10 Days in Italy: The Best Of Food, People, Tourism and Explorations in Campania

10 Days in Italy: The Best Of Food, People, Tourism and Explorations in Campania

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Mission Italian Pizza, a 10 days trip that starts now in Ghout, in the airport of Rome. From Rome, we go all the way down south to show you the pizza and where it's from. Where, who made it, why the tomato sauce, the dough, how it puffs, whether it's the pizza or the manoucheh before, and that's the great question.

I'm kidding, they're related. A village, as I told you. The atmosphere is very nice.

You really feel like you're in a village. Napoli, Mamma Mia! Ok, first impression. Where are we? We are at the reception desk.

We'll see if we have a reception desk or not. Let me tell you where we are. We went down to... Aiello del Sabato.

40 minutes from Napoli. That's it. And that's how we start.

We went to his wife's family, an Italian, in a small village. Very, very small. Tourists don't come here. We are here.

It's on another level. We're talking about elasticity, it's soft on the inside and soft on the outside. We're talking about a very nice sourness, the taste of milk, it's dripping from everywhere. We're talking about something amazing.

Oh my God. It's a taste I've never tasted in my life. I've never felt it in my life. From the outside, it's like milk. From the inside, it's a bit elastic like Halloumi.

All in all, the taste of buffalo milk. It doesn't look like a goat, or a sheep, or a cow that we know. Oh my goodness.

If this is how we start. Oh my goodness. In the center of the cheese. Wherever it's made. Do you know what's the feeling? It's like eating a Manoucheh outside of Lebanon. Because a Manoucheh in Lebanon is something else.

Wow. What is this? Mortadella Pistachio. Amazing. It's something. It's something very big.

Italian food is more than pizza, more than pasta, more than what we've reached. This is of course from the Italian kitchen. Pasta, pizza, risotto, risotto, risotto.

How are they going to sell this in Lebanon? What is this, Mortadella? What are you going to say to your mom this week? The episode will have Italian, Arabic, English, French. Cocktail. Each one will understand a piece or 2 groups together for 10 days.

The real traditional old Italy. They are very close to us. We are not far from Lebanon in the Mediterranean Sea. The country looks like us. It's clean and neat but the same with the polluted water, the same way of houses. A lot of people say that we look like each other.

Here, with the respect of the country, we are learning this thing soon. Anyway, the same vibe, the same atmosphere, the same generosity. They say that people leave the keys outside and the same generosity, the same flavors, passion, colors, fruits, vegetables, milk, and so on. We will discover this in the coming days. Now, we are going to the historic center of Iello del Sabato.

Today, there is the Fiano Festival. It is the wine festival of the Avellino region There is a very famous wine here, Fiano d'Avellino. It is a white wine, known worldwide. It has been 3 days, yesterday and today, that there is the Fiano Festival.

Now, we are going to the historic center of Iello del Sabato to see the wineries and all the festival for the wine festival. Fiano Festival Fiano Festival Who can say? I never imagined that I would live this test. I never imagined that I would live in Italy like the Italians did. Italy, day 2, starts now. Today, we will start with the cheese.

Mozzarella di Bufala. Bufala means mousse, that's why the mozzarella or milk has a taste that doesn't resemble anywhere else in the world. Whether it is in the fat content, acidity, acidity, and so on. We will live Italy together. South Italy.

We are talking about the south of Italy in a very different way. At home, with people, with families, what are the things that we resemble each other or what makes this great food, which is more than pizza or pasta, that reaches my country. Mozzarella di Bufala I mean, this is not going to happen to me twice in my life, to taste it live and let the world know. First of all, the feeling is very nice, there is something hard in the middle, but very soft on the sides. Oh my God, the milk is dripping everywhere, super super super super juicy.

And on the inside, a bit of elasticity, very nice elasticity, as if you are eating a goat. And nice, acidic, soft, watery feeling, that is phenomenal. Dream come true. You would understand the difference between cheese and cheese. Why doesn't this look like Lebanese cheese? This is called Baladiyeh, but this is Baladiyeh here in Italy. What a difference, the milk, the handling, the way, the water, the dripping.

Wow. Oh my God. It's outstanding.

