The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 39

The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 39

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Hello. Everyone. This. Is. Adam. Meister the, bitcoinmeister. The. Disrupt. Meister. Welcome. To. The beyond. Bitcoin. Show. Today. Is. December. The, 27th. 2018. Strong. Hand. Uncuff. Skateable bitcoin is the next bitcoin personal responsibility. Is the new counterculture. Deferral. Gratification. Conviction, ok, so why am, i. Doing the. Beyond bitcoin show on a thursday instead of a saturday well, my internet is down where I'm staying at, the Airbnb that I'm staying at so, I am recording this on my computer. The, only notes I have for a show are. For the beyond Bitcoin show I have, not been on the internet all day long so I don't know the, latest Bitcoin, news and I don't have any, tidbits. To make a whole show out of so I decided you know, I've got to be on Bitcoin stuff out why not do the show on Thursday we'll just have a regular show on Saturday, night instead, so, hopefully I'll record, this I will, go over to the Bitcoin, embassy which is probably closed now and I will stand outside of it get on the internet and upload. From there in the, rain yeah. It's kind of nasty out there now but I want this show I do a new show here every, day and if. There's, a way to do it I'm going to do it so this, is this is what you get, tomorrow. If all goes well. If. My internet comes back at might here. We'll. Do the. The. This, week in Bitcoin show, at. 6. A.m. Eastern Time that is 11 a.m. in. London. 1. P.m.. In Israel, now if if. I can't get. An internet connection here. Then we won't have that show I'll just do a regular Friday show at, that same time most likely so. Let's keep our fingers crossed and, but. Anyway tomorrow 6. A.m. Eastern, Time, tune. In here that's, 11a. In London. So. Let's, start off with eric, bischoff I don't know if any of you have heard of Eric Bischoff before he was a part. Of a wrestling, promotion, WWE. WCW. He, was in that business for a long time and he gave a TED talk in, Naperville. Now, remember people this is the V on Bitcoin show so there's not gonna be much Bitcoin stuff in this but, you can fast-forward there'll be some Bitcoin stuff there yeah you're getting a taste of it on Thursdays I'm Saturday anyway so Eric Fischl gave a TED talk in Naperville, he, said why the news, media, is, stealing. From the Pro Wrestling, playbook, it is, a must watch I enjoyed. It thoroughly i link to it below he. Talks about how wrestling, professional, wrestling makes, people feel, instead. Of think the. Audience, feels. That. Passionately, one way or the other business. Is going to be good so if they if they hate you a lot or they love you a lot business, is going to be good well.

The News media, the. Mainstream news, media has, gone in that direction they. Want to get. People emotional. They, want them to be passionate one, way or the other and so, they're gonna there. It's basically news media the mainstream news day is a soap opera for grown-ups now. The. News media is wrestling. Entertainment. For a pseudo-intellectuals. You, can say. Cheap. Cheapy. It is a term in wrestling. Where. The. The wrestler, will say. Something to. Get and, it's just a really basic easy. Saying. To get the audience, riled, up like you'll be in Baltimore and he'll, get on the microphone heels just start ripping, on Baltimore. And everyone will start booing and booing and throwing stuff and going wild, and. So. The cheap heat it, makes yet it you're not thinking you're just you're you're not you're. Emotional. At that point and that's, what the nearest once the cheap the news is go to the mainstream media news now it's going for cheap heat, instead. They don't want you to think cheap. Heat is easier, to get people it's. Easy with cheap heat people are gonna watch more, it's, easier to get people to watch with. Cheap, heat with emotion, then. Smart stuff then, real news. An intellectual. Curiosity. Really, there's. Tons of information out there the mainstream media could be covering but no they they want the cheap heat and, the. News content, the, quote-unquote, news content is there, to make you feel instead, of think once, you feel you, stop thinking. Remember. That once you start to feel and, you get really emotion, and. That's what this unfortunately. The mainstream media business model is all about that now so again. It's, your choice you can watch it you can watch it but but start, to think about this is this making me angry am I getting caught, up in this soap opera for grown-ups that they're presenting, to me and, maybe. I need to take a step back and do, some reading on the internet and if I'm interested in the subject matter learn about it that way Eric. Bischoff also says that don't, be surprised that in the next presidential election you, end up voting for a professional, wrestler wrestler. And I think some people might think he's joking but he's talking about Dwayne the rock Johnson. And yeah, I can see yeah, if 80% he'll vote for him why not he conjures up a lot of emotion, he, might run for president and I mean you're laughing now this is this, is what, politics, has become this is why you want to opt out of the politics, out of the mainstream, narrative. And, up in the Bitcoin so hey if the, rock becomes the present you'll, be fine if you got your Bitcoin but yeah 80 percenters, do you think they can vote, in the rock you, know emotionally, triggered, he'll, he keep he makes people very emotional, he's, a good actor pretty. Good actor from what I've said I saw one of his movies on the plane pound that like button I forgot what it was called biz they're all the same I think all, right so. You. Know back in Baltimore, I had, a friend named Amanda, Rothschild, and. You. Know what people didn't go, around, beating. Amanda, and like. Shouting. Things, at her and accusing, her of things and blaming her for all their problems, her.

