30 Scary Videos Giving Viewers Chills

30 Scary Videos Giving Viewers Chills

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Coming up in this video. Grab yourself a fuzzy blanket and a hot cup of cocoa. These are the 30 Scary Videos giving viewers chills. 30. Followed Is this evidence of a real poltergeist? YouTuber T10 Paranormal shares this video from @DinoNuggets741. After experiencing paranormal activity in his last place, the resident just moved to this new home. But whatever was formerly stalking him has clung on.

Did you see the figure flash past? It then starts repeatedly slamming the door. After checking all the upstairs rooms, Dino leaves empty-handed. This looks like a real haunting to me.

And being that it doesn’t seem to be attached to the home, it’s clearly attached to Dino, himself. He’d better take a bath in holy water. 29.

La Santa Muerte Is this giant, passing through La Blanca, Mexico, the infamous La Santa Muerte? TikToker @deylovedexter thinks so. The figure moves slowly across the hilltop, and in my opinion, it seems to drift in a way that is not human. Some in the comments say it looks like a regular-sized human, not a giant. But others note that the

people there are reacting in a way that indicates the perspective of someone walking on the ridge at this angle is not the norm. I tend to agree. And the way it moves is tripping me out. I don’t know if it’s La Santa Muerte, but it definitely appears otherworldly to me. 28.

What is It? There’s something…“off” about this dog. TikToker @mr.spookit shares this re-upload of a caged creature that appears a bit bewildering. See for yourself. The TikToker suggests it’s a skin creature, and others in the comments agree.

Don’t worry – this isn’t for real. I traced this clip to its original source, which turns out to be YouTube channel, LuxuryDark, from the creators, Life of Luxury. Chester and Parker ordered this clone on the Dark Web. The only advice I have is: SEND IT BACK. Believed to be a re-upload, original source unknown. 27.

Stalker Being stalked is one of the pitfalls of being a YouTube celebrity. CRYPTO NWO knows this firsthand. The YouTuber captured his stalker several times on his security cameras.

But first, he received a video from the stalker, himself. The stalker’s video is in sync with security camera footage taken from the side of the YouTuber’s house. After knocking on the window, the stalker lets himself in. The YouTuber’s other cameras start to glitch as the stalker nears them, indicating that he may be in possession of a device that causes interference. After circling the house, the stalker stares directly into one of the cameras.

In another video, sent by the stalker, you can see the stalker approach his victim’s front door, knock, and then flee. As if to taunt him further, the stalker sends another clip from inside his victim’s home, capturing CRYPTO’s voice and his dog on camera. And one more clip captures the stalker peering in through CRYPTO’s back door where he is spotted for the first time. As the stalker flees the scene, you have to wonder if this was his last visit…or if he’s only just getting started. I fear the answer is the second option. 26. Next-level Selfie While no one likes seeing someone pose for a selfie, this selfie video, shared by TikToker @strangestmp4s, is next level.

No further explanation is needed; just watch. What is happening here? Is this woman real or AI? Her hand moves robotically, swiveling her camera around to check her selfie again and again. Her face is unchanging. For some reason, though she’s smiling, this is incredibly unsettling to me. And I won’t even venture a guess whether she’s human or robot. It’s a toss-up. 25.

Door Slamming This ghost is angry. YouTuber Delta Fowlers shares this video in the haunted home of slamming doors. I’ll let him explain what’s been happening. As he’s setting up a camera to see if he can capture the ghost in the act, the door moves slightly. He doesn’t appear to notice. Then, a moment later, this happens…

The ghost doesn’t slam it…yet. But then… It happens again, and this time, he films from inside the room. I agree with many in the comments who believe this could just be caused by the air circulation from the ceiling fan.

Only if they turn it off will we get some answers. But until then, I’m going to be cautiously skeptical. 24. Drone or Unidentified Flying Object? Redditor u/DwarfLord420 asked a question on the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit: Is this a Drone or an Unidentified Flying Object? Let’s take a look. “What in the world” is right.

