The National for March 4, 2019 — Philpott Resigns, At Issue, Michael Jackson Fallout

The National for March 4, 2019 — Philpott Resigns, At Issue, Michael Jackson Fallout

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Tonight. Has a political mass become, a crisis. Jane, Philpott's, resignation, clearly. Demonstrates, a government, in, total chaos, a Star. Minister, quits the Trudeau cabinet, why her resignation might be a turning point at, issue is here. The. Only word I can come, up with was horrible, it's, horrible. Disturbing. Details in the leaving, Neverland documentary. Well, Michael Jackson's, music ever sound, the same I. Don't. Know that we need to make them mandatory if, these other systems are in place and, why the measles, are back and what you can do to protect your family our, health panel takes on the touchy subject, of vaccination. This, is the knife. For. The Trudeau government, the S&C level a story has been a nine, threat, bad news in, daily, increments, met with a shifting. Liberal, response but today the, steady drip became, a torrent, Jane, Philpott says she's seen enough and quick cabinet, joining. Jodi wilson gray bold now as a former. Minister. Remember. Wilson Reybold left cabinet just three weeks ago she said, she was relentlessly, pressured, as attorney general to divert a criminal, prosecution, of SN, c-- level a the prime minister called it a disagreement, today, Jane Philpott called it something else tonight. We'll look at what her departure means Katie, Simpson will have reaction and at issue will assess the political, damage but David, Cochran kicks things off with a look at the resignation. It. Started, like a normal, day for a cabinet, minister a public, event to highlight government's. Use of artificial. Intelligence. An era where government, operations, and the delivery of better government services, is done, through, and with artificial, intelligence, technologies. But what the crowd didn't know and what Philpott, didn't tell them was that it would be her last event, as a cabinet. Minister, Philpott's. Resignation. Letter makes it clear that she is quitting over the SNC, leveling controversy. Sadly. I have lost confidence and how the government has dealt with this matter and in, how it has responded, to the issues raised there, can be a cost to acting, on one's principles, but, there is a bigger, cost to abandoning, them, before. Her resignation went, public Philpott. Was asked about Jodie Wilson, Raybould and pushed, away all questions. So. I'm here today to celebrate a I'd a and, I'm not gonna be taking questions on those issues things Philpott. And Wilson Raybould are close friends and political, allies, Philpott. Tweeted, her support, when Wilson Raybould quit cabinet, Wilson. Raybould returned, the favor when, news of Philpott's. Departure. Broke jane Philpott's, resignation, from, cabinet clearly demonstrates, a government, in total. Chaos led. By a disgraced, prime minister, consumed. With scandal, and focused. Only on his, political survival. Survival. Is an unset question, but function, is undeniably. Hurt Philpott, was seen as one of Trudeau's, most capable, and trusted, ministers, praised, at the cabinet, table for her judgment and effectiveness, in health, and indigenous. Services, before, moving to Treasury board, once. Again it left the Prime Minister to respond, to, a surprise, resignation. From a high-profile. Minister I know miss Phil POTUS felt this way for some time and while. I am disappointed I understand. Her decision, to step down and, I want to thank her for her, service. His. Statement, was interrupted, by protesters one. Of many disruptions.

