The John Searl Story - Free Energy Technology - The Searl Effect Free Energy Generator

The John Searl Story - Free Energy Technology - The Searl Effect Free Energy Generator

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You. In. The laws of nature. There. Is nothing. Impossible. Except. That the state, of, your mind. Marvis. They're intelligent now, to recognize that every, so often i come up with some interesting. Intelligent. Statements. Maybe. If, they would sit down they. Would say all of it is interesting. Information. Cleaning. Up this planet is going to be a big job. If. We could to get the climate, back to what we want a lot. Of work up be done, but. One thing you certain you need energy that's. Important. Without. John I wouldn't be able to be the man I am today, change. My entire life. Defeated. The. Van is the most honest, sincere. Friend. That you could ever hope, to have he has tremendous. Stamina. And, has a almost. An unheard. Of ability, to go without sleep. He. Operates. On bucket when I between I think three or four hours, that's. 40. Years I had been searching to, find the clue to, the Sun effect but. What it did for my mind it stimulated. I've. Met professor. Searle, and his, associates. They're. Nice people clearly. They believe in the s e-g and the the effects that they're talking about basically, the design is, a, conventional. Generator, so. According. To Sun tapped. Into zero-point. Energy. Here, we had sunny we couldn't understand, it wasn't doing what I wanted. As, when a generator, want it the only person, that I know of who has ever succeeded, in making a Cyril effect generator, which, it was named by a to someone else given. That name by someone else but the only person I ever know whatever made one is John Cyril. The, development, is the people. They. Want us to, see that. Is fly, I think, 69. To 70, ones the Chairman. Tv-center. Report. In. Kala and, there. Was shown the, flyable disc was. Hovering in the top. Of the trees I think 25. Meters. The. Electron, flow is accelerated. To an extremely, high rate and, it creates a vacuum around, the device and in, that vacuum you, develop numbing, cold and numbing, cold as we know today is a function. Of superconductivity, it. Also which, is has, not been known a function, of gravitational, force this. Thing wanted, to fly. For. Over sixty years John, Searle has tried to give to the world a new kind of energy system, one, that would free mankind from, the burdens of oil and fossil fuels. From. His dreams as a child in pre World War two England, came, an understanding, of mathematics. And magnetic, forces that would change his life. From. A childhood, game of hopscotch came. A new understanding, of magic, squares a, mathematical. Principle, that is 5000, years old. John. Searle is deaf his. Deafness is the result of beatings and neglect suffered as a child but. The isolation, would serve his purpose, perhaps. This physical, limitation, accounts. For his freedom of thinking. He. Could think laterally, and, not be bound by conventional. Rules taught through conventional, methods, that may have an adverse effect, on the human mind. In. His, quiet universe, his, experience. Would have a different, effect an unusual. Effect a, natural. Effect, the. Searle effect. On. His own and without, any real formal education, John, Searle is possessed, by an insatiable, curiosity, that. Would lead him to conclude that. Nothing. Is impossible, except. That which the state of your mind makes, it so. John. Searle is known all over the world as the inventor of the Searle effect generator, a magnetic. Device consisting. Of one or more rings also called plates and a number of cylindrical, rollers, that when in motion generate. Electricity. The. Generator, is a magnetic. Device that. Is a, totally. Magnetic, it, is its own prime mover it, will self start and continue to run and as, far as we know we. Could say never stop a, Searle. Effect, is an effect based, on magnetic, fields, that generate. The continual, motion of magnetized, rollers, around magnetized. Wings producing. Electric, energy. The. Generator, runs in, harmony, with nature, the. Law of the squares is harmony, with nature but. The Searle effect is a great deal more than a simple generator, in. Our polluted, and energy starved, world it, is the hope of all mankind. That we find the solutions, that lead us to both prosperity. And harmony. With nature. Is. It possible, to maintain mankind's. Industrial, output, and at, the same time reduce the pollutants than a slowly, killing, planet, Earth is. There a way to increase, the productivity of, the human species as we, read ourselves, of the poisons, and recover, the waters of this world. If. We could to get the climate, back to what we want a lot.

Of Work up be done one, thing you certain you need energy that's. Important. And it must be cheap, as possible. Preferable. No pollution, no. Noise no. Heat no. Vibration. No. Pollution, the. Sural effector, generator, the. Perfect, machine as. You. Build. This it, when you find out that it runs without friction, it. Runs without the governor it runs will accept, the Lenni load and meet it it. Will. Dive. Down in temperature at one point if you build it correctly and. Actually, levitate, and actually, lift off the earth developing. Its own gravitational, field when you see all these things and you realize that this. Is a perfect, machine it. Is an entity it's the closest thing to a living, thing that you can man, can make does. John Searle have the answer, is. John Searles invention, the point of impact between the question, what, if there is a machine that could save mankind and. The, answer the. Serve effect, generator. People. Say well you can't do this you're gonna upset, the entire world, economy. What. You know the. Whole economy, is based on oil we have and, it works they're saying well. It works very well for. The people who are running in the economy. But. Not necessarily, for everyone else, I still. Maintain, that it will not ruin the economy it will be a very, strong. Paradigm. Shift what's the same there's. The shift. From horse and buggy to automobile. Surely. This point of impact would produce energy, of its own human. Energy. Emotional. Energy joy. Relief. Hope. Wonder. Or, perhaps the darker side of human emotions, greed. Hate. And jealousy. All. These years I'm saying. You can't trust anyone with this technology there, was a spirit, and, any. Worker, see, this and find out how it works, could, sell it to another company or means. Because. This too is the, sural effect. John, Roy Roberts, Earl was born at the downs a workhouse, a place of disgrace, in Wantage, England, on May 2nd. 1932. Ironically. That same year Werner Heisenberg, of Germany, was awarded, the Nobel Prize in Physics for the creation of quantum mechanics. But. Simply quantum. Mechanics, is the study of the relationship. Between energy and matter, in particular. The, relationship between, electrons.

