2022 ATV riding

2022 ATV riding

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Look at these accent bricks Look how the tree grew into the bricks and fell over Kind of cool Look how the whole beach is made out of bricks Yeah, it looks like they had a whole dock system it goes like, all the way down there. Yeah. Thank you All right.

It just picked up this new Honda UTV here. I already have the Kawasaki KRX and a couple of rhinos. The rhinos are kind of getting old and are broken a little too often, and the KRX is just too loud. So let's see how this thing is. This opens and we actually have a We have a seat Someone could sit back there.

dumps too. So that's pretty nice. All right, let's try this thing out. At least its nice and quiet.

Two wheel drive, four wheel drive, four drive diff lock. We've got turf mode which unlocks the rear axle. That's nice. If you're on lawns

high, low, neutral reverse, and then we can put it in manual and use these paddle shifters. And we've got sport mode. Feel like these nets aren't going to stay here that long. I don't think I like those.

I also so I was torn between getting an ATV and a side by side. And so I just got both. So this is the ATV I came home with.

Give this a try. I went there to buy a new rancher, but I wanted independent rear suspension, which was kind of hard option to find. But then they had this used Rubicon, which had a lot of these nice accessories on it already. But I'm noticing, you know, crap like these live wires right here that whoever did that is going to short to ground. That is stupid, I should redo it automatic, how does this shift What gear we in? What? I bought a Rubicon one time years ago and it would not shift the second I got it home You know, I think it won't start because it's not in gear. I just called the so this is two years old.

I just called the dealer and he said he'd give me my money back on it. I think that's the reason I have zero patience on this. I bought a Rubicon in 2003. It was 2001, two years old, and that thing was a piece of garbage. It didn't work immediately. When I brought it home from the dealer,

the dealer fixed it for free but that machine was crap since day one, and I ended up trading it for my foreman, which has been amazing. Oh, says Rubicon. And it's a piece of garbage. So probably 15 years ago I traded that last Rubicon for this and it's got a foot shifter.

And you know what? It works. You know, I don't like how high the seat is on this either. That's what's so nice about that.

Sometimes I'm up in these mountains and this stuff really gets steep That machine feels good like you'd be flipping that over. I'm riding this around for a little bit here and it's working now. This was in neutral when I shut it off. Now it's doing this, you know, I was just riding this around like 10 minutes starting to like it When you do this All right, let's just.

piece of junk. We get to walk a couple miles Go find Blue There he is They said they went over. Now it's not working. I see. It's like flashing. It needs to be in neutral. So many electronics and sensors. It doesn't work.

What do you think about this thing? You want to take it for a spin? Oh that's pretty, pretty luxurious. Cody, come here good boy I feel it getting rained on. That's cool. You can have like one see and cargo. Like the layout of this cab is definitely cool. Yeah. No, it's nice the way that the seats are.

Yeah, give you a lot. I'm with you on the Nets Green light or. No, no, I've bought this 2 Business days ago. Troy City Garage here. The guy said on the phone, he would take it back. Now I'm here and he says They won't take it.

Oh, no, don't buy anything here when they're fixing it for free. But Its wet in here I'm surprised how far you made it in there. That's awesome.

Wow You have far exceeded my expectation. See, I wonder what the dogs would think So at least when you go through mud puddles It doesn't splash up on to the operators or cargo This has got a much bigger bed on it Then the rhino or something, that's. Oh, yeah, yeah, that's cool.

All right, let's, let that do its thing. Good boy Blue Here is the fire. Almost done. not ripe rasberry Those aren't ready yet.

And that's a good one. Very nice and dark like this. Blue, you're not as fast as Cody, huh? All right, this is a day later And that fire is completely burnt and the ground is nice.

It's ready for seed. Just bought this one Its a little rough, paid $4800 But you know what? the transmission's working. And while I was down here, the guy's like, Oh, check out this abandoned resort. So let's, uh. Oh, that's pretty cool, huh? I'm there. Look at this thing.

What is this? emergency. Look at This tower. This is cool. The elevators, nine floors, this thing is It's not like that last resort where the building was, like, destroyed. Like its pretty destroyed, but its destroyed differently.

I love this artwork. All right. That's actually not even like, vandalism at that point. That's like, good. Sounds hollow The floor is very scary feeling right there.

Its probably only carpet holding it up Like, look Carpet's carpets pretty strong and there's no floor underneath it. There is a ladder Would you climb that? I would climb that. Look at this, that's cool.

Took the chair lift to here And then they had a T bar Look how big the tree is infront of that Is this a bridge? this road up here. It's enormous. Yeah, it is a very interesting bark there it seems like there's a lot of trails. Top of the T bar there right there.

