تكلفة السياحة في اسطنبول جولة في بيازيد و سيركجي و امينونو

تكلفة السياحة في اسطنبول  جولة في بيازيد و سيركجي و امينونو

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Good morning, from Istanbul. You have followed me a lot about the cost of tourism in Istanbul. You also followed me. We want to know the prices that are in the hotels, or we know where the cheapest hotel prices are. You also followed me. We want to know where to change the price of the dollar and the best price of the dollar . You can change it in the end of the day and the time . Today in today's video we will know with some all these questions. We will answer you, God willing

, to all the available questions, and if you need anything, just send me a comment. And, God willing, we will work for her on her own. Uh, we will let you know the prices or let us know the questions that you want. Or you need it in the period, uh, tourism Btaatkm. We are in principle now, so we know the prices, the price of the dollar. We talk first about the price of the dollar. The price of the dollar is currently changing in Istanbul from day to day. I mean, yesterday

, the price of the dollar was seventy-six and fifty-six today. It will start, oh, seventy. Prices are variable. But from my point of view, I am trying to change, oh, day by day, and your needs are exactly what you need. I mean, today you will change a hundred dollars to buy clothes. And buy clothes. Uh , you will bring gifts and needs, and you will bring gifts to acquaintances who are unwell. The best thing is that you change according to your exact needs. I mean, like you will buy things whose cost

will be in the thousand pounds. Salvation is not today a hundred dollars. I mean, every day you change, uh, a certain part of what you have or the plan that you have. Because the price you will lose a lot. If you change more than one number or more. From the amount with you, you

changed it the first time you came here in Istanbul. It will be a big problem for you when you find the price after that, uh, with another number at the top, you will find the difference, then it will be big. It would be about a difference, uh, of uh , a thousand pounds, or a thousand and solid pounds. If you change five hundred or a dollar in advice, I tell you on it, do not change from the airport. Change from the airport to the exact needs of your exit from the airport. I mean, there are people who tell me,

OK, how do I go out, how do I get out, or how do I get on the half-bus? No, you will be able to ride a regular Alphabet bus, even if you have a card. And if you don't have a credit card with you, there's a regular way, too. You change your cost of getting out of the airport. I mean, its price

is currently possible sixty pounds. Maximum ticket to the farthest place here in Istanbul. It may be from sixty-five to seventy pounds. You can change from five hundred dollars to twenty dollars by number. And my advice to you , please. Try while you are at the airport. And what you buy a line, whether or not leave you. Or even Vodafone. These are the three most popular companies. Please don't get it from the

airport. Because the prices of the airport will be very, very, very high. If we talk about the lines, the lines are important. Uh, if you are in Istanbul, uh, three companies will give you, you will consider that they will give you about twenty gigabytes during the tourism period. So that you know your internet package will be twenty gigabytes, right from the line you are buying. I mean, the line will cost fifty to complete and between the three companies from one to complete and fifty to eight and eight. Uh, all from my point of view, they are all the same as some of them. That's why you are

not a resident. You are a tourist in Istanbul. Oh, the coverage will be good for the three networks. You can go anywhere in all of Istanbul, even if you want to go to Sapanca, you want to go to Bursa. Three networks cover Istanbul or Turkey very, very well. It's not like that. I mean, I have networks in my country, unfortunately. It stays in better networks than the other.

But here the situation is frankly different. That's what I noticed. If you go underground, even if you are riding the tram or metro and you are going underground, you will find, uh, that the networks even have good coverage, and the Internet will also be fast and it can cover you. Ah, if you are

a family, do not think that you will buy more than one line. You know, like your needs for the Internet, uh, when you go down the street. Keda hotels Bacon where the Internet. And the world will be good in which you can see and work for you and see your plan as normal. Ah, while you are in the hotel, and the next day you start applying it to the GPS. There is no problem or on Google Map.

Oh, but I advise you that you do not buy more than two lines. If you are really a family of five, you wish. Or six people. It remains to buy two strong enough lines. And you can work for the internet packages that you have. Because the cost is not too big for you. Ah, lines at the airport whose prices are exaggerated, starting from seventy or six and fifty lira. A between the three networks is from sixty and fifty to seventy lira. There are more than aa tourists or someone who came and contacted me. He told me that

