Греция стоит ли переезжать? Жизнь наших в Греции 2022

Греция стоит ли переезжать? Жизнь наших в Греции 2022

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Describe Greece in a few words, if possible. Sea, sun, two words. Sea, sun and lots and lots of meat. There is a cult of children and old people. Three children are good in Greece. Schools in Greece are wonderful. Free education provided to everyone from all over the world. 200 meters

from the sea for the Greek is already a lot, for us it is fine. I fell in love with a cuttlefish here for example. The Greeks are very, very, very compassionate, well sympathize, help will always help. Greeks will always help they will never pass by clearly. Here without English you won't find a real job.

Passionate Violators Greeks, but they violate it not aggressively. They just run red lights. They are received a fine of something 60 thousand euros for that they remained open after 12 midnight when they were supposed to close. That is, here they don't joke about it. hello to you Svetlana. Now we are in the country where 80 percent of the territory is mountains and there are up to six thousand islands. In this country originated

Olympic Games and this country is called the cradle of European civilization and democracy. This is Hellas or Greece. What is the real Greece and How is our life there? In this video we you and we will know. Meet Boris. He will talk about life in Greece. Prior to that, he lived 8 years in Bulgaria, and even before 20 years he lived in Canada. Where did you come to Greece from?

I came to Greece from Bulgaria. Can you briefly talk about Bulgaria? Yes, I lived in Bulgaria 8 years. Good Bulgaria. Positive. Very low taxes. Probably in Bulgaria the lowest taxes in Europe Union. I say this simply as a person who is doing business. But Bulgarian

bureaucracy. This is a problematic story. State kindergartens, this is positive, of course, because it is inexpensive, at the European level. Roads are being built, slowly, but they are being built. Here good autobahn. Made from Sofia to Thessaloniki. There were problematic conditions, in the sense for construction, because of the mountainous terrain.

A lot had to be done, there are tunnels heavy. Where did you come to Bulgaria from? AT Bulgaria? I came to Bulgaria would say from Canada. Yes I lived in Calgary big part of my life and By coincidence, he ended up in Bulgaria. Can you briefly talk about Canada? A wonderful country to live if you work. You can achieve everything. Country unlimited possibilities in my opinion. My son at 23, for example, I'm just saying, about unlimited possibilities, became very big manager in western canada huge American firm. That is, I am not

imagined that he could achieve it at 23 years old. Taxes are certainly higher than in Bulgaria. But you can see where these taxes go and don't mind paying tax and, that is, we accustomed to paying taxes in Canada. it okay because they go and they return to us in the form of roads, in the form of schools, in the form of educational institutions and healthcare and so on. That is it main. But unfortunately the climate. Long winter, that's the problem. sun many but long winter. Why did you choose Greece?

Because there is little sun in Varna. And me after Canada there was not enough sun. In Varna I had to look for another country where more sun. I love warmth, specifically talking about myself, and I missed a little heat in the sense of weather, sunny weather, heat in Bulgaria. So I moved to Greece. 'Cause it's summer here season 5 months - 6 months. To end

October you can safely swim. We are swimming +22 water temperature in the sea. AT Bulgaria, of course, this is unrealistic. There before mid-September at best. Here this is probably the main reason.

Why Thessaloniki? Because I have remained business interests in Bulgaria and I need to preferably be at a distance to Bulgaria physical ability to drive. So that I can drive into Bulgaria when I need to call. Therefore, we chose a more or less place close to to Bulgaria. There was a question Canary Islands. I have a friend there in the Canary Islands, original, in the sense born in the Canary Islands, I don't know which one generation. The original in the sense of the Canarian. But

The Canary Islands are far away and they are not as warm as people think about it. When you look at You can see the Canaries there, everyone has pools and that's the reason. 'Cause the ocean is cold everyone swims in the pools. because the ocean is not very cold or warm, it's 20-21 degrees there, it doesn't happen 30 degrees, 28 in the ocean. Proximity to Bulgaria, good location, very friendly people in Greece. I do not know, so far we do not regret it. Well Everywhere there are cons, everywhere there are pluses.

