45 Crore Royal Modern Mansion | Touring Pakistan Most Expensive House!

45 Crore Royal Modern Mansion  | Touring Pakistan Most Expensive House!

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Salam Welcome Guy This is me Farooq Hasan Today I'm very excited to show you one of the Most Ultra Modern Luxury Mansion Inn DHL Lahore This kind of mansion will give you complete This is mine will not be seen in Pakistan One of the Best mansion of 2023 If we talk about the details of this mansion If you do this then you will get six bedrooms. Accommodation is available in three levels. Basement, ground and first level. It is a furnished house and it has a swimming pool. There are waterfalls, top roof gardens and such There are many accessories which are inside this house. If installed then watch this video in detail From you see and in this we show you How is this the best mention of 2023.

Yes, this is our very beautiful front elevation and you can see that Ultra model on top of luxury theme The elevation is designed very beautiful, you can see its stone work . Cladistics Beautiful American Grass Here. This beautiful mansion has been installed on You can see that all the There are sculptures which are kept here. There are many different art pieces and The vibe of this house is very beautiful.

Beautiful theme dark colors you can see They are beautifully what they are. We have blended three main colors The one seen in this is brown one It is black and the gray color is on its right. Left side is used on the side If we talk about it then it is a corner house liver is used here Juliet Balk appears in front of us Which is our main void space.

So its elevation is corner based. There is two sided elevation and parking area. Our main one is more on the right side This is the park which is located in this block. best park [music] So this is our main reception. Area is Driveway Area is Sliding

The door is fully automated of this is house. The functionality is very user friendly And you can see that on the left side We need an electrical fencing here This is done from security point of view On the right side you see Ijli which is six to seven. Those who have vehicles can park in the street. There are palm trees that are inside too We can see a backyard here The area is very beautiful. Here are the views that we bring you inside Will show strip lights here Very beautiful lasers have been used There are a lot of lights on the right side Beautiful main feature wall that I can show you I am going to show you the fountains which They are installed and your entry There is something very beautiful and soothing. Environment you get here so right If I show you on the side, that's the main The reception area is ours. From where you can receive your guest

and gave many huge planters here Have gone and give you a very welcoming vibe It is found here if we look at its main door. If we talk about it, its main door is 24 feet. There is a hidden door which is currently in Pakistan We didn't see the inside of any house in It is a very beautiful door, very light weight and Your entry here with fully automation Ban Sai Planters is available here American grass is visible here Installed on very huge sites You can see that plantation has been done And we can see a lot of palm trees Huge size generator backup here What is installed is what and Apart from this, you will get the six KVA UPS also has the same system here It is found similarly on this left side. Our main is as much as one sitting. Deck area is provided which is one of our main

There is void space and the name of this house is also That's void and you can see that here How beautiful are the views? Downhill swimming is the main thing for you. The views of the pool are available here You can sit here and chill in the evening. You can enjoy here with children Apart from this you can also get top roof garden. is also found inside this house, so this is what Our very beautiful top roof There is a garden and from here you can take a lift. Basement, ground level And you can use the first level from here If we talk about void, we can do a lot We find an interesting thing on the left which That our depressed one you can see that यहां पे पैटियो जो है वो डिजाइन किया गया है ओपन टू स्काई है और यहां पे जो है बहुत Beautiful planters installed The travan tile is here Very raw finishing has been used You will be able to see you on the top right side.

Very huge gatherings can be held here You can have parties and you can watch It is very huge here. Dining is placed step up and right Over the side and our main planters Areas are given here skylighters We can see that from the first level You can see artificial grass here Which is installed on maintenance It is a very beautiful thing from point of view and On the right side if I show you the views of the void If I show you, you can see below that You will get ground level, first level and basement. Views of the swimming pool areas are visible There are very beautiful views on the right side But there is an absolutely beautiful facing park Palm trees you can also see on the top roof And here you can enjoy it fully equipped All the music that has been done here The system is there, it is installed, you just come and start living here Give [music] So now we will tell you what is in this house first. The level which is our main ground level is going to show and ground level Inside you will find many such things which Before this you have never visited any house in Pakistan. I would not have seen above ground level We would get accommodation in two main bedrooms. Is there formal lounge area is casual lounge There is area, double hidden space and many such things. We have created art from this that we will present to you.

