144 Hours in Pakistan’s MOST UNDERRATED region (Full Documentary)

144 Hours in Pakistan’s MOST UNDERRATED region  (Full Documentary)

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I am taking you with for a 6-day trip  through one of the world's most beautiful   yet underrated region, and it lies here in  Northern Pakistan welcome to the beautiful   part of Pakistan known as Skardu this is a  longer video yet it covers so many exotic experiences interactions and moments I have  with some of the pakistanis I meet along the way [__] from exploring some of the  most exotic places on Earth to road   tripping deep inside the region we will make new friends [__] try new foods we're translates to [__] an experience  Skardu through The Eyes of locals from northern   Pakistan this video will bring you closer to  places that many Pakistanis have never seen   before let's do this [__] we're just about 2  minutes outside of the airport and we're entering   into the outskirts here of Skardu so where we  are cruising to is uh the city center first and   then yeah yeah what's the plan here Mr Posh we'll go  the Main City Skardu Main City all right we'll go for   their check in then we will go for the all right  well that sounds awesome that sounds like a great   start to the day we're a few hours behind cuz  uh we took a flight at I guess 12:00 instead of   8:00 a.m. but that's all right we're still here by  1:45 and the sun set sets here probably what like   6:00 p.m. so we've got a couple hours yeah yeah  we have oh perfect perfect and so here it goes   yeah it's going to be a different experience than  being in uh Hanza just because of the uh varying   colors you know you can still see a lot of the  greenery on the tree when I was in Hanza nearly   two years ago uh most of the leaves had  already fallen off the tree by then and it is   a Sunday here so you can see what life is like on  a Sunday but yeah it's really nice to be kind of   outside of the populated areas being in Karachi  it was like you know so many people everywhere   being out here in the mountains you get a lot of  space spread out and uh it gives a whole different   feeling we got a little Skardu traffic Skardu  traffic right there we got laughing over here Salam brother oh yeah how are you good  very good very good it looks like we   have arrived Hotel and restaurant this  is going to be where we are stopping sh brother all right Hotel Summit and restaurant  yeah is this where we're eating   and sleeping yes all right sweet we have arrived all right look at these  views from the hotel we're going   to be waking up to this right here oh  we got ourselves a little balloon oh oh Salam brother Salam Salam brother Salam brother Salam oh you got a balloon all right look  at this when the sun comes out it lights up   this landscape clean air yeah the leaves yeah we  still have some of the leaves it's like a mix fall   time here some have fallen some green leaves are  still up and we're going up to the penthouse up here [__] all right I like this  we've got a almost like a marble   style floor Skardu architecture here  and number five is going to be the   palace and here we are we can call this  place home all right this is great oh gotcha no we're perfect we're good to go  we got the bathroom in here and this is   where we'll be taking a shower there we go nice  place got the shampoos got the Soaps that's all   we need and closet space there and this is  going to be home quick little room tour for   you guys yeah oh our good man has brought  up the luggage CH there brother the door here all right we got ourselves a nice hotel  Summit and restaurant menu here we got breakfast   on the first page some starters Chinese Pakistani  mutton fish barbecue sandwiches desserts Roy and   hot beverages now we got to ask the man what  do you recommend for us it's like a big bani   and every time it's okay you know I haven't had  Biryani since I arrived yeah yeah so I think I   might have to take his recommendation and do a  little chicken biryani chicken biryani that's   going to get the job done all right done and  then for a nice ice cold beverage that's the   real question where should we go next maybe a  black coffee and a water so I'm going to ask   you [__] dish say Kavala Kavala chicken biryani  oh chicken biryani all right well I would have   guessed that one uh maybe maybe maybe means I  also right yeah yeah yeah no no maybe me for   Al also oh no me too right maybe maybe maybe  yeah so it sounds funny it sounds like I'm   saying maybe but I'm actually saying maybe, which  means I also so don't be confused speaking that ER yeah all right we are moving inside to  have our oh yes my friends that is mazadar   Biryani right in front you guys ready to Chow  oh yeah [__] well let's check that Biryani out look at that steaming that's as fresh as  it gets let's get that plate up here brother   oh yeah oh yeah let's get that you oh yeah  we got to you're not done yet brother oh   first time serving Biryani yes thank you another  scoop no no all right Mr POS it is time to cow brother all right all right y' enjoy enjoy that smells absolutely delicious  first Biryani since I've been back in Pakistan wow this is a different  Biryani than I've ever had in my   life it's either that or I'm super hungry or both yeah this is really good we've got a lot  more spices than I've had in Biryani before as   you can see and the nice part is I personally  love spice so this gives it such a strong kick that is the definition of Mazar my friends Mazar m and that chicken it just Falls right  off the bone there delish as you can see we   did not like that Biryani just kidding we  loved it and the uh bellies are full that   I don't know if I've just not had Biryani  in like I don't know months probably since   I was in India the Indian version or I  don't even know maybe maybe it's been   like besides that meal or two in India like  a couple years since I've had biryani spice   on there was a right amount to uh you know  get the taste buds going not too hot where   you need to drink water every second but it  was fantastic sh brother all right and we are off think I need to grab myself another sweater  from the uh from the room up there so we will   see you guys in just one second I'm going to  go from wearing my current perception sweater   right now and then you guys are going to see  me in the hoodie 3 2 1 and boom guys we have   just teleported into now the hoodie so as you guys  can see we've got the stitched perception hoodie   and by the time this video has released I may or  may not have launched my brand cuz I don't know   if this video is going to be released in a week or  two weeks so I just want to let you guys know that   you can head to the link in the description below  and you can check out my personal brand which is   perception and find some incredible clothing  so let's head on and continue these Adventures and we are on our way how long is it going  to take us to get there gentlemen it's nearby   like 10 15 minutes 10 15 minutes I it will be  take like 10 10 10 to 20 minute hike to get us   up to the incredible Viewpoint which is called  I wrote this one down kpacho caroo caroo caroo   