[Car Camping] Touring the Scorching ‘Hell’ and the Water City of Shimabara by RV | Nagasaki

[Car Camping] Touring the Scorching ‘Hell’ and the Water City of Shimabara by RV | Nagasaki

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It's now 7:14 am on the 7th morning and the room temperature is 19 degrees Celsius, so it was quite comfortable. I turned off the air conditioner at night and didn't turn on the FF heater either. So I think it was an easy night to spend and sleep. Today I want to go to Nagasaki, the westernmost point of mainland Japan, so I 'm going to wake up mama and U-chan, get ready, and drive for about 1-2 hours! Wake up and prepare for your trip ! mama) Should I change the water first? papa) That's right! It's morning! U-chan! Good morning, I can't see your face? U-chan? I looked at the weather in Nagasaki today and it was sunny! It's been sunny all the time, so I checked the stable air pressure on this trip today as well.I just measured the air pressure and it was off by about 0.7, so I'm going to put some air in.

When I measure with a gauge, I generally use two types of measurements, and I look at numbers that are somewhere in between. It's an L-shaped hinge, but I don't leave it inserted all the time. I only wear it when taking measurements. This is the tool I was using to check the air.

I checked with two air gauges and two types. For double tires, I use something that looks like an L shape. It's locked, but it's displayed when you measure it like this. Maybe it's just me, but when I measure it once and then pull it out, it goes down a bit... There may be errors depending on the item. Another option is the AMON air gauge.

Regarding these two, I sometimes go to the stand and measure the gauges. If you compare the air pressure of the stand with the three, you will know if there is a big difference, but so far there has been no such problem, so I think there is no problem with calibration. Tire management is important Iris Ohyama's electric air pump fits properly in the tire.The good thing about this product is that it is battery operated, and this battery is the same as the battery for the vacuum cleaner, so they are compatible and can be purchased from the same manufacturer. Masu. Thank you for checking out Ishi no Kura ! Well then, let's go! I just checked out "RV Park Ishi no Kura" and it smells like yakiniku . I'm grateful that I was able to reset everything.If you're going to go around Kyushu, I recommend you consider holding the stone storehouse in Chunichi and moving because there aren't many places where you can do everything. We just met our viewers again! The interesting thing about riding in a campervan with the viewers next to you is that most of the time the viewers are the ones watching, but they only talk about the campervan, where they went in the campervan, and what 〇〇 was like! I'm really lucky that people noticed because I didn't say on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube that I was going to Kyushu ! I'm so happy! Today I will run about 100km from here! I'm leaving Saga prefecture already! The first thing I'm heading to is Nagasaki, the third prefecture in Kyushu ...I'm going to the very edge from the beginning! There is a place that is said to be the "westernmost point of mainland Japan", and if you take a photo here and show it at a nearby roadside station, you will get a "Certificate of Conquering the Four Pole of Mainland Japan", which proves that you are the westernmost point in Japan. Since I can get a book, I think I'll go get one of the first four pole proofs, "West"! It seems like we have entered Nagasaki Prefecture now.

We have finally entered Nagasaki Prefecture! We are entering the third prefecture of Kyushu! And I wonder what kind of traffic jam there was as soon as I entered the area... I entered Nagasaki prefecture anyway, so I ran about half of the way with 45km left. Is that a warship? Coast Guard? ! Did it say Japan Coast Guard? This is the first time I've seen so many lined up. Is there a river next to it? lake? Is that the sea? ! It's right between the land . It's about 2.4km away from the westernmost point of mainland Japan , and it says that the road will probably get a little narrower ! The westernmost point of mainland Japan! 1.8km bumpy road from here ... fish market? ! This is the place where you can get a certificate as the westernmost point of mainland Japan! If you go to the current Fish Square after going to the westernmost point of mainland Japan, you will receive a certificate! Sometimes I get confused by the navigation.I

haven't reached the branch yet, and the navigation is not wrong! Don't worry! We're almost there and it's full... mama will come down once and take a look! Parked safely and now it's time to brush my teeth! Once you're done with your preparations, we'll head to the westernmost point of mainland Japan.You can prepare anywhere! The sea is beautiful! ! Dad? Walking backwards can be dangerous, right? The weather is nice and the scenery is great! Mom taking a commemorative photo at the westernmost tip , take a look! A hole in the heart♪ The sea is so clear and beautiful! The sea is highly transparent.Let 's get back to the car.We have now traveled to the westernmost point of mainland Japan. The sea was so beautiful! It was crystal clear! There aren't that many parking spaces in the area, but I managed to get a spot while waiting in line.

