8 Days in Sri Lanka - Itinerary With Cost | India to Sri Lanka Travel Guide 2023 | VISA, SIM, FOREX

8 Days in Sri Lanka - Itinerary With Cost | India to Sri Lanka Travel Guide 2023 | VISA, SIM, FOREX

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Hello Guys Welcome back to our Youtube channel and today's vlog is going to be very interesting and informative because we will tell you that recently we had done the entire series of Sri Lanka From Delhi to Sri Lanka and a lot of information about it. From food to visa to Flights to accommodation, everything will be included in the food of the people there, so stay tuned in our video, so without any other further ado let's start, so the first point comes that why Sri Lanka is the most Earlier we had been going to Sri Lanka for a long time, but something happens, their economic crisis came, then we did not go, then we made the final decision that we will go to Sri Lanka, our wanted to go there because Sri Lanka is linked to Ramayana and there is so much in Sri Lanka, there are such things which have given you the character and completeness of Ramayana, that is, it is the proof that Ramayana existed here, so we wanted to see all that, wanted to see the amazing beaches here, the landscape of this place. We wanted to see, that's why we let's see what happens this time, let's go to Sri Lanka and explore what is the economic condition here now, so for these regions, we thought that Let's Explorer Sri Lanka, let's talk about it first when we reached there. How to reach Sri Lanka,

their international airport is in Colombo, you are in Delhi, when I booked a flight to Colombo, it cost me a round trip, I am talking about the purpose in Indian Rupees, the day before yesterday, it read me a rough 250. Thousand means I got a daily flight of Rs 22000 500, then Sri Lanka gave me more refund, Sri Lanka, Chennai, Indian, Chennai, Delhi, I did not get a direct return flight because it was very costly, so I had some ₹ 5000 extra, so I thought I would get a refund. I am a little bit broke, so I returned from Colombo to Chennai and then to Chennai when your size daily is ok. Yes, this was my round trip and the amount I have got is

Rs 22500. So when you are booking the flight then You can check General which is Southern part of India, it is cheaper from Chennai or Kerala or Hyderabad which will be a little cheaper than the flight. If you compare it with Delhi or Mumbai today then you can check this. It was my favorite flight. That was Sri Lanka Airways and it was very good, the hospital inside the flight was very good, the food was all included but obviously on the return journey, mine was that IndiGo in which there is food, so this is my experience while going to Sri Lanka, booking on Sri Lanka Airlines and if on return. Also, if you are getting good rates from Shillong to Shillong airlines or you are getting to India then you have to book the visa only. So after

booking the flight, we felt that the Sri Lankan visa is very simple to book the visa electronically. You can get the complete v6 roller for electronics through online process. How do you think including service charge? Sri Lanka. You must be seeing the link here. You can go there and see the complete details. Step by step, I have told you the complete documentation. If you do,

they do not want any of your documents, they want your passport number, when are you going, where are you going, where will you stay, you do not have to upload anything, it is a very simple process, so you can like it, apart from that, one more document. What is important is the Sri Lanka Arrival Card, for which we told you in detail in the blog itself that how you have to apply is also a very simple online process. Apart from that, when we were coming to Sri Lanka, we also told you in detail about travel institutions in Sri Lanka. It is not mandatory but we always recommend that whenever you travel internationally, you should always have travel insurance so that your risk of DRIP is minimized. The cost of travel insurance was the same, we were given

