2023 Lucid Air Touring | An Owner's Review

2023 Lucid Air Touring | An Owner's Review

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What's up Youtube. We're finallly doing it today. I'm finally reviewing my, 2023 Lucid Air Touring. To give you guys an owner's  perspective about this car. Well, for those of you who  don't know who Lucid is. Lucid Motors is a luxury, EV vehicle manufacturer.

They're pretty brand new, so their cars are relatively rare at this point. Back in 2021, they released the Lucid Air which is the sedan version that I have here, and fast forward to present day, now. they've developed four different  trims for this vehicle. The Lucid Air Pure, Touring,  Grand Touring and Sapphire. You can find the differences between  all four of those different trims down below in the description. Take a look at it when you have the chance.

Lucid actually revealed the  Gravity, which is their luxury SUV. Recently in the LA Auto Show. I'll leave a couple links down below  to a couple of people who already reviewed it, or had an initial review  of it, down below in the description.

Check it out, but at this  moment, we're here for this. So I've had this car for around two months now. I immediately put four thousand miles on it.

So, it's not that much, but it's not that little. So I think it's safe to say that  I know the quirks and tweaks about this car. Well, before we get into the car, let's talk about something a  little bit more significant...

Your key. Lucid has their own app. You install it on your phone  and link it to the car, and it's basically your key.

Lucid does have their own keyfob, but... Let's say it's on the more underwhelming side. It just feels like a piece of  plastic with a battery inside of it which basically it is. But anyways, your key. The app is pretty good.

It also has the proximity so. You just walk up to it, it's pretty accurate. As you approach... The car will recognize and unlock itself, so pretty sweet. Open, whatever. There are some things about the  app that I wished that it had.

Well first of all, let's go over what it can do. Alright well, so here's the app. It's pretty good honestly. You have all your basic functions: Your frunk, your trunk, your  charge port, and lock/unlock.

You can also precondition your vehicle,  so you have remote control of your HVAC. You can flash your headlights, honk the horn. You have your charging information. You have GPS, I'm not gonna click that. And you also have this last button.

Your tire pressure information, and  your odometer and software version. Now this leads us to the first  thing about this car, which is: The electronic powered frunk. Massive, let me tell you, massive frunk opening. On video, you can't really tell  how big it is but honestly, this thing is huge. Like

you think this is just it? No, it has a wide opening, don't get me  wrong this first level is pretty good. But, you take this, you lift it up. Alright, first of all. Ignore that garbage bag. That's just a temporary cover, uh. I've yet to buy the frunk and trunk well covers.

But anyways, this is just a temporary  solution. But massive, massive storage. Now I know this (frunk lid) can  cause problems to some people. Like, if this (frunk) were to be extremely full, where do you put this cover? The only solution is either you put  it in the trunk, if there's space, or you leave it in the rear seating area. But anyways, this is big amounts of space. Now for some strange reason, all the videos that I've watched.

People actually struggle,  putting the frunk lid back in. I don't know why, I never understood.  So let me show you, Lucid Owners. Here's the frunk lid, right? So, here's that. As you can see, this  back, this back portion right here. It sits longer, actually.

So the thing you need to  do, you line this up right. You basically jab the back  part, all the way there. You press down, and you just lift.

It's easy as that. Now maybe, some of you guys are getting stuck but, there's this thing right here. That's how you know where to put  the front portion into it right. So, I'm going to do it again. Alright it's folded. One-handed, alright? Jab Push, open. And like I said, those two lips right here.

You just. Hold on, let me do it again. Fail. There you go. Simple as that.

Also, for some of you who don't know. There's a button right here. Next  to the light. You press that. And this thing closes all by itself. Easy.

Working our way to the back of the car... First things first, let's address  this hard body line for the trunk. So if you guys didnt't know, the Lucid  Air is a tradition sedan. Not a hatchback. So that resulted in this harsh kind of ugly body line.  Questionable? Maybe, maybe not. But the rest of this car looks  fine, but then you get to this line.

And it makes it look like either a Dorito  chip has just been tacked onto this, or a piece of triangular cheese. But  anyways, we're not here for that. For the trunk, there's a button under here. You do not get to see my license plate  which is why you're sitting over there but, it's powered. Really, really big space.

It's deep, like I can't even reach the back there. It does have a trunk well. Again, we are greeted with the  trash bags as a temporary cover But it's really decently sized space.

You can fit a lot of things in here  but, as you guys could probably tell. The opening... Really small, not that small  but, yea you can't fit big things in here. Alright well, I think that wraps up to  everything on the outside of this car. I think it's time for us to  start going inside of the car. Let's start on the rear passengers,  cause in my honest opinion, I believe this is the best place to be.