If you show them the photo you took, they will give you a certificate for the westernmost point, which seems to be the "Fish Plaza" you passed earlier, so you can go back there! Arrive at Fish Square and get the Tetsudo certificate Gilas ? What is Hirasu? ? It's amberjack! Sashimi is also cheap! There seems to be a place on the sea side where the octopus comes directly in. There's a lot of seafood inside ! ! Scared U-chan I went to the westernmost point of mainland Japan to buy Ise lobster clams and sashimi where there was a large concentration of Ise lobsters . There's a place called "Fish Hiroba" nearby, and it's like a place that sells seafood directly, but they had proper certificates, right? ! I received it. From here, I want to go to Glover Garden, so I head in that direction for now. It seems like it's about 100km from the westernmost place I'm currently at to Glover Garden , and I'll have to drive for another 2 hours , so I might change it on a case-by-case basis ... It's a warship. It's amazing to see the warships again.I'm

on my way to Glover Garden now...but apparently if I turn right here, it's Huis Ten Bosch! The traffic light just here says Huis Ten Bosch entrance, but it's surprisingly empty. ? It's surprisingly big this time, as it's the middle of Golden Week in Chunichi, so I figured Huis Ten Bosch would be incredibly crowded, so I passed. Passing Huis Ten Bosch , it's now the sea! Nagasaki has always been by the sea, by train! ! Why is the train passing here? This is called a streetcar.

This may be the first time I've ever seen a tram that runs alongside cars on the road , rather than on the tracks . First time seeing the actual thing! I looked into parking lots where campers can park, but... the parking lots are full...

the only parking lot available is the "Prefectural Tokiwa Parking Lot South"! No matter how hard you try, you can park large vehicles that can only fit in this parking lot. Vehicles with a height of 2.5m or more are large! Is it large? The fee will increase, but it's good to be able to park! Arrived safely, let's go! It kind of looks like me! There's a bridge. Let's cross the U-chan bridge!

U-chan crossing the bridge , this is where the train passes. It's an active streetcar. Oh, isn't it here? Dutch slope! Arriving at Oranda Slope Is there a place where you can see a shrine, temple, and church at the same time? Yes Yes Yes. Even on the right side. We'll split into two on that road.

A stray cat suddenly appears in the middle of the city.I wonder if this is an escalator? ``Diagonal Elevator'' U-chan's first diagonal elevator. It's my first time to have papa. It's my first time mama too. You can see what's going on inside the elevator with this monitor.Can

you see outside from inside this elevator? An elevator that climbs diagonally ! ! The scenery is amazing! ! U-chan, maybe you can ride the tram? I don't have a chance to ride it! Looks like it's going to rise again. That's a normal elevator. Isn't there a nice view here? Ah, here it is! I've arrived, I've arrived. What is this? ? When you arrive at Glover Garden , you can enter the entrance hall. Jiyutei. Western cuisine. The early Japanese asphalt turtle also happens to be Orto's residence. (Everyone's house) is so spacious!

From here (Glover Garden), where the photo session begins , some people go to other houses. This Glover Garden is located in a corner of the house. The house is big! ! Grover Garden taking a break in the kitchen car . U-chan, please eat it. That's delicious! It's delicious and I can't stop.

To Glover House To Nagasaki Traditional Performing Arts Center ``Nagasaki Kunchi'' is a festival. The actual festival footage is interesting, and it changes depending on the town! Isn't this a whale from the Netherlands ? This is it. There are so many types of performances that the people of the towns around here put on these. If you don't try Nagasaki Castella, there are a lot of stores that buy it because of the low price . picture! ? Bunmeido main store? I bought a souvenir at Bunmeido Bunmeido main store. My parents' home, just family. Ours is the 300 yen one from earlier,

the Prayer Triangle Zone.This is a famous place...I wonder if it's famous? You can see three shrines, a church, and a temple. In the middle is Oura Cathedral, on the right is Myokoji Temple, and on the left is Oura Suwa Shrine. There is Glover Garden inside the house. There was a house for ordinary people inside Glover Garden.