I bought the line, unfortunately I found it for seventy lira, oh Turkish torrent And when I came to ask him outside in ordinary places, such as Bayazid, the Sultan District, or even Taksim, I found that the price was at a price of fifty pounds , so I was upset. I say to you: No, don't get upset, we explain to people and let people know the most important thing, oh the basic needs or your basic needs, and when you are outside the airport, will you be able to do what and how to act? I mean, twenty dollars, fifty dollars for a lot, twenty dollars for a lot, you will be able to go out if you are a single individual. You will be able to get out of the airport as usual and get on the ferrybus. It takes you to the place where you are blocking your hotel or the place where you will be located in Istanbul. Let's talk about the prices of the hotels and the best hotels that exist. We will give you the best and cheapest hotels. From my personal point of view. I will leave it to you under

the description. I will give you about twenty hotels. They are located in the most popular places. Beyazid region. Aksaray area. Sultanahmet district. And of course the division area. I just don't want the metro to cover it. So let's talk about the most important need for hotels. Uh, I told you, of course, I will give you

the important hotels under the video description. Look at it and work on it on the Booking site and the most famous sites. You will find, uh, the names of these hotels. You will find good pictures of her. You will be able to decide from where we will visit you. These hotels are really suitable for you or not. Are their current prices right

for you or not? Ah, the one who calls me tells me that I am looking for an apartment. You advise me an apartment and you do not advise me, Aa Bautil, and I swear to God, from my personal point of view , please . Ah, if you have a large family, you will have an apartment. But if a family consists of two or four people as a family, I mean, from our point of view, that you take a hotel, it will be better for me for you. Why is it better for you? The hotel will have many advantages. The first thing that provides you with comfort is the sweet place and the good condition. It is constantly cleaned, uh, there is sterilization, and there is cleaning in the hotel in general, there will be periodically there are hotels where breakfast places will be located naturally without problems at all without you paying them any other fees that will be coming with Your package or your reservation, then this will be more affordable for you. Ah, as for the apartments, the apartments have flaws. You do not guarantee

that you rented with him, he cleaned the apartment well or not. Of course, you know that there are still diseases and corona present at the present time. Oh, but now people are free to live with it , so you also do not guarantee the apartment you are in, is there any cleanliness in it? Is there good sterilization? Are there many important things? You can ask about her what you will not receive an answer. The hotel will be at least. Do you see your feet

on the famous sites? He got how many stars? And take how many houses? Oh, people talk about him, they talk about him, they say what? All these things make you decide that you really, uh, sit in the hotel or live in this hotel or not? during your stay. If we talk about the price or shops, restaurants and cafes. The restaurants and cafe shops here are all lovely. The shops, food, and Turkish restaurants

are really all very, very nice. Uh, what's special here is in restaurants. From here , all the restaurants are all the same. There is no need, frankly , I mean. I mean, you meet all the restaurants, like some of them. All prices are also very close to each other. Other than, of course, in places where there are restaurants located on the sea. Ah, like the Bosphorus. In fact,

restaurants are somewhat expensive. Bs what Ptconchi hyperbole the most. We uploaded more than one video and explained it. Oh, and we knew the famous restaurants that are here in the Istanbul area. And an area, especially the Sultan Ahmed area, which we are currently in. de station. Sultan Ahmed station. As

you see it with me. We started from the Bayezid area. We did not do any editing at all. We sat talking until we got to Sultanahmet station. There is no sincere ah distance between them literally. The distance

is about a minute. We are walking with each other, talking. We have known that restaurants, all restaurants of the level they buy or sell, will be the difference. I mean, all restaurants are good. Other than of course from every restaurant and restaurant. And his psychological comfort. And your comfort when you come to the restaurant and eat in it. Or see Btaa Bacon

Kasai worker. People Ptoah Baconoa Kasai workers. If we talk about the program that you can implement for you while you are in Istanbul, oh , the single cost for you as a person alone varies from one to the other. I mean, you can pay as a pleasure, I tell you, I will spend a hundred dollars. No, you don't think it's like this, you'll keep it in pounds.

I mean, what do you do on your day? I mean, you are like, if you change a hundred dollars and spend a day with a million dollars, you eat, drink, go out and relax, and this is the same thing . I can tell you that on the XA option, it will not cost you less, even if it costs you about twenty dollars. But it is possible that no one else likes it, one may like it and another one of the followers does not like it. I will tell you the prices first, at the price of the lira, not the price of the dollar. So,

if we talk like this, you will be afraid in a restaurant and eat in the best restaurant here in Istanbul. You will eat like aa Turkish meal. Uh , this meal can cost you from sixty lira to ninety lira. This meal means a meal for one person from sixty lira to ninety lira. That's a meal tomorrow, folks. The meal will include, of course, juices and soft drinks. at lunch time. I am telling you about the famous and beautiful

