on toast. This place, Levier, does really good breakfast and lunch menus. Plus, we literally just shot “Ten cafes in Tallinn” that everyone should visit and every single place was serving really good brunch menus.

And I haven't tried any of them. So this is me trying to rectify this situation. Let's try. They've got some really nice mayo here and I feel like, you know, it's the perfect combination of poached egg and creamy avocado and salmon on brioche is just yum. It's salty. It's umami.

Crunch from the brioche is really delicious and the poached egg is cooked perfectly. Wow. Awesome. Awesome dish. Let's move back to the macarons. I've got myself three different flavours here.

This is the pistachio one. Look how it is overfilling with the cream in the middle. Mmm Very creamy, very nutty. I've got the salted caramel one that was recommended by the pastry chef here. I really like the chocolate dusting on the top.

Oh, it's salty and sweet. It's really good actually. And to cut through the sweetness, I've got myself the passionfruit macaron here. It's nice, beautiful, pink coloured macaron.

It's definitely more citrusy, less sweet. I really, really, like it. The macaron pastry is really chewy. And you can feel that they're very freshly made this morning. Top it off with a lovely sip of coffee.

Now I'm set out for a full day of romantic explorations around Tallinn. This was really good. For our very next spot, I'm visiting the very renowned florist here in Tallinn. And together with Peter, I'm going to assemble the most colourful, spring inspired bouquet, at Fleur Royale. Check the size of my head and the size of this bouquet.

Fleur Royale is this gorgeous, beautiful flower shop, and I think that flowers and romance go very well together. Trust me on that. Well done. As I step into the flower shop, I'm immediately surrounded by a delightful and powerful floral aroma. Everywhere I look, there are flowers of every shape, size and colour imaginable, So many flowers! Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the seemingly endless variety of choices It was time to seek professional assistance. After all, with so many options available, it can be difficult to know where to begin.

Hello. Hello. Hello. Pleased to meet you. I’m Peter. Lovely Peter! So where we are located right now? We are at Tallinn, Estonia.

There are many flower shops and one of the flower shops is this shop. It's called the Fleur Roayle flowered by Peter Boeijkens. My Dutch name. And there we go. Why have you decided out of all of the places, all of the neighbourhoods in Tallinn to be in Rotermann? I tell you honestly, because I love this, the architecture of this building, it's stunning straightaway.

I love also that there is a lot of windows and that I can promote my products also outside. So for today's video, obviously, it's the whole idea is romance, love. So I will not really do completely pink, pink, but a bit more salmony.

White, green, eucalyptus. Always nice smelling. Yeah, it's lovely if you rub it. Snowball that will turn completely white at the end. Here are some Proteas. Of course, everybody knows that these are tulips.

Your favourite tulips yeah? Yeah! I think it will be a nice combination. Quite romantic. This will be more or less a regular bouquet. It will be not a competition bouquet. It is just a commercial bouquet.

What we create here in our shop, for example. You made also shot about flowers? Of course! Of course, of course. Because that's my pride. It’s like that mountainous slope of flowers. The hill of flowers. I love it.

So I love a bit more like a fluffy bouquet. A little bit wild. That's your style? That is my style, yeah. So what's your favourite thing about Tallinn? From the beginning, I always found it so peaceful. And also the people.

Wow. You hold it. Yes. Thank you! Put it at home in really warm water, like 40 degrees Like a warm bath. Fill it every day. Thank you. Thank you. Have a beautiful day and see you next time at Fleur Royale.

Yeah, that was a good ending. Just check out the size of this bouquet. I had an absolutely fantastic chat with Peter. His passion and 45-plus years of experience putting bouquets together absolutely shines through.

What a fantastic guy. Wow. With the bouquet finally done, it was time to make our way to the Old Town to get some nice photos...of the surroundings, of course. Next location is St Catherine's Passage, Let's go! Our next spot is the Town Hall Square, which is literally just around the corner.

Next spot Kiek in de Kök, let’s go! Danish King's Garden with the gorgeous views on St. Nicholas Church. I'm really loving this walk. Everyone is just saying “Hi, what beautiful flowers” and I’m like Let's go to the viewing platform, shall we? Guys, you know, the Old Town on a sunny day is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend you check out these videos up here to know a little bit more what else you can do in the Old Town. Honestly, happy girl right here After a very fun walk around the Old Town, it was time to check in into our hotel. For our 24-hour stay here in Tallinn, I have chosen the Telegraaf Hotel. It is this luxurious five star hotel that is actually very reasonably priced.

