The Alaska QUAKE was MUCH MORE than a Quake. This Changes Everything:

The Alaska QUAKE was MUCH MORE than a Quake. This Changes Everything:

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Hi. My, name is Tom price and welcome. To the positive, side of 2012. The. Year 2012, began a marvelous, magical, time, of change and most. Of you are likely unfamiliar. With what this means, among. Other very important, things it's, out with the bad guys and in with the good guys, that, means we are getting America, back we're. Getting the world back and Mother, Earth is going to become the incredible. Beautiful, amazing, place she once was the. Planet, is. The website and our, YouTube channel. Is the, positive side of 2012. Both. Of these are dedicated, to bringing you proof that things are cheap. And that this is not just a rhetoric or someone's crazy dream. Hello. This 'litham this. Video is about the recent, earthquake, the big earthquake off. Alaska. The. Quake measured 8.0. And. Was located in the Bering Sea roughly. 150, miles from Kodiak Island. Now. An 8.0, quake is 33, times bigger than a 7.0. And a 7.0, is 33, times bigger than a 6.0, so an, 8.0, quake is a, thousand. Times bigger, than. A 6.0, quake it's. Huge, and. This. Video here. Is. Intended, to wake you up a little bit more than we have so far to. Wake you up a little bit more about what's really going on regarding. Events on the, ground and, under. The sea if. You get my drift. And. And. Timing. Wise this. Relates, exactly, to. What just happened, in Hawaii. So. This video is about far, more than just, the Alaskan, quake. Now. A couple of videos ago in, quartz one one seven eight and the, topic of that video was, that the bad et's, were being taken out, we. Heard from james gilliland. He. Talked about a map like a google map or, a weather, map and on, the map or hot spots infrared. Hot spots, and. It's. Apparent, that. Those. Are the locations, of the, remaining. Bad. Guy undersea. Labs, and bases and underground. Labs, and bases have, to say that quickly and, as. The thumbnail here says, we. Have lost our patients. So. These guys are being taken out and. James. Gilliland. Agrees. So. Here's yet another really, short. Clip. From, james. So. This. What's happening all these people, are trying to scurry out you. Know what's. Going on. Okay. Ants. Nest. Remember. That. Because. That, is what. Sets the stage for this. Video. So. Here we go. Now many. Of you have heard, or heard of strange. Sounds, coming from Mother Earth, you know booms, and, trumpet. Sounds you. Heard him yourself or heard him on you saw him on YouTube or something. Did. You ever wonder what those things are and, I've. Seen them shown, several times but I have not yet run across and, I'm only speaking for myself I, haven't. Run across any, explanation. For them. Do. You know what they are. Well. So. Here. Are some clips I want you to see these real short clips to, help you understand, what I mean so. These are the strange, sounds, and booms coming, from Mother. Earth. So there you've now heard a sound of an earthquake you've. Heard a sound of the tectonic, plates, moving, essentially, the same thing and. You've heard a trumpet sound now. The trumpet sounds nothing more than these other sounds. Resonating. Much. Like Orchestra, halls are designed to, resonate to give you a good sound and, more. Importantly. Hear more appropriate, is this. Is exactly, like hitting, an iron, bell. And. Note that what's below in the earth where these earthquakes occur, it's not dirt down there it's. Iron. And. That's. Important, because, the point of this discussion that, we're having here, on sound. Is. To let you know that the Galactic's, use sound. Weaponry. To. Take out these, underground. Bases. You. Can find the resonant, frequency. Of the rock formation. You. Take your magic machine, you. Turn it on find, that frequency and then. Start cranking, up the amplitude start, cranking, up the volume, until. You get to the point where. The rock formation. Just, shatters. And. This is exactly, like the. Infamous stories of the opera, singer a singer, shattering. The, glass. So. Now let's get back to our Alaska. Quake. Dutch. Sense is a YouTube channel he does a marvelous job of, talking. About and. Predicting. Earthquakes. He. Does such a good job that the USGS. The, Geological, Survey has shut. Him down so to shut, down his site a couple times. So. Here he is predicting. This Alaska. Quake. Is. My warning from Sunday night. Washington. State and the, reason Washington, is under pressure I think, overall, it's, coming from up in Alaska, up, in Alaska, you guys are due to get it this week with some large activity, it looks like you're all set, it looks like the Aleutian island chain is going to get hammered, this, week and you'd, be lucky to get a volcanic eruption as opposed.