How long have you been living in Thessaloniki? And we've been for almost 2 years now. Can you tell about Thessaloniki about its advantages and disadvantages? Wow look. Here comes the boat from us. It goes from us from Perea and goes straight to the very center of Thessaloniki. That is, it is practically our local bus. Let's just say they go regularly, every hour or there every 50 minutes. Takes 45 minutes to get there

right in the center to the White Tower, square Aristotle. Where to Rub Your Finger monument to Aristotle. And that will be? Wish will come true. Yes? Yes, definitely.

100%? This is a tradition of 2000 years. Need to lose big toe on the monument. On the left foot or right? On the left in my opinion.

Don't know. How he sits. And the disadvantages. The disadvantages are probably very densely populated city.

Thessaloniki in the city center is densely populated. But for example, compared it's actually quite a small town. He sunstill stretched out. A minus Thessaloniki in that there are no beaches in Thessaloniki. There rocky coast, second busiest port in Greece. Just nowhere to swim. The embankment is huge, lasts

kilometer, but nowhere to swim. It's probably the biggest disadvantage of Thessaloniki. Transport, buses are very developed in the sense of very walk well. Metro they are already building it, probably 20 years. But they face huge problems. Dug there, op something since the time of Alexander the Great.

And now they stop these excavations, call archaeologists and begins. They begin to evaluate, that is, they constantly forced to change lanes metro route. And it's this huge problem for metro construction. We would be much

much easier of course to live with the subway. What difficulties did you face upon arrival in Greece? The biggest difficulty is the language. Very very difficult language. This is an old language. He's heavy it's like nothing else, it can't be compared. I I speak many languages. Somehow for

me pronunciation. Very soft language. What we faced, my it is much easier for the wife to speak Greek, say because she Ukrainian-speaking person is original. The Ukrainian language is soft, probably the most soft Slavic language, as I understand it. And it's easy for her to speak Greek because that Greek is a very, very soft language. Bulgarian is very hard, I was much easier because I am more Russian speaking. And the Russian language is hard. It was easier for me to speak and pronounce correct in Bulgarian than her, because that she was accustomed to soft language. And here

on the contrary it turns out, now she is dancing, and I'm crying. Did you know Greek before moving? I did not know Greek before moving. Because I didn't have just time physically in Bulgaria engage in study. my wife is true worked out at home and she overtook me.

Children, for example, are very easy. Naturally Important for children to communicate with the Greeks. I have a son went to first grade. Here through six months we were called to school and the teacher could not believe that he had parents are not Greek. She thought that one of at least we are Greek. That is, she is with us.

spoke English, that is almost all teachers are here speak English. This part of Greece where "Yes" is spoken in English. That is not spoken throughout Greece. But here it is very

a large percentage of English speakers. Here without you won't find English simple normal work. Even that's what everyone says in supermarkets in English. Because it's touristic place. The child has no problems at all

that is, he knows the language perfectly. To date it has been the best. Finished first grade top in class. Although he is the only one emigrant. Does it really mean learning a language? Really. Heavy language 'cause they drain

many words in one word. Here weekend, as we say in Russian Saturday and Sunday. They are merge it into one word and It's hard to understand when speaking. Not you will understand what they mean. They are they say "sabotage", "kiryaks". "Sabot" this Saturday, Kiryaki is Sunday. They pour it into

one word. While they say that oh dutch he is so he is so there are long words. I say so guys you have even longer words here than in that Dutch. What not to do

coming to Greece? No need to interfere when you see some kind of scandal. Before the queue at initially raised tones. When the Greeks talking in raised tones does not mean that scandals and someone will beat someone in the face. It's just that they communicate so emotionally with each other. friend. I have observed such cases, especially when was the coronavirus pandemic. And many people stood in

queues. Then they launched a limited number of people, for example, in bank. There were such excesses in front of the doors jar. But that didn't mean they would fight now. No one hits each other in the face. They just talk emotionally you need to get involved. And the police need respect here. They are at ease. No need

take them here this relax. Or how to say relaxation. We must evaluate them like cops. They are quite serious guys here compared Let's say Bulgaria. Although they are not so look, on the roads, I don't know you saw at least one cop car, almost no police. On motorcycles, OK, maybe, but they here.

Along the sea they just ride two motorcycles. Two groups they just watch the cops. When, especially on weekends, a lot of people are coming. They just look after the order.

