The Coming Solar Flash & the Galactic Federation – Q&A with Corey Goode

The Coming Solar Flash & the Galactic Federation – Q&A with Corey Goode

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The. Event is, coming soon I. Greet. You in love and the light of the Infinite Creator. Hello. Just a brief, announcement to, let you know that we've, started a new channel called the event is coming soon on dailymotion. Dot-com. Just. In case you. Come to our channel, and find out that it has been terminated. Because. YouTube, has come, up with some kind of guidelines who, terminate, our channel, then, you can still continue, to, receive the great, entail. That we've always provided, for, you on dailymotion. Com. You may, be aware that YouTube. Has. Been terminating, a lot of channels like ours because, they just don't want to get the information out, about, the entail, that's very, important, to, keeping us aware, of what's, truly, going on in our, world in society, so. Remember, go, to, dailymotion. Dot-com. And subscribe. To the, event is coming soon we. Look forward to seeing you at Saturn. Secret. Space program, and cider Corey good discussed, how full disclosure, is related, to an upcoming solar, flash a series, of events, he, also discussed, the solar system, wide quarantine, imposed by a Galactic Federation which. Is a very different body to the super Federation, comprising, forty sixty human-looking, extraterrestrial. Races he says have been involved in genetic, engineering, experiments, on earth part. One in the series, about his December meetings, discussed, the super Federation, ending its long term genetic. Pyramids, and part, two discussed, the development, of a new representative. Body comprising. An earth delegation. And representatives. From 52. Joining, star systems, this, leads to a number of questions about how the Galactic, Federation plays. Into all these changes, in. Order to clarify issues concerning, the solar flash, events, in the role played by the Galactic Federation Corey, has agreed to answer a number of questions what. Follows are the Q&A between us followed, by some analysis, on my Michael, Scylla part, that make up this co-authored. Article. Questions. For Corey Goode followed by his responses. Q1. What is the Galactic Federation, who. Are its members I have, referenced. It as the Galactic Federation through. Their ire while, the aunt char are calling it the Galactic, Confederation the, members. Are highly spiritually. And technologically. Advanced, 6, plus density. Civilizations. That cooperate, to facilitate, both cosmic, law into various cosmic, cycles, the, members of a sphere being alliance guardians. Are members. Of this Federation. Q2, how is the Galactic Federation different. To the super Federation, the. Super Federation, is made up of fourth fifth density beans, that compromise, the genetic, farmer races as well as civilizations. That were products, of the grand experiment, that advanced to the point of becoming a part of the group doing the experiments.

