$30 BEST DINNER I had in India

$30 BEST DINNER I had in India

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Good afternoon my friends, and welcome back to another video here in Kerala. I think this might actually be my last one in Kerala so I’m sad to say that but we got a proper series here and you guys really got to know the city along with myself as we explore this amazing area. So now we're actually gonna be heading out. I figured one final meal should also be the one final video. So we're gonna

head over to what I found to be one of the top spots to get some local foods here and so we're gonna cruise on over. I think I have about a 15 minute walk from actually I don't even know exactly where I’m in guys but I’m on like the mainland. I’m not over by fort Kochi where I’m staying. I’m just cruising this way so

we'll see you once we get over there. Hello. Hello. Guys an update I just talked to the hair man and he's actually gonna meet me. So we're gonna head to a place called Sunset on the Jetty. So actually I’m gonna be taking an Uber here. We got a

guy coming ending in 243 license plate. good name is Vishal. 19- nope, 243 243. No sign of him. Hello my friend.

Hello my friend, I’m looking for you right now. I’m at the corner of the street. Let's see here you are on-- Okay I see you. You've gotta take a a right, I’m across the street. Oh I see you. I see you, I see you. Look- look diagonally right here.

Hold on, the bus is in the way. Right here, right here. Alright, which way? Alright, you got it. Hello Vishal, how are things? Oh very good.

How’s your day? Very good. Yes please. You’re from Kerala? Yeah I’m from Kerala.

Yeah, very nice place. I’m from the US. Yeah like mostly you like this season you like. The hot season, yeah. Yeah, yeah. It’s a good time to go in the pool or the ocean.

So guys we're cruising over. We've got roughly a 13-minute ride to get us over to the restaurant we're gonna be eating at called Sunset at the Jetty. We've got our good man here Vishal who's taking care of us. Thank you my friend, nani Aliyah. Thank you. And yeah, we're gonna be cruising over there. The good news is guys since we're

gonna be heading to Munnar tomorrow. He just informed me that the weather's gonna be quite nice there a little cold if we're up in the mountains but warm for the most part and no rain. So it's gonna be a nice time and I can't wait to show you guys that side but until we get to tomorrow's video when we head up there, I am going to be showing you guys what's said to be one of the top restaurants for sunset in all of Kochi so I’m pretty excited for that. So guys our good friend here Vishal, he's telling us that the island run Wellington Island right here is actually a man-made, island by a British man from many, many years ago well over what would you say 100 years. More than that yeah, this entire island is completely man-made so it's pretty wild when you imagine that because it's a very long-stretched island. And so I guess the gentleman's name was first name Wellington- last name's Wellington, first name is not sure.

Yeah I’m not sure either but yeah it was named after the British man who had- had this island built way back in the day so a lot of history packed into it. Interestingly enough, it's a very much prime location and I would say I’ve seen just driving in here a lot of areas where there is either development there that is kinda overgrown meaning like the houses or buildings are kinda just not being used anymore haven't been for many, many years and then there's some areas like this that are super modern and beautiful. I think we're coming up on the Taj Malabar Resort and Spa right there so we'll see you guys once we get in. I’m not entirely certain I can film when we first walk in.

I just made it down to the Taj right here. As you can see, we've got some incredible views of the sunset now let me tell you the bad news first of all, so sunset on the jetty is apparently on a boat and the boat's already left which is not a surprise because the sun's going down already. But yeah, I just kinda teleported us to the table because since we are at a Taj hotel, they're probably quite strict when it comes to filming. Kingfisher please my friend, thank you. So yeah guys, the bad news is is out here I guess they're not serving food even though it's a really beautiful area but the crows are always out to look to get some chow so they around this time after the boat leaves, the only place you got is a restaurant inside. So we got the hair man coming here soon, we'll go ahead and wait for him to arrive and if he's down to eat here then we'll eat here otherwise maybe we'll go somewhere else.

Oh yeah guys, you know what time it is, it's kingfisher time. Let's get this thing poured right there, gonna toss that there. You guys can watch me pour this thing. Oh yeah, look at that so kingfisher if you're not familiar, this is a beer that's brewed in India. So you can definitely get it outside of India but it's as fresh as it gets when you get it from here so that is an ice cold, nice cold. Let's give it a shot here try it out.

