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- Hello, dear friends. It's me. Hello everyone, it's me. Our honored friend Ilya is 40 years old today. Can you imagine, he has lived 40 years in a pipe!

40 years! And we should bring him a cake. We'll bring him a cake so that he can wipe his a*s with it. I think he'll like it... We'll visit him, for we haven't seen him since the beginning of the war. And we'll also congratulate him on his birthday. It’s also our other friend’s birthday today. So, we are going to celebrate. Let's go to the pipe. It's raining right now, so we'll swim in the sewers.

The water flows well there. It's good that we brought Inflatable boats. Good evening, honorable sir. - Hello.

- It's his birthday today too. One, two. Two birthdays today. And we're moving further... Wait, not further, we're going to the pipe. Give us an energy drink, and we'll fly there.

Let's go. * Music * - Quiet, don't interrupt. Okay, you can talk. - We came to the honored gentleman, brought a cake with us. This is what we deserve, such a cake.

- A bit used. - At least it's a Kyiv cake. - Yeah, Kyiv cake. - Let's go? - Let's celebrate honored gentleman's 40th birthday.

- Wait, wait, wait, I got stuck. * Music * [Unintelligible] - Happy birthday to you? - Yeah. - Happy birthday to you. - Is this the violin Kamrad gave you? - No.

- Where is it? - In the safe. This one is better. This is a master one. It has such a scroll. - Wow.

****! - Give me the case. - Keep it safe. What are you...! - What's wrong? - I'll kill you. [Unintelligible]. - The honored gentlemen is 10 steps away from us.

We will greet him with a song. Yeah. Wait, wait, be quiet. - It stinks. - Ilya! Bear! - No Bear here. - He's not here? - No.

- Maybe he's hiding. - I think he hasn't been here for a long time. - Why do you think so? - It's very damp here.

- Huh? - It's very damp here. - No, I think he's here. Maybe he's behind the corner? There are traces of a recent crime. - What, poop? - No. - Copper. - I think he's walking somewhere right now.

- Or he's at work. - Hm? - Or he's at work. - Or he's at work. It's Sunday, it's about 6 pm now. Let's wait for him then. We can go to this side tunnel for now.

Look, here are the main traces of crime and the traces of him being here. You have to check it like a pro I think he hasn't been here for a long time because it doesn't smell of soot here. It stinks of dampness in here. - Where can he be then? - Here's his shirt.

- Touch it, is it wet? - No, it's not wet. - Not wet? - It's dry. Why should it be wet? It's quite dry in here. - Denis, can you tell if he lives here, or he left this place? Look around here with an experienced eye.

- Well... - What do you think? - What is it? - Cigarette butts. - Is it mold? - No. - Bread. - Is it a hamburger? Try it, is it moldy? - No, it's good. - In the thermos? - Yeah, somebody is living here.

- Smells bad. Is this a clock? - Right here, someone burned non-ferrous metals. - He doesn’t burn them properly, though.

There must be a kilo of copper. - Is it copper or aluminum? - Copper, it's all copper. - Copper? - Yeah, there's even gold.

- Look at this black, sooty ceiling. I don't remember whether it was so black before. This is the soot from burning copper. - No, he's also cooking good in the plastic containers. - Friends, since he's not here, we'll go to the corner tunnel and look around.

And when he returns, we will come here and celebrate the holiday. Stop blowing your nose. - Why not? - I see your honker is looking better now. Happy birthday! - Thank you. - Let's go to the corner tunnel, guys. - Let's go.

- Batteries are lying around. - You know, guys, the last time we fried meat with Zhorik, we were in the left square passage of the tunnel from which we came today. We usually come from the round pipe. And now we want to go this way. We always wanted to see what's there. - Yeah. - Pumpkin walks through the vegetable garden, Pumpkin walks through the vegetable garden and asks his family, "Oh, are all pumpkin relatives safe and sound?" All pumpkin relatives.

- Guys, right in the center of Kyiv there's one awesome store where we've been stocking up for many years. From Khreshchatyk, you need to go to Mykhailivska street. And right here is the tourist shop KomandaEx.

There is everything for active recreation and tourism. Backpacks, sleeping bags, mats, boots, burners, and a lot of flashlights. Guys, there are three floors filled with various tourist goods. Let's see what's in the basement. Look, here is the equipment for descending, for ascending. Let's go to the mine now. There's lots of equipment. There's also a lot of stuff for Ukrainian army, volunteers and everyone who goes to hot spots to carry out military tasks. The store is located right in the center of Kyiv. Come here, and you can try everything out in person.