Last Name was Rothschild. But, she she had nothing to do with this. So-called Rothschild, banking family dad. Like existed, in the 1700s. Nothing. She, wasn't related to them she's Jewish it's, a Jewish last name nothing. To do with them and and logically. No one beat her blame blame, topher all their, problems she's just a regular person Amanda, she's, a nice person. Well. I, hear. On the internet land people are a little bit different there. They don't seem as rational, you know they see someone's, last name and, if. They're obsessed with, that last name and the. Person says something they don't like they go crazy there's. A guy out there and. It's. He's an economist, he's a liberal guy he's a Jewish guy actually also and by the way I'd the Rothschild, the people who are descended, from that Rothschild, banking family from, the 1700s, they're, not even Jewish anymore I don't think they eat I don't think they're laughing their last name is de Rothschild, now and there's so many of them some of them probably Jewish though but some of them marry intermarried, and whatever they do what they do there there some of them are wealthy some of them probably aren't wealthy they don't control the world and if. You if you go around blaming people if you go around thinking someone, controls the world then you, I mean. You've given away any, power over yourself, you have no personal responsibility you're. You're a blame or you're a scapegoat or if you've got this if you've got cockamamie, theories, about. Who controls the world and why you're not well. You've got wealth Envy you've, got some issues and if. You have to go back all the way back to the 1700s, for, your scapegoat and then drag, them into the present I mean think about that logically, move, on see, move on if someone if someone, maybe. The bat maybe they were corrupt in the seventeen hundreds I don't really care I hope but. Is that a reason to blame them for all your problems people with that last name for all your problems base any and again it goes beyond that again there's some people who take advantage of it they don't like Jewish people very much so here's, the easy skate let's let's let's, put it all this make a conspiracy, about them but there's a lot of people who just jump on this Racha thing they don't even know what it's based around and they're like yeah they control all the banks till they get their trillionaire, their this their that and there's a cause of all my problems again. If you if you're not if you're not satisfied with the current economic system, then, you can opt in the Bitcoin or. You can sit around in a basement and blame. Some. Families, last name all day long so this guy is an economist. What, is his name his. Name's David Rothschild. His name is David Racha he's an economist he's liberal and he posted, some. I don't know what he posted something about an ethnos state I don't even know but IIIi. Linked to the pile in her below and the, people, just start pounding him I mean saying, the worst things you ever heard. Anti-semitic. Accusations. Just just going on and on about how he's the cause of all their problems and how his family did X Y & Z his, family this is family and he even says in the middle of it you know people artists I've, got a common, last, name with, a banking family he, says he's not related to them he's not related to them even, if he is related with him and he, is a liberal he's, not the cause of your problems, dudes and, people. Are just slaying, the guy and, again he used, some curse words and stuff I mean I don't I don't think, it. He. Doesn't deserve to be attacked, in such a way I mean it's, absolutely ridiculous but in terms of your big again, it's a verbal attack he's not being physically attacked, it. Says more about the people who are attacking, it really. Says a lot about, people's, obsession. Their, envy, and that, they cannot take personal responsibility for, their own lack. Of accomplishments, or their own accomplishments, go dope don't blame some guy on Twitter um, and associate.

