This week in Bitcoin- 2-2-2018- BTC strong hand test week, Venezuela, India, altcoins

This week in Bitcoin- 2-2-2018- BTC strong hand test week, Venezuela, India, altcoins

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Hello. Everyone. This, is. Adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt, meister. Welcome. To. This, week, in. Bitcoin. Today. Is. Groundhog. Day right, February, the 2nd. 2018. Strong. Hands. Yeah that's what this week's been all about just, testing, us do. You have a strong hand how, many of you have out out there have asked, about my strong hand this week did you sell Adam should I sell honestly do this I do that's right do that those. Are the 80 percenters, you 20 percenters are like dude. It's Groundhog damn we'll go pet my groundhog, outside, go see if it's all--it's shadow who. Cares about the price I don't know what's going on wrong with the price eighty, eight hundred seventy seven hundred that's, how many groundhogs, I have I'm gonna eat me some nice groundhog, yes. None of this makes sense what I'm saying but none of you panicking. About, the. Price makes, any sense, either it's a freaking savings, account how, many different ways can we talk about the price well let's see let's. See because we've got guests from all over the world Priyanka. Is coming in from India I don't know where he is he'll be here soon hopefully, but, you know vortex. And of, course you know Gabriel, from Venezuela, they're, gonna come there they're, going to give their take on this also we. Were just talking, like this offline, this is a totally, laid-back experience. I'm making, up this entire thing, as I, go along so before. We get into all you weak handed, people who did silly things this week and ask, silly questions. You. Know before, we get into that let's. I mean let's talk about real life because. If you, were in Venezuela, this entire time and your currency was getting in flick SuperDuper, hyper-inflated. You, don't care how much bitcoins, worth the dollars you're doing great with your Bitcoin so, what, is the real story in Venezuela, with, this petro cryptocurrency. Gabriel. Take it over, yes. My friends, thank you very much for, this opportunity again, on the great, show which I love sharing with you and vortex, well. I will tell you we have both we have two sides of the story all right there's. The side of the. Crypto enthusiast, which, would see the spectra as something. New revolutionary. And maybe, that, can be something, good and we, have the other side of the coin which, actually. Does, not believe anything, good, anything good. Will come out of this because of, the history, of the government, I think you guys know. When everybody knows the, situation of Venezuela, you know we, have had this little problem, little problem with Fiat, that. Is that the, government's, and the banks. Are able to print as much, money as they want there's no market cap so, we here leave the actual. Nightmare. Of, hyperinflation. Like. Super. High-speed like, every, day, 20%. Lower, 30%. Lower 20%. Lower every, day it goes down down down down the believer down down so the. Guys that actually. Do know something, about crypto, and have their holdings on BTC, on whichever. Other cryptocurrencies, they, like, they. Do get. To breathe they do get to live and they do get to have. Enough means to. Live because, with. The crypto currency they are protected. They, stay are safe, so. Here. In Venezuela now is a bigger, revolution, because I want, to go the president, just said yeah.

We're Gonna create the script the chorus is gonna be called the petro and then, he hang off the phone you, know and everybody. Was like what like, screaming, away, like what is this what's going on so. There's, high, expectations. About, what's, going on with this petrol, alright, but there's a comedy see there's a pre-sale, is there a pre can we yeah, yeah. There's a pre-sale, they, are gonna try to solve three problems at, the same time. Look. We, have the problem of Fiat that it's been the, actual cash it's being taken away to, the border, you, know and. Has been lost there's no, enough Fiat so, something. Happened, a fork, of the believer happened, it very. Unbelievable. But it is you. Can have digital, believers, in your bank which you spend with your debit card right, and you, have like actual physical, believers, so if you want to buy like, one pound of. Sugar. Right, and you want to pay with debit you. Will have to pay three, hundred thousand. Believers, which is like one, dollar fifty, around right but. If you want to pay with believers, in keep. Going. Masseuse twenty, thousand, so, it's less than three times okay. So, you see we have believer, which I call that like this / cash, this, actual, Fiat paper right, and. There's. Like digital, believer which is and. It's different, the word it's different, completely different so three times three. Times more, valuable, that, the believer is in actual. Cash because, there's no pieces around it it's so hard fine that. Is more, valuable so we, have this big problem Venezuela, and the petrol the government, thinks they can solve this problem with this petrol, okay, one, of these problem is sort the shortage, of. Money. Actual, money so they they want to make everyone, to be able to transfer, crypto, in the way of petrol. You, know that's. One problem and the problem they want to try to solve is the, hyperinflation, itself. Because. They. Are going to give away this, not give away sorry they're gonna say. Give, this, Tetris. In exchange, of Belarus, sometime. At first, I heard it's gonna be only crypto. And hard. Currency, like dollars, heroes and such but, then, then.

They. They are going to get. As much fiat as they can you know and they're gonna try to tie the value. Of the petrol, to the believer. So, these, petrol, will also have a third, a third, way. Of helping, which will be you, know have, you heard the news you, know they're sanctions, on Venezuela, you know the it's, that they cannot move, their accounts the government, has got their accounts frozen can, you imagine a whole country, you know all the money of the country that's overseas, that they receive by selling, oil there cannot use it anymore, so. Now. The, government said oh okay, mmm, let's. Let's call it Eastern, Eastern civilization. You don't want to let me use your dollars okay. Don't worry I have, this so. This created this Pedro, alright to, circumvent the US sanctions so. They want to try to kill three, birds at. The same time. So. Here's the question I just st. well, actually the, petrol is not actually on the streets yet nobody, has it yet she doesn't actually exist yet, it's only the idea. That's, been fighting, everywhere, all around the world you know, giving. Formal, training, and giving. Fun so, it's great, I think this is, a such, a revolution. You know okay, brownie -, oh yeah. Is. It going to work out is it go we don't know but, we don't know we have to see about that, will. This be very sad. Besides. Sad to say this but you know there has been corruption. On the Venezuelan government, he has been proven, publicly. Even an own government, nowadays, have, been you know exposing, to everyone, like yeah are our people, that were working on a state, oil company Paris. You know they were actually we fight Jews found out today we're stealing from us you know like that this is the more the same employees, they. Were giving checks themselves, and like you know such like crazy madness they stole billions of, their not millions. Okay it's the crazy Liam's. Do. In the cryptocurrency, community. That you are a major part, of in Venezuela, are, people. Dangerous are, people, excited, about, the Bulevar, I mean at the ball for the. Petrol do, they yeah it, could be useful and.

