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Let's take a look at the Creative Conversions 300 Series build. This is one tough upgraded truck that the All 4 Adventure team are going to test rigorously on Australia's toughest tracks. Here we are, this is the place. Now I don't know about you guys, but when I started talking 300 Series wagon Landcruiser, okay, when they first come out now, you would have seen the video of the wagon build. Now everyone thought that that was going to be the next conversion, okay, that I was going to convert that one. Well, I decided that I wasn't going to convert the GR Sport, right, because I really like it as a wagon.

So what I'm going to do, well, I stumbled across one of these things, it just came off the ship from Japan. It's a GXL White Wagon 300 Series Landcruiser. I've rocked up the Creative Conversions now, that Creative Conversions, you know as well as I know, for the past 10 years we've been working with them, and they've been building some of the toughest trucks that I've ever owned. So for season 15 of All 4 Adventure, not only are we building a new truck for Simon, there's also going to be a new truck for me, so that I can tow some more gear on the show.

So 300 Series Landcruiser, it's a GXL wagon, we're going to convert it into a dual cab ute, who better than Creative Conversions to do the ultimate touring machine. Let's do it. Jared from Creative Conversions takes us through the process. So today we've received Jase's 300 Series GXL, and it looks fantastic. The first thing we did was strip out all the interior to make sure that it's ready for when the body needs to be cut. Now to cut a 300, you've got to use, you've got to use a specialised tradesman, okay.

Now behind me is Mitch, this is Mitch, and he's been doing the 200s for years, and now he's onto the 300, would you believe. Now it's been stripped, is it ready to go, Mitch? At this form it's pretty much ready to go, you can just jump in and start coming to scale. Okay, so I did say to Mitch earlier, I said, Mitch, can I have a bit of a crack at chopping sh**? You know what I mean? He's like, yeah, all right, Jase, I'll let you have a couple of cuts, all right, because I've always wanted to actually just hack into a 300 Landcruiser. First of all, Mitch is going to start cutting, what are you going to cut first, mate? So first up we'll start with the windows, pop the windows out, pop the side windows.

We'll mark our roof, mark our lines, make sure it's all A-OK, and then start hacking in with the saw, mate. And how critical is the cut here, like how critical? Yeah, you've got to be pretty bang on the mark, mate, so obviously you're coming up to it. We'll see how we go, we'll see how we go. Oh, hang on, that didn't sound a little promising. Oh, let's get a window out, mate, let's start with it, let's go. All right, we've got the work boots on today, you see that, we've got the work boots.

All right, and I've got my special safety glasses, so I'm safety Sam today. There we go, there's the first window. And door number two. So at the moment I'm just going to cut this rail out because we've basically got to cut straight through it.

Oh, OK, so you'll take the rail out before we make the roof cut. It makes it a lot easier. Straight down, straight down, there you go, well that roof's done there, all right. It's just about smoke-o anyway, mate, so I'm going to go over and grab a couple of smoke-o. Are you up for smoke-o? Yeah, mate, it's pretty smoke-o.

All right, so do you mind if I just keep going? Don't do anything crazy. All right, I'll keep going. Yeah, OK, I'll keep going. Yeah, yeah, just don't do anything crazy, I'll be back in 15, all right. Yeah, yeah, all right.

Two is out of the way with you. You go, mate, you go. He reckons I could keep going.

I'll tell you what, I've got a better tool. Well, this is a big cutting tool, but I reckon I've got something better. And I don't know what Mitch was on about, he's saying something about he had some template going on. Mate, I've got other ideas for this truck.

I'm going to have a crack at trying to make it into something special. So, let me get some tools. I've brought my own tools this time. They're coming at these little saws, mate. I reckon I can make a big cut with this one real quick. Let's see if I can get this sucker started.

Oh, yeah, mate. Something like this. What are you doing? What's that for? I'm doing a chop, mate.

We don't use that. It's gone for 15 minutes. I've been doing chops for years, mate, years. I've been doing 200s. And I'm sitting there, I'm thinking, I've got an idea for a 300.

Like, we've got to do something different, mate. So, just work with me here. Okay. I've made a few cuts. I can see that.

I've made a few cuts. All right, come over here, just work with me. Lift it off. Help me lift it off, mate.

Help me lift this off. Yeah, yeah, just grab this bit. Lift up. That's it.

You're joking. That's it. Put it on the deck, mate. That's it.

You cut the top off it. What about... I don't know if that's going to work. Yeah, it is. There's a...

Yeah, look. Tailgate. Oh, sh**. I forgot about that bit. The hinges on the top, isn't it? Yeah.

Oh, sh**. You can fix that. I went over the line a bit. Yes.

You're a panel beater. Yeah, we'll make it work. We're going to need some hinges for here, mate.

Yeah, you've got a couple of hinges. We'll whack a couple of hinges on from Bunnings. Mate, it's perfect. I guess we'll make it work, mate. We can do that.

All right. What do you reckon, mate? I reckon we keep going. We turn her into a buffalo catcher or something like that.