And if you can't come here, then there is delivery throughout Ukraine. Wow! You can go to the dungeons, hiking, and generally everywhere in such boots. Come to the store, say that you learned about it from Super Sus, and get a discount or a nice bonus.

- Come here, the ceiling is low literally for 5 m. - I believe you. Wait. - You brought Coca-Cola with you? - Can I stay here? - No, we wanted you to play violin here.

It's only 10 meters to go. - No, guys. - Sus, take Denis' violin to help him. - No, no, no. - Give me the violin. - Just don't drop it in the water. - Fine. - Okay, let's go.

- Kurava bida [freaking pr*stitute] - What? - It's in gypsy. - What did you say? Kurwa lipida? - Kurava bida. - Kurwa obida? - Kurava bida! - Oh, kurava bida? - Yes. - Oh.

It means "life is not good for everyone". - Oh! - Oh, I figured how I... - What's wrong, dear? Come on, let's go.

- My legs. - You’re making a traffic jam. - [Unintelligible]. - It's okay, it's in a case. - Okay. - You're really good at it.

* Music * - It's okay, I'm climbing. - Well, you climb, but the violin doesn't. - What's going on there? - Come on, Denis. We're almost there. - What fell there? - Huh? - Stop splashing? - Why? - Sus? - Huh? - You're going to get a punch. - It fell.

- Sus. - Yeah, I'm here. - I love you, but I will punch you. - Will you punch my honker too? - Come here already! - I'm coming, give me a sec. - Are you too old for this? It's your birthday. You've never had a birthday like this before. - That's for sure.

- That's pee. - Pee-pee, poo-poo. - What's wrong? Holy cow! Come here already! - Wait! Let me just... Don't drown it, you hear me? Or you'll get into trouble. - Come on. [Unintelligible]. - Exit to the street. - What are you doing? - [Unintelligible]. - Stop, I wash my hands there.

- Let's go. - What's there? - Just a pipe. - Two wells, you say? - Yeah, two. - I'm here. - If it rains, we are screwed. - How do we get out of here now? - Denis, are you here? - Of course.

- Okay, let's go. * Music * - Happy birthday, Denis. - Thank you. - Is this violin strong? - No. But expensive. - Got it. - Dear to the soul and heart. - I'll owe you for the rest of my life if I break it.

- Wow, look at this worm. - Yeah, a pregnant rainworm. - Interesting, how long do they live? 2 or 3 years? - I don't know.

* Music * [Unintelligible]. - Climb here, and we'll make a halt. - How far do we have to go? - I don't know. - Who knows then? - No one. - What did you mean by saying that two wells are 10 m long? - My damn boot! - Where are you, Denis the warrior? - He's walking without a flashlight. - I'm fine! - We must be under some old railroad bridge.

- Yeah, look at those rivets. - Check out this rivet design. - What a great outing. [Unintelligible]. - Okay. - This bridge is so damaged, you see? - When I was climbing here, the railroad was right above me.

- Right here? No way. - Denis, are you still alive? - Yeah, yeah. - Do you like our expedition? - Better than sitting at home. - I agree.

- Make yourself comfortable, we'll make a halt. And I can quickly go there and check how much we still have to go. - You don't remember? - No. - If you want, you can go and check yourself. - Okay, I'll check. - Be quick, jig-jig. - Are you going to check? - Uh-huh.

- Okay. - Sus went on recon so that he can tell us what is there. - Do you really have a birthday today? - Yeah. - How old are you? - I will be 35.

- Why "will"? You are already 35. - Well, yeah. - How would you celebrate your birthday if you didn't come with us? - As always. - And how do you always celebrate? - This is a secret, my friends. It would be fun. But it's even better with Sus. Guys, do you think it's easy to climb in the dungeons with Sus? No. This is nonsense. It's very difficult to climb with him, but it's fun.

- Oh, my new jeans! - A train is above us. Or is it the subway? - A train. The subway would be longer. [Unintelligible].

Who's there? Password! - What, Sus? - Wait. - Are you here? - Yes. - There are two tunnels... - And? - Wait, I'll tell you.

- Okay. - What's there? - Nothing. Why did I have to wear booties? - Everything as usual. Nothing changes.

Ew, Denis! Don't smoke! Your ding-dong won't get up. - It will. - Smoking causes impotence. - That's a lie. - Lie? - Yeah.