At This rally about climate, change it's, break week for Parliament, but, no breaks for the Prime Minister, I'm listening, carefully to the various voices, testimonies. And opinions, there. Are more questions still, to answer and more, to be said in the coming days and weeks a. Lot. More to come in the coming days, David, Trudeau left a lot unsaid. There tonight about starting, with the future of Jodie Wilson rebel yeah, that's right he did not address whether Jodie wilson Raybould is going to be able to stay in caucus. A decision made far more complicated. By Jane Philpott's, resignation. Earlier today what, a senior government official, tells me is that there's no urgency on that decision because Parliament is on break it's not due back until the 18th, of March when, parliamentarians. Return for the budget and because, of that there is no caucus, meeting to worry about so the timeline is when everyone is back together and when caucus is going to meet so the week of the 18th look for that as a timeline, at least for now rosy and when they have to make that decision okay, so this was an unexpected big. Day today but Wednesday, also expected. To be a big day yeah, another big chapter in this story we're gonna hear from the Prime Minister's former top adviser Jerry Buss he's gonna testify at the Justice Committee and the clerk of the Privy Council, Michael Warnock is going to reappear, at the Justice Committee and what another source tells us is that both men have copies of their communications. With Jody Wilson Raybould throughout the period in question in this controversy, and they, believe that it will cast her version of events in a, very different. Light so, stay tuned this is not even close to being over okay. David Cochrane on this story again tonight in Ottawa thank you, you're welcome, so. Jane Philpott's departure, is resonating, across the country raising questions about, the liberal caucus and for the opposition, it is a chance, to exert maximum, pressure, for, the government a chance to try and show some unity Katie, Simpson, looks now at the reaction. In. Full-on damage, control mode the Liberal MP, sent to defend the government, downplayed. Today's resignation. Well, Jane Philpott's, obviously. Highly. Respected, inside. And outside the government as I understand it she'll be staying in the Liberal caucus and so I know all of us will be comforted, by that fact but a senior, source with direct knowledge of the situation tells, CBC News there is a recognition, within the Prime Minister's team of just. How significant. This development, is the, source compared, Jane Philpott's, resignation. To the Apollo 13 space, mission, saying, houston. We have a problem and, the, opposition knows, it it, looks like the, Liberal government is in is in pure decomposition. An implosion, this is a loss of confidence, in, his. Person, in the prime minister himself it's, time for every, Liberal, cabinet minister, to, ask themselves the, same question, Jane, Philpott did is. This what you got into politics for CBC. News reached out to the remaining 33 members, of the prime minister's cabinet, all 33. Responded. With statements, of support for Justin Trudeau including. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland Finance. Minister Bill Morneau and, Labour, Minister, patty haidu who says her confidence, remains untouched, but. Not all liberals share that certainty, Ontario. MP, Selena Caesar Siobhan, who announced, she will not run in the next election, tweeted, when you add women please, do not expect the status quo expect. Us to make correct decisions stand. For what is right and exit. When values are compromised. New, Brunswick MP, Wayne long reiterated, his call for a full and transparent, investigation, I'll. Just say that it's a it's a big loss to cabinet, and, she's done, such a great job and, is. Really well-liked, around here in Philpott's, Ontario, rotting there appears to be early, respect, for her decision I do admire her though for. Taking, the stand. For. Her principles, I think, it's important, the Prime Minister, desperately. Needs to stop the fallout, from this, story but, even those close to him admit there's no obvious, path away from the controversy. Katie, Simpson, CBC News Ottawa. Jane. Philpott, quitting, the front bench saying she's lost confidence in the government's handling of this SNC, level at crisis another big blow obviously, for the Prime Minister so, what do we make of the loss of two cabinet, ministers to this affair how deep a political, crisis is this and what is the, damage it's, only Monday but surely, we have to bring a tissue together, to break this all down Chantal, a bow is in Montreal Andrew.

Coyne Is in Toronto and Paul Wells joins us in Ottawa, tonight okay. Let's, start with I think my biggest, question, I had when I heard the news is this, resignation, of Jane Philpott, in some ways perhaps more. Damaging, than Jodi. Wilson Raybould Chantal. Well. It it does pile up and this. Resignation from, a well-respected, well-liked. Minister, who did not have a dog in the SNC Lebanon fight comes, at a time when Canadians. Trying. To make up their minds about how, damaging. They think this, sagar, should be to the prime minister and, she. Seems to be saying well, whatever you're thinking pause, and reflect on the fact that I cabinet. Minister, of talent can't find his, version credible. Enough to defend, Andrew. What did you make of it I agree, with everything we just said there this is one, of the absolute mainstays. Of this govern the most universally, admired most prompted Minister and another. Minister other, than, Jodi. Wilson Raybould so it is validating, over a lot of the things he was saying this was not a resignation to spend more time with her family the resignation was absolutely. Directly. Aimed at the prime minister at the government declaring, no confidence, in the Prime Minister and specifically on this question of the interference, and prosecution, it. Will I think resonate with a lot of liberals you can't dismiss this as either. Some people are trying to say that it was just sour grapes and Jodi Wilson Ramos part for that it's partisanship, the Conservatives going out from this is a absolute, pillar. Of the liberal establishment famous. And it would be disappointing for a lot of people to Paul given and what, they many people think of James Philpott a lot. Of people had started to talk themselves into the various reasons why jodie wilson reybold's departure, could be blamed on jodie Wilson Rae bald one. MP, quickly. Apologized, after saying after blaming it on on her dad, as, Oscar. Wilde said about losing parents one. Is tragedy but two starts to look like carelessness. It's. Possible, to imagine that if the Prime Minister had responded to Jodie Wilson reybold's.