That was a real good start to the Rincon All right, here's the Foremanr next to the Rincon. So let's go for a little ride. Ten years newer.

Want to spend the night in this? Look at all the bugs in here They will keep you company. How could you spruce that up in there? All right, so what if you rake up the leaves. Or if you bought a carpet.

This rides too bumpy and stiff Slows you down. Tire pressure on an ATV is everything, and usually depends on the tires, but it's pretty soft like four or five PSI Use your foot. I'm pushing as hard as I can They're not really moving the tire. That should be that should be a little bit softer than that. Little more See now you got that squish. That's right about where you want it.

You don't want too much. That's about racks Its on here, whats this one? Improper tire pressure overload, loss of control, cold tire pressure. What's a KPI? Yeah, right there. They want about 5 PSI Yeah, this is right. A lot nicer with these tires softer You know what I'm noticing? The four wheel drive doesn't work on that, does it? doesn't seem like it No, thats only That felt like two Yeah. Huh. I guess that needs some attention.

People say, why don't you make make trails to the top of the mountain? Well, cause it's like that. Oh. Oh, man, lucky I got a helmet on. Yeah, I am fine.

If I didn't have a helmet on? be careful. That wasn't good I was recording by and see that the tree just hit me in the head. A friend and I were first riding our three wheelers when we were little, and one of us did that, like, push the tree onto someone else. And we were like, All right, let's not do that.

It was laying on the ground. And was it well, what did it do that was on the ground? Yeah, it was. I went to drive over and it and it was on the side of the four wheeler. It just rolled over when I hit over the front tires.

Oh, really? Yeah. Hmm. The time. I'm glad I had the helmet on. Usually I don't. Its got no 4x4, no way we got to fix the 4x4, not a four wheel drive. go forward now. Hey Blue, what do you think? That was a good unload, right? All right. So I just got this back from the dealer.

They fixed it for free. Hopefully that works perfect forever Neutral, Drive Seems all right. You know, this doesn't shift as nice as the Rincon All right, check it out. I just got another Honda Rincon. So this one is pretty clean.

It's an 07, so it's the fuel injected with disc brakes in the front. It's got a nice bumper on it. Let me get that basket off And it has aftermarket wheels. Luckily it came of the original so me fix that too look this is just rattling around That looks allot cleaner without those stickers This is in nice shape, I like this bumper someone added to it to look at that I got this plate used Sadie, you coming to help? Shouldn't be that hard That looks a lot better at that plate on. I'm going to try to get that bumper too. Thats why the front end is so beat up if you had that bumper, it doesn't happen.

So where I think these Rincons are the way to go. I like these. Yeah they're nice I'd like the transmissions are very nice too Quiet and smooth. You don't have to shift it and you don't notice it shifting. And this one, these aftermarket wheels are making it steer bad That's how it comes out. Push in that blue thing can borrow some from here and we just measuring I guess I should try to order this line.

Okay that's in there. That would be good. new tires to put on these stock wheels Well, it's the same, but sometimes you have to actually put air in a tire to break the bead on ATV's, but we'll see in a second.

Make sure it is really dug into that corner sometimes you can just things. Oh that's why this one is being a challenge There you go, the gopro got too hot and shut off and you didn't see it go and that's the stock wheels that looks way better. See, I wouldn't mind the aftermarket ones. The problem is like, that's my companies never seem to know how to measure things and always get the offset wrong. Or you can tell, especially looking at these shock absorbers, how much more in that tire is where it's supposed to be.

And that one's out like a couple inches and it just is never going to handle properly like that. Do this, push as hard as you can Right about there Maybe that's a drop hard, but that's that's good right there. See, that's a drop soft just a drop. All right. Stock wheels, nice brand new tires on it. That is looking sharp.

I haven't been filming everything with this pioneer, but it's been super handy for stuff like this. You know, you could throw tools in the back of that drive around. It's nice and quiet. It doesn't throw mud at you, You know, Here's just just doing stuff like this all right, guys. You got this old rail bed right here.

Check it out. I guess they used to make bricks down here. it looks like this was a switch track here where it went split to two. And that way they space out. All right, we're going to try this trail. It's really hard, if can find it more rail ties Awesome.

Awesome. Lets look for bubbles Its a slit It's like the first ride with these tires. Yeah, these are the new ones. I guess we're set now. We hooked up with this group of people. Luckily, this guy had plugs I should carry them.