Him With something he's not even associated with and, again I I don't agree with what this guy is saying with some of this guy's tweets are ludicrous he seems to be obsessed with Trump great. You know I attack, him from what are on what he's you know debate. Him but in sin it's in all, this raw. Child madness, you people, you've, got you've really, got to move on you, got to move on with your lives you run around in the 1700s, they don't there's not there's, not a trillionaire family that controls everything right now if you think that if. You're into that conspiracy stuff than you you're going down a very unproductive, path I can tell you that it's. Your choice it's your choice I am NOT a blamer, I am, a doer and that. Whole Rothschild, circle, or it's a bunch of blind people and you compete with the blamers if you want it but it's it's ugly it's really, ugly stuff if you read what these people on Twitter have said about him and again, for those of you who think the you know the Rothschilds, control Twitter if some of you think that no this guy is not even a real Rothschild, he's getting, lamb. Basted, but the people who are saying they're not getting banned or anything like that no of, course not. Again Twitter. Picks and chooses what they what. They you. Know they have their days where they like this they have their days where they like that again completely different subject matter. And. Again, this makes me think you. Are there people out there that want to be controlled they're. Just like well someone, has to control the system somehow I, have. To be a slave to something, I have, to I mean it seems like the design that they pick out these conspiracy, theories based on their desire, to, be controlled, that. In the long run it is to some psychological, thing like I can't. Be independent I have to be controlled I can't take person was right argue, that helpless. That. You need someone to blame for all your faults I mean come, on take some personal responsibility, don't be helpless, don't. Be a slave alright moving. On and moving on to drama, and. Triggering. Type of stuff we're talking about emotion, in the news media as. I said last week Ruth, Bader Ginsburg is not going to survive through the year 2019, she will she will die at some point in 2019, of cancer, she's, she's. An old 85 year old woman and she's her, third time okay, that's. Besides the point I Trump, will nominate this aunt Amy Barrett, woman and. I did, the math now, if Amy Barrett lives as long she's in her mid-40s now Amy Barrett if, she lives basically, as long as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, lives she, will be on the Supreme Court for 40 years she. Could. Still be on the Supreme Court in the, Year 2060. This, person that Trump is about to nominate once Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes away. It. Assumed, it will be this woman Amy. Barrett could, be and, that's the assessing. About life, technology. Under the technologies, that we live with today that it extends people's life so that we we can be confident that a woman that's in her 40s today can can, be alive when she's 85 86, in the Year 2060, she's swimming, the Trump, might have an effect on politics. Of the 20 60s, that, is so. You. Know talk, about if, you're into politics and you know you shouldn't be into politics it is waste but you know if you're, around the New Year's table, and you. Talk to some see effect see if that triggers them see see if they get a show about it or if they get logical, about it what's their reaction, because. That that could be variable. Now as I. Had predicted once. Ruth. Bader Ginsburg passes away the. Media mainstream media is gonna it's gonna be a wrestling match oh yeah it's, gonna be like WWE. Unbelievable. With I mean, I don't know what, they'll pull out, you. Know it's a ripple in this one but they they will not want this Amy. Barrett, to be the, Supreme Court justice see in, the 2060, still in the year 2060 I mean again, this is some, this. Is a big again. If you're in to the Supreme Court if you think they're very powerful, and. Again I they're, not powerful over me but a lot of people put a lot of faith, and they, rely on the government's, decisions, that. Yeah this woman will be on there and could, be on there until 2060, or even beyond. So. Prepare, for that now speaking of speaking of and, it's just interesting it's I, like numbers like that like I'd like thinking about the future is that is, that I having, here I don't even know it we will have 20 yeah that's a that's a having here there's gonna be a 26, because 2020, is a having yeah. Forty years later is 2060, Wow, so that 2060. Having Amy Barrett, will be a love.