so we'll be there pretty soon and just look  at this this is not something you see every   day when you have these towering mountains right  here in the distance mixed with a blue sky and   some clouds you know at the I'd say the last 5  six 7even hours we've been you know in process   of flying to arriving here to driving through  some of the parts as the clouds move you get a   completely different feel of what this place is  like and so I I have a feeling this afternoon   time frame is going to be nice where you see you  know some of the locals starting to finish up   work here or you know taking a lunch break for  some and and then you know the sun's starting   to light this place up in a golden tint which  is going to be incredible to witness a Salam brother all right so this is uh downtown  scardo city right the main Bazaar here so   it's starting to pick up in uh traffic and  people we got some like clothing markets on   the side get yourself some fresh backpacks  over there I guess it is about that time of   the year where uh school just started not too  long ago backpacks are on sale these days so   we got goats down here quite a bit of uh  construction as well down in the city so   that just goes to show you this place gets  a lot of Tourism so they're buil up the uh   place to uh be able to handle it oh and look at  this the largest advertisement I've seen in all   of scardo and that looks delish but after  that biriyani we're going to have to save   that meal for another day then I like that  IH heart oh we got a goat goat out of the way aam brother you good and you all right B chaam all right well I can tell you the  locals here in scardo are very welcoming   and so I think we're going to have a  lot of nice experiences first we got   to get ourselves down this tight  little road here looks like a oneway see some of the back Alleyways that's about as close oh we got  plenty of space on this side look at that   and oh yeah look at that could fit another car  in between there maybe two or three motorbikes in between that was an easy one we got to go through  a tighter spot next time Salam brother shukria   shukria by very very good on you thank you thank  you thank you all right and it looks like we have   made it through oh we had another car a lot of  traffic coming down this way hello brother hi   all right now the fun begins are we going up yes  all right s we're doing a little hike from right here all right look at this view right here that  sun is breaking through the clouds and the hike   begins I can already tell that I have I'm a  little shorter of breath than I was down in   uh Karachi and is lamad because we're higher  up in elevation so it'll make the hike feel   a little bit harder but it's a pretty short one  so here we go all right you can see this I mean   that's pretty wild to look up straight here  cuz these mountains are almost like directly   straight up so you can tell I'm out of breath  a bit that's embarrassing that quickly I was   out of breath it's only been like 10 steps and  so what's this thing right here brother this   my rest area oh rest area all right well that  works out well for me cuz I'm ready to take   a rest already W I am almost speechless look  at this every way you look it gets better and better oh wow that is an incredible  View I'm sure each step's going to   get look even better and better and  we're going to keep moving looks like   we got ourselves a bit of a paved  Pathway to get up the rest of the way all right 5 minutes into the hike  yeah you don't seem like you're out   of breath you're used to this for  us it's like a 10 minutes for you   maybe half hour yeah half hour cuz I'll be  stopping everywhere getting photos videos so it looks like we've got some history the  historic kpoo Royal Fort was established in   the 14th century ad by mpon ruler bah Khan  at a smaller scale it was changed into a huge   complex of ninstory Palace and fort by Ali Sher  Khan Anan between 1580 and 1590 the fort speaks   volumes about the great conqueror it has been  termed as the Gibralter of the East by some   Western writers it remained unconquered  till introduction of the modern arms and   artillery oh that's a lot to read while also  trying to breathe but look at this like hike   we have right here just right on the cliff  this is something else oh my gosh this is   amazing come on Mr Po we're going to run up  the rest of the way let's go gentlemen pull speed oh yeah we've got the white or the  blue and uh yellow fence here I can see   why they said it's going to take me  30 minutes keep stopping for photo ops all right now I feel like I didn't actually  need that second sweater these uh perception   clothing items will keep you warm I can tell  you that wow each angle offers a completely   different view this is the uh secret to not  having a beer y belly is doing these hikes right all right going up I don't think they got  my joke that that's how you get rid of a birani   belly has by climbing after eating birani oh look  at this that's an interesting way to hold up the   fence looks kind of sturdy whoa yep I wouldn't  touch that one now it makes sense why they built   a fort up here not easy for the enemy to  get up and there it is kucho we're coming   for you after we burn a few more calories  to get up I'm huffing and puffing look at that that is crazy all right this is the  entrance up here asalam alaykum all right   foreigners 200 local 30 oh that's quite the  hike to get up Salam brother welcome welcome sh all right looks like we're going through this  little hole let see what the key is maybe a foot   first that worked huh I wonder if that's how the  enemy got in before archers Bor Arrow up fire at will where's Harry when you need them for this  one look at this window that is a fort right there this is something else incredible views  here and you just keep climbing up to the top   yes yeah F the vibe in hanza is incredible and the  Landscapes there but so far this first landscape   is given some competition to hanza that's for  sure oh yeah oh we got a little cabin being built   this is your guys' new house the post brothers  are moving in yeah they love the place so much   they're moving in up here I would definitely  come stay up here for a month imagine every   morning having some beani for lunch some uh eggs  and some paraa bread looking at those uh Mountain   views while sipping a hot cup of joe AKA coffee  M good it doesn't get any better than that are   these going to be guest houses up here no they're  making their restrooms and all oh restaurants too   so yeah these restaurants you'll have to work  for your beer Yani 20 minute hike up out of   breath and then you Chow Down and look at this  just a whole another set of views once we get   to this side a more natural look into scar do on  this side wow this is so exotic cuz you have this   like desert style landscape I mean look at this  sand down there then leading Direction into you   know similar to what we saw in hanza two years  ago this almost turquoise color uh river flowing   through while in hanza it was a bit brighter in  terms of the color blue not sure if that changes   year round I'm sure it does based