They Can Manipulate Your Dreams Q&A Sufi Meditation Center

They Can Manipulate Your Dreams Q&A Sufi Meditation Center

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Question : What can we do if we feel like we have an overly sensitive heart when dealing with people that affects your emotions and feelings often? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : Walaykum As Salaam. What do you do with the emotional heart and when dealing with people often.. I don't know, that type of question needs more information on that. inshaAllah if it's emotions in what sense and not to get too involved with people at an emotional level means that when you open up for the whole world your heart you're bound to have difficulties so you learn on how to keep everything superficial. Relatives families friends everything just superficial, ‘How are you?’ Expect nothing dialogues, ‘How's everything how's the weather how's good good,’ don't make everything to be very deep in your life and put your emotion into every story somebody tells you as if you're sending your soul out now to carry the burdens of what somebody's saying, this one's sick that one's sick this one's.. Especially subcontinent when they get two minutes to talk to you they want to talk about their entire generations of who's sick who's not sick who's well who's not well and put a whole progress report.

Not only that's very time consuming for the shaykh because as soon as you want to sit with him you want to tell them the whole life story of everyone you've ever known and how they're sick or not sick, everyone's going to be sick but the fact that you're getting so involved in everyone's life is going to make you sick. So we have a boat that Allah (AJ) has given to us as a najat (salvation). Everyone has a lifeboat like a little raft because it's so fragile, you're trying to put your family your children and steer them to safety. So visualize we're on a lake of fire everywhere is fire now, you're on a little boat trying to tell them, ‘This is what i learned this is what we have to make wudu (ablution). Please we have to wear taweez,’ you’re trying to keep them on the boat. Now we're getting into a more fiery time where people didn't believe, but if you watched you followed you believed.

As a result many people now are in a fire and what are they trying to do? Because what they practice they felt lost what they did they got sick whatever they're doing wasn't working for them but they look at your life and say you seem to be going okay, now what they want to do now? Jump onto your boat. ‘We want to come spend time with you’ [person says]. Say what? ‘Yeah’ [person replies].

We’ll you ruined your own home now you want to come to my home. You want to come to where I am? So this is the human nature of when people are really seeing a world of difficulty they want to now jump where they think it's safe so alhamdulillah those who follow their lives are inshaAllah safe they have a lot of peace and protection all around so everything then with a grain of salt now. Protect your family protect your loved ones who can fit on that boat of yours and everybody else don't ask for too many of what their problems are what their sufferings are what they're difficult, ‘Oh inshaAllah Allah (AJ) make it better,’ that's it.

Don't bring everybody's suitcase and come to the shaykh and come to the email, ‘My jedd, my aunt my grandma my grandfather grandfather mother mother father and two cousins and a relative.’ So keep everything at a bit of a distance because now everything is sinking. InshaAllah. Quesiton : As Salaamu Alaykum Seyyidi, how can I be of service? Where do I start? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : ‘Helpme@nurSayyidina Sayyidina,’ and everything of your being be of service.

Give support, give a like, put a nice comment these are the easiest ones. The ones who have an ability and they want to transcribe every language you speak it requires a transcription for these talks for these videos so then you have to email ‘Helpme’ [Helpme@nurSayyidina Sayyidina], and then that'll go to the necessary person who's in charge of all of the transcribers. If you have a technical ability then email us what your ability is and we'll try to send that to the technical people who are using that for the technologies their publishing’s their understandings of ranking within social media. So many many different aspects, just email us with ‘Helpme’ on what your ability is and hamdulilah.

And the least of what you can do is press the like and press share and put two comments inshaAllah. Question : Seyyidi can family members affect us spiritually for example ever since one of my family members came back from back home my recitation of Qur’an and tasbih has reduced, affected my iman. we teach, alhamdulillah, about energy.