Departure. With some. Kind of grace some kind of apparent awareness of current events with anything, but a solid, week of talking points a news, conference about moon exploration. That. Maybe Jane Philpott would have could. Have been persuaded that that some of these concerns are being taken seriously but. But. He didn't so she didn't I want. To read one part of the the letter I mean there's lots of parts that struck me but one that I felt was very much directed, maybe, at the prime minister but certainly at that cabinet. She, writes at one point but I must abide by my core, values my ethical, responsibilities. And constitutional. Obligations. There, can be a cost to acting on one's principles but, there is a bigger cost to abandoning, them I mean, she, doesn't leave a lot of wiggle room here for the prime minister does she shantou, no. And. Even. If she'd left him more so far he's failed to take up any of the wiggle room he's had over the past three weeks to, give a serious, accounting, of, what. Went on what. This take actually, is not in little bits and pieces and, not in talking points to the Canadian, people, and. What. This. Resignation tells, us is that it, seems that he wasn't any more convincing or, maybe he didn't even bother to, his. Full cabinet the, first people that he would have explained this to because if he Justin. Trudeau had come up with. Rationale. That, people. Felt they could defend maybe we wouldn't be working tonight discussing. This on, so, how damaging. Is it then Andrew, to his, leadership. Because I think that's what it comes down to I mean you can we can have conversations about, the you know the different prosecutor greement, and all that but what, about his leadership and what this tells us about it well we'll have to see we'll have to see ultimately, where, cabinet, goes in this and the short term it sounds like they're rallying around it but I think they ought to be asking themselves why does. Jane Philpott, know something they don't know probably not probably she knows exactly. What they know it, was enough to move her to say what I have seen and what I've heard was intolerable, I cannot have confidence, in this government I would be, really interested to hear from cabinet ministers why they differ with her on this what specifically, gives.

Them Confidence in this government gives them confidence the way they've handled this, whole issue that. She does not I think. Again I think a lot of people will be wondering why their judgment is superior to hers on this Paul, was in Suzy. Astok agreement there Paul yeah, look, it's time, it's. Time to quit with the talking points it's, time for Peter it's time for someone in this government who, who. Still believes in staying in this government to talk to Canadians as though they're Canadians as though their fellow citizens, Jane. Philpott's comment. About her constitutional, obligation, sounded to me like a purposeful, echo of this, sentence from the open, accountable, government handbook, the ethical, how-to, manual, that the prime minister told. Every Minister to read and take to heart the Attorney General, is bound, by the constitutional. Principle, that the prosecutorial, function. Be exercised, independently, of partisan, concerns. And then, the Prime Minister sent ten, people to, warn Jodie Wilson Raybould about the elections, that's. A, direct, contravention of, what he told his attorney general was her duty no, wonder ministers, are quitting so. It's. I can't, think, of a time when a minister is as resigned. In solidarity, with another, Minister, and. That is, why it goes to Justin Trudeau's leadership, because, this isn't about some, Minister, being caught in, a conflict, with the Prime Minister as. The second-in-command, or. The. Partner, of. The Minister was at the center of the controversy this. Is summer and this is over, a major, direction. Of the government. So. It. Does go back to if Jane, Philpott, doesn't, feel comfortable, defending, Justin Trudeau ha what are voters. Supposed, to make of that and I watched and we, all did the Prime Minister just now and, he doesn't seem to see that, that is what people are seeing and think, of what she is giving up this wasn't somebody who was on the way down this is a rising star in the cabinet people talk about her as potentially, a future finance minister. This. Is a major, sacrifice, she is made on, a point of principle and. That's I'll. Just say that's a good day for democracy when people are willing to do that what. What does he do though so, that we've what you all agree there's damage you all agree that this is unprecedented, is, there anything he, can do to undo. This or to scale it back or I don't know pauley beyond. I guess saying something that's what you want him to do but is there anything you can do tonight. In Toronto Danforth, we saw what he's gonna try and do at a climate change rally he said we. Need to keep in mind the bigger picture. It's these these issues, these things that seem to preoccupy Jane Philpott, are important, but, we need to keep in mind the bigger picture. That's. Eerily, reminiscent, of what his man Matthew Bouchard, told. Jody Wilson, Raybould I know you care about the, independence, of the prosecutorial, function, but we need to win elections. The. The. The. The the Trudeau vien I was going to see the liberal but no Justin, Trudeau's version of appealing to principle, is to say. Look. Never mind this we're in an election year I. Would. Submit that he should do something else, there's, also by, appealing, to looking, at the big picture and, I think it's a fair argument to, use look, at the big picture do you want to throw, all this out roll a baby out with the bathwater the, problem is that as this. Crisis, continues, to escalate and, he fails to rise to the challenge of. Taking. Control, of the narrative and, talking. To people about it there. Will come a time when people who believe in the big picture will say you are in the war for the big picture Prime Minister right what, he has to realize is. That this is not a question of communications, or strategy, you, know that either one, as well as were able. True which case he needs to come clean and explain. And apologize and what everything else or, it's not true in which case he has to show evidence why it's not true but, he can't just mecan't.