on the amount  of concentrated sand mixing into there but yeah   this is truly something else does this whole area  ever fill up with water uh no it's is like the   levels up not to cover all the places oh okay the  summer yeah it's go up not too much just a little   bit more than this when what time of the year  is it the highest August August okay the water   level cuz it rains up here yeah it's the cles  melting and all oh right the melting see you   can't get this in America you'd have guard rails  back there and you'd have to stand from this far   here we get to look right over that's the cliff  right down there so use your best judgment if   you're walking where I am but uh this is this  TR goes for the organic it goes where organic   Village organic Village are we walking there if  you're good to hike yeah we'll go there oh I can   handle anything the post Brothers want me to I  just stopped for a second and didn't move listen   how quiet that is I can't even hear my own brain  think right now because there's absolutely no wind resistance that's crazy wow Scaro and now we just Disturbed the  piece all right I think this is an   ancient writing here m al aiz uh you know  what this translates to M like Ali and a   subscribe okay oh perfect like And  subscribe thank you guys very much shukria oh yeah that's really nice to them I  didn't know they knew I was coming all right   well look at this we can take a look inside  what these places look like all right looks   like someone's using this oh well that's not  good there and we've got a beautiful view yeah   these guest houses are going to be awesome just  imagine when these things are done waking up and   you can choose which side of the mountain you  want to stay in Mr post you're going to have to   let me know when these are done so I can come  back for another trip that's how when did they   expect to have these done like a year next somewh  next summer just in time wow so these are 16th   century were these homes or were these like part  of the fort the for for protection that's pretty   crazy though I mean this thing's still standing  imagine the last time this thing was moved from   its place was over 400 years ago and it's still  standing here they built these things really well all right all right climbing up all right  yeah we want to survive this one content's   too good to be dying on this trip all right and  here we go look at this just right there oh just kidding no you guys shouldn't actually joke when   you're up here accidents do happen  proceed with caution look at that hello oh I could hear myself on that other  Mountain oh we're in communication playing   Cricket oh playing Cricket down there now have  you guys ever seen a better Cricket Stadium than   this I think even the uh World Cup going on  in India right now wish they had a backdrop   like this I mean you can see I mean I don't  know how far that is maybe 50 km away those   snowcat bonds are so big your uh depth of horizon  how far you can see it's just to another level I   tell you these types of views just energize you  when you're up top I mean I'm sure you guys are   still energized coming up here even after coming  up your whole life right you just feel alive so   they used to 1600 years ago or sorry 400 years  ago they used to have what cannons here yeah   archers up these are the soldiers defense and  then they'd be covered by this yeah so they   you'd have to be if you're one of the uh enemies  down there you'd have to be incredibly good at   getting them because you only have about six 12  maybe 8 cmet to get an arrow through that's not   easy soldiers like they watch from here they watch  yeah was not like guns and all they use it no bow   and arrows even yeah that but they use mostly the  stones or oh the stones so he just starts stoning   them Archer up ston is up fire at will just  like that imagine years ago that's what it was like and look at how camouflaged the fort is you  can see the structures from afar that structure   looks identical to the rest of the rock I'm not  talking about this one I'm talking about the one   right up top there and so like from afar I  didn't even see where they were pointing at   when they said we're going up to the Fort here  it's once you actually get close that you can   see this thing come together but I mean it's  really impressive like if you if you look at   the this fort a little bit closer now that we're  right here all these uh rocks and stones were just   selected to create this and you can see like  there's some areas with gaps but in general   they filled in most of the gaps with rocks  to have this support and hundreds of years   later this thing still standing so that's quite  impressive I feel like some of the structures we   create in 2023 aren't even this strong so is  that a local school down there one this area   where it looks like kids are playing is that  a cricket stadium it's Stadium yeah scarum   yeah all right oh and then are those horses  down there yes it's a polar ground Gora right   that's a Gora yeah Gora yeah Gora you got  some goras running around are we going to   be riding them you can't oh we can't they are  not too I wanted to see Aram hop on the horse   and go cruising they are not too friendly oh  really yeah you got to be a professional Rider   to hop on one of those Polo horses asalam Alum  brother nice to meet you asalam Alum brother all right photo thank you thank you sir all right  and we have looped ourselves pretty much back   around and that's the fort from a 360° view I  love it I'm definitely coming back I'll tell   you that so we're looking down there what are  these crops down there those Farm Fields what   type of food is that uh these are corns and  other you know the dry grean yeah they potato   so we got corn down there we've got potatoes  right down in this area the wheat is lost the   wheat's gone yeah that's the Brown plots because  it's out of season okay so that's cool it's like   some of some of the crops are in season right  now you can see the vibrant greens and then   some of them are out of season with with the  Browns so you can really stare at this area   for so long and I'm sure even acam would say  every time he looks at this view he'll find   something new because it's so vast and what you  can see that if you stare in this part for like   a long enough period of time you're going to  see like the village there if you stare here   you're going to see what's going on in the polo  field this four season is Chang yeah so in the   winter this is just all white then covered  in snow you hear that we can hear the prayer call it just Echoes through the mountains all right I'd say that's a wrap  we made it through the fort now time to   go through this uh door again should we  lock them out can I close this brother scared him thought I was  locking him out I'm just joking brother all right and we have made it out  yes brother I scared you there you thought   I was locking you up uh I think world NOC  yeah I think it's yeah thank you brother   Shuka it's nice to meet you let me have a self  you oh please yeah yeah let's do it brother uh   you from maybe you do food Vlogs uh sometimes  yeah yeah