Planning. On selling, it or. I. Will I won't I will call this is today. When. You, see, the opportunity but, you don't think, political, okay you may think okay Pedro can be great but. When, you, put. On your political glasses. Right and you see that the, government that has a lot of bad reputation is doing this because. You. Know they've they completely, messed up with Fiat and like they, got in a fight with the United States and so, on so people a lot of people that do know a lot about Kryptos, and Bitcoin they, do not trust it a lot of people but but, I must say there, are a lot, of enthusiasts. Within. The venezuelan crypto sphere they're just you know waiting, to get a hold of the petro you know at least to get one or two or a hundred i don't know how much you can get but, they they really want to get some because, it, might be a good, step forward you know to improving, the the overall, economy. Of venezuela, i want, to tell everyone you, only get this kind of information here, so pound, that. Like. Button, I mean real on the street petrol. News. But. But I want to ask more tech something about the petrol do. You think people if this thing gets loose and. Regular. People all over the world can, buy it you think people are gonna buy it do. You think this. Can really help bet as well I mean this it's, very interesting if this if, regular. People, outside of it as well it can buy it this, can really prop them up some. Yeah. This is actually uh very, fascinating, you know on first let me just think you Gabriel so much man for coming on the show and and you know there, are rich yeah. There's absolute, risk with this you know in addition of course is just a donation of time and everything I mean there is risk with this so we thank you so much for being able to be on the ground and deliver this information this, is really really important, so thank you so much Gabriel absolutely. Fascinating execution, absolutely. Man, you know it's the, crypto is has. Already changed Venezuela, forever it. Already has changed it it will. Continue, to change it, absolutely. From the inside out it will this. Is going to play out over decades and the story will repeat across country, after country after country you. Know we've, already have, stories. Of governments. The. Governor, Venezuela, putting miners in their main embassy, right like we have stories of them confiscating, people's miners and then making them install, it in their, own government. Buildings. And institutions and, so we, understood this, type of thing happening we understand, that the government you know is probably not going to have the people's best interest at hand now everybody, from Venezuela, is gonna know this before, the rest of the world right they're gonna know this more so then, and be more or familiar with this and the rest of the world but um you know still. The government will have this this the, story to tell right the how it's gonna solve all these problems right, it's gonna have all the benefits of things like Bitcoin and I'm right and all of these benefits it's gonna do all these cool thing it's the blockchain it's. Gonna save us all okay, they're gonna sell this story to to Venezuelans, and to the people around the world but I think as Gabriel you know and many others well no I don't, think it's gonna play out that well I think what's gonna happen is the, same story that happens with every other out coin on, the market since 2013, right which is it gets that initial huge pump of excitement, but. Then eventually all the, people in the knows cell and eventually it goes down everybody, else sells and eventually goes back down to you know to almost nothing now of course nothing can go to zero nothing really goes to zero but but it will absolutely be, not. Good in my opinion for Venezuela because I think that's how the curve, is gonna play out it's gonna go pump and then go back down and then people are going to get screwed, again so I just hope that they're people, like Gabriel on the ground can, continue to help people and inform. Them that look this is a, bit. Of a wolf, in sheep's clothing you know they're trying to sell. You something that, is like Bitcoin but it is not Bitcoin. This is this is really, really important so I hope that you, know that people. Are gonna be wisest because, really the people that they're gonna sell this the most to it's going to be Venezuelans, right this is the what they're gonna try to really kind, of pull, the wool over the eyes the most the rest of the world you know will play along and figure it out but but, but you guys are the ones are gonna be hurt the most if it fails so I hope that you. Guys have a strong hand with Bitcoin and continue to mine these alts, for Bitcoin and you know just one quick question like um I hear. From a lot of people they're like you know but, bitcoin is just the fees they're too expensive bitcoin, is just too expensive it just can't help third world, but yet I hear stories like yours Gabriel, and and.

