Meet Chor Bazaar's Only Original Seller

 Meet Chor Bazaar's Only Original Seller

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Look at that I was just about to walk to the metro that way Well, I'm gonna go check out and see what this huge Masjid is all about if I can make my way there guys pushing his little lime Station right here. How you doing? Hi Is this comfortable? Watch out good Yeah, people sitting in the back of those little carts are nice and squish, like look at this kid right here. That cannot be comfortable. Man, a bustling and busy place to say the least. I'm always curious about what's going on on top of these shops, who's living up there.

What do those places look like? Wow, look at this one. This had to have been built during British colonial rule. But what do you think? Kind of reminds me of Madon a little bit. Madan was pretty cool.

He still had a lot of old Dutch colonial buildings there that were just, well actually all over Indonesia really, but in Madown you had lot buildings just like that that we just falling apart. Let's do a really cool look at it. Okay, I need to go inside there somehow.

Maybe this way. They'll get killed. Alright. Another world over here. Wow.

And over in here, so I guess it is kind of like Indonesia in a way, like you have different sections where you can find everything you need. Again, this would be your mechanics mechanics row right here anything correlated boom. This is it. Hello, sir Before you had all your dresses and bridal wear that you've had on your station area books This where you get anything Correlated Again There's a hotel right there. We'll see what a room looks like Hotel Shawn up here, looks like they're disassembling and taking a lot of these scooters and things in the park, all recyclable I guess maybe and that's another thing I've noticed too here in Delhi is like every single neighborhood you walk in feels like you're in a completely different world.

Like every kilometer or so is so different. I mean I don't know why these people are taking these things like Walk, walk faster than they're, uh, when they are riding. That's the way to do it, you don't need to noise me around here, just lay on the horn Don't they all right this is where we're at a big old beautiful mosque Wow, just a little bit busier than the old mosque I visited just the other day, right? Wow. I'm sure maybe this one's still in use. I don't know. Okay.

Shoes have got to come off. All right, thank you sir. It's like you can carry your shoes, I'm going to carry my shoes. I think I'll hold them, my shoe, that's okay I will hold it, alright, all right. I love my bed rock sandals about these, those things I want to be really pissed, hey, okay Yeah, remove your shoes, entry fee for corner of $300.

Oh my goodness. And I went ahead and grabbed my sandwich, because I am not parting ways with these things. I know he'd watch them, but still. Well, look at this. Are you kidding me? This is massive.

Wow. And there are tons of people out. what a sight beautiful must be the the prayer time right now all the dudes that are up there praying one of the most impressive moths I've ever seen I think Seen some really cool ones in Bandache, in Malaysia, with Zul, but this one, that's pretty cool. Hello. And it looks like a place you just come and hang out with your family and play around, maybe have a little picnic. There you go, that is another reason why I wanted my samos.

I want to leave out a different an exit. One last look. Have you ever seen so many people? It kind of reminds me of Yogy Park in Tokyo when it gets really busy, but I don't know, this is something else. Look at all those people. And I'm pretty sure, I think this one is called Chor Bazaar, the thieves market.

So I've seen a few videos on YouTube about this. Apparently it's called Bazaar because a lot of the things that they sell in there are not stolen but maybe they're their first copy their their fakes basically so you don't want to walk through that do we want to do that all right let's do it Chor -bazar? Nam -ta -ka -ay Jaga What are we adding to it? Chlor -Bazar, okay, yeah, we confirmed it. It is chor bazar All righty, so let's uh Let's go for a stroll, let' do it What a place Hey, hey, how's it going? Take it, take it. All right, time to bust out the Hindi that I know.

ariyad, kiddika hai. Mmm, the first place you see? Smell. Waterman! This is insane! Is it because it's Friday or is it like this every single day? Let's see here. What kind of things could you buy over here? I think they're selling some cigarettes, some vapes, uh some perfumes and that kind stuff.

Get your water, bags. Hey, oh there we go, this is a nice North Face. How's it going? How are you? How is it? North face, how are they? 600. 600, not bad. Okay.

You can definitely tell that is not real. Thank you. There are a lot of people in this world, and one out of every six lives in this country, I think. That's crazy. That looks interesting. That's not sure what you're going to be able to see in here, there's so many people.

Damn. I don't know what she ever is. I'm not going anywhere. what you're going to be able to hear either with all the horns. Not really sure what that is for. You can get some kitty clothes, some underwear, you can some jockeys, some panties, over here maybe some more dresses. Mmm, some designer bags.

