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My frustration with YouTube is the, the, projects I'm really passionate about and feel like really good about other. Ones don't get watched I don't get promoted they don't get any revenue you and then I'll do something where I'm like this is really stupid I almost feel bad about posting, it and then it'll just go viral yep I have, the exact same issue and that's why we're trying to do one-day projects as well because it's just like why. Do we spend hundreds of hours Engineering something to have it fall flat on its face cuz that's the problem yeah it doesn't matter how much time you put into a project it's, how you present it and how cool it is yeah. Hey. Do you guys remember that time grant Thompson came to visit hack Smith industries of course you don't because that's happening right now this. Video is sponsored by Nordby PN start protecting yourself on the web today using, my coupon code below and save 77%, off a three-year, plan. Grant. Is, good, - welcome to the shop brought you some Tim Hortons stop. By for some Boston cream so. This is the place yeah. This. Is the spy, car in progress this. Is legit, a spy car you'll. See that like that's the that's the test for doing today I haven't, seen any previous. Videos, coming out tomorrow oh really, yeah oh no kitty this is cool like a James, Bond yep, take, this start just start there's gonna be a whole series of video I'm talking rocket, launchers under the headlights a grappling hook launcher in the grill dispensers, retired spikes and oil slicks and for romantic nights out a built-in, projector so, you have a movie theater wherever you want and. What I'm most excited for is jet engines in the trunk. Okay. Doing the ejection seat today. Check. This out the sleeping pod yeah I recognize, that on the way here I also notice the train tracks and the walking of that how. You doing man good, to see it recognize you in gonna. Meet you guys okay is this the one that you actually have to be, worthy. Okay. This. Is awesome, see this is what I love about your workshop is like you're doing all the things that I wanted. To do. No. Time I just. Gotta take a second to just take this all in there there, is so much stuff in here it's insane you. Got like your sleeping pods up here pull, on Iron Man suit wonder, women see which I'm guessing you use for like occasional. Parties on the weekends yeah it's fun, some. Of this stuff I don't even recognize I haven't played video games since a Nintendo 64 so, I don't, and. How many Thor's, Hammer's, have you got cuz I see them out front I see the I think, we own about six right now or making a few more, so yeah check picking up okay, so. Feels. Like lead. Yeah. That's. About 75, pounds whew that's that's, got some weight to it right uh it's, not a one hander for sure you know what you need to do is almost make a set of barbells dumbbells. You. Know go, to the gym and work out with a horse hammer wouldn't that be the coolest thing. Just. Like in the gym just crank it this out that, actually is really heavy what. Else you got okay so I reckon it's funny I've seen a lot of your videos so I recognize a lot of things it's not coming together I feel. Like I'm using the butch shield yet. Yes. I didn't. See you test it though so. We're, still trying to find a gun, range that will let us shoot it through but the neat thing with this besides, have heavier this is my goodness is we got this little dial here. There. We go I, know. That reminds me of the world's brightest, flashlight yeah, so this is this is, getting up there like this is a 16. LEDs. There. Apparently 9,000. Lemons each okay. It's r18 so, that's like 165, thousand, lumens yeah which, is three. Times the brightness of an IMAX projector, okay yeah although an IMAX projector is much more focused and how, long can you run them before um, it's, actually not too bad I think I think we could probably get like half an hour really out of the battery pack or see it you could hack in it yeah. So it gets, pretty warm like if you feel here it's already getting a bit toasty that's what I was wondering like could you hack an LCD screen to make your own like hundred inch projector you could really IMAX, screen for that matter yeah.

Okay. So I have her FD how heavy this is so. We. Actually did take it to an airsoft game. We. Were able to run slightly with it but. Bogdan. Went a bit too crazy with it and he actually trips and fell and like flipped over it because it was so heavy. So. They'll be in the test video as well still, yeah it's, all its deal did you bend it too bent. Up with Thor's hammer did, you really yeah we literally we put on the table clamp it down I took. We. We've met we've literally managed. To use that for, like the past four projects, for some element of the project we've hit a project, with the hammer you know what you need to do is use that as a counterweight for your flying like Iron Man project. This. New one. It's. Really cool yeah I haven't, actually seen the movie yet oh yeah. That's one of the best all right so if you pull that extend. Well. That's got some weight to it you yep. Everything, we make super, heavy. Alright. And then you want to go back you just flip this the other direction and then. Yeah. So, actually over. Here, so. That's our Han Solo blaster, okay, and we're. Planning on blowing up the Death Star with, the blaster. That's. Just a flare gun good for you issues flares yeah, awesome. I would love to talk to you about legalities, in Canada. It's. A bit of a gray area I've, learned a lot about legalities, recently, I actually sat down with the city yesterday. Before I flew up here oh I'm sat down with the entire city chief of police all the fire marshals, the risk assessment, manager the, mayor. Of the city yeah so I learned a lot about what. The city thinks. Is legal what, like. Very interesting, system where like nobody, knows and it's a gray area for everybody, there's, no right way to do anything it's just like do you get caught and do you get prosecuted or not that. Makes a lot of sense actually. Oh. Riley. If you're gonna watch potentially, dangerous stuff, on YouTube you should really be using a VPN yeah. Yes Riley a VPN, in, this day and age everything you do online is being watched by someone or, something and it's super important to keep your privacy, even if you don't think you have anything to hide you really want some company owning your entire browsing history I know I don't luckily, we've teamed up with Nord VPN, and if use my coupon code, below you can save seventy-seven percent on a three-year membership that's only two seventy-five a month plus with up to six devices per account you're protected on your laptop tablet phone, and even your desktop computer and. With over 4,000 servers in 62 countries you can browse the web from anywhere, and, Nord, VPN will never save or share your data and. There we go now you can watch all the dangerous videos on YouTube you want, thanks. Plus, it goes without saying you should never be doing any private, work or banking, on public Wi-Fi without, the use of the VPN. Time. To do some private banking on a public Wi-Fi network Oh.