If we are going to show its main Talking about the reception area, you are here You can see that here the stones Used and right and left That's a beautiful light on the side. You can see that its string His height is very huge and is 24 feet. There is a height door which before this Pakistan I did not install it inside anyone's house.

Installed and very light weight It's simple and very practical and you You can see that this is your main Reception area and very beautiful vibe It has a very luxurious ambiance and dark colors. Blended it beautifully Gone is the brass you can see the divisions And on the right side is our main dining room. The area is the drawing room area and our main A gorgeous double-sided lounge If we talk about area hai walls then you You can see that wall paneling has been done in it The Italian paint is imposed on it. Has been done with brass paneling which That there is original brass throughout the house. You can see Trave Teen Tile here Appliances used here are installed and the main thing is Here you can see its inlay pattern which Its patterns are similar to those of floorings.

If you are beautiful then you are in this reception area. You can see that a very beautiful art piece has been placed which before us many You must have noticed in the houses that absolutely no It does not come, it is of very huge size and hence Like you can see that very beautiful channel If we talk about dropped ceilings If you do, its ceilings are very different Imported specifically for this home It has a very luxury vibe and is hand made. paintings you can see and of course You can see what is in front that main What we have is lift and with it We have a powder room area and as many There are lights, they are fully automated and fully Wherever you move with sensors Will turn your lights on and off If we talk about the left side, If you do this you can see that you will get bridge The use of class is visible. And what is its architectural staircase case That's a beautiful masterpiece. And similarly you can see that the accessories How much is placed on the right side if If I show you, you can see the main here. It is possible that doors of huge sizes which are

If installed inside this house then most First of all I will tell you the main thing in this house. going to show you your guest room area Which is your drawing room space and you You can see that it is very smart kept in size because you know All the drawing spaces there are They are rarely used so much It is practically designed Straight ceilings are kept very beautiful French chandeliers Dropped Wall Treatments are in front of you American Wallpaper is imposed here Curtains Its fully automated, here you will get You can see that 180 degree views See you right here in front of me Your Main Joe is Your Landscape Janus Here on the left side is our empty space. It is very huge as you can see here. Windows are given here If we talk about floorings then you can see we have wooden floorings which You see the glass has been imported from Italy. You can see above the handles. That the props are handles of pure brass They are customized for this house so A very beautiful you above ground level You can see that on top of our right side What is there is a bedroom and before that the right On the side I will show you its powder room area.

I am going to show you a very beautiful one We get a lot of contemporary vibe in this custom one you can see that its The floating vanity is designed and very A beautiful art piece is placed here Roca main fittings installed in The wall treatments are so beautiful We can see glass on the ceiling and back If we talk about wall then this is its main one. Feature wall where wall mounted mode Installed Wall Treatments Too It is beautiful, it is very nice, just like this we like it. This is visible on the path here inlay The pattern is brass also imposed a If I show you something interesting then here But you don't see any string but There is only one main door here which is your main door. The chef's kitchen is here on the kitchen side. your drawing room area or your guest If you can utilize the area a lot This beautiful house with a different planning has been created and this pathway we leads to our main bedroom Lights have fully automated curtains Sensors installed and dark vibe It has been laid out very beautifully as you can see. Are you blending colors here? If I show you on the left side Very beautiful you can see that shelf The wall is designed according to the pattern We have wall coatings on the back side. See you in a very dim mood inside this house The lights have been placed so along with Which is the main, which is the washroom area.

And here are all the main Spanish tiles It is installed on the right side. Cljet trains are available here and Slider doors installed Very fun vibe, lots of lighting Beautiful role plays inside your house So this is what you have with double door entry. The main one is the entry to the lounge area and Here you can see that Zara's main Accessories are kept here as much as its You can see the interior is right The hue on the side is the media ball. The very huge size screen is here You can see the curtains installed on Whatever is there from ceiling to floor Dropped, it's a very huge vibe. This house is spacious and fully automated and Whatever is available from the panel, you can also avail it from your phone.

