This week in Bitcoin- 1-12-2018- Is the BTC bear in the air? Korean FUD, Australia crypto news

This week in Bitcoin- 1-12-2018- Is the BTC bear in the air? Korean FUD, Australia crypto news

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is adam. Meister the. Bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt, meister. Welcome. To. This. Week, in bitcoin. Today. Is. January. The. 12th. 2018. Week. Of the strong, hand, knot, week of the weekend, but, the strong hand but it's still a weak but not weak and all right so we've got some very special guests, from, all around, the, world here. I mean that's why we're on at this crazy time so they could all be here, Martin. Danson is in, freaking. Melbourne. Australia. We got BTC. Sessions, in cold. Calgary. Canada, and. We got renegade, investor, in England. We're. Going to talk about the temperature in Calgary as we move on but first let's, talk about the hot news in. Cryptocurrency. And that, is re is. All. This fun leaving us into, a freaking, bear. Market. I don't think we're going into a bear market but I'm the eternal optimist, renegade. Investor, what is going on are we are we entering a bear market what's going. So. Um yeah, the biggest biggest, question, for me for our all of 2017. Was. Whether, we were gonna see a repeat of the euphoria, despair market cycle that we've seen many times before in Bitcoin, or whether, we're at the beginning of the, early majority phase. Of s-curve, adoption, where growth. Is gonna go exponential. And that. Was literally it's literally a trillion dollar question I was asking myself for our 2017. And one. Thing that I really noticed lately, is that, although we've had this big price increase, from. You, know almost like a 20 20. X breakout, from the highs of 2013. The, actual market cap of Bitcoin is still relatively. Small like, word we are like 250. Billion dollars, at the moment when you take into account that there's 400, trillion dollars globally in all of a major asset classes. So as a percentage we are still less, than zero, I mean we're at zero point zero seven, percent of all the money in the world is currently, invested, in Bitcoin if. In terms of adoption we are still less than 1%, in terms of adoption and so. For, me when. I'm looking at the price right now we've had this big run-up but. It's. Everything. That I do in Bitcoin I based on probabilities, like what is the probability we're gonna have a pullback what is the probability we're gonna consolidate. And what is the probability that we break out here and we go vertical, and so, one thing I'm looking at right now is that the. Probability that we're gonna have a euphoria, at this bear market cycle, I'm putting as relatively. Low the fact, like in the past the, reason we had such volatility, in the price is, because, speculators. Were. In charge, of the price so in terms. Of price action there was very little grocery, adoption, to offset short-term, speculation, that's why when, you had the rises in 2012, where he went from $30, step back to $2, then, you had the rise in 2013, from, 266. Right back to $40, and then obviously one of the biggest which was 2013, where we went all the way up to $1,200. Before pulling back to like the, $160. Capitulation. Lays in the 2015, the. One common factor of all of those reasons, why we went from like euphoria, to despair, was the fact that speculators. Were in control this market but one thing that I really noticed in 2017. Was that the speculators, stopped, having. Complete control over the market price a momentum. Traders didn't have it their own way and the reason for that is because we saw so much grassroot, adoption. From. Retail. Investors, and coming into the space and and some. Of the figures I've seen recently due to adoption really made me believe that what even if we do have a pullback it is not going to be like the previous pull backs that, way you know almost 80 90, percent and lasted two years, the. Reason for that is that you know bitstamp, came out the other day they're adding over 100,000. New accounts a day not, only that but they've also got like a two-week backlog, in validating, these accounts, so, last when you think about it that's 1.4, million, people potentially.

Waiting To be validated, before they can even buy Bitcoin and when I posted that on might account one, person, actually put I've been waiting three weeks so, you've got somewhere between 1.5, 2, million people potentially, waiting on beer stamp to buy Bitcoin then, you've got coinbase which is also adding over a hundred thousand new accounts a day and that's, just two exchanges, then you take into account globally, how many other exchanges, there are and it's. Really I think. That's a lot of quantitative evidence here to make the case that we are definitely entering. The, early, majority phase, of s-curve adoption where that graph goes vertical and if that is the case I really. Don't see how short-term speculators, are gonna drive this price down anywhere, like we've seen if the previous bear markets. Some. Of the main areas I'm looking for like for. Those who are into trading there's a tool called Fibonacci, retracement, which a lot, of traders used to calculate once you've had a big rise how far it's gonna pull back and one of the most common, areas is the 52 61.8%. Fibonacci. Retracement, levels and, that's a lot of levers where if you've had a big rise Vestas. And traders will start to react umya late and go back into Bitcoin if that, happens I'd. Expect really strong support around sort. Of 8,000, to 10,000. I would. Definitely be a bison for me, if. You. Anything. Above that price like this is how I would play it right now like I don't give financial advice but, if I was personally, coming into the big coin space right now anything. Under 10k I would start to look to accumulate, Bitcoin if it drops to 8k, definitely. Make a significant. Purchase and if, it's above. If. It's above like 10k now if. I'm just looking at some of the 10 the course on the chart you know we have a lot of support. By, support, around me sort of 10 to 12 10. To 13 thousand, mark and we've, got a lot of resistance around 16 to 17 so, as we are in that consolidation, range right now we're sort of in like kind of a symmetric a symmetrical. Triangle and also, like a channel, anywhere. In between they're just. Scale in to your purchases, they don't put everything in all at once you know just. Use it as an opportunity it's called cost or averaging just make, small purchases but also keep some money on the sidelines in case we have that pullback so, you can maximize your bitcoin, purchases you, know regardless of where you buy here like in the long run especially of lightning on her um uh, I think. That this bull market has just got a long way to go but in terms of maximizing of your, purchases. Cost. Or average within this region and always just keep a little bit on the sidelines here Sarah if we do go bare and we have that sort of maybe a 61.8%. Pull, back to that 8000 region just make sure you've got some money on the sidelines that you can then go in but in terms. Of the way I'm leaning right now I still believe that there's so much grocery adoption here that it looks like we're entering the early majority. Phase of s-curve and that for me is probably, leaning me more towards the. Ball. But both side at the moment all. Right renegade. Investor, naming. Some numbers, there -, all. Right now -. Everyone. And remember to check out the notes section below all of these guys links, are below Martin. So. Do you think things. Are speeding up are more people joining the, buying Bitcoin, buying cryptocurrency, do you feel an excitement, in Australia. Or, do, you think maybe we are things, are gonna slow down worldwide. What's. Your perspective. Okay. Cool so a. Good indication on the ground because you know I run, the blockchain, center, here which is a co-working space for myself and my team should I say I mean, that's a good indication in itself it used to be just me and one other person pretty, much now got a team of nine people here running, the center. This. Is a this is a photo from Wednesday, night I don't know if you can your viewers can see that okay but. That is like our new co-working space crammed full of about 200. People and that's. Every Wednesday, night now so, that's, just our talk and trade meetup, group a, guy, called Simon Harmon he's been running that for a little while talks about things.