I get a lot of, like, stares. Just looking at me, knee -mugging me sometimes, you know? And I like them. Give me a smile. Here's some yakitori. Mmmm.

Yes, sir. Baffalo, hot and spicy. Hot and Spicy? Yes. I have to try, so it looks good. Looks good! I don't know, places like this though, they're a little worried to eat, hello.

One thing I don't want to do is get a tummy here in Delhi, excuse me, I'm sorry, fried I'm going to eat a lot of kabobs. I'll eat them. Fried something. What do you mean? What's your name? Kebab. Kabab? Kabaab, okay. Kabbab! Kada.

Mmm, mmm. Got a lotta kabaabs. A lotto ch... Hey, hey! Hey! Hey, hello. Okay.

Apple Watch, some razors, some headphones. Looks like they have some batik tricks. these are cute look at those actually they're kind of creepy I like seeing this so I'd like to see in the parks seeing what's going on out here mmm of course plain cricket okay there we got some Nikes, some Adidas, and shoes Oh, okay.

Okay. What's this? Drink? Okay, no, it's not a drink. Are you selling this? Okay. Yes, sir. 150.

Okay, thank you, Sir. 150? Thank you. I thought he was holding like a bottle of tequila or something. No, I think he's actually selling the fish in a little tequilla bottle, maybe. These serves don't look too bad. Okay... I'm sure you can bargain these people down to almost nothing if you were good at bargaining, in which I'm not forever look at this let's cut over here what else can we find in sure bizarre I get my mom some slippers Let's see here, you got the belt man.

Hello, sir. Nice up. Okay Coconut man right here Let us take a look at some of these shoes see what the quality is like You can clearly see the defect. How much for one? 400.

400? Okay. How many for Prada? All 400, all four. All four, it's that price.

set price I see. Okay all 400 these uh these leather shoes those are interesting. 400.

All right let's uh let continue on. Thank you sir. Alright, what do we got here, we've got some wallets, some suede, leather, a pumo one right here.

Nice. How much? 400, 400 seems to be the price. I'll think about it, I think it's us.

What's this guy carrying around, some batteries, what is that? I don't think so. Some uniforms. Clothes. Okay. You can get some pants and jeans. If you're playing any sports or something, maybe you can, uh, get your uniform up here.

You want to go to the gym. Even get you some of your gym clothes right here There we go. Some Japanese clothes. Alright. Alright, now we have some watches over here.

I wonder if they have my Garmin. Ooh, they had Apple though. Apple Reebok. 100 fixed price, not bad. 100. 100, that's like $1 .20.

Not bad at all. I don't know if I trust these pineapples. I've been told to be careful with fruit too. I have been really careful about the past icing like this. I dont think I should do it.

Even though I drank that milk earlier. I crossed my fingers that didn't kill me. 150? How about 100? 100, no. No? 500. 1000. 1 ,000.

I have one. I already have a watch. Okay.

More lady clothes over here. And if you have children, you can come get your toys. Javier, which one would you like? What is this? Maybe a little drawer or something? Get your headphones. You get your phone.

You start to see the same things. Watches. My mom slippers. So I'm sure a lot of these sellers are getting their stuff from the same people. Finally, like a food cart, some hot fresh food. I don't think you can eat that because it's boiling hot and so any bacteria or thing, it is going to kill it.

so I think things like that are probably a little more safe to eat. Okay, and that's the station right there. That's a station I need, so... Let's go ahead and head that way. I mean, I don't think we've seen enough.

It's all going to be about the same down that one, so let's call it that day. That would be the Masjid and Chor Bazar video. So, let's get on out of here. Let's take a peek over here Namash.

Okay, that's gonna do it for this video. Thanks for joining me and I'll see you in the next video Peace All right, you got to do me a favor. You got subscribe, okay? Nipkeh, YouTube. Promise? Promise, promise. Wait, wait.

Wait. You speaking me? Tora, tora. Oh, indeed. Oh I like your phone. What phone is this? That is Samik. Tap your YouTube channel.

I also take one to feed you. Thank you! You're welcome man. thank you. Y 'all take care. All right, let's get on out of here. Hello.

Hey, how are you? I'm good. Nice to meet you, yes. Thank you I am from America, America. Yeah, yeah, all right. Thank you. Thank -you.

Apsai Menno Kukushi Hui. Nice to meet you You're welcome. Thank You. Thank

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