I literally just take the roof off, cut the doors, plate them, twin-turbo buffalo catcher. I'm liking it. It's growing on me.

It's like it's really growing on me. What about, like, big tyres, big meaty tyres, lift kit? What do you reckon? Roof rack. Yeah, we need a sort of roof rack, but we can make it work.

Yeah, yeah. It was just in my head. Like, I'm just cutting. I was just hacking.

It was just coming to me. Yeah, it just came to me like that. Once we tidied up Jase's handiwork, it was then moved to our chassis area where the chassis was prepared to be cut. Here, it received a 700-mil chassis extension, all the extra reinforcement that we put into the vehicle, as well as the reinforcement to the rear diff to ensure it can handle the extra weight and whatever else he's going to throw it at on his big trips. From there, Jase's vehicle was moved into our panel section for us to put through our signature body construction process involved in chemically joining the roof, as well as silicon bronze welding all down the seat pillars and our integrated storage compartments. Ooh, it's cold out there.

All right, so I was wondering if that's it. No, that's not it. So I'm here now at Creative for a quick checkup to see how she's going. Come and have a look at this thing. Oh, there it is.

Look at that. Looking good, mate. Looking good. Look at that. So they're in the process now of what they call the fairing stage.

So it's all, the roof has been bonded, the back wall has been welded in, the sides have been welded together. Remember, there's two pieces of material, different materials here. You've got an aluminium roof. You've got steel sides and back. So one part gets bonded, the other part gets welded.

So that's all happening now. Then they panel bead it, okay? Bring it into shape for the toolboxes in. And then what they do is they fair it. They call that the fairing stage.

And that's where they use a filler and they fair it all out like as if you're doing panel painting and then they're getting it ready then for painting. It's then primed and painted in our state of the art, heated and ventilated booth. From there, it then moves over back next door to get the electrical done. The electrical componentry in these 300 series is very sophisticated and takes a lot of time to make sure that we get right in the conversion process from wagon to dual cab. The vehicle is then moved to re-trim in order to ensure that the inside of the vehicle has a factory OEM finish like the rest of the vehicle as well.

There she is. Just a quick check in on the build, see how it's going. Obviously something's happening here. This is the rust proofing bay. So we're getting some rust proofing happening. Oh yeah, there you go.

Look at that. This part is highly specialised for our vehicles which involve not only chemical rust proofing but a factory enamel finish to give it that brand new vehicle look. Look at the chassis on this thing. It's massive. Absolutely massive. This is the first time I've actually seen the chassis completed on a 300 conversion.

Now it's 750. The length is 750 which is the perfect measurement to allow for access on certain bits and pieces. So they're a little bit different to the 200. You know, the 300 has different components in it. But they assure me they've sorted all that out and this little sucker here is going to be one hell of a rig.

Can't wait to see what it's like and what it feels like and what it drives like and tows and that's what this truck's all about. It's all about building that ultimate touring vehicle with dual cab, big canopy, towing capacity, all that sort of stuff. Once the vehicle leaves rust proofing it will then move into our accessory section where it will receive suspension, wheels and tyres developed in collaboration with some of Australia's best four-wheel drive accessory brands. We've got long-range tanks going in. We've got suspension.

All that will be done here. There's a gun, boys. There we go. There's this gun in me truck. Well, let's bet that you'll fit up on it now and we'll get your sender in and then that's a big tank, isn't it? So the Brown Davis tank is going to be going in. So long-range tank, full replacement, steel tank.

To this day, I've been using, yeah, how long have been using them? I don't know, how long? Oh, it's got to be more than 10 years. 10 years. Yeah, 10 years I've been using a tank. I haven't put a hole in one yet. That's good.

Touch wood. Not there. You can see what comes out of it. That's like literally that's what comes out of it.

That is what's going in. That's pretty good. Fits good too, by the looks of that. Look at the shapes.

There's a few more things to go. So as soon as it's finished here, suspension will be in. Alrighty, we're getting to the pointy end of the build. I say this every day because the pointy end is getting pretty sharp.

Now, Outback Armour have developed a hit. Front struts, coilover strut, same as the 200. It's fully adjustable in here like that. Make a couple of adjustments. Boom, you've got 20 settings. Okay, just like the 200.

It's a big coilover strut sitting on the front. As you can see, big reservoir, lots of oil, very capable bit of front-end suspension. On top of that, to allow for the slight lift. Now, it's a two-inch lift, which allows it to come up two inches from standard. So what we do is we put a diff drop kit in to look after the CVs.

And this thing here, a top arm. So that's the top A arm there that replaces the original arm. Got a little cap in under here. That's where your ball joint sits. So that pops out. As you can see, it's a bloody good seal without scratching it on.

There we go. So you can see that's a nice seal. Protects that ball joint in there. There she is, fully agreeable. And that's important.

Trust me, that is pretty important. The fact that that is fully sealed. No dust, no dirt, no water can get into your top ball joint. Very important little bit of gear for your top A arm. That's where all that movement and all that load hooks into there.