That Are happening in the industry and, loads. Of audience participation people. Stick around after, some beers but. Like I mean, yeah. It's it's, it's phenomenal, the growth and one. Of the. Corporate. Sponsors of, the blockchain Center is a CX dot IO a bit, of a plug for them so they are Australia's. Leading. Bitcoin. And cryptocurrency exchange. They do the most volume and. Yeah. They're getting like about close to a thousand, signups, every day, and. There's. Other exchanges. BTC, markets, coin jar. Independent. Reserve, coin. Tree I know, that they're experiencing, similar growth as well so. Thousands. Of people a day are signing, up to exchanges, in Australia, as well, the. Teams are swamps they're hiring new new support, staff to do all the KYC checks, although regulation, isn't, coming yet that's going to be coming in about April in, Australia. So. Yeah. It's just yeah. I imagine the growth is pretty similar, to here with what it is in most places in the world. We're, opening a blockchain centre in Lithuania. As well that's happening, at the end of the month on January, the 27th, so, that's, pretty exciting the first blockchain, sent will be in Europe and we've, got plans to open blockchain, centers in other countries, as well serious, interest will opening one in person. One. In Sydney as well, so they're happening for sure, one. In Adelaide, has been a, marked, as well and. Yeah. So so, yeah it's it's all good I mean these little ups and downs is if you've been in the industry for quite some time I'm similar. To yourself Adam I believe like I tend to hold, bitcoins, I've been buying Bitcoin, since I found out about Bitcoin, in 2013. 2014. 2015. And, I've, kind of been holding them and I, don't. Really, trade so much anymore I don't really have the time or the inclination to, watch. The Fibonacci, retracement. Lines and the the. Ups and the downs and the emotional, rollercoaster that you go on and then you think oh maybe I should buy into this altcoin, and that one and I should have stick with this one and and like, I like Bitcoin, bitcoins, Goods and. It's. Not to say you can't make money off of the off of the old coins but, yeah. A lot of them just, sketch. You in my opinion, and they, go up and down very quickly so. So. Yeah so it's it's, all good and and, I agree I think that the, price is going to consolidate, now that tends to what happens, to be what happens in the past and then, I think there's just steady growth for. The future but, but. Yeah I only invest what you can afford to lose it's very speculative, right now and. Yeah. Just focus, on on the underlying technology, the projects that have real promise I think that's the that's, the best bet which is which is Bitcoin and I think that has the most promise, and with.

The Layer to scaling solutions, kind of I know people that are working on lightning network, applications. So I think, there's lots of good stuff happening and and, these. Ups and downs are just part of the part of the journey I've. Got to say that photo, that you shared was a very, bullish, and, very, impressive, photo if, that's happening every week there I mean that's. A good sign and that's, what that's what I you, know when I hear these people talking about all bear markets, I mean. I think about this you're, opening, the blockchain centre in a, delay, and I, mean that would set the fifth or sixth largest city in Australia that's not even the top assigning the top four and, you're. Opening something there but I like whoo-hoo in Perth are you coordinating with you know the person, in Perth. Absolutely. So digital X is the name of the company so. Digital X is Australia's, only stock, market listed. There. They were doing. Bitcoin. Mining, back in the day they were the first listed company, in, Australia, so. Ticker code is DCC. And. Then, recently, so. They were doing Bitcoin mining initially, then they pivoted, it into, like, an air pocket app which is like a remittance application. For the u.s.. To Mexico remittance. Corridor, there and. Then more recently they. Got an investment from blockchain, global which is also a sponsor, of the blockchain Center, and they. They've. Got a thing as a four million dollar investment it was the first in the world actually in Bitcoin, the investment, was done in Bitcoin because blockchain global were into, mining, and they do the exchange and so, they're the, people that set. Up blockchain, global are very bullish on Bitcoin and-and-and. The values behind Bitcoin. And. Yeah. So digital. XML, using, the guys that are there they have like corporate, equities and background. So they're doing I see our advisory, services, now and so. Book building for these new projects, though in solved in the Power ledger, ICO. Which I think they raised about 34, million and it's now it's like a 500. Million dollar on. The. Exchanges, there they. Did singularity. Dotnet which was like an AI marketplace. So. Yeah, so over, the last few months their share price on. The Australian, Stock Exchange has gone from 3 cents up to I think, it's like 25 cents, or more now so that's just happened in the last couple. Of months and, yeah. There's similar things happening for other companies I see when they actually put put the word quick tour blockchain, in their name there's a story about Kodak, I think recently right yeah. They. Had a bit of a share price bumper, but digital X to their credit they're actually, doing stuff in in in the blockchain space, so. So. So. Yeah so basically as. Digital. Wakes a corporate. Sponsor for the blockchain so no and as part of that deal and that. Agreement, they're. Going to be licensing, a blockchain Center and, they're based over in Perth so it's. Going to be hopefully the first quarter of this year and there'll. Be a blockchain Center in Perth running. Lots of community, events and having. A Bitcoin full node like what we've got to set up here and. You. Know the mining museum, the Satoshi white paper is going to be on the the walls of every blockchain, center around the world so it's, really important that people when they come to the blockchain center they learn about you.