Alright, so to get in. You just pull the handle. And immediately, you are greeted  with massive amounts of space. Shoutout to Lucid for their convenient  design for their rear passengers. This door opens a full ninety degrees. Lowkey underrated, but super convenient. This comes standard on every Lucid.

So no matter what trim you buy, you will always get this ninety  degree rear passenger door opening. And getting in. Soft close by the way. Super, super spacious. Like it is crazy, the amount  of space that you get in here.

Of course, any Lucid no matter what trim you buy, that's probably the same, most  common reaction going to get from people who sit in the back here. Cause it's just unbelieveable how much space you get in the back. Because honestly, no matter  how tall the driver is, or how far back any of these chairs are.

You're going to get the most  comfortable amount of leg room. Now as for the features back here,  you get a dedicated touch screen for your climate control, your heated seats. Honestly, these heated seats are wonderful. Especially in the winter time. They work  extremely fast. They're really powerful. Probably the most loved feature by  people who sit here when it's winter. You touch this little home  screen button right here, and you can control your  rear sunshade. Pretty sick.

HVAC (vents). More HVAC, right here, both sides. And let's not forget this  massive, glass canopy roof. What the...? Alright, let's forget about  the canopy roof for now. But honestly, I think the most favorite  thing I like about the Touring or the Pure. Actually, hold on.

As you know, the battery pack  for the Touring and the Pure is actually smaller. It's 92  kWh. Whereas anything higher, the Grand Touring and the Sapphire  have a 112 kWh battery pack. And that affects your rear passenger's leg room. Let me show you. So if you guys didn't notice.  You have a sunken foot-well.

Here is your little elevation; oh actually  that's your rear passenger foot ventilation. This is where your normal ground level is. It's about three...two inches?  I don't know, but anyways. It's a sunken foot-well back in the back here. And that actually plays a significant  role in the amount of leg room that your rear passengers get. Let me demonstrate. Alright so let's pretend I'm a rear passenger.

So you open the door. You get in. Let's say it's the first  time getting in a Lucid Air. The only thing that everyone's going to say... "This is a lot of room man"! That's the reaction you're  going to get on any Lucid, but since I am in a Touring, or a Pure for example. You have a smaller battery  pack with a sunken foot-well.

Now let's pretend I'm in a  Grand Touring or a Sapphire. The one with a bigger battery pack. That sacrafices your foot-well to  accomodate for the bigger battery pack. So if I was in a Grand Touring,  my feet would look a little like: This, right? Maybe it's a little  exaggerated, but you guys get the gist. You would have a flat foot-well  instead of a sunken foot-well.

Now what that creates, let's  say I'm in the Grand Touring. You see this gap right here?  I didn't really like that. This is more comfortable,  where your knees and your hips are at the same elevation. And you're just sitting. Kind of like  you're sitting in a sofa, for example.

When you're at home, you're on a  sofa. Your legs, your thighs are flat. That's what won my heart to  get the Touring, honestly. Well, I don't know about you guys,  but I have frequent passengers. Four to five people almost  all the time. Very frequently.

I cared a little bit more about how  my passengers's ride quality would be because the only thing that doesn't  change, is the driver's ride quality. It's because the design across all  Lucids are the same, basically. Specifically, I mean the driver's ride quality. Well, I guess you can say both the  driver and the front passenger. So, get in. Love that soft close. But

Basically, it's all the  same. Across all Lucid Air's, you're going to get the same 34 inch,  5k display, pilot control panel, steering wheel, whatever. That's all the same. The only difference is the material. You can get a leather or alcantara side,  all these touches, the different colors.

But that's it. Oh also the seats are  a little bit different, but anyways. The design, across all  Lucids, is basically the same, regardless if you get the ones with  the smaller or the larger battery pack. The difference between the Grand  Touring and the Touring would have to be the massaging seats, and in the Grand  Touring, they are 20-way powered compared to the   Touring's 12-way powered. So there would be a fifth button here in  the Grand Touring that would massage you. Also, you would have bolstering  adjustments, your headrest adjustments.

