️Hope our SAILBOAT IS BIG ENOUGH for this addition!! Ep.281

️Hope our SAILBOAT IS BIG ENOUGH for this addition!! Ep.281

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Last time riding this dinghy. We've just sold our dinghy today because the reason why we are waiting in Grenada still is because we are waiting for our new dinghy to arrive and supposedly it might in the marina already waiting for us. I'm Roberta. And I'm Duca.

And after two years bringing this sailboat that was neglected for over 22 years back to life, it's finally time to start exploring. So, don't forget to subscribe and to join us every Sunday for a new episode. Made possible by you!! Thank you patreon.com/oddlifecrafting Before we start this episode just a quick explanation. On last week's episode we toured a few abandoned boats and a lot of people believed that we were doing that trying to replace Odd by another abandoned boat and refitting another abandoned boat.

No, no no. Our intention was never to find a boat that we would live on the boat. Our intention was just to refit a boat to flip, to sell after we refit it. And of course we know it would take a lot longer than five months to refit a 57 foot boat.

But just... By the way, we are not alone. We were gonna do that with some friends. The reason why the friends were not on the video is because they were in the island north of us. As we needed to sail down to Grenada they were like: oh, so you go check the boats and you let us know if it's even worth. And it was quite fun. So, we are gonna keep sailing north and enjoying this season. The season has just started.

We have so many islands that we want to visit and so many little places and so many friends we want to meet. So, let's enjoy the season and during the season we can make a decision of what to do on hurricane season. But before that let's get our new dinghy.

Let's get started. We have a new owner for Frederico already. (Frederico is our dinghy's name) How did you find a guy? You know... you walk in the Boatyard, you meet a guy, you become friends, he watches our channel and then he talks to someone else, he find someone else that needs a dinghy and he's like: oh, I have a client for you.

I'm like: oh, good. So, then we sold the dinghy already. It was like... we didn't even listed the dinghy. Not today. The box of the dinghy was so big that the truck of the marina could not fit the whole box of the dinghy.

So, they're gonna pick it up tomorrow with a bigger truck. See you tomorrow. The day before while waiting for the new dinghy... *Link for the new Mantus anchor in the description New anchor.

We need to clean the dinghy a little bit... I'm back. Had fun? Yeah, but it's way too small. It's better than nothing.

Check the dinghy. Now it's for real. Where is the dinghy? In Spice Island. Now let's go pick up our new dinghy. The day has come.

Since we bought our boat the idea was to have a dinghy with hypalon and aluminum bottom and today it arrived. Finally. So, we left Brazil with our fiberglass PVC dinghy, that we bought because in Brazil we couldn't find the aluminum one.

And now we are in Granada there is... the taxes are really low here comparing to Brazil that's 100%. Here is two percent two percent? Two and a half percent. (*for boats in transit) So, we could get our dinghy. Finally. Thanks Frederico for all the services but now it's time for you to go. But even though we're gonna get a new dinghy Frederico was really nice to us, so he's gonna be also nice to his new owner that we sold the dinghy to yesterday.

It's a really nice guy that needs that dinghy right now and here there's a shortage of dinghy. Our dinghy came from the US (*the new one). The color of the water is so amazing. I think it's in the wrong dinghy because that's way too big for us.

That's not a 2.9 meters dinghy. So, here it says 3.10. We are hoping this is just an old box for our old dinghy because we have a 2.90. 310 we cannot fit anywhere on our boat.

Are you ready? It's about time to open this beast. Before we do our biggest unboxing ever I want to welcome Ryan to our Patreon family. And Stephan and Larry, thanks so much for the PayPal donation. That was the wrong tool.

Let's do this properly. It's much easier. Are you curious to see what's inside? I'm excited now, it's 2.90. Came this one with the... It's great.

There's even a cleat. You can step here. That's awesome. I'm curious to see what's here.

It's a dry bag. And we have the seat that you wanted. I love dinghy with seats. Nice one. Repair kit. It's like a new car.

A new car. It's a compass and... Help, help.

I hope we don't need to use it. We're finally gonna have a dinghy that we can actually row. Look at this. We're ready.

But now we need to find a way of splashing this for the first time. Let's go. See you guys at Odd.

Someone is excited there. Do you think it's gonna fit? The other thing I'm afraid is that this line is not long enough. There is things here already. I see a messy girl here. Feeling home. It fits.

Now we need to see if the hose is long enough. As we suspected it's a little bit too short. Unfortunately it doesn't fit. Someone always dreamed with having a seat on the dinghy. Wait, wait. And it's even like soft to seat.

There is like cushions. Pretty good. But I think now we should go for our actually ride just to test it for real and it's really choppy today, so it's gonna be good to see it in action. You can store the... I don't know how you call this, I think it's the oars... Either here or on the sides.

But as we're not gonna use it now we're just gonna leave on the bottom, I think it's better. And then when we want to row we just put in. There's a space for everything in this dinghy, I love this.

Now when we go surfing I can put my sunglasses on this pocket. Because usually I just put on the locker and it gets, you know, together with the anchor and... I lost a few glasses, sunglasses. Boat deliver time now, we need to deliver Frederico. Sad... Frederico is gonna go to another family now. We are gonna miss you, Federico.

