50 Top Places To Visit in 2024

50 Top Places To Visit in 2024

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In this video, we will be uncovering the  top 50 places you must visit in 2024. From hidden gems to iconic wonders, with jaw-dropping adventures and unforgettable experiences. SO, LETS START WITH Take a ferry to a stunning fjord land dotted with  remote islands and charming fishing villages. The   Scandinavian seaside city of Stavanger is  only a few hours’ flight from most European   destinations. The remote city of Stavanger is the  gateway to Norway’s icy, beautiful fjords. A vast  

network of ferries takes travelers to dozens of  nearby islands and charming fishing villages. Escape Cancun on the Maya Train to  colorfully authentic Mexican towns.   Discover beaches free of tourists  and seaweed, ancient pyramids,   and underground swimming holes the Mayans  believed were gateways to the underworld.   Mexico‘s Yucatán state is a jewel, and 2024  will be the year it shines for the world. olomon Islands Gizo allures visitors with its  pristine beauty, charming accommodations, and   hospitable locals. This captivating destination is  perfect for those seeking an off-the-grid tropical  

escape. Gizo and its enchanting surrounding  islands offer an idyllic escape from it all.   Immerse yourself in crystal-clear waters  to witness endless, untouched coral reefs. Antigua is a colorful colonial town decorated  with cobblestone streets and fascinating   ruins. Engage in phenomenal outdoor and cultural  experiences led by kindhearted locals. Antigua,   Guatemala is both a tourist destination  and a hidden gem. Tours, restaurants,   and an abundance of cultural  activities cater to travelers. A place of pilgrimage for music lovers,  Memphis inspired the sounds of the blues,   soul, and rock ‘n roll. This lively city also  knows a thing or two about Southern cuisine,  

boasting an abundance of barbecue joints.  Memphis, Tennessee occupies a special   place in American culture as the city that  nurtured the blues, soul, and rock ‘n roll. The pearl of Vietnam beckons visitors with  visa-free access and world-class beach resorts.  

Revel in gorgeous sandy shores, a massive national  park, and fiery sunsets that turn the sky into a   nightly kaleidoscope of colors. Phú Quốc is  the largest island in Vietnam and a hidden   gem for nature enthusiasts and luxury travelers.  It’s home to some of the country’s best beaches,   a famous pearl farming industry, and some of  the world’s most spectacularly bright sunsets. Heartwarming locals welcome visitors to  this colorful city in the Canadian province   of Newfoundland and Labrador. Explore  historic sites, stunning landscapes,  

and waterfront eateries serving Delicious  seafood. St. John’s is a special place in   the province of Newfoundland and Labrador,  located just off Canada’s east coast. It’s   filled with fresh seafood, incredible  nature, and traditions as old as time.

Discover a treasure trove of hiking trails,  unique cultures, and small-town charm on   Alaska’s Emerald Isle. This hidden gem is also  home to one of the densest bear populations   in the world. Alaska is a popular tourist  destination but few people visit Kodiak Island,   a true hidden gem. Outdoor lovers will find  endless adventures including scenic hikes,   phenomenal fishing, and even  airborne bear-viewing tours.

Guatape is a captivating town in northwestern  Colombia that’s famously home to El Penon de   Guatape, a 656-foot rock scraping the  sky. Come here to climb the monolith,   but stay to enjoy Guatapé’s colorfully  decorated houses and sweeping reservoir   views. Visitors to Guatapé discover one of the  most awe-inspiring destinations in Colombia. Deep in the Ozark mountains hides the “Little  Switzerland of America,” an unexpected artists’   enclave. Be inspired by beautiful Victorian  architecture and the surrounding landscape,   complete with caves and natural springs.  Winding canals and cobblestone streets and   beautifully preserved Victorian  architecture… sound like Europe Watercolor sunsets, starry night skies,  and even the northern lights grace this   remote destination on the Minnesota-Canada  border. Paddle a 26-foot North Canoe or  

rent a houseboat to explore more than 500  forested islands. Voyageurs National Park   lies in the far reaches of northern  Minnesota, hours from any major city. Ancient history, adventure, and natural  beauty abound in Africa’s northernmost   country. Explore hidden treasures amidst the  Sahara Desert dunes or bask in coastal cities’  

vacation vibes. Ignite your sense of wonder and  prepare for a captivating blend of cultures and   cuisine on any visit to Tunisia. This evolving  gem of North Africa is incredibly diverse. A province in Panama’s far west, Chiriquí beckons  adventure-seekers and nature lovers alike. Glimpse   the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans from atop an  active volcano, trek to striking waterfalls,   and spot the resplendent quetzal  bird. Located in Western Panama,   Chiriquí is a Central American paradise  of wild jungle and idyllic coastline.

