유명해지기 전에 다녀오세요. 나만 알고 싶은 숨겨진 '가족여행 성지' 5곳! | 강원도 당일치기 여행코스 | Famouse Travel Route in Korea

 유명해지기 전에 다녀오세요. 나만 알고 싶은 숨겨진 '가족여행 성지'  5곳!  |  강원도 당일치기 여행코스   | Famouse Travel Route in Korea

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Today we are going east from Seoul I said I was preparing in a hurry, but the departure was a little late (-.-) This is a trip with children without a wife after a long time (Dad's challenge!) To pass the Fortress Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway without traffic You must pass the Namyangju toll gate before 6:30 in the morning. (The diligent Korean people in the world.) I'm an hour late today ^^; After passing Seojong IC, it runs cool now I came to Chuncheon after a long time. (I used to ride only bicycles or trains every time, but today I came by car) Arrived at first destination It's called 'Chuncheon Makguksu Experience Museum'. Here, you can make your own makguksu and eat it. (One stone two birds with a meal and experience!) There is a museum related to makguksu on the first floor You can make a museum like this with just one makguksu I used to think that makguksu was (roughly) noodles that I 'just made' and eaten.

As it turned out, it was the first time I knew that noodles were just pulled out and eaten. (There are so many different exhibits with just one makguksu) There is an experience hall on the second floor. It is a place where you make your own dough and eat noodles by pulling noodles. The experience price is 5,000 won per person (meal included) (Old cotton pulling machine) There is also a large restaurant on one side, so there are many groups of customers. (Before Corona, there were many foreign groups.)

This is how I make my own dough with buckwheat flour. (Children also had fun and worked hard) (When are the fortress kids going to do this?) (The taste of children's hands will fit well ^^;) Hang on to your body and shave off Kids and adults alike are really excited. (It's hard to eat like this ^^;) (Because some buckwheat hulls are added, the noodles will be dark colored.) Rinse the noodles with ice water.

(Rinse thoroughly) Add seasoning to your liking and mix. Is a tablespoon of sugar the secret recipe? ^^ (It is not spicy even for children) If you made your own noodles and ate them, the taste would be even more special, wouldn't it? (I am salivating while editing ^^;) (Channel Master!) (I eat really well haha) I finished it off with buckwheat tea. I'm on my way to a second place The second place we headed to is Chuncheon Animation and Toy Robot Hall. There is also a wonderful experience facility in the outdoor park. It's free and really nice to play with the kids (It is a wonderful playground in harmony with nature) (It was much cooler because of the thick shade of the forest) (Actually, adults have fun too ^^) (Everyone's childhood 'hut' !!) (I didn't go to the museum and almost kept playing here ^^;) The museum fee is 5,000 won per person and you can use both places.

This is an animation museum. The facilities are neat. There is a statue of Taekwon V, a big robot of memories. (My heart is magnified!) (Facilities are well maintained, neat and all work!) This is my own dubbing of the manga. (Oh! Are you pretty good at it? ^^) I laughed for a while ^^;; It was a place that brings back memories even for adults.

Next to it is the Toy Robot Hall. Has the facility been recently remodeled? There are so many facilities that kids will love. (All wireless control facilities work neatly) (Management is very important!) (It's a disappointing expression when it doesn't work.) (It's a place where children can't help but miss) (Actually, it's a secret that I had fun too!) (It is a fun place for both children and adults with various experience facilities) (Especially recommended as a place to go with children) There is a nice cafe on the first floor of the museum. It's better because it's outdoors. The view is great, isn't it? (The blue railing attached to the garden is the Chuncheon Bicycle Path) The cups given here are reusable, so don't throw them away.

After passing Uiam Dam, I came to the third destination, Gangchon Rail Park. There are three departure points for the rail park, but I personally found it the most fun to start from Gimyujeong Station. (It was a dynamic and fun course starting from Kim Yujeong Station) Departure time is once an hour, 2 seater is 35,000 won, 4 seater is 48,000 won there is a discount (20% discount for Chuncheon-myeon, 10% discount for people of national merit, 10% discount for the disabled) (Total distance 8.5km, required time about 1 hour 20 minutes) TIP! Get 20% off with animation museum receipt So I bought a 4-seater for 38,400 won.

There are trains leaving today. (4 passengers depart first) I'm waiting for boarding ah.. it's starting to rain like this -.- It was just the right time for boarding.

But it rained quite a bit -.-; The front is open, so it rains a lot. The weather was hot and the children were excited, so it became a pleasant memory (phone Wibok).

(almost shower level) Various tunnels appeared in the middle and it was more interesting (The theme is different for each tunnel) (There is also a small iron bridge.) (Step on Daddy!) lol (This is a bubble tunnel) (Is there a variety of performances?) The scenery of the Bukhangang River spreading to the right is really nice! (I didn't get to see this scenery because I always ride my bike) I was passing hard, but the locomotive driver cheered me on to be strong (or did I look pitiful ^^;) The last tunnel is an exciting club atmosphere. Everyone is screaming here ^^; When you arrive at the station, this simple train will take you to Gangchon Station.

It runs for about 15 minutes and the scenery here is really great. It was right next to the place I used to ride my bike all the time. (Children seem to be entering Jurassic Park) (runs very slowly) When you arrive at the old (old) Gangchon Station, there is a shuttle bus. I will take you back to Kim Yoo-jeong Station. (Rail bike-train-shuttle bus travel itself is a journey) (Aren't trains cute?) (Return to the starting point by shuttle bus) Today's accommodation is Jarasum Auto Camping Site. Check-in was at 3pm, so I had a good morning tour.

