$6 ULTRA LUXURY bus to Udaipur

$6 ULTRA LUXURY bus to Udaipur

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Good afternoon my friends and welcome back to another video here in Jodhpur but not for long guys, we're actually gonna be cruising up to or down to Udaipur today. We're gonna be taking a five-hour bus at 5 p.m. or 4:45 p.m. it leaves and it is 4:41 so we've got about nine minutes until we're there so we may or may not be taking a bus. We may be taking it

Uber over there if it doesn't- if we don't arrive in time but we shall see here with the usual bro up there we got Rahul. Hello. How's it looking for the bus bro, did they say they're gonna wait? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Alright, very good, very good.

So it should- should be good news for us guys. Looks like we'll make it on the bus if they can wait for us a few more minutes and we'll be sharing with you guys what it's like taking a Volvo luxury bus down to Udaipur. Alright, we have arrived. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, so the bus isn't even here yet yeah.

We got Mr. Travels right here. Namaskar [Greetings]. Alright, looks like we made it early then bro. I thought we were gonna be late, we were worried for nothing. Oh that's good news.

Rahul was calling and everything saying guys hold the bus, hold the bus and they either just left or they're waiting. I guess we'll find out real soon. Yeah guys so it's funny the app showed 5:45. Rahul booked the tickets on the app. What’s the app called, red bus? Red bus and then they texted him a ticket and he showed me on his phone, I’m not gonna show you on the screen because it's got our personal information on there but it says 4:45, 16:45 and the ticket so we rushed to get here, he even called saying hold the bus to like alright, we will then we got here and they're like oh the bus- the bus leaves at 5:45. So I guess it picks us up at 5:30 so we raced to get here guys. Our Uber

driver was driving so fast and also we could sit here and hang out a bit longer but rather be early than late though so that is good news at least. Guys in about two to three minutes, the bus should be here. I took a nap on my backpack, sat here and that's about all we did. And as you can see, it is 5:25 now, bus apparently leaves at 5:45 so we shall see if it arrives in two to three minutes maybe there's like more minutes between them.

Alright, here we go chalein chalo [Let’s go]. Welcome to Mr. Bus service we're going for a luxury boat bus. Here we go, chalein chalo [Let’s go]. We just hop on here, you know what seats we are bro? I think he's bringing water on.

Yeah that's luxury bro. So we got the Mr. Bus bus service that's gonna be taking us the Volvo. This is the best bus I believe you can get around here. [Speaking in Hindi] Oh we’ve got a door back here.

Oh hello, luxury bus. Alright, you guys we have hopped on the luxury bus. Let me tell you, it's looking quite good. We've got the leather seats, AC is blasting, let me tell you that's feeling quite good and where are we sitting boss? 27, 28.

Alright, let's see we got numbers up here 25, 26, 27, 28. Alright, the king seats right here. Let me tell you this guys, this is for sure the nicest bus I’ve been on in India so far. We’ll check out what we got going on for the bathroom.

Alright, bathroom looks pretty clean wow. Oh, oh my God, I’m stuck. How do I open this thing? I don't know how to turn the light on, it's boiling hot in here.

Claustrophobic people would hate this. Oh there we go, I figured it out. As you can see guys pretty clean toilet overall for the most part and we've got the looks like a little refrigerator back here, quite a few things maybe they're keeping cold drinks up in there. We've got outlets up top so that's a good sign. Bus is pretty empty but honestly it feels like we're in like a- a camper here it's a nice, nice vibe here. Plenty of leg room, I mean take a look at that. Oh yeah, it can be nice and

comfortable. We've got USB slots right there to plug in. So far I’m not seeing any specific power outlets but- Where are you from? Hello my friend, I am from the US and you? Oh very nice, you're from Jodhpur? Yes. You're from Jodhpur? Very nice, you're going to Udaipur? Yes. You're going to Udaipur?

No, no, Nagra. Oh okay, very nice. Nice to meet you.

Mera naam hai [My name is] Mac. Nice to meet you. So yeah guys as you can see, we've got the drink table right there as well we've got a not to hang stuff. That is the one thing that I’m not seeing on the luxury bus so far no sign of it but yeah that's alright, and then up here it looks like we've got lights, non-functioning.

If we want them to stop, AC comes out of here. Oh that's nice, that is very nice and let's see did these things recline? We’ve got seat belts, wow. I did not expect that, that's good news. Can we-- Oh yes. Whoa, just woke up from a nap there. Rahul, how long you been standing there sleeping over there too bro? Oh he's sleeping standing up that's what happens.