Just Sort of strategize, or communicate. His way out of this and I fear that if, he was aware of that he wouldn't be in this problem in the first place well presumably though Paul the the the response, comes from Gerry boots on Wednesday. No no but still presumably, that's where the the the rebuttal comes from. I. Mean, what story about what's going to say that Jodie, Wilson Raybould was confused, in her activity. That sometimes she seemed to be motivated, one way sometimes. By another that's great but, I mean she's gone now and the Prime Minister is still a prime minister and. Members. Of his caucus, are still saying, you. Know there was one on on Joshy, capitalist, so today, saying. That. SNC. Lavalla is entitled. To a deferred. Prosecution agreement. Really. Not a word liberals want to use yeah, I mean, like. Maybe this is why they stick to talking points because when they actually talk it sounds like that. ShoreTel. Last word to you then on on whether you think Wednesday will change anything for them I. Know. That they believe that I think, all that that will change for them is to leave the prime minister and no other option, but to go to bath more seriously, or, to take himself out of play okay. Everybody thanks, our first of many ad issues this week appreciate. It reminder. You can subscribe to the atishoo podcast. Look for it on iTunes any major podcast, app and our website CBC News CA slashed, the national a lot, can happen between now and Wednesday, Andrew but we're gonna try and just hold off until Wednesday when, a tissue will reconvene when, Jerry Butz gives his testimony meanwhile, Andrew you're following, a developing story out of BC tonight yeah Rosie two police, officers were, rushed to hospital today after a hit and run in burnaby tonight. They're still looking for the driver of, that car and, the officers, they're, recovering, Breyer Stewart spoke to a witness who saw it happen. This. Video was taken just moments, after, the officers, were struck both, are part of the k-9 unit and had been in the area to train their dogs and, I saw a weight flash. And then then, literally, the one officer. Went flying in the air he, flew 15. Feet. He believes that white flash she saw was the speeding car that hit the officers, that, same vehicle had been reported, to police shortly, before. The accident just, prior to the collision. A call, came in of a possible impaired driver before.

They, Could engage the, via the, suspect vehicle. It. Fled the, police officer, felt it wasn't safe to pursue the car because it was driving into oncoming traffic a few, blocks around the corner that same car ran, into, the other officers, the, car then sped away while, people inside the nearby businesses, rushed, out to help one. Of the officer was very badly injured I said, do you need help or you, need anything so. They. Were crying. One, of the officers is from the RCMP. They say he was seriously injured but is expected to recover the, other is from the abbotsford, police department, he's expected, to be released from hospital tonight, as for. The speeding car police, later found it, abandoned, it had been reported, stolen the, police investigation, is, continuing, briar, Stewart CBC, News Burnaby. Here. Are some of the other stories we're watching, tonight Prime Minister Trudeau is dismissing, allegations. By Beijing that two, Canadians, were working, together to, steal state, secrets. It. Is unfortunate. That China, continues. To. Move forward on, these arbitrary, detentions, we will continue to stand up for these Canadians, Chinese. Authorities, took Michael Kovarik and Michael's father into custody last December, initially, accusing, them of endangering. National, security, their detention came, just days after, Canada arrested, highway executive, mung Wong Jo at the request of the US China's. Latest move comes just days after her, extradition, crossed, another procedural. Hurdle. And. That is Venezuelan, opposition leader, Juan wydo being, greeted by throngs, of supporters, when he arrived back in Venezuela, today there was some, worry he wouldn't be allowed to return, or may be arrested, upon arrival, that's, because, he broke a court, imposed, travel, ban to tour Latin American countries in search, of support, for his campaign to oust President Nicolas, Maduro, in a tweet, why, don't, Canada, and other countries for helping, him return he, is recognized, by most Western nations. COUNTA included, as Venezuela's. Legitimate. Head of state. Still. At tonight what's behind a spike in transgender. Teens seeking, treatment in Canada also we asked our panel of doctors about the consequences, of a measles, comeback, in Canada and how to protect your family first, though the disturbing, new allegations, of abuse, at the hands of Michael Jackson, can you or should, you separate. The man from the music as. Michael. Started doing these sexual. Acts he started, talking to me about God. Brought us together how do you see that and then decide no I can just happily dance to remember, the time. Told. Me if, they ever found out what, we were doing he and I would. Go to jail their stories, are damning, disturbing, and untested. By the law and today they're, causing some soul-searching in part, one of HBO's, leaving, Neverland which aired last night James, safe Chuck and Wade Robson tell. Of being drawn in by Michael Jackson's star powers, boys then, groomed, and, abused, he said I taught, him how to french kiss and then, it moves on to oral, sex, they, describe specific. Acts and where they allegedly, happened including, in a, closet at Neverland Ranch where a series of bells would, warn of anyone approaching, and, there's more to come part two and a special Oprah interview airing, tonight. So. Faced with that disturbing, portrait some Jackson fans are jumping, to his defense, pointing, out that, his accusers.