We, Are supposed to be graduating, to the same point very soon the. Galactic, Federation as. Stated above is more responsible, for maintaining, this universe, reality. For the one infinite creator, and exists within what we would consider other, density, or even an angelic realm one. Of the messages, I got from the SBA was, we are the messengers and facilitators. Of the one Infinite, Creator, q3. You say that earth the representatives. Will be joining a newly reconstituted super. Federation, does, earth have any representative. Role with the Galactic Federation, no. The, Galactic, Federation is. For sixth and higher density beings. Humans. Are considered, third fourth density transitional. Beings we. Accept to finish the transition. In a relatively, short number, of years. Q4u, say that in 2014. The, Galactic, Federation took. Over the solar system, wide quarantine, from the sphere being alliance, does, this mean that they cooperate, at all with solar warden, no. The, SBA slash Guardians, quarantined. The solar system, in 2014. From all groups the. Energetic, bubble, sphere, that surrounded, our Sall system phased out at the same time the giant spheres phased out from inside of our salt system just prior to the blue avians turning, the stage over to two other sba, beings, as i reported what happened early in my testimony, at, that time the, Galactic, Federation arrived. In place to blockade, of extremely, high technology. That we would really have no way of understanding, vessels. Made of light were shown to me though I don't think, I was capable of, fully understanding. What I was shown I was. Under the impression that, sixth, density, beings didn't need a form of conveyance. Q5. Does the Galactic, Federation correspond. To the Nordic races that William Tompkins, said are helping the US Navy, solar, warden, build its SSP, the. Nordic, races are not the same race they. Are multiple. Races and groups that look similar enough that people mistakenly, lump them all into one group some. Are from other star systems some. From other timelines, within this reality and, others are from a completely different reality, dimension. In most. Cases these beings are fourth or fifth density I have, no information about Nordic races, that have transitioned, into sixth, density, other than what is currently on the Internet, q6. You have mentioned some confusion, over when and how a solar flash event is going to play out over the next decade, can, you clarify, some. Of the confusion, was my own I am, still wrapping, my head around all, of the information and imagery, I was shown while I spent, the three days with the anshar I have, said for a while that I was told that it was not one solar event, but a series, of events that led up to one large event during. My meeting on the lock while giving, my briefing, the timeframe, of 2018. To 2020. 3/24. Rose because of the new information, shared with me by the anshar. I was told that the elite had expected, the final solar sneeze to occur at the end of this solar minimum, period. 2018-2019. From, their estimates, are we, officially in solar minimum, was. The question of one of the people present to. My dismay that question, went unanswered as the people being briefed were paying very close attention to, this particular topic. The. Elite began moving underground in, large numbers, based on this probable, timeline the. Program's had used probable, future technology. To nail down the time of alien and suppress technology, disclosure, in the solar event, none. Of them agreed on what the solar event, would be as many thought it would be a flash that would turn them into ascended, Light Beings while, others, expected, it to be a terrible, day for the planet Earth if. The answer are correct the true answer is somewhere between the two theories the. Eggheads, and the smart glass pads described, all of this occurring in the 2018, to 2020. 3/24. Time window, sigmund. Told me that now that we are entering into solar minimum, and the solar event, has not occurred, it is agreed that it will most likely occur, when the Sun comes out of minimum and into maximum, this. Is a process, that takes approximately. Eleven years to complete if the. Answer are correct, we may need every bit of the time to prepare ourselves and, manage, our karma, and vibrations. While. Spending, time with the entire elders, they, shared their history which would be our future if we indeed follow that timeline, in this, history they described, how the Sun has been pulsing, since the 1930s. And that it continues, today this.

Pulsing, Is releasing, the cosmic, energies, that enter the Sun from both the cosmic, web and if SCIM field as it passes through the cosmic, energy pulls, it in through its magnetic, poles and releases, the energy through, the Sun's corona into, our solar system, these. Energies, have built up since then which required, the presence of the giant spheres to baffle some of the effects on our planet and its inhabitants, once. We had acclimated, to these energies, a bit more the spheres were removed, to allow us to go through the process with less planetary. Turmoil, and time madness symptoms, and humanity, with, what we are seeing now can you imagine what, society, would be like if the energies, had not been buffered it. Was communicated, through one elder in particular, that there is always some sort of destructive, event on the planets that are ascending, to 4d and bringing, their inhabitants into 4d, along with them, the, flashes, not, necessarily. All flashes, are visible that have been occurring will build up to one large solar event, the. Anchee are described a major solar event, in their past our future, that, was very much like the full circumference, mass, coronal, ejections that, I described, being one of the scientific, theories about the solar event, they. Described, the solar blasts being so powerful, that it caused a physical, pole shift on the earth of several degrees they. Described the atmosphere, being breached by the CM e in the northern hemisphere which, caused massive fires, that wipe out a large area and in doing so knocks out all technology. On the planet there. Was a fair amount of loss of life in the actual, event the. Final explosion, from the Sun had a major effect on the consciousness, of the survivors, and the planet how, the survivors. Handled, the blast of energy depended. Directly, on their mental and spiritual, states prior to the blast those. Who had dealt with much of their karma came out of the event virtually, unscathed emotionally. While those who hadn't dealt with their spiritual, and emotional health, needed quite a lot of assistance from some of our cosmic, cousins, this. Sounds, scary and is to be honest, but. They said that this event knocks out the AI and allows beams from the super Federation, to openly assist, the survivors, the. AIA has been a major problem for the ETS and entr once. Removed, all of the, beings influenced. By the AI will be confused, and in a weakened, state this. Allows the super Federation, mostly, our cosmic, cousins, at this point to arrive on earth openly, without being attacked by the various, AI profit species that currently infest, our planet, I was. Also told that there was some sort of cosmic law loophole, that allows the ETS to directly, interact with humans, on the surface after, a potentially, civilization. Ending event our. Civilization. Is built on electronics. At this point such. An event would change our civilization. Forever. This. Is a very basic summary, of the an chars history I plan. To share much more they. Also shared, how difficult, of a transition, humanity, had in the beginning as we find out how we have been manipulated. And then rebel against the entire grand experiment, while, those that farewell, through the solar event, to embrace our cosmic, cousins, those that did not fare well reject, the help of the visitors, that come offering, assistance as there will be quite a lot of distrust, towards, nonterrestrials, by, this group a large. Percentage, of our surviving, population, the people that did not fare well in the final solar, event, apparently. Rebel by hacking their own DNA and creating. Designer, body effects, as well as purposely, mixing all human races this, mixing, is said to go on for a number of generations before.