Know Bitcoin, and how it works the consensus, mechanism, mining, why. It's important, to the world and. And. I think that's a good place for people to start it. Looks like my next trip to Australia, no matter what city I go to I'll be able to finally get a Bitcoin. Centering, I mean this it's. It's very impressive it's obviously, quite, vibrant and, so. Like it's. All very bullish I mean this is real life on the ground stuff, in it. On a continent, far far away from North. America and it's just it's very impressive, BTC. Bene, it's. Your turn man you've heard some opinions. On bullish, versus, bearish, technical. Vs. on the ground. By. The way it's, about a hundred degree, difference. Fahrenheit between. Melbourne. And Calgary. Seriously. It got to be like a hundred degrees I think in Melbourne recently. Where. Martin is in its negative. Seven degrees Fahrenheit. Where Benny is in Calgary so take it away. Negative. Seven degrees what do you think bullish bearish what's going on. Well. I mean, all those stories that we just heard were very exciting, but story of the day, KFC. Canada, tweeting, about their Bitcoin bucket, know. That. That did happen but, they're they're just they're tweeting up a storm making, jokes it but they don't know what bitcoin is and anyways. I got ice I got some, of that on Twitter coming to me today because I'm in Canada but, I'm. Gonna, take the on-the-ground approach, here so, I, you. Know Calgary, with the the when, I first got into Bitcoin here the meetups were very small I tried to organize some myself early on and you. Know this was 2014. And, I'd be lucky if there was a couple, people there you know two three, four maybe, you, know five or six if I was super, lucky a. Friend. Of mine today, sent. Me a message and was like hey going to the Bitcoin Meetup I had to first ask which one and then, I and then he said well it's the one was a hundred and fifty people going tonight oh. Wow. There's, there's, a lot of. Interest. And there's there's multiple, meetups all around, the city that, I'm seeing my. City itself has like 40. No. Not 40 knows is, closer to 30 Bitcoin, ATMs, in it and they're popping up all over the place I. Work. At, a place, called bit national, so they, they, own a, whole, bunch of different Bitcoin, ATMs but it's also like an over-the-counter. Brokerage. So you can walk in and actually buy Bitcoin. Direct. Sit. Down and price. It out and everything and so it's, I. Mean since, November. Like. I started with them last March and I. Remember. Sitting in the office and you know there'd be the, person wandering, since. November, it pretty, much turned, into like, a solid. Like I get, in in the morning there's, a line up out the door and it's, just solid, the entire day doing, sales people, coming in all day and, we'd, like we have to lock our doors half, an hour early before we close because we don't have time to deal with all the people or that. I mean every, single crypto, company right now it, can't, even handle the demand like the support tickets that we're dealing with are like we're just barely starting, to get a handle on them because there's. So. We, so we had to hire so many new people and it's, it's just absolute, insanity and, coming. Back after the holidays, I. Thought. It was gonna maybe slow, down a little bit it, was a little slow the first day because I don't think people realize we were open yet and then the next day it line ups at the door so. So. It's been it's been crazy, and there's there's a lot, going, on I'm you know I'm you I'm, sure, you guys are all the same but you know constant, emails people asking, people coming out of the Woodworks that you haven't talked to in years being. Like hey yes I see you're doing this stuff I'd like to ask you like to pick your brain and there's just not enough hours, in the day anymore. So. I'm. I'm, very excited, with the direction things are going twice. Wise, well. Nothing. Surprises, me anymore so I'm not going to say one way or the other which direction we're going in the short term, but. Let's, say you. Know worst case scenario, we, see a repeat, of what. 2014.

Was That's. Just. Fine by me because, I'm, not, I'm. Not looking for that short, you. Know couple week or a couple month, play I'm I'm. Holding. Unhauling. All my, Bitcoin. You. Know like the the ideal situation is, that I never actually have, to sell. Them because I'll just be able to use them right so. Ya. Know I'm I'm I'm looking, for. I think. I think things will be a little bit more clearer in, next couple of months I, guess kind of what direction this year is gonna take whether, it's gonna consolidate. And then liftoff soon or whether it's just kind of kind, of hanging out for a while but there's. Just. So much interest, the only the only thing that worries me right now is the. Irrationality. With, the alts, because. You're seeing projects. Pop. Up that, you, know all of a sudden they've been around for four weeks five weeks and they're in the top ten and worth twenty, thirty billion dollars that's, insane can you imagine if if a, company, was founded, in four weeks later it was worth 20 billion are, you crazy. No so, I think, that, a lot of those projects. Will. Siphon. Into. Bitcoin, or you, know maybe if, there's, a few, coins that, that, people find useful for various, projects, but I I think that. What's. Gonna need to happen in order for that to come. To fruition is, we're, gonna have to go through a dot-com style. Bubble, and crash, I think that's inevitable at some point I think, you. Know we're seeing the start of it but it's it's right now it's nowhere near as large the dot-com, bubble was so. I think if, and, when that happens and there. Is a. Crypto. Crash, at some. Point. By. The greatest opportunity, of our, entire. Lives because, at that point you're, looking for, what's. Still around, because. Whatever. Survives. That, that's. The next Amazon. And Google of the space right, so so, that's where you you really start sifting through the ashes and, see what's, there I think, Bitcoin, will be there but. It'll be interesting to see what else is so, those are my thoughts from that well, you know I just, I want to say because renegade. Investor actually wants to reply but before he says, something you, know we've heard these very positive, on the ground stories and it's, just funny that the media fixates. Or what, government, bureaucrats. In Korea, rather. Than you know just asking. Around and, seeing what's really going on on the, ground.

Renegade, Where do you have to say. You. Know I just. Like. I can't, host a Bristol Bitcoin meetup in the UK so if you're in Bristol get down to that but, last. Year even up to like. Your. Like your microphone, your microphone, you, put it up to your face again yours oh. Yeah. Like even up to the end of 2016, we were having like, maybe. Six, people every, sort, of Bitcoin. Meetup there, was sometimes with the loads of 2015, we're like two or three of us would turn up and this, year like I've been away but I've been hearing reports from, the meetup group but none this, literally, being 40. Now 40 people for every, metre of group in Bristol Bristol isn't even like a major tech city in the UK so. Literally we've had to change venue twice, in. 2017. And just. All the time now just more and more people join the group so I don't throw evidence, is that grassroot, isn't slowing down and not only that but I've just been traveling in Bali in Indonesia and, I. Went to whoo bird which is where I undressed, on some others actually did a talk once and I went, to that Bitcoin 101 session on a Saturday, morning and literally. People, can even get in the door to get to the big coin one in one session so like, I'm, I was actually outside helping the people that can even get into the meeting room to actually look at huh, all these sort of presentation, that was going on and so literally. Everywhere you go now and you imagine this is happen globally in every city in the world oh my god like it's, hard, to not, make the case that we are entering into the early, majority here. Yeah. Again, sir and all three of the guests have very exciting. On the ground stories, and is. People. Want to buy this stuff I don't think all the on-ramps, are even there yet I a, lot of people don't even understand how they how. They can. Buy. The. Bitcoin. Or, any. Cryptocurrency, for that matter so going. Back to Martin. Here I want. To here in. Australia. Is. Our. Do, you get asked, about altcoins. Or, is it just yeah the time yeah, all the time in fact sometimes I've got friends that have been contacting, me on Facebook that you know that I kind of you. Know known for a while but don't see all that often and they're like how are you still doing the Bitcoin thing and yeah yeah and I oh what. About you, know, Manero. What about ripple, which has been the big one lately actually like I've had a lot of people ask me about ripple, lately because it's obviously there's. Been the news about the one of the one. Of the co-founders, being I think it's one of the co-founders, been you know richest man on the planet now or something on paper obviously. It's all just on paper isn't it but. Like I mean. Yeah. So where do you start right I mean it's like someone comes to me and says alright I want to I want to buy ripple, okay. Well why do you want to buy ripple cuz it's gone up okay cool well you. Know do you know anything about the technology, what. Are you trying to do with it you know so, so. Yeah I just I just I just pull it back and go okay well first of all you, know maybe. Look at look, at what you're trying to do what's the objective here, you're. Gonna need to create an account for an exchange you're not really gonna want to leave the currency, on an exchange you're gonna need to educate yourself about a hardware. Wallet, private. Key security. You. Know you might need to buy Bitcoin, because not all exchanges, will accept ripple, and it obviously, people. On this panel I don't want to for everyone because we've all had these conversations before. So. But. But, yeah quite often it is the case because a lot, of these these, technologies, are being marketed to different demographics, as well right so I mean, I found out about Bitcoin, and. I. Really like the values and the opportunity, the what it could do for the world potentially, you know and and sovereignty, over you know money sound, money, etc. Etc whereas.