₹ 400 Indian Rupees the day before yesterday. As soon as we landed in Sri Lanka, we needed a SIM card. From the airport itself, we checked the rates of many SIM providers like Dialog, Movie, Tel, Airtel and looked at everyone's plans. The best network and experience we got was this. Our

entire network was working very well across 9 days. There was no problem of range and we had taken Dialog. It is a very good network provider. The range was always there. The internet speed was very good and it cost us nothing. It was 1400 Sri Lankan Rupees in which I got 20 GB data which was probably applicable for two weeks, so you also dial it, there is no local light here, I had recommended that Dialg is a very good service provider and you should get the SIM. card While coming out of the airport, you will not get the airport provided. You will definitely not have to face the hassles. Now let's talk about Forex. In Forex, you should not

prefer bringing rupees from India to Sri Lanka because it is a very expensive affair and not a useful thing, it will cost more money. You can prefer that you bring those dollars and come here and convert those dollars into Sri Lanka Rupees. We have done the mathematics and checked that we have made all the combinations. Anyway, there is no direct conversion of INR to Sri Lanka Rupees. Dollars come in between. Technical dollar always comes, so you convert the battery's dollar take aana download into Sri Lanka Rupees. When we

came, that time one Sri Lanka one dollar was 3209 Sri Lanka Rupees, but the exchange person gave it to us for 3203 rupees, so his commission was 6 rupees. Had taken ours, it would cost forever which is a very small amount, so there was a difference of 70 ₹ 80 dollars in converting. If we had done it from outside, we decided to convert the forex from the airport itself, you will get a lot. Don't worry about all the exchanges, the point is that if you have to spend the equivalent of 200-300 dollars in Sri Lanka for example, then you should convert the money from the airport itself because it is difficult to find an exchange in such a place. It happens that we

are not even shown the story so easily, we had read it once, its rates were also not good and it was not available easily, so we did not even know whether it was a trust uniform or not, otherwise our recommendation would not be there. You can also convert the forex from Sri Lanka airport itself and take it back from Colombo airport. If you have a little extra back then on return you can convert it into dollars here and it is sorted if you have any question or doubt. If yes, then you can message us on Instagram. Now let's talk about my height in Sri Lanka

and there can be no better person than Gagan for this, so I give positive and transfer it to him, take it down, so yes, I have taken it. Tali, now let's talk about the itinerary, our entire journey to Sri Lanka was about eight to nine days, now I am standing on the ninth day and now we will go back from Colombo to our India and yes, so now we will talk about Actually, the concept of booking my flight from Delhi to Colombo was that it is a journey of three hours, so we should reach at night or at midnight so that we can catch the next air early morning. Be absolutely ready to reach your next destination. The flight I had booked was from Delhi, the round trip flight was at 7 o'clock and it dropped us in Colombo at 10:30 and I had not kept my first flight in Colombo. His reason was very simple, like we were

following him in Turkey also, now I did not keep the fan bill, we went straight to the next destination, which was under Pamu, so we had kept it because look, our starting point is a very big city. Obviously it is the capital so why do we have to visit there etc. So why sir, you have to travel around Sri Lanka with all the luggage and then go back to your you know hometown, that is why we kept Colombo in the last, shopping is done, we will do shopping etc., we will definitely take city wise and in Okay, so as soon as we land today at 10:30, 11 o'clock, next day, I think our train was at 5 o'clock from Colombo Four Railway Station, you are Kandy, so first day, our train was in Kandy, there was a lot of fun in Kandy. Come, we have made a full video, now you must be seeing the link here, then you must watch Kandy's Devan, it is a very interesting city. There was a candy second, I had kept it for Sigri because Sigri can go from many cities, second one is from Colombo. You can go to Kandy but Kandy Sajna is a little closer, first thing is that it will be close to you, secondly see from where you will get very good public from Kandy as compared to Colombo, it is ok dear, you can also go from Kahani. Yes, because when and if you can book, you can give if

you want to have a private account, but if you want to go to us in the budget, if you want to go to the public conveyance, then you can easily decorate the candy, luckily we got a direct one, that's it From Kandy to Sigri, by the way, the direct bus is there, it comes, I think, it runs only once a day, it runs every few years, that too, Sri Lanka Board, Sri Lanka Transport, something was from the board, meaning Government Basti, you can see the link here now. We must have made a very good video of it, otherwise what can you do, from Kandy you can go to Dambulla, there is a bus which runs a lot, Kandy, Dambulla and so on. Then now you can go by ambulance by changing another bus. If it is Sikri , you have to change two buses, but if you think that time was there, you will see the link in the video, you should check it once at 7 or 7:35. Direct runs, which I think

had dropped us, maybe at 10:30-11:00, it dropped us at Sigariya, it takes three and a half hours, it is so much that you will be legendary, how much will it cost you, if you go in direct, you will go broke, then it will take a little more time. Okay, we enjoyed spending a lot because we wrote Ravana's Lanka and when we made that blog also, we were making it Sigdiya specific. When we made the blog, in it, Arun has linked the entire Ramayana with you know. Sigdiya is the present secretary. We prove that this