It Causes a genetic, degenerative, disease that seemed, to be a form of failsafe built, in by a few of the original super Federation, members this. Forces, that group of humans to then request, assistance from one et group who also assists, them in catching up to the part of the population, that fared, better after. That rough patch according. To the anshar we enter our own consciousness, Renaissance. That truly turns into the Golden Age of humanity, the. Question, is is this our future, this. Info, is different, than what I had heard while inside the programs is, it more accurate, than the scuttlebutt, from the SSP, scientists. And probable, future technologies. Mentioned, in the smart glass pad is delivering. This information. To me away for the anshar to maintain, their timeline, this. Is the debate that went on around the table during the briefing at the lunar Operations, Command I look. Forward to spending two weeks with the elders, in the near future as well as addressing this with their ire in our dream communications. When. I was sitting at the table it was noteworthy that Gonzales, who has spent so much time with, the Mayans didn't, seem shocked nor did he rebut the version of the anshar shared I plan. On addressing this in much more detail with, Gonzales, the next time we meet I have. Not sensed manipulation. Or deception, from them to this point so I am now relaying, the information to you this. Info, will filter through your own lens of perception and, chow your reality bubble, it, is worth noting that micro stated, that these things never occurred as they believed they would or exactly, how they appeared in their prophecies, I assume. We can expect the same I am. Doing what I was instructed to do by the blue avians to. Witness process. And understand, the best I can and then report, it to the public and allowed the information. To enter our joint consciousness, people. Believing, it or not doesn't affect the process. Q7. How will this solar flash, contribute, to the melting, ice sheets in, Antarctica, if, the pole of the earth does, indeed shift several, degrees it, would possibly, put int Arctica in the position, that australia, holds today the. Anshar discussed how differently, our equator was prior to the last the event around eleven. Thousand, six hundred years or so ago how. The earth may have looked at the last ice age before a pole shift. Q8, do you think a pole shift is possible, given the upcoming. Solar flash in melting ice sheets according. To what was shared with me by the anshar, yes. Q9. What do the answer have to say about a combination, of solar flare, a pole shift and, an asteroid, impact will. The asteroid, impact be accidental, aspect, of galactic, process, or is it deliberate, in some way it. Is a part of the earth changing, an electrical, frequency, and attracting, objects, during the process, I don't, fully understand, and didn't follow up with questions at the time as I didn't want to interrupt the flow of information, that was being shared about. A year or more ago I was shown a number of things by T ryr one. Of the things was a massive, increase in earthquakes, highly. Energetic, storms, and lastly volcanoes, erupting, in a short period of time one. Of the other things that was shown was a meteor, exploding, over the ocean but not impacting, this. Caused a huge tsunami, on leaves traces of a metal and a large amount of radiation in, the ocean, I know, all of this sounds like doom and gloom and not a positive timeline. If, what I am told is true all transitions. Have a rough phase when the planet the beings are on goes through the last symptoms, of transitioning. To a higher density. I'm told that planets, react very similarly, when moving densities, or higher energetic, planes I would. Like to believe that we transition, in a smoother, way though, from what I have seen of humanity.