Free. Wi-Fi is the easiest way for hackers to see their personal information or, money. So. You got a great great setup here you could pretty much do everything yeah, let me let me show you the plasma cutter then so. Yeah this is a new baby and we. Have literally used it for almost every single project since. We got it it. Makes everything so much easier especially. For welding we do this double as a waterjet table also uh no, only yeah. Did. You use this for the console, yep so we got at the Han Solo blaster. We've got. Frostmourne. It's a sort of a building part, of the Captain America shield. Rackets. That explains why it's heavy it's. Like really good. And. The gold is that that, does kind of Iron Man II theme the. Render is complete, little. Ostentatious don't, you think tell. You what throw. A little hotrod red in there yes that should help you keep a low profile, and then everything else is yellow, and red which is very just a comic book okay. Right. Primary cut it always wondered why instantly comical, because you very, much there make it real yeah I'd, say like you probably got to handle on make it real I mean I think so I'm, saying even the Wonder Woman laughs ooh uh-huh. All, you need to do is attach electrodes to, the end that does a lie-detector, test. True. Yeah. Back. Here we have some more of our really nice equipment, this. Is a tormach. P CNC 440, million machine so. It's a small CNC machine, tore, mocks been really great to us they've given. Us all these machines okay. So I got a question for you you have, some pretty impressive pieces, of machinery in here okay is there anything in your workshop that, you don't have the you wish you had so. The plasma table, was like I keep, saying it was the last piece of the puzzle and I truly believe that because we have literally used, like almost every single project since, we got it in here and I've wired one for years because. My very first piece of equipment that I ever bought was a CNC laser cutter which. Can only do plastic and wood but. Because. It could do plastic and wood, it. Opened up so many possibilities for projects, that coupled, with a 3d printer so. I saw, the plasma table as the next evolutionary, step where you can make stuff out of now let's. Check out upstairs. Otto. So. The. Actual ones have started shipping so, I'll be getting my actual. Boring flamethrowers, soon and I'm really excited I'm I'm just curious how, he even, did it can, we expect that as a video on oh yeah. And. Then obviously. A comparison. Yeah. Obvious. This is where we film stuff we've got one camera set up here constantly, just as it's. Easy because we always do the intros and outros here. Did. You build this shot no. So this shop was built back in the 80s actually so, it was actually built by a trucker that's why it's got the huge door he's need to actually pull a transport, truck it looks like it's a pretty good shape yeah. Yeah. So. It was very well bit built, we're. Lucky that it was in decent shape because, before I bought this place, the previous, owners rented it out to some rather sketchy clientele, and, literally, when. We got this place it was like a hoarders, nightmare, my. Guys really there's a piles of garbage everywhere, and we had to clean it all out but. Luckily the, bones of this place were fine and we, painted all the walls to there for the dirty ceiling, still kind of. And. I remember when you're starting out your wall had nothing on it except your were clearing claws yep. Are. These the pens you're talking about yep from pub G yeah so we made a few mini ones to do as a giveaway Oh interesting, what. Would you say the project you're most proud of. Probably. The Captain America shield the new one because. That was a good solid weeks of like. Six weeks of design-build. And. The whole team like I spent the first one. Or two weeks designing it and then, it was almost a month straight of the. Entire team working full-time to build it like each of those shields probably, took. Maybe. Like a hundred hours of labor at least Justin, like and you got holding everything, okay there's a prototype up here on the wolfpack wall oh, wow. Is. This the railgun this. Is the wait, a minute it's the crossbow, style yeah, oh, that's right you shot, a red heart rebar through like a zombie head yeah. Yeah. Right and that stayed monetized no problem I did actually and really yeah, okay. This looks familiar I got one of these I. Actually just started using this the walls blocked has six yep this, is sat in my workshop for a year and collecting dust it's, because I don't know how to do any 3d model on your 3d mock-ups. Yeah I finally got into fusion 360 okay. I still, feel like a beginner but I designed a couple Lego bricks nice and printed them lock and I've.