And Life I guess, so. Guys it's raining out there well this is gonna be amazing if I get this thing uploaded. So. Speaking of preparation, here's. An article about. A young. Person who passed away who, had an I'm at who had an iPad, and had. All his last wishes on the iPad but he, didn't tell his parents. The. Code the code to get on the iPad so, they can Apple couldn't help them and you, can read this story now I bring this up just so you, prepare. And you don't get into a similar situation, my, father and, the reason I found this story out is because we can't get on my father's iPad we don't know his password he's, only had, the iPad I. Found. A year, and. He probably, prompted. Him to create a passcode, he, had rupiah's nothing nothing to hide or anything like that and again, there. Is some information that we think. It. Might be beneficial to one, of my relatives that there might be that might be on there but we can't get on there now so and. Maybe. If anyone out there does know a way to figure. Out the passcode, to get onto. One. Of those iPads. You. Know you can email me at Adam at, Adam. At, Tresor. Help calm, and by the way follow me I'll tech bought at tch BLT. Disrupt. Meister comm, all of my archives link to below this, is a t-shirt, it's the bitcoin honey badger you can get stuff like that link to below, now. I'm not saying to give all your went, out with your treasure that's a date you know you got to have it you got to have a plan of, how. We're gonna get your recovery. See you know you tell someone where the recovery seat is you can do the same thing with your ipad, though like have, a list of passwords, somewhere, you. Just password, preparation, and say hey trusted, relative if i die suddenly that's, where all my passwords are so that that would help. So. Yeah. Just, it happens to young people it happens to old people you never know when you're gonna suddenly. Go away like that. Okay. In, in happier news again, january. 3rd is the, bitcoin. 10th, anniversary blowout, party here, in Tel Aviv I will be there. Tickets, below it's, a lot cheaper with, your Bitcoin, especially. Using lightning Network than using fiat a lot. They value their wealth in Bitcoin, gotta, love that Tel Aviv Bitcoin embassy where I'm hopefully will be uploading, this video Oh something. I forgot to say you know talk and so it'll be 2019, by then and I'm sure a lot of people they'll be celebration is all over I'll be doing a live stream from, there that, in in, a week from now anyway. One. Thing I want to say is that for me 2019. Is. The year of no blaming. Personal. Responsibility is new counterculture, I keep saying it maybe that can be your new year's resolution, I think New Year's resolutions, are somewhat. Lame because people usually just abandon them immediately, but I mean right now you, know and again January 1st is an arbitrary day it's it's, just the day we say the next year starts, you. Know there's different different cultures same stars on different days. But. Yeah. Don't blame I think, it's I think it's productive you know everyone's always looking for an excuse. If, something bad happens move on, learn from it be productive, and that's one of my biggest tech takeaways I hope people take away from these videos these. Beyond. Bitcoin, videos. That. You know just blaming. Is a poison, and get you sick you can waste a lot of time and if, you find yourself blaming. Take. A step step back and try to look, at it from a different perspective and make it a productive, situation. So. You know we're talking about the raw child conspiracy, before I know there's also people who who. Don't believe in NASA, who. Share that of, broth child conspiracy. And. But. New Horizons on, on, January. 1st will. Be approaching, a Kuiper, belt, object. Called. 2014. Mu 69. It's. Also called Ultima Fool and. It's. Just an amazing accomplishment. Of, humanity. That. We that, nASA. Has, sent. A satellite. That far it will be the farthest that, a man-made object has. Gone that still could be modded for observation, you know a Voyager. Has. Gone further, but.