Yeah, they just drive through it such patrolling. In the center of Thessaloniki Yes, you see the police, because there are many tourists. They are there on foot. The cops are just patrolling. To there was some order. What can't be done? Signal on the road. Greeks are very bad belong to this. They are very slow

start moving towards the green light. When the green light turns on enough time must elapse before signaling him from behind. Is not it means he fell asleep, it means he just slow. You can’t signal him, he must pass about at least 5-6-7 seconds to honk, otherwise he will be very offended and will resent. No need to rush. Greece is not in a hurry. Is it possible to move with little money? Greece is not such an expensive country, as many people think, that's my opinion. If compared, maybe apartments here are slightly more expensive than in Bulgaria, for example. To be

fair need to compare Varna and Thessaloniki, not Thessaloniki with Pazardzhik. Compare big cities relatively. I think about the same price level for an apartment. Products here the price is about the same as in Bulgaria. But they are better quality they are better quality. Because here is very strong

quality control vs. Bulgaria. How much money do you need in a month to be comfortable live? I think somewhere in between one thousand and one and a half thousand euros. I think that

quite quite enough. In Greece, you can find a job or open your business and how difficult is it? Starting a business is not difficult, but taxes are here collect. After fiscal 2008 crisis, and when until 2008 the Greeks did not able to collect taxes. After 2008 when EU and central banks The European Union set conditions for them. To help them solve the financial crisis get out of the financial crisis. Them

set conditions for tax reform systems and they learned how to collect taxes and play very large fines for non-payment, for any deviations, for non-payment of social payments for employees. That is, open you can do business, but you need to do business by book, according to the rules. Breaking the rules can be very, very expensive. Here in time of coronavirus, for example, there is one night the club had to work until 12 midnight due to coronavirus pandemics. They chose to stay open a little later. Although it was in Halkidiki.

Not inhabited place but somehow the police learned this. In general, they received a fine something 60.000 euros for what they stayed open after 12 at night. That is, they are not joking around here. It's dangerous to joke. What salaries can you expect

immigrant? Here Of course, depending on where you live. If a you live on the islands, salaries are higher there a little. Rhodes type or Crete. Just because there is life more expensive, in terms of food delivery, delivery of all goods. More problematic we are all talking about logistics and Naturally, all this is more expensive. That's why

wages are higher. If we talk about seasonal work. For example, in hotels it turns out seasonal work from 1000 up to 1200 euros, for example, well, there is a maid or service staff, waiters and so on Further. Depends on the area of ​​salary. The teacher gets there 1200 1300 1400 euros, for example, a teacher. Yes, there are people who work for the minimum salary, for example about 800 euros. 700 euros, probably the youth who goes to work at a gas station, well, at a gas station.

They probably work for minimum wage or close to it i.e. there for 800 euros and etc. We have up to 9600 euros they are the first €9600 or €9200 exempt tax, that is, a person who will work for almost no minimum wage taxes. That is, he falls into that grid,

which is not taxable. He pays zero income tax. What are you doing in Greece? As in Russian, rentier. We rent apartments to tourists. Thanks to our

location, sea, gorgeous beach, here 7 kilometers of endless beach. There are also additional incomes. What is your monthly income? Income, let's say we have enough for a comfortable life, we have enough, thanks to the fact that I have income not only in Greece. I am not a typical representative of a person who earns a living in Greece. How much do you spend on utilities? Water is very cheap here. If we

compare with Varna. How much does a cubic meter of water cost in Varna? I think about 3 lev. Yes, somewhere like that. Each region of Greece has different prices. Very different price and depends on water sources, that is, where problematic situation with water, that is they should put in more effort local municipality or private the company that does it. For example, in our region, in Perea, we have water starts costs 1 cubic meter from 21 cents. They expect six months and if you exceed 30 cubic meters in six months, which is basically sufficient.

Then the price is about 35 cents per cubic meter of water. Pretty cheap. None of the Greeks thinking about the price of water. I did not hear such. And electricity is a little other story. We have become dear

electricity, but the state helps subsidizes, especially for people for families with low income. In Greece it's somewhere family earns less than 20 thousand euros in year. They receive additional subsidies especially during the heating season. it I think last year 600 or 700 euros they were given extra they returned the tax system to heating help. A family with three children. Here they live in a different category. If there are three children in a family, they live completely in another category. They have

other numbers on cars. They are buy a car without VAT and they have many tax benefits for contents of this machine. That is, families with three more children have many benefits and help from the state. They may also have

swimming pool for children is free, very a lot in the sense where there is a municipal service. They get it for free or very low price. So three children it's good in Greece. How much do you have

goes to pitanning per month? We are somehow last year counted with his wife. We love to eat but we don't eat a little, but rather we such gourmets. We cook a lot ourselves. We eat pretty good quality food I would say that it is slightly above average. We have probably goes to food, last year went somewhere about 600 euros. But we don't save on food. This is a month for three for food.