food blogs also May American hon yes sir thank you so much thank you  brother it's a pleasure to meet you all right we're going to give you guys  the fast tour down so when I snap my fingers   I'm going to jump and we're going to land at the  bottom here we go oh wow guys and we just jumped   all the way from up top there that was quite the  jump but uh we have made it safe and we still have   our feet now we're heading towards the uh organic  Trail this way so look at this just a different   perspective here I mean up top you can see how far  it stretches out here you're almost almost at the   top of the tree line level so this will be really  cool to see all right so we are going down the   trail here what's the significance of this place  acam about uh SC or specifically specifically the   organic Trail we're on it's very like they do the  all organic vegetables there organic vegetables oh   very nice and all of the organic vegetables are  grown here in scardo are just traded here it's   very small town but very yeah it's hard for you no  no this is easy guys we're going down the mountain   right now this is how we do it oh no this is easy  we shall see the viewers are watching closely I'm   sure everyone's hearts are beating well so far if  we're falling subscribers we're falling together   yeah there we go we are going down Avalanche  Avalanche we don't want to cause a landslide   here do we no we don't and there we go we're  getting pretty good we're getting good don't   want to jinx it though and look at this oh yeah  we're professionals call me perves call me PES wo woohoo success oh that was easy we got to  go twice as hard next time no just kidding   and here we are we were just way up there at  the top now we're down here and you can see   where the river or lake part of the river has  lost some water over the last couple months   month since August and that's why you see  those like levels of dirt as it goes down   this is a custom Bridge right there it's like  half a bridge serves the purpose oh that thing   feels a little rickety I think I'm going to  stick to the stones wow we are on the edge of glory all right this is incredible  AB absolutely incredible shout out   to who came and brought the new  bridge after this bridge gave out oh welcome to Scaro by no there we go there we go B CH now until next time Brothers we got the kids laughing theys they're from  shower side oh they're from   Pasa that's why they didn't understand  me speaking yeah they're working here oh okay all right that's how locals do he's  just running this is not his first rodeo   and by Rodeo I mean running up the mountain  reminds me of the uh guy that was running   across the uh Bridge up over uh aoad River  uhhuh all right as you can see we're crossing   this bridge right there there would be no way  across unless we had this bridge so that's good news all right and we're walking across the  bridge looking through there that's just a   drop right down makes your feet a little Jello  if you're afraid of hike makes me want to sing   I'm on the edge of glory you know that  song yeah yeah right along the edge so   you got to watch where you step but the views  are unparalleled to anything I've seen yet in Pakistan oh we're almost to the uh cricket  stadium we might have to get a match in charie Charlie charie charliie we got him going all  right we're going down there for sure and now we're in the desert we have  this fine grain sand right here leading   into a forest you don't see this every day  trees in the middle of the uh Sandy areas   that feel almost like a beach spring water  clean Spring Water I can drink it drink it   really I don't know if I'm going to try it  on the first day though just in case I will   try it all right let's see nice little hand  wash station oh and he's drinking it and we   have made it down to the cricket Squad here  they are well they really have to work for   the match cuz they had to get all the way  over here here to be able to play asalam alaykum charie Char how do I get signed up for  a ball oh holy he's sending that one to the river look this this is going to be  a running start this guy's going Full   Speed Ahead here he goes all right here we  go ch ch oh oh he sends that one to to the river someone's going swimming what do you think should I ask  them if I can get a hit yeah yeah yeah   yeah want you guys fil me can I do one  hit brother yes yes I'm not good though   oh there we go this one's gone that one is  gone that's a six right there six all day baby you tell him to do a slow pitch for me cuz  I've I've only ever played it like once yeah slow pitch brother I hold this the same way I  hold the baseball bat right like yeah yeah same Sam we go we wouldn't call it a six but we'll call   it a three sending him out  of there number three number three all right as you guys can see  this is why I'm a vlogger and I don't   play sports but at least at least we  hit a couple balls all right the walk continues kind of an interesting land formation   to be walking right near the  edge oh yeah slipped right off there oh this is such a peaceful spot and we're  getting a break from doing the altitude now we   just have a nice easy walk desert you will get  the spring water Spring Water yeah and look at   this guy right here guys I'm going to add a clip  over it so this guy has a customade boat right   here which looks like it consists of like a wire  shelf and two tires and so he'll take the boat out   to this little island set all the hooks along here  and he'll leave for the day is what aram's telling   me and then he'll come back later and check to  see which ones have caught fish now the reason   why he's doing it on that side not this side is  because otherwise anyone could come and check grab   his fish but he's keeping those for himself so  that is a pretty beautiful way to uh do it right   there so okay I stand corrected those aren't tires  they look kind of like inner tubes that go on itum all right no response but  we got a wave I'd say that's   a good response oh yeah and we're  getting into the serious trekking now oh yeah we're going down made it surviv this one first time the  whole walk we've passed other people assalam alaykum all right and look at this all this  is kind of a built up part of the trail here   too stones are stacked and we've got like this  exotic almost Rusty in color look to the stones   here Orange mixed with like cream white and gray  which is quite a contrast of colors when you look   here and then you have the blues there the Grays  on the other side and after about 25 minutes of   walking probably was much shorter for you  guys we have arrived to the first organic Village and we have a trail leading through  all of these trees seems like another world   right now and the Landscapes just keep changing  the further we walk into here now these almost   look like maybe birch trees oh the sound of  a cow or a buffalo or something over there   with a little creek going right through probably  the fresh spring water and here is the organic Hut look at this you can hear all the cow's making so much  noise so where are all the people do they like   uh live somewhere else and they