It Does it it, doesn't do scientific work anymore this is, going to be our the. Object that is taking pictures of MU, 69. Whatever it is 20 over the ultimate rule it will be the. And I we've never seen an object that far away up, close like that so, I i'm so excited about i'm so proud of humanity, it. Just shows how how fast we're going. And. Again, you can you can say it's not really happening you can. Unbelievable. You, know people just can't take that can't take that some people are very productive some, people are very smart some people are very talented and, can pull off things like this be, proud of humanity, it is going to be a great accomplishment and. Hopefully. They. Will they. Have enough power in that thing to study other Kuiper belt objects, so hopefully, the program continues, and hopefully, we look it's just animate amazing, photos come back and we learn a lot from from, this faraway, object, about the history of the solar systemin. Who. Knows who knows what they might, find on that thing so, be. Proud and it. Just shows you how fast technology. Alive. What a great time to be alive such, exploration. And again, I'm a curious guy I love exploration, and I. Think, those are productive, traits. All. Right. Speaking. Of last. Names to blame. Schiff. You, got you got people also like to blame, the shift banking, family Peter, Schiff it has nothing to do with them again he's Jewish he has the same last name as them he's not them. Now. He was on great hunters show and. Again. Just, because Peter. Schiff is in the ship doesn't mean that he does uh he. Doesn't say ludicrous, things sometimes though. He. Was on Greg hunters show and the, title, of the show but it was classic, Americans. Are going to be impoverished, again. So Greg does that because he attracts, doom got, people and they love doom people love to, hear that America is going to be they love to hear negative stuff, like that and again Peter Schiff Greg. Hunter they've been saying this for a long time check out their archives, America. Is not in pot now now again America. The. The dollar is being inflated away you can't buy as much but, the people who live off the welfare dollar they live a very comfortable life people. On welfare in America get lots of great things free housing free TVs, free Obama. Phones all sorts, of great stuff so I, wouldn't, call them. Impoverished and the system will continue because, many. People they, just love it they love their government check they love their welfare dollar they, love their situations, they love sending their kids to public school buh buh buh they don't want to opt out they're comfortable they love competing with their neighbors for the biggest car because they have credit so, yeah we can go through we'll go through other recessions, there'll be bad recessions, but no no. We're not going to be impoverished and if you wait around for, your neighbor to be impoverished you're gonna be waiting around for a very long time you're not going to be productive, during that time period you know Peter, Chef has been talking about this dream of his for years and it's a sick during the half it's who. Knows it's good for his business though I guess, good. For Greg Hunter's business to be negative.

You. Know negativity, brings you sickness. And. Again. If you do think the world is going to collapse if you do think everything's, it is, going in that direction then. You can cry about you can scream about it you can watch Greg hunter and Peter Schiff every day or you can opt in the Bitcoin now. How many people who, who. Love shows like, who. Are obsessed with you know who are just waiting for this kind of thing to happen for America. Americans. Are going to be impoverished how many them to actually buy a Bitcoin how many of them are no coiners quite. A few they don't want to do anything they think that something magical. Is going to happen once the bad thing happens or actually they have no plan they're just like they they're going to feel vindicated if the bad thing happens if the. Government, falls apart if the dollar falls apart or this happens again. Waiting around for such things such things that happen in this, modern age of Technology, it's. Not very productive and it's sickening it. Makes you sick so, again, we're able to send a probe all. The, way out beyond Pluto and to Pluto and then to beyond Pluto to take pictures. The technology, that that. That. Individuals. Of possessed that companies possess that they even the government possesses is. Able to improve the quality of life so much for so many people. That. Know. It there's people. Are gonna be impoverished in United States of America, that's, a you know anyway. So this. Technology Shores a lot it does fix it you know it is, able to maintain this, status quo I get, people getting free. Phones. That they can just clarify. Wrestling. Light stuff every day it's very satisfying for, the 80 percenters, very satisfying, so technology. This. The level technology we have reached really. Pacifies, the masses it really can't pacify the masses and don't you. Know think think think of it that way instead of thinking the opposite that like oh every, they're gonna go crazy and everything's gonna fall apart, it's. Much more productive and again. You position yourself right, it doesn't matter if they really if there's a really bad recession or a depression you'll, be fine personal. Responsibility about. Yourself don't worry about the masses don't don't worry about, that. This, thing their position yourself so don't have to worry about that stuff and finally. Despite. This is from Arjun he shares an article I didn't get to read the article, but it's a good good thought despite. What the media would, have you believe, 20:18. Was the best year to be alive, yeah. III think every year that, as we as we go on 2018. Is that best year to be alive next year we'll beat it the year after that will be bad every year it gets better and better and better bur better, so let me tell you something tomorrow Friday, is my grandmother's, 96th. Birthday she, doesn't have a thyroid anymore. That got removed a while ago and she lives as she drives a car. And. She. Lives a very productive life and. Pick. It but, she has to take thyroid medicine every day that's. A life extension technology, that's, where we come to now where a 96, year old woman who doesn't have a fire, anymore can live a very productive life and a. Very healthy life drive a car safely, and. So. And her driver's license by the way does not it expires, on her a hundredth birthday this, is true the state of Maryland when she turned 92 renewed. Her license and it. Expires eight years later when, she turns out she'll, turn 200 on December. 28th, 2022. So, having. Protected my grandmother tomorrow but that's just an example of the power of technology, you, got over mate you know you got to remain somewhat healthy in. Order to get, the benefits of some of the technologies, like that like the thought whatever thyroid, medication, she's on and. I think a lot of people are on that I remember their.