Pocket-sized beaches and farm-to-table  restaurants make Vashon Island an ideal   destination for romance. This quaint getaway  is just a quick ferry ride from Seattle. Few   of Washington’s many islands are  as easily accessible as Vashon,   a picture-perfect place for romance.  It’s just twenty minutes from Seattle,   but this rural getaway abandons  big-city convenience for pastoral charm. Experience UK culture without the  stress and expense of London in   the down-to-earth and effortlessly cool city  of Manchester. Cultural experiences include   incredible museums and galleries, lively  football matches, and legendary nightlife.  

Manchester can more than punch its weight  when it comes to culture and entertainment. Nestled in the middle of Thailand’s famous Phang  Nga Bay is a secret island retreat where the   locals still outnumber the tourists. Ko Yao  Noi offers an authentic cultural experience   and the opportunity to truly disconnect. Ko  Yao Noi is located smack dab in the middle of   Thailand’s famous Phang Nga Bay, one of the  most touristed bodies of water in the world. Discover Ljubljana, one of Eastern Europe’s  most affordable and underrated gems. Visitors   are immersed in Slovenian culture and traditions  from the second they step foot in this walkable   city. Slovenia is one of the most underrated  countries to visit in Europe, and also one of the  

most affordable. The rich culture and traditions  in the capital city of Ljubljana transport you   back in time. You’ll be quick to fall in love  with the charm that the city has to offer. Taipei offers a dynamic fusion of tradition and  innovation. Marvel at architectural wonders,   savor mouthwatering street food, and  experience stunning natural beauty   on a trip to this must-visit  city. Taipei is a captivating  

metropolis where tradition and modernity  intertwine seamlessly. Culinary delights,   architectural marvels, and natural beauty  promise an enriching, unforgettable journey. This lesser-traveled UK country boasts spectacular  coastal scenery and breathtaking mountain views.   Within its charming rural villages and lively  cities lies a wealth of culture and history.   Wales is an incredible country and an underrated  tourist destination. It has a continuous coastal  

footpath around the entire Welsh coastline  and three national parks. Interestingly,   there are more castles per square  mile than anywhere on the planet! Spot sloths, pythons, and pink dolphins while  trekking through the dense Peruvian jungle. Boats   departing from this Amazon River port town venture  deep into parts unknown. Wildlife like sloths and   pythons lurk around mystical tree stumps in the  Iquitos, Peru jungle. You can stay in the portside  

Iquitos town, catching live music in the evenings  and visiting the local mercado in the daytime. This small city is emerging  as a foodie destination,   loved for its vibrant East Asian cuisine  and culture. Dig into a variety of rich,   warm flavors — at a fraction of the cost  of nearby Boston’s Chinatown. Quincy,  

Massachusetts is one of Boston’s southern coastal  suburbs, home to a large Asian population. Hospitable locals welcome travelers to Tbilisi, a  modern capital of an ancient land. It celebrates   its culture through folk melodies, traditional  dances, and unbelievable food. Empires from the   Romans to the Soviets have come and gone, leaving  influences but never altering the core culture of   Georgia. All of these traditions and more await  travelers to Tbilisi, Georgia’s capital city.

East meets West in this historic country, home  to some of the world’s earliest settlements,   religious sites, and Greek ruins. Plus, Türkiye  is a stellar choice for Western travelers on a   budget. There is no better place than Türkiye  to experience history first-hand. Marvel at   the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, a nearly  1500-year-old structure used as a church,   a museum, and now, a mosque. Explore  the ruins of the Greek city Ephesus,  

where the ancient Library of Celsus stands. Hidden waterfalls, outdoor adventures, and  restorative energy lie in Jarabacoa. Find it   in the heart of the Cordillera Central  mountains, the highest range in all of   the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is  famed for its stunning Caribbean beaches,   but this island has so much more to offer —  like the town of Jarabacoa. Find this hidden   gem in the Cordillera Central mountain range,  nestled within the remarkable La Vega Province.

