30 Scary Videos That'll Leave You Unsettled

30 Scary Videos That'll Leave You Unsettled

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Coming up in this video. Normalcy is boring. Let’s go out of our way to feel a bit off instead. These 30 Scary Videos will leave you unsettled. 30.

Sigbin Filipino YouTuber TABIAPO has captured a real Sigbin on camera in Barangay Sangko. After finding evidence of the creature, They come to the edge of this tall grass. That’s when they see this… The creature has black fur. You can’t even discern

shades of color. He looks like a shadow, himself. Then, it starts coming toward them. Apparently, these leaves are protection. What do you think of the sigbin? To me, it looks a bit like a monkey with large bat-like ears. Its complete darkness also instills paranormal fear of the unknown. All I know is, I don’t want that thing feeding on my shadow.

29. Biker Saves Girl Not all heroes wear capes. YouTube channel, Invisible Hero, highlights this, and this video in particular shows that circumstances might force you to become a hero when you least expect it. After hearing a scream, this biker turned on his camera.

He notices a woman fast approaching him, a man following closely behind. The man is clearly harassing her. The biker confronts the man, telling him to back off. He even lies to the man, claiming the woman is his girlfriend. After hearing this, the guy backs off and heads on his way.

The woman is very grateful for the biker’s help, and he even offers to take her home. After getting her address, he reassures her… and drives her home. This biker was in the right place at the right time. And I believe most good people would hope to react in the same way if faced with similar circumstances. Invisible Hero's request: Please give credit directly to this video 28.

Haunted Thai House On a trip to Thailand, YouTuber DDoch Micol skipped the beaches and instead spent his holiday exploring this intensely haunted house. Upon entering, he hears whispers. He continues his exploration but is scared off by another voice. Still, he stays. As his search goes on, he hears another noise.

And at last, he sees what’s making it. The stranger in the abandoned place is ready to throw down. Micol runs off, thankfully escaping unharmed. To me, this just goes to show that live humans are often scarier than spirits. 27. Freaky Figures This strange anomaly was discovered on CCTV outside the workplace of Redditor u/phantom881999’s father at around midnight.

The Redditor thinks it’s an artifact, but those in the comments have other ideas. SidRodie writes, “What was that? Ghost of a velociraptor?” While it does look incredibly disturbing, I agree that the spottiness is due to video compression or a camera glitch. It is likely two people walking, one in black and one in white. The figure in white may be using a cane. But all things considered, I wouldn’t rule out the idea of a three-legged demon. 26.

Table & Chairs While attempting to give a virtual tour of his home, this YouTuber discovers something unsettling: his home is haunted. Let’s take a look. Notice that the table and chairs are all set. Everything appears normal. He passes them again on the tour. Again, normal. After touring the rest of the house, he returns to the dining room. This is where things get spooky.

I don’t know about you, but that creepy ending definitely left me feeling very unsettled. 25. Goblin on the Loose Is this a goblin? An extraterrestrial? Whatever it is, it’s trending in the Brazilian YouTube community.

Shared by YouTube channel, EXtv, the video shows a gangly creature sitting dejectedly at the foot of stadium seating. It’s hard to tell what this creature is…even more so after it looks up at us. Its glowing eyes and pointed ears do tell us one thing: it’s not human. It moves to get up. And when it stands, you see just how gangly it is. Its long thin limbs are barely able to lift its large barrel-like body.

But looks can be deceiving. Once on its feet, it turns out that it's quite nimble. That sound was terrifying. We can assume the cameraman lived to share this footage, but we can’t assume he didn’t pee his pants in the process. This footage lootks real enough to be considered authentic. Even the creature’s shadow seems

to fall in accordance with all other shadows in frame. But this is, in fact, a production. I tracked down the original source, JJPD Producciones, which specializes in CGI.

I’m happy to find that this creepy goblin doesn’t exist in reality…at least I hope. 24. The Priest There is a church in Brazil where many have reported hearing screams and seeing dark shadowy smoke. A priest is said to have passed away here. YouTube team, Fatos e Mistérios, heads to this haunted church to investigate.