To A single larger earthquake now how big could it go up. In Alaska, you guys are earthquake, prone right this is earthquake country everybody, up here has an earthquake plan they all know to expect big earthquakes every week right wrong. We. Don't hardly ever see big earthquakes, up here but when we do they're, big, and we're, gonna warn the area right here next, to Mount Boguslaw. So. Their hats. Off the Ducks since cuz he's nailed that sucker right on the head. It's. Amazing, forecast. However. I. Think. He. Was prompted, to give us a pretty amazing, forecast. Because. I've. Been told by, source. That. Gaea. Who. Is the being that I call mother earth she. And. The. Galactic's, worked. Together. So. Mother earth intentionally. Got ready. Set. And when. It was time to go. That's. When the, Galactic's, turned. On their. Sound. Technology. Device. And. That is, what, shows the, exact, location. For. This quake. Location. Location. Location. It. Was chosen for a reason. Now. Remember. The ants nest. So now let's revisit the ants nest itself. That, james gilliland, referred to now when james spoke he said someone, stepped on the ants nest I thought, he was speaking symbolically. He. Was speaking exactly. Beneath. The earth's surface, are. Hundreds. Of tunnels, I. Don't. Know the exact count, nonetheless. To, give you an idea of what's going on behind your back, one. Of these tunnels goes, from Colorado. The. Underground, penthouse in Colorado, Colorado. Is one of the kingpin. Places. In the US, this. Tunnel goes. Which. Is a high-speed railway, goes. From Colorado, all. The. Way to the. Vatican. Surprise. Surprise. It's. A high speed railway, that's. In Italy by the way it's. A high speed railway that. Travels, at. 1500. Miles, per hour, that's. 30 300, kilometers, per hour and. I'll. Make a good guess and say that it's fueled by free, energy, that. Which we cannot, have. Who. Paid for this is one thing but. Here we're talking about the ants, nest itself. This. Is what these guys, are these entities do. They, go around the universe looking. For vulnerable, planets, then. They ravaged, it, exactly. Like this. The. Use of all the resources. They. Eat whatever they, want. And they, killed a planet. And. Then they move on. So. This is exactly. Like the, bark beetle problem. We have here an organ or had have, had him not sure he had. These. Beetles, killed a forest, he's. Vast forests, from. Horizon to Horizon. The forest is killed and. Is. Not so much the beetles the. Problem the problem was the. Minerals, got, depleted, in the forest, over. Hundreds. Of years and. Made. The trees weak made. The trees trees, vulnerable. So. Then the beetles, moved in. Established. Themselves, and thrived and killed. A forest. Well. Here on earth is the. Free will that we have. That's. The weakness and. That. Is what allowed these, entities. Which. Is one of the latest versions, of the Antichrist, to. Establish. Themselves and, thrive. And. As a result we. Have this, ants. Nests. This, Alaska. Earthquake. Is. At the location of an, underground. Laboratory. And. That's, what it is a laboratory, and. This. Laboratory, was heavily involved in, what, Trump's, executive. Order, was all about I, recall. That executive, order was issued on. December. 21st. 2017. Which. We now know is. December. 21st, 2012. How. Symbolic that is. And. Now you know why this, location, was chosen off. Alaska. To. Be the site of that, pending. Earthquake. Now. Are there other facilities. Being taken out well the answer is yeah I've. Heard of reports haven't, paid much attention to him but I've heard of reports of a a. Base. Being taken off an earthquake, off of, California. And also. The earthquake, swarm, under, Reno which is also highly unusual. But. My question, immediately was what about tsunamis, all these big earthquakes, what about tsunamis, you know. Well. Talk. About synchronicity. It. Was that morning I went to learn about tsunamis. I turned on the TV YouTube, and, my wife is there and she's not in the decide to be quiet so I just quietly, looked and clicked. On the first thing and lo and behold, speaking. Of synchronicity, there. Is Tyler, with secure, team 10, now, Tyler's had two flu but he had to get this out he had to get this out he had to get this epic and there it was now, Tyler normally, talks about UFOs, and things, happening on the moon and outer, space, but. This morning, he's, in a rush to, get things out about, stuff. Here at home and here, it is the. Title of his stuff is planet. Earth is acting, really strange. That's. A highly unusual title, for him and, lo and behold I click on it and there it is. The first thing I want to talk about are, these massive, tidal. Waves okay, that have been hitting. Shores in Mexico, South, Africa, and in. These cases unlike, others where you have an earthquake which is then followed by a tidal, wave these. Tidal, waves just seemed to appear out of nowhere. So. These tidal, waves are they the results, of the, activities, of the Galactic's and their, undersea, earthquakes.