What did I learn? I learned cleanliness, stainless steel, all back on the number. I learned something very important, that in principle, everything is artisanal, which is distributed locally, we do it by hand. And everything that goes to other countries, we do it by machine. Our taste is different from theirs, this is for sure. It is distributed to 4-5 countries, most of them are in Europe.

The quantities, the machines, the crowd, the movement that is happening one after the other, each person knows what to do. From the ricotta, to the bak, to the cheese, with the test they did in the end, to see if the cheese is covering enough. When we eat it, we see the milk that breaks from the inside, that bursts from the inside. Stracciatella, how they do it one by one by hand, how they roll it, how they bind it. The taste from the machine, the taste, the acidity, the water, oh my goodness.

It's the first time I feel this feeling, I eat something like this, and I enjoy it this much. We say thank you so much for letting us enter the factory. I know that I speak Italian, we will understand from which side it is. Google translates it for him, but he was talking with his eyes and the process is very clear.

I don't know what to say. He made my day. We arrived at Villa Elena, the factory that makes all the blocks that I showed you yesterday at home.

All the handmade blocks that I draw by hand. We arrived, my car's door is still open, to the Lebanese. Let me close the door for you, sir. Let's go.

In this area, we drove for almost 40 minutes to the Amalfi Coast. We are getting closer to the Amalfi Coast, this very famous sea internationally. We arrived at Villa Elena, the factory that makes all the blocks that I showed you yesterday at home. We arrived, my car's door is still open, to the Lebanese. Let me close the door for you, sir. Let's go.

We arrived at Villa Elena, the factory that makes all the blocks that I showed you yesterday at home. We are getting closer to the Amalfi Coast, this very famous sea internationally. Let me close the door for you, sir.

Let's go. What do you want? Plates. Plates for the place, plates for the restaurant.

I will get them. We will change the whole trip to get plates. The trip, the return to Lebanon, will change to get plates. I am with you. Carry plates with you.

In. Look, Luigi. We want to draw this on it.

Something that will remain a memory for us that we came here. I don't think it will reach here. Okay. Anthony and Dory, who we thank a lot, and me. 3 copies of it.

The same thing, it will remain a souvenir that we put in our homes. Okay. Thank you. We were fascinated by the factory. Don't go here.

These colors, these shapes, and these prices are logical. To tell you the truth, they are logical. A plate for 13 or 14 is good.

Other than 100 tourist places, there is everything. There is this, a small sink, a decorative vase on the hand, there is no unique piece. A lamp. These are the ones that Noelle liked a lot. Beautiful. I wish I could carry all of them to Lebanon.

I wish I could surprise her with a lot of things. A big thing. A very important thing. We ate the first plate, second plate, third plate. Did you see? Very simple food.

A bit of lemon, a bit of oil. There is nothing in places. Fresh seafood that came directly from the sea. Here, it is fresh.

And then came the main plates. We are talking about risotto. Its taste is the taste of home.

The taste of simplicity. It doesn't have butter, it doesn't have bread, it doesn't have the taste of a restaurant at all. And then comes the pasta. Thick.

Probably number 12. Al dente. Vongole.

Very nice fresh olive oil in the background. I put this so they don't look at my face. I can tell you that you are eating like the same feeling that you are eating a home-cooked meal at home. This feeling. The taste of home. The taste of...

Let's say the taste of home. Without the restaurant's cooking. I didn't mean anything.

I mean that in a restaurant, they put a lot of butter. They put things in advance. They put ingredients. A bit.

The way they do it. The meat that they put in the oven, not on the grill and so on. Here, today, I don't need any of them. Look at the shine.

Look at the taste. We finished all the plates. The lunch is amazing. I learned a lot from it.

I put it on Google Maps. This is the place. You and Nazeem from the parking. On the square that is in front of me. There are 2 restaurants on the left and right. I learned dry risotto without a lot of cream.

I learned about the great pasta. Individual portion. It is floating in oil. It is very light and delicious. I liked the idea that the appetizers don't come in the middle. Like the Mezza.

But each one comes with a plate. Piece by piece. So that one can enjoy his portion and not get full eating more than he can. The sparkling water that is already on top and behind them.