Guys I don't know what looks better than that the sunset, some palm trees in the distance and a nice ice cold, nice cold right there with boats going by. Talk about a picturesque feeling here, yeah it's a nice spot. I would definitely- definitely stay here the next time I’m not entirely certain how much it costs but I’m gonna keep it as a potential option in the future because it's such a cool spot to just sit here and look out. Look at this massive boat going by. It laid down its horn and I was like whoa, what was that? It was so loud, it echoed through everywhere. It is incredible that

a boat that massive is able to float. I mean it makes perfect sense when you look at the physics of the shapes of the boats, the density of the water. I’m probably sounding smarter than I am. I

don't even know what I’m saying is correct but when you look at it, you're like just wow that is massive and especially with how slow that boat's driving out right now. Look it's gotta be going only like two kilometers an hour maybe it just looks like that because it's so big. You got the crow visitors up here. Come back bro. You’re gonna squeak at me, I’m gonna film you. Guys I think that's the boat the sunset on the jetty coming this way. Oh everyone's got life jackets on there. I

wonder if they're expecting that thing to sink. No, I’m just kidding. Better safe than sorry guys. Yeah but it looks like a pretty vibey boat, very full though. It doesn't look like people were eating out there maybe they just went out there to chill. Oh that sun sometimes gets me guys. Whenever the sunlight cause I took my sunglasses off, it just gets me maybe that's not the sunset on the jetty. It says neo-classic

tours but I mean that's pretty sweet if you're staying here, you can literally get picked up outside your hotel. You don't have to walk too far if you're staying up there, you just cruise right on down and there's your boat. Guys and once again if you saw two days ago's video, sire. By the sire, I mean this guy right here. So I was talking to one of the nice gentlemen that worked here Jensen and he I was trying to figure out some things about- about the local language here and then I noticed his eyes looked up but I was like in the midst of a thought but I didn't notice like there was a suspicious look up and because he looked down because like normally when you look up, you look up for like a certain amount of time but he looked up and then looked down really fast and I was like, what's going on? And all of a sudden, I was like because this guy scared the hell out of me.

Send you the clips. Yeah, yeah exactly. We might have to input that right here. Looks like I’ve arrived. It's actually

connected to the Taj hotel. We’ve gotta find a wild sire, where is he? He’s not here, maybe- maybe he's over there. Yeah the security of this Taj is a lot less intense than in Mumbai but that is for- for obvious reasons.

Is that him over there? Oh wow, this is beautiful. Let’s have a look, we can see him. Let's try and scare him, okay.

They never say those types of words. Hello sire. Hello sire.

Jesus Christ. You got me good. I noticed his eyes looked up. I was like what is he looking at? Yeah, yeah. Thank you very much and we got a good man Jensen, so how long you been working here? Yeah 31 years so he knows this place better than anyone and a really nice guy has been teaching me some- some of the local language. I found out guys if you saw in my other videos, this whole time that I was saying alia, I’m saying sister's husband so that's Luke Damant’s faults. Luke, if you're watching this, you

told me this and I put this in my notes. So there must be some sort of slang or lost in translation stuff but I guess in Tamil when we were in Sri Lanka for those of you guys that were around since then, we were told to say machan which is very common for like dude, bro that type of thing. In Sinhalese, it's taken that way but I guess in Tamil, it means like your cousin-in-law or like brother-in-law. So I think using the word

brother-in-law must be like some sort of slang in some of these languages in this part of the world because Luke would have had to learn that from somewhere else. He’s been to Kerala multiple times like you don't just learn alia that's such a random you know one like but the direct translation is probably what it means. Right. You know just like when people try and translate bro and they look up, it's like- like brother by birth. Yeah. You know

but bro it's like yo, what's up bro? I’m guessing that's what it means. Yeah, yeah. Comment below guys probably at this point, you literally saw like 12 of my videos and you've commented so many times about why I shouldn't use aliyah but you're finding out right now that my videos are delayed. So that's why I keep

using aliyah. And I thought I was gonna miss the sunset guys, and I thought they're gonna have to change this place to just jetty because I missed the sunset but we're here for Sunset at the Jetty. Just in time bro. Yeah. Yeah and there's- there's something lost in translation. I

guess that boat over there just came back. That's the one that I thought you have dinner out but I guess they just take you out for sunset and- Yeah we are- we are getting the main event. Yeah, yeah I guess so and then there- there is a boat right there, it's like built into the- it's built into the what's it called the hotel itself and you can eat in there but it opens at 7:30.