A Lot of these technologies, and I'm not interested, in them whatsoever at, all so I'm not I'm not really gonna buy them because they're just not interesting, to me and, that's, not to say that maybe whipple one day replace the Swift system or ACH but from what I understand. About it it doesn't really look like there's much. Sort, of underlying, technology, there at all with their unique. Nodes, list and anyway. Anyone can can research and find out information about, how how, good the technology is but obviously some people seem to like it but yeah. It's it's pretty ridiculous, some of the the, valuations. That are being put on these these. Are these. These companies, really. When. They don't even have any users they don't have any customers they, don't have any revenue. Yeah. To. Say yes calm. Again, and by the way Martin you were very polite in your description, of ripple up. Here, in North America people. Have. Stated, it a lot differently, it's it's quite, controversial, up here, to say the least I I am, NOT a big fan so I give you credit for being. A gentleman in the way you described, the. Ripple situation. And I wonder I want to point out with BT, cbenni I really like how. You you. Said that if there is a big crash if we do have style, crash that. From, the ashes that, yeah. Well know who, the next, who's. Going to be the Amazon, in the eBay, of. Cryptocurrency. And I. That. Was there was a pretty good comparison, and I, you know that shows you even if, something brutal does happen, on the end of the day the, gems will be revealed and I. Think Andy Hoffman old like that point to shoutouts, to andy hoffman found, that like button but is, keeping. On, you hear up any what. About this korean fun what, was your thing it, did feel like deja vu all over again, so. Wait it's korean oh it was. It china i don't yeah i, it's. It's, it's. Like the movie Groundhog, Day it's the same thing, keeps, happening again. And again and again it's, it's the same with the the flippin. Annouce. Een, aetherium. Then, be cash then, ripple, it's, the exact, same story every time though, maybe get like half, the, market cap of Bitcoin, and then it, gets pulled back right so it's. It's. The same stuff, but you, know the, the they. Can abandoned, are they showing down exchanges. And then the next day it's like well no we're not but, you, know we're looking at things, so, that they can kind of keep it going. I just. If. It's, completely. Inconsequential. Realistically. Like it's, and not, only that if it's more difficult to attain for people the price goes up right, if somebody wants something and they can't get it they're, willing to me pay, more to get it right like I couldn't, find Bitcoin anywhere, like I couldn't you, know walk over to a Bitcoin ATM go down to the office if I couldn't you know go on in an exchange then, I'm willing to go, and meet, somebody on local bitcoins and pay a premium right. Like this, that's the thing and. You. Know okay sure yeah maybe in. The future we're you know what we're gonna see way more fun out of out of South, Korea, now that it started, it's gonna continue and, and, you. Know when it's not South Korea it's gonna be somewhere, else right we saw lots with Russia we saw lots with all over, the place. You. Know and it's just it's gonna be, you. Know a rotating. Door of what country is next, to to, scare, everybody into.

Into. Selling, basically. Scaring. The weak hands into into, selling their bitcoins so, I. Don't. Pay. Too, much attention to, it when I saw it I said whatever. And. Then the next day I saw that it wasn't true and I had the same reaction whatever. So I'm, not I'm not particularly concerned, about it I think it's a non-issue, a non-story. Yeah. I could. Really care less yeah. Yeah. We. Share, a similar opinion and I think a renegade investor, we, were talking about this off air what's your what's your take on this and what what foot is next, do you have a prediction on him what would the next rumor is going to be he so take, it away your. Thoughts on the present five in Korea China etc, yeah. So. Basically. I've lived through so much of this now so first, of all we had it with Russia, think that was like 2013, 2014 we're, like. Over, that central bank or people in the Ministry of Finance there were always on the verge of banning cryptocurrency, then, two, weeks later it's like we're not banning it then we're banning it again and, then again like I think that the Chinese flood was used to cap the market, in 2013 and 26, the beginning of. 2017. I think where you had yeah. End of 2013, that. Was literally what ended the ball run was like Chinese saying, financial. Institutions, everyone. Thought it was a Chinese I'll ride Chinese ban on Bitcoin turns. Out that China was only banning financial institutions, from working the Bitcoin companies, so, the fact that that was misinterpreted. Um caused, a humongous. Pullback in Bitcoin from the high of a thousand dollars back to five hundred and then, we saw again at the beginning of last year when we breached all-time highs again the PBOC, came, out talking, about how they're gonna clamp down and all the exchanges, hands. Again, it just it pulled back the price from those highs and everyone for we were gonna pull back and luckily. The. One thing that the reason why we didn't pull back as much that time is something like all the the half-life, of FUD so, more and more you repeat or his third the less powerful it becomes, so, over time they keep on repeating it no one cares anymore it's just it just becomes noise in the background, and so. Yeah that's why I want to say to people is a lot, of stuff is noise you have to remember like your underlying.