In the end, we ordered dessert and the chef came and told us not to get dessert for them. Only limoncello. Because I was thinking that if we ate sugar, if we ate dessert, we will get tired, we will feel heavy, and we will leave and say that the food is heavy. We were talking on the table and the chef came and told us that the food is heavy.

We were talking on the table and the smart chef is the one who knows what to choose so that you don't pay a lot and don't say that it is an expensive restaurant. And how much to eat so that you don't leave and say that it is very heavy. The ingredients are amazing. Just right without having extra things or fat or a lot of oil or garlic or whatever they are. So that one can feel light and be able to continue his day.

We will come back and have lunch again. We will come back. We ate dessert and I will pass by. We ate dessert and there are 11,500 reviews on Google Maps saying that it is a touristic place and what can be done here. What is a big dessert? It is a big thing.

It is a big story. It is a very big story. It doesn't look like any dessert that we know before because the culture is very different. It doesn't look like the French dessert that has a lot of chocolate and strong flavors and strong aromas and etc. No, on the contrary.

It doesn't look like our desserts at all. It has a bit of the Mediterranean sea. It is light and smooth. It has softness and creaminess without being sticky.

It has pistachio, the real flavors. It has lemon, the real flavors. It has a light crisp without being crunchy. The dough is not sticky.

Top. 11,500 reviews. It is worth it. If you pass by here, visit it even if it is for tourists. Eat a unique cake.

Here, a different story. Thank you for watching. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. See you next time. Bye.

Bye. Bye. Bye. Pizza dough.

We put the sauce. Here we have a piece of history of Napoli. This occurs to represent the city that we all love.

The three colors that were made by Pasquale and Stefano. The last painting number. The painting number was the guys who were right behind the prices on the microplates. That one over there. The three colors are the red for the passion of these people, the blue for the ocean and the yellow for the sun. Inside the most famous pizza in the world.

Three, two, one. The Margherita. San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, pure dillard cheese and some basil. I just want to tell you that this is the best for last. I am amazed by the details. It is unbelievable.

We paid a lot of money for it because it is sold 3 times more than other places. He brought us a pizza in a carton and we love it. I am enjoying it. If he brought me 3 cartons, I would have said yes. The show, how they came, how they did it. One put the tomato, one put the basil, one put the dough.

They put it together and put the work together. Two waiters, super professional. They are following all the place. I am envious. All the tables are full. The colors are beautiful.

The plates have been changed. This big one needs jelly. I can't hold it. Imagine. About 3 times.

Oh my God. They pay me. After 6 times, I pay them. Where? I am telling you outside.

I should show you outside. You should understand what I am saying. Outside, outside, outside.

We didn't find the trashy sidewalk to reach here. What is? You will reach. Now we will see how much the bill will be. We will see.

I believed. So, in your tour in Naples, don't forget that there is this super cool parking. They won 3 or 4 awards of the best parking in the world. Now, it is not 11 a.m. because it is closed and everyone left. So if you are coming during the day, this is something to add to your schedule.

These shops behind the door are called Speakeasy. They are very famous in New York. They were established in the 80s when alcohol was prohibited. You enter a place, sometimes a supermarket, sometimes a barbershop, sometimes a garage. When you knock on the door, they give you a passcode and open a very big pub for you. This is the 46th pub in the top 50 bars of the world.

What is nice is that there is something essential other than the vibe, the mood. It is the music without a bass. We have light jazz, American jazz. It is very nice and comfortable.

The drinks are delicious. There is something that caught my attention and the idea is very nice. They brought an old piano and left it as a table. They didn't open it to play the piano but it is a table for people to sit and drink.

It is a nice experience. This time, we seriously wish you a good night. If we didn't find something open, it would have been a nightmare. After driving for an hour and a half to fly the drone, after touring amazing views, we didn't disagree, but the first person closed, the second person closed, we reached the third person. I asked him if the cheese is fermented.

It is from April, so it is a well-fermented cheese. Unfortunately, it is a very production as you saw, all the cheese, there is a lot of it, and there is only a quarter left. We were lucky that we reached and took it from under the ground as if it is giving us something. I don't know what. After a while, we will go to the place where they have the animals and what is it called? They make it and so on. We bought a traditional hot bread and a cake made by his wife.

We also bought a sausage. Pure Mayale. Top. This is his wife. Film and take your time in filming.