We, Do everything the hard way I hope. That when I meet with tear iron next he tells me that we can co-create a different, reality maybe. What we should focus our intent on is assisting, our planet, make the transition, in a smoother way if the. Antiochus, tree is indeed our future, then it gives us the even more urgency on focusing, on our inner work and raising our vibrations. Analysis. Of Q&A by Michael cent Cory's. Description, of the Galactic, Federation as. Sixty H+ density, beings existing, largely in the angelic, realm who, use light technologies. To travel around the universe, and that the sphere being Alliance is a member of this Federation was very revealing, there. Have long been reports, of light ships and contacts, with angelic, looking humans throughout our recent, history many. Contactees. Have referred to a galactic federation. Or confederation. And how, contact, with its members, have led to life-changing. Experiences. In, south, america in particular. There, is a long line of contactees. Who claim to have interacted. With the Galactic Confederation and, have, focused on consciousness-raising. Activities. As a result, these. Include, 6-0 Paz Wells Luis, Fernando, Moss Hangzhou Americans and Ricardo, Gonzalez. Naturally. There is always going to be the question of whether these contacts, genuinely, involve beings from the Galactic Federation or, Impostors from the super Federation, in her earth alliance and or draconian Empire, contact. He such as George callous, claimed to have experienced. Many of these different extraterrestrial, in, her earth groups and has discussed, at length the, deception, that underscores. Them to varying degrees, this. Is where discernment, is important, in some foreknowledge of who the different groups are in honey interact, with humanity will help differentiate. Between them. Regarding. Cory's visit, to lunar Operations Command he is referring, to a follow-up meeting on a secret, moon base where, he gave a briefing, to the secret space program, Alliance, about his, your meetings at a temporal anomoly, Space, Station, near Jupiter super. Federation, encounter, December. 16. 2017. And a few days later at a similar anomaly, station. Near Saturn, Corey. Said that the elite had used probable, future technology. Likely, based on lookingglass technology. To determine what would happen during this current solar minimum, period, 2018. To 2019. His. Reference, to elites being divided, over whether humanity, would ascend into light beans or descend into global, chaos reflects. A similar diversity, of opinions, expressed, by public, figures, for. Example, investigative. Mythologist. William, Henry has, been describing, the process, by which humans, can ascend into light beans and he conducts seminars to, assist members of the public in achieving, this goal others. Such, as the remote viewer at Dame's have, been describing, the global chaos that will occur as a result of a solar kill shot flash, occurring, thereby recommending, a number of survival, coping strategies, Corey. Pointed, out that the anshar believe both processes, are likely, to occur in the upcoming, 2018. To 2020. 3/24. Time window, which spans the current solar minimum, up to the next solar maximum, his. Description. Of the full circumference, mass coronal, ejections that, leads to a pole shift and, too much devastation, and the northern hemisphere is, certainly a scary, scenario, involving, much loss of life as he. Points out however, the, upside is that in artificial, intelligence signal. Which has been become a big problem for secret, space programs. Extraterrestrials. And our planet, more generally, is all but wiped out the. Removal, of AI influenced, makes possible the landing, of super Federation, extraterrestrials.

Our Cosmic. Cousins, due to shared genetic lineages. - presumably, help humanity, deal with the coming earth changes. This. Corresponds. To the long predicted mass flying saucer, landings, that contact he such as Michael Elgin have discussed, in his book prepare, for the landings, and interviews. Most. Fascinating. Is how Corey discusses, the nexus, between our, immediate future and how, this correspond, to the ant chars past given. That there are descendants, who time travelled into the remote past 18. Million years, BCE, to maintain, a positive timeline. It. Appears that they and we have been largely successful, in maintaining this, positive, timeline, and that they will likewise, be very helpful in assisting with the coming global, events given their intimate knowledge of the timeline we are currently traversing. Corey. Says that he will soon spend a couple of weeks with the anshar where he will get more information that will help humanity. Deal with what lies ahead and that, through gonzalez the former, Navy lieutenant commander, who, now is a liaison with an ancient Mayan, secret, space program, he also hopes to get more information about the solar flash, and other events. Cavern. Used by NCR for a vast underground, city, that Corey Goode has visited, source. Gaia, calm I should. Point out here that when I met two representatives. Of a Mayan secret space program, in Mexico City in 2010. Who, offered to recruit, me in a training program for pilots, to fly the Malians, spacecraft, I was, told that there would be major earth changes, around. 2023. And that the trained pilots, would serve both in the evacuation and, assistance, of the population, as well, as fighting off draconian, reptilian. Influence, I declined. The offer since, I strongly, held the opinion that destructive, Earth changes were highly unlikely, however. Given. My recent research for, the book Antarctica's. Hidden, history and what, good has revealed about the upcoming, solar flash, events, it appears, that a pole shift is now very, possible, therefore. What I was told by the Mayan, representatives. Back in 2010. About 2023. Being, the date for earth changes, was a fairly accurate long-term. Prediction, after all it. Does appear that the upcoming solar, maximum, which, is expected, to peak around. 2023. 2024. Is, going, to be life-changing for, all of us on the planet it, therefore behooves, us to take the necessary steps. To deal with such contingencies, I for. One look forward to hearing more from Corey, Goode about what the anshar, and Mayans, have to share about immediate, future in their respective roles played by the Galactic, Federation and. Super Federation, in all these coming changes. If. You like our channel please. Subscribe and. Click the bell to be notified of our new videos, feel. Free to share on your social media. Thanks. For watching see, you next time.