Control everything in this house. can the way I'm going to show you I am sure you can see its curtains that It is fully automated, very beautiful here Night view is your buyer's landscape here It will be visible from here and if we sit here Talking about placement, it is easy 30 here. There can be a gathering on 240th and main every You must be seeing an art piece at the place The furniture is also very contemporary A very different one has been placed on the pattern Ultra luxury wipes look at you Right side up with division pattern Whatever is of main huge size, we can give it to you. get dining space and if i tell you If I show this area very beautifully has also been utilized and its You can see carvings on furniture Very raw patterns have been laid out and if we Talking about furniture, you can see that its dining space is very beautiful Green and black color is blended Accessories are fully featured throughout the house Modern sandals are in front of you and laser You can see the lightings in the ceiling Patters you if you are watching then a very You can see the drama inside the lights It will be main which is our dining space.

With that comes our main showcase kitchen. There is another very beautiful island here. Shades of flooring that are designed You can see that the flooring in light tone You can see different shades of and which gives each flooring a Teen on left side is complementing There is also a smart TV installed here done if you are cooking here If you are baking here then here You can upload your music or dramas online You get huge storage space here It's very beautiful, the lighting is very beautiful The ambiance is modern kitchen and here All the main accessories of this main kitchen Baking with all the burners inside Owens Here are all the main Siemens are kept along with this let me show you So here is your main fridge too. It is from Siemens and there is a lot of space here. If you can see it on the back side Which is here we are given a window Use whatever light you have It has been said that you will be able to watch it on daytime or You can enjoy the light here in the evening.

can do with it as well which is if i If I show you its closing then you will There will be no feeling at all that the back side our operational kitchen is on its back so you can see that how seamless are the door patterns. And here is our main chef's kitchen. Here goes Hughesy Frazes. LG's flooring patterns have been kept They are also continuing with the same Italian paint. It has also been done here and here you can see Can that main commercial that you your chef They are here to utilize this area. Can also have an access to them and This was our main kitchen on the ground floor. Another our master above ground level

Suite is a total of two bedrooms. The accommodation available is very beautiful. Private entrance has been given and you can see You can see that what is right in front of you is very Beautifully designed a console wall There is art and there are sandals too, just Let me show you its main entry, so this is yours. The main entry is the main main street and very Everything that is beautiful is decorated here The interior is beautifully blended It seems that dark theme has been kept and Its curtains are also fully automated, a lot We have a beautiful sitting space here. You can see the sofa pattern given every The thing that gives you an ultra luxury which I get that feeling with this only if I If I show you, it is of very huge size. That's our main washroom area of ​​course. As soon as you appear, you can see that here Dual vanity provided with Roca fittings It's a hand screw, it's a very beautiful knife ji. The most interesting thing is that here

Normally we are given a sitting space This is what they miss in the washroom. There should be seating spaces and Also if I show you The connectivity is beautiful and very one You can see the wide entry here Along with this, what is there is our main clause. area and here you can see a lot Beautifully designed storage island Very beautiful in the Clujette range lighting was done [music] So the basement is very special to this house. is beautiful and you can see that here

Dark Wipe has kept the ceilings dark for you. Looks very beautiful in pattern Lighting has been done and a therapy has been done in this house. Inside you feel that you are completely at peace. Come here, it's a homely vibe. There is no commercial feeling and left Over the side you can see that very What is beautiful is the art work done And there is a very beautiful sculpture here A very beautiful and luxury is placed on We can see the vibe here on the right side The one above is our main rest room. This is the powder room area. This is our elevator. Servants have access and

If I show you on the left side You have a very huge mirror here. wall treatments, the lights in front are fully automated. of the house and above this level there is a lot of ours What is beautiful is the master suite which We are going to show you and full wall Gree's Appliances with Heat & Cool Yes, it will be seen installed here and main And very beautiful you can see that its There is an interior and if I show something interesting then here Main step used on travan By doing up you can see that your main which The rest room area starts The floating vanity is very beautiful and customized You can see the wall treatments that have been done. You can see a very raw look inside this house.

The main thing comes on the back side. We have an independent shower area and Any number of fittings used here It's all done by Hans Groh and you You can see the print of this house as I told you the void is the name of this mansion And similarly we will give you its other parts We will show you what is in the house along with it. Main is our entertainment area which is I'm going to show you next and that Which is very luxury and with it we You can do gatherings here And also if I show you Its string is very beautiful you can see that its string on various steps Well designed and of very huge size There is a door and its closing is very soft. It is visible, so this is our main one. There is a lounge area in the basement and here you You can sit and chill with friends You can get together and here you can It is very beautiful, it is 650 inches in size. Very beautiful one that is on your screen Optima 4k will be visible here is installed and with this you are here You can see that there is a huge size The pool table is placed which has been specially imported to this house And the decorations of this house are very Every thing is different, it's like a two-piece.