Many Others about how with one single ant miner you can feed an entire family, and I hear stories of all of these other people. Who are mining out coins and selling, them for Bitcoin, so that they can have Bitcoin as as their store of value to save their family's wealth so let me just ask you just a quick question like um yeah. Do, you believe that Bitcoin, is helping people like this despite the fees despite, the high price of Bitcoin can Bitcoin still know even. Though at. These high prices like even. Though it's perceived as first world only right now can do what is your opinion on this and can you don't really help yeah. That is a very good question, and. It's a tricky one also because here. Again you may want to think of I seen two different kinds of people okay, like. The. The wealthy, plus, early. Adopters, and like, the poor plus. Newbies. Right. So. When you when you mix that, together what, do you get the. First big market, in Venezuela, used, to be and still is I must say peer-to-peer local. Bitcoins, okay, what happens, there if you are a little guy you cannot, post a trade okay, you're. Gonna have to have point. One Bitcoin which is 10 million Satoshi's, which is like. 200. Million, believers which, is like a lot, of money okay so, right, there you cut off like, the little guy cannot, really you, know get a good rate okay, on local, bitcoins, which is the biggest exchange okay what. Happens then the. Little guy can, can only take what they're what they're offering you know and it's a really bad rate that's what they get in, other places I must say exchanges. Have been a flourishing. Here, in Venezuela now, after, monkey coin lounge at another. Exchanges, lounge it actually, there's three more, exchanges, now I will talk about later but. The thing is that yes, the people can, get help by Bitcoin, by, you know helping. Themselves away, from hyperinflation. Then. The the rich guy is loud. Super rich and the little guy can. A little, bit better but, what. Happens, is that, it. Doesn't. Really work for purchasing. Stuff right, here, in Venezuela at, least, Bitcoin, at the moment, okay, because, if you are a little guy and you want to buy like, a cell phone right and. You. Just gonna you're not gonna pay like, three. Months salary for, sending, bit good okay you're just not gonna do it only, when I choose to exchange. It for you will exchange it for light going or for, ethereal, or for, smart cash or for whichever, you like it's. Very hard to find people like actually trading, stuff goods, for. Bitcoin, in Venezuela, other than using, it online to store their believers, exchange, them for Bitcoin, and then like a week later if, they need Bali or else they will sell a little bit of it no they get an advantage, the little guy gets an advantage in centralized. Exchanges. Like monkey, coin because. You don't have to have Amelia. There 10 million Satoshi's to make a post to post a tray you know you. If you want to sell like ten Satoshi, you can sell sent it sent out the price you want no, problem you can and also vortex I wanted to say about what, you were saying a little I want to point out a little thing about petrol what's. What's new about this it. Is. Something old dressed, in a new dress okay which, is the, creation of money okay, itself, what. Is money this we must ask ourselves, money. Is in. In, all theory depth, okay, it's, just something. That says that I own you something, so what's the government in Venezuela, doing right, they, don't have any more dollars and they. Don't need to have to get import, stuff. Here, you know like food and, stuff so. What do they do they, their hands, are tied if they, go and they want to buy it sell Treasury. Bonds, of Venezuela, or bonds for pedo VESA they're. Gonna get paid at 22 percent of face, value. You know 22, percent 18. Percent mainly. 25. Percent so if. You get, like 25 dollars and you own a hundred, dollars you, know that's a very heavy burden so, besides. That they. Are not even giving that anymore so you know that the big, promoters. Of giving, money to Venezuela, like, in the past you know they will loan money they, do not that anymore, okay so what do we do in, Venezuela, now, the big idea is to create its crypto and instead of throwing money, from. The big institutions. Like the FM I or the World Bank or whichever, super huge institution. We. Want to get the money from the little guys that's, the idea you know from all exchanges. Of the world there's, billions and, billions of dollars which.

The, Venezuelan government needs. And they will give you an IOU of, oil. Written. On blockchain right. So. It. Can go wrong it could go bad if they do it the bad way we don't know because doesn't. Really exist yet, we, have to wait at least I will say 20th. 20th, of February, we're gonna get more news on how, this. Petrol. Is gonna be you know sold, and, traded, and, implement, it and so, on and so forth what I know at the moment is that they're. Gonna use etherium to create an ER C 20 token, to, collect the money right and then, after, that I, heard. They're. Going to fork off D crit you're gonna make a fork off of tikrit you, know to create to actually create the pattern they're gonna fund it with the money they get on the, the. IC o---- er c20 target of petrol. You, know it's, like you hear this word you hear this D cred part I mean this, is that's a complexity. That is I mean, Emma, they, hired some real, people, today they, have and they have millions of dollars man they hire people you, know I don't, really know that available, I think, maybe one day I will met them I wish I could meet them you know that's, a serious. That's. A serious thing you just said you said they are working, off D Craig, yes. What he just did I'd be that's you've I've never heard that before about. This, petrol, thing ever. You, give a good source for that information pretty, yeah, yeah, a good source but we do have to consider in. This world of crypto, is made up of fomo, and thought so, this could be you know in a cloud of thought, and maybe, we, think is gonna be d current and then maybe it's like different something, else this is the info I I have the moment well, as I think it's legit, I think it's legit but, you know until the actual day that they say. Everything, let's say 20 years of February we don't really know. Speculating. On some, very good sources but, I really know, February, 20th, is gonna be have a obviously. That. Is this. Road if, this rumor really comes out and if, this is really true if. They're not working there for candy crap.

There's. No good cred, pomp I don't, know yeah, some. I. Don't know how to hack some Jews in the Venezuelan government found. Out about D cred I mean, all you deke red freaks out there if you somehow got in touch with the Venezuelan government it's, freaking pound that like button I have no idea how you did such a thing if this, comes to fruition you. Heard this you heard it here first so, Gabriel, that's awesome one, thing that I wanted to point out that, vortex war, we get to Priyank because Priyanka is in the house right now which is awesome um but. The something, that more tech said is that people, will. Eventually get burnt by in Venezuela, by, this. By. This petrol. And in theory he is correct, but, I do, wonder, is. The, money printing so. Horrifying. In Venezuela. That, this. Lame. Altcoin. Could. Actually you, know beat, their hyperinflation. It probably. Could it, probably, might it might end up a better investment, than hyper-inflated. But. Stop. Picking your poison, almost, and, this. Poison, this, poison, is gonna be pumped, up especially. If they really forked off @d cred it's, gonna be pumped off up by all the 80 percenters. On the on the planet Earth. Has. Been picking up speed Lisa on December, the president, created the superintendency. Of cryptocurrency. And, now like four days later they created, a national. Registry for. Miners all right so. Things, are moving fast man things are moving so fast now there's three. More exchanges, in Venezuela, one is called gold bead and the other one is called mangoo markets, and, the other ones called P Emile and the, other one is called crypto by. We're. Having a meeting tomorrow. Like, in Caracas, and, to discuss business on, you know how to make, things better and here in Venezuela how to help how, to give a hand how, to maybe we would write, there you know to give advice if they ask for it you know we're all up for it man I think this is great what's going on it's just great, let's. Let's move and. We've got to talk about Venezuela later, but you gave us a bunch of links link to blow all these guys links, are below and you're gonna have to talk about some of those links bazaar no. Fidel. Priyank, is in India / God can you hear me hi, Priyanka, Oh. Eight dollars crow Priyanka. Oh. Yeah, you're good welcome, back to the show man it's been you, haven't been on the show since the summer I think some people will remember you. You. Are you were a hardcore, Bitcoin guy there in India. The. Dirt and the news that came out of India, this week. There. Was a video of, a, finance, minister type, of guy who. Is I mean kind of implying, that it was illegal. Or not legal or, you. Know there, was some confusion over. It it. Appears, a lot of people in India started to sell their Bitcoin, here's.