Inside, they find an altar. While near the altar, they hear this strange sound. And later, they spot him. He is kneeling at the altar with a candle lit. As the crew comes closer, something startles them. What was that? I’m not sure, but it doesn’t scare the crew away entirely. And they end up encountering

the priest one last time. What would you do if you saw this figure in a dilapidated abandoned church? To me, the figure appears too solid to be an apparition. But that begs the question: what is it doing here in the darkness? Coupled with the creepy sounds, its presence is more than disturbing. 23. Mount Albert Poltergeist While staying at a haunted place in Mount Albert, Ontario, YouTuber MrDevilish and his friend face their fears. At first, it seems like they have nothing to fear at all.

As you can see, the room is empty. But then, this happens. Watch the kettle to the left. While I’m not sure what could explain this, the cameraman’s delayed reaction to the kettle moving seems suspicious. Unless he was distracted, I’m not sure why he wouldn’t have seen it right away. But if this is genuine, these guys need to get out. Like yesterday. 22.

Antagonizing the Ghost YouTuber High Strangeness has a phantom coworker that he likes to antagonize. This time, he went a little too far. Calling a ghost “weak” seems to be a great offense, which the YouTuber will soon find out firsthand. This ghost isn’t weak, and it’s not going to stand for the barbs.

In my opinion, this guy had better watch his back from now on. 21. In the Cave While summoning la llorona in a cave, YouTuber extinct file manifests an evil entity. Watch what happens next. He then hears footsteps in the cave. The entity gets closer.

As he tries to leave, la llorona has the last laugh. I think we’ve learned our lesson here: la llorona doesn’t want anyone’s help. 20. Screaming Ghost This terrifying capture is shared by YouTuber Faces of the Forgotten.

This is not a video. It’s a photograph of the scene of an accident, in which an apparition appears above the vehicle. And it looks like it’s screaming.

The YouTuber shares the photograph in question. Some believe this is the screaming soul of the accident’s victim. And, in fact, it does look very much like that individual. Is this photographic evidence of a soul leaving its body? The individual was only 16 years old when he lost his life. While this could have been photoshopped, as some are suggesting in the comments, this story gives me goosebumps, and the image does look pretty convincing to me.

What do you think? 19. Stigmatized Property This property has so much haunted activity that it’s been stigmatized. YouTube channel, 4TH WALL, investigates, setting up cameras in the haunted home. In the laundry room, you start to hear noises.

After the item flies out of the medicine cabinet, the accordion door opens. And things get even creepier. Watch the door. An apparition appears vague and foggy from beyond the righthand door. Is this spirit what’s causing the paranormal activity? If the apparition is not the cause, I think there are many spirits at play here. And that might be the case, because this is part 6 in a series filmed at this property by 4TH WALL.

If you like this video, subscribe to their channel. All videos have English subtitles. 18. What the…? Redditor u/Zealousideal_Art8526 is wondering, “What the??” Watch behind the baby gate.

Something semitransparent and pale slowly appears. It morphs and changes shape. Then it simply vanishes. Although it’s quite obscure, it looks like a figure of some kind…but definitely not a human. The OP says that the house is nearly a century old, and she’s heard EVPs and seen a couple ghosts here, including a man in blue jeans and a little girl.

This video has been slowed down. While I agree that it could be the light from a passing car obscured through a window in the next room, the form it takes is surely creepy. 17. Bridgeport Demon YouTube channel, Paranormal Nightmare TV Series, takes a location tour of Bridgeport Manor, and they soon encounter the manor’s mysteries.

As the tour guide shares that a man passed away of a heart attack in this room, listen closely. What was that voice? One of the crew even hears it in the moment. Later, as they’re capturing video in the building, several noises are heard. Although they didn’t find anyone there, they hear more haunting proof later. They hear one of their paranormal devices go off on the second floor.

They receive no answer. Until the demon talks directly to them through the spirit box. And it seems the demon does. I think there is enough evidence here to suggest this place does house some ghosts or demons. But whether or not they just want to play is anyone’s guess.

16. The Cave According to local legend, a woman’s body was found in this cave, and YouTuber Ricky Velázquez is digging deep to find her spirit. The front entrance has been covered up. But there is a secret passage, and Ricky finds it. Inside, he discovers a person’s belongings, including what looks like a bed.