You can also see the interiors. that a lot of detail has gone into it Brass is used extensively indoors which is original brass and Also, if you come here, it will be very The huge sized one is the sitting area. And Gree appliances are also installed here. have been done so that this area which is very It is of huge size so that it can be cooled. Whatever is on this side is main, whatever is ours.

The bar area is on the back side if I tell you. If I show you, you can see that very The beautiful thing is here in the sunk area. which is open to the sky and so on You can see the lighting on its back side. Can give us a very contemporary feel Wall paintings are visible inside this house You can see that especially in this mission Designed to sleep over the back side The main thing is we have a spa area and a gym. If there is an area and there is a pool area then it is in the basement. Whatever we have, we have another beautiful one. There is outdoor access and indoor access There is also and very beautiful travan you can see It is very beautiful here Utilized is very beautiful There is lighting and props inside the lights The sensors are installed here You are a fully automated swimming pool. There is a very beautiful waterfall here which

that I'm going to show you next and From here you can see that its There is a waterfall and it is very beautiful and Along with this, wooden clads are used here It has been done and there is a very beautiful vibe here You can sit on this is your main void There is an area and you can sit here and talk. and you can see That waterfall is a complete void for you There is a lot of lighting visible here at the entry. It is beautiful, on the right side we have a SILS which is available installed here Our main basement is on the left side. The lounge is the bar and the main one is our entertainment. The area is the spa which we will tell you about later. If you are going to show it, then inside the basement. You will find many activities inside this house Will meet and very beautiful you can see That wall art is done here Pathway the lights look very beautiful on you Spanish tile is installed here If you look at the top right side, you will see Proper wooden paneling will look great The vibe of this house is beautiful, it is on the right side. Above main is our main gym area and the gym Whatever is inside the area is whatever is facing.

Your main swimming pool space is very Beautiful wooden flooring here It is written with a dark ambiance and here You can see it everywhere The sound system is fully installed. Beautiful wall treatments are in front of you Also if I show you the main door So on the main door you can see that the whole house I have no compromise on anything done and lighting you can see that Sensors you see fully equipped everywhere Will come and with it if I give you another Let me show you the elements of this house which are our main Whatever is there is main spa and private spa and Whatever you have at home, you can see the main ones here. As soon as you enter, you notice a vibe I am coming to your in-house, it is a salon. Here you can get manicure pedicure And my heart also wishes that I am here If I come and take services then I am at home I will buy a vibe, create a drama And you will get all the facilities inside the house. Meet here on the right side Above you can see that there is a proper The spa is all designed accessories installed and with We also have a main washroom and washroom wall treatments are very beautiful On the top right side is our proper. The shower area which is independent is very nice. Beautiful fittings are placed here and you can see that all the The accessories are all from Grohe, Roka. And all the international brands

Got them customized and delivered here Imported and built this house [music] [music] So this is our very beautiful You can see the architectural staircase case What a beautiful stone it is! Dark vibe used here It is found that planters were placed on the right side. Windows are given here and Hughes is and similarly on the left side If I show you, it is very beautiful here. Pay bridge is given right along with it When you come up here you will find a Laundry space is designed and provided Here you can see that LG's entire A washing machine is kept here, you can iron Can serve you from the back side Access is also given and on its back side Proper design of a pantry area here It's done like this if I show you So here is this with full sensors The area is fully equipped. patters are very beautiful raw patters you Will be visible and as soon as you come up You get a double height space where You have been given a sky lighter now because If it's night time, it's day time here. Skylight will come with glass imposed on top. The wall paneling has been done and you can see there are hand made paintings kept here You have a total of three months above this level. Accommodation is available in suites and many