It is located in the Old Town, literally just 2 minutes away from the Town Hall Square, which is amazing. And in my humble opinion, I think it's the most romantic place here in Tallinn. The building itself is a 100 plus years old. In the past, it served as the main communication centre known as the Telegraph Office, hence the name of the hotel. What I love most is that throughout the hotel you can find little nods to the building's rich history, such as rotary phones and postage stamps.

Finding these details around the hotel is super fun and makes the stay feel extra special. This hotel is also a three in one. It is, of course, a hotel. It is a Michelin recommended restaurant and it is also a spa, which for a 24 hour romantic getaway is absolutely perfect, in my opinion. Now let's go check out our room. Welcome to our home for tonight.

So this is a fairly standard room. And I really like this big mirror accent here. And as you walk into the room, you get the small office set up, you have a table and a chair. And my favourite bit is this vintage antique phone that is actually working. So you can order some room service here.

Look at the size of this bed. I know I'm going to sleep like a baby here tonight. And as you're going to wake up, you're going to see this gorgeous view of the Old Town.

Let's show you the bathroom. We've got gorgeous white bathrobes. They're giving a little bit away of what's going to happen tomorrow. This is the bathroom.

Gorgeous tiles, beautiful frame on the mirror. And I really like the fact that they have big soaps and lotions here. But my favourite bit is as you sit in this bath, you get to enjoy this gorgeous view on the Old Town. And I had a sneak peek, I've been on the sixth floor and as you go higher and higher, the views get better and better. Okay. What?

This is absolutely unreal. I can only imagine how beautiful it is there since we are getting a fantastic view from the second floor. Oh, man. Leaving this gorgeous hotel was a bit hard, but it was time for our next romantic activity. I can't imagine Valentine's Day without any chocolate. And that's why we're here at Chocolala. The shop that specialises on Estonian handmade

chocolates. Let's get in. There is like a huge chocolate fountain behind my back. How amazing is that? So Chocolala is a sort of like three in one.

It's a chocolate shop that sells chocolates. It's a chocolate museum that is absolutely free for anyone to enter. And it's also a place where you can do a chocolate workshop. And that's exactly what we're going to be doing now. Oh, that's a lot of chocolate. Or is it the other way around? There is never enough chocolate.

Hi, I'm Polly. Hi, I'm Kristi! And I will teach you today how to make chocolates. So here we have different ingredients that you can use. Popping candy and berries and nuts.

And this one is chocolate ganache. It's made half whipping cream and half dark chocolate. You will create the filling.

And then later we will put on top another layer of chocolate. Should be nice and easy?! I'm just going to do a little bit of everything, to be honest. I've read that you like to work with local ingredients and sometimes you even go to the forest and pick them up yourself. So what's your favourite local ingredient to work with? The reindeer moss, probably. Reindeer moss is a moss that you can pick from the wood forest. It's from the family of mushrooms in fact.

We use it more as a waffle texture ingredient. And we cover it with chocolate. And then it's moss in chocolate. All right, so I've got all my fillings in. Excellent. Would you like to put the ganache? Can you show me how to do it? Of course.

So you just put not more than the border of the candy mould. And what do you guys get your cocoa beans from? From different countries. We have from Madagascar, Sao Tome in Mexico and Brazil. Brazil as well. Wow.

How does it look? Very nice. Okay. Now we will put it on top, just plain chocolate and then we leave it in the fridge for a little while.

My own chocolates! Yay! I’ll give it back to you because I don't know what to do with that anymore. Oh, look, everything came out. This part you can take away. Let me help you.

So after 10 minutes in the fridge, we have our heart-shaped moulds out and they look lovely. And you know how this white part came here? How? When the mould was empty, we put a little bit of white chocolate in the mould, and then we put the dark chocolate on top. Nice. That's how you get this marble effect. I think they definitely say, I love you. So of course, I want to ask, what's the most popular thing that you sell here.

But since I have you here, what's your favourite? I can quickly answer both of the questions because the most popular item is a champagne truffle, which is covered with popping sugar. And my favourite is gin and juniper. I like the texture. It's very smooth and I like the gin taste. Awesome. Okay, let's just pop them in. I'm going to have my own box of chocolates! And look at this.

Chocolala Handmade. Oh, I'm so happy. Thank you so much. It's been absolutely fantastic. Definitely, if you guys are looking to make some chocolates, this is your place.

Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, absolutely. I've got my creations here. It's so special.

