10$ ile VİETNAM’da İLK GÜNÜM !

10$ ile VİETNAM’da İLK GÜNÜM !

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So, what can we do with this one dollar, what can we buy at prices? Welcome to the new chapter of my brothers, brothers and sisters, all of you are welcome to the new chapter of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, as in every country, in this country, we will first get to know the country and learn about the country , then we will start touring this wonderful country from the flag . I'm sure that there were 150-200 million motorcycles in the country very comfortably, for example, look at the sign, my meat is Hong . The language spoken in Vietnam is Vietnamese, but there is something like this in the alphabet, let me go closer and show you, there are lines on the letters and so on. For example, quartz Eylül has a hat on it. they always speak with such vowels in the spoken language, I don't want to imitate it now, don't be a shame and in the motorcycle country Of course, we will go here by motorcycle today. Normally, this is the Vespa when you rent a motorcycle, and the price of this dollar is 150 thousand Vietnamese dong. A 110000 Don't talk about the engine prices , let

's also get to know the currency of the country . Let me show you a few of the Vietnamese dong you have seen in my hand. It looks like a pouta , it looks like it's going to be torn all of the coins have a picture of my friend, the national hero of Vietnam, what can we do with this one dollar ? Then you know, let's start a day like this, let me show you the area I'm staying in. Actually, there is a poster with a pool for 7 dollars here, there are places and so on, I stayed here. Hostel in A side street right there, brother, you know everything that is more than a dollar for me is too much. if ho is selim This place is hanoi kosicky you found a hostel called austen's night is only 5 dollars Now let me show you the inside of the hostwin, we enter the auster with a password when entering the buddhism , look what's in front of the doors and so on about this series, they leave money, they leave statues, they leave food, this is my host erim's bed I have a big bed like this, there can be a table like this and that. What do you say, there is also one or something like that, so the average accommodation fee for a traveler, backpacker, is 5 dollars on average, it 's incredibly hot . a train track is passing, when the fuse will pass, the officials come, they close the whole street with them, the traffic stops. In fact, one of the stations where there are missions This is one of the stations

where we go inside. The universe is passing through the middle of the train, it's interesting . he p they built cafes like this , there is paint, it's crowded, I kissed tourists, it's incredible, so many foreigners live here, foreigners are teaching English in Hepsiburada, and it's a very cheap country, it's always a hot season . right now they are waiting for the train almost everywhere in this city, brother Batman flag is possible to see, it is hung in every shop in every house, and it is the most touristic place in the city. In fact, everyone comes here to take pictures of the train until the evening, I think we pass it every 30 minutes or so, let's see if it comes across . I came across that luck in Adana . Wow, it went. There is a big mess right after the train leaves. Normally there are good people or something, but people are very angry in traffic. We said goodbye to this train. we saw you will show your conquest ım this vietnam traditional dress drama traditional Vietnam Formen so High School Love On this law patternize study o wasp of man tomelloso blessings Allah eynece Ayşe Vietnam Bağcılar has seen a tap Muslim Alhamdulillah Aleyküm-Salam with intention o Turkey 12 12 Alhamdulillah converts to Islam collection Selamunaleykum o Look at this, there is a Muslim in Vietnam. Wow, how did they understand this, I wonder if they understood it from the beard, or they don't really know Turkey in Turkish years . and we came to the place where the grave of that uncle of my sweetheart is located in hanoid it means the one who brings my pleasure to light and the national hero of Vietnam himself fought against the Japanese, against the French and against the Americans for the freedom struggle of destruction and in Vietnam the winners were bloody Of course Americans have been in movies for years for example , it's like in Rambo movies and so on. They talk about it as if they are winning merika, but

it is not, but my uncle Ho died before he could see that my job, North Vietnam and sister South Vietnam, unfortunately. E is the subject of today, where his grave is located We are in a place where he is inside By the way, the most believed belief is Buddhism I like it in that thing in the back I don't know the name of the button like incense , but they burn it for the soul of Buddhism, they put it first, they stand in a moment of silence, this is where the grave of my beloved is located, here is where the grave of my beloved is located , uncle ho, the diet in the picture here is currently the name of a city. They gave it to me, they said in Saigon, they say they changed it and so on. I don't know if they changed it and so on. I don't know if we go there. The people love it very much. In Vietnam, they even say uncle ho because they love it so much, they say anıl ho They say "Okay

, he's getting married, I don't know" Let's go ra line I guess there are 9-10 lakes It's my life Yes these aunts are selling it anyway don't even say they are coyotes this has a contribution to the inside of this thing don't tell me it We came to drink coke, it smells very bad to horses, aunts outside , they sell it to videos in the neighborhood, we sat in a cafe. Make two dollars or something here. You can buy coconut water from aunts like this as a video. There is something else in it, Oh my God, to happy water, what are you doing, housing? Bon appetit. Let's eat our first Vietnamese meal . Actually, all of Asia, which I eat now, has more vitamins than here. Of course, they use sticks a lot. Now I pay attention to such things. Bon appetit, these two dishes are frye Tuğrul fried oud

We have to eat it. We have no other choice. It 's nice, but now let's pour some soy sauce, subscribe a little , he brought a salad like this with 11, and I'm in a touristic area with an average price for this dinner, I guess we can eat for about two dollars at the moment. we are visiting the environment where I am staying, I know it is a little hard to hear from the engine noise when I stay, I know this is one of the most famous things in Vietnam, coffee coffea eggplant entrusted Doğan Onion Best coffee pes top or there is an animal's excrement and they are made from this animal excrement that is 73 and veil is the 7th of the animal. This coffee is made from the excrement that it makes . Drink in a moderately not overly luxurious place . 00 or something, it 's one and a half dollars a dollar 60 You're doing something like that. I'm bored. We're visiting this place right now.