So yeah guys, nice curtains, windows are clean too so that's great news. Obviously, we have everything closed all along here because that keeps the AC inside we've learned in this Rajasthani desert but you're almost completely disconnected from the driver up there. They’ve got the door on there so you can't even see them in front. Oh that's me, dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro] thank you. So this is the place here, we did see a guy hop on board with water so we're trying to locate how we can get our hands on a couple waters but yeah guys very nice bus. What do we pay for this

thing bro? 500 per person guys that goes six hours away so 500 rupees is gonna cost us about seven USD per person that's a great deal. I mean to be traveling in style like this, this is great. I feel like we paid we were on a sleeper bus but we paid maybe what was it a thousand to go from Jaipur to Jaisalmer? A thousand I think per person that was 12 hours so it's double the distance but it was a lay down bed nowhere near as nice as this. This one like feels like a brand new bus like yeah really, really comfortable. As you guys can see we are leaving the city now of Jodhpur, really beautiful architecture out here to the left.

As we leave here guys, I’m just noticing while there's so many other things we could have done in this city. If you've been keeping up with the videos, you probably have seen we've posted quite a few while we're in Jodhpur but the city is pretty large. I’ll say that about actually every city we were in that since we're on a bit of a faster paced trip there's only so much you can see. I’m content with everything we've seen but I’ll definitely want to come back and see more.

Oh there we go. Rahul just updated me we've got waters included in the ticket my friends that's great news. Our good man is bringing them to be passed out. Oh yeah, let's get this water going and toss that up, we're gonna need Rahul.

Alright, let's try this thing out. Very tasty my friends, another one done. Rahul's got the snacks back there. Oh yeah, the delish ones. What are these ones? Moong daal, is this your only bag? No, no.

You’ve got a bag. One for each. Alright, dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, looks like we got ourselves a little snack to eat on the bus.

So let's pop this thing open and try him out so the moong daal. Moong daal on the lux bus can't complain there guys. Oh yeah, there we go. Oh and it looks almost like I don't know if you guys can see in there.

Healthy? Yeah. Oh it's really nice, a little salty. It almost kinda tastes like nuts, very unique traditional Indian salty fried split green gram snack. Yeah very good they almost kinda like look like little rice krispies if you've ever had that type of cereal but more with like an Indian zing. Wow, I just finished that bag of moong daal so fast.

I could have eaten like three of those, that's probably one of my more favorite ones I’ve had. We’ve arrived at the station here. Hello, hello. Namaskar [Greetings]. We got the whole squad out

there. Namaskar [Greetings]. Hey, hey how are we doing? We got him ripping a local cig over there. Oh yeah. Oh we got people joining on the bus. Rahul's leaving, see you Rahul.

Hey. Alright, good luck bro. Theek hai [Good]. Oh yeah, I’ll text you bro. Oh yeah, I’m

gonna see if Rahul can hook me up with a mountain dew. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. So I just messaged Rahul can you give me a mountain dew, a bag of chips and a brownie, chocolate lava cake.

I think they only have mountain dews from looking way out there but they have quite a few stands all in the distance so I guess we'll see what he comes back with. Hopefully, the bus doesn't leave though. Oh this man's got some delish snacks over there, yum. Oh yeah, bohat acha [Very good]

snacks it looks like. It's gonna be good. There’s even cows hanging out. One's going over to see if Rahul can get him a mountain dew. There he is. He's like Rahul can I get

a Mountain Dew too bro? Let’s see bro. Oh there he is, he's looking back. Rahul was like [___] is the bus going? I would have gone up there and grabbed the chips here. I literally just

thought we were stopping for a quick second and cruising along but Rahul just ran right out there so what a good man. Dhanevaad [Thank you] Rahul. This guy's- this guy was being chased by the cow over there and then he gave him popcorn and the cow's like alright, alright, I’ll take the popcorn.

Yeah now the cow's just eating popcorn at the market. That is incredible. Thanks for that popcorn, it's delish. Same is right there. Wow, Rahul's gotten loaded up with the snacks here.

Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Well just in time, it looks like he's got all sorts of stuff bunch of bags of chips, bottles of stuff. Rahul the king of snacks. Man oh man. Oh my God. Yeah wow, you got

all the good stuff. Oh, fresh Mountain Dew. It looks delish. Oh and whatever. Yeah thank you bro. Oh yeah let's try this mountain dank.

This one is also like a- Like a smoothie? Juice. Oh juice. Oh that sounds delish. Yeah you can have it

have it, this one. Thank you bro. So unhealthy but so good. Oh now we got a little cream and onion chips by Balaji. Let’s see what those taste like. That’s the snack we needed my friends.

We still got another five or so hours probably four and a half hours left on the bus so pretty smooth ride though like I told you at the beginning of this video, very comfortable seat so it's a really cozy enjoyable ride, got the airpods listening to some great Indian music it's nice. Well, we're sitting right back there but he just messaged me brownie and chocolate for sure but in Udaipur. So I guess to get us between now and then we've got a lush lychee, a paper boat swinger, swing juicer drink sounds interesting. I’ll try to open these though.