So it's obvious that answer, we've talked about everybody's energy affects us good and bad but it's not going to be a crutch in which you don't function anymore you don't see everyone anymore and you just hide trying to preserve your energy. We've talked before that this is a symbol of, ‘You need more energy your practices must be much stronger,’ everything that you're doing has to be stronger. You should keep yourself in a constant state of wudu (ablution) you should recite Qur’an maybe only for yourself and the audience that's interested, if you feel that people have hasad (jealousy) then you recite what's necessary. Recite the du’as (supplications) recite the salawats (praises upon Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad sws) and all of these things show us when somebody's like vampiring our energy or taking our energy it's a sign from Allah (AJ) that you should be more protected, your practices should be stronger because Allah (AJ) the one whom protects but it doesn't mean hide yourself in the closet and be scared because then people will use that as excuse for everyone, ‘Everyone's taking my energy,’ and become a little bit cuckoo sounding. That, ‘Everybody's taking my energy,’ and every problem. We've got somebody who emails, ‘Oh you took my energy from far away the shaykh is taking my energy away.’

Then emailed you, the same guy, and then started saying ‘You took my energy everyone took my..’ Okay that's now yeah that's cuckoo land when they start talking like that. This is a real haqqaiq (realities) of energy flowing back and forth on a daily basis with every interaction we have, so this is a matter of learning how to shield yourself and build your shield of protection inshaAllah and in in days that are coming the amount of shaitans (satans) are so much and we've talked before that the dajjal (man/system of deceit) is taking away faith. Faith is like a is a shirt that become worn out, don't ever think your faith has been granted to you and it's just going to be, it's not. Faith is like a shirt Prophet sws described, ‘It gets worn out.’ So unless you're doing the actions that increase faith good character good actions, actions that are selfless going out feeding people, doing of service, giving in the way of Allah (AJ) it renews your shirt renews your faith makes your faith to be strong by your participation and your activity and dajjal's purpose is to pull the faith pull the faith one thread at a time until people find themselves with nothing and many people losing their mind.

Many people losing their mind why because the shayateen (devils) are energy beings if you are not strong on the practice or you have an underlying weakness within the mentality these devils as they fly around they mess up all the circuits in someone's head and what they hear what they think they're hearing so many many difficulties are coming. We pray that Allah (AJ) protect us preserve us and grant us the love of Sayyidina Muhammad sws which is immense najat, immense najat inshaAllah. Question : As Salaamu Alaykum Seyyidi, What is the first basic step to love Sayyidina Muhammad sws and can we go to the ocean of Muhammadan reality without a physical shaykh? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : Well you couldn't have asked that question without a physical shaykh.

You're asking a question from a physical shaykh asking to reach to a place then you're saying, ‘If I didn't have a physical shaykh,’ you have a physical shaykh because you're asking the question. So could you have found that ocean by yourself? Unlikely. But you can never say, ‘No,’ because Allah (AJ) guides whom He wants.

There are whom are murad (the one whom is sought) and mureed (devoted disciples). Whom Allah (AJ)want to give He gives and that's between Allah (AJ) and His servant but for the standard not the exception, the standard practice is that you go for the lovers of Sayyidina Muhammad sws because the overwhelming barrage of humanity is against the Muhammadan haqqaiq (Muhammadan Realities). They all start talking about shirk (polytheism) and shirk and shirk and just ‘Nobody between you and Allah (AJ),’ and their… that's how dajjal pulled their faith. As soon as they talk like that their shield of protection has dropped and that's all dajjal wants is to make you think that between you and Allah (AJ) and you got it and you're going to be powerful and you left being behind the imam (religious leader) and you went to the side and before you know it you push the imam aside and it's just you and Allah (AJ) and that's what dajjal wants you for an attack because now you're full-fledged under attack. So always behind the imam is our protection behind Sayyidina Muhammad sws that Prophet sws, ‘Ask Allah (AJ) on my behalf. That shield me from what badness is coming that with the power that Allah (AJ) is sending to your heart send to me and dress me and protect me.’