I really don't want to eat it. My very first chocolate, that I've made myself. So awesome! Honestly, the workshop has been absolutely fantastic and Kristi is such a gem of a person. The one thing that I want to mention that workshops here are around four groups starting from eight people, and I think it's a lot of fun since you get to see each of those people creations, the different moulds and sizes and decorations. Definitely consider doing your next workshop here. I enjoyed so much my time, but moving on.

After such a fantastic chocolate filled experience, it was finally time to sit down for a romantic dinner not far from Kadriorg Park, which is one of my favourite areas in Tallinn. One thing that just stands out when you enter this restaurant is just how spacious it is. They have this large floor to ceiling windows and just the whole place is absolutely gorgeous and fantastic for those anniversaries and romantic dates.

So this is Tuljak restaurant. It is a great example of Estonian modernist architecture from the sixties. It was restored in 2015 and it was considered to be the best restored monument of the year. by Tallinn city planning department. Tuljak is also on the Michelin recommended list with lots of incredibly delicious menu items and some fantastic views on the sea. Time to eat.

Cheers! So for the starter, I got myself Rockefeller oysters that are coming from France. They are topped with parmesan and some chillies and what I really like is the presentation. That they are served on the stones from Saaremaa, which is one of the largest islands here in Estonia.

So the presentation is absolutely fantastic. Nice and crispy. Look at this.

It's crispy. It's crunchy. You got a really nice oyster flavour there. Mm. This is so yummy. For a main dish, I've got myself perch fish. The presentation is actually very, very interesting.

So the fish is sizzled on the grill with some butter, and then we've got some mashed potato on top. And then we’ve got some some fresh cucumber and apple on top with some sundried tomatoes. And a little bit of that white wine sauce that should go on top. There's something about pouring sauce on your food.

It's yummy. Alright, I'm just going to cut in. Oh, it looks so good. It’s perfect bite here, here we go. I never had mashed potatoes on top of my fish. That's a really nice presentation.

The fish is perfectly cooked. It's nice and moist and has lots of flavour. Then mash adds a little bit of that creaminess. So many lovely colours here. White, green red. Love it. Delicious. I recently learned that Tuljak to look means a newcomer and it's a really great place to come in here with your date enjoyed this beautiful romantic experience and of course, enjoy the views.

Now in the evening I'm getting some streaks of the sun as it sets and I honestly can sit here with my glass of champagne and enjoy this view for the rest of the evening. Wow. What a spot! Cheers! Good morning, everybody.

I slept so well. This massive duvet is so nice and the pillows are so soft. Let's get some coffee. Let's get some breakfast. I've had they served in a really cool place. 5 more minutes? Okay.

First coffee of the day always hits the spot. So this is our breakfast place. This is the Tchaikovsky restaurant.

It's this elegant, fine dining spot that is just perfect for a romantic dinner. And it also happens to be the breakfast place. And I'm so happy that I finally got to experience this amazing, gorgeous looking place. There are so many big frames and portraits. I feel like I'm in one of the museum rooms of National Portrait Gallery. It's amazing. After I finish my breakfast, I've got one more surprise place to visit in this hotel.

But first, I'm going to finish this gorgeous looking plate of food. There's also a changing room in the spa, so you can either put your bathrobe on in your room or you come here, use the cupboards here to change, take a shower and get into the spa. Spa here we go. Oh, God. Guys, remember when I told you that the Telegraaf Hotel is a three in one? This is what I meant. This is stunning.

So they have the Jacuzzi, and then you have a small terrace there where you can enjoy Estonian sun during the summer. Then there is a swimming pool. A ten metre swimming pool. And look at those small fountains that are coming off the wall. Look amazing. And my favourite bit are those lounge chairs.

And look at this sky ceiling. Oh, this is wonderful. Oh, the water is nice and lovely. I haven't been to a swimming pool in such a long time. This is amazing.

There should be some sauna somewhere here. Nice. So there is a Finnish sauna, 85 degrees. And next to it are the steam baths. 45 degrees.

This is going to be my favorite 100%. It's actually really awesome to know that it's currently minus four degrees outside, but I'm so nice and warm and cozy here. And also to have this terrace outside that is open during the summertime, it's very nice and secluded. And also as you walk around the spa, you will see a lot of exposed brick, which are basically the original parts of the building and it looks super dope. Also Tchaikovsky restaurant is literally behind that green wall.

Yesterday it was pretty active day and it’s so nice to have such a lovely and relaxed morning. Oh, somebody's leave me here.

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