The other part is you've got to make this bit in here really strong as well. You can imagine how much impact is on that when you hit suspension bumps and things like that. It's adjustable in here as well.

There's a bit of thread going on here. You can adjust it. So all in all, the front suspension on this 300 is going to be two inches higher.

And mate, I'll tell you what, it's going to be some killer suspension. The rear, okay, just a quick look at the rear here. Set of heavy duty coils, heavy duty shocks with what they call as a helper coil over the top as well. There's little bash plates in here to give you protection. All the rear suspension is in.

And of course, don't forget the Airbag Man, airbags, okay, which will be a remote adjustment as well. All in all, a really good suspension package to handle the load. Oh, mate, I'm keen to see it. Obviously, you guys have done your bit.

Yep, that's it. How did it come up? You reckon? Oh, look at that. I think it's come up pretty fantastic, mate. And you've got all the fruit on it too, haven't you? Absolutely.

Wheels, tyres, suspension, all your wiring's hooked up. Mate, it looks mint. That's it.

Just missing the... What happened to the well body? My design of the well body. What was that? You didn't like that idea? Look, mate, we thought it was a good try, but we decided we're just going to stick to what we normally do. It was a good attempt though.

We all had some fun looking at that one. That's for sure. I had to have a crack, you know? I had to have a crack at it. Obviously, you didn't go with that one. But no, this looks good.

I like it. It's bloody awesome. No, well done, mate. Well done.

Make sure you thank the team. Absolutely. How good it is because a lot of effort's gone into it for sure. Absolutely. All right, mate, leave it to it.

I'm going to grab it. I'm going to take it straight away because I haven't got time to waste. I've got to go and get this thing wrapped straight away. Absolutely.

So while it doesn't have any Norweld tray and canopy on it, it'll get wrapped. And yeah, I've come up with a few ideas. Very keen to see. We'll see how we go. All right, mate. Where's the keys? That's the start.

Oh, that's a good question. Let's get them. Now it's over to the experts at Sinerama for the wrap. Hey, mate. We've got the 300 here for you now. McCormacks are going to take all this chrome out of it.

I'm sort of thinking it needs a bit more black in it. You know what I mean? Because by the time you do canopy, okay, there's going to be some black in the canopy as well. But the main colour's going to be white. What if we pull some black in the bonnet? Yeah, yeah. You know, sort of...

Just follow some lines down from the... Yeah, just make this whole section like that in black and keep that white. And then down the sides, what if we brought the black down through and just blacken that? We'll bring the canopy into the cap that one. Yeah.

Let's do it. Just boom, black. This will be white, off-white, that satiny white. I don't like the gloss. I'm not a gloss man.

No. Alright, I'm going to leave in your capable hands, mate. I've just called into Norweld and of course the tray is going on right now. The canopy, it's still on its way. So they're just putting the tray on for today. So let's come and have a look and see how it is.

And there it is. Look at that. How sharp does she look, boys? What do you think of the wrap? It's great. Yeah, satin with the black.

Yeah, no, I like it. No, it's looking pretty good. So basically what's going on is a tray and the reason why they're putting a tray on then a canopy and not just a full-time canopy is this here. Having this what they call the hoop of the tray, which sits up against the headboard, which sits up against the back wall of the 300, it makes it look the part. So without it, it looks a bit sort of different. And so what we've decided is we'll put the hoop in place, the backboard up against the back of the conversion there.

And yeah, it does make a difference. So they're just waiting, they're just putting on the toolboxes. They've got to put a couple of, put the mudguards on, the back drawer should already be on. And yeah, the taillights go in. The thing is drivable now.

So we're actually getting somewhere. It's got to have the roof just finished off back at Signarama. Signarama and then it goes to Bodie and McCormacks and he starts all the frontal protection, roof rack, lighting, all that sort of stuff.

Then it's got to come back here to Norweld to get the canopy done. Man, look at that. That just looks mint. I don't do chrome. I don't do gloss.

That's like, I like satin colours, just plain satin colours, no real shine to them. I think it's because I'm too lazy on that like washing cars. You can see the difference there. Because these standard mirrors are going to be replaced with Clearview, the new Clearview 300 mirrors. You can see that's the satin. That's what it would, that's the original paint there, that gloss white.

Yeah, I do like this. I reckon this is great. Alright, so she's going to go on the hoist here at McCormacks now. Just go and grab Bodie wherever I can find him. Poor bugger is busy as hell.

But I've got a load, there he is. I was just talking about you mate and it was all good. How are you buddy? There you go. So 300 mates getting closer to the finished date. I've got some gear in the back. Big bag of goodies there mate.

There's XTM winch in the back. There's mate, there's a pallet of lights over there. Airbag stuff's got to go in. I've even got some bloody floor mats from Brown Davis mate.

Some of those 3D type ones. I've seen them, they're the new ones. 3D type ones. Yeah.