The Here's the question what's really going on did. This announcement, help bring. Down the price of Bitcoin, and. Just. What, are you what are your thoughts so give us the your unique, perspective on what's really going on in India. Yes. The news actually, affected. The price on. One. Of the exchanges, the price went low as as. Low. As $4,000, I think for. Some minutes. But. It. Wasn't, exactly. That. The government, decided. It. Will be illegal, to trade, crypto, currencies, or crypto, assets like. Bitcoin, and other altcoins. It, was. The. Missing. Wait. Oh you. Just went off. It. Was the what a miss, what. Can. You can you hear. It. Was the misinformation, which, was spread by the mainstream, media. So. Nothing. Has changed, as far as the law is concerned in, India, with. Respect to Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and. From. What I have heard from the people, who are in government and, the. Authorities. The they don't want this. To. Be the. Bitcoin. Or any other altcoin, should be considered. As a currency. They. Want this to be considered considered. As an asset, and people. Can trade it but. I, think, they will be bringing some new regulations for exchanges. That's it, nothing, is illegal, and nothing. Has changed it. Remains the same as far as the laws are concerned. All. Right well that that is reassuring that you've, cleared, that up but, do you think all, of this is just, the price to drop there do, you think the people who are affected do you think people are more scared, to purchase. Bitcoin, there now or other cryptocurrencies. Yes. People panic, that day for. A moment, and not. For whom I think. For few hours and as. I said on, one, of the exchange, that is epi. It's. Used mostly by. The mainstream people, in India on the price went low as. $4,000. For few minutes then. It some, of the people might, have purchased, bought. That depth so it came back so, yes. People panic, they sold sold. The bottom but I'm not. Sure. If. They, did the right thing and. The. News was false it nothing. Has changed. Very. Good. You, again you're you're in the Bitcoin but. Aarthi or. Since. We last talked in July. Do. More people know about Bitcoin and, are more people speculating. On all coins now. Yes. People have increased.

And. I. Mean. After November. When the price was shooting. Of. Bitcoin. More. People have entered into this space but the. Sad part is most. Of them don't, really understand, the. Fundamentals. And the real. Things about crypto, currencies in cryptography or what, exactly, is Bitcoin why. Why does it exist, so. Yes. There. Are some issues, as, far as, understanding. Is concerned, and people. Don't in invest. People. Invest without research, I mean for. Years people have increased. Who are now investing, or speculating. On Bitcoin and. And. What's. What's your philosophy just. Buy Bitcoin, and do you buy off coins also I. I. Trade, in old coins as well like. Manero idiom, and all but. Mainly. For holding, I prefer. Bitcoin, okay. It. Is safe for you, Bitcoin, is about you know preserving, wealth right or storing wealth, here's. Soaring wealth and, it. Is the it is the only decentralized. Network. Which, can, offer you. The freedom. To. Transact. Without any, issues. I can, trust the security of Bitcoin network I cannot trust any other network, yeah. And he's. The cover but what else I've heard from India I mean. They're really trying to keep track of the people who own Bitcoin. Did. You get that to. Do that that feeling, that they're they're, keeping track of this stuff for. Some reason they want to know every, single person that owns Bitcoin and do. You foresee. Them. Making, cash, harder. To to to. Get. Forcing. People perhaps, into their own digital currency, one day. It's. It's quite natural of. Governments. And banks get, in world of. These. Kind of things for tax, so. That they can, get. Some money from the people who are profiting. From trading. In. Bitcoins, and all coins so some of the people in India have been served. Notice from, the tax department and, other. Authorities, based. On the, the. The. Things. Which they found in different exchanges. On different exchanges. That's. That's, unfortunate. They're trying to track in the. Exchanges, all give, the information, more, tax you have any questions about India, for prion this, is a very, rare opportunity here, to talk to someone on the ground there actually, it, will it sure is nice to know that you know across, the world that the perception is the same which is that bitcoin is the reserve, currency across. The planet and most of these other out coins are you, know just used mostly for speculation, to acquire, and accumulate more Bitcoin, now, it's. Still you know we still love all the of course we still all of the innovation, and the things that's going on unprecedented some. Innovation. But it's, great to hear that that's a crop that's the same across the world as far as questions um you know you kind of answered my main ones which is like what what are they really using over there it's. Really unfortunate to see those tax notices served. You know the, u.s. took a bit of a lighter touch approach where with Quinn base they only wanted to grab everybody with $20,000. And up then, a purchase but of course that could change at any given time and and India, it, seems just went right for everybody and so that's also interesting. To see and I expect, would expect the same in most countries around the world where they have problems.