Sigadiya is basically Ravana's Lanka, so it was a lot of fun, please don't forget to show the lock, this was our second, then third, we were expelled from Kandy, you are Nora Eliya, Navara Eliya. Which is a very lovely hill station in India. We went by train and there is no direct railway station. The slogan of India is that if you don't take it, the nearest railway station is called Nankoya, so we went from N Kandy. Nanu hai, we had already booked the train for first class and I had booked the train from Delhi itself, so when we booked Colombo photo Kandy and Kandy, you are Nanu, we had booked the train for me, this is the train we had booked for Pari Book in Delhi. While sitting, you must be seeing this link of the train here, so if you book on Google, Sri Lanka Railways, then you have to book the train on some website, government website, book the train, there is third class, there is second class, there is first class. Let's say first class,

there is a train, we have made that also specific people, you will see now here the link is that we are from Kandy, you are Nanu or how do we say, we went in the first one, the train was very good, the route was also very good. So our third day which was given was Nanu or Nanu ho or bole to var aa or we are having a lot of fun, we made a very good blog there, which was our 4th day, we had removed it from Nanu o yaar you can also speak. Yes, but those who call it a local item here actually call it as Little Indian of Sri Lanka and that is its birth name because it is a very beautiful place, Nanu ho friend, you can also go by train. We had tried to book the ticket from there as there was a waiting period of 1 month so we did not get that ticket but if you do not have the ticket in advance then you can go to the railway station and check your unlisted category. You can book a ticket with the boundaries of category, there was a lot of crowd, you may be able to see it now, if not, then you will see the blog on yourself that what kind of struggle we have gone through, we are that husk in the train, but I am here, I am a pro. I will give a tip. Actually, whatever that train was, it was our delivery of approximately two and a half to three hours, so it should have given us logical arrival at 11:30 and 12:00, but it reached us earlier, approximately at 3:00 in the afternoon, so generally this one. Nanu, be it the train or the one taking the train here,

if the train gets late, then if you are thinking that time is important because we had also kept only one day for taking the train, if you are thinking that time is important then or So you can take a direct tuk tuk and you will reach from Nanu. If it is 12 rupees, then I think 3.5 thousand or 4000 Sri Lankan Rupees will be taken from you. Whether you are from Nanu or you are going to reach here or from the area also, please confirm first. If you don't have time to reach there , you can also take a bus, the bus runs on its own, for that you have to know that Nanu is there, there is no need to come back, you take the bus, you have one point in the bus, if you do not have a ticket, then you can take the bus comfortably. You will get a seat to sit in the point number. She

will reach us a little early by train because the train took too much time for us. I think it was a 8.50 train. It came probably at 11:15 and then it took us at 3:30 . So, half of our day has ended here, okay, then you can correct this mistake if you either take a tuk tu or hire a tuk-tuk rental or thirdly, you can directly take the bus. Well, he was telling me that it is more convenient to do it, it is better, yes, it was ours, we had four days in LA, we did that for Ravana, where he had brought Sita Mata for the first time. Had hidden it, we did it, it was a very nice day, that too, you must have seen it here, so please go and check it and come back to this lock . Because till now we have not done any beach work, we were only doing mountain climbing, so basically to do beach work, we had come to Sadan Part of Sri Lanka, so now you can go to two-three places if you want to go a little North East. If you want to go to Trim