Alright, that looks good. This is the first time that you're going to see the new Rhino Rack. Okay, Series 6 roof rack. Check this thing out. Now if you want to know the specs on it, it's 25% lighter. Every one of these extrusions now has some way to mount accessories to it, including the cross members.

If you have a look here, they've got sections where you can mount it. Okay, so 25% lighter. It's now more aerodynamically tuned.

Okay, so you'll see this. Have a look in the front here. That's what makes it lighter because it's now thinner. Have a look at those aerodynamics of that front section of this roof rack. And that's a big thing when it comes to fuel economy, wind noise and fuel economy, which is what a lot of people are wanting these days. They want that better fuel economy when they stick roof racks on and all that sort of stuff.

So well done Rhino Rack. I'm going to chuck it on top here on the 300. So to get things started, let's get, okay.

I'm going to use all these sections in here. And I'm going to use the Zwifloc. So that's the new Zwifloc system that Rhino Rack have developed. And that's what all these are set up for. If you have a look, look at that. And in here as well, you can fit accessories in the cross members.

Man, this is a pretty cool setup. XTM again, Jase. Good gear, isn't it? XTM. You fit some of the most expensive lights on the market in this workshop, right? Correct, yeah.

I fit probably the best value light on the market. Value for money, yeah. You know what I mean? And you got to remember, I've tested it. I rattled the sh** out of it. I'm humming that thing all night. You know what I mean? And it goes the distance and no fail.

I still get, I've had other lights before. I've used other brands, expensive brands and I've gone, man, I can't even see the difference. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yet this is a fraction of the price. The price.

I don't get it, man. And it gets longevity. I don't know, mate, but seriously, if I thought it was crap, I'd be throwing it. Trust me, as quick as a look at you.

I don't believe you. Well, I need things to work, mate. Yeah.

If they don't work, you know what happens, don't you? I'm stuck in the bush with sh** that doesn't work. And I'm not going to do that after 16 years of doing this job, mate. No, why? You know, there goes my aerodynamics out the window, but at least I started with the right rack.

Yeah, the right rack, mate. That's for sure. Oh, Backbone going on.

Behind the back toolbox here, I'm going to run a water pump. So we bolt it onto the back of the toolbox and put a tap outlet there, because this is the kitchen side of the vehicle. Now, I run this on all my trucks. Now, the reason for that is what happens is the water, there's a gravity-fed, okay? There's a water tank underneath that comes with the Norweld trays, and it's gravity-fed to the right-hand side. So what I normally do is I leave that.

I split it into two. So I put a T-piece, and I run the other line to the other side here where the kitchen side is. I bolt a water pump in, pressure pump, hook her up, and I got a tap here on my kitchen side where it just makes it easier if I need some water, you know, make a cup of coffee or something like that. Simon really likes the water pump feature, so I made sure that went into all the vehicles. So I'm just whacking that in now.

Yeah, so these, these are literally the photo tapes. All right. Yeah. As a premium dealer, I can't believe that Clearview has given us the opportunity to fit the only set of 300 Clearview mirrors in captivity. All right, so this is the bar that's going on the 300. Now it's just come out of the paint bay.

It's still warm. That's how quickly things are getting done around here. You can see we've done a two-tone set up here.

So it's actually got a coarse finish on this top in the black, and then this is a smoother finish, and this is a satin white. Remember, it's got to match the satin wrap. So you look between the two, full-on match there, identical match.

He's done really well on this one. There's little things like that that just, it's going to make this truck. All right, so today the canopy goes on.

It's here, ready to go on. It's already been pre-wired. So 90% of the wiring is done with all the Redarc gear. Don't forget the Rogue system, which is that new system from Redarc.

That'll be cool. Okay, here it is over here. Let's have a quick squizz. It's looking good.

Yeah, she's almost there. So the only thing I think that's for the slide, and this will be for the kitchen. Yes, pantry kitchen.

Yeah, copy that. Awesome. Well, there we go. That's going to be pretty cool.

The boys at Norweld have cracked on and finished the canopy. Have a look at it. Man, that looks like an absolute weapon. And it's not even finished yet. It's still got more to go, but how cool is that? Quick look inside.

Mate, they do a good job, mate. They do a really good job here at Norweld. It's just awesome.

It's just good, solid, well-made stuff. You know, every time you rock up here, that you're going to get this awesome package. It just works, and it works well. All right, so I need the keys, and I've got to get this sucker around to McCormacks so we can keep going on this build. And I know the sun's going down. I've still got more work to do.

Hey, mate. How are we going? Mate, I'm eating on the run. On the run, flat out. Flat stick, buddy. Copy that.

Yeah, I know. Well, last night we pulled the bumper off, and I was trying to get the mirrors done, so I'm going to finish off the mirrors. All right, I'll get that done.

I see you guys have been full steam ahead on the bar. That's good. Brackets, you've got to start putting the brackets on. Brackets are on. We'll put the bar on.

We've got to put the winch in. Oh, the winch goes in after. After? Yeah. We've got a winch. And then we'll go on to the canopy. All right.