Well. Please see tires video, please see his link and watch the whole thing because, he also talks, about more. Booms. And trumpets. From. Land-based. Earthquakes. Happening. At the same time. Hmm. So. Are, these. Tidal. Waves are. They nothing more than the trumpets. Of the sea. You. Decide. Maybe. I'll agree and. Also. Note that we are being, protected from, any. Big, tsunami waves, we're being protected, from any big catastrophic, earthquakes. And. Also, note that at fracking. Wells. Earthquakes. Often happen, if fracking, wells and. That's good because, they. Reduce. The stress they. Reduce the chances, of a, larger, quake happening, nearby, and, potentially. In populated. Areas so that's good we're getting at least one benefit, from, fracking. So. Tyler is right very, strange things are happening around the world, and, I'm not sure the Tyler is awake like the rest of us are here, so. This, is a very independent, view. So. Very strange things are happening around the world as this, final, take down to the Cabal. The. Antichrist. Continues. The. Chaos, is indeed, absolutely, unfolding. According, to a much higher plan, as I've said all along and. It's. All being done and in such a manner such that it reduces, your fear, and. Release does not increase, fear in the masses. So. Relax. Get. Your popcorn. And. Thank, you very much for. Watching. You've, now have, learned about, another. Level, of, fighting. That's. Way, beyond. Anything, that's happening, in Washington. DC and, their realm of of fighting. In, their realm of conflict, ie tweets, and cue. Well. You've covered here is quite different from that and. This. Is all and yet, this is all being, highly, coordinated. I told. You at the very beginning of this video the first thing I said was. We're gonna be going a little bit more outside the box I'm, gonna wake you up a little bit more to the crazy events that are happening now and. We. Have this video was pretty heavy-duty, especially.

For Newcomers. If. You're a newcomer you picked the wrong video. To, judge this channel, by, so. If. You are having trouble with this video please just forget, about it and instead, do one of the following things. Now. This channel is designed, to. Help new people get. On board of this transition, and we hope you understand, it and help you be successful in, it so. Depending on your comfort level, for, newcomers. I always recommend for, everyone I always recommend the playlist, getting, America, back its. Non-confrontational. Know non-religious. As. The real deal tells. You what's going on regarding America. And it is incredibly, exciting. That'll, launch your interest a lot and. Then. And I always recommend this video that this is our figurehead, video and it's, kourt's 105, for it explains, how, this channel works. And. That we recommend, you watch the videos in order because there is an order to do videos and a whole lot more so. Please watch that one quartz 105, for and best. Of all once. You are comfortable with the e t situation. Or if. You just want to jump in headfirst. I. Strongly, recommend all, of you eventually, watch. This. Video, or this playlist, and the, title is a quick, tour, of the, event. The. Seven video series, or playlist, explains, the news events that have happened over the past two to three years, including. All the et, stuff, it. Explains where we are on the timeline, and it even predicts, the, event, date, and. Finally. That's. All about them now now let's talk about the past finally. There's. The book itself the. Book explains, the event and how. Your, how the length of your knuckles. Tells you everything you need to know about, the, event. It's. A mathematical, energy, event. The. Book also covers, the relevant, history, of. Of. Us as. Well as the relevant history of the event itself. And. What you need to do to be successful in. It, so. It helps you be successful. It. Also explains how the universe works, I mean, the book is really necessary reading, if you really want to get a quick education, as to what's going on if. You want a quick education of what's going on get. The book and. Quickly. Get on this. Playlist. I just mentioned which is a quick education on, the event between. Those two you're pretty much up to speed. So. Thank you very much once again for watching and, I look forward to covering these events and more so I miss, whole thing is unbelievable so. Is the timeline it's coming here very quickly, so. I'll be keeping up with that the event and things, that are happening, I'll, also be addressing the all-important. Topic, of wormwood. And, the. Other things that I forgot, to talk. About on the video there, a couple of videos ago so. I'll be talking about those. Meanwhile. Keep, your eyes on Washington. DC. And. Thank you very much once, again for watching. You.