come here for  the day I they inside oh they're inside right   now yeah oh all right these are houses these  are houses how many people live in this Village   I don't know exactly the figure but it's not too  big maybe like 30 40 50 wow and you can imagine   how long one one of these fences takes to make  first of all you need to find the right stick   that's straight and long probably break off the  sides of the branches and then wind each one in   between each of the three layers of branches so  yeah pretty effective though I'm sure animals   can't get out and it makes it not impossible  but a lot harder for a human to get in you'll   be able to hear all the sticks cracking uh if  someone's trying to break in and you got to   do a long walk to get over here so yeah this is  really cool left or right we got an option at the   fork what do you think this way all right right  it is is so after taking a ride on that fork we   have arrived to the Government Primary School  imagine this imagine after a 30 or 40 minute   walk to this first organic Village your school  is right here that is a cool site I like this   fence too they've got like multicolors and they've  got an interesting build it's almost like similar   components of a log cabin yet in between it's  infilled with cement so I'm sure that keeps it   cool in the summer and yeah quite a high quality  gate holding this place together so probably what   20 kids go to the school more than more wow so  it's primary school so this is up to like age 12 all right and I'm able to  to see the Whiteboard over there I don't think I can see what  it says though so there's one room   there oh this one's open hello hello nope nobody's home and this is kind of I don't even know how  to say this maybe that's a bathroom over there   oh it's a cafe wow I would have never expected  to find a cafe over here and then a bunch of   little like picnic areas all right looks like  we're stopping at the local cafe so surprising   we've got two cafes here oh it's kind of like  a treehouse right up here and there's not too   many tables right now place is fully uh fully  packed we needed a reservation we'll find we'll find all right right all right we got tables up there brother how are you  alhamdulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah Maad this is a this  is a fish oh freshly caught by you yeah high five nice to meet you all right that's my new buddy or  do delay no no no no Pakistani water   is chai this only Pakistani don't  like tea yeah I know what's going   on my chai is done for today okay and  P too or you want to try some you want   try the local PR uh maybe maybe one for  us three to share but I'm only having a bite One MA all right there we go ice  cold pany right there straight from   the spring eh all right that's the  nice part about water here Unlimited Supply yeah yeah that is nice nothing like natural spring water oh yeah the chai and the bread has  arrived that's Pata right there par local   Pata local Pata let's grab a little chunk of  that okay Fresh Off let's try that thing out M I like that that is a unique Paratha flavor it  almost kind of tastes deep fried in a way mhm a   lot more of a crunch this uh than your typical  oh we got a little honey Bean dropped in there   no no honey Bean is it aard jam oh jam yeah  all right well let's try that out see how that works organic Village comes  in Bol the cha this is a malb all right looks like dinner's going to be in  the organic Village after all yeah my it almost   kind of has a uh a pancake type of texture  just a little bit more fried than a pancake   some carbs after today's hike we probably  put on maybe 10 12,000 steps today so plus elevation I love it shukria brother nice to  meet you okay thank you shukria shukria all   right guys we've got a 40-minute walk back as  you can see I don't even know if the camera's   pointing to me that's how dark it is but we've  got a dark walk so you're not going to be able   to see anything on the camera so you'll just  see us when we get back to the van which oh   we're going to be walking ac across those  cliffs in Pitch Black we got to be careful then allaha my brother we are waking up bright  and early to get ourselves some delish Chow Salam   alaykum brother asalam alaykum brother we are  back like we never left asalam alaykum brother   we are back like we never left say how are youa  on this beautiful day here in Pakistan and now it   is time to get some Chow here how are we feeling  brother bright and early with the posst brothers   Saab all right what are we going to be having  for breakfast today something delish o yeah   that sounds like a little chai brother B CH B  ma chai oh that's going to be great so custom   made here with the locals m what are we going  to start out with bro you know like we usually   come here like this place last time they come  here yeah yeah these guys are like Gucci like   for you guys like Starbucks for us these guys  are so we're talking we're at the Starbucks   of scardo right now all right it's that it is  that good the quote from the man the myth the   legend Aram himself all right well it's time  to test it out and see how good this is you   got a chapati chapati what about the chapati and  some eggs so chapati and I'll toss and omelet on top or you want half Fred half uh fulled yeah yeah   I want to see them make it out  there if possible The Omelette yeah oh yeah actually is there coffee or too  or no something with is there caffeine and   KOC chai like CH is there a caffeine in  it like something to wake me up maybe I   don't know but they didn't tell us like  oh no coffee here though yeah like in   Pakistan tea is like a c oh yeah yeah true  true uh all right then I'll take one karac chai all right we can see how the uh the  chapati station is made freshly here so we   roll that thing up right just like like that  abam K zafur zafur nice to meet you brother   that looks delish all right with a little  bit of oil on there too oh yes there we go yeah so we let that sit on there looks like for   maybe what 1 2 3 minutes and that  thing is oh yeah that is nice and hot breakfast of champions my friends this  is going to hit the spot and get us going   here in scardo nothing better than uh  a little carbohydrates in the body to   get us going yes all right well next  up will be the uh the omelets coming   this way that's going to be a  bot mazadar meal to start out yeah oh yeah that looks fantastic so what  do we recommend the uh omelette going with   omelette and this one all right it's isas for  get that one going just like that yes yes oh   yeah sprinkle a little something something on  there called pepper salt hopefully oh yeah and   then we're going to roll that thing up like  that is a burrito right there Pakistani way yeah M that right there is a Pakistani breakfast  burrito chapani times an omelette delish oh perves   knows what he's doing he's dipping the chapati  bread inside the karak yeah middle name is   mazadar Mazar mazadar brother what do we owe them  yeah how much 650 600 tip for you shukria brother shukria M Dog brother sua and the Adventures  Continue guys we've got a big day we' got   some exciting stuff planned and