I really like the way this bar's come together, the colours and everything. You'll notice there's no winch in there. Now, the beauty of these bars, the Offroad Animal bars, is you can put the winch in after.

The winch in and out at your leisure. You don't have to take the bar off, which is a very cool feature. All right, so we're going to install this little sucker here.

It's the XTRAK 80 Pro. Now, it's made. This is a cool little bit of kit. It's got a 2-watt loudspeaker in it. It's a remote system so that you can put, you know, it's compact, fits in under the dash like that. All right, it's also got a cool app that you can connect to it and give you GPS locations.

It's got the awesome replay function. So old mate's like, what was that? He just goes, boom, and a replay for you so you could get what he said. And of course, we've got a little magnetic mount.

And I'll just find the bits for that. There's a little magnetic mount, which is one of the top features that I reckon that help for ease of mounting and locating your handset on your UHF. It's a really cool little unit, but it's coupled to the heavy-duty aerial too at the front. You've got to have those good heavy-duty aerials. I've gone with a longer aerial so you can get as much range when we're out in the field. And remember, that communication between the car and front, car behind, it's critical.

All right, so it's early morning and we've got literally all hands on deck. So I've brought the truck back from McCormacks to my workshop. It's the weekend. And what better way to do the weekend is to play around with trucks and build sh**. And we've got pretty much a blank canvas here for the canopy. If you have a look inside, have a look at this.

It's just a big, open canopy, this one. It's a different style to what we're normally used to because we've got a Clearview PowerSlide going in there with kitchen pantry. And we've got an upright fridge there.

So in order to fit all that and get it in here, shelves and all that sort of stuff, we've gone with an open style. So in order to sort of enclose all this, we're just going to make up a frame. I started working on a frame here so that we can box this up, carpet it, and Stu is in the process of carpeting it now.

So we get some carpet in there. And Mitch, he's going to start the awnings because we've got to get a rooftop tent. We've got to get Batwing, 2.5 Sunseeker.

Sunseeker this side, Batwing that side. Snorkel, exhaust, and hose reel, compressor. A few little bits and pieces, mate. And this truck, oh, spare wheels mounted.

And this truck will be literally done. Are we going to day's work and we've got this job done. All right, so now we'll get the Batwing awning on this side. Now, remember that you've got to get it at the right distance here so that the 270 part can come right around.

One last check on the door. I would like a glove. I've got another awning to put on the other side, which is the Sunseeker 2.5.

But in the meantime, we're going to start thinking about getting the spare out so that we can put an exhaust system under, but you're going to finish off the front. I'll finish the front. There's the spare zone. We are getting there.

G'day, guys. This is the new roof top tent from Campboss 4x4, and it's got some cool new features. Now, this one has the full wrap-round awning. We've got this awesome quilted design, okay, in the roof lining.

There is also a little pocket section here so you can put stuff in. We've got a couple of little side pockets there. There's also power, so it has a power board in there for a SIG socket and two USBs. It has LED strip lights inside, so you can light the place up. It's got an awesome 70mm foam quilted mattress, a moisture-resistant mat underneath. It's a little bit more lightweight and compact compared to our other roof top tent.

Cam-lock latches, which are easier to open and close. The roof has a waterproof two-pack resin finish to give it a really watertight and tough membrane on the top of your roof top tent. It comes with lightweight roof racks for the top, and you'll notice these big, generous windows. All three windows are huge.

A lot of air can flow through, for especially those hot climates up north, or you can just zip them right up down south when it's cold. The vents up the top here, you can seal them off, or you can peel the little tabs away and let the air flow through. So, after a fair bit of testing up north in the Kimberley and over in Cape York, we'd have to say that this roof top tent is ready to go on to your next adventure. Now, if you get a chance, go on to Campboss 4x4 Shop Online, the Campboss 4x4 new compact design roof top tent, or check out your local Campboss 4x4 dealer. Anyway, back to the adventure. Stow-its for the shovels.

I'm going to stick a shovel on this side here so we can dig holes. I've got a surprise for you. Surprise, surprise. Steak burger? No, not steak burger.

That's my dad there behind you. Put the camera on him. Everyone will see how good looking he is. There he is. There you go, mate.

You want me to take one of those? Look at this. Come here, Stewie, have a look at this. Here we are.

Stewie. Mitch. There you go.

How good is that? All right. This is the new beer, mate. Four beer, boys. What do you reckon? A couple six packs of these. So good it's bad.

All right, so we can't be sitting around here all day drinking beer. That's... perfect. Okay, these are new Maxtrax holders, these things. And we've already got the little Stow-its on the bottom. Like that.

All I need is my tool, and let's stick her on the roof. All right. I need some Maxtrax now.

Hey, Mitch, you want to check us out a couple of Maxtrax? Yep, here we go. Oh, yeah, perfect. Locked. How good is that? Shovel, Maxtrax. Boom.

There's the old system there. And this is the new stainless steel system. So, Manta make it out of a 304 grade stainless steel.