Where, They have such strict capital, controls I would expect the same thing, to happen but that's the beauty about these decentralized, exchanges, so I guess maybe that's a good question um is there any talk about. Decentralized. Exchanges, yet in India Oh. Decentralized. Exchanges, like bit square and there. Are some other exchanges, as well which are used by some of the people who are into. Space from a long time but. I. Don't. Think many people are using those or crazy, about the decent LASEK exchanges, or even understand, the value of these and, exchanges. But. Yes the, people who are in this space from a long time they may, use. Decentralized. Exchanges, more. Often. Excellent, and would you what would you say is the number one all coin there it, has. There been IC, o---- speculation. At all or are. There, any, are. There any public dumps, that we should know about that are particular. To India. There. Are many, IC o---- of, fans. Over, here I. Don't. Really keep a track of all, the old coins and I see use but I can show. You that there, are many people who are crazy about, the. Old coins like, even. The ripple, of light. Coin and when. I read him but. I'm not sure Bao's, even a survey, which I had read even in. Which. Five. Or six old coins were mentioned, as the top, finds, with which. People are interested, in India so. It was, aetherium, litecoin. Manero. Ripple. Dogecoin. And they. Were doing were I don't remember the knee you know the usual. Okay vortex. You had a question, all, just just a couple final points which is just. One other revisit. The fact that you said that. India. Is currently viewing it as an asset not a currency that's just going to be interesting across the world to see how everybody and how they the. Government's and the various agencies around the government's view it because obviously in the u.s. it's very confusing we have the you IRS. Viewing. It as a commodity and then you like FinCEN viewing it as a currency and on and on and on but. You know just want another really important point here is that that. You said is that the mainstream media completely, just completely, botched the news from. India so years so you said that the mainstream media both in India, and, across the world apparently, watched that news pretty bad I just want to reiterate people, that the mainstream media who, has continuously. And will continue to fail the, crystal world so we just need to put less and less.

Less. And less faith in in these mainstream media sources especially when, they're talking about countries banning, things right because anything that becomes the banning and crypto we know that you just you can't do it and a country cannot 100%. Ban cryptocurrency. So that that was interesting and then you know I just wanted to make I guess one final point that this, mainstream media like you know over here in the US I don't know if you guys saw that but over here in the US on CNBC, they on public, television for, millions of viewers showed people how to buy ripple at $3 and then. Didn't and then show them how to sell it at seventy five cents so again. This. Mainstream meeting, is is really really bad and it, looks like it's not any better in India, and so I just wanted to remind people of that I guess one final point is that this really is an accumulation, stage you know this this mainstream media, you better believe that it's not all accidental. You know this is this is the accumulation, stage there are people with motivations, to acquire, as much Bitcoin as possible, out. There so just keep that in mind and everybody you know be safe out there and and try to find people, like and show us like Adams show where you can get information from, the people directly on the ground follow these people follow. These people's Twitter accounts, and watch shows like this yeah. World crypto, network baby pan, that like button people if you like this unique. Experience. And. I just want to point out you know we're gonna start talking about the price now we've segwayed nice ladies, we talked about how in India the price really crashed and I'm, sure that didn't help the worldwide, price and I'm sure all the fun about India didn't help the worldwide, price because, again everyone's, always looking for the latest this, country, banned Bitcoin, news so just freaked, everyone out about but, one. Bitcoin still. Equals. One Bitcoin that's, what vortex, said earlier today I did hear him say that and. That's. All you guys get you gotta value your wealth in Bitcoin people, that, hasn't changed at all now. Apparently. In terms of dollars, it looks like it got. Below, 8,000. Now it's bounced, I don't. Know man I don't, know I was out buying fish at the fish market down, down, here and Taipei, but. Don't think of it that way it's, like, this has been a week of downer so what. Think, twenty twenty people this is something I repeated a million times but, still some people just don't get it people don't understand, what a savings, account is, you.

Don't Just sell. Out your savings account it's, it's, for savings. It's, something you've stashed away so. You got to think a Bitcoin, that way and people, are like oh Adam it's easy for you to not, sell your Bitcoin because you bought it for so cheap, no. Dudes, you don't get it it's, my, savings. Account, I didn't. You know when I was a kid growing up and I had a savings account I just didn't cash, it out for. The heck of it when you know Ronald Reagan or George, Bush said something, okay he. Held. Old who had talked about the college, who said I was saving. It for Kali you you set a goal so, it doesn't matter if you're rich or poor or young or or whatever go, buy it before, you buy Bitcoin make sure you can afford it as a savings, mechanism. How about that is that easy for ya, now. Let's. Talk about the price in terms of uh Venezuela. It Gabriel, in Venezuela, did people care about this that. It has, been in terms of dollars the price of Bitcoin has, you know cut in half since Thanksgiving. So our people are people talking about are you concerned, about it give us your opinion yeah yeah. Of course I would tell you the people really freaked out when price drops people. Freaked out they. Pull their heads they, pull their hairs like oh my god what's, going on we gonna go poor again. What's, happening, and they call me all the time like what do i do do i sell do i sell now I always. Stolen like you just wait. Don't sell nothing just hold on don't worry you, don't come back up or I tell, them that but the. Thing is that nowadays. We, have to face this reality that, they crypto world has invaded, all, the, world of every. Other aspect, in life so. I think now, there are big players, right which, will really like to get a hold of that crypto, so, if you combine three. Facts combine these three facts number one the, the, movement. Of the price of the bitcoin behaves. Like a system, of second, order you can google that and you can understand.