The Redditor says that the video doesn’t even compare to what this looked like in person. Then, the lights turn red. All the lights are moving around, drifting away from each other and then coming back together.

Most in the comments think these are drones. Even the Redditor thinks they might be. Are they too big to be drones? I’m no drone expert, so I won’t debate. Because they very well might be out of this world.

23. Haunted Church While investigating the UK’s most haunted church, the YouTube team from Moxley’s Paranormal World comes across something unholy. Entering an empty room, Mox sees this iron rod start to move. Peering down into the hole, he sees there’s nobody there. Later, they get some responses through the spirit box, indicating who is here.

Although I’m not sure either if Satan is speaking, I think there’s plainly something evil inside this church. And I don’t think I’d be messing with it. 22.

Tesla Ghost We’ve seen a few “Tesla ghosts” here on Chills, but this one takes the cake. Shared by Redditor u/Responsible_Eye_7016 to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit, this video is beyond creepy. The Redditor says he drove around the block to see if his Tesla cam was acting up, and it seemed to be functioning normally. But when he returned to his garage, he saw the

same image. There doesn’t appear to me to be anything shaped like a human figure in front of the car. Although some in the comments think that this shape looks like a figure. However, the Redditor claims the figure was there on the Tesla cam with a closed garage door as well. If that’s true, then that’s 100% creepy. But I’m gonna need pics or it didn’t happen. 21.

In the Closet For months, TikToker @dmemequeen1’s daughter claimed someone was in her closet. So, they set up a security camera…and discovered this… The door widens… She says you can see the doorknob twist. Watch closely. This is what prompted her to check the footage. I definitely saw the doorknob turn. Some in the comments warn that when you see “[spirits of] relatives,” it’s a ploy by something evil. Some also say they can hear a man muttering, which I faintly hear too below the music.

Do you hear it? I’m sure there’s something paranormal going on here, and I don’t think this girl should be left alone with it. 20. Waitress Saves Girl Scary things can happen in plain sight. Currently trending in the Brazilian YouTube community, I came across this video on YouTube channel, EXtv. Further digging led to the video’s full version on YouTube channel, The Front Page, but I believe it's still a re-upload. The video shows a young couple entering a

restaurant. Right away, you can tell something is off. The guy is treating his girlfriend really roughly and possessively. The girl looks anxious and uneasy. And when she finally sees her opportunity, she takes it. After writing a message, she manages to replace it… And slip it to the waitress. When the waitress finds it, she alerts her manager… Who alerts the police.

When the police arrive, they confront the guy. The video states that 1 in 3 young people will be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. If that statistic doesn’t give you chills, I don’t know what will. Let’s just hope that most are brave enough to get out of it like this girl – and that the people around them are paying attention to their cries for help. 19.

Floating This dad has no fear. Or he may have all of it. YouTuber Heebie.Jeebies24 shares this video of a man enjoying his coffee when something unenjoyable happens. Watch the paper towel roll behind him. As both he and the baby panic, something else happens, unnoticed. In my opinion, there is clearly something paranormal going on here. Even the baby knows it.

18. In the Darkness In the midst of the jungle, TikToker @feri.sn gets a scare from something we cannot see. After he chases the thing down, we still can’t see it, but we can hear its creepy laughter. The man races away, fleeing the cursed laughter…but it’s still not made clear what the thing is. Is it a witch or a ghost?

I don’t know for certain, but that laughter would send me running. 17. Squatter While exploring this abandoned nursing home, YouTuber Han Kardeşler encounters something unexpected and scary.

Whatever is upstairs does not want them there. As the crew turns back toward the stairway, they catch a glimpse. Did they just come across a squatter? It seems whoever they glimpsed is antisocial. And the team is invading his privacy. I have no doubt that this figure is not paranormal but human.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous. 16. Phantom Figure Is this just a unique drifting of smoke or fog? Or has Hannah Rowett really captured a demonic figure on camera? Watch and decide for yourself. The shape certainly looks like a figure leap-gliding across the forest path. While some in the comments do believe it’s vapor or fog, others are more imaginative. Demon or smoke-figure? It’s still up in the air.