Almost Addictive, together, so I'm, really interested in picking your brain on the whole 3d modeling for sure cuz I feel like once you once, you get that lock down then it opens up access, to all these to it yeah so, we got more printers into there yeah we have four, of them actually. Are. You working with the manager, are, you negotiating ideas pretty much old. Self-managed. It's a lot of work or what, did you used to do, yeah. So I was a Mickey, I was a proc developer at a company, that made projectors. But III helped. Work on designing, digital, projectors, by. The company that used to make IMAX projectors, okay, so imax actually when, imax went from film to digital, they, had their projectors, made by christy digital which is actually a local Kitchener company which is the world leader in digital projection technologies, maybe they're one of the biggest most, movie theories you go to it's a Christie projector and, then. This is the original laser cutter, how. Often do you use this oh we still use it probably on a daily basis, so it's, it's still super used I was, like your must-haves like which tools would you consider like the staples, yeah if I was to start again I'd. Probably get, a 3d printer plasma, cutter and welding, equipment if, I had enough money plasma table right so, yeah so this is for cutting wood and plastics, yeah. So, even I kind of like little puzzle boxes, yeah, so it's great for doing electrical. Boxes. For like smell little, projects and whatnot and the neat thing with this is this is generated, from a website called maker case comm you, very say I want a box that measures 8 inches by 12 inches by 4 inches and automatically. Makes the plans for you with the cutout you hit print you, can hot glue it together really, so it's just another one of those like super convenient things my. Frustration, with YouTube is the the, projects I'm really passionate about and feel like really good about either, one don't get watched yeah I don't get promoted they don't get any revenue you and then I'll do something where I'm like this is really stupid, I almost feel bad about posting, it and then it'll just go viral yeah I have, the exact same issue and that's why we're trying to do one-day projects, as well because it's just like why. Do we spend hundreds of hours Engineering something to have it fall flat on its face that's, the problem yeah it doesn't matter how much time you put into a project it's, how you present it and how cool it is yeah, I. Want to know about your Captain America suit though that's legit yeah that. Came from the killer body, Chinese.

Company It's, licensed, so, it is it's, a pretty legit costume, and we, we. Weathered it to make it look even better so. When, we walk over there you'll see we uh we, actually tore feelings, and rub it in the dirt and, a bit, of black spray-paint brownish you know I was looking at your pictures from your photo shoot and I was like this yeah, it looks very realistic, yeah so what one of the cool features we added which. We saw in. A screenshot from the movie before the movie came out is, this yeah, so. Some people said it was like vibranium scales, or something it was something that was never even mentioned in the movie but we literally ripped holes and found, this material glued. It in and made, it look like it's, actually inside. The entire suit. That's. Cute so, it's funny you mentioned this so we are looking at industrial properties, now because we want to expand we, don't have enough room like this is actually only half the team right now and it's already getting crowded here. This. Is Evan he's our Video Editor DUP Evan and then. We've. Also got Benjamin who, does, electronics, engineering as well Oh awesome, but. Anyways, we're. Torn between trying, to find a farm to buy because a farm means we'd have lots of outdoor space for big projects, or an industrial property, in an actual industrial district well. I'm totally not planning that I'm gonna be honest man I'm pretty impressed and pretty jealous it's a setup that you got here looks amazing, this, really is and I love how secluded, it is it's. So amazingly, industrial. And yet hidden. Go in the backyard yeah. Good. Stuff well there's your next trick is to make an Iron Man suit it's got muscle definition. Now. That. Would ever, be quite the challenge, can I see your pot yeah. This. Was actually this is the very first example of, being, able to build a really cool project because, of a sponsorship, and we. Were really excited about it so just like I love, wait we can get paid to make something cool that we get to keep afterwards, like literally in my house I'm gonna have one of these just cuz sometimes you just need to get away where, it's quiet it's desert saucer conditions. There. Yeah can, I step up and take a look again yeah if I wanna see what mutters you. Such. A garage door opener. It's. Literally a garage door opener strapped to the bottom really, yep. And. Then all, the tech in it is literally, just consumer, tech that. Has, apps. For Android, or iPhone or whatever and we just have it all controlled by that tablet now this isn't to one day build now, did you conceptualize, it Ian. Actually designed this one I just like that's a lot of something we can talk about like when it's more casual like the companies, are working with ad agencies. Experience. His numbers definitely. Awesome. And. With that what kind a. Secret. Meeting time. All. Right so you guys I'm gonna sign my robot arm, let's. Go. Just. Like a big NR. Well. I hope you guys enjoyed that video grant came up for a few days to learn a bit more about engineering and taught me a bunch about how to run my business better unfortunately. We've got to shoot an outro so let me be the first to say if you're not subscribed to the king of random yet head on over to his channel and do so he's a great guy and his channel produces some awesome content, let's give him over ten million subscribers and, if you guys want to see some more behind-the-scenes content check out our vlog channel we have another video right here featuring both grant Thompson and Evan frickin kale and yes, we might do a collab someday.

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NurdRage? Lol?


the knock at the start freaked me out


DVSS nope, just kept the audio tracks separate =p our position on screen is irrelevant

riley aka not bogdan xD

im riley with a y

Cant wait for allen pan, grant, colin, and hacksmith to do a full on collab lol

This is by far the best collaboration video on YouTube. Both the king of random and the hacksmith seem a little star struck being together, the best part is that they are genuinely so happy together talking about their interests. I've missed grant, I'm super happy to see him here.

Am i the only one who thinks he looks a lot like captain America and ironman

that ad is funny

just expand your current place. its better

Can't expand :( city won't let us

Hacksmith + King of random=Technology + Scient = MIND BLOWN!!!

i love the i tried it at home shirt


Your voices are the same!!!

No funding

Nah, lots of people already have!

BTW, vpns dont hide what your doing, they hide YOUR LOCATION, and most of the time there used so hackers cant be found by the government, CIA, NSA, and FBI

Dude what explain how your shield keeps changing color!?

the Hacksmith I have Idea using a freezing super conuctdor to create a hover board it wold be great

MAKE A DALEK OR A TARDIS OR A SONIC SCREWDRIVER (Sonic screwdriver would be a good one day project).