So now it's gonna-- yeah exactly that's the one. There he is. Sire got a proper wave out of them. Everyone’s just staring at me. Now’s the perfect chicken thigh time.

I need a chicken thigh. Sorry everyone. The king- the king has arrived. The five-star hotel is not how you

behave. The nicest one in the entire city. I haven't even had any beers yet guys. Yeah well, he's gotta get himself a king fisher guys locally brewed ready to go. Guys we just got our first little snack there. Mr. Jaggard's got his kingfisher and as you can see, we've got some plantains let's try them out. Oh very good, it's honestly like a healthier version of a chip.

As we're looking at the final moments of the sun setting, I must say this place is a proper vibe. Hello. Hello. We got a wave, you guys probably can't see it but the boys are waving.

Guys as you can see, we've got the palm trees all lit up now so it's certified vibe and look at the water right here, it literally looks like a river of gold just splashing around there. The sun's fully set but some of the colors are still showing off quite nicely here so we're just enjoying guys. Honestly, the kingfishers are taking care of us so it's a good time and then we're gonna be having a nice meal but in order to take on the proper experience while we're over here at the Taj area. You know we're taking each step of tonight's experience very slowly. It was directly right there. Oh you see it. Oh my God.

It’s literally guys you probably can't see this but there's a dolphin right out because I’ll probably have to insert a phone clip here. I didn't expect that. Oh there it goes. They’re playing hide and seek now. Alright guys, unfortunately they've gone back into hiding but I got a small clip on my phone that I’ll put in there but just if you look at it obviously in the GoPro, it's not gonna be as beautiful as it is in reality or real time but the colors have just progressed a little bit more. You almost have a salmon color of the water mixed with the skyline. It's

very, very beautiful. You do have the crows making a lot of noise up there. I hear you my guy, get down from there guy. Easy.

You know you're talking to. Yeah, we done. It's over. We have some salad and soup and if you like inside, take the buffet from inside. So basically we don't order

anything. We’ll get everything on table for you can only you can do, take the buffet. If you need more food, you can take the buffer from inside and come back. Oh perfect, can you tell me when he's gonna start flipping stuff on the grill because we wanna film some. Yeah sure. Thank you my friend. My pleasure. Good man. Thank you Alex. So guys as you heard here,

we are- it was probably an abrupt transition but what happened was our buddy Alex just came over, set us up on the table because we had asked him, can we actually eat out here because it was a bit confused like I said when we first got here of which restaurants were open and when and it makes sense though because as you can probably tell by the sound effects, the crows have decided to go to sleep for the night which means they're not gonna be chowing down on our chow and so over here, there's an outdoor grill there they're making kebabs. They're making seafood. They're making multiple types of meat, all types of good stuff and so there's kind of like I guess an all you can eat type thing here where you join. I don't know for how much yet we'll share that with you guys at the end of the video, and you can eat as much as you want and you can even have access to the buffet inside. Now I have been hitting the gym. I

don't know if I’ll be doing three or four plates here but I’ll definitely take you guys on a proper tour and so as soon as we see our buddy over there, el chef the man. Oh we're giving him a wave. Nope, no wave. He doesn't see me yeah, he probably can't see me. As soon as he gets going though we'll- we'll take you guys with us to see how he gets this going. So we are at the best hotel in all of Kochi so I have very high expectations for how good the meal is gonna be. My guess is it's

gonna be maybe 20, 25 dollars per person. What are you guessing for the food only without the kingfisher? Twenty, twenty dollars. Yeah twenty dollars that's a fair guess with the kingfishers probably two three maybe four bucks a pop but you guys gotta stick around to the end to find out. Thanks, your good

name? Nandu. Nandu, it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Mac and you're the chef you're the king of this place yeah? Yeah, very nice so and it's N-a-n-d-u. N-a-n-d-u, yes.

Oh perfect. So Nandu is gonna be taking us in for a little tour of how he makes this magical sensation of food that he's gonna be cooking up on these multiple sets of grills here. Oh baby, we've already got some good stuff right behind us too. You ready for this sire? It don't mind me. No, no. What have we got, a proper marination process going on here? Oh it's not cool you're gonna have to. Marination.