You know, a flat tire is a pretty common. All right, We're at this big group ride today, Brought the Rincons probably a hundred people here. So think we should have our three wheelers? I don't think it's the the fastest pace today.

snowmaking equipment or something with the lift. It's on this big skid. So they probably dragged this thing up here bigger hammer. You want you want to you want to put like a block on here right I mean, it looks less bent. Yeah. This thing sucks This Rubicon, It's pretty damn underpowered. You're on the road.

All you get out of the downhill was 45. That you know it doesn't shift when you want it to this one here I am regretting buying this thing. This thing sucks.

It's underpowered, It sits too tall. The transmission doesn't shift when you want it to. I going to try to unload this one, but don't buy one of these this piece of crap. I just climbed the old T-bar hill. Took a few tries. I can't talk anyone else into doing it.

It gets steeper after that hill no one else will do the hill climb. But Sam says she'll hit it. Oh, here, there, there, there. I see it right here. All right.

The trick is full throttle the whole time, lean forward and just try to aim for spots that have good traction. The old T-bar stuff is still here. Stuck. You are going to get me killed Want to try again? I feel like this is a terrible idea I made it the one time. Now, that's probably tough getting pulled up this on a rope tow They’re not easy want to try again? I can’t belive you made that Have to have the right speed in the beginning, She made it, I think she's still moving.

I give her credit, took 7 - 8 trys She got it. There’s guys up there A thousand CC side by side. One guy's got a turbocharged high performance. They won't do it. She just did it.

The 4x4 broke on this, lets try to figure out what happened Cody what do you think? Broken axle? Brand new tires on new rims, you know, brand new axle. Go like that like this and this, this and this. Look at this. I don't know why these holes are threaded. maybe. All right.

They were telling me that you can't use these wheels, but I don't think I believe them That seems like its on there I wish those lugs were going on there further. I don't love that they're working right axle out. There's the old one.

Look at that wheel bearing Okay. So much easier with the right tool. It moved Hitting the wrong thing and there it is hit it in with the old one the outer gets the seal Look at that dude, I swear, aftermarket anything is junk. Okay, Whatever it was right there.

Kick wait I was thinking more with the tread There is goes definitely the way to do that. Wheel bearings on this side. I think I put wheel bearings on this a few times That one stayed together This goes here step on it. let it up how do they feel? Little better. I think that last one was Yeah.

It's hard. That's nice. if this was like a little bit thinner.

Well, I know I need to measure how much because it's like, So it does not hit the caliper think if this like, if this is on here without that, she's barely It is though if this was like half the thickness it feel so much lighter with these tires on it the other ones were too heavy. It's like he's handling a lot easier. The old ones, you hit something and it rips the steering out of your hands Good brakes Before you had to pump it a bunch of times to get any brakes out of it. Had to plan for stops 10/22 Here's a couple of weeks later and I actually did get those spacers turned down But check this out.

All right. That looks a lot better. All right. I'm trading that one in, that thing sucks. It's my little girl, Layla. You think Cody It stopped moving.

I thought I needed a whole clutch again, and I pull the clutch apart. And here is the belt. Hey, buddy. Hey, Blue. Would you like a dog? We'll get a dog for my dog's dog. It did not look like it was moving right Suppose to have spilnes in there See, that's all smooth. Just got to force it and that's it.

All the spines are gone. So that's something you could miss that probably contributed to the belt failing there. They put donuts on this thing what do they expect I've just been using this as a utility vehicle and running stuff like this around my property. You know, this is a great machine, nice and quiet, like how it works. The tires on this thing are too small.

Honda This should with 31 inch tires as a minimum. That would be a pretty nice or even 33’s That would be cool. This is got 27’s on it. People say you can go up a drop but not easily.

This thing is going out on two rides and both times it came back with a flat tire people say they get 28 on it. 28 are still small, you know, that Kawasaki came with 31’s and I put 33 is on the thing. Yeah. And people say it can use 35’s you know they do such a good job these and then they screw it up with like one thing like that.

Theres 2 That was bubbling That was the big one. I think. Oh no, that's where I plugged it last. Theres more than one spray that one too Oh yeah. Look at that.

go for it. I overdid it. I went too far.

All right. Gently Let it go No need to trim if it's perfect. Give it a try Cody big strong dog There it goes A great idea. Nice, Oh, perfect.

Yeah. Oh, is it professional repair tire What do you guys think? What smells so good right there? No. Bubbles are getting bigger. This is a huge rip. Yeah, My dad said I couldn't do it. Well, I guess we'll know for sure. So pretty much in April, the steering got sloppy on this and it kept jumping out of gear and it was still under warranty.