Sarajevo is one of Europe’s most underrated  capital cities and the Balkans’ best-kept   secret. Experience its mountainous landscape,  rich history, and old-town charm — all on a   reasonable budget. Sarajevo is a city at the  intersection of Western and Eastern influence and   an epicenter for European history. Yet Sarajevo  is one of the least visited cities in Europe. Genoa often gets overlooked in favor of Rome,  Venice, and Milan, but the Ligurian city is a   must-visit destination. Experience its history,  beauty, and sophistication without the chaos of  

crowds. Genoa is often used as a gateway to  the famous seaside towns of Cinque Terre,   but those who don’t stop as they pass  through are missing an absolute gem. Visit São Miguel, the largest and most easily  accessible island in the Azores. The “Hawaii   of Europe” features richly diverse landscapes  — towering mountains, colorful crater lakes,   and picturesque coastlines. São Miguel is  the largest of the nine islands that make   up the Azores, a scenic archipelago  located off the coast of Portugal.

Marrakech and Fez exude undeniable allure, but  seaside serenity awaits visitors to Essaouira.   Its ancient charm, artistic flair, beaches,  and laid-back ambiance deliver a captivating   Moroccan experience. Escape to Essaouira, a  Moroccan coastal jewel that offers a unique   mix of cultural charm and seaside  tranquility. Stroll the enchanting   medina with its calming blue shades and lively  souks — markets with colorful, authentic wares. Skip the over-crowded Florida hot  spots and head to Jacksonville,   an underrated destination. It’s the United  States’ biggest city by area but manages to  

maintain an authentic, local appeal. Visitors  to Jacksonville will discover historical sites,   art installations, and delicious eats  add to Jacksonville’s cultural scene. Discover the untouched wonders of Sumatra,  an ideal destination for adventurous   travelers. Experience its vibrant cultures,  beaches, and lush rainforests — one of only  

two places in the world to see orangutans in  the wild. Embark on an adventure to Sumatra,   Indonesia — breathtaking landscapes and cultural  richness await! Relax on pristine beaches,   wander through rainforests, and encounter  orangutans in their natural habitat. See wild tigers and other native  Indian species on a Jeep safari   through the country’s rugged northern terrain.  Ranthambore National Park promises nature lovers   an unforgettable experience. Ranthambore  National Park is one of the most renowned  

parks in northern India. It was formerly  the hunting grounds of the royal Maharajas,   but its tigers and other eccentric  wildlife are now closely protected. Skip the more touristy French Riviera in favor  of Biarritz, a seaside town full of glamor and   breathtaking natural beauty. The Bay of Biscay  is a must for surfers and sailing enthusiasts,   especially. Most summertime visitors to  Southern France flock to the French Riviera,  

but they should be heading west  to the seaside town of Biarritz.   It offers incredible sailing and surfing, and  features stunning views of the Bay of Biscay. Spring Green is an unexpected haven for the arts,  located just west of Madison. Enjoy world-class   theater and UNESCO-recognized architecture  alongside an abundance of local charm. Down a   quiet, forested road lies the open-air American  Players Theater, a seasonal hilltop venue. Escape into a fairytale in Sintra, a  postcard-perfect town of castles, cliffs,   and charming streets. This UNESCO World Heritage  Site should not be missed when traveling to  

nearby Lisbon. Sintra is a small, beautiful town  located about half an hour from Lisbon, Portugal. Madrid visitors must take a day trip to Cuenca,  one of Spain’s most captivating destinations.   Discover medieval architecture and breathtaking  rock formations at this UNESCO-listed destination.   Visitors flock to Spain all year long, but  the enchanting city of Cuenca doesn’t often   get the fanfare it deserves. The city sits atop a  limestone hill with steep gorges on either side. Intrepid travelers will love Maunabo, a hidden  gem along Puerto Rico’s east coast. Enjoy its  

black sand beach, expansive nature reserve, and  seafood-centric dining scene. Tourists who dare to   explore Puerto Rico’s east coast beyond Fajardo  are rewarded with gems like Maunabo. Maunabo   offers visitors epic beaches, an astonishing  nature reserve, and mouthwatering gastronomy. Travelers to the South of France often overlook  Marseille in favor of more popular destinations.   Still, this port city will sweep you away  with its stunning natural sites, history,   and Michelin-starred restaurants. Marseille  is the second largest city in France,   located on the country’s charming southern  coast. Yet, summer sun-worshipers often favor  

nearby French Riviera destinations  like Saint-Tropez, Nice, and Cannes. Frisco is part of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex,   one of the country’s fastest-growing regions.  Visit family-friendly attractions and the Dallas   Cowboys World Headquarters and practice  facility. Enjoy southern hospitality,   world-famous barbecue, and an abundance  of entertainment in Frisco, Texas.