Swore, When Jackson, was still alive that, he did nothing wrong but, as Eli Glasner shows us others are grappling with how to separate, the man from the music or, whether they should even try. Radio. Host and musician, Oh Daria William still remembers, being a little kid in Winnipeg, when his dad brought home the VHS, tape of the Thriller music videos Wow and, I just, played, it over and over, and over again, and. I told myself I want to be an entertainment, when I grow up one day, but. After watching the documentary his feelings, about Jackson, have changed, the only word I can come, up with was horrible. This. Is. Horrible. Part. Of his struggle, is Jackson's, impact, as an artist the, drums, on. Thriller. Are, still. Unmatched, and. The. Future, of music together in one album, it's. That. Is unprecedented. Extraordinary. This music fan and writer says Jackson was a part of her life for as long as she can remember you go to a party you hear his music you know the steps you have this whole kind. Of vocabulary of motion, that he created. After watching leaving, Neverland she's removing Michael Jackson from her phone and her life there's, no way to, not hear the music very differently, if you think of one of his big hits the way you make you feel. And there's that line that we says ain't nobody's, business but mine, and my baby you know are you suddenly here that you think about the secrecy, that he you, know existed, in and how there were these this, sense of these very two different Michael Jackson's, and how do you see that and then decide no I could just happily dance to remember, the time, on. Hollywood Boulevard fans, aren't ready to mute Michael, the music makes you happy then why not don't forget about the other stuff but the, music's making people happy Sam, yeah, keep playing it man music, to the ears of the Jackson estate which has already launched a lawsuit against, the HBO network for a hundred million dollars, this, isn't the first time the public has heard similar allegations, of child molestation, the, claims began in 1993, but the world was different then now, we live, in the me2 era and now I for one I'm happy to hear that male. Victims. Of sexual abuse are being, believed and. This investigative, reporter, says this story is far from finished do you expect to hear from from, more victims yes, I do I I, predict. That we, will hear from many more victims I want to be able to speak the, truth but she adds it takes a long time for, victims of child molestation, to, come to terms with what they've experienced. You. Like Laster CBC News Toronto. And. Up next on the national our panel of doctors goes, in depth on the resurgence, of measles, in Canada, a disease that pad didn't, wiped out 20 years ago first, though the passing, of a man whose acting. Career spent more than 30 years and it all began as a teen, heartthrob. Luke. Perry played Dylan, McKay the cool and conflicted. Rebel of Beverly Hills 902, and oh yeah. Let's. Do lunch. That. Show was a phenomenon. In the 90s yet Perry, could take a joke at his own expense look. There must be something, I can do on the show please. For, Mom's sake. After. A couple of modest, movie hits Perry left the main cast of nano - I know - chase more film roles they, didn't, exactly pour, in he, spent years doing, bit, parts voice work direct-to-dvd. Movies, occasionally. Landing more nuanced, roles like in HBO's John from Cincinnati but. Then two, years ago everything, turned, around by, the second later he was cast as Archie, Andrews dak in Riverdale, that edgy, reboot of the Archie comics series, which is now on hiatus, this. Summer he will posthumously, appear. In Quentin, Tarantino's, new movie Luke. Perry 52. Years old died, today of complications. After, a massive stroke he suffered last week. Measles, in Canada is exceptionally. Rare eradicated. Since 1998. Meaning cases, here come from other countries, but this, year it came, and it's spread in, January, the confirmed case in a BC Hospital then a second, and a third by. March there were at least 15, confirmed, cases in British Columbia alone and down, south it was worse in just the first two months of this year the US has seen more than 150. Confirmed, cases and consider. Europe more, than 80,000. Cases, in 2018. According to the World Health Organization. That's the largest outbreak the continent, has ever seen, worldwide. There's been a 50%, increase. In measles, cases between 2017. And 2018, and here's, the rub among, toddlers, in Europe who got sick, 80%. Were unvaccinated, this. For a disease that's been vaccine, preventable, since, 1963.