I wonder why...it's a pentagram. The same goes for all the manhole issues you are concerned about ! ? Discover new trains on a mysterious journey ! I'm about to ride the tram.I'm excited about my first tram.I'm nervous about my first ride.It

feels a bit strange, like a bus that used Suica has turned into a train ...It's interesting that the station is close to the road, and both the road and the train are close ! However, since it was my first time and I had no idea what it meant, the station looked like this! This is a station surrounded by cars. I guess it's hard to have an experience like this. Parking lot where I had a valuable experience ↓ My sense of direction is exploding Now I went sightseeing near Glover Garden! I think I'm going to go to the bathroom now. The parking fee you're curious about is... 2,400 yen! That's a pretty good price.

I just left the parking lot. The cost is 2,400 yen , about 2 hours and 40 minutes. That's why you're being charged for 3 hours, which is a huge amount of money ...I think it's the fate of Cabcon that something like this happens sometimes.It 's a good location.We went to Glover Garden. , Apparently there is Shinchi Chinatown on the other side,

which looked interesting too! Today, I am traveling across Nagasaki and am planning to go to Shimabara, spend the night there, and go sightseeing around Shimabara in the morning. The scenery to the left and right is magnificent. Von-chan is also eating . I just put fuel in Von-chan, and since this trip started, the fuel consumption has been quite good... The mileage is 450 km, and the fuel is 45L. Now that I've entered it... it's finally 10km/l! I'm driving at high speeds, and now I'm driving down roads, but I was still able to achieve this goal.I

was using the car's air conditioner, but I still reached 10km/l , which is of course not very fuel efficient compared to today's regular cars. However, I think it's excellent considering the size of the camper. The blue sea has changed to green scenery again! It's still this bright even at 7pm, so the day has lengthened considerably.Running parallel to the train, we'll soon arrive at the hot springs. It's a nice view. You can see the sunset at just the right time.

Wow, what a spectacular view. Arriving at the hot spring, milk time! I'm really curious about this "Drug Store Mori" Since I came to Kyushu, I've seen a lot of "Drug Store Mori"! I've been seeing "Cosmos" a lot since I moved to Kyushu! ! I guess there's a culture to that place, like Shimabara? This is Shimabara Station! Hey, there are a lot of the same signboards, right? The station looks like a castle! We arrived safely at the castle-like Shimabara Station , so it was time for dinner! ! Today I'm going to cook this.I'd like to heat this up in the microwave.Since

I'm not at an RV park today, I'll use a portable power source.I'll connect the internal outlet and run the microwave using the Bulbul inverter.Today I also plan on not washing dishes as much as possible. Nitrimestin. It's so convenient to use. I think I'll do some clams at Mestin today. Warm up the ``Ika Shumai'' I found at Seven in the microwave. Frozen food "Lotus root scissors grilled" Microwave for 5 minutes. Bulbul (portable power supply) is working hard.

I bought this because I thought I wouldn't be able to use up the mentsuyu (mentsuyu) bottle in the package because it was so wide.Maybe because I was cooking, the room temperature was as high as 27 degrees, and after I took a bath, I don't want to sweat... but it's hot so I think I'll turn on the air conditioner. I thought I'd take the opportunity to turn it around using a portable power source. Turn on the air conditioner with the "24℃" setting. I can go! (started)

The air conditioner has started working now. The air conditioner comes out facing upwards. Do you want it facing down? If you turn it facing down, it will hit you directly and it will be cold . This is the best place, the edge of this second seat has the best ventilation. I just checked the portable power supply to see how much power it uses when using the air conditioner, and it was consuming 211W. 211W seems strange. Since the external charger is also working, it seems like it will use 200W just by itself.The car's sub-battery is also being charged (by the charger is working).

