4k ,Firefall waterfall The longest waterfall in Iran #nature #waterfall

4k ,Firefall waterfall  The longest waterfall in Iran #nature #waterfall

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The Fire Falls This beautiful miracle of nature, also known as the Miniature Falls, is located in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province and in the city of Lordegan in a village called Atashgah. The waterfall of the fire consists of several waterfalls that travel about 2 kilometers on the ground, which is why it is nicknamed Iran's longest waterfall. By changing the volume of water in different seasons of the year, the number of waterfalls varies from 1 to 2. The land passing through it is in the hearts of the mountains and is full of lows and highs, which has formed firefighting waterfalls in the Lord.

You have a long walk to reach the waterfall where you will see the scenic landscapes, staircase waterfalls and sturdy trees. The beginning of the path is smooth and the general public is able to do so. But in the following way to reach the staircase waterfalls you have to walk a relatively large route, which makes it a moderate degree of hardness.

The geographical location of the waterfall of the fire Lord's Fire Falls is located in the geographical location of E510027 N31144. This waterfall is located 2 km from the city of Lordegan and 2 km from Shahrekord and 20 km from Sardasht village in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. On the way to reaching it, you will cross the villages of Milas, Sardasht and by the Khorsan River, which eventually leads to the village of Atashgah. The fire is the name of the village that is located at the bottom of these waterfalls and sources, and has nothing to do with the Zoroastrian Fire. Among the natural attractions of the village are old walnut trees, sycamore, oak, tongue, almond and hawthorn trees that are seen throughout the village.

This beautiful nature drives many tourists to the village of Atashgah in spring and summer. The waterfall is located in a three -kilometer -long valley, from the spring to the Kharsan River, with the lush atmosphere of all kinds of trees and forest plants, and the high slope and lowlands of the valley have created numerous small waterfalls. The Khorsan River, which comes from the main source of the Karun River and from the snowy heights of Dena and Central Zagros in the south of Isfahan province and north of Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad, arrives in Khuzestan province after annexation of several rivers and other fountains in Chahar Mahal Bakhtiari.

Asphalt roads, living rooms, alchiqi, toilets and access to the surrounding villages are facilities in the Lordegan Fire Falls. The firefall waterfall contains 7 main waterfalls, each with its own beauty. Linking beautiful natural elements such as valleys, vegetables and proper climates provides a very refreshing atmosphere for tourism and nature tourism. Oak trees and sycamore to the waterfall to the Kharsan River have decorated the area so that the fire has become one of the most spectacular tourist areas of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province. This is more important when it comes to knowing that this area is close to Khuzestan Garmsir and therefore welcomes nature and tourists throughout the year.

The Kharsan River, one of the largest branches of the Great Karun, enters the city of Lordegan after moving from the mountains of the world of Semirom and eventually flows into the Karun 3 Khuzestan Dam Lake. Village of Atashgah The village of Atashgah is bounded on the south and southwest by Mount Shurorm Jalalah and on the north by Mount Rig. The height of the village is 2 meters above sea level and its climate is temperate only in the year. The village has been the site of the Bakhtiari tribes in the past and has become a village over time.

The Atashgah Valley is one of the most beautiful and spectacular places of nature tourism from its roughness. In addition to the waterfall, the surrounding mountains that are calcareous and have many caves formed in their hearts, each year draws many climbers and cavemen to this beautiful village for mountaineering and cavernousness. The economic activities of the people of the village are generally agriculture and livestock. A group of villagers are involved in the service and production of handicrafts.

Other spectacular attractions in the area can be the source of the spring, the spring spring The best time to travel to the village of Lordegan Atashgah The climate of the village of Atashgah is cool and pleasant in the summer. In the spring and autumn season, which really has the most beautiful weather and beautiful scenery. It should be borne in mind that although the Lord is located in Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province, it is hotter than other cities of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari due to its proximity to the south of Khuzestan province.

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