And if you have a look at the back, it's got this awesome tailpipe section on the back here in full stainless, little badge on it. Looks really good, okay? It's going to sound a little bit better. Now, it is DPF backed. All right? So, you know, it can help with the flow a little bit. But because of that DPF, there's not a lot you can do. It's a lot more durable.

So it can handle the tough knocks and the vibrations that come from four-wheel driving or off-roading. Let's get this new sucker in. Flick the old one. Man, look at that.

That is just going to look awesome. Nice little dump pipe at the back there. All right? Twin-turbo V6, here we come. We've got two 200 amp-hour lithium deep cycle batteries, okay? And this whole system here with the Rogue and the RedVision system, okay? With your BMS, okay? This thing over here, that's called a shunt group. And then we go, what's this thing here? Which is our 2000 watt sound wave. Now, this thing here called the Rogue, TVMS Rogue.

That is where all the switching comes from, okay? So, there's 10 outlets there. 10 amps, where all the little switch-wise go in, okay? That then integrate with the RedVision system. A cool little feature to this truck... Brown Davis have sent me the 3D floor mats that they've got. Now, we've got a set in the in the D-Max as well.

Putting a set in the 300. Slips in like that. Perfectly to the 300.

I love it. That's very nice. And the best part I like, this is part I like, the fact that it comes up over these carpet areas. See that? It's got that extra lip here, because that cops an absolute flogging from day to day. Boots, mud, sand, rocks, you name it. And it just follows the contours like that.

And it's got a big deep dish. So, you know, even water, it'll hold water. So, that's pretty good. And at the end of the day, you can just rip it out, lick all the crap off it.

Yeah, back one goes in. Oh, look at that. Perfect.

That'll keep it clean. Now, last of all, I'm going to get some seat covers on this thing. Supafit seat covers, Toyota 300 series, sports wagon, driver and passenger buckets.

Here we go. Now, these are a denim seat cover. So, the advantage of the denim is they're a lot, they're nice and soft to the touch. And, yeah, they're still very, very durable. You know, there's a bit of thickness about them.

Like a pair of denim jeans, pretty much, but they're nice and black. I like these ones the best. You know, they'll take a beating.

All right. So, here we are. We're in the dyno tuning room. This is where all the horsepower is made. Now, the twin-turbo V6, which is the new motor sitting in the 300 series Landcruiser, okay? It's got two turbos, just like the old V8, but it's a V6.

Now, torque is that they get a lot more out of the twin-turbo V6 than they got out of the V8. So, I'm curious to see how much horsepower we are going to get out of it. We're not going to go full noise on this thing, okay? We're going to give it a bit of a tickle and see what sort of horsepower we can develop, just so that, you know, it gets good fuel economy and got that bit of extra torque for pulling up the hills when you're towing, you know, and the fact that I'm carrying a little bit of extra weight.

So, mate, what do you reckon? My are about to put a little churn in the 300, so there she goes, eh? Well, I need bulk horsepower, bulk torque, best fuel economy you can find, and keep it nice and cool. And safe. And safe. Too easy. Now, do you reckon they need to develop more horsepower? Yeah, they will do, but you probably need to upgrade a few things for it to happen, but...

Like the gearbox, the diffs, intercoolers. Oh, okay, yeah, you're talking about... But it can be done. Just to keep the temperature down. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Keep it safe.

Well, just all we want, it's going to be hot up north, so we just want something, like I said, don't go too nasty. Just give it a little bit of horsepower and make it feel a bit better to drive, mate. Like I said before, a bit of a tickle. Too easy, mate. All right, no dramas.

We started at about 135 kilowatts, and we boosted it off about 35 kilowatts, which is about 50 odd horsepower. So just a mild tune, 50 horsepower at the rear wheels, that is. So that's the gain that we've got. And of course, what do we get in the Newton meters of torque? Yeah, we've gone from about 447 up to about 511. Now, you can get these up to nearly a thousand Newton meters.

We're not going that drastic just yet. It's a brand new car. Calm down.

And that's job done for the build. Now, let's check out how it all comes together. I think I'm done. Can you believe it? This has been an absolute mammoth task of building this truck.

Now, you've got to take your hat off to Creative Conversions, because they have turned a 300 series GXL Landcruiser wagon. Okay, brand new twin turbo V6. And mate, two months later, out rolled a dual cab 300 series Landcruiser. And here it is behind me without mucking around.

Let's get a look at the new All 4 Adventure 300 series Adventure Ute. We put a canopy on the back. So it was a 700 mil extension to allow you to put a full size canopy and tray. So it's a removable canopy and a tray.

Okay, not that I'm going to really remove it, but it's that sort of style. Basically, it was built around that package. So first thing you do with the 300 series Landcruiser is we've got to put suspension in it. And the reason why we've got to put that upgraded suspension is because it's got a 4.2 ton towing.

