Dubrovnik Croatia Walk 4K 4K Walking Tour ️ (Sunny Day) | How expensive is Dubrovnik | Ep12

 Dubrovnik Croatia Walk 4K  4K Walking Tour ️ (Sunny Day)  | How expensive is Dubrovnik | Ep12

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This is the old city of Dubrovnik This is very expensive city You can see, how much tourists are here I am visiting a church This is the old port of Dubrovnik Here, there are also tours of boats Boats like these Viewers, here is a big issue of parking Here, the most of the parkings you see are residential or of a hotel and the undergrounds garages there parking costs 60€ Finally I ask a local, where can I park for a short time, I just want to visit the city They showed me this parking Here is the name of this parking so here is 6.5€ per hour So I shall pay, how long I stay Not 60€ like the other parkings So you keep in mind If you come here by car, you can park here for a short time otherwise, you need to look a hotel with parking Otherwise, it's a big problem So welcome to Dubrovnik Let's go further to explore the city This is the old city of Dubrovnik There are old walls around the city You can have a tour of these as well It takes 1.5 to 2 hours for the tour of city walls It's beter that I go to the tourist office and get some information about a short trip of 3 to 4 hours, what can I visit. It's a matter of time

and I can visit the most important places I go now to tourist office first So tourist office is in this direction 300 meters further So if you come to Dubrovnik, keep one thing in mind that this city is very expensive for everything From parking to food and stay You can see, how much tourists are here In Europe, Dubrovnik is one of the busiest city for tourism Here are a lot of places to visit One is city walls tour and old city tour a cable car trip up to the hill there, you can see cable car up there But I came through that place from Bosnia So I already had views from there and there is also a beach here So if you stay here, more than one day, you will not be get bored here Thre is the tourists office I got some information from tourists office what can I visit They suggested me to visit to the old city and if I have more time, then I can take a city walls tour But if I do city walls tour, then I can't see much in the city from the walls I decided then to visit the old city through main street and further is the old port Let's see this Because of very warm weather here They put many water tanks around here There are the old city walls You can have a tour around the city on them It will take 1.5 to 2 hours Down there, you can hire a boat and go to the sea In front of us is the Adriatic sea Water is very clean This is the enterance of the old city There upside, you can see the Croatian flag Too much tourists here This is good that, now not much issues of Corona otherwise, it is not possible here to keep social distance Here is one more water tank I am visiting a church Very beautiful church There are little street here and cafe's and restaurants I saw from far a kebab shop, let's see, how it is No, this is't that kebab, what I eat In the old city, this is the main street and also little street on the both sides Like this Further are the same streets A little street this side Local currency called KUNA 1€ = 6.5 Kuna So one flat little burger costs 65 Kuna, which are 10€ So you can imagine the prices here Here reminds me Venice These buildings are almost similar as on the main square in Venice Venice is a city in water in Italy, I think everybody knows it This is the cathedral of Dubrovnik Here is what dark inside Further in front of us is the old port of Dubrovnik This is the old port of Dubrovnik Here they offer boat tours as well Boats like these They take you to the sea and make a rondtrip This is that island, which I also saw from uphill Some people are sitting here with their feet in water This is the old light tower Here some jolly people are swimming in water They have gone so far too I forgot again my swimming shorts in the car Viewers, there are little streets like this are in the whole city There are restaurants, which captured half of the space in the street Viewers, look here, how big groups come to visit here Dubrovnik Viewers, on places like this, we saw pigeons oftenly here are a lot of little sparrows like, flying here So, this was Dubrovnik old town Here is big issue of Halal food, I have been to many restaurants I found nothing Halal, what I can eat Here also nothing I saw one sandwich, but This is't suitable for me So, this is the problem in this country Viewers, let me tell one more thing that, there up to that hill is a fortress which is very famous, because, in there The film THE GAME OF THRONES is made A lot of tourists also come to here to visit this fortress Viewers, this was the vlog about Dubrovnik old town Let's finish this vlog here I hope you will like very much and if you liked it Then please, subscribe, like and share So see you in the next vlog Untill then, Allah Hafiz and good bye Correction: The name of my you tube channel is "Desi Global Traveler"

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