I am going. Cheese, of course, but this, we didn't forget this. It is heavy. There is a minimum of 700-800 grams, even 900 grams. Its smell is mind-blowing. I have never seen anything like this.

It is mind-blowing. It is mind-blowing. Flat bread, it puffs in the middle. Maybe the pizza dough is folded in two. The smell of wood, flour, flour is coming out of it no matter how you hit it. This is a very big thing.

And the cheese now. First impression. The smell. Oh my God. Super smell.

Acidity. Antiquity. The smell of fermented cheese. Very watery. My hands became water immediately. The water is everywhere.

From the inside, it is dry. It is clear how it is crumpled together. The smell of the smell of burnt wood. The smell of the father. The smell of humidity.

The smell of cheese. The smell is very nice. The smell of milk.

We are tired of it. A bit of pecorino, but not pecorino. A bit of parmesan, but not parmesan. The acidity is very nice. It enters the stomach and stays here. It is hard.

Strongly textured. It dries the mouth a bit when it enters. It is very enjoyable.

Unbelievable. This is unbelievable. From the inside, the smell of cheese. The smell of cheese.

The smell of cheese. From April. May. June. July, August, September.

It has been 5 months. Did I carry this? Did I see the weight of this? When I entered the place, I smelled the smell. I thought it was flatbread, but it is not flatbread.

It is very thick. Look. Sourdough.

Very naturally. Le vent naturel. There is no powder. It is very thick.

It is still heavy. Oh my God. I have never tasted anything like this in my life. The feeling of pão de campagne, but not pão de campagne. Its peel is different from the outside.

When I am eating, the taste of bread comes out of my nose. The smell of bread comes out of my nose. Very soft.

Very watery. Aromas. Flavors.

I forgive you for closing the first two. Thank you for giving us an hour. I would have given it 4 hours. Really. We took a turn.

We will cut on it. Thank you. I started.

How did we get here? I don't know. How did we get here? Let me open Google Maps. I will put for you, for example, Naples Airport. Naples Airport takes an hour and a half by car from here.

We are at the end of the world. I don't think they have ever seen a Lebanese in their life or heard an Arabic language in their life. They don't know where we are from. Everyone told us that a stranger came to the village.

What you are seeing today, what you are feeling today, what we are tasting today, is beyond words can describe. The bread, the cheese, we didn't get to the biscuits yet, the respect, they cleaned the table and gave us a knife. Welcome. Do you want to enter the oven? We will enter the oven. Mamma Mia. Who says that we can enter and see the cheese and the bread in detail.

Who says that? The cultures, the people, the delicious bite, the passion, the love, the dedication in everything. You feel it. When someone makes food just to eat and continue his life, when someone makes food to test and move people's feelings. This is what we experienced today. Great.

Here, things happen behind the scenes. I want to tell you, since we entered, that it's fine dining and upscale, and not only with food we'll taste after a while, maybe tasty and maybe not, but with fine details. We continue with the entrance, the reception, and it starts with everything sometimes people forget to pay attention to it. What you receive will be delivered to you on the table. You ask for the bathroom, it will be delivered to you on the bathroom. Not from there, sir. And then all the details.

Even the entrance is strong, and he comes and puts it. The waiters are sitting with their heads down, the cup is placed calmly. Its weight, look how light it is. If you look at its name, of course, Spigelau, one of the finest. How light the cup was, how high-end it is, how expensive it is, and how high-quality it is. Of course, there is always something for someone to touch it, whether it is a fork or a knife.

Here, the stone came out. The menu, 3 course, 5 course, 8 course, or the menu you want to order. And there is a bit of everything.

There is fine dining, European cuisine, inspired by Italy, of course, a lot of pasta, a lot of risotto. Let's talk about the place. Amazing. There are 2 rooms. There is a room here and there is a room on the other side.

You enter a restaurant on the other side that welcomes you inside the campagne, the big wooden table, in the green seating, and then you get closer to find dining. Of course, we are sitting in the best table, in the middle, inside the cave, around the canteen. People are coming and going, there is a crowd, there are people from everywhere, trucks, buses, and then the details and the importance of the details. On the other side, they have wine tasting. What is this room? This is the first time I see a wine tasting, 3-4 cups for each person.