And Learn. How, it goes, move and then goes all the way up all of a sudden and then it has to correct itself and then, goes down very, quickly and then it comes up again and then it gets a new level okay, we, all guy other guys we've been on this for a couple of years and more we. Know this happens, these Corrections are natural, when you see the beat going going from, five thousand, seven thousand, and like three weeks later it's in nineteen. Thousand, you. Know it's gonna calm down come on we've seen, this many times over, and over again so, so. Two people, that I really dunno, what's going on most, and they have a lot of money they do short, they do not hold they do short, okay. They sell their Bitcoin as high as they can they collect as many dollars as they can and then, they just sit and wait for shaky hands, to drop their bitcoins on the hands, way, way, way way way down okay, and then they get more, Bitcoin, okay, so what's going on people, get on board on the hype hysteria, FOMO, of December. And like a bunch of newbies go on to come coin base and buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy buy clay crazy and then. The, big players, come in and then, they sell and then take their money and then. They take their Bitcoin okay, that's what happens, it's, a crude and tough, business. For, newbies is very easy to lose money, okay, so for, newest you have to do like Adam says you hold and you watch and you learn once. You're older, wiser and, you have a lot more of Bitcoin then, you can do your place okay. You can risk because. The big risk shirt, you can short your, risk and if, you play right then you have more Bitcoin which is the ultimate goal okay. But. Is a dangerous. Game it, can it's easy to get burned okay, yeah. That's what I have to say about it that, was you know that is a dangerous. Game this is their the big ball of clay people, I've said about it's a. Lot of fun, but. So just hold, it I mean the, best approach to this game the, long-term, winning strategy, is just, to have that strong hand and the, hole because.

If You haven't we can the. People he described, are gonna be laughing all the way to either bank with, you but. It will be a Bitcoin, anymore it'll be their Bitcoin, your, big gun and your money also because, you buddy are you buddy expensive. And then you so the cheap you know you lost your money and your bitcoins, okay, so it's not clear people you, you hear all these guys online so it's so easy to trade and that's, all. I. Can tell you I do, run, an exchange, and it's, not easy to trade you have to have nerves, of steel and, really. Really hard balls to, not to not to be scared you know it's really hard business yeah all, right but vortex. You've been asked about the prices, a million times, give us some different tank anything, you want to say any anything, I'm not, up. To you well I'm. Going to start out with the obvious people, strong. Hand. 2020. Golden, hold. This. Is what you need to do people. This is this is this is the end goal this is this is how you you. Would keep. Your Bitcoin I know so many people that have lost their damn Bitcoin you, know because they've sold it too early they thought it was going down in a panic sold I know some people depending sold and it's, really a shame despite, all. These things who tell them despite getting them excited about Bitcoin in the first place right they just sell not. Understanding, that it is in, fact a savings, account but. We have, had these we've had these dips you know as everybody has already said this is how Bitcoin works we go up huge amounts of percent you know hundreds of percent and we drop 30, to 50 percent every. Time let me go up under is more drop, 30 to 50 then hundreds more 30, to 50 over, and over and over again it's, not gonna stop this, is gonna continue to go up for, a while until we have the liquidity to where we just can't drop 50% anymore which, you know some people speculate, that it's gonna be over a hundred thousand at that point before we can stop dropping at these 50 percent to these 50 percent levels but again, we're going up hundreds of percent and if you look at on average you, know over. Time Bitcoin, has increased about 1% a day if, you held on to your Bitcoin from the very beginning I mean this is it. Hasn't overall, averaging, 1% increase a day like that's amazing that is insane but, of course that will only come to the people that are holding that will only come to the people that are buying on the dips and.

That's. That's how that's the way it is and so we were expecting this dip you know we've been expecting. This dip ever since 5,000, or so after, 5,000, after 7,500. Every trader out there will tell you after 7,500. Bitcoin. Became very very very difficult to predict it was basically, craziness. Just bonkers, as everybody. Has described, everybody just going to claim base and clicking buy buy buy from. That point it's, been pretty pretty pretty difficult nobody, could have called the top nobody knew how high we were gonna go but when the top was clearly in we, knew that we were going down I mean we had to a tone, was one of the loudest shouting, it you know that we have to retest, 7,500. And a lot of people, were. Giving him crap you know and and things like that but look this is uh this, is what, Bitcoin does we had to retest that before. We can go higher and so we did in fact retest, the 7600. I mean, we might might. Test it a couple more times I mean but I don't think we're going much below that of. Course nobody knows but again this is January, so Bitcoin traditionally, it, pops in the fall it dips, in the winter it, you know it it usually pops it around the spring dips in the summer and then pops in the fall again so these cycles, have, been with us for many years and you, know it's it's it's all everything, is cycles cycle cycles again and I'm, fully, expecting nobody, that I know in Bitcoin. Is worried. Right only, uh well, only some of those early people that were that they were sorry, only some of those late keep people late to the game that, had the weekends everybody, else I know it was not even worried. In the slightest, all the same things that were going to happen this year in 2018, are going to still happen we're still going to have the lighting Network we're still going to have ETFs we're still gonna have you know all of this amazing other, technologies, are still gonna be here nothing, has changed there are still developers, working everyday they're gonna continue to work whether the price is 10,000 or 1000 they're gonna continue building this thing that they've been building for years and years and years this is this is not stopping anytime soon right the the we have arrived at 2018, the information. Is out of the box this, is what's gonna happen the only difference now is how, long will it take not if but how long will it take for Bitcoin, to reach 100,000. And. That's that you should take that positive, outlook. Yeah, it, should. That's, that's a real good outlook I like that people Pound that like button priyank. Are, you concerned about the price at all have you I mean what's, the story on your side of the world there in terms, of price. Considerations. And how, you're thinking I. Think. The weekly, candle, close will be important. I. Mean, after two days and. Today's. Daily, candle, will be as important. As the weekly, close because we. Are like on the edge right now we. Almost, I. Think. Bounce. From the 200, moving day average on the daily timeframe so. I'm. Expecting, if, that, was not the bottom the bottom will be hit today or, and. I. I. Want. The price to be above 10. And find it, before. Weekly. Close so. Let's see how it goes up the. Correction, should be over by now so, I I hope we get some volume some, crazy. By volume, which, can take, this price upwards. There's. One more thing which is a concerning, right, now is they. Are not, many cash, buyers, the. Game, is only on the margin and on, BitFenix. I think the, the. Long-short, ratio, is not good, at this moment there, are more number, of long, the. People who are wrong. There, you go, the tone ways of freaking India there, I like to thank thank, you for that information I, don't know we were gonna get a tactical, analysis. Dude it's, cool, man, so. You're not I mean you're, this. Dude's a trader he does he's. Doing, it up there in India but, again it's to get more and more Bitcoin, and that is that. Is the goal value, route the Bitcoin and I want to thank our Gotha, crypto. In, the, super chat he just sent 2 euro don't.