Down one dark passage, sparkling lights are captured. At first, I thought it was a paranormal device, but later, you see it’s the distant city lights. Beyond the ambient traffic noise, you can hear an echoing voice sob from afar. It sounds like it’s coming from the belly of the cave Then, as Ricky is talking, he hears this sound.

Here it is again with the volume enhanced. In another moment, he hears a voice again. Is Ricky in the presence of the woman’s spirit? I think so. I feel a certain energy here, even through the screen.

15. Extreme Haunting This highly active haunted house is scaring YouTuber Dark Arts TV more than ever before. The place looks lived-in. They speak to the spirits that haunt the home through a spirit box. It sounds like it said something about ending Then the spirit then gets kind of handsy.

Then, it really freaks them out. And it continues to touch them. Who keeps trying to hold their hand? Although I think it may be a ghost, whatever it is seems to be getting more aggressive. 14. Demon of the Ghost Church Would you complete a ritual to summon a demon? YouTube team, Proving Demons, would. They head to the ghost church, where a demon is reputed to be. And they find that this place is more than unholy.

On the way there, they encounter a large lake with houses drowning below. They circle the church three times. As the legend goes, the demon will appear. Not long after, they hear what sounds like a child’s voice. Communicating through a spirit box, they ask what the spirit is.

Using a kinect app, they see a figure in the graveyard. They speak with it again through the spirit box. After that, they nope right out of there.

This last message from the beyond makes me sure that this isn’t just a spirit; it’s a demon. 13. Jinn What happens when a jinn is out to get you? YouTuber hasan bar bar knows a thing or two about that. The jinn is on his tail in this video. He first hears it banging around in the next room. Where is it hiding? It seems so close, and yet, it’s nowhere in sight.

Still, it’s right behind him at every turn. Soon, the jinn’s energy grows unstable. And it’s nearer than he thinks. Watch the door to his left. One of Hasan’s hands is holding his camera. The other is at his side. So, it’s without question that the door was nudged by the jinn.

Back at the rocking chair, the jinn is heard moaning again. What is he saying? What does he want? I think this game of hide-and-seek is not a game at all: the jinn is after Hasan’s soul. 12.

The Devil’s House Would you have a cup of tea with the devil in his house? YouTube team, Caça Sobrenatural, head to the devil’s house to investigate, and inside a cupboard, they find an animal’s foot. They hear the cupboard shake. Later, as they’re talking, it moves abruptly again. Is the devil at home? I wouldn’t stick around to find out.

11. Skinwalker Imagine this in the middle of the forest. That’s what YouTube team, Ghost Theory, heard in these haunted woods during a paranormal investigation. And apparently, it knows something… A second question results in more mysterious answers. And then another unfortunate one. And finally, they hear it… I’d be outta there too.

I have no idea what a skin walker sounds like, but to me, that did not sound animal…nor did it sound human. 10. Lucifer YouTube team, Memória Sobrenatural INC, enters this haunted school. And he encounters the wrath of Lucifer. As he is introducing the place, he quickly realizes he’s unwelcome. In that same room, something is hiding… Something invisible. And it continues to taunt him.

Whatever is here has trapped him in. And it’s playing with his mind. Is Lucifer driving this car? If he is, he’s invisible.

The ghost hunter gets inside the vehicle and is nearly trapped. Things just keep getting worse. How are these big pieces of furniture moving on their own? He sees something in the window of the car. I can’t really detect what he’s making out here. If anything, I think it’s pareidolia. But that definitely doesn’t discount all the other paranormal activity we’ve witnessed here. This looks like a legit haunting to me. I don’t know how this would be orchestrated

otherwise. 9. Haunted House YouTuber Burak Doğan Paranormal is about to enter “the house of a man who made a deal with the burier jein.”

He has yet to enter the house before something disturbs him. He deciphers the EVP as, “We came." A short time later, he hears something again. This time, the EVP says, “We are all around.” Once inside, things get more bizarre. What was that sound? As he continues his search, something raps on the window. Whatever is in the house with him becomes more animated.

This last EVP he hears says, “Go here.” Go where, I wonder? The ghost hunter doesn’t hear it in the moment, so he doesn’t follow these orders. I think he might regret it though… 8. Graestone Manor While at the haunted Graestone Manor, YouTube team, Paranormal of Watertown POW!, experience some strong poltergeist activity. They ask the spirit to play a game.