But I feel it does inject fear into those walking through a forest at night. 15. Ghost Doll This Pinocchio isn’t lying. Redditor u/Helpful_Opening_647 captures a clip of this ghost doll on camera.

Not only does it appear that the puppet’s spirit is exiting its body, but the door next to it swings closed simultaneously. Some think the doll is a big nope. Others are more concerned about the baby in the crib. Whether this is a camera glitch or a regular ol’ possessed puppet is anyone’s guess. But I do know I wouldn’t leave a baby in that demon’s presence. 14.

Retirement Home Ghost In 2013, YouTuber StephZStudios worked in a retirement home. On this fated night, she was hearing something so she started to film. This is what she captured. When she turns around again, the cycle repeats.

And again… Steph says that she doesn’t believe this is faulty wiring, because it happens randomly from time to time. If we take her word for it, is there any explanation other than the paranormal? I’m no electrician, but it doesn’t seem technical to me. 13. The Roads Hotel While investigating the haunted Roads Hotel, YouTube team, spaddparanormal, discovered what could be the ghost of Dorian Grey. First, a painting is discovered in the attic. After the team leaves, it moves. Watch the painting at center left.

The team says they found no evidence of rodents and even contacted the owners who haven’t found anything either. So, what caused this…? I think it could have simply been disturbed by the crew, or as one eagle-eyed YouTuber, Dwarven Tavern, thought, a wire or fishing line may be involved. Watch again closely. You can see a light glint right before it falls over. This one has me on the fence, I don’t think there’s enough evidence to make a decisive answer for either side. What do you think is going on here?

12. Shadow Figure While touring Tarpon Springs back in 1996, YouTuber DebRic True Art Productions captured what they believe is a shadow figure in the window. Let’s take a look.

Did you see it? I personally don’t see a figure, per se, but it does look like there’s movement in the window. It appears to me that the movement could be drawn from the way the branches are situated in the forefront. But it could also be a figure. The jury’s out on this one.

11. Canada’s Most Haunted Doing an overnighter inside the most haunted house in Canada will leave you spinning. YouTuber HypeMyke and his team spun out, as they took a tour of this haunted place. But first, a self-scare. Later, while Jesse is playing the accordion, they hear something… Then, they start seeing things… And feeling things… Is it the doll? She’s knocking at the door. Will they let her in? I sure wouldn’t.

10. Footsteps After moving to this new apartment, Redditor u/Bubble_tea_addict30 soon started to hear footsteps that sounded like they were rushing toward their bed. They say it usually happens around 3 AM. They captured the anomaly on video. Listen closely. The Redditor asks Redditors if they have any theories as to the cause. Some in the comments think a fan or white noise machine might void the sound.

But what about its maker…? Maybe critters in the walls…or the ghost of a former tenant. I think either could be true, but I’ll need to see some footprints. 9. Shadow Figure What happens when your tech gear stops working while on a paranormal hunt? Ghost hunting team, The Haunted Side, experienced just that during this investigation. Let’s see how they dealt with it. After the night vision conks out, this happens… The static cam stops working, and then something clearly moves at the far end of the hallway.

The team believes it’s a shadow figure. Let’s see it again. Is there a camera-shy shadow figure skulking through this house? I don’t know what type of entity it is…but it’s here… 8. Zombie Villa Is this villa infested with zombies? YouTube team, Caçadores das Sombras, is about to find out. Exploring it by night, they first encounter the zombies’ moans. And then, their growls. Outside, one of the crew spies something in the darkness.

They search for the creature but come up empty-handed. Again, one of the crew spots something. But, again, they don’t catch up to the creature. This must be some sort of zombie-tag. If so, you’re ‘it.’