Yes, I think that about 500 euros - 600 euros. Maybe the price has gone up of course a little bit everywhere in Europe, around the world. So now maybe a little more. Because when you buy bazaar, that is, the bazaar is a holy cause. You can buy these shrimp. They must be so big. The price depends on the season again.

We love seafood. I fell in love here cuttlefish, for example. First time I I tried cuttlefish in Greece in my life. I fell in love with her. When it's off season it's more expensive costs. What does she look like?

She tastes like this squid family, but she is much softer. Squid more tough meat. cuttlefish very delicious. I'm cooking. There are many different Indian recipes, Sri Lankan. I am a master. My wife is also well done. We are preparing. How much does it cost to rent an apartment? Very, very dependent on the area. There is a district that is western Thessaloniki where the poorer population, let's say. Or

a little dirtier, there you can remove and for 200 euros an apartment. We are talking about the very center of Thessaloniki, it will be the apartment is worth renting i think it is can cost as much as 10 thousand a month to rent. But we are talking about the apartment, the cost of which is 7 or 5 million euros to buy it.

For example, you can find an apartment here unfurnished to find with two bedrooms for 350-400 euros this is quite reasonable. In terms of quite reasonable to find more or less in a normal area, it's possible. In Greece, usually furnished and even when the Greeks moving from apartment to apartment take the chandelier with them. You move into

apartment, but there is no lighting. How? Why? That's why which is traditional, but we say probably about the last 100 200 300 years there maybe a thousand years, that is, they love chandeliers, expensive chandeliers. Therefore they take away because it is a chandelier may cost more than laundry car. That is, they can leave washing machine, but the chandelier will be taken away. How I had it when we bought the house. They are

left us a washer they left us an oven, which costs decently, but the chandeliers were taken away. How much do apartments cost? For example assessed value municipal when sell apartments real estate, they appraise. If it is not separatehouse in the sense of an apartment or in complex they evaluate. Today it turns out 1050 euros square meter. It's about close

to reality. But this price won't of course renovated. It will be like this let's say no apartment. Enough still in running condition. This will about a thousand euros per square. It's minimum. The closer to the sea, the closer to the beach, the it is more expensive of course. But we can imagine

allow here. 200 meters from the sea for Greek already a lot, for us it's normal. Have you encountered medicine here? Yes, I came across here and in Bulgaria. Medicine here two level in the sense: private and public the medicine. First aid medical is provided

any person, regardless of citizenship, regardless of status in Greece. Even just a person Greece came to the hospital if you don't have state medical number you still get first aid necessary. Medicine I believe on very good level. I

compare with Canada, compare with Bulgaria, where I lived. Maybe themselves public hospitals are not beautiful, like in Canada, but the equipment they are. We came with a child, he had colic in the stomach. We thought we might

he has appendicitis. We were told no should only be taken by a pediatrician. Went to the pediatrician office at the hospital she said no. Must be a pediatric surgeon. She took us to another office where the pediatric surgeon took for me it was amazing. It turned out that the suspicion that it was with him constipation, he needs an enema. Well okay by

In Bulgarian terms, an enema means an enema. But still we must make him X-ray of the stomach to make sure that he needs an enema. That is they operate on technology medical. That is, not just

based on their guesses recheck. They did x-rays right there. made. Nothing was taken from us. There are no problems, there are a lot of doctors here and very narrow profile. They are here

here's how I gave the example of a pediatrician- surgeon. I play tennis and I pulled shoulder. I had a lot of pain in shoulder blade area. That is, I

I suspected a muscle injury. Wife me convinced me to go anyway hospital. Because I am not could sleep. What struck me they asked

Which side do I have? The first thing they asked was on the left side. They are they say oh we have to do to you cardiogram and at first I didn’t even understood. They suspected it might be some kind of heart spasm. They immediately gave me a cardiogram.