I'm going to be  surprising you with it so let's chal Chalo on over there look at this it looks like a local artists  did a whole bunch of painting all along here   and really lights up the city when you're you're  driving through it with oh we've got the Pia plane   right there all right and all the lakes and rivers  yeah that's really nice all custom painted wall murals we got the whole Squad going through  where are they off to they know about something   we don't we got a lot going on up here a  Jeep carrying more than I've ever seen a   Jeep carry before all right all right we're  going to be crossing over into the uh desert   side here in just a moment looks like we  got ourselves a little Pakistani roadblock here got the government right  here the police is your friend Salam me too no all right so we've got the police  we're going to check us in to be able to cross   this bridge right here all right we got ourselves  the approval yeah entry all right let's do Chalet under this bridge it's like a mini San Francisco right here oh here we go shigar the land of K2 Long  Live Pakistan or Pakistan zindabad my friends oh yes and look at this we've got asalam a  little bit of everything we've got ATVs here   we've got the paragliding oh we got our buddy  here as Salam brother hello asalam alaykum all   right so here's the adventure headquarters  yeah how are you oh I I like that ring all   right which one we doing there we go I like that  ring that's a big ring all right upam my name is   common common nice to meet you brother my name  is Mac it's a pleasure so today's the big day   then yeah all right let's do it all right so  we're going to be doing a bit of adventuring   today uh how much is the uh paragliding 8,000  8,000 all right so we got a special bargain   today okay all right and we got to sign the Life  Away Tak oh all right we've got the photographer   down here Mr Aram po we will do behind scen  behind the scenes exactly sh brother here we   go this is a ticket ticket to Heaven all right  we got eight big ones right there brother so   8,000 Pakistani rupes that comes out to about 24  $322 32 35 something like that all right special bargain all right we're going this  way there is our ride our chariot   awaits this way all right and here we go  look at this ride right here so I've done   paragliding before but I've only jumped off  the uh side of a mountain with a parachute   I've never actually done like this mini  vehicle that'll take us up in there this way all right we got El Capitan over here  El Capitan amum brother all right so we're   going to be taking this baby up  in the airah inshah brother all   right this one's for me got to get  right around the ear big old ears there all right well let's hop aboard oh all right  we're pedaling this thing too all right inshallah   this is going to be bahota ah all right ready well  start your engines all right start your engines wo Johny they're up the there holy look at this wow W guys this is crazy we're way up in the  air how do we C off so fast it's cold up   here though very cold these views are  just something out only in Pakistan and   it's quite smooth up here but the  wind is smoother the much smoother ride and then this way we've got snow  Capa mountains right there the modern   Village the modern Village all along there  and then the water just winding right through here I can't feel my hands you  got these desert Landscapes The   Greenery mixed in a little modern  development and the bridg is down there we have shut the engines off we  are losing altitude fast would not be   fun to go plunging down into this  water right now ice cold baby ice   cold we're doing a nice wide turn I  feel like we're back on the airplane again coming in hot coming in hot baby oh yeah we've got the runway right here wo  there we go baby we're coming in for a landing   all right we're coming in we're taking that  right turn and we're coming oh we're pulling   up wo we're coming in and oh and touchdown baby  touchdown let's go all right that was legendary   we got the paparazzi right here all right chal  Chalo safe land in here brother oh it's ni oh   wow that was legendary cold ride but legendary  right oh fantastic Al capan chuk brother great   pilot great pilot behold pilot Behold The Chop  pilot boys I'll tell you that's ice cold up there   but a great time indeed probably about like a  7 8 minute ride and that's about all you need   once you're up there for a bit then your hands  start oh yeah look at those hands those things   are red they haven't seen the cold weather  in quite a while but that was amazing that   was amazing B cha ride so that's what we looked  like up in the air we were just gliding across there it looks like this place gets a  lot of business every day of the week   it's a Monday today and everyone's  up in the air I'd say that was a b   b b time brother oh yeah well done well  done to the pilots ATVs sometimes scare   me because I scare myself with how fast  I like to go we've got ourselves a Bora Gora that means large horse in erdu  oh look at man looking fly over here so we got the Bora Gora  right here yeah oh hello good   morning Salam Salam brother all  right I'm thinking I'm thinking   Jeep first Jeep first we got a how much  for this one 7,000 I think that's seven right am I driving yeah oh I'm driving  sweet no oh back she driving oh we've   got the uh you got this one all  right it's going to be a nice wild ride let Jump Right In are you H at there oh yeah all  aboard all right we got round two   of chal in ch baby wo holy all right I'm sitting down Char Char oh all right  yeah Char Char I got scared   real fast oh my God all right  careful brother this thing flip easy all right not too fast brother I don't want   to die here this guy just floor  it Full Speed Ahead oh my gosh oh all right well this is pretty epic  we are just riing through the uh desert   here never would have expected to find in in  Northern Pakistan just a massive desert with   sand dunes and then you come up here and we  literally have this huge J we're just flying   right through here you scared no no who hold on  tght if this thing flips better be holding on to something holy moly we just ripping through Ching right through  the desert whoa look at these Landscapes oh my gosh wow we were just ripping through Full Speed Ahead oh we're just drifting right down oh oh we're just drifting right oh  I just got blasted in the face with sand really putting the test to  what a Jeep can handle that's for sure ask him how often he rolls these things years once once in 3 years do like really  years it's been three years I'm I'm shocked charliie we are in the  desert look at this Pakistan zind that Echoes through the mountains this  is this is something else I'm speechless right   now oh that desert sand is such fine grain and  with how cold it is I mean it's not super cold   outside but because I've been in warm weather  it feels cold but you actually feel the uh the   sand here and the Sand's almost hot it's not  hot warm huh I cold cold desert highest cold   desert yeah really that's interesting it's pretty  wild how silent it is out here obviously when the   Jeep's coming by then you