So Tonight our panel, of doctors on the, consequences, I'm, Danielle Martin family physician, and vice president, at Women's College Hospital. I'm Lennox Wong pediatrician. And chief medical officer, at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto I'm, Samir Sinha I'm a geriatrician and, the director of geriatrics at Sinai Health System. Okay. So let's get right to it Danielle, I'll start with you I mean how how, alarmed, should we be that, measles, is kind of making this comeback we should be alarmed, and I think also we. Should be disappointed, because. That. We have so many very significant. Health issues, that, need to be addressed, in this 21st, century why would we revisit, a disease. That is entirely. Preventable. Right so I mean according to STATS, can the, measles vaccination, rate for kids was around 89%, in, 2015. So. Samir, I mean what it what is the the, fear here that that this could actually take. Hold in Canada, and then spread, in a more broad. Way, domestically. I mean is it getting to that point well measles, is so contagious it's one of the most contagious diseases, out there right, so anybody. Who's not vaccinated. If they come in contact with some of measles they have a 90% chance of getting infected and as Daniel was saying right this was totally preventable and Lenox why is it so dangerous though because there are I mean as I outlined earlier there, are hundreds, of thousands, of cases of measles every. Single year, around. The world I mean why are we so alarmed about a dozen. Even. Even a hundred cases in Canada if it got to that point so. This is a disease where. There might be hundreds. Of thousands, of cases there. Are hundreds, of thousands, of deaths mm-hmm. So, we can leave you dead, can. Leave you with permanent disability. At the, very. Least gives, you a terrible. Terrible illness, that, one. In ten times is going to land you in the hospital for, a, hospitalization.

Hugely. Dangerous so, the vaccine itself. Safe. Okay. And, we and it's been around for a really long time I mean this is not a newfangled. Thing that we don't know very much about and we're still learning like it's been around a long time and in fact you know as we all know there was a there, have been questions raised about the safety and efficacy causing, us to do even more research, and double down on our scientific understanding of, how safe, and how effective, it truly is and, so actually. It's you know it is without a doubt a safe vaccine talk to me about the the efficacy of the MMR V so it's a mumps measles, rubella, how, effective, is it so, so most people. Will, get two doses as a child starting. About a year of age and either, a year and a half or four to six years of age after that and that, vaccination. Of itself offers, upwards. In the ninety five percent range of protection, against against, measles for some people who were older in our society, they may have only gotten one one. Vaccine when they were really young so we're not, talking the second. Yeah the booster if you will and so that's why we recommend that if you're not sure what your status is you know talk, to your family doctor go and see them and say look, you know am i up-to-date you know should, I be getting the vaccination, and are there any other vaccinations. Because eighty eight percent of Canadians, that were polled recently, felt that, they actually are up to date on all the vaccinations, that only three percent actually. Were so, it's not just even about measles there are other probe, axing preventable, diseases out there that. We are not protecting, ourselves against, and I think this is what frustrates us it's, such a waste it's such a waste when you see people suffering right so okay so let's talk about that right so, there was a survey. Done for, Health Canada this was in 2017. Where one in three parents, expressed. Having, having some kind of doubt or concern, about vaccinating, their child and then there. Was something like one in ten who said they had actually refused, or delayed, getting. Some vaccines, for, their children I mean Lennox you're, not in your head I mean do you see that that, vaccine hesitation. In your own practice, yeah, so the the World Health Organization. Has said that vaccine, hesitancy, is one. Of our top ten health concerns, in 2019. It's. A huge concern some worldwide, concern and we do see this in our day-to-day practice, as well that. Ten, percent they're. Not completely, doubting, vaccines, they need a little more information they need to be convinced, they, need to hear about how well vaccines, work and also the terrible diseases that they prevent but that's that's an interesting point too right that there's a spectrum, of people, who are hesitant about vaccines, there there's the anti-vaxxer. Movement, which we hear an awful lot about but. There are people who simply as you say just, have questions are, unsure, I mean how do you how, do you even begin to approach so, that number, of people, who are really, Trulli anti-vaccine. Is. Very very small when. It sir said and I think that we we do better to focus on the, overwhelming, majority of people who actually have a question or too often a very reasonable one that, can be cleared up in a simple conversation and then we can move on and if you think about the, hundreds of millions of lives that have been saved over. Time you know globally. Since, the advent of vaccines, you know it's it, it pretty much equates, to the time when we first, separated, the sewage from the water but these are the big moments, in human history when. We actually made a difference in people's life expectancy. One of those is the advent of vaccinations and so we cannot lose that ground can you get people on board one conversation, at a time can, you combat, all the bad information out there with. Just, this equal, onslaught, of good, information because today I don't know how, effective that's been no, I think, and I think part of it is you know I think my.