And Photons. The. Area in which the actual Searle effect takes place. Its, photons, that's. The road, groaning. Their energy to the coil it is simply. Thrown photons out that, is what you see trapped in a magnetic fuel around it, John's. Father Robert, Henry Searle and mother pilot, Gertrude Maud Pierce, would, have two more children. John's. Sister, iris would arrive in 1934. And his, brother Peter came some time after, Robert. Claimed that Peter was not his child and one evening he just never came home, violet. Was abandoned, and soon, after to be sentenced to jail for, neglecting, the children the. Warrant was issued for Robert, but he was never found. As. A child. It appears. From all official. Records. I was, ill treated and. Backed. About and in the end the court, placed. Me in the care of dr., monarda Holmes in England who. Then put me out to foster, parents, John. Would lose contact with his brother and sister he, would be placed in foster homes the first one at the chestnuts, Suffolk, County England here. He would be the responsibility, of two women I. Wasn't. Any man and the, chestnut, the. School. Did, I have no no teachers, so. There's no amount of force me into believing anything. Dooney he later. In life John would insist that being raised by women would, be one of the most beneficial aspects. Of an otherwise difficult and, at times brutal, childhood. Now. I never knew the ABC, I. Couldn't. Do anything I said. Nobody. Cared about me but I didn't, know I was I have, no merit. So. They wasted, their time talking, to me. Today. Beat me not, if that would help that minor difference, the. 1930s. Were a time of great depression, and great, breakthroughs, Albert. Einstein's, contribution. E equals, mc-squared made. Way for huge, strides, in science, very. Soon abstract, mathematical, proofs would replace ether, theory as the best explanation of all things and their relativity. Others. Like Nikola Tesla, would cling to the idea that energy was all around us and that, we could access this energy, and transport. It through the atmosphere without the need for meters, or utility, companies. Relativity. Would win the day and ether, Theory would become a relic of the past it. Would soon be known as archaic, physics. While. The greatest minds of the 20th century uncovered, theories, about how the universe, works far. Beneath this lofty exchange. Four-year-old, John Searle was dreaming, his, dreams were specific, and repeated, to, dreams that would alternate, four times a year over, the next six years. Had. Dreams and, those. Dreams are the, key to, all the work which I do in fact that exceed all my knowledge. The. Dreams were actually, recurring, nightmares, that frightened, John as a boy he. Would remember them but, not understand, their meaning until, the right time you. Wake up screaming my. Mother said that's a devil that's my father mother, perfectly, made good Falcon the belt the devil out of me he, finished his schooling at thorned an infant in 1942. He, then entered I secondary. School in Suffolk County England. John. Would leave Suffolk County in 1944. He. Was transferred, to Russell, Coates naval, school in Dorset, there, he trained take his part in the war effort.

By. 1946. The war was over John, left naval school. He. Got his first job at British rewinds, electrical, repairs, and boarded. At number 30 Crawley Road in London it. Was the first job I was given by the document. On Holmes. That. Pays me therefore as apprentice. Electrical. Engineering. This. Would be the turning point in the life of, John Searle. The. Sural effect is developed, from the law of the squares and it, is from these squares, that John Searle developed, his generator, in flying discs, but, it didn't stop there over. The course of his lifetime John, Searles, understanding. Of the squares would be used by him to explain all aspects. Of life in the universe. From. DNA, to relativity, from, single-celled, life to, the human being from transportation. Difference. Russian of buildings, the squares could be used to understand, everything. When. I took up my training. As an apprentice, electrical. Engineer. But. A third day I presented. A taka to take to the stores and I saw this too with, a small tube bath I, asked. The foreman, what that meant, he, said that's too square. So. So what is two squares, so. He draws two, by two tell. Me four squares, for. And I said to him it. Doesn't make sense to me what. Do. We have empty squares. It's. A square, there must be some. Value. There you. Can take a square if you run the numbers in normal, one two three four five six that, uniform, in but. When you talk with them that each, row. Each column, each, diagonal, you'll find that add a different. Putting. Numbers in random, we. Come up with, a uniform, output, every line. Every, column. The two diagonals come, up precisely, saying. Random. Numbers, in squares will produce a uniform total, john. Searle would soon call this the, law of the squares nature's. Way of achieving order. From chaos this. Led to Searles, revelation, and gave, meaning to his recurring, nightmare. Again. 814, I looked, at my dream. It's. A game you'll probably, know me. Calling hopscotch, the first, dream as I call it it's going, to school on, my way to school when, a half-mile, walk I would, pick up all the children, and just before, we get to the school gate we, have what we call a hopscotch, pass. On. The road itself, and, it consists of three squares, four. Five. Then. The odd one six and seven, and eight it's. Always. Type, of pattern. And, that's a reason for it I, obviously. Been playing with all the children it's now my turn. I've, reached the point where I'll throw the pebble in square, three, I have. Hopped to, scope Square to my. Left leg is firmly on the ground the, right leg is now up in the air about. To move across square. Three where the pebble is into square four suddenly. All the children bodies in, the picture now comes an entirely, different ingredient. Of a steam roller the. Village steamroller the only, mobile, object. Of seen outside. A horse and cart. This. Time is coming, at me from the top of the squares, towards. Me and. It's many, times bigger we. Have the roller done in two massive. Sections. And. It's coming to me and saying. Stop. Think. If. Not. You. Had it it's, telling. Me by, my leg movement, but, it's. Not squares, free I need, go. To, square form. Square, for, that you've got to calculate out, the ingredients. Here. Is the story, how. To do, it mathematically and. The, course the dream was telling me everything, I wanted to know but I, had. To find, those. Answers I had to relate what the dream was saying to what I was trying to do so, it's a slow tedious. Job, and cut I got the sums wrong number. Of K Shinzon under start from. Those numbers john searle had the exact, amount of each ingredient in, the rollers and rings, of his generator, now. Every, one square. Represent. A, quantity. Of a material, and, that's. Very important. This, is precisely how I developed, the SVG so. I copy, nature in, every way I work. And trying to see how nature's doing it and then, produce this object. The first recurring, nightmare, had become a dream with meaning, Searles, revelation, continued. With his second, recurring, nightmare, this. Time it relates to what I'm doing on the way back from school, here. My job in the evening often, I changed, my clothes and, had, a meal I have, to put the ladder up to the loss the shed open, the door get, the straw don't bed the hens down for the night, now. When I get up this ladder which is many times longer.

Than, Normal. The. Door opens, and, now instead, of straw. Straw. Stem. So they'd oh that's. Struts, of, structure. I am, now standing. Towards. The middle part of all the structure, then, suddenly the, rim is, blazing. Away afar. So massive. That no. One could put it out and it's all around me but. Sunny, says have. No fear, you'll. Be lifted out. From. The center of that flame. John. Would interpret the second dream to mean that the device would be circular, and have, many struts, moving, out from the center to, the rim. Climbing. The long ladder meant understanding. The infinite, combinations. Of numbers in squares then. He would break through the trapdoor and be at the center, of the ring made of straw the. Fire meant that there would be great energy, at the rim of the device. World, War 2 had ended brought, about by the most devastating. Weapons ever conceived, the. Product, of those lofty minds who 20 years earlier wondered. What would happen if you hit a single atom hard, enough. What. Kind of energy was stored in this tiny place the. Answer they thought is, the source of all energy in the universe, the. Practical, answer was paying in. Fact the. Biggest bang mankind. Could ever devised. Einstein. Opened, a door bit further. Like. Most people they come up with a wonderful. Formula. I start. There and. Then, it stops at that says, there's. No way you can, get this massive energy, out of an atom. The. Cost would, be too high it's not worth it then, you see you got another person comes along and thinks about this Oh No just. Pump it with a proton, or. Neutron, his. Job at British rewinds, introduced, John Searle to some of the vocabulary he, would use the rest of his life words, like volts. Amps. And watts a, first. Job, that. Really, got the dream movie, and. It was a simple toss and grazing road and the, British, rewind, limited. Where, I was, apprentice, and my, job was to learn to strip motors. Strip. The coils, measure. Them and count, the turns and then we make, a new coil and put back and they, wrote it as well so. I came into, connection. With, motors. For the first time electric, motors, by, 1946. John Searle had a different idea how. Could this energy, be tapped without smashing. The atom into bits his. Idea, was a completely. New generator, design, we. Didn't call himself a generator, saying but we. Were just trying to produce, a generator, to run the house lights on, something. Simple, because, I felt, that the. Big generators. At the power stations, were, weight and money, would. Pursue percent, to us vast, pollution, problems in the future so. The whole idea was. To get something simple, not, difficult. To produce and, produce. Electricity, basically, the design is, a, conventional. Generator, as. Far as how it looks you've got a magnet. Passing, by a coil in all generators. Are enough, electricity are based, on magnetics. And. Coils. You can pass a coil by a magnet, or magnet, by a coil but, that gives you your deflection. In, the electron flow in, the force in one direction I already knew. Most. Of the fundamentals. What, I was doing here was trying, to get rid of the petrol. Engine or other, devices, to turn the generator that, was the objective, this. Led to his first experiment, conducted, at home on a kitchen table, with his landlady, present, so. What do you remember. We. Must have had the house here because, I looking at petitions. At the end of the road and then. It was such side all right and I, think that must be in this area and, it's. Gone, the first model that was built by, John, Steele at the age of fourteen and a half after.