Oh there we go, I think we have figured it out my friends. Oh. The whole bus started swinging that's why I just flew over like that. Good news is we were able to figure out how to open this thing. Wow, that's the sound you're hearing that's the sound of the bus. But yeah what we got here is you would think when you first look at it that it's gonna be like a milkshake but it's just more of like an actual juice, very sweet. You can really

taste that lychee. Chocolate brownie over there bro, chocolate brownies? Oh Udaipur, there we go. Well hopefully, we can find one once we get there guys. Chocolate lava cake. Oh yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Slam it, yeah. Oh yeah, I’ll literally I would literally drink the chocolate out of like four chocolate lava cakes right now and then I’d probably sit here with a stomach ache but I would probably still say worth it. Guys it looks like we're just pulling up to I wanna say the halfway point which is where we're gonna be stopping, getting some snacks here. Bus turned off completely so we'll get something, something to drink and then we'll continue to chalo [Go] over to Udaipur. Looks like we had Rahul sleeping over there. Subdesina [Good morning] bro.

Oh man. Oh man, do you know how long we're staying here at this stop usually like 10 minutes or something? 10 minutes. Alright, you want me to get you anything bro? Get out again. Outside into the shop? Yeah okay.

Anything? No, no. No thanks. Subodesina [Good morning]. Alright, guys we're gonna go outside and see what we gotta eat back here maybe a little snack or something like that, we'll see what's going on.

Alright. Oh we got fresh stuff being made right over here and they got chais. They got all sorts of stuff going on.

Oh fresh cold drinks. Namaskar [Greetings], what do we got going on in here? Namaskar [Greetings] my friends. Oh we got a sting energy drink. Can I have a sting energy drink and a water? Pay up there first. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro] Kitnay rupee? [How much?]. 120. 120 and a water?

That means I got 150 right there. Actually, let's make it two waters. Two waters, two waters. Two waters yeah. Two water bottles, yeah. 160 Oh and then how much are these? Oh yeah, let's get two of those. Let's get

two of those. Oh yeah guys, we found the chocolate brownie. Dhanevaad [Thank you]. Yeah there we go.

I think they're gonna be a little melted by the time we eat them but hey gonna be delish anyways. Rahul gonna be excited because we didn't get the lava cakes at the last spot but we'll definitely chow on these to get us through until we get over to Jaipur probably got like three more hours to go. Oh Udaipur what am I talking about all right now, I’m forgetting which bus we're on. I think this one, let's see here Jodhpur, Udaipur that's gotta be the one. Alright, I think we survived.

Rahul, alright, this is the one. For a second, I was like oh I don't know if I’m on the right bus. I got us chocolates bro, chocolate dankries. Oh yeah. A little snack to hold us off. Thank you. And water. Oh thank you. Enjoy bhai sahab [Bro].

Alright, thunder chops chocolate it's called Cadbury Choco bakes cake, chocolate layered. So it's not a chocolate lava but actually no, it's pretty warm. It might even be a chocolate will have a cake right now yeah. Oh it's already breaking apart on me.

Oh this is gonna be a messy one my friends. Oh it smells chocolaty though, it's all stuck to the wrapper. Oh that's quite nice, reminds me of like a what are those things called like twisted rolls? No, Ho Hos. Yeah Ho Hos, they're like chocolate with white filling on the inside. I should have gotten 20 of these. And we are back on the road as you can see but it's very dark so not much to show you guys at the moment. I’m just

booking a upcoming flight here. Guys as you can see, it looks like we're just about arriving to Udaipur so it looks really modern. I read somewhere it's one of the best towns, best cities in India. So I’ll be really curious to see how that adds up. Sorry, it's probably

quite dark in here guys but we'll be off the bus in just a moment and we have arrived. Hello Udaipur. Dhanevaad bhai sahab [Thank you bro]. Alright, hello Udaipur, we have arrived. Oh almost got run over by the bus right there. Welcome to Udaipur. Yeah dhanevaad [Thank you] bro. Let's

get a little tuk-tuk around here, yeah. Goodbye Mr. Bus service, thank you very much. Alright, we gotta find ourselves a tuk-tuk not as many readily available. There we go, we got the machan [Bro]. Namaskar [Greetings], Kaise ho? [How are you?] Dream yard.

Chalein chalo [Let’s go] [Speaking in Hindi]. Theek hai [Good]. Two kilometers like five minutes. What is he saying, it's uphill? He is asking for like 200 for 2 kilometers. Alright, we are enroute guys.

There we go. Rahul's got that energy, let's go. Udaipur, it’s been a while. Out of my way boy.