Oh so he's tossing on the- the red stuff that's the spicy one, yeah. Medium spicy. Medium spice, oh that's the good style then. This is so you're- you're basting it? Yes. Oh

yeah, yeah, yeah you know. He knows, he's been in Mumbai for too long. I know I’ve been watching too many Gordon Ramsey. Oh yeah, just like him. Oh there we

go. Oh Kerala special, we love Kerala special. Godzilla and country. Yes. Yeah. Oh, oh and we're getting that one piece and that one's a salmon? Oh, mahi mahi.

Oh that's a delish one then. Wow. So I’m actually not cooking for the Kerala spices. And it's caught right here fresh on the ocean? Yes sir. Oh wow, wow, wow.

There’s the tiger bone. And that's the big one, big one so there you go. Wow, so that's basically like a mega shrimp. Yes. Oh. Oh yeah, look at that thing he's gonna think buttered up.

Oh whenever you're ready. Let's get them- Let’s get them going. Is that calamari right there? Oh geez, a deep fried. Deep fried, no.

Oh grilled even better then. Oh perfect. So you're kinda like adding your own Kerala- Kerala little flavor to it. Oh yeah, the proper salt there with that tea you know. Alright, so he's getting that thing all mixed up in there. We've got some big

things about to happen now. How are you? Chef as well yeah. You’re a chef as well. Sous chef yeah. Very nice. Your good name? Anandu. Very good, nice to meet you both.

Oh yeah, so the fun's about to happen here. Should we go in? Oh alright, here we go. We've got some big things that are about to happen here. Our man Nandu is about to toss this right on- Oh, oh and oh baby, you can hear that sizzle coming in hot, that's gonna be g quadruple o d.

Oh good. Oh you guys you can already smell the sweet smells not by sweet the flavor but the delicious smells of what's going on here. Yeah just one minute. Oh you're gonna take two or three minutes. Two or three minutes and this thing will be perfected. Alright, the calamari is gonna be one minute that's gonna be two to three minutes. Oh yeah. Oh we got some other good stuff out there. We got pastas, we

got a lot going on. Sorry. Harry and Mac. Nice to meet you as well my friends. You guys will be in our YouTube videos.

We’re gonna flip the bad boys together shall I flip them? Yes sir. Oh he's taking it all, yeah I got you bro. I worked in a- I worked in a restaurant under Gordon Ramsey for a few years in London. So yeah. Guys we're gonna find out if this is true remember when he said he played cricket and he couldn't ball it.

I actually have a Michelin star so just watching them, I’ll teach you. We’re about to find out if you can triple backflip the shrimp then it'll work. Okay, let's see what he's got going on we call him a chef Jaggard.

Oh and we're losing all the spices. They call the Salt Bae. Oh there we go.

Yeah like a natural. Oh and we're bam, whoa. Oh. Perfect, when do I start, Monday? Monday.

Oh yeah. So you guys just saw Mr. Jaggard take over the chef's kitchen here. Let's put

it this way, we'll give them a six out of ten for the flip you know when one hits the other one that's a bit of a problem but hey you know one day at a time. Oh oh here we go, so we're about to mix it all in then. Yeah oil it up, get her going. Alright, alright.

Oh there we go, set down nice and easy. So not only is he putting it down there nice and easy so that way you don't lose the stuff because see where Harry put it down, it all sprayed off the meat he lost it. He said it down there very carefully so that way the red stuff stays on and then he also put in a way where the presentation's quite nice. Yeah, you're

really showing me up here boss. Marinate to the fish will take more basting. Oh yeah. I mean these were caught today? Yeah. Wow. So guys as you can see we got the water right there and now we've got the grill right here those fish didn't have to travel too far to be chowed down on. Alright, there we go. Oh see that that's the key. He kept all the

spices on there. Oh, oh it slid right under there just like just slide into the dm. Oh yeah, you know before you even know it you're right in there. And we've got probably got 30 seconds left and these things are done if we're talking one minute to get the chow going. Interesting I’ve never had- never

had seafood spicy seafood, have you? No, never but today's gonna be the first. Actually not I when I had the chicken biryani at the la cafe here in here in India bro. No seafood spicy. Oh yeah, when I went to the la cafe they gave me prawns. It was light spice. Oh so this is the Kerala way. Yeah. Oh are they supposed to be boiling up? Oh yeah they are. Yeah.