I've waited this for way too long

To be honest I still want that sleeping bed

the 3d noise on this through headphones is crazy.

What was your major in college

It doesn't matter if you have a agency blocking your VPN FBI knows what you're doing at all times either way reason is because they can demand it right away from that company

that's the good thing about NordVPN - it is NOT based in USA (like others), so FBI doesn't have a way to know or demand anything

Two of my favorite channels coming together .... I'm on my knees

He heard

Why are u taking credit for Riley’s work

This collab was cooler then infinity war.

the audio is a little funky

you are the best hacksmith

Make the downshift glider from fortnite

make a ghostbusters proton pack

Funny that grant is in the collab. He’s not even in the videos anymore

lol got a nordvpn ad on this video

In the arms of the angels

MY FAMILY HAS A FARM IN PA, USA. As my grandma is slowly moving out there for good, my dad own 25% of it from his 3 other brothers. He doesn't know what to do with it, I will most likely inherit it. As there is a way where I can get all 100% of the 100 acres. My 2 uncles would not be doing much, I do have one that would be your landlord. I live in Japan till 2019, so the summers I come back to the US in PA. If you want to strike a deal, I have a email in the about section of my youtube channel. Also if you are there please consider to subscribe to me, I love your project and make it real videos!!!! Continue being the HACKSMITH!!!!!!!!

i live near Kitchener

Make something from tf2 please and too real man too real

Grant... I haven’t heard that name is years

The most ambitious crossover event in all of history


Pls do more colabs with Grant Thompson

with people just watching the stupid videos now i just make stupid videos

Name a better duo Bet you can't

I've been waiting for this for a long time

this is the first time i've seen grant in months....why doesnt he show up on his own channel?

hey guys! i found Grant! lol

awesome colab guys, love both of your channels and the hard work you put into them

Grant has more face time in the first five minutes of this than he does in the last three weeks of his own channel combined.


Can you Build a MX 6.5 Gun from arma 3?

Nurdrage always being a secretive bastard! I know that was you!

Yay! It has been forever since I have heard grants voice.

Who is nr

There hasn’t been a flying like iron man in a while

You should make Maestiros evil eye from Rainbow Six Siege

Yes showing some siege love

Awsome looking at two of my favourite youtubers working together!

better crossover than infinity war

beild a canon looking flare gun on the side of the car

Try to make cylop's beam


I like the real cool videos

Do they speak English??? Lmao it feels like my days studying english was useless while watching this video

Do captain cold's cold gun please

Hey, how much would you sell your pod for. Or could you make me one? Thanks!

You really should do the human drone from spiderman

Omfg i love This colab and i would like to see u do some projects with the king of random

Make the booletprof Helmet from PUBG lv3

Make infinity gaulet

Please build a ant man armor

We have

the Hacksmith why are u not working on the ironman project now

Can you make a stormbreaker

i hear grants voice from the right speaker and hacksmiths voice from the left

Ohh so that's what the sword was called

Probably not gonna see this, but. Maybe ask the youtuber demolition ranch if you can shoot the shield. Probably a dumb idea.

Can you make Corvo's blade from Dishonored?

You should make the stormbreaker

Id love to see you make hiccups how to train your dragon inferno(fire sword)

when he knocked on the door at the beginning i thought someone was knocking on my bedroom door...

Lets make stormbraker

audio channels sounds like they're reversed in this video (or well, some parts of it)

The intro is so true

That awkward moment when you have to find another youtuber to actually see Grant on camera.


"the king of random?" .....I've been surpassed....

no I'm totally not saying you guys won't do the justice for it but you guys have to like put lights inside of frostmourne so then it lights up like oh my God sorry giant Wowhead here in that is just like ahhhhhh

Make junkrats frag launcher form overwatch!

wait peter stripol??

DANG That knock at the beginning scared the crap out of me cause I am wearing headphones and it sounded real!

Make a hoverboard with those mini jet things you used for your iron man videos

Make Rip hunter's future revolver from DC's legends of tomorrow

The funny part is you see grant more now on other channels than you see him on his own channel

How long until grant Thompson gives up on collabs? Seems like he gave up on The King of Random and selfMADE.

Smol boi growing up doing collabs am proud

I know you do marvel stuff but I say this old superman cape that replied lava. I was wondering if you could do something like that or you can make a superman suit as strong as steel since he is the man of steel

teu to make the wings of the hawk using rios motor (5000

You guys should make ancient arrows and the ancient bow from Legend of Zelda breath of the wild

JAMES what if you attach a harness to the Rope cleavus can you swing with one arm

Why is this like a superhero meetup?