can hear some noise but  aside from that sound when it was on the other   side of the Hill you couldn't hear anything  these sand dunes just capture all the sounds   let's see Full Speed Ahead here oh there we  go there we go ripping it right on the edge there see if we can make it down I  I have a feeling we're going to get   stuck here oh and the sand the  shoes are filling up with sand moonwalk oh that sand feels good  even though it's filling up my shoes all right let's see how much work it is   to climb up it's definitely a lot  more effort than climbing a typical Hill oh yeah that is a workout gets the legs  going no more time yeah let's see how far you make it oh I'm literally like out of breath from that yeah much harder than  it looks isn't it it's not that's that's like equivalent  to the 20-minute hike yesterday all right we're  loading back up in the Jeep chal brother that blows my mind he said that  he's only rolled it one time in the it's   been three years since the last time  especially with how fast they cruise   I mean Jeeps are top heading so just  means see knows the Desert Sands quite well you have to carry about the  stones oh the stones yeah all   right so this five speed no no you can  but you have to careful about from the stones all right chal boys chal chal all right on ourselves a nice  little course what do you think get the doing all right it's pretty smooth  drive here it must mean the tires   are deflated a bit be able to cruise on the  Cent we got AC post care for his life right now all right oh yeah we're hitting  some serious bums here brother oh yeah how scared is everybody oh  they okay all right that's good we   got a bu your ride right here let's  go this look at these Landscapes guys   just one of a kind I'll tell  you that absolutely stck left side I'm a natural here it's  like I knew the roads the whole time all right man we're starting to see the rest   of the squad they're going to be  shocked to see who the new guide is call me ban nomac today no no noad today all right we got some bumps  here holy moly we're coming up on the Rock   here we got to dodge this one and Dodge this  one up there we got our driver worried all   right and boom stop huh stop stop start  start yeah exactly the tour is beginning now oh yeah all right how do we  get through these rocks where's   the entrance oh it's right through  there we got a tight little spot here tight little pathway oh to the  right right side all right got the squat here let them know we're back oh we  got the left side left left side all right all right and we have returned in one  piece asalam tour operator today they're all   like what the hell's going on here okay  all right pull that thing right up how   we looking there brother right there e Brak  yeah all right put it in gear okay here we go that was fantastic that was absolutely fantastic all right that was that was  legendary we were cruising through the   Landscapes I was the captain today  yeah exactly brother Behold The Cha oh there's what a takeoff looks like from afar and boom that thing  just gets pulled up into the airoo I'd say that was a quite quite a nice  little uh morning of of uh Adventures until   next time brother okay sir thank you sir  thank you brother see you brother oh sorry   I left you hanging there sh all right  let's do this gentlemen all right well   that was an epic adventure until next time  desert activities all right and the cruise   begins looks like we're going to be weaving  in and outside of these mountains right here wow I just continue to be amazed  at how beautiful these views are as   we're cruising through scardo I mean  the GoPro like probably flattens the   mountains a bit but just imagine they  feel like 20 times higher in real life oh and we're starting to see  some Greenery right down here and   look at that there's like those  little like houses or Villages   that I'm guessing you can rent right  on the edge there those look awesome all right so we're entering inside  the uh local Village what's the name   of this Village over here sugar this is  sugar Village oh I love the name sugar Village looks like it's school time we've got a  bunch of kids with their green uniforms   on oh the polo ground so Polo  must be pretty popular up here Salam all right there's the fort  Serena shigar Fort 1 km this way   Salam asalam alaykum and it looks like we  are crossing the newer bridge that must   be the older Bridge right there across  this Creek that is picturesque right there all this was just hen built by  Stones just makes you realize how long   it takes to build something like this  and then this one actually has all like   the pavement or the cement to hold it  together too all right we have arrived and this is it the shigar fort yes  residence so how do we get in we do a three knocks it worked Salam brother all right and here  is the entrance Salam alayum brother all right we   got to sign in so it looks like foreigners  get the 1,000 ticket we don't get the 500   ticket that's the special one Loc if they're local  yeah all right all right so we've got ourselves a   shop right when we walk in and we're going to be  touring this whole fort with a guide in just a few   minutes but we're going to give ourselves a little  self-guided tour first really cool looking place   you can tell it has had some uh remodels over the  years in terms of like that's probably a newer   cement but they've preserved it quite nicely look  at this you just walk out in all these vibrant   colors when you get out here this is amazing and  then right here we got a little creek we're going   to be walking right through custommade irrigation  system and it leads all the way over to this   little garden with a moat surrounding it so that's  really nice what a dreamy place this is such an   interesting place to be because you just all of  a sudden have this fort you walk out and you have   this Garden that has so many types of flowers that  just give it this unique feel just a beautifully   designed bridge that leads right inside I mean  this is incredible and I love be in here during   fall time look at those changing colors so we are  heading inside the fort now at this the massive   Stone here maybe that's how they decided on this  location because the stone was sitting right   there and they built right off of it ooh this is  cool it's got that smell of like an old castle mhm and coming right up here yeah this  is really nice and we can walk on here   with the shoes all right all right and  all of this like old carving well it's   interesting interesting to feel the  wood I mean it's aged quite nicely just walking through here you can see  different things that were part of it   that's wood maybe some sort of like  cooking pan or something to hold and   here's the uh New Concept Lounge this place  looks like it's a bit more developed from New Times yeah this is really interesting  place there's so many like doorways   we have a stair set up there we've  got a doorway into the oh that's a   mosque right there we've got oh guest  room so I guess people are staying in there so people can stay inside the fort and  sleep oh that's cool look at this this is the   uh King's