They went, they checked the whole stage, not just told me yes you have muscle injury, here are the pills for you. The wife also got there is a normal level of medicine, they are not do not guess, that is, they act according to technology, as a medical practice requires it. Greece is called welfare state. Anyone can play tennis on the court for free. Also to to our surprise on the streets of Greece public toilets and parking free. And the beaches are well-maintained

special descents for people with special needs. What can you tell about schools in Greece Can foreigners study there? Schools in Greece are wonderful. This is generally unique. Education is completely free in Greece up to the University and so on. Here There are no private universities in Greece at all.

There are private schools, there are no universities. BUT free education is provided to everyone from all over the world. It's a principle Greece. They are very attentive

to education because they have there were free schools as early as 2500 years ago. The Enlightenment system worked 500 years before Christ, before the birth of Christ. Here, in last year I literally read, I wonder there was an article on one island. There are many small islands here. where can live on everything the island is a thousand people or there are 500 human.

On the same island every child has the right to free education. The state must provide it. What interesting on this island there is a school, that is, the population left the island and so little of it left that in the first class Only one child signed up. Recorded because there were no more children on this island and the state provided by the teacher. That is free

the teacher deals with this child alone for one. Because he's just supposed to according to the Constitution and laws, he is supposed to free education. State must provide it wherever he lives.

If you don't know Greek? public school Naturally, in Greek. There are private English schools. English is very important here language, especially in the last 20 years. I mean, I say what to find to make a career without knowledge of English language practically impossible in Greece. To even get a license here guide certification because without a license no one works as guides here. So strictly what you need to know except Greek of course, you need to know two, as they call important language. They have

there is a category of languages ​​that are very important for tourism, for example English german. That's enough then have to pass an English exam, German exam and then you will get guide license. Or three unclaimed languages ​​then eatsb for example, in addition to Greek, do you know English everyone should know English, and let's say Russian. And it's no longer will be enough because Russian is not such a popular language. You must know two unclaimed languages, let's say Russian and Polish and also German.

Then you need to know three languages ​​already. They are allow foreigners to study in Greece free at universities please. You must have some grades, there is some kind of passing score. If the foreigner is not European citizen we're talking, getting student visa entitles him to work for half a day. That is, he has the right in addition to studying Greece allows there let's say 4 hours a day work. So he

live somehow. There are paid courses Greek language at the university. It may cost there 600 euros for a year of study, 800 euros, but this is a very intensive course. for 6 hours a day. University The program is not just language courses.

Usually people are ready, well youth, who arrived, these are enough for them annual courses. Two semesters. Let's just say that later study in Greek. Did the climate in Greece suit you? Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Climate. Compared to the climate in Bulgaria? What city are we taking? What city? Varna.

We have much more sun than Varna. Especially in winter. It's not like this here cold. But in Athens there were many, many snow in the past. By the way Athens covered in snow last year. There was

collapse of the ring road. And since this private ring road. That is, she paid and they did not fulfill the conditions of their contract when they do they have to maintain the road. They did not have time to clear and there was just a car crash. State made them pay me 3000 each euro for every car that got stuck. Who couldn't get off this roundabout roads. The company was crying

from this. Climate? We have the sun. sun, sea we have better than in Bulgaria, really better. Our beaches are better than in Bulgaria. And we have parking right in front of the beach.

So where is your car now? 20 meters from the sea. For Bulgaria, this is unheard of luxury basically park right next to the beach. Well, actually find a parking lot. Parking is free here. In Perea we have no toll parking lots.

In Thessaloniki, paid parking is available only in radius in the very center in the radius one and a half kilometers in the area this White Tower. That is it absolutely fair parking is there something in my opinion 1.10 euros 1.20 euros per hour. There are parking lots where you can put on 3 to 4 hours, municipal they are cheaper.

Reasonable. We enjoy the sun, we enjoy the sea. Did the climate in Greece suit you? I really liked it, maybe for some too hot. Our beer is expensive. You have cheap beer. In Bulgaria, beer is cheaper, not even Bulgarian beer. Do you care

cheaper. It's because of taxes, of course. What is more expensive in Greece? it will be strong alcohol, alcohol such as whiskey, vodka. I don't drink vodka. Our wines are cheap. Our beer is more expensive. And we have strong alcohol at about two times more expensive than in Bulgaria. What's in Bulgaria costs 20 leva, then we will cost 20 euros. How is food in Greece? Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