Belief. Of Bitcoin or what. You need to understand, about Bitcoin is Bitcoin is more powerful than any individual. Group corporation. Bank or government on the face of the planet there is no entity, out there that is bigger than Bitcoin Jamie, Dimon lent that this week when he had, to pedal back on calling Bitcoin a fraud because, he learned the hard way that he is not big and a Bitcoin nobody, on Wall Street is bigger than Bitcoin the entirety, of Wall Street city of London and Frankfurt, and Germany are not bigger than Bitcoin there everyone, is beginning to learn this is what I said at the beginning, of 2017 is that. That. Was a year of capitulation to, Bitcoin, everybody, is capitulating. To Bitcoin because bitcoin is the Alpha. Network. Currency. In the world you. Know everything, is capitulating, to it because it's just so powerful you know your son continents, people work on this open source project, to, decentralize, the existing legacy system and there, is no way they can shut it down you know like that's the one thing I will say about all this fad you. Can like the officials. Can try to slow down Bitcoin but they cannot, stop, Bitcoin. You. Know they can try and slow it down and this is the dichotomy that governments. Find themselves in now is that there's. Free main problems they have a Bitcoin, and this, is why they keep flip-flopping because, they do not know what to do they, are an absolute. Dichotomy. Of how to approach this because, on one hand if they, try to regulate Bitcoin. Like it takes ages for, them to draft legislation anyway. That's one of the things that came out from the South Korean news yesterday was that they. Were only planning to, clamp. Down on cryptocurrency. Exchanges, in the country that weren't compliant, with existing regulations. So. That for one was the first point and, you, know it can take them literally, years, to previous legislation, by the time they put it through sometimes, it's out of day anyway and I think there was one case where, legislation. Was put through in one country I can't remember the individual details but all the companies, that were gonna be regulated, on this regulation literally, just changed the definition or, the terminology. Of blog chain in their, documentation. And then all the legislation, was like obsolete, so that's the first problem they face the second is that, regulatory. Arbitrage is, the. Biggest defense that Bitcoin has so any country. That comes down on Bitcoin or, the entrepreneurship, and already people who really want to work with Bitcoin, can leave that country and go to the next country that, offers, the most, preferential. Environment for them to sell a business so. Regulatory. Arbitrage is, literally, one of the most the. Best defense that Bitcoin has gates any draconian, regulation, from a nation-state and the, fact that there's 200 sovereign states that can adore Bitcoin is one of those biggest reasons and again. This is the next problem that the, nation-state, has and this is why again they're in such a dichotomy, of what to do with Bitcoin is that if they, clamp down and really, try to suffocate, these centralized bridge services, in Bitcoin using, heavy regulation draconian. Sort. Of regulations, to try and restrict, people's freedom then all its gonna do is, incentivize. The free market, to, speed, up the production of decentralized, services, that means we don't even have to use the centralized services so things like decentralized. Exchanges. These and decentralized. Wallets which we already have to some degree bar every. Single service in the world would just become more more decentralized the more that decentralized, bridge services, get, clamped down on by central, authorities, so, they're fighting a losing battle and I think like, I said 2018, is gonna be a continuation, of everybody. Capitulating, to be a coin because there is no way around it for them and to. Me for, me it's like Karma for the politicians, and the bankers because after 2000, a they, completely, disrespected. Like the politicians, disrespected, the rule of law they didn't implement there was a two-tier justice system. Which you, know when you think about it the rule of law like didn't arrest any bankers, and the rule of law is a cornerstone of democracy say. The fact that these politicians. Are just tied in or not now it's just the universe saying you know you messed up big coin is here to take over and resolve all these prompts that you just sat on your ass after 2008.

And Didn't do anything about and it's same for the bankers people like Jamie Dimon you know like they're. Learning the hard way that you know if you're gonna screw everyone over commit loads of fraud during 2008. Then. Turn. Around pay yourself bonuses out of taxpayer money then something is going to come along and and, disrupt. You and but yeah like I said all, of this stuff, you. Got to remember deep, down that Bitcoin, is bigger than any individual, group corporate, whatever it is, bigger than them and that is my underlying, belief and that is why I've never sold on all this fun news. The. Half-life, of thug terminology. I'm loving, it I'm loving it, I'm gonna have to incorporate that into my sayings, there that. Is a really good one it's really true but. The, fun from long ago used, to be a lot more powerful you still last a lot longer, and now, it's just it's life cycle is short which is which is great so. Martin. Down. In Australia, when. When. The price was dropping like $2,500, in a day, did. People know was all because of this Korea stuff and do. You anticipate your, government, will, one day make insane, proclamations. Like. Korea and then walk them back or is it here's us Australia, a little, bit uh. Is that, government, entity, a little bit smarter, than the Koreans. Well. Obviously living in Australia, and running a not-for-profit, and. Being. Part of society, you know I think. Australian. Government is awesome you know I love. So. Yeah. So I mean. Yeah. They tend, to be you. Know very risk-averse, and, pragmatic, when it comes to looking at regulation. There. Was. Saw, back, within the community, for, a while now around the double GST, of Bitcoin, so basically Bitcoin at the moment is taxed as a as a kind of a barter transaction. Or an intangible asset, every. Time if so if you want to accept Bitcoin for good, or service. And. You have to pay. GST. Which is, good. Services. Tax or 10%. The. Good services, tax that, you're charge. On the product that you're selling so. It's kind of like a double GST, so it's not treated as a currency is treated as this this, barter, barter. Transaction, which obviously, slows. Down any retail, adoption, because. No. One's going to want to have to charge ten percent on top of their what they charge everyone else so. So, however, they are they have they are mending, that now and, it. Is going to be treated as a as a currency. There, is regulations, that's cut so they I think they've scrapped that double GST now. And. There's. Going to be regulations, that are coming in around the exchanges, so, the. Fact that you, know they've been quite public. About that, would. Lead you to think that there's not going to be any sort of like shut down of exchanges, you know the fact that they're working with industry and. Looking. To create the right regulatory. Framework. Which. I, mean, yeah. I mean I I'm. On I'm on I sit on both two, sides really with regards to the, regulation, because you can't, really regulate, Bitcoin. Right how can you regulate the Bitcoin you can't the, code is the regulation, that the, mining, the infrastructure, the ecosystem, is the regulation, but, you.