It's not faded. Let's walk a little and see what else is there. Bathing in this news It's almost everywhere on the street Hi guys, look here Vietnam's national It has a flag, let's get a little closer, you know, at the beginning of the video, I said the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, let's learn the meaning of Vietnam's flag now, this is where a great revolution is made and Vietnam is victorious. The French and the Americans are all afraid of the country. Even the guys can't take it limitedly from Cambodia or anything like that. The red background on the flag represents the moment we poured out in the people's struggle for independence and there is such a 5-pointed yellow star on the flag, and this yellow star represents workers, peasants, soldiers, intellectuals and young people working together, who built social service for the war for the independence of the country , then it is really beautiful do a level I stayed in the region like this. Yes, now there are motorcycles everywhere, look , this is one of the most asked questions in Vietnam, let's go to a shop right away, let's look at the products directly Psychic Vietnam has already written, this is Ela especially I'm taking permission so we don't have any problems before taking a shot. When

people get angry, they get really angry now. For example, look, they have Nur Face'i products, okay? This is direct, they do exactly the same with the man. Actually, quality products are not of poor quality, but it's not real. Before I went on a world tour, I work in a company called Kolymbia. There we were selling products like these, for example, this is one coat, I can use it like a raincoat here, but it's work. I think it's very hot Twentythree of the same color ash download costs $23 or something? Something for $23, this Friday and here again, men are doing the exact same thing. There are bags and there is

a section for women here. You talk, the forum says you like it, love, bro, all the coats are 23 dollars, and it's like that for men, I guess, they put one price on them all. There are those windproof things Solmaz Opel shop has such a shop almost everywhere. These shops are available everywhere. Psychic Vietnam is written on it. Of course here too Of course, bargains are processing our folk song here too,

and there are bags and t-shirts here too. he has a hat on his hat from conviction I wonder what it is ha ha it's rainy This is such a shop here subscribe UV Wow there is a car ok I just told you they fought with America and America and only Big Brother, for example, Vietnamese people have very good relations right now, for example, everything is full of Americans or something. There are too many foreign tourists . Most of the incoming tourists live and stay here. They are doing business on the island , they are teaching English and so on. I will shoot a detailed video on that subject.

But first, let's go around a little more. For example, there is an aunt over there. See if she's going , she made something out of a bomb . By the way, when we talk about these gold products, there are outdoor products and there is an event that many brands are produced in the world, these are some of them. Yes, all the ones that are sold are fake, but there are originals in it, right? Yes, young people or something, good people, or that brother in Asia, from different fruits in Asia. That's one of them, thank you brother man mom, so when you cut, this is how you cut it, but stop, you use gloves to eat because it doesn't smell because it doesn't smell, it stops in some countries. It's even forbidden, the world cuts a watermelon to the car. Memo Ha. It was like this in the shop, thanks to a friend, he invited me or something, but it smells weird, I can't eat it.

It changes according to the bag. The smell of kadı is not suitable for me. Also, my sister is doing water motifs here, I sell it, for example, look, each of them makes 30000-40000 lemons, 25,000 smells of horses, 30000, etc. Yes, by going home, yes, one of the soldiers to eat, Avras, the name of the restaurant is a direct example, brother. it means bread Look , the prices read this coldness. My sister is making a sandwich. She gives you 30000 or other

eggs with nurlu mudullu . In fact, I was happy when it was something like bread. Because everything is sugary in South Korea, you claim that we gain weight, no sister, let her prepare our food now , and something like that happens to you, so it comes to 20 liras. I guess we're coming in 20-22 days in Turkey . Extremely Expensive Dragon Fruit Dragon Fruit I saw one of these in the morning purpose Has One kilo will show what Sister Thank you brother That is a very beautiful fruit One kilo Tweety puzzle avonis windtown Okey It was very cheap By the way, the window is pretty Wow, I bought 30000 in the morning, my sister was selling for 20 thousand, the taste was incredible This is one of the most asked questions about the massage. The prices of the massage are 350 thousand 30 minutes, water 250,000 , but if you are a little interested, he says the petition, I am giving you a discount of 125, you know, you can set it to 200 thousand or something . All of our cards work in all these ATMs, so if you see the master card feature in an ATM and us, we have it all over the world, it just doesn't work in Iran, the card never works in this and in some countries it is invalid because there is no agreement.

I use Garanti, baby or Bank. Because it was sold to the Spaniards and so on, the Commission in many parts of the world takes care of very little. Vietnam s erisi first episode is here, thank you very much to everyone who watched, see you in the next episode, bye subscribe

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