Salt Puli, there is a place in the middle which is a very beautiful place, you can go there also, otherwise you are in the East Side, you can go to Adhyaksha, otherwise you can also come to our Southern Part, where we Had gone to my sa Munna Vaar Tu Na Gol, we had gone to the right place and if you want to do it by doing National Park, then you can do it by doing this National Park which is very near, you can also go to Arugam, so if you want to do all these things then you can do it if you have more time. You can do it, but we did not do all those things, we were straight ahead in South of Sri Lanka and we had gone from La, caught a bus like me and went to the middle, we had spent a day even better than me. I think the time it took us to travel in the bus was probably 3:30 hours to 5 hours. Well, Arun told me that it took us 5 hours, so the bus is very comfortable, we have comfortable seats and it is a matter of stomach. If we get a government bus, then there are many types of buses that run. Government buses which are red in color, colored ones from second marriage, normal ones are chartered buses, then chartered buses which are a little costlier are also more expensive. Today, compare your

government . Buses and they are a little slow because they will stop at various places, the government people will not stop at any place, they have fixed spots, so yes, the logic behind doing this is our beach because mine is the most beautiful beach in the whole of Sri Lanka, so I had to do that . They mean that they believe that it is the top beach in the whole of Sri Lanka. More than that, this beach comes among the top five beaches. Secondly, we had to do the coconut tree hill which I had done from your photo on Instagram and a paratroc, so we did this. I had done three things, whatever Maharaj had given me, it was very good from Vidisha, give me a second, we again caught the bus and we went towards the goal, we probably had only one to two hours to reach the goal like me. I thought it would cost more than this, here we did not get a government bus, we got a private bus but it was okay, we went in a private bus and there we booked our homestay which was not very near Gol Railway Station, it was a guest house and we stayed in Gol. Look at my experience, it has

been done in the middle of Khayal, I thought, I had not heard that before, we went there and did a little Google on it, it is very beautiful, here you must be seeing the link, what is the middle of the red pond, it is not a natural pond. If they are made of wood then you can go to the pond and sit comfortably in its like natural swimming pool. There is no rate here because when it is like a stone, only water comes on top, extra water does not come, there is no race etc. We have not seen any tourist there, all the local lights here are looking useless, they are quite famous for the local lights, drink coconut water there, drink king coconut, it is spicy and all these things are also more expensive . No, it was very cheap, I thought it was dead money, so Anna gave us coconut water, it was very good, so the second date was in our Gol, in which we went to Gol Fort etc. in the evening, then our next two days till the last two days. We had kept Friday and Saturday free in Colombo to explore the city of Colombo. We were in the city itself so we enjoyed the

city vibes plus there was a cinema hall there and it was a five star hotel. I wanted to have the experience of Colombo, I have visited Lamba Hospital which is very good, hence I also had to have the experience of a restaurant. We had dinner there. The dinner was amazing and the cost of the dinner was

5900 Sri Lankan Rupees plus I. Think 7800 and on top of that, there was a separate drink, which means you can imagine that the dinner which was served by a guy for ₹ 700 was very good, you will get to eat completely authentic Sri Lankan food, very tasty, if you want to have experience then you can have 2. After the end of the day series, the secret is last day and now we are standing in the international airport, this was our ID, I have two days in Varanasi and now we are going , there are some painters in the details given by Arun for food and hotel etc. I want to add that the first meaning of Nanu is New A is India like Little England of Sri Lanka is called and Jo is La and Jo is Kandy, this is a cold place, it is a mountain area, so the weather is very good, there is relief there. I have hair like mine and this is Colombo, it is a sea side area, it

is a little hot weather, there is relief here, so in this way you can do your planning accordingly. You can come there, the temperature goes up to 10° 9°, packing, after that now let's move ahead, let's talk about food in Sri Lanka, we did not face any problem in any city, at any place, there was no shortage of food at all, it was so delicious. The food seemed as if we are traveling to Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and are eating the food there. The food was very good.