I'm only charging about 1A, so it doesn't seem to be working much at all. I bought "round bag tofu" for this. Look, isn't it interesting? Does this mean you can slice it and make it into circles? It looks like cheese! ! But it's tofu, right? First, I added green onions and bought ``spicy and aromatic chili oil''! This looks delicious! It turned out great! I have now lowered the temperature setting a little to 22℃. Is it that hot? Yeah, it's hot. Isn't it okay to steam clams with this? Actually, I wish I had a screen, but I don't have a screen right now, so I'll use this.I could take out the toaster, but the shells will bounce, so I'll try using Mestin.After

all, the air conditioner is amazing...It's getting a little chilly, so I set the temperature to 22℃. Then, the air conditioner starts running and consumes about 470W of capacity from the portable power supply. The external charger for the sub-battery is also working, so I guess the charger has about half the capacity. If you think about it, about 200W or more? Is it surprising that you don't use it that much? Also, you won't know the load until the outside temperature reaches midsummer. Is it okay to use a portable power source for this? U-chan, is it cold? It's a bit cold, isn't it? I turned off the air conditioner now.

Thank you for your hard work on the air conditioner! This is flounder that I bought at a supermarket.This one was purchased at "Osakana Hiroba" near the westernmost tip of mainland Japan. Red sea bream and whitebait? That's what I said, but it's the same as Hiramasa. This one I bought at "Osakana Hiroba" is 560 yen, so it's cheap! Today's main dish is sashimi! ! Purchase Kyushu Sashimi Soy Sauce Sweet! All you have to do is pop the clams (open) and you're done.

Today's meal is... clam, amberjack, red sea bream, flounder sashimi, frozen lotus root fried mushrooms in butter noodle soup?・Squid dumplings ・Maruno tofu I'll have it with the local sake "Reimei" from around here that I bought at the supermarket and Yu Junmai Ginjo sake ♪ Go ahead and eat it ♪ Good luck! Japanese sake fits in this holder! Ah, this is delicious. This is something you can drink.Eat clams and drink sake! The best combination U-chan is amazing, did you eat all the food? U-chan eats a lot of rice, and you know what delicious food is.

Let's eat strawberries after meals when travelers are eating ! I'm happy at times like this. Today's meal was amazing, and after that I had dessert...Ha! ! mama, what should we do about that? Nagasaki castella... I don't need it now , isn't that today's dessert? Oh, I was looking forward to it... Mom, what's for dessert? Mom, what's for dessert today? U-chan is sensitive to desserts. Even though she was sleeping in bed until just now, when I said dessert, she immediately jumped out. When Kabi-chan stuck her head to the ceiling, it turned into Von-chan, and now she can't stick to it again.

U-chan. Is it possible to win when you become an elementary school student? What grade is U-chan in elementary school? Then I'll ask mama to buy me a new camper! papa is already a retired NEET, so one person is enough (mama is a NEET), and two people want to turn on the air conditioner, U-chan, the cool breeze is already here! It's cool, but it's cold, but isn't it too early ? Papa is the only one who stays cool after meals, and Von-chan is amazing! The air conditioner's wind is amazing.If you like the cool feeling mat papa made by Daiso , why not try blowing it in the wind? Ah, that's cool! Is it a bit cold in here? Let's give it to everyone in the video♪ What's up, U-chan? I'm going to sleep! ! I couldn't find the Chinese eel... It's a little lonely because the Chinese eel isn't here... I'm happy to have found my partner. Good night.

It's now 7:21 in the morning of the 8th day. The room temperature is 22.4℃, and I can sleep normally at night. It was room temperature. I think I'll go to Shimabara and Mt. Unzen today! good morning! It was hot last night, so I slept with the upper and lower windows open and it was comfortable! U-chan, who is fast asleep, summons the toaster. Our breakfast is mostly pizza. Then I turn on Bulbul (portable power source)...

Should I use the microwave first? At 600W, it will stay warm inside for 2 minutes and 10 seconds! Today, the battery is at 90%, and I'm using a portable power source, so I've started external charging.It 's got 17A, but maybe it also has solar charging? U-chan is completely relaxing on this cooling mat. If you do this with your hands that you seem to like ...it's hot! The steam is warm though! Looks super delicious! ! The toaster's divine item chime keeps ringing. What happened to this sudden strange phenomenon ? Why did this button ring so many times? I think we can eat itadakimasu already. hot! ! (Liar, you said it was hot) Crunchy and delicious! Toasters are definitely better in that regard. Let's charge your portable power source today! I have to get the sub-battery to work hard once in a while, oh well, that's what it is! I also forgot about the B230.I

already have 50% of my portable power supply left... I used the air conditioner, microwave, and toaster a lot yesterday, so I only have half of it left. I also used a hair dryer. Today, the car's sub-battery is at 92%, so charging with CTEK will quickly get it to 100%, so I'll use the inverter to charge the portable power source while driving. I think I can run at ±0 if I do that.