So then the shaykhs teach you how to make your awrad (Daily practices) how to make your salawats how to attend the majlis (association) of the salawat e nabi sws and the shaykhs give the teaching that counters the satanic teaching that is already all around you. Every relative every television every radio is already your shaykh so if you don't listen to this signal and this guidance you're already under the influence of satanic forces and anyone who tells you, ‘Don't follow a shaykh,’ he's a shaykh teaching you not to have a shaykh because he's giving you advice. Anyone giving you advice is playing the role of your guide and the biggest guide that everyone follows he has one eye, we were expecting what Prophet sws described for us, ‘A one-eyed representative that would teach you with one eye and your lord is not one-eyed he's two eyes,’ he has perfection, Allah (AJ) grants perfection. So whose one eye is everyone listening to? The T.V, day and night is your guide day and night it tells you, ‘Watch this inappropriate show watch this no watch this now watch this,’ feeding you continuous. Now people are locked at home and they say what they call ‘Binge watching,’ right? That dajjal got popcorn with you he's sitting on the couch and says, ‘Watch the next one now watch this one now watch that one, get some more popcorn we're going to go go.’

Who's doing that it's not Allah’s (AJ) doing that. So already he's influenced everyone so now for you to go out and find a guide and to follow the guidance and learn how to taslim (submission) and that's the oceans of ihtibah, to obey Allah (AJ) obey Rasul sws and the ulil amre minkum. And the ulil amre who carry the command from Sayyidina Muhammad sws, this is wajib at taqlid, to follow and have ihtibah.

To follow and to obey. How could you be in the army of Sayyidina Mahdi (as) if you don't accept anyone to be a general. You're on your own grab your siwak and run [shaykh laughs].

They probably don't even believe siwak say, ‘It’s a shirk.’ Nabi Musa (as) was huge they said when they saw the ‘asaa (cane). He was huge in height, and Sayyidina Yashua (as) was huge like forty foot maqam (station). His.. and they said oh this is like an ‘asaa, I said but the ‘asaa look like a human ‘asaa. Maybe this [shaykh shows his cane] was like the toothpick for them because in that high the ‘asaa must be like a tree. That was some trivia from last night inshaAllah, we finished? Question: Sayyidi, during a women's menstrual circle should they stay away from worship if they cannot pray what can they do instead? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi: Yeah there are many hafiz – the ones who memorizes holy Qur’an so of course they recite they don't stop presiding because of a condition that Allah (AJ) puts upon them.

So everything is to remain the same so a lot of scholars won't say that but the wudu is light upon light it only is a protection there's nothing that would make it to be haram so you wash and continue to keep yourself in a state of washing you cannot pray but you can wash you can meditate you do all your taffakur (contemplation) and don't touch the Qur’an because there is an energy emanating from Qur’an and there is a cleansing happening upon that person. There's a cleansing of energy upon the female when she enters into that cycle. All the negative energy is being purged from the body so that's not the time in which to take the positive energy of the Qur’an because there would be then a conflict between the positive and negative charges. As a result Allah (AJ) said then refrain from touching the Qur’an. But them who are hafiz and hafiz-e-Qur’an they can't turn that off so they don't go blank on that month at that time. So this is yeah they can continue their practices with that which doesn't require anything to be touched they keep themselves in a state of wudu just to combat the immense amount of negative charges that are trying to attack but don't enter to the masjid and make your salah you can sit and meditate InshaAllah.

Question: AsSalam u Alaikum Sayyidi, do we need to find a shaykh and tariqah in our local area or country so we can benefit the most? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi: Yeah, now the world has changed so one understanding is that everywhere is closed and what Allah (AJ) opened for online then you are in the majlis (association) of the shaykh by just coming online. What you hear from these teachings and to assume that they're everywhere like McDonald’s; is not correct. There are more false shaykhs than real shaykhs and there are many deceptive paths than real paths. So for people coming new thinking this is fantastic this is going to be everywhere and they're all Muhammadiyoon that's not going to happen. And it's not and Prophet sws described his companions like stars on a dark night.

أَصْحَابِيْ كَالنُّجُـــومْ بِأَيْهِمْ اَقْتَدَيْتِمْ اَهْتَدَيْتِمْ “Ashabi kan Nujoom, bi ayyihim aqta daytum ahta daytum.” “My companions are like stars. Follow any one of them and you will be guided.”