The design that is made in this area that we are in, it is unbelievable. We are in a winery, we will tour and taste wine and show you wine. The chef is waiting for us. This restaurant, open kitchen, glass windows, a dream come true for every chef, it is unbelievable.

What a beautiful kitchen, what ingredients, what stainless steel. Everyone is smiling. They speak English, welcoming with a beautiful smile. It is phenomenal.

This is the surprise that we talked about. The feelings that I am feeling inside are indescribable. We are at Franco Pepe in Kayadzo, the best pizza in the world. We will spend time with him, we will tour with him, we will learn a lot of things, just by talking with him, even if we didn't say anything. Franco Pepe, award winner of the best pizza in the world for 2017, 2018, and 2019. We took a special interview from him.

He has a great impact on his brand. He loves it a lot. He is his last inspiration. He will give us half an hour of his time to sit together in this private area to talk about him, his successes, and what he did. If you want to watch more and get to know him, you can go to Netflix, there is a documentary about him about pizza, and he is an inspiration. How he started, how he was with the family, how he left, how he grew up, how this village that we are in, you can see it from the drone inside, no one would have heard of it. I told you that I need an hour and a half. If he made a lot

of essential markets from it, he said that he employed hundreds, thousands of people in this village. People who are walking, people who planted vegetables, people who are taking care of the houses, and people who are taking care of the guest house. Today, the village that no one knows about, he brought a lot of tourists, it has a parking, and he has a movement every day of the year. He is on 4 floors, under the garden, you have the main area which is lunch and dinner, a pizzeria, then there is a private room, I couldn't film, there are people inside, 2 people upstairs, and he has this private room where he welcomes people, 10 people, the person has 200 euros, and usually he has a Michelin star chef as a guest. It is calm, it is known, he watched a documentary, one of the few people in the world who doesn't have a machine, by hand, his dough is by hand, which is 3 years in a row, best pizza in the world.

It is very big, you will get to know it, we will see the importance of our presence here, and why Marco is so affected. We are here because I am very affected by Franco Pepe, the way he was able to work and reach the world, how he raised the level of pizza, he stopped street food, he stopped fast food, he started something that takes days to prepare, something that needs to be put in the machine, something old, the dough that takes days to prepare, and experience from years, this caught me, when I started putting my hand in the dough, and went to this world. We have been waiting for this moment for a while, to see how and why a person wins, 3 years in a row. I can tell you that until now, the fried pizza is amazing, it is subtle, the way she opened it, the generosity, the big size, the stuffing, the inventions inside it, until now, nothing wrong.

And then, you watch Netflix and know what I mean, I became famous with this pizza, revisited, re-invented, first of all, it doesn't have a lot of water, she took margarita for the first time, and added red, green, basil, and tomato sauce. The dough is nice, I feel comfortable with it. Wow! We are in Acunto Forni, a history of ovens in Naples, they make the oven, the Napoletan, the ceiling is low, the door is small, to have a good pizza. We will meet them today, and see how they make the oven, and maybe, like we didn't get plates, we will get an oven. Let's go.

Of course, a lot of people looked and said, what does it need, it's all about building, but there is a history. 1892, when they started, and the whole story starts here. It starts with this small pit, and everything they use inside, is just a pit.

The details, every detail means a lot. Whether it was the iron they make here, 50 cm, did you notice how small it looks, and how big it looks behind me. 50 cm of isolation, so it's hot on the inside and cold on the outside. A pit from above, a pit from below, and there is no stone pit that we know in the oven, that people use. Even a pit from below, and a pit from above. It looks small and nice, full structure iron, here and below, so it can withstand the weight of the world.

300 people in Japan, and in America, and now more and more in the Arab world, and everywhere in Europe. It can withstand and work, it's the 4th generation, they do it with precision, this is one oven, one, little by little, they are still spinning, and we go back to the main thing, which is the stone. Which is this pit, the brick, which makes all the syrup, and is one of the most important ovens in the world. It works on gas, only gas from above, no gas from below, no electricity from below, on the contrary, a lot of ovens, the gas from above heats the stone, the stone is what gives all the heat, and this is it. How much do we know about ovens? Electricity from below or from above, wood, gas, coal, stone, or volcanic, iron, these are the small details that make an important oven, and all of them are waiting to be exported soon. Marco wants to buy one, to see if they can carry it to Lebanon.