Dramatic mountains and Australian  wildlife abound in the stunning   countryside just south of Brisbane. Embark  on outdoor adventures or a romantic retreat   in this rural destination. This  gorgeous destination suits both   adventure travelers and couples seeking a  romantic escape. Stay at Rainforest Gardens,   an adult-only retreat featuring forested  chalets built into the mountainside. The “Capital of the Highlands.” Visitors will  be awe-struck by its cultural experiences and   architecture, which includes a 19th-century  castle. Tourists often miss out on one of  

the Scotland’s most captivating city. Its  gorgeous architectural sights stretch along   both banks of the River Ness, where it’s not  unheard of to see pods of dolphins swimming. Glide across Champagne Powder at a world-class  ski destination, which holds ties to more winter   Olympians than anywhere else in the US. Athletes,  artists, and artisans thrive in Steamboat,   which doubles as a cultural haven. For many,  Steamboat Springs is a luxurious winter getaway. Few tourists head as far south as Bisbee, a  former mining town near the US-Mexico border.   Enjoy a more authentic Wild West experience within  its defunct mines, museum, and historic saloons.  

The former mining town of Bisbee, Arizona lies  about 90 minutes south of Tucson, not far from   the US-Mexico border. However, this small town  is chock full of history and authenticity. Experience the great outdoors in Townsend,   a cozy town on the edge of Great Smoky  Mountains National Park. Forested peaks,   fascinating caverns, and other natural  features add to this family-friendly getaway. Pause at this uncrowded gateway to Crater Lake  National Park. Its numerous hiking trails lead to   lakes, mountain summits, and stunning waterfalls —  a key feature of southwest Oregon. Klamath Falls,  

Oregon features several striking lakes including  Upper Klamath Lake and Lake of the Woods. Oviedo is surrounded by the  lush Cantabrian Mountains,   amazing visitors with its spectacular scenery.  Asturias’ capital city is also known for its   delicious cuisine, local cider, and  centuries of history. The sweet city   of Oviedo dates back to the 8th century and  is home to six UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Visit Sant’Agnello, a serene neighbor to  the bustling beach town of Sorrento and   an affordable alternative to the Amalfi  Coast. This destination is equally suited   for lazy days and thrilling excursions to  spots like the Path of the Gods and the   island of Capri. Stay in Sant’Agnello  and be surrounded by the beauty of   the Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi  Coast — while traveling on a budget. Hoboken is a small, but bustling city with a big  heart — home to great dining, buzzing nightlife,   and fantastic waterfront views. Visit several  parks and piers to admire the stunning   Manhattan skyline from across the Hudson River.  However, this small city has so much to offer. This unspoiled hamlet on the northern  California coast boasts some of Sonoma   County’s most stunning sunsets. Small-town  Jenner is a blissful retreat enveloped in  

natural beauty. It features impeccable scenery,  incredible sunsets, and adorable accommodations. Take a day trip from San Juan  and immerse yourself in “The   City of Sugar,” once home to sugar cane  plantations. Explore ruins, monuments,   and mosaics, as well as an abundance  of outdoor attractions. History, food,   and nature come together in Yabucoa,  a town on Puerto Rico’s east coast.

Soothe your soul in a rural mountain  village in the Japanese Alps. Takayama’s   historic streets preserve the Edo  Period and its breathtaking shrines,   torii gates, and temples. Takayama is one of  the most captivating cities in all of Japan. AND THERE YOU HAVE IT! Which destination are you   most excited about? Share your  thoughts in the comments below. AND IF YOU ENJOYED THIS VIRTUAL ADVENTURE,   DON'T FORGET TO HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON AND  SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ESCAPADES AROUND THE WORLD.

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