Receiving. Some inspirational, dreams was. Assembled, on a kitchen table. With. His landlady's permission. And he. Put it together and then it started to load it it's a generator so let's put a light on it let's, put a cooker. On it let's put it iron on it let's see what it'll hold and how much it a little before it bags down heats up and burns up because, that, was a bad thing to do indoors. There. Should always do experiments. Outside as, I discovered, well, has he increased the load at one at a certain point the, temperature at. That time mysteriously, dropped down to close to 4 Kelvin which is almost absolute, zero and when. It did that it became super conductive, developed, its own gravitational, field, we found later and, hit. The ceiling. Ceiling. And. I said to the landlady after, that's, a stupid thing doing. Up there she. Said to me you told, me nothing would happen and it. Was cracked. The plants because they passed the ceilings it could crack they really. Were false and it was holding they're carrying. All the wiring and the cookers, and the irons behind it dangling down so, stupid. No ladder. Gonna. Let. Go of it and as a result his hands froze to the framework. So. The landlady put, the screwdriver, in, to stop it and luckily it didn't shatter it and, and. His, uh it, get his hands off of it and that was the first experience. Of it levitating, twice, he conducted, the same experiment. Number thirty Crawley Road London England and both, times had, the same startling, result. Okay. I got, a lot wrong. I know. Creasing wait I've increased. The density. Now. Allows more energy, and. It went down quicker not. Only did it go quicker floors. Are tres. Tres downwards. Never. Upwards, the. Forester, said that that's bit through the, plaster, timber, out, through the tiles the, tiles were, also, stressing. Woods not. Hopeless Annie just went through like shelling a pea and. Out and away, but. We. Don't know just all we know just went on and on but not right, away when. It was clear the building it hovers, and. That's where trouble number two comes in you'll. See. People. Had to set off radio sets off. That. Will off absolute. Turned off when. That starts to glow the. Radio sets or come on well, then you haven't turned him on they come on full blast and a, dim that, makes and of course I wasn't, a very popular man eventually. Shot away. And. Give, it a free home accommodation. His. New idea, about, tapping, the energy of the atom resulted, in the destruction of, his home at 30 Crawley Road. Not. Intended. Or plan. Unfortunately. Some. People didn't like it and. They. Took. Place where I'll be, secured, and wouldn't blow holes who roofs, and that again what. Was happening, to cause this simple, generator, designed, to quickly overload. And lift off the kitchen table, apparently. This was a new idea, but. Even the inventor, could not explain what happened, it, was. Being. Forced, to, follow. What. Other, water. The. Relationship. To, creators. The, two key issues are, electrons. And magnetic. Fields, John, Searle understood, the basic, principles, for generating, electricity, he. Knew electricity, was made up of electrons, traveling, down the wires into our homes. Have. Electrons. For, motion great motion that's. Why you go to the rare earth the, basic, components, that the primary, component, is a rare earth and it. Can be although it can be any of the rare earths the, component. That we use is neodymium, that's element, number 60 on the Periodic. Chart and, that. Unit. Puts out an excess, of electrons for, some reason and. It will also replenish. Them very easily. It's. The greatest weight, of the whole shops whole, material that usually, that. Has got to hold the mass of electrons, John, Searles idea was, to find a way to ease those spare electrons, out of the structure and use them instead. Of smashing, the atom into bits why, not tap this vast electron, reservoir, by, using magnetic, fields same, as any generator, of that time so. I say to myself, if. You, can release all the energy, with. A simple, particle. By. Dalian, coming. In and, giving it sunny to, run up so, report, a straight-line, magnetic. Line through. And. Electron. Spins, around all, this editing is spinning and come out will, get, a constant, flow. Tunneling. Into the atom using a specific magnetic.

Field Will, cause the electrons, to move in one direction and, they can be collected and used. Electricity. You, have two choices. You're. Either rotate. The magnetic, field all. You rotate, they. Conduct. In. Our case we, prefer to rotate. The magnetic, flux. So. At the roller rotates. Its. Author rotating. Around the base plate to make his generator, work john searle had to overcome many problems, most. Of these occurred, with the shape and design of his magnets, and in the behavior, of their magnetic fields, how. Can you make a round magnet, orbit another round minded without stopping, or flying off. He. Studied the behavior of a bar magnet and a round magnet. It's. Tormented. Me there. Was that must, have. Go straight, it's. A dream saying slice. The roll into eight segments. Now. It, will keep, straight well, I did this I placed, on and it kept straight and not only did it keep straight it's really moved up and down what, happens, if you make a room he. Knew magnetic, fields, could be impressed, or printed, on certain materials, using a magnetizer, a device. Common, to shops and factories that use magnets, such, as British rewinds. Two. States involved. Here, and. Of course there, is the. Two states referred, to the two magnetic fields, printed, at right angles, to each other both. The roller and the plate had independent. Magnetic fields one, vertical, and the other radial. From the center to the rim, clearly, the. Magnetic, field, with different. Turning. Magnetic, fields we knew, off for, some reason why, it, were different at. The time I had, no idea the. Intersection, of these two fields produces, a wave that carries the roller around the ring although. This wave was unknown, at the time the phenomenon, was present, so. Because. Right. Angles, that's why. They. Hold, it team moves. If. You have got two fields it won't move now. The two key issues for the production, of electricity were. Present, in a totally, new generator, design, the. Electrons, were available in the rare earth material, the. Magnetic fields induced the roller to run on the plate, we. Didn't know what the field looked like to a few years ago in, Germany when we remade, a segment, I said, well let's, have a look at this field and, we dusted it with very fine iron dust, shook off the soup dunno. What that looked like a bicycle. Will be. As. It, was laid out in the shed and the dream that is the fill makes. This work any, other field won't work that's, it that's, it so, we know that the, medical field, can. Be set to, perform, functions. Quite. Different to what we were taught in my day at school. And. I think we, were only scratching, the surface and, my tradition was. This thing a generator, it. Created, an extremely high voltage, but john searle had no control, over it whatsoever. With. Each experiment, came a new set of questions. Generated. But, it's, obviously, we should generated. That wanted to fly, so. I had, to put, body to it there's no. Chance of just throwed away and forget it where to put a body to, it we're hoping that that would solve some. Of the problems, the, unit that went through the roof at thirty Crawley Road was crude by comparison, to later models. 1946. Just, before Christmas, that last one was done so, I had a good Christmas, what. Came next for John Searle would, be a lifetime, spent on the study of this phenomenon. Soon, to be known as the. Searle effect. When. I started. This technology. There, was absolutely. Nothing, to, turn to in book form of, scientific, formulas, by, which it could be decide, if. That I, had, to rely on dreams. Dreams. As a child, these. Dreams which, were nightmares, now. We're, going to be change it's a well reality. John. Searle was learning to match pieces, of knowledge with his dreams, as he began his lifelong, effort to explain, the startling, result, each time he powered, up his generator. Was. Actually, useful to me because. I now, had to look, at things and crashing.