Thank you so much. They didn't have a longer hose for the dinghy so we are gonna keep this one for now. (*We tried to find a longer hose at Budget Marine) It's gonna be fine but I'm really anxious to have a, you know, a tank inside the locker. It's gonna be just so awesome. I'm not sure how many times you're gonna go back and forth to the boat today but I'm gonna go to the boat and pick up my surfboard because me and Dane, we're gonna go surfing in a different spot today.

He said he is gonna show me a cool place that I don't know yet. And that never breaks and today supposedly it's breaking. But now first we need to try this dinghy for real for the first time on real speed, let's see if it's fast. I really like this seat. Arriving home.

Do you recognize this one? It's pretty good. New owners. Our last day in Granada.

Yes, we are leaving tomorrow. It's a little bit sad, we really like here. We've been enjoying hanging out in this island, even though we didn't do all the tourist things... we didn't go to the waterfall, we didn't do a lot of things. But that's just us because we were like, you know, getting our lives back together and here was a really awesome place to do that. Because one of the things we like is to walk around on streets, smell the place, eating on the local restaurant and enjoying the city.

And also meeting people. We met a lot of good friends here, that's awesome. We went surfing, we did a lot of things. We went for dinner with friends, we went for lunch with friends and that's awesome. And now... today we're gonna take you to the our favorite local restaurant,

that's really really good and actually really cheap for the price of the island. It was the tip of our friend and we love it. So, let's go. It's on the other side of the street. This is considered the Wall Street of Granada: all the banks are around here, there's the shopping mall there. So, there are many options of restaurants, there are many options... But this is our favorite: Grill Master. That's really good.

It's funny that we are so far from Brazil and somehow it tastes like my mom's food. That's awesome, I love my mom's food. And it works as in Brazil: that you can have your food and you can weight your dish and you pay for what you eat. That means you're not gonna eat more than you want just because they put it, you're gonna eat as much as you want and pay for how much as you eat, that's awesome. Thank you.

*All the chicken at this place is from our home State in Brazil Later on the same day we had a great farewell to Grenada I did it. It's so shallow here. Filling the water tank after a month and today we are moving to the next Island. Actually we have never been there, so we are really excited. Welcome to Carriacou. We made it.

Now we need to wait until tomorrow because we're gonna check out of Grenada... I don't know how to say it. We are gonna check out of Grenada here.

I'm not sure if tomorrow or the next day. We'll see. It depends on the forecast because. I don't know if we mentioned that but going from south to North on the east of the Caribbean for the first part is always like beating against the wind, like today. Today it was just like literally almost straight on the wind. And we're trying to choose the right dates that has not that much wind, so it's easier. And also we are trying to do as quick as possible because there is some friends from Brazil that we want to meet in Martinique and if we don't make any time they're gonna leave.

So, fingers crossed. The color of the water here is amazing. I can't wait to show you tomorrow because now it's dark.

That was exactly the perfect math to arrive here before it was too dark, I mean like... now you cannot see my face. But we anchored exactly in time for this sunset, that's just beautiful. And now we're just waiting for tomorrow to see how this place looks in the morning during the day, because this water seems to be beautiful. Good morning from this beautiful place. Check the color of this water, that's just amazing. So, there are two reasons we are in Carriacou.

First one: we love discovering new places. And second one is then far north we can go and check out this country. So, that's why we stopped here. And that's the first thing of the day. We're gonna check out because after you check out we have 24 hours to leave. So, we're gonna do the bureaucracy first and then we can enjoy the town for a day, we sleep here and tomorrow morning we are out North.

Let's discover new places. It's funny how this dinghy... it feels so much faster and it's not like just the final speed but it planes so much easier than the other one. And the reason for that I think it floats more on the bottom instead of on the floats, so the floats are more off the water and less drag, I think. That's what I believe because it's so much faster.

All our friends that stopped here said... Just check-in and out of Grenada not in Carriacou because it's always confusing. And we tried not to believe it and it's true, it was really confusing.

Usually if you come to Caribbean there is a thing called Sail clear, that's a website, you fill up everything on the website and you just have a number and so much quicker. But somehow the guy from customs is not here and he's the only one that has access to the system, so we needed to do it by paper and it's like, so much... Now it's time to look for a restaurant because I'm hangry. So, we could check-out but the ones that want to check in they are not allowed because the guy is not here. Because you need to do customs and immigration.

So, immigration was here but Customs wasn't here. Who is checking out don't need Customs but who is checking in needs customs, so they are like all day there waiting, I don't know for how long they're gonna wait. We are free to go have lunch, finally. It's a beautiful place. The water here is just amazing. Food arrived.

There's one thing we love to do, it is the first thing we do anywhere we go... is just to see the supermarket because we need to see what people eat on this part of the world. Beautiful fruits. How expensive is that though? Beautiful but expensive. 37. Just treats.

Yeah... we have enough food on the boat but every now and then we get some treats for ourselves. Iced tea and Buffalo Wings sauce. For Americans buffalo is a normal thing, for us Brazilians you never find buffalo wings sauce So, this is really special for us. It's three US dollars, not bad.

Roberta is being practicing how to count the money in a different currency. Thank you. Subscribe watch this one

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