And later, the rempod goes off like mad. It even seems to be listening to them. As they’re using other devices, the spirit pushes a ball on the floor. This is just a taste of the activity the team captured at Graestone Manor. It certainly

seems like a haunted location to me. I don’t know about you, but I’m tuning in for more. 7.

Cupboard Opens YouTubers Lainey and Ben regularly document the paranormal activity in their uber haunted home. As they’re taking questions from their subscribers, some of that activity happens right behind them. First, notice the paper towel roll. Lainey seems to hear it move. She looks over her shoulder but doesn’t quite catch it in action.

Then, the cupboard door pops open for a second. Watching the camera, Lainey sees the activity behind her this time. I believe Lainey and Ben’s home is haunted without question. They have a lot of evidence to back them.

I just don’t know how they can live with this. 6. Captured Russian YouTuber Eugene from DARK MYSTIC captured something in his home. Let’s take a look. First, it shows up in the darkened window behind him.

Did you see the figure moving in the window? Then, while inside, he hears something. Nobody answers. Later, as he’s capturing video under a crawlspace, another disturbance is heard. Then, in the shed, he sees two glowing eyes.

The eyes disappear. Do they belong to whatever phantom is causing such mayhem in his home? Or was all that racket caused by a cat or other animal? But then again, what about the figure in the window? I think Eugene should look into this further to find out what exactly he’s dealing with. 5. Goblin in the Forest YouTuber Seeker of Ghosts seeks ghosts in this paranormal forest…but what he finds is a goblin. He first spots it in the darkness through his camera lens.

You can see its vague outline up close. Here it is again. After he flees from the goblin, he hears it again. He runs off a second time, hoping that the angry goblin doesn’t follow.

I don’t blame him. Though we didn’t get a clear enough look to confirm that it was in fact a goblin, the mysterious creature sparks fear in me. I wouldn’t stick around either.

4. Spirit Touch While spending the night in a haunted location in Saskatchewan, Canada, Redditor u/purgatoryadventures felt the lightest touch. First, they see a figure on the kinect. They ask the figure to put both arms up, and it complies. The figure is reluctant to reach for his hand. But at last, he reaches out.

While some believe this is a ghost, others think it’s an interaction between people in parallel universes. I’ve gotta say I prefer that explanation. 3. Ancient Ram Inn While investigating the Ancient Ram Inn, YouTuber AFTER DARK PARANORMAL captured what they believe is paranormal activity. Watch the creepy doll sitting atop the ouija board.

The doll appears to answer dramatically. The sensory device starts flashing at the same time the doll starts to fall. Although this could be paranormal activity, the doll appears to me to be sitting precariously on the board. The tumble it takes looks like it could have been natural. The team says they tried to replicate it but couldn’t. They spent over an hour trying to do so including kicking and pushing the solid oak barrel. So I’m on the fence with this one. What do you think?

2. Abandoned Hogwarts If you’ve ever wanted to visit Hogwarts, here’s your chance. YouTuber Abandoned World Explorer explores what he calls an “abandoned Hogwarts,” hidden in the woods. Once inside, they find the place incredibly in tact. Some of the furniture is a bit out of place.

He finds a marble fireplace with incredible finishing. Up the stairway, he finds a second piano…and some unfortunate graffiti. Although the explorers don’t capture any paranormal activity, this abandoned place does have a special energy.

To me, it’s sad that such a magnificent place would be abandoned. I hope that someone takes the time to preserve and restore it, at least for history’s sake. I’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made it this far, why not like this video and hit subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because I upload 4 new scary videos every week. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my Instagram

@dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out. 1. 30 East Drive We’ve seen 30 East Drive here on Chills before. It’s considered one of the most haunted places on Earth. This time, it’s the Ouija Brothers turn to meet the evil entity that resides here.

That was definitely a knock. You can also hear it in the hallway. Later, while they’re on the stairs, they hear another loud bump. They hear something again on the landing. Later, while they’re all sleeping, their steady cam captures more knocking.

Others in the comments say they’ve visited 30 East Drive and heard similar noises. I’m not on the fence with this one: this place is haunted. And though the activity was subtle on this one, combined with other evidence of Fred, the ghost, I believe it.

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