Thyroid Younger. And stuff like that again. She only lost her thyroid it, was a few. Years ago so, I mean how long could it be me who, she was very very productive life though so I want to add that when we're talking about you know this was the best year ever yeah it's it's darn good it's darn good when he you're living in a world that where people can be kept alive because. Again in the old days if she didn't have a tire anymore you would die the next day you need. A thyroid, that's it. So yeah. Yeah. I guess, the end the last, few things I'm talking about on the show are about technology and it, just it baffles my mind that people like to doubt the, technology, even exist that, we that people think we live on a flat, some people think we live on a flat earth and that there's just little lights. In the sky and stuff. Like that no, I mean that's I see, you for real with with my grandmother I mean. That's. Technology right there so it, can it can fix a lot, and. It can support. A lot it can support, the current system, easily, and. You know technology. Can be used for not-so-great things you, know it doesn't it helps keep the the. Mindless media around. Too but again you have to understand, what that is what your what your watching that they're they're playing on your emotions they're when you're watching that big screen fancy, TV, alright. Then pound that like button bang, that bow button click, on the squares that you see up there I. Hope. You enjoyed this early, version of the beyond bitcoins show again, hopefully. Saturday we'll just have a regular Bitcoin, show hopefully my internet comes back very soon i'm adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister remember, subscribe this channel like this video share this video check. Out the links section below, honey. Badger.

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Technology has been helping mankind forever. This is facts

Calling anyone a "conspiracy theorist" in these times is nothing more than an ad hominem attack on someone who doesn't believe in the old legacy media's manufactured & scripted stories imo.

Pure respect for doing a daily show -and- doing whatever it takes to make it happen. Respect. Nuff said.


Great video about personal responsibility

Interesting points on negativity versus positivity. I think it was the actor Will Smith who once said, ‘those who think they can, and those who think they can’t, are both probably right!’

donesnt matter the name of a family... but for instance any president of the usa does not have the final say. Whoever brought down the twin towers .. are the same as the people that shot Kennedy. all or most wars are based on lies ... I own bitcoin and ill hold. and I buy more. I buy it for many reasons. one reason is because the bankers at the very highest level control the money supply. BUT they can't control bitcoin... your right they don't run the world .... but they try to manipulate it. there are phcyopaths at the highest levels of finance.. they share the same chartaristics as a psychopath, but they were not abused as children. the distinction is a massive one. Aabused children who have a brain without the normal amount of empathy that we have have, a very high chance of becoming criminals.A child brought up in a steady childhood without abuse but are born with a a brain that literally doesn't have empathy there brains do not get affected by trauma distressing images and if they happen to be intelligent they can easily rise to the top in professions like banking.

Hi Adam, here are some options to acces your dads ipad, without deleting its memory: 1. Get and use Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit. This software is not available for the general public, but I'm sure that in the bitcoinworld it would be possible to get. 2. You can contact the Israeli firm: Cellebrite. It is believed they've also hacked apple products for the FBI. I wish You all the best. Cheers!

Thanks K!

Conviction, baby! Yeah..

In the Chinese context, Rothschild, Warburg and all those court Jewish banking dynasties are thought to be really cool. Many are obsessed about them in a positive but also unhealthy way, in thinking that controlling the world is a good thing.

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