مفاجأة || أروع رحلة بحياتي رح تستمتعوا معي بهالفيديو الرائع || #رحلة_سياحية #روائع

مفاجأة || أروع رحلة بحياتي   رح تستمتعوا معي بهالفيديو الرائع ||  #رحلة_سياحية #روائع

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Welcome. And here ends our trip to the beautiful (Canakkale). This tower that you see behind me is very famous in Çanakkale . Hello. good morning. How are you, I ask God that you are fine. This is not a joke when I say good morning. Because you do not see the light of day. Well now it's a quarter past three. We are now heading to the municipality of (Shahin Bey). In Gaziantep, my father is with me here, and he sends you the best greetings. And, God willing, you will

enjoy this journey with me. I am currently traveling. To (Canakkale), which is located near Istanbul. stay with us It's a school trip. And, God willing, you will like it. I remember something. How long has it been and I haven't seen you in a new video?? I miss you it seems you have grown up and become young stay with us. stay with me Stay with me and watch this video. I have now arrived in the

municipality of (Shahin Bey). Here is the gathering center for all students and teachers. who will travel with us. Come and see , we are currently on the bus and heading to the airport, and here is a friend of the flight, Mr. Nabil. How are you?

They gave us the plane ticket and we are currently heading to the airport. Five and a half o'clock departure time and currently three and twenty-five. From my school, only 15 people will travel. You can imagine that 15 people. From the rest of the schools, female students will travel with us. Imagine that, and frankly, I was surprised by this number, especially since our pilots are 95 female students and 15 male students. Come, mom, to watch your son what will happen to him. Hahahahaha

like and follow up on this beautiful news. From the beginning of our boarding the bus they gave us this bag. It contains books explaining about the area we are going to (Janaq Qala). Here it is written (Shahin Bey). It's really amazing, really cool. To see this corridor and feel that you should take a snapshot of the memory as if it is your duty

, as the customs and traditions took place. From the beginning of our boarding the bus, the tour director began explaining to us about the stages of the journey and explaining to us what breakfast is. Breakfast is cake, juice and cake. We'll have it on the ship. . We are currently on the bus. Heading towards the areas we will visit, give us this thing so that we don't get lost and get to know our group. Where there are

approximately four groups, each group assigned a color. The names are also written on it. We will board the ship that will take us to the next area, because the city of Jankala'a took place in the two battles of the northern and southern battle. Who is this? Currently we are on board. Rather, it is a steamer because it is very large, and our breakfast is cakes, juice and cake. Let me photograph the ship for you and how beautiful it is. Please share the tea with me. This is the first place we will visit, a very special place with beautiful nature. Of course,

here a very strong battle took place, and it is one of the strongest battles (Janqala’a), as you can see here there are war warehouses hidden in the form of a mountain. The most important thing is that if you come here, do not forget to buy something for remembrance. But be aware that the prices may be a little high. But there is no other option. You must buy anything to remind you of this wonderful place. Yes, what happened at that time was more than one battle at the same time, such as the Syrian front, the Yemen front, and more than one front. Among them was the

(Janaq Qala) front, and the only front we won was the (Janqala) front. And here on this land in particular, the war broke out one hundred percent . Here, this railroad, they were transporting artillery bombs on it. These are the names of martyrs, and the percentage of Syrian and Arab martyrs is very large, many of them are Syrians. God suffices as a martyr, Muhammad is the Messenger of God.

My Turkish friend tried to joke with me and prevent me from photographing people, trying to draw the attention of the girls by telling me, Sobhi, do not photograph our group. Trying to control them as if to say I exist, I am here. My God !! Here, the unknown soldier stated, for example, the soldiers who did not recognize her because his face was deformed or something like that , and you knew the situation in the war. Of course, these names and shrines that you saw here are for the martyrs, but it is not necessary that their body is here, but it is only symbolic and in honor of him, they put shrines for them to come and visit them And we remember them. We know who participated in the war. This cemetery is really big and contains