Lol the hacksmith looks like any marvel superhero with a beard

I love mgb's there so nice

In time we'll all know what it's like to live under the hacksmith ruling because one day the hacksmith will take over using his spy car on 2 hours of sleep with Nightwing sticks using Batman grappling hook

i think that was thebackyardscientist

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

i have a awesome idea for a video. Make the brave-heart William Wallace sword

Marvel: Infinity war is the most ambitious crossover yet. Me, an intellectual: HACKSMITH AND THE KING OF RANDOM BOOIIIIIII

Infinity War Part II : Hacksmith and Colinfurze

hey hacksmith love your videos! but as everyone knows there are no more sponsors of yours than WAR ROBOTS a game i personally love and have been playing it for a while it is my wish that you and your team make a bot from war robots or a weapon from the game anyways when is the flying like iron man project gonna continue hope it happens soon

maybe a prototype will help.i am just a fanboy

It'd need to be a really big sponsorship haha. Building a real war robot would be cool but could cost tens of thousands of dollars

Now that you can print carbon fiber, try making one of those edf (s) you talked about. Also, I did the math because I was bored, and I think you could lift a kit with the jet, large edf, and some handheld ones.

Still be very difficult to do. Also that company asked for the printer back, so we can't print carbon fiber haha

Can you make rose quartz sheld and sword from Steven universe


Thought it'll be Nate, but this is a throwback.

I'm very proud to be a subscriber of this channel.

Thank You :3


Were you a mechatronics engineer or a mechanical engineer?

Build the infinity gauntlet as a one day thing

Can u please do black panther

the audio from each mic going in one ear is disorientating...

backyard scientist "NR" ???


That blue guy is solider 76 from overwatch on PC, XB1, and PS4

Where is grant

you put time into your projects for your REAL fans to appreciate.

well, whatever happens, I will ALWAYS watch your videos and try to get as many others as I can to do the same thing. I love your channel and will stay subcribed forever

Unfortunately we get paid by views and we can't afford to do projects just for the real fans =( I wish all of YouTube appreciated our projects!

how can i be either of you when i grow up?

You should collab with demolition ranch he can shoot it

Saw the JB 007 reference in the pod, is that a nod to Daniel Craig in The Force Awakens?

weird seeing Grant on video again. I thought he had minions for that now :p

When i saw the thumbnail: YEAH YEAAAHHHH

Make like the hidden blades from AC, I've seen SO many people make it, but it would be awesome to see it the "Hacksmith" way.

Ah, ok well one thing better than seeing you maoe AC blades is you replying to my comment!!

Yeah but we try and do unique projects! most of our projects are the first attempts at stuff =)

Anybody else REALLY wanna know who NR is?

Grant always reminds me of dean from supernatural, makes him even cooler.

One day challenge: The knife shoe from kingsman or the shock ring.

Yes! The collab of the Century!!!!

Hey! For a new project, can you try making the Saints Row dubstep gun?

hello I am going to be I have a question I'm 11 years old and I live in Turkey and came to my mind a question, but the required materials using found not'm gonna ask you something from her F-16 rockets in turkey ıron it possible to make a suit of armor like man

you should make hawkeye's weapon with all that working arrow tips

You should try and make aragorns sword from lord of the rings

You should Do a collab with electroBOOM

would love to but hes on the opposite side of the country!

Just been waiting for this vedio

That’s why I don’t watch the king of random grant do what you wanna do grant I’ll watch it

Plz more iron man

+the Hacksmith any updates about the Iron Man project?

still no funding

They are the mirror image of steve rogers and tony stark

I dunno about that...

I waited sooooo long for this collab YASSSSSSSSS

You should do a gypsy avenger retractable sword from Pacific rim uprising

Will you do a small project for us

yeah... it has lights... come on man

yeah watch our collab lol

So does Evan kale work for you guys or just hang out?

the Hacksmith can you please make the new thors hammer from the avengers infinity war

You guys should make a batsuit if you want to

Nice intro

Can you do the stormbreaker or the axe of kratos please

I watch both!

Make gipsy dangers plasma cannon

Wow, my two favorite youtubers got together to do a video that was released on my birthday lol

Yay Tim Hortons who else was excited to realize that a little piece of Canada was in a video. Btw I'm Canadian

Plz build the oasis with the multi direction tred meal

the Hacksmith. It would be cool if you could make retractable black panther claws

the king of random is my biggest fan

Who is NR

Make a assassin’s hidden blade)

i love this i'm subscribed to both of you.

Along the lines of doges comment please support the game theorists who have just recently had a what seemed like a family relationship with Ronnie one of their team who recently committed suiside


Can you build Thor’s infinity war axe

Do the Elektrik whip from whiplash dein Iron man 2

ОХУЕННО БЛЕТ!!! Yes it's Russian language

Haven't you noticed that this other dude does most of the videos instead of grant? :(

Yes, but Grant runs the channel. Nate is the host -- there are another dozen people working on those videos. I wanted to meet Grant to talk about YouTube =)

the sound is inverted and its bothering me.... .-.

It's not inverted, we changed places ;-)

Try running with the Thor's hammer. The golden plates were heavy like that.

I’ve been waiting for this my entire life

the Hacksmith can you make predator's blades

How much $$$ would you accept to privately send me a uncut footage with Nurd Rage's face?

Gove the shield to @ demolition ranch for him to shoot or just find him in texas

could you make a real life master sword from the legend of zelda

tbh James is kinda awkward around other youtubers

I feel like if you maid shorter to the point videos you might have more views just an opinion tho

You chould do the multidirectional walking station in player one

Can you make a titanfall jump kit?