- There are so many grandpas who can't get their shlongs up. - Do I know them? I know other grandpas. - So, it's... It's completely unsafe to be here.

If you want, you can see two tunnels yourself. One tunnel goes this way, and the other one is filled with garbage. And this garbage literally pulsates.

And this is about to burst, so all the stones, leaves and garbage will go here. That is, it is no longer possible to reach that brick tunnel. The pipe is completely blocked. With leaves.

- What's holding all this garbage? A grid? - No, the garbage itself, branches. - Some boards? - Yes. - Guys, if you want, we can pull it out with a rope in some other video. - Can you stand in the well there? - Yes.

- If you want, you can show the viewers how it looks. - Is there a point in going there together? - No, the pipe there is 2 times smaller. - So, we won't be able to get out? - We won't. - If I had a phone with me, I would film it, but I don't have one.

- Will you stay here, Denis? - Of course. - And it's very dangerous to stay here, we should get out as soon as possible. God forbid it will rain, we'll be screwed. We'll be covered with garbage, and our guts will be... - It takes one minute to get there? - How long have I been gone? This is the first tunnel, and then there's another one. - Okay, I'll go there very quickly. - And then we'll get out of here.

- Will you wait here? - Yes, of course. - Or is it dangerous to be here? - Are we supposed to leave you? Of course, we'll wait. Go. - Okay, I gotta go. Watch the time. - My feet are completely wet. The water is warm though.

- Okay, I'm going. - Summer rains are very dangerous. A bug is drowning.

- Such a pipe can be filled with water in 2-3 minutes. When a heavy downpour begins, a huge amount of water flows into all the storm drains. * Music * - Here's another well which can serve as an emergency exit if something happens. What a centipede. Here, you see? Do you remember the video with Kotofey when we pumped garbage out of such a pulp? - Kotofey, what is it? - This is a drainage drain, but it is clogged and needs to be cleaned.

- I also wanted to open it. - We'll help the city now. - Does it work? - Of course. - Wow. - Wow, that's a waterfall! Kotofey, be careful, we are going to drown! - It's okay, we aren't. * Music * - See, guys? Such a weird thing. Write in the comments, if you want us to come here and remove the pulp when the weather is fine.

This tunnel leads somewhere further. If you want, we can check where it leads. Now, we'll go back to wait for Ilya, the birthday boy. * Music * - Denis! Are you ready? - [Unintelligible].

- Okay, I got you. Guys, if you want us to open that thing, we'll tie a rope to it, stand in a safe place, take Ilya with us for he's a professional, and unclog it. Because the pipe can be filled with water, and we should prevent it.

Look, the garbage is floating. - Look, look. - What's there? - I don't know. So, guys, if you want, we can make another video here. The water began to rise, so we'll go back to Ilya to celebrate his birthday. - Well, yeah. - Why are you messing around? - Poop.

- Did you touch poop? - Yeah. - What are you doing? - Oh my God, can you wait? - Sus, did you miss outings? - Yeah. I put on shoe covers, but I realized that it wasn't necessary. My butt feels so cool right now. It's very hot outside right now, 48 degrees heat, I guess. Very stuffy before the rain.

And I wet my [...]. Feels so cool. It was so hot before. - A train. - Guys, our country is at war now, everyone's having a rough time. We don't receive any money from YouTube. And all money that we have, we try to donate to the army.

If you want to support the Super Sus channel, you can become the sponsor just for $1 per month. Support Super Sus. And we're going further. To congratulate Ilya on his birthday. - Denis, are you okay? - Mm-hm. - Denis! - Yes? - Wake up! * Music * - Denis! Do you practice sports self-gratification? - No. - Why?

- Because. - Why? - Why? - Because I said so. - Denis, do you have a wife and kids? - No. - Who do you have? - A brother.

- Would you like to adopt me? - No. - You don't want to make me your baby? - No. - Why? - You're too old already? - If I misbehave, you will pull me by the nose. I will bring you a cigarette or a shot every morning. I will carry your violin to concerts. - I'll think about it.

- Do you have spare violin bolts? - Yes. - The case fell apart. - What? - The case fell apart. - Are you joking? - Do you have spare bolts? - I will kill you.

- I will stab you. - I will kill you, violinist. I will kill you, violinist! - What's there, Denis? - I wanna pee. - Pee in your pants, no time to relax. Pee in your pants already. - Look what I found while you were gone. That's a piece of a bronze jug.

Look. - That's bronze. Or maybe even gold. And a ring. - Really? - Here, look.