Turkish meals. Uh, I mean, in a more correct sense, you can come to get a meal for you tomorrow , and its average price will be from eighty pounds per person. Is it all? If you are four people, multiply eighty pounds by four , and they will be in the telematic ring and twenty pounds. Ftthmh and twenty lira this meal tomorrow. If we talk about, uh, exits and breaks. Of course, you have it in

the gardens, of course, and the parks. Ninety percent of them will be free. But if you want to go to other places like Taksim area. Sit in this cafe talk. Ah, all the drinks would be considered

very cheap. For our Arab countries. I mean, you can sit in a cafe. Ah, drink your coffee latte and drink espresso. And this talk will pay you if you are four people. Mesh Httad Bardo solid pounds. You ate Tltmih twenty. I sat in a cafe. I paid about two hundred pounds. I will tell you the average price. That these are prices too. I say strong exaggerated prices. Ah, because each one is different from the other. Oh, if we talk

about basic needs, such as tea, the price of tea will be eight pounds. The price of coffee is about five thousand pounds for a staple, or from five thousand pounds for a spread of one pound. All of the things I am telling you about are basic needs. If you are sitting in a cafe or in a restaurant , you will at least know the prices, which will range from how many to how many. Initially, we got to know each other, so we sat together. This is the price I am

telling you about. Now these are the most famous prices. Oh, you can be there in Istanbul. You can see the cost of your day. How does it work? How, for example, do you want to see Galata Tower ? The price is different from the prices we talked about. The price of the tower is the price of the tower, the bazaars or the museums. The price of the ticket will be one hundred and twenty pounds. If you want, uh, look at

the Escudar area. And look at the famous tower, which is located in Asian Istanbul. The cost per person will also be from one hundred and twenty liras. And you can go up and eat in restaurants at the same cost as the prices I told you about. This is what is different. If you want to see famous trips like a sponge trip. A trip, uh, a trip, uh, also, to the Stock Exchange , to ride the cable car for the Stock Exchange for one individual, the cost of which will be one hundred and thirty pounds at the present time. We will tell you the prices.

Let us know the prices together first. I mean, a hundred dollars, we suppose you will change it to a thousand six hundred and fifty pounds. You cost you today, tomorrow, of course, you broke your fast in the hotel. Uh, I went down for lunch in a family of four people. I paid twenty lira. Then, uh, I came and sat in a café. I paid about a solid flat for a lira. I drove like that, the five-day railway, for a lira. If we suppose after

that, I came. Uh, I walked and found something you liked . Ah, a sandwich. There are many things, a strong Turkish one that will be present in the streets, and you will eat ice cream from what is available. All these prices will not range, I mean the average for them that you can spend. It does not cost you more than a hundred pounds for a hundred and fifty pounds. If you are going to Galata Tower

, you will be afraid, as well as places that will be for a fee or for a fee. The ticket price for any place is no more than one hundred and twenty pounds. You see the prices and the cost of your one-day products, how do you go about livestock, and what is your strategy? Thus, we knew the most important prices, or the most important one-day cost of tourism, for a family of four people. It would not even exceed, uh, sixty dollars, if we calculated it, it would remain

in hard currency. But, uh, and you are an individual on your own, and when you go out on your own , you will find that the situation will be really different and much more powerful. There is still photography for people who love photography and the beautiful adventures of photography. Unfortunately, photography here is a little expensive in tourist places. Because everything has its own packages. In most places you can imagine. Like the studios and shops that are located here. He says the five pictures will be the price of the five pictures or pictures. It will be about two hundred and fifty pounds

inclusive, of course. Old Osmani clothing and clothing. Oh, but in some places there are studios that are more expensive, charging you in dollars. Because it overlooks very very beautiful in Istanbul. I will leave you these videos

below me in the middle of the video. I do it on my instagram . Photographer of many places is strong. In sweet videos on AA on the Istanbul region. Like the studios that are located in the Sulaymaniyah area. Uh, and in another strong, famous studio located on Istiklal Street. These studios are booked in order to be located above €30. You

just take a picture of yourself and for the rest of your life. Because the place is really special, of course, including clothing costs. Including, of course, the cost of photography. The studio just rented the studio. Sit in the place where it will be two petals Euro. I have sent you the famous places in

Istanbul for the subjects of people who are fond of photography and love photography. I will show you these places where they will be. If anyone would like to book with me, send me a message, God willing, in a comment, and God willing, it will be the best of these places and we will work for him sweetly, God willing. Because people who think or love photography. Hnuriha places where ah sweet moments. The photography is here in Istanbul. One thing and one last thing, but we are now at

Gulhana station. We were kidnapped and robbed, while we are now at the Belhana station and on our way to an area. Oh, so we know what the dollar price is, when you want to change it, where do you change it? You will change it from the AA Aksaray area . Or the lily area. Aksaray station or from Lalali station. It will be good prices. Oh, if you change, or if you want lines, don't think about picking lines from the airport. If you pick up lines, don't think about picking lines from the airport. Because the airport is expensive. And if the currency will change, we will say that it does not change from the airport. Oh, and you, oh, the cost of the day, and we knew the cost of the day.