Just set the settings to use the maximum amount of power now! Just plug in the charger and run! Checking if it can be charged I would like to check if the portable power source can be charged while driving. Actually, it's difficult to take pictures while driving, so I'm going to let it idle in this state and see if I can charge it with the inverter. Currently, the remaining capacity of the sub-battery is 92% solar, and the inflow is about 5A. Idling in this condition. The CTEK generates about 30A while idling . Since BLUETTI is connected in this state, charging should start if you press the inverter.

Inverter ON BLUETTI has started working. Charging starts when this lamp turns "red" Charging is now started! It is charging at 471W. BLUETTI's charger is originally a 500W charger and not a fast charging type, so I use this conversion. The car has an inverter running and is charging at 11A. With just the CTEK travel charger, you can also charge the car's sub-battery and charge the BLUETTI, although it's a low 10A. So, I'm going to use this to charge it while I'm driving today.

I would like to leave and head towards Mt. Unzen. Unusually early in the morning , the place I was stopping at was the closest to Mt. Unzen, and an Amity rider who had come there said to me, "I'm aiming for Mt. Unzen!" I'm really surprised that I came to Kyushu and heard from people every day! Good memories of the trip! A happy event happened this morning. From now on, I'm going to climb Mt. Unzen.

Does Von-chan really have power? It has power! The road width is still stable, so it's easy to run! Arriving at the parking lot, you can park in a spacious place even if you walk a little because you don't have to go to a narrow place anymore ! I was charging BLUETTI from Von-chan, but it went from 50% to 63%! I recovered to 63% in less than 30 minutes! By the way , Vonchan is at 94% and is still recovering 2A with solar power! I was surprised at how good it was.This time, I was using a portable power source to charge it, so I was only charging it little by little, but even when it was stopped, the solar power was able to restore it, so I'm satisfied with the charging system. The parking lot here was cheap, 300 yen! I'm going to go here. The camper can enter here!

The smell of sulfur There are quite a few campers parked over there too! Find a shop you're interested in. A hot spring shrine you can go to from there. Get a stamp . A persimmon tree. So cute! It's okay to do things like this as they are memories of the trip. When I asked U -chan what she wished for, she said, ``A lot of money,'' ``A lot of good days,'' and ``I can eat a lot of sweets.'' Like.'' The torii gate was washed away by heavy rain and landslides last year...I hope it can be rebuilt soon.There

was an eruption around here about 20 to 30 years ago. Re-Encounter A viewer I met earlier casually told me that I was able to meet him again and receive a map as a bonus. Is the smoke warm for Hell Tour ? It seems that the place where fumarole and hot springs gather is called "Hell"! U-chan, that’s a hot spring! hot spring! I wonder how many times it happens? That one is amazing too! That's amazing, the inside looked like this. I have eggs though! ! buy? oh! This one is even more amazing! U-chan, let's go buy eggs! They also make hot spring eggs there. I got cider and a hot spring egg.The egg

was too hot.It says that it uses natural water from Unzen Shimabara.The shell was amazingly hot...It peeled off beautifully! It was delicious. How about the powerful sound of screaming hell and fumarole, U-chan, discovering a footbath with nightingales chirping ? ? hot! It was great, the weather was amazing. We were blessed with good weather on our trip to Kyushu! Thanks to sunny woman (mama)! Papa! ! I took a detour to a candy store and bought a lot of things.I'm

now on my way to the Unzendake Jigoku Tour. It was hot because it was boiling water. I only planned to spend a little time thinking that I would be able to see it so close , but I was able to see it quite thoroughly. I'll be heading back to Shimabara from now on! I'm thinking of going to eat Shimabara sweets "Kanzarashi"! There are people I'll meet there, and rather than viewers, there are people I've known for quite a while, and I met them on my GW trip to Hokuriku three years ago. However, my home is near Nagasaki. I talked to him in advance before going to Kyushu, and I thought it would be a good opportunity to meet him a little bit, so I thought I'd ask him to go sightseeing around Shimabara with me.