What I saw, in. 1950. He enlisted in the Royal Air Force and was, stationed, at an airfield in Suffolk by. 1952. John, Searle was back in civilian clothes, he. Boarded at the home of George Haines a terminal, cancer patient, in the West Midlands. Every. Night I went up to his bed eight o'clock to, listen, to him, telling me about the Bible and that then he'd ask me what. My interest, was and I told him about this, he said John if, you. Can make people look up in the sky, he said if, they're always walking, with a heads down I will, pay the, cost of doing it so he. Caught his son up and said when, I'm. Going to take John down to, Wednesbury, to, the government. Sales and market sellers of government equipment get, everything he wants, here. Came the first real opportunity to, build his generator, as a flying disc, and observe, the phenomenon, so. We got the shared tables. And all the sort of bits and pieces one needs to. Do, some experimenting. And eventually. We made the first three, foot which party, up. It's. A hover there. Some. Yards. Above the treetops, radio. Sets or switches, on in the area, and. Then it. Shot, off and, raise. Your sets went dead again so. Went up to the room I said to him I said uh sorry. We've lost it, did. The people look up -. I think so. Make. Another one, from. His deathbed, George Haynes senior, financed, the earliest, experiments, on the flying disc generator. Searle. Tried to keep the three-foot, disc from shooting off into space I said. To him I. Cannot. Control. It. Make. The people look up we. Did all right there's no ifs or buts about that point, though. I tried different ideas, each time to, try to overcome, this, lifting. Effect I never, won, six. Flying discs, were built and all, six were lost. We. Had to do six. Before. The man died each, one we were trying different ideas, and we. Couldn't solve the problem we lost them the. Last, one we had a 60, ton ship, in connected. But, even that sheared and was lost from. Then on we had a break the old man died, now. The chap told me to get out the house I wasn't. Wanted that so I moved, on to an accommodation so, for a few EE a couple, years nothing, happened then where. I was staying a man wrote the electric board and said that this man is very clear though in magnetics, and and electrics I would. Like you to interview, him for, possible. Job, John. Searle at age 21 is made Foreman, part, of a three-man team in charge of eleven areas in research, and development, at Midlands, electricity, board. OSI, versus a team made when, challenged, in 11 areas all. Technical. Problems, which they can solve at the workshops, came to us to, carry, out the research on, research. And development, at Midlands, electricity, board this, was a perfect, fit just. Like it was at British rewinds, electrical. Engineers, and experts in magnetism, and electricity, again surround him he. Could tapped their knowledge and begin. To understand, this phenomenon, of the flying disk generator. John. Searle made a critical decision, to investigate, what it was and not, what he wanted it to be before. We reached that point where we can say right we can now design your generator, how much output you want and we'll get down to sign it for you we. Had to check them find a lot of more little steps not, other little problems we had to try to identify, this. Thing wanted to fly, so. To me then that easiest, thing was to work on a body let. It fly. Well. I've been playing with this with, equipment I've, uncovered a, lot, of things which, I suspected. But couldn't prove whenever. Possible john, searle engaged, in dialogue with anyone, willing to share their knowledge on things mechanical. And especially, things. Magnetic, or electric. In. March 1953. Cyril. Married Doris Shirley Foster, they. Would have six children, family. Life would be difficult he. Was consumed, by the phenomenon, of the flying disc generator. Now. I was. Taught at the headquarters, of the, midst electricity, board I had eleven different. Subunits, around. To, look after. Because. I started, talking in. My spare time about, this effort. Thank cause everyone was laughing at me one. Day the boss heard all the news they come in to me and he said John. You're. Here some, members charge 11, areas, men. Under you are laughing at you now, we, have three options. Hey. Pack your bags and go. Be. Shut. Up C. Do, it so. I. Said well I like my job, I don't. Want to go. B. I can't. Shut up, C. I'll do it don't. Say well what do you want I said. We want to press Hagen Arvin. Magnetized. All right we've got all that here what else do you want after. The ingredients.