Colleagues, I think all of us are realizing, that we need to put a bit more emphasis in reassuring. Folks because again, when you start hearing little bits and pieces there, may be some doubt in your mind and so, I do make it a routine part of my practice especially, for older people in Canada, who, are often. You know well below their vaccination, rates most people think that vaccines are just for kids but. We need them throughout the life course and especially when we're older as well and that's that's the case in your practice though I mean particularly with older people where they they would say what that either they forgot or that they were complacent you know I mean the World Health Organization, has you know said that the big three reasons, why people often won't get vaccinated, are one because of cost right, you know if there's a cost associated that's, why we've done a really good job in Canada making these essential, vaccinations, pretty much free and publicly. Available often. It's also convenience, right if it's, not conveniently, available you. Know you you. Work late and you know you can't get to the office during the hours can we make sure it's available that's why many provinces around the country we can get these vaccinations, at your pharmacy, as well making. Let, me jump in because making, vaccinations, free that, that so that's that's one thing huge last time I remember I had you guys here on the panel we were talking about the, influenza vaccine, the flu shot and I, asked you a question about whether that, ought to be mandatory. And. And I'm gonna ask you the same question, but, as it relates to measles, as it relates to the whole suite of vaccines that are out there ought they to be mandatory. I don't know about med units and we had this debate earlier Anya Amanda, what does mandatory, really mean I mean that, at, the very least we need to be actually, reporting. So that we understand, who is and isn't vaccinated. And we need to be putting in place systems, in order to make sure that people don't fall behind by accident, or because they don't realize or understand, we could start with that I think we could have a healthy debate about mandatory and actually there's. A there's a wide, span of opinions about that I don't know that we need to make them mandatory if these other systems are in place I I do want to put that question to you I mean you you come, across parents, and kids all the time now, I'd like to say that they're necessary, this. Is something that your child needs because. That's the truth there's. A very very few children that, can't get vaccinated, whether, they have some sort of very particular, illness. Very very. Few vast. Majority, of children pretty, much all it's. Necessary, well I think the any other part is you know I think a lot of people who don't, get vaccinated, you, know they think that well you know it's like not wearing a seat belt I'm only harming myself but. We often equate not getting vaccinated to drunk driving right, because, if you actually don't get vaccinated, what's, really serious. Here is that not only do, you potentially, put yourself at harm but, other people who couldn't get vaccinated, that's why we need this concept of herd immunity by. My getting vaccinated I'm hoping to protect you and you be getting vaccinated helps protect me and I think when, people start realizing the importance of why we all need to do this when, we can do this then, that's where I think it starts reinforcing, the necessity, behind it and to Samir's point you know it's a lifelong, commitment, the commitment to, preventing, illness, one. Of the most important, ways that we do that is when you go to see your family doctor to get your blood pressure checked or have your mammogram, or your pap smear or get your cholesterol checked you, should be having a conversation every, time about are my vaccines, up-to-date do I need a tetanus shot do I need an ammonia vaccine, do I need a shingles vaccine because, the, science, is evolving and there, are new vaccines, that are available all the time and.

All Of us through our lifespan, are going to need to be continually. Mitting to preventing, disease and illness in ourselves and you know in our community. Danielle. Lennox, sameer thanks, so much thank, you. Next. On the National the gender transition of an Ottawa teen who never felt, like he was a girl and made sure his, parents understood. His, situation was. Dire I remember. As a small child like I would pray, to God Lea like. Why do you make me the wrong way like can I please wake up and just be the right way. Transgender. Issues have burst into mainstream, awareness, with incredible, speed it's not quite four years since Caitlyn Jenner the formerly, male, Olympic, champion came out as a trans woman popular. TV shows have also heightened, trans visibility. But. These issues get much more real and much more urgent when it's your kid who says I'm not the gender you think I am and I'm in terrible pain, this. Is happening more and more last, year the BC Children's Hospital, received. 240. Referrals, of kids struggling. With their gender identity just, five years earlier it was 20, doctors. Are wary about putting, underaged patients. Through hormone, treatments, and irreversible. Surgery, but they're, also keenly, aware of the torment, felt by some trans kids one, Ontario, survey show that 49%. Of trans youth had considered, suicide, in the previous year and 19%. Had. Attempted, it so. Let's put some real faces, to those numbers, in Ottawa family had to search their souls when, their young daughter came to them in crisis, they now accept, that child as their son the. CBC's, Jen beard shows us how they all got there. When. Kino Chesky was 13 years old he shocked his parents, when he told them he didn't want to be a girl anymore, like I've known my whole life like, ever since I was very little and, I. Remember. As a small child like I would pray, to God Leigh like. Why do you make me the wrong way like can I please wake up and just be the right way Keon, was born Katelyn a twin, sister to Kirsten, but, from his earliest memories, he felt trapped in the wrong body living. The wrong life it's, like I didn't want to live like. Guys, Katelyn anymore cuz, it wasn't way it was Keon. Was so distressed, he was cutting and burning himself I had been in this kind of dark place for a while and. It was always like, it's. Either you're gonna like, end here, or I'm gonna tell. People who I am and. I kinda just figured like. If. Worst-case. Scenario I'm ending things I might as well. Tell. People who I am first like you know and see how it plays out and then, one, night he left his parents a note a note. That had taken him an entire year, to write all I'm asking, is for a chance to be who I really am, you are the best parents ever, and. I love you very much. Thank. You for reading this and it says love your son. I. Think. We both kind of looked, at each, other and said well okay. And. Then. We're like my my. God he's going to have a difficult time with the support of his parents, Keon started treatment at this gender, diversity clinic, at geo the, Children's Hospital in Ottawa now. 17, he's had hormone therapy, and had, his breasts and uterus, removed Keon. Is part of a spike in demand for transitioning. From teens around the world last. Year, 189. Children were referred to the clinic a decade. Ago there were only one, or two doctors. Don't know why we, really don't know I think it's much more knowledge but more awareness in the community in general about about. Gender diversity the clinic works closely with the teens questioning. Them over, and over again to make sure transitioning. Is what they really want is it possible, that that we make a mistake yes. It's possible to make a mistake do I lose sleep over that sometimes, yes I lose sleep over that sometimes but, that.