Join us and take a walk around the town where carp swims *No sound due to a setting error There is a face panel of carp swimming in the clear and beautiful spring town! ! There are carp swimming below, which one? ? I ordered the Shimabara Mizuyashiki Kanzarashi Set.The spring water pond and the veranda are beautiful! The fish are swimming! ! I'll enjoy having this! (Too delicious) Two people feeding the fish There are many beckoning cats on the second floor, and there are also beckoning cats over there! ! The two of us got to know each other completely, and we had the most fun time in Japan at the Kotoji Nirvana Statue, which is made of reinforced concrete.Thank you very much! see you! Bye- bye I've been sightseeing around Shimabara.

I was lucky that MAMBOW came from the west and stayed with me for half a day! U-chan and the others were finally able to meet again , and they became good friends, and it's true that children open up to each other quickly. That ``Kanzarashi'' shop over there was good.The taste and the Kanzarashi itself were delicious, but...I was glad I went to that shop because the scenery was like no other. That's what I thought.

We had a great time . MAMBOW taught us everything and guided us, which helped us use our time efficiently. Navigate properly MAMBOW said that it was along the coast of Nagasaki, but I forgot where it started from, but apparently it's along the longest coast in Japan. Sometimes there was the sea to the left, sometimes to the right. When you come. Today, there is a car ferry at a port called Kuchinotsu that takes you from Shimabara to Amakusa.The estimated arrival time is 15:40, so I think you can go as long as it's not crowded.

Now that I'm feeling good while running , I found a place called ``Marukyo'' where it says ``How many kilometers to Brazil, how many kilometers to Mongolia?'' It 's fun to discover on a trip ...After coming to Kyushu, I found a ``Drug Store''. I thought I would be able to board the train at 4:15 p.m. when I arrived at Kuchinotsu Port in Mori , so I bought a ticket. Less than 5m is 2,990 yen (vehicle operation fee + fare for 1 person included) Get it safely and get on the ferry now.

Von-chan...I'm going from Shimabara to Amakusa! ! Vonchan's first ferry height up to 4m. So it's 3.8m. Ready to set sail , see you soon, Von-chan, let's go up! This kind of ship doesn't shake after all. We arrived at Amakusa Onike Port, which seems to be scary for U-chan ! I guess we're the first one. It was fun, but it was only 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I couldn't see any dolphins. I just took a car ferry and landed from Shimabara towards Amakusa! This is finally Amakusa City, Kumamoto Prefecture, the fourth prefecture in Kyushu, so we have finally entered Kumamoto Prefecture! ! This is the 4th prefecture in Kyushu ♪ Kumamoto Prefecture is the last stop on this trip Today we will stay overnight in Amakusa, then tomorrow we will spend the day sightseeing in Amakusa and after that... Tomorrow night we will drive to Aso. I think so.

From now on, I'm going to go to the roadside station Ariake, which has a hot spring attached to it... Actually, if you make a reservation in advance, you can also use the power source site. Is there an Amakusa airport? ! First, I would like to head to Ariake Onsen Sazanami no Yu. Planned shopping on the way Arrived at the store Arrived at the store Finished shopping and put it in the refrigerator. I use the freezer all the time, so the frost is amazing ! There's plenty of food It's a long trip, but this refrigerator is just fine. I have a 65L refrigerator and I go shopping every day or every two days, so I have enough.

I went to the Rocky and Yu store in Amakusa to buy microwave storage . From here, I would like to move to a roadside station with a hot spring. A beautiful sunset . Is this it? (On the left side of the screen) There is an octopus monument! a! (Found a camper) Friends! Arrived safely .

I haven't been driving much today, but while I was driving, I charged the portable power source with the inverter (on the car) and it was 100% charged , so I charged it to about 50%. Thank you. (50% as of the morning) It turned out that a portable power source can be fully charged just by charging while driving (+inverter). Moreover, the sub-battery is fully charged, so I'm invincible. Now that I've successfully finished charging the portable power source, I'm off to the hot springs! ! The sunset is so beautiful. U-chan's hair is also sparkling.