7. Fridge Poltergeist This poltergeist is a hungry fella, and YouTuber NMGHOSTHUNTER caught him scrounging for some grub in his refrigerator. But he seems rather angry about it. After a short pause in the door slamming, he acts up again. But this time, he leaves the door open. I can’t see how this would be a hoax; it seems to me that this YouTuber really has an angry poltergeist on his hands. And it's going to be costly. What a waste

of energy. 6. The Mirror What is inside this mirror? YouTuber Denis from Dark Life finds out firsthand when he interacts with this portal in an abandoned house.

As he breaks out the spirit box, this happens… Later during his investigation, he is frightened by something. It turns out to be this stool turned upside down. Did a demon place it there in an attempt to trip him up? Maybe.

But I’m not yet sure that what is inhabiting this house is good or evil. Here’s hoping that Dark Life investigates this place further. 5.

Gym Radio While at their local gym in Serbia, Belgrade, Redditor u/Sufficient_Wish_3111 experienced something bizarre. A ghostly gym rat was messing with their radio. Shared to the r/ChillsNarrator subreddit, this is something that the Redditor claims has never happened before. Just watch. The volume keeps randomly reducing and increasing. Soon, it turns way down. While I’m not sure what this could be – maybe an old radio with some faulty wiring? – I am sure I’d call it a day. 4. Graiseley Old Hall The Graiseley Old Hall is a 15th-century building in the UK with a scary reputation.

And YouTube team, ParanormalProof666, has come to set the record straight. While the video is short and to-the-point, this certainly makes me want to tune in to see what other haunted happenings Graiseley Old Hall has hidden within. 3.

St. Augustine Jail Some spirited prisoners are still serving time at St. Augustine Jail, and YouTube channel, The G Team Paranormal Investigations, are taking no prisoners. Straight out of the gate, they see what appears to them like a full-bodied apparition.

I’m not sure that’s what I saw. It looks to me more like a tree or branches in the background, out of focus. But the fear mounts moments later… The entire crew hears the next sound. They believe they capture something next to this tree.

And between these trees… The spirits communicate through a flashlight, and voices are heard. Then, they communicate through the rempod. Are you feeling the chills too? Although I didn’t personally see figures amongst the trees, I do sense something sinister here. 2.

Monks Hall While exploring the haunted Monks Hall solo, YouTuber Nighthawk’s Paranormal starts to feel that he’s not alone. It all begins with unexplained noises. Then, he believes he hears the voice of the monk himself. He hears footsteps from above. Whatever is here immediately answers his request.

Another small sound is heard... A faint beeping starts, and the spirits pass on a message through the spirit box. A strange warp-like sound is heard. Is the monk entering through another dimension? He knocks from the other side. While I’m not sure if the monk is making all this racket, it does seem to me like the Monks Hall is home to some resident ghosts.

The real question is: What do they want from us? I ’ve got a challenge for you, since you’ve made it this far, why not like this video and hit subscribe in the next 5 seconds, because I upload 4 new scary videos every week. If you’re curious about what I look like in real life, then go to my Instagram @dylan_is_chillin_yt and tap that follow button to find out 1. Haunted Cemetery Horror and sadness latches onto YouTube team, CVS Paranormal, at this haunted cemetery. And it won’t let go. Whatever is here greets them. Before long, they hear footsteps. And whoever is there seems to be following them.

She also starts to hear a growl. And then, a scream is heard. This is followed by the sound of heavy footfalls.

Later, they hear what they believe is a heavy sigh. That one sounds to me like it could just be their own breathing as they walk. But I definitely hear this wailing. Is something crying in this cemetery? Footsteps are heard beating through the tall grass again. And a moment after asking that the spirits “do something big,” this happens… Later, they hear what sounds like a child crying.

I hear that, clear as day. I’d like to know how close this cemetery is to life. Not long after, they hear the word, “mama.” They hear the same word again.

And before they leave, footsteps sound. To me, the creepiest thing about this video is the jarring footsteps running up on them. It all culminates in yet another video giving viewers chills.

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