And we will know the prices that are in the hotels. I don't want to tell you the hotel prices. Because, in fact, prices are currently changing every day, meaning they change gradually. Because the salvation of tourism is considered a busy time. And all the places nowadays where people are not.

As you don't see these are the studios I'm telling you about. Ah studios are considered famous as the Sultan's harem. This will include clothing and words, and this will range from, uh, ten euros to fifteen euros. Just be in a closed studio. But the studios that I am showing you will be rooftops. In the most famous tourist places in Istanbul, and it is divided in a beautiful way. And here the seagulls come here. Ah, in a certain way for the people in the studio. They bring the seagulls

, they will be around you and you can imagine and take beautiful strong from them. We are now in the speech area. Ah, this information, folks, is information. Ah, we are trying to explain the world to you, so that people will know when you come and no one is shocked. The prices here are good compared to our Arab countries. The prices here are really good and cheap. Don't let anyone here, uh, in the right sense, I don't want to say laugh at you. No, on the contrary, we are the most people who know how to laugh at everyone around us. Ah, it is not

easy for us to laugh at us really hard. We are good. I mean, we are together. Unfortunately, it is possible to be deceived, uh, by necessity, quickly. No, you come here and turn around and see and ask and separate and break. Uh, even if you don't know Turkish. I talk to him. Let him see for you. If you don't even know the numbers. Ah let him see you calculator. And you say the price. Tell him I mean beat her to you. Tell

him to hit her on me or take out your mobile phone. Show him and show him your mobile and let him write you the number. The number is what you like. If the number, if the number, what you like. I talk to him. And broke up with him in number. You offer him a number. Supposedly

wrote you two dead pounds. Do not tell him a hundred pounds. on the calculator. What will he tell you? What is his reaction? Do you understand what his reaction is? He will tell you, it is not possible that the last one is a hundred and twenty hundred and fifty. Palace with him again. Until you find the right price for you. I mean, you try Ptfsal. Always break for the text of the wish. Break here in Istanbul anywhere. Not a price clerk, a break with him for the text of the wish. Because the prices here are really cheap. Prices here are cheap.

And cheaper for clothes. If you find someone, oh, or you find a merchant with such a jacket, you don’t like it, but you found its price. You expected or you know what is high in his price, no salvation. This means that the shops of clothes are found everywhere in more than one place. I mean, he is not the only one who has this jacket. Or he is the only one who has this need. Not in more

than one who has a need. It differs from the rest of the qulaity. It varies from one to one. Quality is what differentiates this topic. We are present now. It is in the area of ​​the most famous place in the motels, the cheapest and most beautiful of them from the point of Nazari. If you are the first time you come here in

Istanbul, the best place for you to come is to stay here in the Sirkeci area. Well, here, so that people will remain aware of a very, very important need. There are two most important connections. Continue as you see it with me. And you have the second continuation, also, the famous continuation of the Marmaray metro.

Marmaray Metro, guys, no one talks about it a lot. This is his station . This station is the one that takes you to the fast towing stations, the incentives. Want to see Ankara? Looking anywhere. Look at Azaki Shahir. Look at the incentives that exist here in Turkey. You will change or come here initially in the Aksaray area and ride on the express train stations that will take you along. See all Turkey's incentives. That's number one. Number two if you want to go to Asian Istanbul without taking

the ferry. You will also ride the Marmaray metro, which you see with me. This is his station. You will go to the Marmaray metro. And they went down to Baghdad Street . You will land on a Saudi station. The station's name is like that of Saudi Arabia. I mean