Well. You tell us the ingredients we'll, get them with. This opportunity, John Searles, knowledge of electricity, and magnetism grew, to a point where, he began to theorize, the startling, behavior, of his generator. One. Such theory in magnetism, met with stiff resistance and, would, help to form the genesis, of mockery, and ridicule that, follows, him to this day. Live. Not conditioned it's not, your magnetism, could. It be that general, magnetism, contains. Multiple, bands a magnetic, spectrum, exactly. The same as white light contains, a, spectrum, of colors. Magnetism. Is, identical. To light and, why that's how I look at it now identical, that past John. Searle used a combination of, AC and DC current. When magnetizing. The components, of his generator, if. We isolate. But. Take the time we want and, then, print that, we. Have sunny different, we have a way, this. Is the surly, effect the, intersection. Of two magnetic, fields, creating, a magnetic, wave, that can be measured and amplified. John. Searle. Designed, a generator, using, magnetic fields, to induce a flow of electrons from. A rare earth element. Through a system, of rotating, magnetized, components. So, that those electrons, would be collected, compressed. Used. And recycled. Magnetic. Forces and electrons, in motion, the, two key issues necessary. For the production of electricity. Here. I am, they. Won't come and see that. What I say is true. There. Is a. Condition. Where, you can't get, a wave, in a magnetic, sense like a wave a, sine. Wave and, they. Act as, a. River now. That states free until, reaction. Effects takes place and to, do that you have to sit a cylinder, on it, magnetized. And then. That, wave goes, into motion. Another. Roller places, on that film, its floats. We. Know it, cannot touch, as too dense with energy so. It will float so. We got something floating there then. If this wave is move due. To reaction, between this plate this, roll and display, then. That, way if it's going to carry that regardless. So the roller maintains, through, this console, hi though. It's now running many times faster, it, does not, fly off the. Magnetic field is holding the roller tightly, to the plate at the, same time the electrons, moving through, the layered elements, are collected, and compressed, on the surface, of the plate lifting, the roller and creating. Space between the roller and the plate. As. It moves the first be rewritten, all the time so, Phil never diminishes. It, cannot diminish, the. Colors at manitech, Phil is saying constant, running. Order the. Energy or electrons. Moving through the system recycle. The, rare earth element, attracts, new electrons, that also move through the system and recycle, because. Of their negative charge, the electrons, compress, causing, the drop in temperature, and creating. The energy field, that radiates, from the generator, in. 1956. I was, soldiering, I had, to produce another, unit, and, this. Time we, wasn't with party, up I wanted, to try to beat, her up things to see what the silliest scope was showing me and, it was accidental. That when I took the hot iron to solder, the well I. Couldn't. Solder it, selling. Fun machine was cooling things faster. Than you could heat them that. Was, accounting, for. The some of the behavior. Of those, early models, counted. For why when I got hold of it I was, back to it john, searle created, a generator, design, that became a superconductor. Producing, extreme, cold and incredibly. High voltage, that caused it to lift off the ground but, could he control, this flying, disc generator, in. The late summer of 1954. He, left Midlands, electric, board and moved, to Berkshire near Pangborn. Walk. Up which see the actual the, actual field. It's. A fair we're, joined. To there and I could get on to it the. Beauty of it as you see it's quite nice. And, open, here, I would do experiments. Experiments. To discover how, to control, the flying disc generator. You. See we, use djaro technology. Now. Jarro, that's what it won't probably about the shower is that you, can't put it at the rim of the craft right on the rim because, you've, got to control it but striking, it from outside. Of it, you're constantly good striking on the inside because that don't do nothing it, won't respond, but, if you strike a djaro of. The outside. It tips, at that point inspect. The. Inside of the flying disc generator, was equipped with switches, and circuits, to activate, 64, hammers, positioned, around the rim Epps, in this field we solve that problem. Which. Way would they fly down, this way all over. The trees and. It. Was evening. Daytime. We go to the trees, better. Start getting dark, like this it, could run up and down this the, chance of vehicles, coming up there was very, alike, John.

Searles Time here was short by, 1955. He moved his family to 17, Stephens close Mortimer, Berkshire, but, now he could control the flying disc generator. That. Was. Where. My, early. Days experiment. Was done. That's. Before we use warminster, area, but. For the big work. We. Built, 41. A total, 41, crafts, that actually. Flew, and, were fully, controllable, they, were six before that that were lost they could not be controlled, during. The 1950's, John Searle continued, to experiment with his flying disc generator, but it needed the. Heavy. Rollers, spinning, as they rotate, around the plates acted like a flywheel, and caused a gyroscopic, effect, the. Extremely, high voltage, created a dense field surrounding. The generator a device built. With individually. Magnetized, components. And. It, contained. Incorporating. These principles, displayed, by the device he christened it gyro, flywheel. High energy, density mechanical. Magnetic device but. It would soon be known as the, levity disc and. The first, successful, one which launched in 1956. It. Went up we, flew across the house just because Compton hill we up above the houses it's, a bundle of site used to go there and we flew, this, over the rooftops and then we had a surprise, you'll, see we saw the tiles. Waving. I think where the law and the steering that made it in the middle of night was absolutely, fantastic and. The reason is of course that's, the suction. Underneath. This it's a the way this suction is that it pulls these tiles, up and down some, fall to the ground obviously, but. What we water found, is that when pigeons, or Birds, through near, to. It what, they were taken by surprise and, I, got caught they sell to the ground and, cost what they hit the ground and break their nets so you saw, in the papers, birds, die from you foe and. Made it quite clear to them, it was. Not a youthful, the, government, knows it's. Identified. They, know what it is, every. Government knows what it is that known it for years I said. So we're, dealing you were something in reality. By. 1956. The first team of investors, agreed to fund John Searle and the research on his levity disc this. Group of 13, pensioners, assembled, as a club called, launch, unit, navigable, individually. Controllable, or, Lunik. Enterprises. And. We toyed with this darling, Waldman, step where, we built, these, what. Label. Was label UFOs, we. Call them lefty discs but, we built it now thirteen old aged men backed that project, and they only backed me on the falling condition, that, I did, not go commercial, with, this they didn't want any problems, with taxman they were doing it for fun but. To me that was all right that was giving me a chance to experiment, work. Out ideas, to prove two things it could hold together yeah and it, could fly and. That's what we proved that it could hold together and it could fly the. Device as an electric generator for. Domestic, use became, an afterthought, john. Searle knew this was the beginning of his lifelong battle with official, persons, and with, the scientific, community, very, soon british civil aviation had, questions, about the levity disk what. Happens if the power fails how. Do you steer it and the, big question how, does it fly you've. Got to put, a load, with, systems load on the generator to. Speed it up and. Once it starts, you get to bat on. Average, about a million, volts. It begins. To, really build up the charge. Then. These, super, conductivity, switches. Here and the earth pushes, it up. But. It's, also. Affecting. The atmosphere, Buffett, and it's making it pull to the rim and rotate. With, a film so, you've got like, a hurricane. Everything. Up. Over, the years we experimented, with many ideas, the. Trouble was the authorities. I said. That we could not fly, this device, in, public, on show, unless, we, made some means to control, it in event of power failure. We. Call this a flight cell and, what we've done is that all, around the vehicle we've, chopped it into 64. Sections. In which we, can open a section. The. Need for a craft at large was because anything, smaller than that couldn't, hold the, vacuum tubes or valves.

As Jennifer, calls, them or the, Transformers, or the radio equipment there, just wasn't enough room also in order to direct this craft that needs certain. Electronic, sound art equipment and some hydraulics, in those days we, had to use very. Large bottles, big. Heavy transformers, picture they all take up and Massa relays, and. There was a GPO, type to have very large and. Should. Be looking at a lot of weight. 64. Flight, cells at the rim of the levity disc could be opened or closed independently. Changing, the energy flow which, caused the disc to tilt and turn to, accelerate, or stop to, gain or reduce altitude. Signals. To the flight cells were sent using ham operated, radio the. Command, signal was always preceded, by a coded, radio signal, to prevent, outside interference. I'm, operators. And, I must admit that, without their, help this could not be done you, have to have some signal, coming from it debate, to trace it if you have a, series of ham radio operators, that are willing to help you and. The professor did John, would call them and tell them when, the unit should be when the disc should be over their position, and then, give them have, them it also emitted, a beacon. So they could triangulate. On, it and then, make a course correction that he would tell them the code to use so, they would give a frequency, code to the ship it would make. A course correction if needed to go wherever he wanted and. All. Across the world. If. You get that away. How. Do I protect, the public, on, this muscle up there this. Equipment, gets. Me to carrier, or. 1200. Cycles, a second, I need, that, to, carry my information. To that craft so I could continue, transmitting. I carried. Out this science. Research way. Although. He tried it, was hard to keep the levity disc secret, john. Searle saw a future that would want to take advantage of his generator, and levity disk if, the flying side brought the money in yeah in 1968. We've reached the greatest, height we ever done the, generator, could be used as a power source but it was the flying side, that caused excitement. These, crafts had designations. And sequence numbers such as the p11 probit, means a probe is on line. P. If. It's a manned vehicle, like, this these first 150 grow or a man, in. His. Growing library john. Searle kept extensive, records, of his generator, and levity discs among. These documents, are calculations. And descriptions, of experimental. Flight tests, some, of which survived today, these. Are photos and excerpts, from the original, record of the P 11 launch on June 30th, 1968. We. Have carried the P 11 wank ten hundred weight to a position clear of the overhead high-voltage lines. The. Sun is shining but it is not pleasant the wind is cold and a force of eight is blowing we. Shall attempt a full launch and run at 1500 hours Greenwich, Mean Time.