We have made a special blog on the food about where you can eat vegetarian food in Colombo. You must be seeing the link here, you can go and explore it, after that let us talk about tea, Sri Lanka is called the tea capital of the world and especially India, so if you go for us, you have to drink white tea, you have to drink Ceylon tea. If you want to drink tea which is world famous alone, then you can definitely try it in Never India, there is also a concept of hi-tech, there is a grand hotel, now by going there you can also enjoy the height. If we talk about food, then

through veg because We vegetarians can try this dish of Sri Lanka. We have eaten it many times because we liked it so much and I don't remember the names of many of the dishes but you must be watching the film. You can watch all of them and when Sri Lanka is a must try. Now let's talk about shopping. The best place for shopping is Colombo. There is Scotch Market in Colombo which is very famous. Another market is called Saturday Good Event Market which is only On Saturday it feels like Shani Bazar and apart from that the candy market is also very good and Gol market is also very good so Chip Vijay if you ask then Colombo is the best and if you want to experience shopping then you can go to Kandy and Kandy and You can try it by going to Bal and in Colombo you can go to Paisa Market. From here we bought some Subares from Beta Market, near this

we went to Gol Face Mall, its name is One Gol, which is right opposite to Gol Face Beach. We took news from there in the morning, bought some clothes, very good discounts were going on there, so you can also buy everything from there, spices of Sri Lanka are very famous, food items are very famous, fridge magnets etc., now you can buy those cards from here. He is very famous, so in the sky he has packed 2 kg of this wood apple to come to India. Whatever we heard here for the first time, we have also thrown it away. We will take it to India and

consume it as its proper dish. Food is done, yes, I missed one thing. In the food, King Coconut is a yellow colored coconut, which is called Sri Lankan King Coconut, which you will get between 150 to 200 Sri Lankan Rupees, but it is so tasty, it seems that someone has prepared it. After mixing sugar and giving you coconut water, you must try it, don't miss it. Now let's go a little further and talk about the budget. We have categorized all the big expenses that came in the budget. The total expenditure we incurred on transportation in three categories was

27000 Sri Lankan Rupees including Auto Train Bus Sir whatever was our internal transportation including Candidate Colombo Tu Kandy everything and apart from that what we spent on food is approximately. 20000 Sri Lankan Rupees and apart from that, what we spent on the monument was ₹10000 Sri Lankan Rupees plus $30 of Sigra i.e. 15 dollars we did in reverse, so this was our rough expenditure in Sri Lanka. Apart from this, you can rent a scooter here . Its approximate cost in every city is only 2000 Sri Lankan rupees. You can rent a tuk-tuk yourself, you can search online, rent a tuk-tuk, you can become an auto driver yourself. You have to read about it a little costily, but it is one experience. You can book only that till the end of the day, apart from that you can do tuk-tuk, hire bus, train, picnic is very important up which will help you a lot in Sri Lanka, there is also a walk over and above this with the expensive picnic, then you can install it in the pick up. And all the internal movements and transportation where you need an auto will be easily booked for you from the picnic, so that's our major transportation and the rest of the expenses. Now let's talk about the most important point of our overall experience. One Safety

: We were out in Sri Lanka even till 11:11 in the night. I did not feel safe at any point. People are very nice and respectful at the hospital. They respect tourists a lot. If you are in a bus or a train, you have to leave your seat. If we give you a seat

then overall our experience was very awesome, we will strongly recommend that if you also want to do an international trip and Sri Lanka Kahani Na Kahani is yours. If it is in your radar, then without any second thought you can visit Sri Lanka which has boosted its economy a lot, these people are quite stable, things are improving, so the current recommendation from our side is that you must definitely plan a flight to Sri Lanka. Full information is given in this video. If you have missed anything then feel free to reach out on Instagram @dBGwonder and we will tell you all the saree information and if you need any of our consulting services with respect to your travel planning then there is a link in the description . They can go there and file the form and they give the bill be more happy you help you out with this we end this video and this is this wonder signing off see you in the next country next city with a next story till then Bye Bye [Music]

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