Just That just increases, our resolve to go back and look at it again and again and again and again and. And try to, be. As solid as we can at any point in time that. Were that, we're doing the right thing but, Fedder warns delaying, treatment is also risky many, turn to self-harm or drug abuse if they feel trapped in the wrong body, so it's not a benign decision. To wait, you, know and parents often say that you know we support our kid but they're only 15, let's, wait till they're 21. That's. Not a benign decision that that sort of strategy. Also is fraught with potential. Negative, outcome Ian's, parents feel strongly that they needed to support their son or risk losing him I've heard horror. Stories we've, read things, where we're, parents. You. Know almost disowned, their child because, they came out and said that he can absolutely can't do that yeah I mean you're gonna drive your child to suicide if you're if you do that now. Qian's got a new life with. His girlfriend by, his side like if you knew him before you could tell that there like he was. Like. Masculine, and like yeah. Girl, yeah like I was, not a big surprise but, I was just ready to like support him and I didn't, know that I was gonna like fall, in love with him or anything this. Is a hundred percent Who I am, and the. Thing is like I was. A guy before I transitioned I've been a guy my whole life it's. Just. Making. The outside match, what's inside Jen, beard CBC, News Ottawa. Still. Head tonight on the national the intrepid, CBC, reporter, who hiked seven kilometres, for a story on, a Yukon ice cave and then got the perfect shot. Perfect. Timing. Moment, is next. Hi, I'm Sarah McLaughlin host, of the 2019. Juno Awards join me for the biggest night in the, Junos March 17th, on CBC. Matter time already the Great Canadian baking, show is coming back to CBC and we're looking for Canada's best amateur bakers, apply now go to, slash, great Canadian baking show to enter. In. Television, news it is all about getting the shot, the perfect scene the, perfect, backdrop a way to tell the story get, a contacts. Bring it to life so when CBC White House report, a white horse rather reporter Phillip Mejia was recording, his on camera, for a story on a melting. Ice cave, and glacier got, the shot a one-in-a-million. Shot and, that's our moment. The. Glacier, is as much a story about social media as anything, else only, a few people knew about it until quite recently it's, being discovered, just as it's starting to fall apart that was the reason I was there to do a story in the first place was, to have a look and see. If I could Chronicle, some. Of the deterioration, of this cave I was saying everyone. Knows it's going to collapse sooner or later but some, hikers are here to have a look while they still can and, just like, a period, at the end of a sentence at the very moment I stopped talking I heard, a loud crash and turned, around I was stunned, it was just the perfect illustration of, what I was there to talk about and it.

Just Happened right at that timing that I could have never planned, out it's, just a one-in-a-million, shot that, is one, I think is. In my time at CBC North that's certainly a memorable, memorable standup. Also. He walked, seven kilometres to get that on camera and, a, geologists. Say that this is just gonna keep happening it's, gonna keep deteriorating. And melting and doing, what it did there and while he was walking his seven kilometers he he was thinking about a stand-up and he told us that he, wanted to go into the cave because he knows it echoes and so when he said his name and CBC News it would news news news but, then he heard but the, sound can make the cave collapse, so he's very glad yeah. I mean but that's important right I mean it's so structurally. Brittle according to Yukon search-and-rescue, that a loud noise could could set the whole thing off so, I was just shocked that after he said his his, sign-off and then the thing collapsed when he said holy des the. Whole thing did come cuz I also heard that word glad. You pointed that out yes hey. That's the national for this March 4th. You.

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