I believe there's one more , but I  can't remember off the top of my head. But it's subtle, things are subtle  difference between the GT and the Touring in terms of the features, in the front. So now that we've got the  differences out of the way, between all Lucids, let's start  talking about the similarities. So, first things first, this cabin is extremely  well insulated and it's just more quiet in here. When you're on the road,  you hear less noise from the wind

and from the road. Also, the thing that compliments  this car the most, is its 21-speaker, Dolby Atmos audio system. It is insane what this car  (inside) sounds like on the road. And because of that, you enjoy driving even more. Like literally there are speakers  everywhere. A-pillar, C-pillar back there,

everywhere. And you are just  submerged in music, basically. So when you're on the road and you're  driving, you're basically just jamming out because you can't even hear the  wind or the noise from the road. Now, as of the software in this car, I'm going to assume that everyone  knows what Lucid has done.

Of course they've developed their own software. There's a ton of videos about  it online about the controls, I'm not going to get too deep about it. I think that Lucid has done a pretty decent job. I think I'll leave it at that,  they've done a pretty good job. Of course, software is  software, and what that means: It can always be updated,  get upgrades, everything. It's just a matter of time. Now as of  right now, I'm sitting on version 2.1.42,

and it's pretty solid. You  have everything that you need. Your three different drive modes right here. Your side mirror and steering wheel adjustments. Frunk, trunk, and lock/unlock.

Brightness, trip, glovebox. It is fine. Everything is  conveniently placed. It is fine. Now, of course...

*sigh* maps...alright, maps is... a little laggy, but that's not my concern. That's probably one of my least  concerns because I know for a fact that just over time, it will  be corrected. They will fix it, Lucid knows what they're doing.  Fine. They get a thumbs up. Now of course, Lucid being  a relatively new company and the Lucid Air being their  first production vehicle. Pretty solid.

I believe the Lucid Air is a  pretty good, solid, first car which gave a really good  impression for Lucid Motors. Now, because it's a brand new company,  like I said, it has a long way to go. Let's start with the list of things  that I wished Lucid Motors implemented for the Lucid Air. Now, first things first, let's  start off with something on the app. I wished you could precondition your  battery for supercharging on the app.

Because this one time...many times maybe, my battery was really low, but  it was so late at night that I wanted to (super)charge the next morning. But guess what, I couldn't precondition  my battery for supercharging from the app because it just doesn't have it. I was like what!? Now conveniently, I live  relatively close to a supercharger, so it takes around 20 minutes for  Lucid to precondition the battery. But it's only like a 5 minute drive  from where I live to a supercharger.

So every morning, it's not going to  warm itself up to a optimal temperature, to prepare for supercharging. That's one thing. Another thing  is, I honestly wished that when you clicked "defrost", ok let's say for example that your  car is frozen, or my car is frozen cause I parked it outside and it's winter. When you "defrost" the car from the app,  it only defrosts the front windshield.

I was like "wait a minute, but  my whole car is frozen dude". So, those are two things that I wished,  that Lucid would implement on the app. Now as for the car itself, software-wise.

It's something from Tesla, you  guys could probably guess it. Sentry Mode. I honestly wished they had some sort  of system to record your surroundings all the time. When you drive, when its parked. It has 360 degree camera, but it doesn't have recording...question mark? Anyways, as I've heard from Tesla, they store the videos that the  cameras record onto a USB storage.

Lucid has a USB slot in the center  console, or whatever you call it. I was like there's something you can put  in there and store all the videos at. Why won't Lucid do that. It would be so  convenient. I don't have to worry about putting a dashcam in there.

And the one thing is that most dashcams,  power from your cigarette port, your 12V port. The 12V port  in that car is in the trunk... see what I'm getting at? So if I were to buy a dashcam for this car,  and you stick it up on your windshield. You would have to feed and route the  wire all the way to the back of the car. Now, for those people who  care about hiding the wire. Me for example.

I care about it a lot actually. Why didn't I open it (the door). So that means, you would have to feed  the wire from here, around the center. Through the canopy roof (pillar), all the way somewhere hidden  along these interior panels, all the way to the trunk of the car. I was like "what"!? And that is basically it honestly. A  really short list, don't get me wrong.

It's only three things. Recording via the cameras, Sentry Mode, whatever. You have the controlling the,  precondition of the battery on the app, and also activating the rear defrosters. Honestly, I don't even think that should  be an option, right? Because if you press defrost on the app, it should automatically  defrost both your front windshield and your rear windshield. Yea, but after that, I think that's  all I have for this video.

So, if there was anything you guys wished  that I looked over or I shared my thoughts about on this car, let me know  in the comments down below. Maybe in the future I'll upload  another video about how I feel about the public charging network  (Electrify America only) and some other things that I think  about, or based off you guys's comments down below. Until next time I guess, I'll  see yall in the next video. Thanks for watching! :) Peace!

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