An old street that reminds me of Saida, Sour, Waterfront, Tripoli on the sea. Old houses with a special style, and then the doors open, there is no sign, and you enter a big square, with 3 or 4 trucks, the question is, how do they get in and out of here? Behind the hidden buildings, where are we? The most important and famous flour in the world, according to Google, Caputo, which gives flour, to make the pizza we know. We will enter the factory and see how the flour is made, and what is important. Each bag has a special storage cell, and when you arrive in this department, the operator has to select the specific cell, and go inside. as I drive it I think that if someone wants to experience heaven, he can come here and see what it means.

Whether it is the smells, the flowers, the pine trees, the small roads, the village that takes an hour to get to a car, but it takes 2 cars to get there. Whether it is the sea, the blue water, the people, but all of it is here to enjoy. The calmness. There is something different.

After walking by taxi for half an hour and touring as much as we can, we reached a place called Riccio da Giovanni. Whatever. We arrived. The weather is nice and the lunch is delicious. Do you know that the city or the island is mostly American? I am hearing a lot of Americans.

The nice thing is that because it is touristic, all the employees speak Italian. Some of them are French. I mean English and some of them are French. Because most of the places you won't find someone speaking here. You will hear a word from here and a word from there. Except for the touristic places.

We were at Il Riccio which is part of the Jumeirah group. The food is delicious, the vibe is nice, the music is nice, the staff is super professional. The service is amazing. The cutlery changed 4 times. The plates are coming.

The bread basket changed 6 times. The olive oil is great. The sparkling wine is top. 4.4 out of 23,000 reviews.

It is really great. The pasta was al dente as it should be. It is very delicious. Very nice flavors. Very nice vibes.

Nice decor, nice plates. It is expensive but it is worth it. I was telling you at the beginning about the dessert room. The dessert room is 30 euros on the menu. Take as much as you can. Whatever you want, whatever we don't want.

From here, we will continue our tour. You order a taxi, it takes 8 minutes to get here. We will go up these roads. The wind is blowing us from here and there. To go back to Capri. Back.

To the downtown or the small city or the market. We still have a few hours, not much, before it gets dark. We should go back because we have dinner in Napoli. Napoli Napoli Napoli Napoli We start with the first part of the aperitif.

We start with this marinated radish. Served with mayonnaise and olive oil. And the sashimi togarashi. Which is a mix of spices. Then, we still have the miho.

We have churros made with small fish. And lemon jelly. Then we have carrot chips. Served with a fermented carrot brunoise. Black olive powder.

And almond cream. We will go back to you. And on the wooden spoon, you will find Sicilian caponata. Made with eggplant, tomato and onion. And then we have the grissini. The black ones with anchovy.

The others are classic. And the biscuits you see above. They are biscuits that have the shape of a pig.

Because they recall the recipe of the Neapolitan tarallo. Based on lard, pepper and almonds. We will go back to you. Do you remember in yesterday's episode? We had dinner and lunch in a winery. They had a table, they lost it.

They had a star and it was gone. This is the chef who left it when they closed it for renovation. This is the chef who has a restaurant called Aria. In downtown, we are back to Napoli.

The entrance from the beginning. The reflection of the walls. The bar outside. The reception upstairs. The music that you usually don't hear in Michelin restaurants.

There is calmness and you can hear the sound around you. What I can't take my hand off is this screen. The screen has a great quality. All the details follow us. Now you will see the food. This is great.

The glass of water. The 3 guys who are serving together. They are not understaffed. It was the first part, the first course. The beginning was great.

It was a good start. We will do something great. Then comes each surprise.

We will continue from them slowly. There is a movement happening around me. Today's dinner is great. One star Michelin. We didn't finish the last one but it is well deserved. We will go into all the details to see the test we will live.

Welcome to the butchery. We are in the right butchery. Look at the cleaning, the order, the cleanliness. Look at the colors, the music, the refrigerators. He likes wine.

You come here to drink wine. It is from 5 euros to 2,000 euros. He has everything.