balcony up here isn't it wow I see  why it's the king's balcony obviously you guys   probably saw what I what I'm looking at now  first mountains towering up there snow Peaks   and I'm sure these mountains look almost  exactly the same from a thousand years ago   besides maybe a little bit of erosion changing  the shape hello asalam alaykum brother are you   understanding English U uh I know like 10 words  in uish yeah pleas listen here if possible okay   actually this was the boss Tower security  Tower Royal security guard stand over here   who look everyone in main gate who enter who  lives and this is also uses for ventilation   purpose you came from uh we just came from  skardu but origin uhr uh which country May   America USA great super power okay brother  yes how long have you been doing tours here   many years yes many years amazing so this was  the official kitchen mam please uh this was   the kitchen official kitchen so you can see some  UT of kitchen over here so look at this this is   the stone Port this is a hot PL for chapati for  par for omelet also the 16 one is wooden sport   uses to taking for oil this site is the guest  room site there are somebody staying over here   how much does it cost to stay in there uh sir we  have 13 historical rooms inside of this wall and   14 modern room there rain is 150 to uh $240 per  night I will show you rooms over here inside oh perfect come pleasan all right oh yeah  there we go this is it man SE oh yeah this is fantastic this is a  blast in the past it's like a mini room okay you've been in here before bro okay oh yeah  after you after you you stayed here before it's uh manga ni right oh that's the bathroom  right there take a look in here oh all   right yeah that's some remodels  since the the King was in here right dat was theual this was the Palaces this  was not for it was the for this was the Palaces   if any enemy ATT taken sugar valleys can shifted  their families in this for through Heen SPS some   hens was still here de was used to security  purpose approximately that is the 700 years old I can see why they decided to create  a palace and Fort over here I mean this   is heaven I'm sure it's not the uh the  best to be uh in during the middle of   the winter but during the summer and the  fall time right now this is just one of   a kind absolutely gorgeous oh we've got some  local Army coming around too hear the sound of them waiting for that and see oh look at that thing flying this  low big ass army helicopter right there   oh yeah one is the black cherries one is the  red cherries both is in this Garden oh okay   are these uh new trees or these have been  here for few thousand years not 400 years   well did they still have uh fruit trees out  here a thousand years ago no no one 400 years   trees the other Garden that is the plain tree  me tree and 400 years old tree I will show you   this dat side okay oh perfect let's check  it out the oldest and biggest tree of the   region that is incredible and it even has  a few like more trees growing out of it as   well looks kind of like a uh maple tree ever  seen a tree that big yeah that's huge Shuka brothera all right goes all the way around so that  a nice tour get some history of this fort oh whoa   someone was living in here I didn't expect the  inside to be Hollow you just come around and uh   it's literally Hollow and it's still clearly alive  cuz there's uh leafes on it but I guess it it gets   all of its water and nutrients through these roots  400 years this has seen many generations of people   shukan Allah Allah all right and that was the  trip to the Fort that was uh mesmerizing just   such a beautiful place I'm almost speechless cuz  there's just so much to look at it just has all   your senses going from the sounds to the smells  to the nature to the colors to the architecture I   mean just the bit of all of it is uh there so much  to take in in such a good way and it looks like   this is where the local villagers do the uh rug  cleaning probably clean it in the river and then   leave it there to uh dry okay how often do they  clean them once a month once a year once a year   once a year all right so these things are going to  be fresher than they have been for the past year byan we're seeing some interesting looking  rocks over here they have like almost   like a shiny smooth surface I don't know how  well you can see them from here but they're   I guess you wouldn't even call them  rocks you call them like big boulders everywhere that's pretty wild  and then in between that we   have like little pockets of the lake and pond so this one's going to be blind Lake  that we're arriving to yeah all right   blind Lake why do they call it blind  Lake I think it's middle of the desert   yeah true you can't really see it  unless you uh drive all the way in here a little off-roading to get here car under water all right and we're here  at blind Lake and look at we've   got some uh I'm guessing these are wild  ducks but they're hanging out over here   some interesting looking ducks right there  hello there little ducklings can I pet them yes nope they don't want to be pet they're  definitely probably domesticated then hey   little guy this little guy's like I'm going in  the water I know that human's not going in the water all right oh we got a secret  passage way to get in too asalam Alum brother I Wildlife G okay Dy oh perfect nice  to meet you yeah what is your name yeah good name by thank you you guys will have to cover this I have no  more cash on me I'll get you back at the hotel   shom all right the gates of Entry brother  thank you so we're here at blind Lake this   is a peaceful place to kind of be hanging  out I'm surprised they even have boats if   you want to jump on the boat we can hop on  that boat M boats what a pesque place to be   walking through I don't know any other place  on Earth that I could even compare this to I   mean you got the snow Capa mountains on the  right side and here we've got a Crystal Clear   Lake are there fish in here yeah there  is I don't see a single thing moving over here all right we're looking for some wild B all right so let's ask him  why they name this place blind Lake this is black that's why it's black  yeah oh okay so from from like looking   for most angles yeah that's true it does  look black once you're close it kind of   has a grain tint but you know from afar it  does have this black tint probably from the   reflection of the mountains right okay  okay and of course like the Sand's like   a darker black so that's going to give  it a uh darker reflection as well looks   like this is the photo op spot we' got the  whole squad over here getting some family photos oh and we kind of got like this G  uh Bridge like grassy Bridge right here   oh almost went in yeah it's hard to imagine  up here in Karachi are the same country you   know it's just you know you you stand here and  you're like this place is so much different than   Karachi it's pure nature pure fresh air and there  barely any people around whereas karachi's super   busy fast-paced and a lot going on can see if we  can skip a rock It's So flat ah oh yea

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