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wow amazing. lovin' it

Tom, Have you seen this guy Hans Wilhelm life explained series .

bullshit and fear porn! Where did you get your qualifications on geology???

What is being said concerning justice for all ?

Talks cheap. Lots is being DONE to answer your question. We are just used to everything happening instantly, as on TV! Tom

PS. re my previous comment. The bible revelations term for it is Gabriels Trumpet in the last days, but as you know Gabriel the "angel" is a ET being, and the Trumpet is the sound of their UFO,s in the "last days"......

We are all ETs, when you get right down to it. Tom

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You forgot the earthquakes down by the new pedophile island, BOUVET ISLAND. I thought the tunnels under Denver go to the Getty Museum/Compound in La? Russia & China are building a high speed underground railway to connect Europe & Asia.

Why would a underground lab be built on a MAJOR fault line?

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NY subway clip at 4:54 - 5:24 ...... why are you showing something taken from a video game? cant you even distinguish primitive computer graphics from real footage ? Also btw those mystery booms are a real thing indeed ... BUT those trumpet sounds are all fake and debunked fakes created to fear monger and confuse people and the trumpet sound was "copy pasted" from a film.... but seriously I would never expect someone show a modified video game footage and act like its something real. That one part was dissapointing. Before you make any statements about anything make research and learn as much as you can... cuz one silly mistake can make you and us, look like some crazies. Dont make it easy for the sceptics to laugh at you ! Just one silly mistake is all it takes. One possibility is a satellite broadcast of disturbing noises.

We who are awake are the chosen ones here to assist

Get it,,,ants nest

Maybe they blewup their lair

When they took out the Deep Underground Military Base at the CIA heroin processing center at Dover Delaware. I felt the bump 70 miles away right though my ass as I drank a cup of coffee! Victory to the light of truth!

I'm from Dover (actually Viola!). My bother is Warren Price - the car dealer! He passed away from cancer (suddenly) a couple of years ago. Tom

Why all of the signs in the sky?? The eclipse an Must see This video you all!

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look into H.A.A.R.P. does all you said. resonant frequency, caused Japan earthquake.

4:36 sounds are in sync.....timing....not mother earth.

Hahahha. Did this channel literally use a video game to proove the sound of techtonic plates and try and pass it off as real footage. Wow. Just wow. When i thought people couldnt get any worse this video proves it.

Ray Story hi. 4 minutes and 54 seconds. Its a clip from Gta 4 moving from the subway. The sounds are imposed over the clip. Notice how the people are not moving in the clip. Also anyone can clearly see how jagged the images are due to anti aliasing of game processing.