We. Prepared the power supplies, to all equipment, on the craft we are very busy it from the corner of my eye I can see Watchers, but not have dared to enter the field people. Rushed to hide from us as if we were some kind of aliens, from another world, time. To start the crafts generator up this. Is connected to an outside source in, our case a small diesel engine a minute. Passes by in the cutout switch of the craft breaks contact, with the outside power source the. Call comes through from Cornwall that all is ready the, carrier beam is on for the run we. Accelerate, the crafts generator, now. She is on her own when. The generator started, there was a wine rising, to a high pitch but that has stopped the. Craft is shorting up very fast, yes. The craft will clear the power lines with no trouble have. Stopped taking photos to record what I saw. The ground appeared to be rocking yet I could not sense any such rocking no. Noise was heard but, leaves and other material, on the ground around us began to move in circles I glanced. Over the far side where two strangers, were what, happened to them they, were running for cover in the direction from which they had come most, likely scared stiff then. The call came in she's, crossing Cornwall, now time. 1503. Hours Greenwich Mean Time our. Team in Cornwall turned the craft for its run back the. P11 was over Cornwall, three minutes after launch a distance, that would take four hours to travel by car she. Climbed it rates of up to one mile per second, and during, that day rose to heights of fifteen miles above the surface of the earth we. Went over to the launch point and found that all the small undergrowth, had been pulled up with the soil and had left a scooped out effect where the craft had stood, another. Problem, we must solve is this pulling up of Earth on liftoff and this, burnt ring mark effect we. Found that it does tend, to mark the ground the, reason for this is that there's an iron content, in the ground it is hits and that's been pulled up and, it pulls that surface, a grown-up with it it has the rails on the outer layer, put, it on. Because. It solved it just in action. Focusing. To the ground, it made. A donut shape around the vehicle the. Field though it's a very small sea, field around the, rim. Of that craft we, saw this no, focus to the ground no, ground distortion. Occurs, the other problem, often presented in my case when scientists, speak about my work is that it's ionized. The air. Around. The craft this is not true there's no air around, that craft, there's, a magnetic field there's a gap of vacuum, between that and the rim and if, the photons, which is discharged. Trapped by the magnetic field which, gives it the glow the. P11, was a great secret, success, story a beginning. To a new age which promised, that one day in the future, man, would travel, by this method into space. Was. It sacred, it. Was supposed to be but only the media was allowed to come and watch. First. We had 400 scientists. That were also allowed to come who, down it what they said was says it. Could not support. Itself, let alone fly, so. I say right we, are now tested, 40, different structure. Ideas, I'm going. Back to the one I originally, proposed, you. Are invited. And immediate, coming watch pop. Fighting, you do not disclose, where. The. Work is done Sunday, titbits came and. Watch the. Flight test, then. We had the news of the world come the. Is a scenic, we. Want to see this disc at. St. John's Hall and Mortimer Berkshire, England, scientists. The press and the public were invited, as he demonstrated, his technology. And declared. His intention to, build a manned craft. Which. We used to hold our first. Sunday. Of each month shows. This. Is the hall that, was no innocent John's Hall that's. The stage which. I used to stand on to deliver, my lecture. The. Audience of sit here, as press use about the back when. We had a load. Of press come to make mockery. We. Had. The Curt support, I stood. There we. Had the National hasn't, played there, so. They all had to stand. All. These people came to make mockery, at. The end of 10 hours the press came up to me and said we, have never seen, a man. Stand. There, talk. For 10 hours without. Looking. At any references. Whatsoever. So. I replied, to them when, you speak from the heart, you, don't need papers, john. Searle may have spoken from his heart but, by 1969.

His Message, played to a world, had witnessed American, astronauts, Neil Armstrong, and Buzz Aldrin, returning. Safely to earth having walked on the moon the, single, greatest achievement. In history. The. Media made the levity Disqus sideshow and John, Searle the original, urban, spaceman, a crackpot, the. Flying Saucer man, few. Would take him seriously, the. Merits of his generator, design as a power source were lost in his single-minded, effort, to prove his levity, disc the. Press and the publicity grew. Television. Footage and there, were thousands. Of people who came and they filmed, and they film they took pictures that, was some type of publicity we had and there, are many books on, the market written, by many, writers that. Include, my work, we had BBC, wrigley, each month, for, nearly, two years would. Come and update the people, first, they would take them back to what, happened last month, then, they'd say we, went down to the woods today and. This, is a progress that structure, of the, demo1. Is, now together and the housing, is going in that would house the power unit that will lift it into, the skies at this point the. Demo1 would prove that electromagnetic. Flying, discs were not only real but represented. The future in power and transportation, in. 1968. John, Sorrell formed, the NS RC for this task the. National, Space Research Consortium. Headquartered. In his home at Mortimer, Berkshire England. Scientists. And the media were invited, to watch the demo one being built outdoors, on a piece of land loaned to him for this purpose this. Is the voice of John Searle during, the construction of, demo one. John. Searle had plans for a larger, craft that would carry three people. He continues. New. York to London in. While. The press and publicity pushed, John Searle to the scientific, fringe, some, individuals. Examined, the merits of his generator, design, was. This a revolutionary. New way to generate electricity. Cyril. Came to an important, realization that. Will stay with him for the rest of his life, once. I say that said that want it I want to own it. That's. Everywhere. I go this same thing happens. It's. The egrants. And greed. Coming. Together as, a terrible. Dangerous, situation. John. Searle came out into the open with, his levity, disc expecting. A different reaction, to the one he got the. Press and media were quick to mock and ridicule the, Flying Saucer man. Really. Ventures I think will always hit problems, there. Will always always be bitter caught they're been laughed at big market, and. All the big you name them they. All came, under the same. Problem. Cyril. Saw himself as an inventor like so many others before him he. Would endure the mockery, because, he knew his truth about the generator, in levity, disk his, confidence, never wavered.