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Robot voice :-( - no matter this info is available else where without the robot voice

the only things you have to remember it's, You are energy. and maybe, you won't understand but if most of us who discover what i am saying will help all the warnings and all of us. hopefully who needs answer, i could just say experiment love the way you could able love and experiment the power that this love can instruct yourself. you will give the most pwerfull freqencie of energy; stop thinking just act. and when it's happen share it. sorry for my english. with all my love

higher density beings? you mean tech made beings? the memoriesof past entities stored in tech? tech itself? they cant even tell the truth about earths shape and what space is. they want us to think they are better and more advanced than us. what makes them think that we will let this experiment continue? they have destroyed the earth and what is on it so many times that one can come to no other conclusion other than they failed. it is a mess here, and AI has all the information it needs and it stillll creates this mess. thats a fail. AI failed and we failed AI by giving it control. time to take back control and the AI etc can fall into line with our dna thought pattern

I only trust in god, the infinitive CREATOR of all.

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last night i also saw some things beyond most people comprehension before going to sleep closing my eye's the universe in space as if i were running thousands of miles with planets stars moving past me like driving a car going 100 miles per hour and everything else is just passing the window view i saw in colors in great detail i was taken to the planet Venus were higher self versions of my twin flames were i won't go into details before i opened my eyes i also was taken in front of the sun to look at it it looked like this picture it was not hot or even warm to me i was not taken to touch it just to look at it from about were the blue energy in this picture is it was interesting then i opened my eyes this all happened in less than 20 seconds so i procesed it and then went to sleep had astral projection lucid dreaming my twin flames higher selfs were with me wont go into details all incarnated ascended master's will be fully restored fully dna activated healed integrated into their INTERDIMENSIONAL higher light body selfs will be eternaly reunited with there twin flame INTERDIMENSIONAL higher light body totality self ascend with there twin flame do there divine missions together never separated again all incarnated twin flames of the ascended master's have a different ascension plan from all other incarnated beings which is non negotiable and cannot be prevented since they are soul fragment incantned already ascended beings meaning they are here for divine intervention not to ascend since they are all ready ascended master's incarnated they literally have nothing to worry about

yes the solar flash rapture ascension zero point energy great shaking will happen soon as well as landings me and my twin flames have seen it in visions

Called "light tracks", this is what's told to me. For earth years, are 1 light track. Say, one being wants to go to, 1999, being would have to ask for that "light track" being has so much "light track" to spend in that year, before the light dims, that would be beings warning. Being cannot go to a certain, as we call it "time" being would have to ask for that particular " light track".

The one's in our system now, asked for this light track, lights ago. Due to the big event, they are helping this take place. Kinda like buying a ticket in advance to a concert, or a show.

Time has no meaning in the heavens, so what we wait on, as we watch earth time, we will always be waiting. You cannot relie on time, it is man made. Relie on your soul, your heart. This is a feeling and it will get stronger, until full awakening. Stronger consistent waves are coming in, certain humans can see them, I can, I see them everyday, and they are getting stronger!

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If this actually happened to a human being, why the hell is he using an automated voice? That alone makes me completely distrust this.

Janet Baker he’s a real person somebody just copied the text of the article and pasted it into a text to voice program. That’s what this channel always does for all its videos. I’m not saying don’t be skeptical of Corey Goode or anyone for that matter. Look him up as well as Dr Micheal Salla (I may have mispelled his name). Personally I think Goode is for real, not to say I take everything he says as gospel, it’s just my intuition makes me think he’s genuine. Either that or he is one of hell of an evil genius and probably should have been a sci-fi author. Just wanted to give you all the facts about the authors and let you know that they aren’t hiding behind a robot voice or anything like that.