Prophet Muhammad (saws) So it means that these are small in number and they shine very bright but the haqqaiq (realities) that they teach; a sign of their haqqaiq is their uloom and their knowledges not the knowledge that everybody read from the book and translated from holy hadees (Hadith) but the realities behind those. And that's what they're in search of these haqqaiq and these realities they're a sign that they are from the heart of Sayyidina Muhammad sws reaching out towards humanity as najat (salvation) and as a rope. If you should find something like that then you stick to it and don't think that it's McDonald’s and that any corner you go to you're going to get it with some fries and a coke.

It’s a deep deep reality if you're able to find that you hold on tight! Because the deeper the reality goes the more people are going to fall off. Because they just can't take it they don't understand it they don't know how to absorb it. And that's why in the last days what knowledges would be coming are unimaginable and they require the sword of Sayyidina Mahdi (as) to guard that one. Because it's a whole different reality coming on and this is from the knowledges that Sayyidina Abu Huraira (as) described that if I describe, Prophet sws gave me two knowledges that he poured into my heart; one I repeated and these are all the hadiths and the teachings of those holy hadith, one knowledge if I give it out the companions would have cut my head.

What type of knowledge was that, that the holy companions who had immense yaqeen (certainty) would have become angered by that, not bewildered by it. So means then upon every knowledge there's an immensely more deeper knowledge and Allah’s (AJ) knowledges and realities never stop. It’s a matter of how much we can empty our heart of ourselves and how vast the heart can be to go deep into these realities inshaAllah. Question: Sayyidi, I have a question about dreams is there a way to become more enlightened in dreams? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi: Yeah we had a whole thing of dreams; did we ever find the article that I was looking for on dreams? Because I needed to send it to Asim. Did we ever find that article on dreams? Where we gave a talk that our way is, absolutely divorce yourself from dreams! This is the most dangerous time to be in dreamland like “Alice in Wonderland”.

If for any reason you take an interest in dreams you've sent out now a signal to the nefarious world of beings and they say, ‘Oh this one gets their guidance from dreams.’ Means then all night long they're going to come around your head and just merely hijack your signal all day long all night long. They don't want the use of your head they want the use of your heart. So we gave a talk that when you use your head and the dreams that are coming and the people whom are interested in dreams that as soon as they sleep they merely just come around the head and they broadcast into the television a whole story many stories they fly you here fly you there show you this show you that. And that's not imam Rabbani (Q) from the Naqshbandi chain, Mawlana Sirhindi (Q) described that this is the lowest of our way and the real state is the state through the living heart in which you negate yourself and the nafs that blocking you from all inspirations with good character and training.

So that in your waking state you connect and your faiz (downpouring blessings) is coming your coordinates are coming through a living wakeful heart. Because in the dream world then it's not controlled; who was sending it what is the information that were given? They can even reveal information about other people, ‘Oh I saw you like walking down the street I saw that you were like had shoes big shoes on,’ well any jinn (unseen being) could have seen that I had big shoes on that's not something from the heavens as a revelation that's not even uloom and knowledges. So that's not information that's just you have a jasoos you have a spy somewhere helping you and you're relying on that spying. And then builds a very bad and dangerous relationship. The knowledge is that we're talking about is living knowledges that you're connected you're connected to the hearts and the faiz is coming and they're teaching you live into your heart inshaAllah.

Question: Sayyidi, can we read Qur’an in English translation if we can't read Arabic? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi: Definitely it's highly recommended that get the Qur’an that has transliteration and english. So we say Then So we say “Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem” then you're looking at the english and you're able to say bismi ba and then you can see the letters that way that when you read the english for your knowledge and you go back and look at the huroof (Arabic letters) look at the the writings of the, because the Arabic is always there, the transliteration then gives you more understanding of how and these words that are being said. And then the more you're reciting from the transliteration then the more and more this understanding comes into the heart arRahman arRaheem and it's Arabic has the secret not the English. The english is for you to just understand for us to understand the secret in the actual Arabic huroof is of an ancient reality and just by looking at it the light and the angel that is incharge of that huroof will begin to send that light within the heart of that servant inshaAllah.