Not only that, he has meat. They say that he has one of the best burgers. He is the third most delicious mortadella in Italy. He makes mortadella. His ingredients are salt, pepper, and some aromas to give it this smell and taste.

There is nothing more than that. Premium ingredients. We came to the butchery to taste the mortadella and see why it is great.

The color is bright. There is always pistachio. It is finely chopped.

It smells very nice. It is very fresh. It has strong aromas or synthetics that we usually see in the mortadella that is in the refrigerators.

Moist. Very nicely textured. Very nicely textured. It is like the butter that came out of the refrigerator.

It is very light. A pinch of pepper at the end. The pepper exploded. A hero. Why are we going to a hotel called Quattropassi? Why are we going to stay for 3 days in this hotel which is a restaurant Michelin does it well.

Why all of this? Let's ask Marc. Anthony, the highlight of our trip is these 3 days. Pizza usually goes from Italy to the world. This time it went from Lebanon to Italy.

It came with the experience that I gained in these 3 years. It will be available in Quattropassi. 2 Michelin stars. A big responsibility on me and on them.

After trying with several chefs in Italy to make recipes to put a special pizza in their restaurant. They will take the pizzas that I am making. Quattropassi Good morning everyone. We are in Nerano.

We are in the restaurant Quattropassi. 2 Michelin stars. My parents started this restaurant in 1983. They took the first Michelin stars in 2001. The second in 2011. It's a family business.

I am in charge of the kitchen. My brother and my father are in charge of the people. Let's go upstairs. Today we are going to have dinner in a restaurant which is one of the most important 2,500 restaurants in the world.

There are 37 2 star Michelin restaurants in Italy and this is one of them. There are 414 restaurants in the world, if I remember correctly. But the most important is that today we are going to meet Fabrizio, whom you met a while ago. Fabrizio is one of the youngest chefs of 2 star Michelin. Maybe one of the youngest, but he is only 32 years old. Very inspiring story, he sat and talked nicely, humble and cute.

As you saw, he told us that he has a chef in his kitchen, we will film him. Today, we are here, Mark told you a while ago that a chef 2 star Michelin, now that you met him, you know the story. He sent the Lebanese pizza, so 2 star Michelin here, he has a chef around him and all of Italy around him. He loved Mark, he loved him, he got attached to him, he saw that he works passionately and he told him, you come and teach me how to make pizza, I don't know how to make pizza, I know how to make everything else. We will spend 3 days, and now I understood why we are spending 3 days in the middle of nowhere. Because the dough needs 3 days, and they work this much and they work hard to feed you with it in Lebanon.

So the first night, today, the second, and tomorrow, so that in the end, there will be a delicious pizza. What will he do with it? We will have to go back to Italy again, I don't know. He will put it on the menu, he will put it here, we will see all the details, we will do a panettone, more than that.

Today, it is inspiring to see young people, not to say kids, young people. Each one has a dream and ambition to do something important. I am sitting in the kitchen today, and from here, this chef is playing a game in the kitchen in this building, in this great roulade, which has 8 rooms, a 2 star Michelin restaurant, people from all around the world, half Italian and half not, in a place that needs 2 hours of driving from the nearest place, and people come and keep coming, that's why we didn't find another room and I had to sleep in a far place.

We will live the test together from the beginning to the end, and you will see how much food I didn't eat, I am full, I left the sandwich, I left the burger, I finished the pizza, and I left. The experience takes 2 hours, 2 hours and a half, 3 hours, where everything has a story, everything has a story, every ingredient, we get it from a far place, and he can't forget anything, and he doesn't get it because there are 2 hours of driving, and how he put them together, so you can taste it, so your eyes can shine, and your emotions move, and you leave and say, wow. Yesterday, we prepared several pre-ferment techniques, there is a pizza that we will make today, and a pizza that we will make tomorrow, and we are preparing them to make pizza and eat it today.

It is a mix, we will taste it, and we will start to prepare it now, Fabrizio and I. 4 hours of driving 1st day 2nd day 3rd day 4th day 5th day 6th day 7th day 8th day 9th day 10th day 11th day 12th day 13th day which we still haven't seen if it will work tomorrow or not. And the pizza, the version 2. Hello everyone, we are here, we started our pizza at 6 o'clock but the volume was 4 times, 4 and a half times. So we had to take our dough in advance and now we are done, we made the balls, we wait for it to melt the skin and then we put it in the classic panettone-shaped paper.