We got the fresh mashed potatoes getting going there. Yeah. Quick little slide and we're bam. This isn't his first yet. No definitely not and we’re bam. Oh those things are looking juicy, very juicy. Alright, guys back to the table here. Oh

wow. Later you can have more prawn, more fish I’ll bring it on here. Oh fantastic, I can't wait to try this out. This was flipped by Harry Jaggard himself, right. Wow. Thank you so much Alex, you're the mam. Thank you. Thank you. Can I bring beer for

you? Yes please. Oh yeah. Alright, guys we're about to chow down. I’m very excited to try this to be honest as you guys know sometimes, I say that I like seafood. Sometimes I say I don't like seafood but surprisingly all the stuff that's on this plate is like literally the items that I actually love when it comes to seafood calamari, shrimp, giant shrimp. My, my I don't know that I’ve ever even had it. So actually that's probably where I should start and check it out. So I just took a little piece,

ripped it off there the mahi mahi just basically broke off. Oh yeah, you can smell the Indian spices on there. Wow. Alright, to be quite honest with you guys, I did not expect that. The reason why I say that is because I was thinking mahi-mahi might taste a little bit more like fishy. You know when like you're walking by the ocean it smells fishy things like it just tastes like very fishy very seafoody but this doesn't. It actually tastes like a

cousin's grandson's uncle of chicken you know with a spice on there, and it melts in your mouth. That might be one of the tastiest fish that I’ve had. Actually I’m not making that up at all guys. So let's try out one of the mini

prawns. Oh. Spicy? Oh yeah, we got a nice little kick to it, nice spice but very delicious. The interesting part about this red sauce that's on it, I don't know the name but since it has such an overpowering kind of like taste to it, scent everything.

It totally changes the feeling of eating the seafood like right now I’ve had a lot of like raw shrimp when you dip it in in the US way like maybe some sort of like marinara in a lot of different places you guys are probably familiar with that but here using these like Indian style sauces that have such a strong taste. It really totally changes the dynamic of the food in such a nice way like I give this shrimp a 10 out of 10. and it's rare that I actually give a 10 out of 10. Made very well-cooked to a nice chewiness and a very, very strong flavor to it. I’m

putting a lot of emphasis on these words guys because those are the flavors that I’m feeling. It’s a chicken tikka is the it's this the red stuff that's what it is. Chicken tikka. Chicken tikka. Yeah chicken tikka. That’s very nice. So guys we have the calamari, it's grilled. Personally my favorite type

of calamari is generally fried calamari but grilled is also quite nice. Trying it out there. Oh wow, it's crazy because only in one minute that calamari was cooked to a perfection and it tastes fantastic guys and one last one, the grilled prawn. Oh baby, we're just gonna take a bite right out of the side of that.

Oh it's still got the skin on it. Oh you're gonna use your lips right, you grab it right out of the skin there. You know it. Oh baby, juicy and thick. Guys this is some of the best seafood I’ve had for sure the best I’ve had in India and also the only seafood that I’ve had so far yet in India no second time but I’m blown away Taj you did it again, it is delish. Alright, guys course number two has arrived. So as you can see

here we've got a proper size portion, we've got the seafood and the nice part since it is a buffet, they were already gonna bring us out more seafood but I was like you know what we're gonna taste the other meats first, try those out and then after that if we still have room for others we'll move in on it. Alright, so I don't know which to try first but this hot dog looking thing which I’m guessing is chicken sausage looks like it. Oh yeah, let's try that one first. We’re gonna dip it in a little bit of the- it almost looks like a1 sauce.

Oh yeah, it does taste very similar to a hot dog if I’m honest at first but then when you take another bite, it's got I don't know almost like a a buttery chickeny taste to it, very flavorful very, very flavorful. Now we're gonna try out the chicken here. Let’s check that out. I still haven't been able to identify exactly what the sauce is. I’m gonna get a lot of sauce on this one.