Question: On dreams, Sayyidi I ignore all dreams however if we see you or other representatives of Shaykh Nazim (Q) what should we do? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi: Ignore it! It could be nafsani (egocentric) and put it for yourself and throw it away afterwards don't worry about it. Because that also, we have 25 years of doing this, somebody comes and they say sahykh, ‘I want to come to tariqah (spiritual path) I want to come,’ and then they want to sit, ‘But shaykh you know I saw a dream of this this this I saw this this I saw this this this,’ that now you gave everything that you saw of that dream to your nafs (ego). And as a result the nafs took it and told you you're someone important and then now you repeat it to people to show them, ‘I'm important respect me I've got a complaint now this, oh big saint came to the shaykh he was mistreated by the shaykh,’ how was he mistreated by the shaykh? Because we put a guest into our guest room? I was supposed to give him like my bedroom to a guest as a young boy who came to visit a young man 20 something years old? People think very highly of themselves if you don't give them what they think that they're due to they say, ‘Oh you disrespect us.’

Oh I give you the best of what I have, now if you don't think that's good the adab is with you not to be appreciating what somebody offered to you; it's the best of what they had if you're used to a higher standard that's your problem but the adab of tariqah (spiritual path) was to be thankful for whatever Allah (AJ) sends to us. You go somewhere and there's a food that you eat you can't be insulted that the food wasn't good, what kind of mentality is that? So alhamdulillah Allah (AJ) gave me something there's a huge amount of people with no food to eat, but arrogance to think, ‘I’m somebody and should have been treated differently.’ What was the question? [shaykh laughs] Question : Seyyidi I ignore all dreams however if we see you or other representatives of shaykh Nazim (Q) what should we do? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : Nothing, you listen do it watch it don't worry about it..

It's for your entertainment it's for you to have a kushiya- sense of Happiness. Many people come to tariqa when I’m I wonder if I’m really with the shaykh, then Shaykh Nazim (Q) appears to them, ‘Yeah you're with us.’ Okay good now what are you going to do? That's it so you use the dreams that are coming as hamdulilah Ya Rabbi shukr (gratitude).’ Even they come in stronger we’ve described before you practice you practice even in your meditation Imam Ali (as) describe that, ‘Annihilate in your annihilation.’

Annihilate in your annihilation, it means even you're meditating and you become good in your tafakkur, if you don't have the concept that I’m nothing I’m nothing I’m nothing your nafsani (egocentric) will come in the meditation and say, ‘Oh the shaykh is bringing me a jubba another shaykh is bringing me a sword of light another shaykh is bringing me cups to drink from the kawthar (fountain of abundance).’ You start to believe it now you're nafs (ego) entered into your dream into your tafakkur into your contemplation, so Prophet sws described ‘Don't leave yourself for the blink of an eye.’ So even in your tafakkur and contemplation that Ya Rabbi thank you thank you alhamdulillah. Whatever it is trying to be shown to me I’m asking to enter into your oceans of power and light,’ not a need to be entertained by the visual things like that. So you have to keep even negating negating that, ‘I want to reach to an ocean of power in which is an ocean of lightning everywhere and i want to enter into that ocean of lightning and to vanish,’ so that that lightning hit you and you enter into an energy world. So all that's important for us is to enter into that energy and to be dressed by its energy so it's like being on a tour bus if every day they want to bring you all these things and then you just sit to see those, ‘Can you bring me jubba? Is there jubba oh this is so nice the jubba.’

And then all your nafs is all involved in it so they said even negate so, Ya Rabbi thank you if this is real alhamdulillah but i want to reach to this energy and i don't want to stop until i want to breathe from this energy. So then you're continuously having to train yourself of the nothingness, it doesn't end it's just beginning in the tafakkur, that's why then the dream is dangerous because you're not saying that you're like, ‘Wow that was interesting,’ and then again next one and then again before you know it you're in like Alice in wonderland it's a fantasy land. Question : Seyyidi Can you enlighten us on the reason behind feeling a very strong fear or anxiety that has been nearly constant over the past couple of weeks of learning from the teachings and making tafakkur. Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : Yeah this is the awareness of the soul, if the people are heedless because they don't see what's coming on the horizon.