The lounge area which is beautiful is provided And a very fully equipped kitchen If it is given in this then I will come forward and let you know. Let me show you what we have on the left side. That lift space is on its right side. Above main is our first first level What is there is mass sweet and huge size. And from here you can see from a very beautiful window views and so on if we Talking about the interior, you can see that beautifully decorates its interior The furniture is in front of you. Poxy patterns you can see customized Wall treatments have been done for this house The wall paneling is also very beautiful. Very beautiful drop lights are coming If we talk about Sandler, you Looks like Droplet Sandler here What we have here is kept with it Pay huge window is available from where your that I showed you earlier where from This is our view of the skylighter and here Whatever you have, whatever dressing area you have. can be used with this also if i

If you see its main washroom then it is main washroom. It is very beautiful and you can see in it Can use more light colors Very beautiful which is customized Designer you can see that this area Props are customized designed and all the tiles in it All the ingredients used are Italian and You can see many similar hues here glass has been used which You will see a very huge entry. So you can see the wall all over the house. It will be a very beautiful house at this time Ultra is the best house in pay market On a modern theme and a musical of course Colors and lights play a very important role Plays in the interior and this is your double There is height space here you can see that The customized chadhal which is suitable for this area Braj is designed for And all your activities from here of your lounge space at your ground level lounge and first level lounge Brajes is very beautiful You can see that in the pathway proper Which is wooden flooring here and funniest division if i show you So you can see that the use of glass Has been done and featured planters It's like a very important thing Hughes in our lives and here The window that is available is normal. You can't find any house here in Pakistan. Will not be visible and is of very huge size

You can see that the window is placed here Along with this, there is also a lot of wall treatment. Bra's kitchen is beautiful here. Installed and beautiful You can see commercial patterns and There is also a storage area here for all their You can see that soft touches have been placed That all the accessories there are It's all Italian and if I If I talk about furniture, you can see the furniture. You can see that their patterns are very nice Very beautiful, very contemporary vibe We look inside this house and here Bhi Hughes, that media wall is in front of you. There is so much drama and so much vibe. is inside this house and with this I tell you Its going to show another master suite which is of very huge size and If I show you something interesting then There are wall treatments and here you can find them.

Switchable is also automated and very different The switches have been done right along with the entry. whatever is your proper seating Space comes and you sit here You can enjoy your movies and It has a screen that is movable if you You are on the side of the bed, there you can watch a movie. Otherwise you can change the setting space here Very beautiful if you can utilize it The division has been done very beautiful which is its The vibe you get with it is a proper one. That bull breeding area was designed There is a lot of use of glass and The back wall is very luxury and is also made of glass.

Is used and in very dark theme you You can see its wall paneling with this Which is exactly what happens when you are here If there is entry towards washroom then here There is two door entry and very huge entry. The main feature which is right in front of you is That jacuzzi area comes and on the right side But if I show you the main one It's a beautiful thing, no matter how many things are here We also have the Crossett Range on the right side. If it is found and it is also found on the left side, then Basically dual washroom designed Wall treatments are in front of you and this Like if I show you this space Here also you are given another variety Wall Mounted Commodes Installed Skylight is the most interesting thing. inside the washroom and you can see that All appliances were installed here So this is the last one of our mission. There is a bedroom which is the sixth bedroom and here You can see very beautiful travan on a lot of work has been done here There is beautiful craftmade along with the entry. Which is the main one, you were given a sitting placement.

And here you can see that the ceiling The curtains have been dropped If we talk about back wall then you You can also see the traven wood paneling. Very beautiful ambience has been done here It's very much a contemporary vibe. The beautiful bed that is right in front of you Which completes this entire interior And the main washroom is also in dark vibe. The flooring has been placed in a light pattern. The sheet used is Imported for this project is beautiful has been done and the mirror cutting that you can see They are very beautiful, each one is eight pieces.

You must be seeing this in the mirror as well Whatever is there is our complete one on the back side. It also has independent shower area. NSG fittings have been used and You can see very beautiful vanity customized Are And so Guy, I hope you get a tour of this house. You must have liked this very beautiful mansion.

And the demand for this mansion is 45 crore and its total Constructed covered area is 15000 sq. Feet is fully furnished and fully equipped State of the art mansion and on the corner Located top roof garden facing There is a park and a lot of DHA Phase Six Prime location so if you are from Pakistan If you are looking for a home inside then we have given you You can contact the numbers and get this house You can visit and take care of yourself a lot keep it thank you Allah Hafiz

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