In Greece, you have to be careful when speaking. in the store if you ask for a product For example, what we used to call feta. And you show it and say here I am I want this Feta. And this will be made from cow's milk. Then the Greek will be very indignant, he will correct you and say it's not Feta. And it's white cheese. Feta can only be made from sheep's milk and goats or mixed. To the feta Greeks

very, very seriously. They are recently here, it was about a month ago, they won the trial. Greece sued Danish manufacturing companies cheeses. They wanted to name their own cheese feta and the Greeks won this trial. Feta can only be called cheese produced in Greece. The meat is here the beef is just amazing. I lived in

Calgary for a long time. And Calgary is the center of beef Canada. Canada is one of the world's leaders in quality beef. Here can be found at a very reasonable price and American beef and Australian even Japanese waga. Vaga is a breed of cows. This is the coolest cool cow. Well the Japanese is here

you may not find, but the Australian vaga, that is, the Australians are already growing it you will find wag here. Yes she is dear of course, that is, products of a very high quality here. We have found almost everything here. There are wonderful yoghurts and fine cheeses even cottage cheese. Human, ukrainian, russian man loves cottage cheese. We found "Russian" shops where cottage cheese is sold. But we found for themselves, for example, Cretan cottage cheese.

it called Mezithra. it Cretan cottage cheese, which is made again from goat and sheep milk. And I have wife makes cheesecakes for the child. And I have the child just fell in love, he refuses now eat cheesecakes from regular cow's cheese. That is all products. Seafood please. Here we have a port, a commercial port Michaniona where is the fishing port. It's 10

kilometers from us. They supply the region Macedonia, Northern Greece. Bulgarians are coming here. Now you will see the Bulgarian

trucks heaters buy fish here. There are not only fish shrimps, lobsters in this bay, I don't know fox fish. squid, cuttlefish. That is, whatever it is everything here is it is not expensive. Your favorite grocery stores? Oh my favorite market.

Where do you get these shrimp 10 euros or 8 euros a kilogram. You take fresh cuttlefish, you take fresh fish. We've been here for two weeks ago we bought at the market. This is a big rare here to see a real big tuna in the market. Because the big tuna

everything goes to Japan automatically immediately by air it is sent in the sense chatter to Japan. And here in the market lies tuna cut into steaks. I even did not believe. But she was very dark. it says it's just random catch. That is, it is not intentional. someone was catching a tuna. because she was very dark. This indicates

that the tuna was caught in a net with another fish. They pulled her out already dead. Therefore meat seemed dark. When you catch her tuna need to be pulled out ship, raise her out of the water alive, so that she was oxygenated. The shops? There are Lidl, there are Sklavenitis there are a lot of shops here grocery. And a lot of networks I mean not only dots. masoutis,

Vasilopoulos, Discount Markt very many shops. Once there was Metro but it was bought out by another firm Sklavenitis. It's called The Mart now it's mine favorite shop. Because there you can buy any meat in these as it is called in Russian where is the meat not dried, but aged.

Aged meat that is two months old it will smell a little beef. That is, you need to cut the pieces it's the best steak because it's already formed, its bacterium ate. Everything I'm going to eat steak today. How is security in Greece? Pretty safe country. Safe. Therefore, the presence of the police It's not visible here, but it's there. It's very

strictly observed, that's what they are call the hours of silence. In summer it's from 3 to 5 in the afternoon, that is, Siesta is missimeri in Greek, that is, the equivalent of a siesta, and God forbid make noise at this time. That is right there with a drill, there is something holes, call the police and the police will come naturally. And in the evening, too, after 11 pm no noise in summer. Yes, the police are coming and if they come fines are very large, that is, before no one wants to bring. Murder is a very great rarity. heavy

crime in greece is big rarity. It was sensational six months ago, where the husband ordered the murderstvo his wife. Let's just say it atypical Greeks, because they were not Greeks like, he's a Pontian.