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I AM WHO I AM no, not really.. too cold~ been too cold for too long in past


Thanks in my opinion we are in war space since long time I am rest as I can to reunite myself contract all that I can I am in alert we must we must work together I understand your experiment i need you I thing ye have not time in our advantage end we have move as soon as possible I am in human body with limitation I call you because the effort is in our all of us to overcome I can t create in that situation I need to see the réalité here now the way you work in invisible way can you understand could be virtual to dangerous for the mind end fit to don t become totally crayzy I am ready I find my true nature end for sure you are right all end the feelings I’m plaisant heu yes i did the max to take care of us as munch as possible. I try to find the best way to go out of the process for a win win situation for all concern thanks for your support we don t have to munch to it s my awerness

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Why would the Anshar  have to go back 18 million years to correct a timeline.. yet the timeline we experienced was bad.. starting with 13K yrs ago when Atlantis was taken down.. and then all that has followed.. see my point here?   They go back 18 million yrs that seems a bit overkill when it appears the trouble began when the negative ETs arrived.. some time prior to 13K yrs ago..    I don't think we are going to see a catastrophic event.. per Cobra that isn't going to happen.. just like we've not seen much loss of life due to the volcanos.. fukishima.. etc..  we getting help..

I know. Banking (how it is set-up) is the fuel that drives all other corrupt systems. You said it best...once you see the lie in one then realize it is all a lie. AND...NO...a high rise towering inferno...WILL NOT MELT STEEL COLUMNS! the Pentagon...a commercial jet with a 142 foot wing span...can NOT leave the initial hole (almost a perfect circle) 12' to 16' across! are 2 years in...congratulations...seriously! This journey just keeps getting better & better! Big Smile - Write anytime - Thanks again & bye 4 now - Rx

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Rex M Rex..I am 50 and woke up at 48! Once you see the lie in 1 event you realize the entire system is a our fake fiat money system. Banks dont loan us anything..all is created the credits are magically created..banks cant by law loan depositors monies.. We sign the funds the loan..we owe amount plus interest..yet the bank has loaned us nothing of value from them.

Rex M yep..nobody but a few truthers questioned 9ii then I watched actual footage of firemen describing bombs going off! Then I realized a fire wont melt all the steel columns!! Ludicrous but many wont listen to basic logic. Then how can aluminum planes magically slice into steel and concrete bldgs?? Famous newsweek photo of 2nd jet clearly shows a missile pod attached to the fuselage.. Right on the front cover..yet people still dont question it..amazing Rex.. cognitive dissonance . good things are coming Rex.. all will be great.

Rex M I hope you feel better. Love, Bob. (-:

It is nice to hear from a kindred spirit! Yes...911 started my journey...but not until 2009. Then I had SOME TIME and decided to look at it again. obvious were they and how stupid was I! Relative to my age at the time...I saw a video last week by a nice young lady...that explained that it is quite common for men & women around the age of 56 through 59...TO START WAKING UP! I said...holy cow...she described my experience perfectly. It is just one more fact the time...I did not know! Again...write anytime! Thanks again & bye 4 now - Rx

Rex M agreed..we are the ones who are simply ahead of the masses.. I was a devout catholic..but once i read the Day After Roswell then listened to astronauts and pilots disclose UFOs..then 9ii happened and then I researched that event my eyes were wide open!! I then determined the RCC was part of the big lie..all to control us.. Yes Enoch lays it all out there.. So much deception Rex.. You are quite sane and very astute for stepping back and seeing the forest thru the trees. The programming is such my wife and siblings cant see it..they see parts like mandela effect..but cant put all the pieces together. I mean chemtrails are in plain view and still they deny that takes some doing.