Well. Everybody. Who does something different is a crank and, if this, is the good side of an, inventor, then, I don't, mind being called was the, interviewer. That, was interviewing. Me way. Back then 68, when, he said Oh. Your. Crank. And. I said well. Everybody, that, inventions, are cracked by you people. Tried, oh my big, one that must mean I'm going to be important, one day, did. He invent something so astounding. It had to be marginalized. His. Generator, and levity disk could no longer be, kept secret Searle. Tried to patent, his new generator, design, the, power source, for his levity disc. Office. Rang me to say that haven't. Started, your patent, your submitted weave. Item, not defending, it it's, know-how. Never. Never, partner. Know how, when. You're ready to go to the market, you have two options you can, either take. A watermark. In your name or. In the name of the company who's going to produce it, you got two options. Never. Never. Tell anyone, all. The details, a vital. Bit that makes it work keep. It to yourself until you're. On the marketplace, having. Been advised that his generator, design, is a know-how, and he should keep it to himself until. Ready for the marketplace, only, served to further isolate. Cyril, during. This period he held a full-time, job and, spent, all of his spare time developing. The generator, and levity disc. Several. Events helped to explain his conviction, the, first happened near warminster England where John flew his p11, craft on Sundays. When. I first, came into open I was caught red-handed. Flying. The craft every, Sunday night we, have pulled the craft in take, the place out, put new and send it off again off we go to the next weekend. Now. This one night now we've done the saw we, never, never. Dreamt for anyone, coming, by, not. At that time the night and, there we are he spent the crowd force and unknown, to ask, we were actually seen, by a television, crew, on the way back from something, they did that night said. Monday they went to the warminster area to see the two. RF people, in charge of the UFO investigation. That went and study UFO, claims and. They'd said that saw this craft there's a roll we got no new craft on test because, they thought it was a new Air, Force project. Being secretly, tested, notice. That so they go down to the radar unit. Upstairs and after. Last. Night's. Report. Nothing. There let's, we, saw it let's. Go, down there next. Sunday and see if anything, happens and, of course the air Commodore, agreed, to go with them we brought the craft we. Changed, everything that didn't interfere they were watching but, unknown, to us but. No new plates it and sent it off I. Said. To Tony let's. Pack up get. Out of here oh I. Feel. Something. Strange let's, get out and then, by. My shoulder. Tony.

Stopped Feeling a black big guy it's. Just the air Commodore, Great Britain it, says name oh. And. The. ITV. Camera, crews turned on the cameras. Searle, was at home in Mortimer, the following, Thursday with his friend Reverend George, Nicholson, and a visitor from Aldermaston, atomic, works. Newsflash. Newsflash. It. Said the. Anatomical, has a message to tell, you. Then. The. Voice said this, is the air Commodore, of Great Britain, and I knew instant. What. They. Were going to say and. He said people. In Warminster, may, now be asleep in peace for. Weeks people in the warminster area had been reporting, numerous, UFO sightings. The. British air Commodore, broadcast, a news flash assuring, that it was John Searles, flying discs, and not, UFOs, there. Are no aliens. It, is the work of John, CERN. We. Caught, up with him last Sunday night and asking. Him when, that was going to return, he, said next Sunday. We. Didn't believe him we, called him a liar but. He insisted, we could stay we wish but. It wouldn't come back to next Sunday and we did I like to inform you we. Are now packing our bags and, moving on because we, agree John, so means, what he says. The. News flash the, scientist, from Aldermaston, atomic, works insisted. Cyril turn over his levity disk the. Scientists, give. It to me I said. Oh ok, folks we again said give it to me I said. Ok turn to Reverend Joss Nixon pokes him and says make. Him give it to me is that, I can't make him give it to you what you're offering him nothing. It's. A battle keep a lot of people employed and, he, will get royalties, from. The work done so. If revolution, said - it's, not royalty, see what he wants cash now he. Said we're actually not giving it to me I'll stop everyone helping you then you'll give it to me and, he went off month, later checks. Started, to come in Australia. Japan, the, coastal news had flashed all over the world about. This air Commodore. Captain, me with, this attention, Cyril, was further convinced, that the outside, world would eagerly accept, his generator, and levity disc the. Activity, around the building of demo1 drew the attention of, dr. Arthur, Kane from NASA in, the United States. Dr. Kane from NASA there, he, wrote a series report, to NASA, he came and interviewed, being, checked everything and. He. Stated in his reply that. Less NASA married, this technology. When. I hit the marketplace, they've been completely finished they. Would have nothing, to market. Or to touch it by, June of 1976. This letter arrived it, reads in paraphrase, dear, mr. Cyril I have, the responsibility for US, Air Force propulsion. And energy conversion, research, and development, we, would like to acquire a copy of your report entitled, disc-shaped, type of flying craft the. Letter is signed George. Yulik major, United States Air Force engineering. Division. Edward. Air Force, Base, examined. My work I was, requested, to submit my work to them to, evaluate, so. That I could, get funding. It's. Made up and how we make them up I hope functions, in which you're not letting, it side we. Just shown people how they. Team works so, the unit. Run space slow after. The majors, letter said, to. Me that. They. Could find no notion. And. That goes against, all grains. Now, were, people. Who devote rockets, for war I. Was still making ballistic, missiles for, the purpose, of future Wars so, you got people geared, to, rocketry, though. They did look at this technology. They. Decided. That it, would take a lot of study. Work to understand, it and therefore McKenney. Rocketry, was vital, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time regarding. NASA and at, the Edwards Air Force. Whether. John Searle was thought of as a serious, inventor, or just the Flying Saucer man, he had gained worldwide, notoriety. The. Weekend work on his levity, disc was updated, regularly and, featured by some media outlets in, one. Case a demand, was made for time that he didn't have Searle. Explains, you. Were invited, last Sunday to come and see everybody was, invited, all the media was you. Didn't want to know don't show was nothing this, was all dreams now you suddenly say in a paper who, did take, the trouble to come that, is true, not. Me the high t-v know. About. Subpage god silk on that, do. Not invest in it Thank, You, mr.. Stone well I did I said that to the government I told. Him you. Know what, I'm doing, this. Is slanderous. Definition. Of character, and. They wrote back. Mr., sir we, can't do nothing but, what we will do is well, after all our our participate. With all the, information you need to help you, the British government was aware of John Searle if only as a result of his own letters complaining of, the press coverage this. Was a one-of-a-kind, story, the. Flight performance claims, for his levity discs were astonishing. It's, easy for us to put a crop up and set.