Crappy try on the surround sound guys, sorry, it had to be said...

cbc plasma cutter or water her? which is better


Tereto aser la armadura de halo


OMG dream team

I am from slovakia or zo Slovenska and I watch you one year

Who is nr?

can you build the ''phoenix crossbow'' from the videogame crossout

what about the flash? you should make something from the flash

Ты молодец ,продолжай нас удивлять , тебя смотрит Россия

Eating for rigid for so one

You are my inpiration james i have been watching you for years. i love these colabs it looks like you are very happy and you have a lot of friends :D

The website isn’t updated

the Hacksmith oh wait sorry I thought the 4th of July vid was the same as the T. rex minigun vid was the same

MaZef yeah, that video hasn't come out yet

the Hacksmith sorry i meant the schedule, it says T. rex minigun

yes it is

Hawkeye and captain America

Mack a ready player one

Make stormbreak

Why are your voices coming on different sides of my headphones wtf

And OUR frustration with YouTube, you fkn suits grant.

Can you make a infenty ganlet with magnets and can pick up thors hammer and captain americas sheilds and throw them

Van Helsing's repeater crossbow.

Make Robins Cape!

You know the 3DMG you guys made put the batman grapple hook mechanism in the 3DMG grapple


Ermegersh Nerdrage!

Missed ya grant hope you'll be back

Jou dudes are awesome

Can you please make genji's sword from overwatch

Wtf I just got asked if I wanted YouTube premium like TF YOUTUBE IS SUPPOSED TO BE ABSOLUTELY FREE with the exception of YouTube red!

Gun Black panther

Not for sale

YouTube prefers long videos actually

the Hacksmith I'm really excited for the frostmourne project cause recently I've been excited in the lore of the weapon from warcraft

Make the assassin's creed hidden blade

Y’all could definitely make your own invention company, y’all allready tryna get a warehouse

My idols are back

Can you make the infinity gauntlet

Top 10 anime crossovers

Looks like someone already beat you to it with the flying like iron man thing. His name is Richard Browning


I’ve been trying to join the discord but the invite is invalid? I don’t ever remember being in the discord to be banned or such.

You should make dekus iron soles

i do remember that!

You guys remember those big red guys from the last Jedi you guys should make their weapon

2 legends at same place.... Awesome

I think you had too much coffee for the VPN ad

Please make something about terraria...

Can you make a real pip boy 3000 from fallout

Does anyone else see how awkward they are lol

Next video make R6 Drone


you should make Thor's new hamer

Hey hacksmith maybe you can use pine tar for Spider-Man web?

hulkbuster :v

Cant wait till u hit 10 mil so i can say Dang ive been here since 500k

If I have to say that if he can make the thanos glove that will be awesome

Wrk hard play hard

hey hacksmith if you see this and you probably wont can you make thors new hammer or whiplash suit he is the guy in iron man 2

hell yeah. been waiting for thus duo.

Hello Hacksmith i have a challenge for you. i want you to build a shield that has the ability to split in half & reattach to each other. But when they split the shields will expand from both left & right of the shields & when you want to reattach them they return to the original form. this challenge is optional if you want to do it. but if you don't want to do it that's okay i'll understand what can be possible & is impossible.

How did he get out of jail

He wasn't in jail.

You should make a sonic vibrateor to break glass and mirrors and stuff

Please make Kratos's Guardian Shield as the next project. You're keen on making shields, right?

Спс за субтитры

How about you make shocker gauntlets from spider man i love to see them

Make Thor axe

Make another spider suit

like if hacksmith should build a hover boared

Grant looks so scared

We are a company!

the Hacksmith Oo sorry I had no idea.

Yes, we've talked about him in our videos

You should do assassin creed hidden blades one day challenge

the Hacksmith one month ago u made a blitz shield rainbow six siege shield how about u make twitch shock drone controlled by your phone not being a downer but u can make something but not controlled by your phone

The a.g.r.

I have a great idea for make it real the black ops 2 drone

You should make Penny's scooter off of bolt

do deadpool

The best crossover


Make a Brigitte hammer

(From Overwatch)

MAKE IT REAL: The COD Advanced Warfare's Exoskeleton

King of random n the hacksmith

So excited for the car

What is this? Infinity war? Two of my favorite youtubers meeting and talking to each other! Love you guys keep the AWESOME content up


why don't you do the deadpool katanas?

Can you make twich drone from rainbow six siege?

lol, *secret meeting time!* and then plays video games and does gymnastics instead. I'm sure you actually did talk later about important stuff but yeah, I would choose the fun stuff first too.

Hey man can u do pls for me the zed weapons from league of legends

Build the staffs off of bo2 zombies origins

You guys should make Blackbeard’s rifle shield

Great people ...Creativity is the best superpower!!

Or try to make widow maker rifle

That one dude he will defensively get it from he hit his first mill in 2017 his second mill in 2018 and 3rd mill in 2018

i have a Question, do u finish your Exo Skelette from 2016?

Work on ironman project

The Hidden dude looked like the backyard scientist .

Favorite collab video on YouTube. I love you guys! Hardest, genuine workers ever

I’m new so not sure if you’ve done this before but I want you to make Scorpions Chain

What about the iron man project I rlly want to see a update on it


Make the Bio Mask from the Predator movies

why tf is this video in 3dio

Am I the only one who noticed Evan Kale in the 'KW Play Grounds'-scenes right away?!? like "hmm is that it must be him!" xD

Colinfurze with the hacksmith with the king of random with Peterspirol makes a flamethrower and turned into Elon musk

Wow two of my favorite youtubers in one video

YouTube, how dare you not show me this in my notifications! This is awesome!