So I brought it to the dealer. They had to put a whole steering rack in it and replace the transmission cases and the rear axles. It was like a big job. But the thing I still got hit with $800 bill and it was there from April to October.

You know, that's that's like a whole season of not having this. So that's a bit of a bummer. I haven't even tried it yet, but let's They said they couldn't get the old axles out of not destroying them. So that's new in a transmission case is new, but that sucks because this wasn't that old Coming Sam? Holly shhh! they said it couldn't be done We just got to realize, and I've never been to this one area on my property.

I'm just curious if there's anything cool. Oh, it's cold in this one as well. That's something Look where that tree grew, thats crazy The nice looking tree too Thats a cool rock This overhang is cool Find a stone cave like this and tuck yourself right under there I probably stay dry so comfy This is ideal fort area Lean a bunch of sticks up against this Yeah that's like a party in there. Shells right here too. All right. You live in this thing Yeah. That's cool.

Build a fire right here Lounge here Nice cushy back. Yamaha YXZ 1000 turbo vs Can-am Renegade 1000 I've made it up twice, But it's like this guy says he’s going to try This is steep Too slow He made it Who is next? You can go faster than that Was that from this? Yeah. I mean, look at that coming down that happened? Yeah. When they watch the wheel fall, I mean down is easy.

Just roll, right? All the force for me hanging on the brakes, trying to go slow down. All right, check this out. I just picked up this Yamaha Wolverine. This was, like, advertised as a sport utility model.

Wasn't even looking for. I was just on the side of the road for sale. I figured I'd grab it. One issue; it's got the wrong wheels on it.

Luckily, I got the stock ones, so let's put those back on. You know, I see why Sears went out of business. This Jack I got there was terrible since day one. Lug nuts on backwards. Look what they did here. But, jeez, they serious.

All right? that's perfect. Right about there There it is. The factory wheels back on it. That looks a lot better. Yeah, that's pretty quick.

I get the whole sport utility aspect of it. All right. I think I got to take this on a real ride to really appreciate it, but this seems like a pretty cool bike right here. This is in here for a little bit of bodywork.

So if we go to this corner right here and this is like that. So what do you think, you little engineer? Yes, they have this little clip. So that's how they had it. But it's Noticing this tailgate.

So this is like these things screw down like through it and catch and catch this thing. But this broke when I was new Oh, I melted the whole tailgate. This tailgate design is crap Okay, you got to unscrew it.

It's like the slow process. cooled that down in the sink. Bigger bolt A little tricky. Get in reach in the other side of this.

I can touch it The washer is a different story. I put a magnet on the thing. Once I get the washer on there, it will stay a magnet.

Help So much. All right. it's still such a stupid design. Look at that beauty right there. Don't point the camera at the ground.

All right, All right. Like this. So many times ive seen someone flip a truck over or something, and the person filming is like, Yeah. You don't want to ride in that Stay away.

He's an animal. You're better off on the ground. I like. I like the ground. That was. That was really good.

All right Tom You just got to hit it. Yeah, Somebody's going to get stuck. No, he's going to go, like, 100. I made it. I'm sure I can make it, too.

But then nobody else. Now everyone, they could all make it. Taking all the fun out of it Yeah. I can't believe he made it over that.

If you hit it really fast I should have stopped and filmed it I didnt even slow down I know I'm going to be the guy that picks up litter. Look at that Too easy now. I'm at this slab I poured six years ago, and people always got to say about my concrete work. But let's check this out. I haven't seen this in years because my buddy had this house rented out. But we're looking for cracks.

You know, there's not a crack in this thing. Oh, here's a date 18. Okay, Here, we're in 22 Tonight's going to be 23.

not a crack in it. Oh, I can run very, very thin and hardly even counts I've been on a few rides with it. It's been good. Sometimes the transmission slips on this, transmission on this shares the engine oil. And some people are saying change the oil, the oil's got to be the right level and the right oil.

So I've got the actual Honda oil. Honda, no, no aftermarket junk here. that looks the same I had this Honda Rubicon once, a 2001 and it was on the bottom and it was so hard to do and it leaked every time. That's a good location for a drain thing like this and an angle like this not going to get smashed. It's probably not going to get smashed. That's good.

You got your ball Can I see your ball? Can I see the ball! doing some bodywork here. I notice Some drywall screws holding the fender on the person who did this. Like, these aren't very much money to just replace it is that easy. This is how you do this.

Take this. You put that in there, make sure everything's all the way closed. Put that guy in there there and that's it.