It To anywhere. In the world I'm, an, old. Man and, it will reach the point in the shortest, possible time the. Program, and the models used, to do from England, to, Australia in. 30 minutes, with no trouble at all, and we. Anticipate. The. Minecraft, we're building now we'll also easy. Cope, with that speed from. 1963. And. To about, 1978. Where we had to stop because the cost of, operation. We. Flew and say, for instance a demo one that. Flew 500, times. Around, this globe through. The use of ham operators. 500. Times around the earth had. The unmanned levity, disc reached outer space in, his plans for the manned craft, Searle openly, spoke to the press about a trip to the moon the. Moon as, I said, we. Could say an hour trip. Your. Landing, after you cleared the air boat, so. You're 20 minutes climbing, out whatever, the newspaper say. Say. Two seconds to the moon. Don't. Show didn't say that. It's. Also said 20, minutes gentle, climatic, two, seconds switch off power on the top plate to let. It pick up speed then. Put it back to hold it at that new setting. 52. Minutes we, should be in orbit, around. The moon to look like I don't spot, bobby telling that it's fine an ideal spot to put down on from. The earth to the moon in one hour the. Flight tests, of his levity disk established, stunning, claims that did not go unnoticed by, the Cold War superpowers. They. Accused, each other after detecting, unknown spacecraft I, was. A time when we, did put a test we did take a vehicle up there and Russia. And we're. Choosing the, Americans, of having, a secret device, out there. American. Samoa Q's and the Russians, of it it. Was neither and. That was the air Commodore. Statement. Ready here. The Americans, or the Russians are, jumping. Away yeah they're accusing each other these secret, things going. On and here's. The man in England twirling. The knots that is course wholesale. Chaos, with, the big boys. Cyril caused even more trouble, the, high energy from, his disk interfered, with radio communication.

At Nearby black, bush Airport, ironically. This was where he would earn his fixed-wing, pilot's, license, to avoid any civil aviation objection. To him piloting, the first manned levity, disc. You. Found like watch where. Those, will watch the sky for UFO just. Sorta. Ride away John. Searle and a colleague a testing, what. About you foes, suppress. Run me I'd sent that black Bush Airport set, that they have foamed you up and ask you to remove your disk from the air so area because, you're blacking out the radio. Right. I said yes they have asked me to remove it this has now been, done as, I will be putting this in the paper. This, report so. When I got the papers. Okay. UFO. Over blackboard. A, huge. Hole appeared. Over black book blacked, out radio communications. Of incoming, aircraft. That's. All it said that's, on that moment. Article. Came, out said. You. Fo. The. Press treatment, of Searle began, to take its toll with. The high level of attention some of the demo1 team, members, became suspicious. Was. There something genuine, beneath the ever-growing circus, around John Searle, dispute. And dissension came, to the demo one team. Dispute. Occurred. And, the, team would turn up because, unknown. To me at the time the, bunch, up in charge of, the work we may had. Another team down in Easley he. Was making the same vehicle, but. He would join my team to, find out how we did it they, had a crop in exactly, the same construction. At mine. So. We chopped them recently I just dismissed the whole group and just, finished it myself. John, Searle would not patent, his generator so. Whatever was secret, would remain secret, the, money stopped coming in and he terminated the demo one project in, 1978. Soon. He was faced with something new I had, a good team agreed, at. Martin man very, good team but. Then you see like all teams you'll. Get one who sunny realize, the value of. What they're doing and then, agreed comes. Into play let's, say that I only get, that. Control, the world they. Dictate, who, can, do what who can't, how much you gotta pay for that right. That's. The shame, because. It. Was sunny that should been on a market. Generators. Have been on a market, a 68, at. Home and Mortimer Searle was served with court papers stating that he owed the electric, board over 10,000. Pounds by. 1982. He was arrested, and accused of stealing electric, power here's. How we answered the charges, well. What happened, was that Chrissy, was expensive, and. I didn't have the wage packet to meet the cost of that working. On this trying to get this idea right and we did have two, units one, I took two shows and. One I fitted, in the house and put all the wiring on it they, weren't in my house for, 30 years they took apart they. Found nowhere. Or ten in, fact they, was almost sure there and he's just been made it was that good. Well. They, went to court asked if they. Could bring the generator, in for the court to see it they said they had to confiscated. It so. I'd, feel. Inclined. To think that, they, broke it open not, knowing, what was inside. The. Electric board is themselves. Because. They told a court that it did not comply comply. With, their standards. Judge wasn't. Quite satisfied. That. I was this, dangerous, man they were trying, to project, so, they asked the chief, man. What. Was strange, about, this man's house, so. He said what those. Two little switches flop, switches, what called grid switches on a ward they pointed, over to it and they said see, there's two switches yes. What's Bank about that well, he's got 16 we. Took the floor board up they got power transformers. On them what's. Strange about that. Never. Seen anything. Like that before, Oh ask. Him what out was strange about, the, shed it's. Got all this equipment from the floor to the ceiling it looks like maps on what. Else was strange when I said we were trying to find where the electric came from we, cut, the wall where to cut the walls open we, come on this Fox say. We took it out when we open it we got, these plate things and we got rollers, running round. So. Decide what's strange about what is, that we can't understand, how. They. Ran. No. Connage. Won't do that no. It's. That man they're clever than you yes. He. Should build back, no.

Way Am I gonna make that man pay you ten, thousand, nine hundred seventy-five, pounds, I drew, what the judge was trying to point out to him that, I. Can't. Be insane, if I'm, clever than him the. Electricity, to run his home sometimes, came from his own gen

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Oil companies won’t allowed this to fly .Just like Tesla They again keep the system quiet.

AND this Man could not figure out how to give it away for Free ?????


+Steven Heiser well, sort of...the big hurtle no one could figure out was you have to give it away free....that's the trick...also search air planes run on air...because that is the real fuel ...the gasoline just primes the's the nitrogen that is the fuel

+Jay Fox I'll check it out. There seems to be an issue with getting these devices into mass production. The only route I see to mass adoption would be to make a device so stupidly simple to construct that my dog could make it.

+Steven Heiser the Pogue carb got over 200 mpg in 1936...look it up...Joe cell guy got his engine to run off nothing...well not really nothing but the same energy used by the Searle effect...- RESONANCE !

The model T got ~19 mpg in 1908. So 110 years later here we are

А разве он не умер? Единственное что он передал нам - ещё один вариант развода! Он сделал 100 генераторов и триста тарелок которые летали 500 раз вокруг земли. Но было это в молодости. Потом поиск инвесторов. И 60 лет разработок. Rest in peace prof!

It's politics within the company right now. Since 2010 this is what's been happening. John passed away not to long ago seriously disappointed in Searl Technology in LA. The heads of development are fighting for the rights. They've kept John out of the loop. Always some kind of greedy person involved

@Steven Heiser well, sort of...the big hurtle no one could figure out was you have to give it away free....that's the trick...also search air planes run on air...because that is the real fuel ...the gasoline just primes the's the nitrogen that is the fuel

@Jay Fox I'll check it out. There seems to be an issue with getting these devices into mass production. The only route I see to mass adoption would be to make a device so stupidly simple to construct that my dog could make it.

@Steven Heiser the Pogue carb got over 200 mpg in 1936...look it up...Joe cell guy got his engine to run off nothing...well not really nothing but the same energy used by the Searle effect...- RESONANCE !

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