The soul is not heedless the soul is light it sees exactly what's coming on the horizon so when they're asking people meditate meditate. Meditate what- is open the eye of your Soul. Your soul is seeing something and it wants you to know the danger that's coming and you can see it, you turn the T.V on and people are trying to take your faith away put instil within you a sense of, ‘Death is coming death is everywhere death counts are going showing [shaykh makes increasing number sound].

How many people die today.’ Why? To take your faith away and for panic to begin and all fear is the opposite of iman (faith). So then the meditate, communicate, connect your heart with Prophet sws for this light to come this light to come this protection and madad (support) to come so that it's not the world of fear but it's the light of faith and iman where the light is dressing you.

The clarity comes into spiritual vision and you begin to understand oh these difficulties are coming but alhamdulillah we're good with Allah (AJ), good with Sayyidina Muhammad sws then no fear and no grief inshaAllah. Question : As Salaamu Alaykum Seyyidi, the bodies of people who die of Covid-19 are burnt what should we be doing and reciting in this difficult situation we are in please make du’a for us shaykh? Shaykh Nurjan Mirahmadi : InshaAllah Allah (AJ) protect us from this type of difficulty and then not to die in a state in which is difficult and that's why then the Ayatul Kursi. Keep doing the awrad keep reciting the madad’s, keep reciting the du’a Ayatul Kursi a the app [MuhammadanWay App].

Do the salawats, Du’a e Mathur from Shaykh Abdullail al-Faiz Ad- Dagestani (Q) Sultan al-Awliya (king of saints). So all of the app is then your tools keep making these du’as keep making these du’as that whatever comes is merely a cold and a flu and it comes and goes. The virus is one thing but the shayateen that are attached to it and attacking is a different. The virus come and go like a cold for the believer whom Allah (AJ) inshaAllah protect and to safeguard and to safeguard those whom are sick and that not to pass away in a state of in which they have to be burned and Allah (AJ) save them inshaAllah from this horrific difficulties upon this earth and that's why again the importance of, can you imagine doing this alone and saying, ‘Everything is shirk.’

And who are you calling out to? Who are you asking for help, who are you going to get du’as from? That’s why this whole teaching is an immense mercy that when you have this love for Sayyidina Muhammad sws, throw yourself at that threshold throw ourselves at that Rauza Sharif (Holy burial chamber), ‘Don't let me to be burned Seyyidi Ya Rasulul Kareem (The Most Generous Prophet) That they're coming after me with fire don't let me to be burned don't let my love ones to be burned, itkun minan naar, itkun minan naar. Grant me a mahgfirah and a forgiveness. Don't let them to burn us Ya Rabbi. Whatever we did wrong grant the love of Sayyidina Muhammad sws and only that love to save us, itkun minan naar Ya Rabbi.

Fafatahnaaa abwaabas samaaa'i bi maaa'in munhamir. Open the gates of your heaven and shower us from the water of your mercy wherever we came wrong in our actions we're wrong we're under the khirqah and jubba of Sayyidina Muhammad sws and grant us a najat and safety from all fire and all difficulty Ya Rabbi for the sake of our love for Sayyidina Muhammad sws not our actions not our doings nothing of that will save us Ya Rabbi but this immense muhabbat (love), let that muhabbat to fill us. Fill us and fill us with the light that is on every part of our body not even our finger or our toes to burn Ya Rabbi, fill it with the light and the love of Sayyidina Muhammad sws. Every sickness to come to us that you are Ismuhu dawas wa zikruhu shafa, that your name is our medicine and your praising is our intercession and our relief. Ila sharifin Nabi sws wa Aali wa Ashabil kiram, wa ala Mashaykhina fit tariqatin Nasqshbandiyatil Aliyya wa ila sayiri sadatina wa Siddiqin. Al Fatiha Click the link now to subscribe.

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