That’s the most of NR I’ve ever seen.

Imagine BecauseScience dressed as Thor and Hacksmith dressed as Captain America

Also Tim Hortons is the damn best “restaurant” ever

I was in Canada a week agi

Omg amazing collab

try to create a flying saucer that works.

what's wrong with the audio

guys plz tell meh where is da airsoft video ??? L

I know this is all about your day with King of Random, but you have no idea how excited I was to see Evan Kale in the background. Please tell me you're cooking up a project with him!

You caught me :P I normally watch to the end but I had a pressing fishing outing to attend to. Cheers for getting me learnt!

This is why you should watch to the end of the videos! There's a link to the Evan Kale video on our vlog channel ;-)

oh you guys finnaly did it thanks for listenin

In the video grant says "i wanted to do the projects you are doing" thats cuz grant made the choice to turn his chanel in to a DIY channel that posts those wird projects that every one can do ......... the hacksmith is much better with these amazing projects

Grant plz come back on ur channel

Both of you are awesome

Best way to show an add

I like to see that Grant is doing some up front stuff; maybe he'll be live ops for the channel

Please make the Kratos' Shield from God Of War 2018, it will be awesome!!!

Now we just need the modern rogue to come join in

Grant is appearing in other peoples vids more than his own at this stage

Мститель это Русский

if you move what happens to the sleep pod

Why did you need a sponsor to give a tour of your shop to another youtuber? Also screw Grant, I might feel differently if he hadn't abandoned his channel.

Running this channel costs money, it's not just the videos or projects. If we could have every video sponsored we would be able to make much better projects!

grant said he is small but he dosent look like it in the video is it because everthing else is small too -_-

I love both of yours channels i seen you for a 1 year and grand a 1 and a half

5:36 voice crack

Why is grant not in the king of random anymore

Who Was The Nr Guy

Hack smith please make the keyblade from kingdom hearts that would be a really cool. Anyway great job with the videos, keep up the good work.

Can u make a ummmmm Genji's sword from overwatch and see if it cuts true metal

Wait, Grant is alive¡¿ Holly shit

u guys r underrated u deserve more attention

Thicc cwosoint nibbas

Great, now make an interdimensional portal that can bring the Trex back from the past.

That NordVPN advert made my day

Make a tactical pistol dispenser (Obviously use airsoft)

the Hacksmith so that's how you fund these projects.

I'm wearing headphones so the knock sounded like that was coming from the front door


Grant isn’t the king of random it’s his tall friend, have you even seen his videos?

FlyZoinks yeah, and it's Grant, the guy who made the channel possible and spent 7 years building it.

There can only be one king.

Nate is the host. A team of over 10 people make the videos. Grant is the king of random, it is his business.

The best Duo

have u done anything with green arrow

Fughin Canadians

can you do undine spear frum undertail

Waiit a second! That looks like Lola from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.(A Car)


Hey try to do Nero sword from dmc

im looking forward to more of your videos he know what that hammer made of by lifting it

make storm breaker he know what that hammer made of by lifting it Edit: OMG SEMPAI NOTICED ME!!

not many things that are that heavy! ... he probably saw the video

A tad late but that was the smoothest transition into an ad I've ever seen. Like, smoother than a vertical cliff made of nails.

can you make a nerf ak

The king of Hacksmith

You look like twins

The one I suggested years ago

A tad late but that was the smoothest transition into an ad I've ever seen. Like, smoother than a vertical cliff made of nails. EDIT: Holy cow thanks for the heart!

The hacksmith can you make the predators shuriken that would be awesome

Who else is getting a weird sound in the headphones

The king of hacksmith

VPN->vålerenga på nett

That sponsorship introduction tho

Yo were do you live in Canada?

i see evan kale here

My dream come true

The new deadly alliance haha

Grant saying he doesn't know how to use 3D printets: Me: *thingiverse*

Deer hack smith. Can you make the infinity war guntlit

We are fools for letting these two get within 500 feet of eachother

What are those sick glasses in the hack scene. Need me a pair.

Lol the vpn ad

Do an rwby syth


LEGEND + LEGEND = we can do anything..!!!

5 words Im Not Made Of Money

looking forward to that collaboration. my 3 favorite channels in one room

I've only seen Nate for like a year

I still watch everything you guys do

You should make that tredmeal off of Ready Player One

Do a video where hacksmith visits TKOR shop like if agree

You guys are living my dream in very accurate detail. I would love to do this type of work work when I get out of college. For now I have to settle form making armor out of out appliances in my room. One day.

Someday these guys will become superheroes, eventually saves the world

Was that Evan kale?

Did not expect to see Nerd Rage

I literally just thought,” The Hacksmith is like The King of Random, but 10x more extreme.” THEN I SAW THIS!!! (Woah! I got a heart!!!)

The best colab EVER

It’s probably just me overthinking everything like always but to me it kind of seems like Grant is salty about something...

Woo! My 2 favorite channels colliding!

Give me you bpm pin bruv


Was that an Evan Kale I spotted at the end

Awesome, two favourite channels combined. I know it's good before even seeing it

but everything you guys make is assume

I am honoured to be a part this channel and grants you're the one place I've gone to for inspiration when I've needed it and please give grant a big shout out please and keep doing what you do.