Know There's can of protections, that you know if people want to use it then, how, do they use it safely so. You. Know how. They transfer. Their Australian dollars, into, Bitcoin you. Know that's a that's a space where. Obviously. Decentralized. Exchanges, that's that's, that that's the future I hope it's. Gonna they're. A little bit clunky to use right now I'd say you know not really fit, for most people but but. Yeah I think, as. We, said before like I mean I think it's just a case of the. Technology, will always find a way if, people see that it has value and they want to use it and then. Regardless, of what regulation, comes in, you. Know new technology will, be developed, and the, regulatory arbitrage point, is is a perfect example of that so if government sort of clamp down too heavily and then. Businesses. Will just move to it to it to another more friendly jurisdiction, right so. But. I mean there's there. Does seem to be positive, a. Positive. Like. Climate, here in Australia, and there, was the Friends, of blockchain, sort of parliament also we. Were invited to go up to Parliament in Canberra, first time I'd ever be there that was quite quite nice so. That. This senator, Sam dusty re Jane, Hume. Along. With ADCO which is Australian, digital commerce. Association. And put. Together this sort of forum. Group. To talk to, engage with industry so I mean, yeah. Whether. It's just all rhetoric and, whether the, regulation. That comes out eventually is really draconian you. Know for now it would appear that you know the regulator's policymakers. Local. Industry are working closely together to try to kind of put. Something out there that there, isn't that doesn't, inhibit the growth of the, ecosystem. So I think it's positive here. In Australia, you, know I think if even from Australia, dear they've come out with some draconian, pronouncement. I think. The real a word that there will not be the same reaction. Well first of all the Korean market is tremendous, but also there's no language barrier lake. It parted when Korea, sends, out something, or when China sends out these messages it's, it's totally misinterpreted, by, the rest of the world was they don't know that they don't understand the language it's lost in translation I'm, just thinking about that right now so I I don't think Australia, could even cause this type of fun if they wanted to but they won't, they don't want to and for. Now at least and they, are getting rid of the double taxation one, last question that I thought of when you mentioned, transactions. What's. This I know a guy in Perth, who. Is a B cash fan, he's a big cash fan and he said he's a nice guy. What's. The story from. Your perspective, do you have people asking you about being cash in. The B cash versus. Bitcoin. Uh I. Wouldn't. Say it's a battle but the attempt, of by. Beat cash to perhaps, claim, the. Name. Bitcoin. Sure. Sure. Yeah. I mean it does it can be confusing for people I've had people approach, me recently, about you know look at. Bitcoin. Cash be cash whatever you want to call it it's kind of like it is is it does get confusing. So. Yeah. I don't really. Know what to say, about that really I mean I just I think it is an altcoin I think. They all have I think all of them have their merits because they're places, where people can experiment and their, communities. Develop, around them and, you. Know I think, but you have you been in. Austria and there isn't like you. You haven't been no, one's targeted you guys or anything like there's not big controversy. Right now now. Between the between the two parties. I mean you don't have a lot of people saying oh this is me. We. Did some bad it's up here to say the least, it's it's, there's a lot of drama is there is there much drama between the two down there. No. I mean I like, I think it's really important that the with regards to the community, made up groups and injured in just in general how we interact with each other whether that be online or, in person you know that there's there's. Like mutual respect from the start and then it's about sort of proving, the valid points, and like just talking it through and letting. People sort, of you know go with what they they that.

This That suits them you know that fits with them you know and then and, then, an, educated, community. Or. An educated market, will, will, decide, which. Projects. Or coins, currencies. Have. The most value and those, will be the ones that sustain themselves and and and that live on right like what we were talking about before the the, potential, for this to be likened. To a dot-com bubble well, you know after the dot-com bubble there were some. Companies. That that, carried on and there have been super successful that but the. Vast majority were, weren't weren't. Very good projects, and we. Know they they, went bust so, probably. Something, similar might happen with the with, the crypto currencies, as well you know the ones that have utility, and the. Ones that have a strong community. Will. Will, live on and so. Right now you could probably just pick any of the all coins and put. Them on on a board and throw a dart randomly, and pick one and it goes up a hundred times you know it's kind of it's. There's, not really a, lot, of science to this other than just probably professional. Traders just going picking a coin and and. Buying it and then going on to the next one and the. Danger is is you have people that are signing. Up to paulownia expect tricks or trying to they, can't sign up instantly and. And, they're. They're just buying these they're they're kind of like penny stocks and, invariably. Because. Most. People aren't professional, traders. They're. Going to get burned but maybe that needs to happen for for the for, the ecosystem to, mature and for people to be educated to make better, decisions so. So. Yeah all. Right, well now, then. Then, actually, has something to say about be cash but before he says anything I want to thank Tech. Technium. Unlimited, over, in the super check he says please. Use, decks. Crypto. Bridge and, check, out ignition. I see, and he sent, fifty dollars the to say that thank you for the $50 super cheque anyone. Else over there be my guest send it out well answer your question. We're running toward the end of the show right now but uh, we. Gots a little bit of time Benny. What do you have to say about B cash I mean there was a pump right before the Korean fight and, now it's forgotten which is very interesting yeah. To. Me everything. With. With the whole be cash thing it seems, to be a little, bit just kind of yeah. Yeah they have their pumps and everything but it seems to be fizzling. Out other, than you know like as far as, this. Is bitcoins. Replacement. I don't see. Much of that so, the. Last major. Pump, when when, Bitcoin had its it's huge, drop down before, the new all-time highs. There. Was a lot of people coming into the office wanting. To buy Bitcoin. Cash mostly like brand-new. Bitcoin. Users saying that this is this is the next Bitcoin, and they're buying into you know right before the, the major, South Korean pump or went to 2,500, and then got cut in half. Mostly. Just people running running. In the door chasing. The price right and so you. Know not with too much technical, knowledge about, how. Things, work and and and the different, approaches, to scaling of either project, but, mostly just chasing the price. Since. It it you, know it hit that number 2 spot and then drops number three and now number four again, on. On coin market cap I. Now. The only. Time it's very, very seldom that anybody's, coming into the office asking. About buying be cash anymore. Maybe. Once, a week I'll say somebody but mostly, what gets, brought up regarding. Be cash in the office is if somebody, downloads, the Bitcoin calm wallet, and they've. Mistakenly. Hit receive, and don't realize that it defaults to a be cash receiving, address and then, we have to help them figure out how to retrieve their funds so that's, that's pretty much the, most. Of the encounter, like obviously if I if, I put some funny up on Twitter we're going be cash then I get it attacked, by you, know a ton of a ton of trolls but that's okay because I'm trolling when I post something like that anyways but.