Look how much better that is Hot glue the headlight is this doing something? The bottom of the seat. Now we know the reason that you hold that oil change and it goes away. Okay, so now that's reset. So when that comes back on, it will remind me the clutching feels fine. I just noticed the dogs are running away saying I'm near him.

4 minutes ago, Cody and Blue Where is Cody? Oh, you guys usually guys are near each other. There he is going a little puppy walk? I say the Rincon. The transmission seems good in it now. So, Cody, how do you get down there, buddy? I said, checked out. This is actually an old quarry and it's a pretty big one. Look how much they carved out of here.

And they're like, There's a huge pile that they all off the edge there. I almost bought this property. It was this way. And it's like this whole crazy long story where I like three years trying to buy it and eventually gave up because I was fighting with these people over this right of way.

And it was like such nonsense. Finally, the guy or person who owns this property bought it It kind of made more sense for that for them to be together anyway. So. All right. Well, at least the transmission seems good on this now. Is that where that goes now? use this machine all the time for moving stuff around the site I'm working on.

But the one issue I got to keep bringing up the tires on this thing are absolute junk. And they really diminish the quality of this vehicle. I mean, Honda, that's a big disappointment you got This would have been a great side by side if this had had 31 inch tires on it. On a dog recovery mission right here. And I'm just using the pioneer for that.

But I got to keep saying these tires are trash. I mean, they were probably on their way back. Honestly, FI app, you guys should really update this app to say when dog was in this spot because I was here and I know like once 20 minutes goes by like it will tell you like, oh, Blue was here 20 minutes ago, but it should say it, even if it was 30 seconds ago according to the app was behind this code is ahead of us. Guys, we're just looking for you a whole bunch. You want to get out? You want to get out? There you go. See this newer pickup truck here? Like, look at this.

Dodge should have to recall that garbage. No plastic garbage. Fallen off mine. Dave, you're going to lose this driving home for. got some new tires here.

So here's a comparison of the front. Yeah, we got quite a bit more size on these. So let's get these on. This thing's just not building pressure. leaking out of those holes The bead setting thing doesn't work. So I just connected those Every time I go to use it, I am fixing it.

All right. I think that's going to be a much better tire. So the size difference, these are a 28 x 11 R14, rear. And the stock ones were a 27 x 11 R14. So only one inch smaller, but feel like that's a slightly bigger tire.

The bigger difference is the front I got wider front tires So a lot of the hoses on this thing are dry rotted, they just crack. So I actually got some brand new hose for it Pretty nice. You just push them in and they're connected.

That's easy. Leaking a lot less. I need to lift these containers up 18 years old and I have not been here in like, over ten years. We always called this the train station because I think it's a train station.

If I can get you to go up Be careful So it's up there on the catwalk here. Let's start this way and see if you like. You can't. I wouldn't touch anything. We are actually really high up here, huh? There's a documentary out there. This is like where someone worked. this is cool size of that steel.

Know someone torched off a motor here. Something here size of these bolts Andrew, you have Muck boots on Yeah. Look at how the water is running down the stairs. Well, that's what is so there's a whole room down. Oh, they roll off stiff until they start moving. These swing, the others roll.

They had no accidents in. 81 I would die. It is the. and that's looking a nice give this a little bit of time like you know come a few months from now that's going to be a nice gravel road all the leaves on the trees these nice ferns grow on the sides naturally.

So now that it's I'm done doing anything on all the everything, I'm done working on this. So this is just going to look good forever. Now that's kind of my goal. Put it on this corner? yeah, did the front move? That fixed this here Whole bucket is going up There you go, thats looking good Go a little past it though Go down A hair more Its good now, but go a drop more Ok, thats good Thats pretty good. Yeah

Thats where it is supposed to be Thats not supposed to look like that Should we tell people how this happened? To bad its not on video Can you lift those bars up to where they feel right? Oh, ok, so they just like rotated Yeah, thats usually all that happens We could bring the other one in here thats not all smashed up and compare them Turn that to where it feels right The bars feel good That was right there Is that a problem its no longer attached? Here is the other bracket way over here That might be for the GPS Some hot glue, zip ties, and its good as new Not scared of it, want to take it for a spin? I’m not scared of it. I would be doing better, the engine is shutting down I know why I bet the air filter is clogged up Doesnt look that bad, but its sucking in I don’t think its happening It like falls on its face, I am going to try manual Theres not even any snow here Should have just gone that way Ok, I am going to end this video on four wheeler riding for the 2022 season We are getting into 2023 But good year riding And I have plans to do something in this spot So hopefully that happens Cody, what do you think? Cody, come here buddy Cody, you are all speckled

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