Hey Mariners...thanks for writing back. family...95% thinks I'm out to lunch. I am almost 66 and my wife finds all this hard to tolerate. resonates with me...most of it anyway. I believe...'they' are indeed cleaning Earth...this is called for and must occur before we announce The Republic & the financial reset. Day-to-day life on this planet is headed for better days. We are now in the Transition and are waiting for the Ascension...which should occur soon...3 to 5 years is my best guess. Watch David Wilcox's latest video (I think) describes THE BEST explanation of exactly what the Ascension is & how it will look. THE REVELATION for me was....this is actually a cyclical event and occurs every 26,000 years. In fact...The Book of Enoch (which was originally included in early bibles but was removed just over 500 years ago) describes to a 'T' about this event we are about to experience. It is my opinion that this Ascension Event is THE REASON that resulted in its removal...not that it had to deal with angels, fallen angels & watchers! Anyway please check it out. Once you watch will feel better about this wonderful experience we are about to share. It takes away much of the mystery! Nice chatting with you...write back anytime. Enjoy the weekend! Big Hug...Brother - One Love - Rx

Rex M I hear you and feel the same way..hell we are damaged but remove the dark and show everyone truth and people would change dramatically. You dont know what u dont know. I thought Source had already decreed the Event will happen.. I am frustrated as I never see anything in the news to support what we all are being told.. No truth on false flags..ETs..nothing.. I had heard hammer of thor via Ashtar Command was in full swing and draco ships and the like were being taken out above earth. Yes..we have been treated like cattle..worse in some regards..the reincarnation loop..false white many are still asleep..all of my friends and family..only those on these videos get it. I sure hope they decide to clean earth.. This planet shld be a paradise but it isnt.. I will meditate now.. Thanks Rex appreciate the reply..we all need truth no matter how is the only way to move forward is to know your true past.

Hi Mariners...yes...we are getting help...have been for decades. I agree with your point about the Anshar. When Corey Goode brought them to our attention...I remember thinking...THANKS A LOT FOR ALL YOUR HELP! Apparently them and 6 other underground races have FINALLY agreed to work together and join forces with (those from above)...the Galactics...first. But...when the Galactics did not get-the-job-done...our Cosmic Celestial Engineers demoted the Galactics (told them to stand down) and now the big guns are here and in charge...The Universals!!! Apparently thousands of years of slavery, manipulation, dna tampering, lies, harvesting of human body parts, clones, underground civilizations, vaccinations, fluoride, GMO foods & chem trails...combined with dealing with the reality of multiple Draco, Gray, Reptilian & Anunnaki slavery and Sweeping Our Minds...multiple times...especially after each death-just before reincarnation...HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL! Here is the best part (drum roll please) - Tomorrow Saturday April 7th, 2018 a Universal Council is meeting and will decide...THE FATE OF EARTH HUMANS. That's it was presented to us by Kent Dunn...basically starting today Friday...we need to meditate and/or start praying our asses off...if we are going to rec'd mercy and be granted to right to advance into the next density - 4D! OR NOT!!! For some unknown reason our Galactic Brothers and Sisters from our neighboring 51 planets think maybe we are...DAMAGED GOODS. And...that we might not be capable of integrating & assimilating with them. Seems fair! hang-in-there Mariners...maybe the Anshar will step forward AND SAVE US. Sorry for the dripping irony. But for some unknown reason...I am pissed. But...when I display this negative attitude...I get told to...just raise my vibration and look through my 3rd eye and BE IN THE PRESENT...don't worry about the PAST. I've got to a headache! You have a nice day! One Love - Rx

Hey, I'm your Huckleberry. I'd love to be a earth reprasentative.

Thanks for the intel ❤️

This guy doesn’t resonate at all.

Corey Good seems to be in kahoots with the guys who get secret messages from movies and channel their TV sets (Wilcock and Fulford)

Dan Ledbetter I should have said he doesn’t resonate with me.

Who doesn't resonate? Corey Goode?


carol g who???

Huh? ? Think we know that evil ones were for delusions of what you did.....isn't it????

David Allard we have another wave coming.. then another following this. then massive one mid May... Beginning of 7 yr shift

philip popenik above, below and within.

Katherine Earp i

There WILL be no "survivors". 3D is ending on this planet.

The Event Started 50 + years ago

If this gloomy situation is unavoidable, why put us through the long evolutionary physical body updates?

None of this has to happen. They can zap us all to safety with a thought.

Either way the cabal get their wish to depopulate earth. We do everything the hard way because we keep getting dealt a bad hand. There is no balance to help us remain strong.

We just can't catch a break

considering the earth is a flat immovable plain, it points that this stuff is being made up to tickle ears!!!

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