You. Know that that's that's pretty much what I'm like, working, in the space that's mostly, what I'm seeing, I saw people chasing, the price but those. Same people were coming back buying Ripple because that was going to replace Bitcoin, right so. It's. It it seems to mostly just, be. You. Know other than other than the people that really, really love the approach, of be, cash, it's. Mostly, bandwagon. Jumpers, trying to catch the next big thing but. Most of those people get wrecked so, you. Know like it's a, I. I, don't. Think. That it has the. Sway that. It used to are at least the it's not the, threat that people perceived, it as I. Think, it. Has a community, that will, continue. Rallying. Around it because a lot of those people are very passionate. To. Put it lightly but, I. Don't. I you, know like when, you value it in Bitcoin, when you look at the the, how, much Bitcoin, do I have to spend to get one be cash. It. Hasn't. Really, you, know hit those all new, all-time highs in. Quite some time so I don't. Perceive. It as much of a threat then you know they're happy to have their own project. And I'm happy for them to have it but. Yeah, I don't, see much of an issue with it anymore, well. Yes. I only bring it up because it. Did have that pump earlier. In the week and that that was newsworthy it, got up to 20 you know we were talking about everything being cyclical, that uh you. Know with China THAAD is is recycled. As the Korean. Flood there's. Going to be a flip inning, well the other thing that's quick will go is that be cash seems like it's dead but, it oh it returns, the 20% again, and then comes back down it's just it will. We're gonna have to get used to it it will be rebuffed, and Rhee pumped and Rhee pumped and that's just didn't, you. Know good good luck to everyone, involved, in. Whatever coin, your involvement for me bitcoin is the one by a little bit coin I want, to remind everyone I am in Los Angeles right now and tomorrow. In Century, City is, the meetup or today Friday, is, the meetup, at Century, City at 6:00 p.m. I will be there I will speak there, Anders. Is the main speaker, there he puts it on at 6 p.m. in Century City link. Is below also. Linked to below is um speaking, in an event in San Francisco. World. Crypto, economic forum on Monday. And that event is on Monday and Tuesday in San, Francisco, check out the links below if you're in the area and. If you're in Los Angeles I can I mean hang out on Sunday also Friday. And Sunday are my hangout days Adam and treszura help calm, and. The guy who do the super chat reminds me that Dex. That's a decentralized. Exchange yes. When, he said Dex so use decentralized. Exchanges. Although, they're really very, very few of them right now alright let's, go to everybody's, uh, things. That were left out things you want to add stories. You want to say any comments, you want to make on other people's. Commentary. Let, us start with a renegade, investor, what, it would have you heard that you wanted to add to anything you have anything, before is.

I'd. Like to talk about. Definitely. Like oak poison be cash and all, coins because I've. Helped like says. So many people up in Bitcoin you know I guess that I've been wallet exchange things like that and the. One thing that happens every single time is literally. These are people that are brand new to the crypto space never invest it or trade it in their life and you. Know one or two weeks after I set them up in Bitcoin they come to me and go weird about this coin that coin is, this gonna be big should I put money into this and the. One thing I want to say to people is you've got to be really careful with old coins like I didn't. Give financial, advice okay, but this is how I would approach it, ultimately. You want to have like like. The. First thing to understand about. The. Oh oh the, Oakley market is that it's cyclical it's not a case of invest, and forget okay and that's, just and the reason for that is because not only do you have like the risk of the USD price I'm fluctuating. But you also have to price old coins against the Bitcoin price so. You know just because something goes up in USD value the fact that you converted your Bitcoin to buy it doesn't, mean that you're gonna be in profit because the, big coin price against, that all could have actually gone down so, its first importance. To take into account that the old coin market is cyclical it seems, at the moment that it comes at the beginning of every year because at, the beginning of 2017 he saw the same just a big old coin rally and, we're seeing the same this year and I actually predicted this back in November when I did a talk with Andy Hoffman and said, that 2018, is gonna be the beginning of. This, old coin cycle and the reason for that is because I saw, that audio coins priced. Against Bitcoin were at the bottom of their range that they were all bottoming, out into a period of accumulation, and this, is one of the best tactics. I will give to people okay if you've, seen a old coin market that has gone skyrocketing. Like it's not a good time to get in what, you want to look for is a constant, downtrend, and once you get to the bottom of that downtrend, you have a period of accumulation, where the market goes flat that's. The perfect time to start accumulating a, position in an old coin and definitely. When you have a break out of that channel the initial breakout that is a really good time that, we're gonna have or really good indicators, I'm gonna have a reversal, in the old coin market one. Thing I would say to people is you shouldn't be using in. My opinion like again I don't give financial advice but if you're new to these markets you, don't want to be using more than 5 to 10% of your portfolio in, old, coins you want to have a core position, in Bitcoin which, is 90, to 95 percent because, bitcoin is the king of crypto and there's, nothing at the moment in my opinion that is gonna be threatening my position anytime soon so, you want to use maybe five ten percent and also when you're moving into an old coin like one of the mistakes I made when I first got into all coin investing.

Or Trading is, that I would just chuck everything in, at once into, one position I wanted to be in but over. Time I've learned that scaling, in is a good way of reducing risk you know maybe put in 25% of the position you want to put in if you, get a confirmation the, trend goes all right wait put in another 25% so, you're not chucking, all your risk in at one time and, risking that the, market is going to dump on you and, also. Like as the price goes up if you're up 500%, on a position, just take some profit off the table, like so, many people get greedy now like they want an X or something like you, know if you're up 500%, again scale, out of the position, on the way up that way if you get a big reversal, you've already taken profit, off the table but, um one. Thing I'll also say to people is you, know I actually, got a text off a friend this week and he said um this, is so nice set up recently and he said you know I've just bought some ripple. Because I noticed, that the price was cheap and I could buy more coins but the thing I want to say to people is just because a coin is cheap it doesn't mean that it's relatively, cheap you know you've got to look at how many coins are issued how many coins are circulating. How. Many coins they're gonna be in total how many are actually held, by the founders, how many a pre mind because, if you looked at the adjusted. Circulation, price of ripple in particular against. Bitcoin, like, it recently, hit fourteen thousand, dollars per coin so, just because it was cheap it just means that there's more coins of circulation, you know and like it has a higher inflation rate so, you have to take all of these things into account just because you, login it's coin market cap and you see coins that of one dollar it doesn't mean that that, one dollar is then gonna turn into a fifteen thousand, dollar market, like Bitcoin like that's the mistake I made as well when I first moved into this old coin market in, 2013. And when I first start investing in old but. Yeah just those, are some of the best tips I can give to people you know just be very sensible with the risk because there are people that have been trading these oakley, markets for five years day in day out and if you go up against them when you haven't even traded in your life and you're really new to these markets then you're. Gonna be holding their bags on the way down like thus mostly, what, is gonna happen them, and like one thing I'll say as well if you're going in this size like spread. Your risk across multiple exchanges, you got like by Nancy Pelosi axe bid, tracks don't have all your trading, account, on. One exchange because if that exchange goes down you want to be able to decentralize. That risk and have it on multiple exchanges, and then, another. Good way of playing, these markets is to compound, profits so if. You've. Taken profit, from an altcoin. You, can then say yourself five hundred percent just roll it into another, old coin that is at the bottom of this range you know just coming out of that accumulation, stage so, that's a way of learn taking risk off the table and then potentially compounding, those gangs the, one thing that I really want to say, to people who are in old coins you have to remember that the name of the game in old coins is to, accumulate more Bitcoin 99.9%.