Yeah I kinda work it out. Yeah, it's got some sort of like it's definitely like a typical steak sauce, very light like to be honest with the last course since we had so much spice, I was expecting something very overpowering but actually since it's not very overpowering, it's got a nice subtle taste to it to change the meat's flavor slightly or enhance it I guess it's a better way. Now mix with the chicken. Guys that taste brings me back to like nostalgia of like a summertime barbecue where you got the grill going, you got all the meats on the grill some delicious sauces on it and oh fantastic. Now we're gonna try out what looks to be some sort of steak. I’m not entirely certain what it is guys. it could be goat

could be lamb at this point, we're just gonna taste it figure it out. That’s a delish steak. Sorry, if this is offending anyone. I don't know for sure if it actually is steak or not maybe it's another type of animal but what I can tell you is that aside from that without any disrespect, it tastes very delicious. A match made in heaven. Yeah you know, you know when the sound effects start coming out that means you know I’m happy. So we're gonna take

those mashed potatoes now, dip it in a little bit of that sauce right there. Oh yeah. Yeah that's good. Oh yeah, love the mashes. Now this almost

looks like a mini corn. No right there that looks like a little some sort of like I’m not even sure guys, I’m not good at guessing all the vegetables because I don't eat vegetables as often as I should. I do know the broccoli and the green beans so let's try that out. Guys that is great. It's almost like best for last, do love my prawns, my shrimps, calamari, mahi mahi but having some traditional stuff like that mixed with the vegetables delish. Alright, guys as

you can see here, I honestly let me tell you this did not expect this that we were getting another plate of meat. This looks like a chicken. This looks like I wanna say based on the texture and the compound of it that it might be fried mozzarella or a fried cheese tofu. I think. That's a fair guess tofu and then the mini corn and the cobs. So I’m just gonna go right here we're going to grab that nice nice, nice looking chicken right there. Oh

baby, along with that green sauce. Oh there’s fireworks. We've got fireworks out there. Very far away you can’t see on camera because I can't even hardly see it behind the trees. Oh yeah, I can't see it. Right look at that. Oh yeah I see that. Yeah you guys zero

percent chance you can see that. So back to the meal then we're gonna be chowing down on the delist chow here, let's try it out. I’m quite certain that's some sort of green curry sauce and let me tell you this, I thought I didn't have any more room in this belly but now that I tried the green curry sauce along with this freshly grilled chicken, I could do six more plates. Now we're gonna try what Harry believes is tofu. I thought was some sort of fried cheese and we're gonna see what's accurate, ready guys.

Analyzing, long analyzation. I can't tell I’m like 90 certain that that must be cheese but I think I might have convinced my mind that it was cheese and I haven't had enough tofu to know the difference so I’ll be curious what Mr. Jaggard says when he goes in but let's try to keep this going here guys. We're gonna need a little pepper a little mini corn on the cob here, very delicious guys. One of my favorite parts about eating food that's on the grill is it such a unique flavor that you can only get when you cook it on the grill because when you're cooking on a grill, you get a very light taste of some of the other ingredients that are used on there and so it gives it that perfect like charcoal type of feel just slightly along it when you cook it to the right amount. Very delicious guys massive compliments to the chefs here. Guys so

Harry had the same predicament, he could not tell if it was tofu or if it was some sort of grilled cheese so actually our good friends if you remember them the servers Alex, he came over and we asked him and he said, it's actually like a grilled cottage cheese which totally threw me off but I was not surprised that it was cheese because it very faintly had that cheese flavor whereas like you know when you think something's gonna taste like something and then it doesn't that's what made me question like is it tofu, is it not but regardless it was very delicious. What'd you think over there bro? It's a good analyzation from yourself and I have to say delicious meal served in these perfectly sized quantities of food and lovely to try not just seafood or not just meat, we've got a little bit of both and I love the barbecue style caramelized and very scrumptious. The best of the best. And the lion.

The king for the kingfisher. And now we drink sire. To health and well happiness. Huzzah.

We’re heading in here to get some dessert guys. Apparently inside the buffet area, we're gonna get some dessert. Live music too.

Let’s see what we got going on over here, fresh desserts. Oh yeah, it's gonna be delish. Yeah, we almost skipped dessert. I’m going to start out with pineapple so I can at least justify everything I’m gonna be chowing on. Some fine dankel and then we got bread putting in a brownie. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah. I’ll take one of those. They'll be saying get in my belly real soon and a college you men. What is this little gig? I’m gonna take one. Oh yeah, you're getting one. Oh yeah, one

cala something as you guys can see, we got a lot more dessert options here as well but I think that's all I’m going to get for dessert. Keep it nice and simple. Alright, there we go. Alright, here we go guys, we're gonna start with the pineapple. Then we're gonna try the cala something, a very juicy and syrupy type of ball. That’s nice, very rich in flavor and then the brownie loaded with nuts.