People are looking around in their rear view is like is that a semi-truck. Nope, that's just the guy in the back with a tuk-tuk, tuk-tuk horn. Alright, dhanevaad [Thank you]. The design of this city looks very beautiful.

Everything’s got lights, we've got fountains, plants, trees. Rahul's enjoying the bagpipes. It’s funny people are so used to horns here guys like the group of people standing on the side over there didn't even look up. Down boy, lots of street dogs out here.

Holy moly. We’re crossing the bridge now going over the lakes. Udaipur is very well known for being a city surrounded by lakes. You can't see it too well right now in the darkness but trust me in an upcoming video guys, I’ll be sharing that with you. Wow guys, Udaipur looks like such an incredibly beautiful city look at this, it is so lit up. Holy moly, it's gonna be a tight fit. Namaskar [Greetings].

Oh it's gonna be a tight fit and we got it, plenty of room there could have fit another car in between there, probably get two motorcycles in there my friend. Alright, oh see told you he snuck right in there, he slid in those dms. Yes thank you. And then I got a special present for you so whatever's in my pocket that's for you too, dhanevaad [Thank you]. Good to see you. Guys not a bad journey honestly, super comfortable ride on that bus, loved it luxurious, very clean not too many people on there so we gotta like totally put our stuff everywhere.

And yeah now we just arrived, we're staying at a place called Dream yard which is like most well-known for the location it has like you have amazing lake views here and it's 16 dollars for us to have a room that has two separate twin beds. So yeah guys, it's a really good deal it's like really highly rated on booking.com that's where I found it I figured since we're arriving late we're gonna go to a lower priced place and so we're gonna go ahead, get checked in and then head up to the room way, way harder. He’s got it going, bohat acha [Very good]. Very good. aap ka naam kiya hai? [What’s your name?] Nice to meet you.

Yeah very good. Alright, do you work here? Theek hai [Good]. Very nice. Guys this is the lobby of Dream yard so it looks very nice and we're gonna be getting checked in in just a moment. Guys as we're checking in here, we've got some local visitors, some local visitors just cruising through. They're doing the night walks here around the neighborhoods.

Rahul spotted those from a mile away. Yep, the cows are giving us a welcoming, a special welcome to Udaipur. Alright, we're checked in. We're heading up to the room. Aap ka naam kiya hai bhai sahab? [What is your name bro?] Nice to meet you, great to meet you bhai sahab [Bro].

Alright, guys we're going up to the next floor here. Wow, picturesque views of the city. I saw on booking.com it was a 9 out of 10 for the best views in the city so that is a a true fact because I’m seeing it with my own eyes guys and it's the night time right now so I’m sure during the day it's gonna be even more beautiful when we can see the multiple layers of the city. Oh and we have arrived at the headquarters right here. Oh dhanevaad [Thank you]. Alright, perfect. Oh we got views,

very nice. Oh nice. So yeah guys, here is the room literally 16 dollars per night and we have these incredible views that look right out onto the lake. We’ve got two beds here. It did say originally that was two twin beds. My

guess is they must have I guess upgraded us because we've got a large bed and a small bed. Alright, here we go. We'll rock paper scissors for the bed. You can take it. No, no, no we gotta do rock paper scissors again, fair and square as always. Alright, ready it's on three so rock paper scissors shoot. Oh he won. He's

got the big bed enjoy bro. No, you can- No, no, no, no that's Alright, hey I’m a man of my word bro that's it, there's no, no discussion around it. See you guys Rahul's got the big bed and then over here, we've got the bathroom so nice size bathroom, got a shower there right tap is hot water left is cold, western toilet. We got toilet paper in here, soap and all the essentials. Yeah I’d say it's quite a nice place for- for 16 bucks guys like imagine that's eight dollars per person to have like city views in this super like nicely designed place. We have good curtains here. We've got even a TV, AC unit up there too.

Now it is probably hot enough where we need the AC and then yeah walking right out here guys like this is kinda just like the common area to hang out you know sit there, relax probably good spot to have a cup of coffee in the morning. So yeah really just such a beautiful spot. I didn't show you there's actually a rooftop on here on top of this building where they serve food and things but I didn't bring my camera up there because I figured I might as well show you guys in an upcoming video when it is sunny out because then you'll really be able to see it because while I can see the city quite well. Right now at night time guys, it's incredible. I don't know how well you can actually pick it up in the GoPro.

So yeah that's where I’m gonna end the video guys. Really hope you've enjoyed coming with us to take the journey all the way from Jodhpur to the amazing new city. We're gonna be exploring called Udaipur probably saying it wrong but that's alright. So anyways guys, hope you've enjoyed it, smash that like button if you have and if you want some more videos both here in India as well as all around the world, hit that subscribe button below and I’ll see you guys tomorrow. [Music] [Music] [Music]

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