It's so beautiful here (the sunset and the scenery). Today I'm taking a family bath, and I only have to wait for about 10 minutes , but it's 1,000 yen for an hour, so it's cheap! Show me your bath ! ! That's good! It's looking good♪ Of course, I have a glass of milk after taking a bath.I'm heading back to the camper.I've just arrived, but I have something to do before dinner, so I'm already full of data.This

SD memory that I'm taking pictures with is also in the second slot. I only have 2 minutes left to shoot , so I have 2 extra shots, but once this is done, I'll be done with it, so I'll move it to an external SSD now.I still have 2 days left in Kumamoto, so I probably don't have enough. I'm going to transfer the data from the SanDisk SD card to the SanDisk external SSD.I heated up today's meal in the microwave for the second time today, using the minced meat cutlet with quail toaster. If you use a microwave, the surface won't get crispy, so it's more difficult to do than with Snorlax (the previous car). One less shelf.

The previous car had a shelf where the air conditioner was. There was a bug in the toaster ! ! Did a bug come in? Where did our bug hunter bug go? Now that the rice is ready and I'm just going to eat it, it's really hot. 28.1℃! The temperature (room temperature) varies depending on the location. It's really hot in here. (It feels like it's over 28 degrees Celsius.)

Behind the scenes, I turned off the air conditioner and fan to prevent wind noise from entering the audio, but it was a bit too hot, so I turned on the air conditioner. Let's turn on the air conditioner. Isn't U-chan hot? eh? It's not hot though? I'm in charge of pressing the remote control ! If you don't stop the Max fan, the cold air will escape! ! I would like to go eat some food. Today's menu is... First, yesterday's tofu.

Mama has chili oil that is not spicy, and papa has spicy chili oil salad, minced meat cutlet with quail eggs, and sashimi tonkatsu from Nagasaki ! ! No, this is minced meat cutlet. It's the same color as tonkatsu , and papa and U-chan are natto. papa and mama don't eat white rice. Well then, let's have beer! Wow!! That's amazing! ! It's so cold!! The air conditioner, which has a surprisingly weak response, has started working in earnest!! It's already so cool!! It's the best!! (I'm so excited) You can tell (the strength of the wind) by watching this tissue move. I think I'll get one. Until recently, Kabi-chan (the car in front of me) didn't have an air conditioner, right? Papa has been searching hard for a place with high altitude.Let 's charge the portable power source again tomorrow ! ! eh? ! U-chan, are you lying? ! Are you going to sleep with the air conditioner on today? If U-chan says it's cold, I'll do my best with Max Fan. Ah! Max fan is fine when you sleep.

Thank you for your hard work today! It makes me sad to think that this trip is almost over. Oh, it's cold. U-chan keeps telling me that it's cold! Papa is already sweating, but that must be a lie. U-chan has been in a cool place for a while now. Is that why it's so cold? Von-chan has a new name today. Von -no-suke From today, Von-chan will be called "Von-no-suke" or "Von-chan." Von-chan is an abbreviation. Well, the official name was ``Vonnosuke.''

U-chan had the decision-making power. He hasn't eaten out for dinner even once since he started on his trip. Did you go to eat only on the first day? It's dawn again today at a hot spring just after entering Kyushu ! Is it the same manufacturer as the alcohol you received from MAMBOW? was! My mama told me not to put anything new in until I empty this one... so I'm going to drink this. The fridge is full of bread. I'm going to have Reimei... it's cold sake after all! There's not much to wash today! This one doesn't wash.

Almost nothing but chopsticks and a knife. I ate it! I ate it! Surprisingly, this is just right! I'm pretty full! Do you want to eat kanzarashi? ? I won't eat it! ! Do you like kanzashi for which permission was not granted ? I wanted to eat a lot, but since U-chan seems to want to eat it... it's okay! I almost gave it to you. Mama also shared it with me.

Mr. U, who ate it more than anyone else, said the honey was delicious. I ate a lot of those shiratama-like ones, too. I ate them at mama's place, too, and before I knew it, they were all gone, and by the end I only had 2 or 3 of them. U- chan

looks like ``shall we share?'' So I guess I should just eat papa's kanzarashi.The kanzarashi I've always wanted is from a different restaurant, right? I want to believe that it tastes similar, but it's not complete, right? Put the honey-free kanzarashi here! ! Look at the camera position! If you're going to complain, why don't you just eat it? Papa looks like he's having a lot of fun. There's more honey than I expected, and I'm giving him a sunken kanzari. The taste of the honey was different. I fell asleep in the bed behind me just now. I'm going to sleep today! I sleep with a max fan at night, so I bring the fan to the back.

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