- Maybe there's something else? - Here was the royal railway, and I found here either a copper or a gold ring. - Must be a railwayman's ring. He was robbed and thrown into a ditch. - A piece of bronze. - Does it mean we can find treasures here? - Yeah, we can bring Kamrad with us.

- Let's go? - Let's go. * Music * * Music * - Where is he? - What? - Where is that student? I'll kill this dirty b*stard. - Did you mess up the violin?? - No, not at all. - Dear, are you alive? - Yes.

- Here you go. - Looks like he moved - You think so? Where would he go? - I don't know, maybe in a hostel nearby. - Tough. But cool. - Look at this cool headlamp. Must be "Fenix" or something.

There are even spare parts for it. - Microphone. - Yeah, microphone. - Microphone! You get it? - Let's try to determine the degree of vital activity of this place. - Looks like he's been here recently.

- What is interesting here? - He's been here recently. - Is it Ralph Lauren there or what? - Loudspeakers. - Look. The same as mine. - Original? Oh, it's Lacoste. - Ralph Lauren, not Lacoste.

- Polo. - Polo Lacoste. - Not Lacoste. - Limited edition Lacoste polo.

- You get it? - What? - Why does he need this thing? - He's a car guy. - God forbid. - Philippines... - Denis, what else is there? - ...wash like colored clothes. - iPhone? - iPad. - Are those shivs there? - There may be trip wires, be careful.

- A razor. This is... Wow! No, no, no.

- He just prepared for war. - Of course. - What if Big Bro visits him? - What are those glasses? - These are probably the glasses we gave him. - Oh my. - These are the glasses we gave him. Show me.

Denis, will the party begin? What do you think, will we see the owner today? - No. - When was the last time a person was here? - A couple of days ago. - 3 or 4 days, that's for sure. - There is no human smell. When you enter... What are you doing?

Don't even think about pressing it. - I know. - He smelled it.

You can't smell pepper spray. - I can't? - Of course not. - When Ilya is at home, there's a specific stench that spreads right up to the exit. Do you remember that specific smell? - Do you like the party? You can live here for a couple of days while Ilya isn't home. - No, no.

- How much do you have to be paid to spend one night here? - How many dollars? - What? - This question was addressed to you. - Denis, would you live here for 6 months so that... - No. - ...so that putin would die? - No, no... Oh, yes!

- Yes? - Yes. - I would live here with you so that putin would die. - Can we bring girls here? - Yes. - Just a couple. - Sl*ttish? - We would bring those toothless **** from the station. - Maybe 5 of them.

Not more. - Who pee themselves. - It just dawned on me, maybe he's celebrating somewhere? Maybe he's partying with some boys? - Well, yeah. Quite possible. He's 40 years today. - I don't think so. - Why?

- I am here. - And he's there. - Let's wait for him? Where can he be? Let's wait. What else can we do? - Denis, my dear, can we wait here until morning? - Okay. - But it will cost you 20 hryvnias. * Music * [Mimosa] * Music * - Misfortune.

- Did it break? - Yes. - Why? - [Unintelligible]. A train. - Friends, it's 11 pm, it's curfew now, we need to get home. The honorable man is not here.

If you want, we can come back here later. We'll leave him a note here. We must congratulate him because we respect him. "Ilya...", yeah? The Bear, yeah.

[Ilya, happy birthday to you from Sus and friends]. - That's it. I think, he'll understand. We'll leave him a cake and lemonade. Let him enjoy life. And if you guys want, we can come back here, right? - Sure. It's curfew now, only God knows where he is now. - Maybe he left the town? - I don't know, it's hard to tell.

- It's going to rain now, and we will be washed away from here. So, Denis, I don't recommend you to stay here for a long time. - [Unintelligible]. - Look at him. He's eating, he's eating without us!

- Eat, eat. And don't listen to anyone. Friends, the moment has come when we came, but he is not here. That's crazy. Look, the violin got a little dirty with poop. - That's your fault. - My fault?

- Who else's? - I didn't touch it. * Music * - Write in the comments, should we come back there or not? We don't know where he is. [Unreleased. January 2022]

- Ecosystem. Oh, stereo system. - Stereo! - What is it, liquid soap? - Yeah. - Morning procedure, washing hands. - Yeah. They get dirty.

[Unintelligible]. They won't wash off, the water is cold. - If the soap is good, they'll wash off even in the cold water. - Yeah. - Do you have a radio here? Wash your face and eyes too. - Let's go? The boys are waiting. - Let me wear my pants first.


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