We will see, the acidity is a lot, so we will say that we don't have a lot of gluten, it's very risky but we will try. Good morning, in the previous episode, you saw that I was preparing the panettone, it took time, before we sleep, we said that we should wake up at 4 a.m. but no one was ready to wake up at 4 a.m. 2 hours of difference, I started at 6 a.m., they made a lot of difference, and I tell you that there is not enough gluten, the acidity is a bit more, the panettone needs work. For someone to be able to make panettone, there is a very essential thing, it should be sourdough, and he should try for a week, depending on the water, the air, the weather, the many ingredients or things that happen around you, and then we start.

We are trying it in one day, there is no testing at all, live in front of you to see if we will eat panettone tomorrow or not. For two days, fermentation is going on. Look at the structure inside. This is the sugar. This is the cement. It's pizza time. We've been waiting for two days.

The dough is on the sides. You saw how big it is. You saw how relaxed it is. And where are we? We are in Nirano.

We're going to start with pizza all night long. The dough is amazing. The dough is amazing. The ingredients are great. I liked the cheese and the zucchini inside.

It's an amazing invention. Without tomatoes. But the dough. Very fluffy. It's properly cooked. It's not chewy. It's not doughy.

The taste of wood. The wood. The grill. The types of cheese inside.

Pecorino. Monaco. Mozzarella. Good job.

Here we are at the moment of truth. We've turned our panettone over. Look, it's risen. It's risen like this. And now we're going to open it.

We're going to see what's inside. And I'm going to explain how you can see that a panettone is well made. We're going to open it. As you can see, all the air bubbles are towards the water. Like this. Our panettone is well made.

In addition, we can see that the cooking is well done everywhere. Anthony, we're going to open another one. The smell is amazing. The smell of yeast. The smell of yeast. The smell of air bubbles inside.

The smell is very nice. Super soft. Very very very spongy. Wow. Oh my God. Oh my God.

Definitely, of course, this is the best panettone I've ever eaten. This is the first time I'm eating artisanal panettone. Not in a bag, not in a box, not in a container that has been in the sea for 3 nights. Very moist. Super moist. Water from the inside.

It's well cooked. Light, light, light. In an unbelievable way. Amazing chocolate quality. The crunch of sugar on top. Wow. I was thinking that the panettone doesn't need sauce.

Someone told me that I should do it right. And Tarek Faye doesn't need sauce because it's liquidy on the inside. I want to tell you 3 days of work. A dream.

A dream. They were properly prepared. It took about 4 minutes in the oven. But in the end, you eat something very delicious. It's not at all like Neapolitan. Roma all the way. Very nicely crunchy.

The ingredients melt a bit and heat up a bit. It's not chewy or doughy. And it's done right. Wow. It's thin, flaky, biscuity.

That's a good one. I thought that the best thing in this place is the cola. Honestly. Because they're done and ready and they're heating up. But the dough... Listen to the sound.

The ingredients are super fresh. The dough is very delicious. It's not compared to Neapolitan. But it's still very delicious. It's true. The place doesn't melt.

But there are 2 inside. One is not delicious and the other is very delicious. It's thin. Very crunchy.

The ingredients are really high-end. Now I understand why it's on the top list. It's expensive. Loaded. And only 7 euros.

And it's super enjoyable. It's delicious. Very delicious. You sit on a high table and everyone is sitting together.

There are no movements in your hands. And the proof is that there's nothing left. I was thinking that if I take a few more, I might come back at night. It's been half an hour from the hotel and we're back to the hotel. And it's worth it. Time out. Good job.

The other 9 are closed, unfortunately. We passed in front of 50 Kale. It's the same one we passed in front of in Naples. The other 2 are closed on Google Maps. I think the guys are preparing themselves to open them for tomorrow because they're in a rush. After they won the best Margherita in Italy.

Time. I'll say goodbye again unless dinner comes with us because both of us want a burger. We're staying for pizza. Great day. Thank you for watching. I hope you enjoyed this trip.

We'll meet in the next trip on YouTube. Don't forget to join, subscribe please, and share the videos so we can continue. Thank you and good night.

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