5:03 I don't care who you are maybe the strongest man in the world but definitely none of these guys could ever swing a 70lb lead hammer like in this is way one of the other hammers, If it was the 70 Pound Hammer that would be way too heavy to maneuver that hammer in that sort of way they made a clip with a different type of hammer definitely not in sync with the rest of the videofashion helllll no

You commented on the wrong video...

hacksmith can you reccomend a project for me to try out if im low on budget?

the left and right audio is reversed, this is so strange

not actually reversed, just one channel for me, one for grant. depends what side of the screen we're on

Come check the cute video of my dog but also as a puppy

I wish to buy few staffs .. do u hav any online store ? I want to buy few projects .. always big fan

2:43 why have you got like 11 dismantled swegways?

got them from a store -- they were all exploded

Thanks .. really appreciate ur works ✌️

I don't make staffs

Omg it's grant

You guys should put out a quick Beat Saber gameplay video with everyone from the team!

*When you can't understand what the proffesionals are saying*


I shit myself by the knock in the beginning

King of Random, ColinFurze, The Hacksmith, Mark Rober, Simone Giertz, James Bruton ...... assemble.....that all i know.

I thought someone was knocking on my door

Michael Reeves


The title says you almost destroyed the earth with a tiny black hole

I love your videos!

Why are engineers always swooll like even I am


+the Hacksmith (VLOGS) I didn't expect you to see my comment!

Weird flex, but ok

Did anybody else notice things were kinda acward at first

Sorrry for saying this but, does VPN Kinda gets people satanic after they get sponcerd [ as a joke not for real ]

2:51 thats my weight lol

It's a shame how YouTube makes the most profit of your work... There should be an alternative for awesome content creators like you where you are the ones that receive the big amount for the content you create

I wish =)


Better than anime crossover

We all know that spy car is Lola

5:33 "everything we make,super heavy".... This is what I like at hacksmith.... Especially to marvel projects

Hacks Smith build a ms-1 soviet light tank

When I saw grant on the thumbnail I almost melted

I watched both of you and subscribed to both of you and saw this cross over and almost crapped my pants

The 2 best youtubers in 1 video

Oh my dream is already happened

I love you dude

Grant Thomson The Hacksmith

Nice collab! Two of my favorite amazing item-maker youtubers. Is nate is in there?

For some reason, I feel like Grant coming to hacksmith hq was just an excuse for a tour for us, the viewers

i was wearing headphones and when they started talking i got scared because it sounded like they were right behind me

He heard it’s one of the best, he was wrong

0:58 ... that surround sound ...i thought someone was knocking on my wall on the 2nd floor

My science teacher plays his videos in class

When he knocked on the door I thought it was someone knocking on my glass door cuz I was sitting right next to it it scared the crap out of me because it's pitch black outside

Top ten anime crossovers

Can the car fly

This needs to go deeper ... The Backyard Scientist + The King of Random + The Hacksmith + The Slowmo Guys = The Random Slowmo Smith in a Backyard.

NR = NurdRage : 19:00

NR = the Back Yard Scientist ????? @19:00

No backyard scientist doesn't hide his face!

Support keep the channel

That door knock though

His YouTube is the hacksmith, does that mean he hacks?

Was that the backyard scientist at the end

Make iron man mk nanotech weapons

"Secret meeting time!" "what actually happened:" *advertisment* did you set them on purpose by yourself on those times? this happens quite often...

I thought grant lived in the USA. How did he get some tims

Same way he... visited my shop... that's in Canada...?


It is sad that you guys don't do more videos together if you do please let me know whell insted have a hug

You HAVE TO do more collabs with Grant! If you guys put your minds together you could create something CRAZY!

Who else remembers his backflip vids?

You should do beat saber vids, like if you agree!

Omg is that lola??

It’s the Hack-king of Randomness!

thoughts while watching: are vpn's the new betterhelpdotcom now? lol well whatever, i don't care who sponsors you, just that you have sponsors. you deserve them. dude i totally get it about the whole youtube videos thing. it's unfair that the ones you put the most work into are the ones that go the least distance. it's a shame that while youtube allows people to do what they love, that it forces everyone who uses it to become an entertainer FIRST, and a whatever they're doing second. but i think you've done a fantastic job of balancing this, or else we wouldn't all be here watching. holy shit can you imagine moving the entire shop if you get a bigger place because that'd be awesome but oh gaaaawd moving all of that industrial equipment would be a nightmare. it'd be awesome if you could find something industrial but on the edge of town, so you could have the shop setup and some empty grassy fields and get the best of both instead of having to choose one or the other.

grant walking in shows you just how short hacksmith is lol

+the Hacksmith lol

I'm a whopping inch shorter...

Made little eye contact

the Hacksmith can’t u just go incognito?

Can’t you just go incognito?


pleace make clints bow and arrow


Is nr backyard scientist


Interesting to see how similar these guys are.

Literally my safe spot in YouTube together in one video.

None of these videos will ever fall flat on their face. They always will make me fall asleep. Nothing else does. ( Compliment )

Watch with headphones

Too much biceps on one video 10/10

Hey,can you make a real life omnitrix or A power ranger morpher?

Is no one gonna talk about him in the trunk and talking about vpn

God I feel like I look AT 2 puppies playing

i am surprised that you guys didn't blow up the workshop also if you buy industrial property keep your current workshop as a warehouse

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