That is, it is very, very great rarity. It's straight up sensational the case for the whole of Greece is murder. Here great rarity. Serious crimes

few. Home burglaries are everywhere. How safe is it to walk? Absolutely, absolutely safe where we are we live. Maybe there are worse areas, but in the sense we live in the middle area. Is not some. There are areas in general cool. There they will have

pitchforks with helipads such I didn’t see any houses in Bulgaria right there his own basketball court, tennis court. Well, there are unique places, that is the middle area is here. Pretty safe here you let the child go, that is, not you are afraid for the child, for life child or for their safety. children

love here. Get attention on the street if we suppose someone else will come up there to the child. A child will scream, people will turn attention clearly. That is, people will help the people here are very human people. But they won't pass by if a man has fallen they will not pass by. That there are all volunteered to help. What can you

talk about the Greeks and their mentality Is there a major difference from ours? Greeks noisy, they are very noisy and they love music, they love to eat. They are they like not to eat quantity, but quality. They love delicious food, they don't get drunk, never seen drunken Greeks. They can drink both wine and beer. They are pretty open-minded Greeks.

We have appeared here very, directly very made friends with a Greek family. That's why that their son is friends with our son. They are we were invited to visit all the time invite, we invite them. That is, he directly perceived by the spirit when our friend Dimitris, he took spirit from that he saw some new food.

That is, they are not afraid to try. Many of the nations are conservative. Because we cooking Moroccan food, Sri Lankan food, Italian. He tries all this with us, he like it. He has now begun his wife

push. And she got used to the Greek cook the kitchen. Greek cuisine is amazing kitchen indeed. Just not far everyone knows it. In terms of

very varied dishes. Greeks love get out for the last money. He'll go go out to a restaurant, not just eat. And this for him a social event.

Social environment. He needs to chat. For them, the coronavirus was a fear. Not because he couldn't go outside. Because he couldn't communicate. Greek lives for the sake of communication. They gather in coffee shops just takes a cup of coffee, not for that to drink coffee, and to talk to people and he willwith this a cup of coffee 2 hours sit and talk about life, about politics. They love to speak Greek

about politics, about sports. They all very well-read Greeks. Here by the way reduced VAT tax on books I think 5% because they stimulate books. Greeks read everything. Here children read. Not like in the modern world. Here you need read. Everyone reads books.

I looked at what books they were given read from school. And I was honestly surprised speaking. The stories in these books, that is, they teach compassion. They are learn to care for the environment environment. That is, yes, in the form of children's stories

that is, they show refugees in Syria like how it is from the war. They don't speak that this is Syria, who are the refugees. That is, the Greeks very, very, very compassionate. Well sympathize, help. While they very friendly they love life they love their grandmothers. The Greeks will always help

Greeks will always help. But they need a tavern closer to the sea. To keep her straight on the seashore. Will sit in it and go crazy

etc. Here is the Greek. They won't pass by, especially if an elderly man fell down in the street or something. They will never get past this. clearly. There is no such thing that I will pass by. They are always stop, offer help, call an ambulance. it

it is not normal for them to pass by. Here cult of children and old people in Greece. That is old man, aged person is the most respected person in family. Everyone should pray to him.

His children and grandchildren compete who he will arrive earlier to withdraw. That's why what this old man needs take him to the tavern too. He must also chat. That is, very often observe - sits big greek company in some restaurant near the sea in the open. And at the head of the table

their grandmother will sit. Sitting grandchildren, children and as soon as they saw that she was allowed it got cold they all jump on it wear that blanket. They compete. Who will create more comfort. Therefore, there are so many so a lot of work here Ukrainians, Moldovans, Russians. Exactly here helpers for the elderly. There are many

because the Greeks agree. They are pay so that their old people were comfortable. They are willing to pay for it have it accepted here. Here it is Greeks. How can I move to Greece? It depends, but for me it is it was easy. Because I am European citizenship. I moved from

one European country of the European Union in another. Greece gives temporary asylum Ukrainians, for example. It's temporary, it's a temporary shelter.

Move here yes you can move to get a job Greek company. Well it's like all over Europe. Don't know does it have any particular meaning? because wages here will certainly be lower than in Germany or than in Austria. There is a way again student transfer. But this is again temporary. There is a way to get married

naturally. Greece by the way unlike Bulgaria, Greece recognizes civil marriage. I mean cohabitation, that is, if live with a Greek or with a Greek woman, then this recognized as a civil marriage. it

is the reason for the move. The Greeks recognize this. Bulgaria, as far as I know, does not recognize. They only recognize real registered marriage process. That is Marriage certificate. And there is still a way such a Golden Visa is called Greece. it need to invest in real estate 250 thousand euros or more. It may