As for the price, the price of a private campground for the fortress has risen to close to 100,000 won, so the caravan price doesn't seem that high. You call this an optical illusion? And since last year, two children also receive a 30% discount on the multi-child benefit. There is also a discount for sisterhood cities and a discount for Gapyeong-gun.

(50% discount for excellent volunteers in Gyeonggi-do) Multi-child households must bring a certified copy or family relationship certificate. (Of course, the whole family must come) Dogs are not allowed Jarasum is really big It is divided into Seodo/Jungdo/South Island, and the facilities are very diverse! Very fun if you can bring your own bike No fishing in the area. (I wish I hadn't told you not to) It's wide, so it's a long way to go by car. (It's quite large!) The 4 seater caravan is better this year, replaced by a new one (There is plenty of space between sites.) The one on the left is for 6 people and the colorful ones are for 4 people. (for 4 people) It looks much cleaner, doesn't it? 6 people can be extended (living space) There is an awning (roof) at the entrance for 4 people, but There is no awning for 6 people, so a separate (individual) tarp may be installed.

There are wooden chairs, a table, and a brazier, so it is easy to use. I used disposable tablecloths This is what the inside of the caravan looks like (Not a mobile caravan, but a moored caravan) It was wider than expected. There are tableware and bedding for 4 people. No towels or toiletries (No hair dryer) The bathroom was also much bigger and nicer than I was worried about. There was no discomfort during use.

(Be careful as the hot water is too hot) The home air conditioner was cool enough and there was also a microwave. (The storage box is large enough.) (Small kitchen with everything you need) The refrigerator was also big for home use.

It is well equipped with an electric rice cooker and induction tableware for 4 people. (There is a frying pan, but bring a grill if you want to grill the meat) (Induction 2 burners) (Dishware for 4 people) (Dishware for 4 people) (2 Pots, Kettle) Hot water is also very good. There is a sofa, table and TV inside. (Sorry for the inconsistency ^^;) The bedroom has one double bed and a bunk bed, perfect for a family of 4 (There is a curtain between the bedroom and living room) I always take the grilled sea (for camping) when camping or traveling. it's very handy (Most campers will have one ^^) (As soon as they arrive, they say they are hungry.)

really! This is also a delivery app I was very hungry, so I delivered tteokbokki in a hurry. I don't have a wife, so I just eat a bit ^^; The surrounding area is large enough for children to play. There are plenty of public toilets and showers at the campsite.

very relaxed (It feels old, but it is well maintained) (Prices go up and there are many campsites that do not manage facilities.) The cooking area (washing area) is also well maintained and hot water is available. (The place managed by the state is very clean) There are also communal microwaves everywhere. (Very good for warming up Hetbahn or cold food) The auto camping sites (sites A and B) are very spacious. However, since the floor is a sidewalk block, drainage is not good when it rains. (When it rains, the crushed stone site is the best) Above all, the shade of the trees is wonderful.

There were various caravans and campers. (It is a holy place for campers and caravans because of its good accessibility and wide site.) (It's fun to watch) (Pressing and holding the thin shoe came out. ^_^) And the Gyeongchun Line sometimes passes by The site structure is also different. There is a new convenience store, but delivery is also available.

(Convenience stores open from 10 am to 10 pm) There is a very large multi-purpose playground in the middle of the campground, so you can use it freely. (It's a nice grass field) There is a convenience store next to the playground, so it was nice not to have to go far. The facilities are very good There is also a bike rental shop. (It's very spacious, so I wish I had a bike to look around) (Many people go for a walk in the morning) There are also playgrounds and animals for children to play along the way. Chickens and rabbits are often seen.

(Rabbit seems to have released children) Crossing the small Zara bridge, this is an auto camping site with no electricity. I have a deck like this The deck size is approximately 4 meters by 4 meters. However, it is close to the railway, so it is a bit noisy during the day. Even on a Saturday afternoon, I saw that there were so many empty seats. I think a lot of people cancel on the same day. (We have not been able to confirm whether cancellations can be released on the same day) (I think this is because the price is cheap and the cancellation fee on the day is not high.) (Suddenly Younghee! ^^;) The convenience store is also very good.

(Floating on the Bukhan River) In particular, there is a separate place where you can feel the camping atmosphere. Many people use it (There is no fee and no outside food allowed) Convenience stores are well stocked. (Business hours 10 am to 10 pm) Unfortunately, the swimming pool will not be open this year due to maintenance. Please take note of this (Expected to reopen next year) (It's a little difficult in summer if there is no pool or valley) it's night It was not noisy and everyone was well mannered. (The best camping equipment is 'Nice Neighbors') (Take your own time) the next morning I slept very well all night without being too hot. Children are still dreaming When I open the door, I can smell the dirt and grass.

(during phytoncide shower) (Clothes wet in the rain do not dry ^^;) Children who are tired of studying fall asleep I'll have to let you oversleep (pat pat) When you go, it's manners to clean up as much as possible, right? (It's not that difficult, isn't it? ^^) By the time we got home, it was pouring rain. Good time to withdraw ^^ (Ah.. Were you hit by heavy rain on the rail bike? ^^;) I will make another memory like this Thank you for watching today

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