, the station, God willing, in the name of, uh, the most famous or largest country we have in our Arab homeland. Kingdom Saudi Arabia. Fa Adecco, you know, he is thinking of going down Baghdad Street. He will come here and ride a station from the Sirkeci metro. He will go down to a station called Saudi. We will take a tour of Basin, God, from the beginning of the Sirkeci area until he reaches Baghdad Street . Here, I know that the street is not as easy as the street is more than large, and unfortunately it is on one direction, not two. The street, Baghdad Street, means that its direction will be only one direction. If you want to go back, unfortunately, you will come back for a walk. Or hey, either you

will take a taxi and take a decent lap to get to the Marmaray metro, or you will reach a Saudi station and come back here, Istanbul , Europe with ease. Featured on Baghdad Street, God willing, we will make a video for you. May Allah show you all the videos, uh, the upcoming period . And we know what is important here in the Istanbul area. احنا كده يعتبر ابتدينا من منطقة بيزيد. ويعتبر داخلين اهو على اه

ميدان او ساحل امينونو الشهير. يا دوبك لو عديت الشارع يبقى انت كده على ساحل امينونو الشهير. فالجولة هي مش عايز اقول لكم الكلام فعلا خدني. بس يا رب تكون المعلومات دي تكونوا استفدتم منها. اه عايزكم بازن الله لو فيه اي حاجة تبعتوا لي اه وتقولوا لي وان شاء الله انا هكلمكم عنها في فيديوهات. احنا عملنا فيديو عن ازاي تقدر تجيب كارت اسطنبول السياحي. اه بكل سهولة. هنقول لكم برضو نبزة

اخيرة عنه. ازاي كارت اسطنبول تقدر تجيبه وتكون اه سهل لك يكون متوفر بكل سهولة ازاي. اه في عندك يا اما تجيبه عادي من الماكينات اللي موجودة في امام المحطات اللي موجودة في اسطنبول او عندك طريق تاني او اه حاجة تانية الاكشاك اللي بتكون موجودة هوريها لكم. الاكشاك دي بتكون شكلها عامل ازاي. الكلام هو بياخدنا للاسف انا عديت على اكتر من كشك بس انا عايز اوريكم شكل الكشك بيكون عامل ازاي بتقدر تشتريه. سعر الكارت حاليا دلوقتي

بقى خمسة وعشرين ليرة. هو غلي من اسبوع كان بخمسة وتلاتين ومش عارف رخصوه بقى بخمسة وعشرين. في بعض الناس بردو بعتولي ان المحطات بتلاقي في محطات بتكون قافلة انا نزلت عندي في المنتدى بتاع اليوتيوب اني في بعض المحطات بتكون ساعات قافلة هيا كان في للاسف مزاهرات مزاهرات بقى حاجة تانية للمسليين احنا طبعا يعني ملناش دعوة بيهم الدولة بتحاول هيا تمنع المزاهرات دي اللي هيا تخش لاشهر الميادين اللي موجودة في اسطنبول زي طبعا ميدان اا تقسيم فكانوا قافلين المحطات بتاعتهم. ان ما

حدش يقدر يوصل لهم من المتظاهرين الموجودين في الموضوع ده. يعني ده كشك ده تقريبا انا عايز اوريكم منظر الكشك بيكون شكله عامل ازاي لازم يكون حاطط صورة او يافطة كروت اسطنبول للمواصلات علشان الناس بتكون عارفة ادي هنا رحلة بورصة بالباخرة بسبعين ليرة رايح وسبعين ليرة جاي يعني اديكم بقول لكم اهو يا جماعة عايز تطلع على حتى بورصة يوم انت بتقرر فيه مش هتكلفك الرحلة لو انت اكتر من اربع افراد الرحلة مش هتكلفك كتير يعني الشخص الواحد مية واربعين ليرة يعني اقل حتى من عشرة دولار. يعني لو انتم اربع افراد اربعين دولار رايح جاي بس عندك اربعين رايح جاي مواصلات وعندك لو هتركب حتى بردو التلفريك هتقعد بالتلفريك التزكرة الواحدة بمية وعشرين او مية وتلاتين ليرة هتاخد برضو اربع افراد مش هتكلفك حتى الخمسة وعشرين او التلاتين دولار للاربع افراد كده وتطلع فوق تقعد في مطعم او في كافيه وتتغدى وتعمل فالرحلة كلها لاربع افراد مش هتكلفك اكتر من مية دولار فعليا اه انا مش عايز اطول عليكم وفيديو النهاردة اكتر من كده. يا

رب الفيديو يكون عجبكم ولو فيه اي استفسار ما نساش تبعت لي في كومنت وان شاء الله هرد عليك في اسرع وقت. وكالعادة لو عجبك الفيديو ما تنساش تدوس على وتفعل الجرس عشان يجي لك كل جديد. واستنوني ان شاء الله في فيديوهات تانية جديدة. اشوفكم بخير. في فيديوهات تانية. سلام.

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