It's got what is it now? Let me get these numbers right. A 4495 GVM and it's got a GCM which is a gross combined mass. So that's what you can tow and what you can carry of 8.2 ton. So very impressive numbers, extremely impressive numbers but only achievable okay, by the fact that it is being converted from a wagon into a dual cab Ute.

Now the 700 mil extension in there and it's that 700 mils extension that makes the creative conversion package such a good towing package is because you've got length in the chassis. It's all strengthened, the diffs are strengthened, all that sort of stuff. The suspension is fully upgraded so outback armor. Now it's a 2 inch lift, heavy duty springs.

It's got helper coils on the rear shocks. It's got air bags to assist that as well inside the coil. So it's full coil sprung at the back. It's got A-arms to get the geometrics right with the steering and the lift. They're fully adjustable. So the outback armor shock absorbers are fully adjustable.

They've got 20 settings in them. So overall the suspension has come together really, really well to hold the weight that these things are going to be, you know, on their tow bar and also carry with the canopy. Now as you can see I've packed it from top to rear. Awnings, rooftop tent, full canopy, fridges, drawers, batteries, you name it.

Without leaving nothing like literally finding everything and anything that I could put on this truck that would work with it. All the extra accessories got fitted by McCormacks, right? So between Creative Conversions, McCormacks and Norweld, the rest of the gear goes on. So you've got a bull bar here from Offroad Animal, a two colour bull bar which I reckon looks pretty, pretty mint. It's got a full satin wrap on the guys at Signarama there at Nundah. If you have a look, we've got some XTM spotties on the front there.

We've got a light bar in the front in the bull bar. We've got an XTM winch in the front of it. We've got light bars on the roof.

So there's two 41 inch light bars on the roof rack. A full Brown Davis bash plate. So there's a full set of bash plates underneath this truck from Brown Davis. And if you come down the side I put the thing on a set of ROH's. So nice looking rim. They've got that silver in it with the black.

We've got the mud to range from Black Bear, six tyres in all. Now the one thing about the Black Bear tyres is they've got that really wide sort of stance about them. They're only a 285. So they're not a 35.

They're only a 33. But they fit nicely in that hole there. You see I've got some nice looking flares as well. I've got that idea from when I did the wagon build on the 300, the Adventure 300.

Mirrors. We've got the 300 Series Landcruiser mirrors. Power fold, indicate, camera the whole shooting match which is pretty cool.

They're actually not even yet. These are like prototype stuff going on this truck. Clearview mirrors extendable the usual when it comes to Clearview. Have a look here as well from Clearview.

See that one? Got the sweet Powerboards on there. I had them on my 200. Now I've got them on the 300.

Roof rack. We've got ourselves modified. So when I'm in modified it's been obviously, you can't fit a wagon rack on there. So you've got to have a modified dual cab rack. So thanks to the guys at Rhino Rack.

They've done a modified rack and the new design rack. So it's the new and improved version. Which is aerodynamic. So less wind resistance, less drag. Lower profile.

Just generally it's their new Series 6. So you'll get to see that a few when you watch in the build you would have seen that. So on that Rhino Rack roof rack you can see that we've got the recovery shovel and we've got the Maxtrax up there as well. You've got a set of four extremes.

And the new Maxtrax holder from Rhino Rack as well. Which is a pretty cool system. We've got some lighting there, some side lighting. Also from Rhino Rack a 2.5 Sunseeker.

On the other side we've got a bat wing. I'll get them out shortly. This is where the tyre used to sit. So the spare width, this is where the tyre used to be. 700mm back that's where it is now.

So access into these like that you've got storage compartments in there which is pretty cool. By the way it works on the central locking as well so it can be locked. That's a pretty cool setup. Like that.

Obviously water tank. I've got a gravity fed on this side. On the other side we've got a pressure pump. On the roof. So what I've done is I've gone and put a Campboss rooftop tent on.

And this is our new new version of the rooftop tent from Campboss. It's pretty cool. I haven't even given it a proper name yet. But it's pretty much version 2 of one of our rooftop tents.

We'll pop that out in a minute. Everything else is pretty straight forward. I don't have a rear winch on this truck.

I didn't end up putting a rear winch mainly because it was too tight. There wasn't enough room in there. Maybe it'll land down the track.

I might be able to squeeze one in. But yeah, twin spares. Come around here. We've put a kick ass exhaust system in it from Manta.

So it's 3 inch. It's a DPF backed exhaust stainless steel 304 comes 3 inch and then goes all the way to a 4 inch tailpipe. No muffler.

Looks a million bucks. Alright. On this side we'll open up the canopy. Let's get into the workstation in here.

You're going to enjoy it. This is pretty cool. There we go. We've got an upright fridge here.

But this is what you'll like. I've put a little 44 myCoolman in here. I was going to use that as a freezer. It's sitting in there perfectly.

Good access. You don't want to get in there too much. You only want to be in there every now and again.

This one. This is the Clearview kitchen. This will be the kitchen part.

Let's have a look here. We're going to drop this down. This is the Clearview PowerSlide. How cool is that? You pop the PowerSlide down.