almost all the names who were martyred in the war. I tried to photograph everything for you as much as possible. But what happened to me is that I shoot stories on Instagram. And I shoot clips for this video and sometimes I also shoot for Snapchat at the same time, so I started losing control of the order of the shots. Do you think I filmed this place or not or did I just shoot it for stories, so forgive me if I forgot to shoot everything for you, but I promise you that I will try to photograph everything here. Are you talking very much? As you can see behind this tower, it is very famous here. If you look at it from

the corner, you will find that it resembles the letter M. In Turkish it means. It is for the word Mahdshek. I don't care. It is a nickname given to a soldier. . Whether they were martyred or won the war. Their name does not matter. Seriously, Masha Allah, Glory be to God. The nature here is very wonderful. I am surprised. I mean, very beautiful, very refreshing. so cute . Honestly,

I am very happy with the nature here. Foliage the air smells. The problem is that no matter what I photograph. Not as the reality, because the camera does not transmit the real picture, I swear to God, to the extent that I made my decision for a while not to photograph. I want to enjoy the view , now we are going to visit the museum and I will photograph the details for you.

As long as we are inside the bus, the supervisor explains in detail about the place they are heading to, how the war took place, and what method they used at the time. How many martyrs have died? How , for example, did they kill them with poison? He explains to us many details. Seconds . We arrived at the war museum named Sea Dam.

Thank God. We are now at the War Museum. 1915 World War. Its name is the sea dam. wow. Did you see those two shots? The incidence of this is 0.0000000000001 percent . The two shot each other, do you see that? Oh my God, this is a museum made of wax so that we can live the atmosphere of war in minute details.

Whether it was in the operating room in hospitals at home. The war in all its details. Made of wax meticulously, you will not imagine how realistic it is and live the reality with all the details. Cafeteria for tea. Hit Benefit Baba at lunch time we came to a nice restaurant and its meals are delicious, God willing. The young men were very hungry and attacked the food as if they were affected by the battle in which they were affected. O my eyes on you! O my eyes on you! Start the attack! These buses escorted us from the airport to here. Everyone knows their place

and will definitely return to it. We will not forget Mr. (Muhammad Tamazoglu), the mayor of Shahin Bey, and he is greeted and applauded. Our journey has not ended yet, but the historical areas that we came to visit, such as cemeteries and museums, ended. battles and battles. We are now in the European (Central) We will board the ship to return to the Asian. Let's go to the city center and to the market. And then have dinner and then to the airport and

head to Gaziantep. God willing, stay with us. We are currently in the city (Jankaala). We were in the countryside. And we depict for you the regions, the fronts and the wars that took place. We are currently in town. This market is a market in the city (Janqala'a). And now with a meal, of course they did something that they took us to the University (Janqaula) to dine here. There is a restaurant. They want us to get to know the university and to have dinner here , but I am, unfortunately, that the charging of my mobile battery has expired, but I will try to take pictures to the maximum.

We ate dinner and praise God, the dinner was delicious. Our plane will fly at ten and a half and the time is now eight to a quarter. I hope you will pray for us to arrive safely. It was one of the best and most beautiful adventures of my life, and it will remain a very beautiful memory from which I learned a lot. By the way, I visited wonderful places. I thank the Sahin Bey municipality

because it was the one who made this wonderful trip and I also thank the airport administration because they were so kind to us. And they were surprised when they learned that I am an influencer and I have a YouTube channel, I make videos and videos and I interact on social media. They became my friends, got to know my channel, and followed me on all my accounts and pages . Ha -ha-ha-ha-ha I really wished I could film that for you but unfortunately it's forbidden to take pictures inside the airport. I was lucky that my seat is at the end of the plane, but thank God, first, there is a window on my side , secondly, sorry, next to me are two stubborn people who can't stop talking and making noise, and they are from my school. Well, this is my luck. You have a good word to speak, even if you do not have to shut up.

The important thing is God bless you, God willing, you will like the video. Pray for us, God willing, to arrive safe and sound. Good night. And if you liked this video. Do not forget what is required and your understanding is enough to get all new about Sobhi Sakka. Do not forget to subscribe through the links

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2022-11-03 06:14

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