These nuts, that is quite nice mix that in with a little pineapple. That guys, that is a proper meal here in Kochi. I think this is the best possible way to finish off my time exploring this amazing, amazing city of Kochi. So I’ll see you guys once the bill arrives so we can share with you how much it costs to have such an amazing meal and guys by bill, I meant ice cream just kidding. Joke's on you guys. We're

chow- we're chowing down a little bit more, we're gonna do a little butterscotch bite. Because I ordered it. One of each. Because the one's more yellow. That's supposed to be. It must be because the other one's gotta be vanilla. I guess we'll find out. Oh both are very good guys. To be honest,

I made the mistake not talking to Jensen sooner Jensen was our waiter if you remember from earlier in the video, he stopped over and said they had ice cream because I was thinking the only thing that I was gonna say is my critical feedback would be if I was eating that brownie, I would like to have ice cream with it because it's just a match made in heaven you guys know that but then he came and offered ice cream and I was like, oh I don't think I can grab another brownie been working out too much to give in but let me tell you this, it's quite good. What do you think over there? Lost for words bro. How many courses we have now like four? Something like that. So just living like kings with the kingfisher beers. Yeah really nice meal, lovely atmosphere kind staff, beautiful views. What else can I say? Absolutely divine.

Yeah it's- it's a great vibe over here guys. So now I think the next time I’ll see you will be when the bill arrives so I can tell you how much this costs. What are your guesses on the bill per person in US? US per person 25. 25. Alright, mine's 30. and let's see here.

7820 50. Wow. You thought wrong brother so that includes two meals, four kingfishers so just the meals. What's 5 000? We said the whole thing. Yeah exactly. I’m just saying what's 5 000 rupees, 65. So about yeah 32 dollars a person so wasn't far off but yeah guys that's the cost to eat at Kochi's number one restaurant.

Alright, honestly worth it. Not worth it now I’m taking it. Brother that's for you, thank you so much. We will see you. Harry, I’ll catch you in Munnara at some point. Good time. Later bro. Thank you so much. 10 out of 10 meal

tell the chef, I said thank you. We'll see you guys. Alright, guys we got our Uber waiting for us right now, a good man somewhere out here. Hello. Alright, let's see we got a guy somewhere out here and ending in 4-2 dark red tiago, dark red tiago. Alright, I can't find him. Oh there you go, there

he is. Uber? Yeah. No he just drove away. One of those Uber drivers who keeps messaging me what's your location what's your location? I was watching on the map and he just drove away. Yeah it's like bro are you serious? He's somewhere over here. He wants me to tell

him my exact location. Guys that's- that's what you get sometimes is like I don't know why these Uber drivers do it. I guess they like only wanna take rides that are- that are I guess a certain amount of distance which like I get but it's like dude, I just waited for you for like 10 minutes, why are you asking me that now why don't you call me right away? And you can see him, he's just sitting on the map like hiding right there like I don't know, I don't know why he's over there maybe he's typing something because he was- he was literally just like right in front and I saw him drive away because I spotted his car. I don't think I had that part on

video but I’m just like dude like I’m gonna give you a nice tip anyways if you bring me/ I get they don't want it like a short ride but the at the same time it's like waiting outside really gonna be that much better. There it is. Hello, I’m not entirely certain why he's parked all the way over here but we're going to catch him. I would laugh so hard if you drove away right now. Hello, how are things? Everything’s good? Yeah. Perfect.

I saw you drive away and I was like oh I think you thought I was somewhere else. This is okay? Yes. Alright, guys and just made it back to the hotel room. I kinda just fast forwarded that from being in the car but yeah basically I don't know maybe that Uber driver was like upset or something so I got out of the car I was like, oh thank you so much, he just looked at me and looked back and I’m pretty sure he understood English because when I first got in the car when I messaged him, he was messaging me finding English. So yeah you know what I left him on an extra 100 rupees in the app and so hopefully, he'll get that. I’ll make his day a little bit

better not entirely certain why he was like trying to avoid picking me up. That was bizarre to me but anyways super good night anyways guys very happy with my last night here in Kochi. Thank you so much. The whole staff over at the Taj hotel, this is definitely not a sponsored video, we paid for it straight out of our pockets. I just really liked the experience there and so yeah, we'll see you guys in tomorrow's video. Make

sure to smash that like button if you've enjoyed this one. Hit that subscribe button if you guys aren't already because we got a lot more India videos coming and we'll see you tomorrow.

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