Trade Just, buy Bitcoin, the best trader does that yeah, that's true, I mean, tone Baisden he talks, trading all day he. Doesn't trade he buys and vaults and. Then, here. We go close once sent ten bucks town, that like button he says well, thank you guys thank, you so much for the support in the super chat we, got a lot, of live viewers here on this I guess it's a Friday evening in. The East Coast here. It's Saturday morning in the beautiful, rainy. Taipei. Okay. So, let's go Gabriel, we're gonna start to wrap up the show right now you, provided, a lot of links in the links section below I don't. I don't, even like test. To see what these links are they, could all be done like Playboy magazine, for all I know, oh wait, that isn't even like a nude magazine anymore, is it anyway. That's. Nothing anymore but what's, going on what are these links what's. Going on what, did you buy to have you share this stuff at the world I'm very curious. You're. Muted, you're muted unmute yourself, yeah. There you go on me. He. Just said a lot because I said was yeah sorry someone's, trying to say earlier yeah. The movement is Venezuela he's drawing so much I think I can, call this the, very first script, nation, okay because we're going all in, on crypto, everyone, from, the little guy to the rich, guy to, the government everyone, is going, on board so, what, we're doing now I have these friends all right and they. Created, this page, called, crypto, Guerreros which, is like warriors, of crypto, that's what it means and they they, help, people how to get a hold on learning, a lot about like, good, good, advice, about how to recognize. Signals. How to read the markets, how, to buy how to sell how to be a trader even, if you're gonna hold Bitcoin, but you can't hold your Bitcoin and like trade out coins if you want also and there's, a lot to be learned so, these guys they. Are building, school first. Online, but they're gonna actually build, a place and. It's gonna be growing a lot and they have you know like director, I have, you there there their, webpage, which is called crypto, Guerreros and we. Have either their, Instagram.

Also You can contact them also. There they can speak Spanish and or English, and there's. A lot of people here in Venezuela which are actually getting getting, lessons from there like there's more than 100 students. Already signed, in they, started, only in November, so like in 3 months they already have 100 students. And he's growing up very good and I. Have also there. Right there I have the, link to the you know the monkey coin Twitter if, you like to get in contact with me or with, the company, or you want to do something with any sellers, you just wanna know and get, to know us we are available over, there I got, you also and. The sight of my brother it's. Called crypto surfer, his actual name is Miguel Mejias his. Name is he's. Online any script a surfer and he provides, a lot of you, know he's, learning, teaching people how to learn. How to use the crypto, so what he's doing he's, giving away a lot of crypto to everyone, that you know interacts, with him, basically. If you do a post about. Cryptocurrencies. In, the, English Post you, teach, the other people, and you encourage, people to learn how to do crypto, he. Will give you crypto and we, are you know we're asked we're. Introducing. Here in Venezuela descriptive. Currency, if I might say it's called smart cash which, is very new it's. Very easy to acquire very, cheap you know very fast and. It has a lot of functionalities, which I like personally, they're gonna have like smart no they're gonna have nodes you're. Gonna do proof of stake also, you, know you can do prefix take your notes you can get your rewards, so, I think that, community, here, is getting, a big big. Flavor. You, know it's tasting. For real the crypto currency because every time we do an event to say last last week I did, another event, in which we gave prizes in crypto, it, was a it. Was a sports. Event about, skateboarding. Right this, last week was the second, one ever to hold in the world to give away prizes in crypto and I've been getting contacts, from other sports, institutions. And organizations. Here in Venezuela they, are calling me to sponsor, them and, which we will do we will give them smart cash to, do sports and to spread the word about Bitcoin. About, all, the, cryptocurrencies, and, all the usages, that we can get out of it so, man this is just gonna grow it's gonna keep growing I'm confident, 100% for, sure then, it says the first crypto, nation ever you, know - everyone's. Gonna be on board in just a few more months everyone's gonna be holding petrol, holding, Bitcoin and hoarding whatever other alcorn that you like mining. The president, instructed, that, every, single district, in this country has to have a mining, power has, to have empower every, single, state every single city is. It's a decrease, from the, government, they, want everybody to. Mine, we already mined millions. And millions of dollars Venezuela. Is the most highest, hashing. Power per, capita, in the world you, know you know what that means, Venezuela, is already, that, people, events are the highest, investors. Into cryptocurrency, through. Mexico, all the way to Argentina Venezuela. People, number one investors, in crypto so I think there's a bright future man I have I'm confident, this is gonna turn around and, you know things gonna get better and bigger, yeah, dude. I, am, looking forward to February 20th. And. Gabriel. And I are gonna stay in touch obviously, we do stay in touch behind the scenes all the time he's, gonna share update, it I won't, I definitely want him to keep me updated about this D Craig rumor because, if that ends up being true and we just broke the story here, then we just broke one of the biggest stories of the whole darn year well, so far I mean that's the link cryptocurrency works the biggest of the story of the year there's a new biggest, story of the year every, month it's. Amazing, anyway. Uh Priyank, I I want, you the floor is yours please, tell us anything that, you want to say about India, or or, anything your. Unique perspective because it's so rare that we we, actually hear, from people from India here, on on YouTube, that actually, know about Bitcoin.