be different properties may be, and may be one object real estate. That is, it should be government appraisal, that is the deal should be issued for this amount or more. In Bulgaria, there is a concept must live 5 years with permanent residence or with permanent residence. And then you may have the right apply for citizenship. Five years with permanent residence or permanent residence in Bulgaria. residence permit is

it does not participate in obtaining citizenship. In Greece, citizenship is harder. Here the conditions are different for different categories or is it by marriage or is it that is by marriage there is maybe five years, and if you lived with Permanent residence should be seven years. And the children, if the child studied for 6 years in Greek school he becomes a Greek, that is, you can submit this ground for obtaining citizenship for the child. Pass the exam for citizenship is very very difficult. It is necessary

know their history, which is more which more than two thousand years you need to know them philosophers. Because it's being asked exams. They might ask you what famous, I don't know her name Alexandria was a mathematician. Great women. Eroton, for example. At school, it's a very, very well story.

too rich to know. Every philosopher or every mathematician or every single physician. Medicine there are 2,500 years even more. Hippocrates. What are the main pros and cons in Greece do you see for yourself? Minus. Difficult language. Minus. Work is not so highly paid, but again I speak as a man who has lived in Canada most of life. Salaries are quite

still low by European standards wages are low here. Yes, they are enough life, but of course the Greek cannot afford can allow the German, for example in Germany or Austria or an Englishman. We have gas. By the way Greece is building a second one in Alexanderrupolis they are building a second reception terminal liquefied gas. He will by the way supply also Bulgaria. Bulgarians participate there on 25 percent. And he will be ready, I think maybe

sometime early next year. A plus we have solar panels everywhere sun. We have free hot water goes. In reality, you don’t heat the water for half a year, it heats itself from the sun. Thank you. Thank you. Sun. That is if this is taken into account, calculate your accounts for 12 months stay, then it is very pleasant, that is we are in winter enough solar boiler for hot water solar boiler enough to keep the family out three people to bathe, cook and etc. That is, electricity is expensive. here. Limit consumption here

electricity, that is, limit price. I mean there is a grid allowable up to 1600 kW for four months period, 400 kilowatts per month is one price. Over 400 kW per month there already more expensive and so on. That is, here this is the cons. Pros plus it's the sun this is the sea, the roads are good, the roads are by the way in Greece for example. Drivers are not aggressive. They are terrible offenders.

but they violate not aggressively. They simply run a red light and you already you know what if he just doesn't he is accelerating just passing by red light at the same speed. That's why man standing at the crossroads he got the green light there is a 5 second deceleration to get under way. Because he knows that another Greek

run a red light and they can collide. Services are quite normal steels here in Greece. I have in mind public services absolutely adequate. In big cities they are very the Greeks are okay, good refer to non-Greeks. Let's just say that to non-native Greeks. A lot of mixed marriages, we have friends one, the second there. Her husband is Greek and she is Russian. or is she Ukrainian, that is, there are many such marriages and quite live successfully. They live well.

So to speak. In love and harmony. Describe Greece in a few words. Sea, sun and lots and lots of meat. Meat is the meat of the Greeks. This is meat, as in

movie "My big Greek wedding" It's typical, that's when ask a Greek, this movie american how fair about the Greeks? They always say yes it is us. Here the Greeks say it is we, here we are. Here are the Greeks. "God, they bought us a house."

When you come to visit the Greeks and say how in this movie that my this friend he is vegetarian and she says vegetarian Come here, I'll give you a lamb. Two words meat, sea. Three and a lot of sun. What advice can you give to those who are moving to Greece? Those who do not like the heat of course I do not I advise because in the summer plus 35 plus 38 a lot of people don't like it temperature. water, water

need to drink. We drink water. One must love the sun and heat, not every person is loves. If someone is used to more civilization, such as the people there in Kyiv, Moscow, who are accustomed to civilization in relation stores so chic. I mean yes, of course there will be no such choice how it will be somewhere in Rome or in Milan so to speak. That's where there are boutiques here fewer boutiques. Yes, I mean shops.

Of course there are, there are good shops, but there is no such civilization. This is not shopping the capital of Europe, no one claims to it is natural, even in Athens it is also no. That is, it is more for those who love such a civilization or who likes to order manicure at home there or well, just like that people who are very spoiled for life. For they will be uncomfortable in Greece most likely. Most likely, yes, it will be uncomfortable for them, because they simply do not have many services find something like they are used to in Moscow 24 hours is everything. It was. It was before the war


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