Pull the kitchen out. There she goes. Look at this. It's so new. I haven't even taken the wash tub out of its box. There she goes.

You're familiar with one of these as well. We've used them a lot on the show. There it is.

You've got that compartment. You've got that compartment. You've got access into here. That's the Clearview kitchen. Nicely sitting in there. Works perfectly for this setup.

It's all gutted. That's how we made the space in there. That's pretty cool. We'll close that back up. To run the whole this whole system we use a full Redarc package.

It's a BMS battery management system. It's the let's close that. It's the RedVision. It's coupled with the RedVision and the Rogue. The Rogue is your switching system and your RedVision is your control box and display setup.

They're coupled together. They're compatible. I've got 400 amp hours of lithium. Redarc lithium battery. Two 200 amp hour lithiums.

They're on the other side which I'll show you shortly. On this side I've got a RedVision display. I've got access to it there. I've got USB.

All that sort of stuff there. The other thing I've got is because I'm using the battery management system AC and DC charger. DC using the vehicle. AC using when we put power into it and also solar.

There is also a 1250 ok a BS 1250 which is basically it's a 50 amp DC charger. So coupled that with the 30 amp BMS battery management system the engine's running. So those batteries will get topped up really quickly when the engine's on. That's this side. Let's go around to the other side. When you open up this side you'll see the massive space you've got here for storage.

We've designed and incorporated this box in here to house the batteries and storage. So that you don't have to run around the other side to operate things like compressor. I've got a second unit here so that I can operate anything.

So it's a piggyback unit anything over there can be operated here. So if I want to run the compressor I want to run lighting like that ok and all that is running through that rogue system. Alright. So basically 2000 watt pure sine wave inverter to run anything hair dryer or whatever a little sandwich maker or you want to run a bloody you can even run a deep fryer a little deep fryer what have they got these days induction cook tops you can run those things. Alright. And a couple of USB and sync sockets there.

We've got a full sound system in here so remote controlled here I can remote control that from sitting beside the fire. That's just exo gear that basically is a little 500 watt speaker with lighting as well. It's got some cool lighting features in there you can see that and it can all be done with the remote control. That's the cool part about it.

Change colours and do all sorts of things. Switch that sucker off put this one on you know look at the colours. So you can imagine that at night bit of bush doof which is pretty cool and then you just switch him off. Just like that job done so that'll hook up to your phone all that sort of stuff.

We've got a shelf in here ok for storage which is pretty cool as well now that's the canopy alright. Let's have a look at the awnings and the rooftop tent. So first of all we've got 2.5 Sunseeker on here on the other side you've got the Batwing

there she is. The Batwing awning like that and of course the rooftop tent so we can see inside the rooftop tent I'll flick her up. Now the beauty of this rooftop tent here is slightly slightly shorter in length ok so a little bit more compact probably a fraction lighter when it comes to weight but overall it's just a really cool compact compact tent let's flip that over it's got side awnings as well which I won't set up but if you have a look inside here it looks pretty cool it's got some good lighting in there it's got some plush trim and then now that that's up I can then put out my Batwing well there you go the 270 awning. Campboss rooftop tent. Don't forget we've got a fat snorkel sitting over here I forgot to mention this one this is the Fatz integrated tube snorkel which look it looks I like them because they look really good they're very sleek sippy side of the vehicle like that nice and tidy now that we've been through the canopy rooftop tent we've got that awning on there let's have a quick look inside alright so you go in there and I'll come around the other side Brown Davis remember does the the bash plates underneath they've also put the long range tank in you hear me you know you would have heard me talking about the long range tank which is pretty cool these little integrated floor mats are pretty cool so on the on the bull bar of course we've got the Uniden heavy duty off-road UHF aerial coupled with the XTRAK 80 Pro comes with the app that allows you to track your mate if he's transmitted you can bring up the app on get this satellite map and you can actually see his location in relation to yours which is pretty cool as long as he's transmitted with your receiver I think that's next level stuff so not just a UHF radio for talking to your mate anymore you can track them and find out where they are and if they're lost they can find you you know give them directions all that sort of stuff so we've also got the crash cams okay so the crash cameras are sitting there they've been incorporated into there don't forget the seat covers put a great set of Supafit seat covers on these are the denim ones to protect these cloth seats so all in all this whole package this 300 series dual cab ute I think it's come together really well and you know many manhours have gone into it just my team alone Stewie, Mitch and myself, McCormacks, their guys have done a bulk of the work as well but mate hats off to Creative Conversions this is an absolute A1 conversion job on this truck we're going to take it out into some of the toughest terrain some of the most remote places in Australia very very shortly and give it a hell of a test that I reckon it'll be fine and by the way I did ask them to put an extra heavy duty drive shaft in the back just for that reason now this truck doesn't have any diff lock that's the only thing I don't have I haven't put any diff locks in it yet I've just got you know the normal drive modes and central locking that comes with the Toyota there you go guys that is it the Landcruiser dual cab ute ready for the ultimate touring adventure.

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