Of These old coins are gonna go into their history bins once lightning, guess and there were big coin guess lightning and. This. Market matures we're gonna have that calm, I think blow-off table where 90%. Of, the United Kahn companies went to nothing and I really think the same thing is gonna happen because long term they. Don't offer any value proposition, above and beyond Bitcoin so that's what one thing is really important, to understand is that the, majority, of the big players in the old coin space are doing it purely to. Increase. Their bitcoin bags and one. Thing I just want to mention about if I've got time. Just. On just on be cash is that, there's. A brilliant I scored it just came out by this guy called Malik man. Who kyun I saw if I pronounced the name wrong it's quite a difficult one but it, says the title of it is Lightning Network enables, unicast, transactions. In big Bitcoin. Lightning is Bitcoin his tcp/ip. Stack, I've got it on my Twitter account right now so if you go to about the fourth tweet down but it basically makes the case this guy's a network engineer and he, says that if you try if you're like like be cash is trying to scale. You. Know - maybe like visa her like unchain, it is literally going to be physically. Impossible with current technology, due, to the fact that every single transaction has to be broadcast, as opposed, to having peer-to-peer transactions. Which lightning, Network channel or payment channel will give you and it, really really hit home to me just how the, Lightning network is gonna be I think the ultimate way to scaled a Bitcoin network and I really. Think for me has drawn a line under just why the. Bitcoin is still just. Untouchable. In terms. Of be cash versus Bitcoin and you also have to take into account that would be cash you got a centralized risk is sensible and it just really doesn't have the security of Bitcoin and and it definitely doesn't have the management team of Bitcoin core which are literally made of the best developers in the world so for me I'm, not really concerned about Bitcoin, and B cash anymore I, really think Bitcoin is still the king of crypto and you know I'm open to it I'm up for the free market but at the same time I really don't like the fact that be, cash has come in here and tried, to, plagiarize. The brand of Bitcoin without doing. All the hard work that has gone into Bitcoin from Bitcoin core over eight years no. Well. Let me say this, value. Your wealth in Bitcoin. Buy. And hold Bitcoin, people pound that like button. Thank. You for all that information and I will find, that link and I, will link to it below all of their links are below including. Renegade, investors, twitter, so you can check it out too and find the link right now that he's talking about and that was very interesting. Let's, move on to Martin. I. Hope, there are a lot of people from Australia watching. Right now this is a very convenient time for you guys you're about to eat dinner on, Friday. Evening. So. Martin, any any, final. Thoughts any Australian, news you want to share with the people in Australia, out there are the people of the world you've, got a very unique perspective we, don't get to hear about it very much. Here. In North America so take it away anything you want to say.

Sure. So, we're wrapping up now are we yeah yeah okay. Cool okay well yeah that's it's. Been a real privilege to be on the show and thanks very much I don't fool a worker you keep doing because you, know and the proponents. Of this Center is all about education the. Co-working the community events it all starts with education, so they're more people. That these shows find and like listening, to like educated. Experienced. Views then the less people are going to get burnt and they know what this is industry, is all about so, so. Yeah I kind of you. Know we've got a couple of really exciting new. Programs, coming up and we've got the Australia's. First. Blockchain. Incubator, program, which is going to be kicking off next month and so open applications. Are open for that at. The moment and we've, got a team of about 50 mentors, from different backgrounds. Blockchain. Bitcoin developers. Professional. Service advisers so and it's going to be like a beta style, community, style project, it's not going to be a commercial, or equity, style incubator program, it's the first time that we're doing it and for, the community, have given, us really good response about it so, we're. Looking forward to running Australia's. First blockchain. Incubator, program it's called. Lock engine, so. That's the name of the program block engine, and, and. Then next month we're going to be kicking off, Australia's. Also, first. 70. Hour six-week, blockchain, developers, course and, so. If. You're a developer you've, got basic programming skills and you want to get into this industry obviously. It's. A booming industry and there's, lots of companies crying, out for developer, talent and there's really not a lot of blockchain, developers, Bitcoin. Aetherium developers, and, you know pick you pick you a coin that you most want to develop on and so. So. Yeah it's a real, opportunity. To get. The skills do. The course and then and we have networks. With recruitment, consultants, as well and. Companies that can help you actually find a role as well so if you're in Australia. And. You're in Melbourne, then. Please, sort of check out our blockchain. Incubator, program but all, of the programs that we run here at the blockchain centre are actually going to be going out to all of the other global. Blockchain, centers as well so everything we do here you'll, be able to do at the local blockchain centre so the idea is to set up blockchain, centers, 20, 20 new centers around the world by the end of 2018 that's, the that's, the mission, so.

Hopefully Blockchain. Centers will be coming to a country near you and you can learn the skills to become a Bitcoin developer. And, if. People join. The community groups, and have. Somewhere to start your business so if you go to our website it's blockchain, A. You also. We've been doing some events on facebook live and so, if you go to facebook, blockchain, center and we've. Got quite a big following on twitter, now which is blockchain. CTR. So. Yeah. Please check us out and follow us and come, by the center and. Yeah. Good luck to you all and. We. Made these up a couple of years ago we've been sending them around the world to people in the prominent, in the space so guys. Let me get, your get your mailing, addresses off, you so I can send you a a bob, bitcoin he. Was he was born in a Bitcoin mine, in Australia and. So, yeah make sure I you. Send me your addresses and I'll send you out a bob bitcoin okay. I, like t-shirts but I like that's. Cool. So. And, thank. You for the unique Australian, perspective, and it's just the, education, that you guys are doing down there you, got it going on with these blockchain, centers it's a good thing and I

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