And Cryptocurrency, so. Priyanka, share your story of the week or anything you want to share. Because. You people were talking about holding. Buying and holding about, the. Bitcoin I, would. Like to mention one thing here Peter. Branded. Mentioned, on Twitter that. Holding. Is for. Idiots I think that's, what he mentioned, on Twitter so, I. Don't. Think that's true and he, kind. Of compass, Bitcoin. With the stock market and this, is different, here and I. Don't think the the people. Who were holding Bitcoin. From last few months are, going. To regret anything and. The corrections. Are a part of market, cycles. Even. If we go into a beer market, from here for a few months I. Don't. Think that would be a problem for the, people, who are holding from last few months who bought, like ad before. 3,000. Or before 5,000. That's. One of the thing and as. Far as the technical. Analysis. Is concerned, most. Of the bigger timeframes. We, can see that the. Thing has been already oversold. So, I think. We. Might recover. From here in one is. And. Everything. Will be okay as, far, as Isis. Con you. Should never panic. Sell because of mainstream, media or any. One. Thing. On Twitter or. Based. On the things which you hear from different. Groups or. Artists. And you should be here for the long term. Exactly. Long term thinking. Ignore. The crypto, noise from, the media, and. Priyank. Is, the. Tone phase, of India. There, is no doubt about it now and you know, what there's like a billion people, in India so, there be the tone phase of India is a pretty, darn big, call. A lot. But. Uh and yeah you know sometimes Thomas, over on the, on the mothership, he, needs a technical, analysis, guy, so. He should just call, Priyank and like get him on man we need then we need some we. Need some voices from all over the world preach by the way what time is it right now where you are. It's. Uh, 6:30. In the morning so. There's some dedication, people, there's. Some real that I thank, you for, waking up so early this morning for being on the show seriously. Forgiving everybody that the unique perspective of what's going on there this, is the law of Bitcoin that people have that they get up in all hours, of the night, morning or whatever to. Field shows like this and I'm really appreciated, and I hope all of you guys appreciate, it out there so. We got more. Texts with he's got a lot to say here vortex. What's up. So. Just, a couple things like um the. I I mostly, agree with with Priyanka technical, analysis there but you. Know cuz we out we did bounce off the 200 moving day average but I do think that we are gonna retest that one more time before we go up again it's. Just you know to perfect, you to come down to 76, and then shoot, back up again it's just a little bit too perfect that the markets don't work quite. That perfectly. Usually, so I'm, still expecting like one more at 7600, bounce um but I'm definitely not, expecting, anything below 76 like just absolutely, not they're just just, too much too, much too many people in at this point and um next, thing is a you, know you mentioned um, the. Gabriel. Mentioned the, government, decree you know mining, centers the currying that people start mining and like it's. Going to get really crazy because you know the New York Power, Authority. CEO. In New York City you, know the financial capital of the world has recommended, that the organization, approve, a request for, cheap energy, towards. Bitcoin towards. Bitcoin mining you know in the town of my believe. Mussina. Mussina, forget to pronounce that in new york so i mean this is like this is this is huge i think that the. Governments are going to eventually start like decree that people start mining because this is it's going to become so important, it's gonna become such an important, utility, once, it's real fully realized, that i would expect nothing less this is this is absolutely as as, important, or more important, than electricity. Right, then then running water almost, like this is really uh this is right up there with that with, the internet you know it's right up there with with, the internet for utility, and finally. I guess just a check, shameless, plug check out my show of the sunday i do, the the bitcoin new show every Sunday at 12 p.m. Pacific so. We'd love to see, you guys here and thanks to Adam so much for having me on the show of course. Man definitely. Kiss show is rockin every, Sunday, on the world crypto, Network, and soon, enough I'll, have my international show on there Laurent, X and I actually, correspond, about there but I didn't get back to him and yeah. We're all busy, we're all super busy and of course you could check out this show and more Texas showing all the world cook them Network show on the, world crypto network podcast, channel which, is uh linked. To below. Gay. Bro you didn't have anything else to say did you I know you're posting, some stuff on the chat you're, good you're.

Good To go okay I don't know K I'm just I'm just so glad to be sharing, with you guys react. With vortex, with you uh for, me it's always such. An honor you know I always. Listen to you guys and I get nurtured by what you say your words of wisdom, are always there and I'm glad and thanked thankful, so thankful that, you guys do this job you, know and teach, not only me but everyone. In the world and you're, giving this information is so, valuable it's, worth millions what you guys say for, free and YouTube so the people that really listen, can be reached really, really really fast if they listen to guys like vortex, like crying like, Adam, you know you guys Rock I'm so, proud to being with you here, you know this has been great such, a great show it's an honor you, know era. All right is he gave some good advice people. Listen. Take. Some time to listen and, pay, attention when, you're you know just it, doesn't count if you just turn on a show and then just chat all the time in the chat or whatever try, to understand. And it's. Listening, comprehension listening. Comprehension think. About it and you can gain so. Much. From the. People you know today's vortex, Thomas me who have you know Gabriel. Everybody. All the guests that are on this show just use. It as a learning opportunity a fun learning opportunity. Because, in the end of the day the, fun is financial. Fun by, 2020. You'll be you'll be loving life so yeah, on that posit on that positive note i'm, adam, meister the bitcoinmeister, the disrupt meister, remember. Subscribe this channel like this video shows with you check out the notes section below all the links that gabriel mission are there prions, links are there for, texas links are there we. Do this week at this quote bitcoin, every. Friday on this channel I do my. Show everyday, of the week there's, a new show every single day so checking out, bye. Bye everyone I'll say hello to you, in the chat found that like button.

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