I ain't questioning you, I only seek truth so help me out and quote a source as in "what video game & what part" so fellow truth seekers (all us want to know the real deal) can out the bullshit artists- truth is power but needs to be checked out then spread out -thanks for your input and keep it coming---rays

This is all good as long as people don't use it to excuse themselves of rolling their sleeves and start taking action to help themselves and the planet get free from the chuckles of the CORPORATIVE fascist system: one thing that everyone can start doing right away is getting away from the shopping centres and the money thing and more into community - go to parks - hold picnics with your neughbours, become part of a permaculture group - start growing something, start caring for something or someone NOW!!!!

Dream world is great if you live in it. No fighting is just begun. The US army and air force has protected the US two times from alien invasions already.

First anyone's name you mentioned Have no clout with the real world. Story tellers saying all the good things are going to start happening Please look at the world right now. They just released about a Deer disease spreading around the US . It is extremely dangerous. Just one more thing growing out of control. Just like the fires . If the plates move just a little to much the whole US will fall. Please the earth is many levels of different things. There is a alien base off Hawaii and the ships still going into the ocean. Duch is no better then anyone else. I was saying it many months ago on Freedom Slips radio. If you look at it you will see the world is in serious trouble. Now even Russia is having big ones regularly. The sounds were going off last year and years before that. Oh NYC do you think you can move all them? The army tunnels go all over the worlds if you don't know. BUT so what. The rich people are not going to make it easy for the poorer people. If you don't know free energy will be coming out in a year. It will power many things. You have no idea why aliens are here. Most people do not want to know. God is looking down at a bunch of sick people. IT doesn't need to help us. Man wants aliens to help us. Good luck.

I am a newcomer here and I Love this video. Finally, someone who knows the earthquake magnitudes, all your information coordinates very succinctly. Subscribed and rung the bell. Thank You. I know my consciousness and true self are Within. One question. Do you know why SOHO has not updated the Lasco 3 data since the 25th? I'm very curious about the outbound (planet/asteroid) that is moving very slowly and was getting larger every day (closer). I've been watching it since it started inbound and immediately noticed its trajectory and speed (2 weeks inbound, shrinking before it went behind the sun), as highly unusual without a comet tail.

Not paying attention to it...... All I know is that we will not have any catastrophes... Tom

Hi I was listening to your video but I did not fully understand what you are trying to say about the latest earthquake in Alaska.  Anyway I cannot afford to get your book right now because I am unemployed.  But I continue to read my bible and do bible studies.  God bless you.

Thanks, The Bible is fine. Focus on what Jesus himself said to teach us. That is what you need to know to be successful in this transition. Everything else is really unimportant at this time, and it is THAT stuff that everyone argues about. Tom

*The Moon is the Mother, the Sun is the Father, their child is Earth. They're conscious and Earth will cleanse herself in due time.*

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I heard that there was suspicious "illumi-nutty" activity in Alaska, so serve them right, j/s! I live in Southern California and recently experienced a very light earthquake (4. something at it's source) that shot me out of my bed. I'd hate to be involved in a big one!

and what about when ppl hear those sounds but experience no earthquake then or even over the next years??? tectonic plates just moving around with no verberation on the ground level?? not thinking so.....and ALIENS ARE NOT REAL......THEY ARE JUST DEMONS HERE TO DECEIVE PPL INTO BELIEVING IN THEM SO THEY WONT BELIEVE IN THE TRUE GOD IN HEAVEN AND JESUS CHRIST!!

did you show a clip of a videogame as a 'real' clip??

Fracking has caused Radium to contaminate the whole east coast of the US. This is making the water radioactive.


How does this fit together with “The Wingmakers Fifth Interview?”

You have to answer that. Tom

second vid of subway looked like a videogame

Oh boy, so sorry, I've got to go now.

Beetle infestation in BC Canada. Take a plane ride and the trees are red as far as the eye can see. Fires are impossible to control.

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I am the original 2012 girl! I was there when this pre-pare4 contact-- yahoo groups of 1999-- where the mendelo effect was told would happen--2 worlds colliding- our DNA witht the 12 strans???? lolol my GOD almost fell for it- as an abductee the UFO community didn't want nothing to do with their own kind? I watched for 4 decades= you laugh,, that is the first sing of their -- fools gates! no laughing matter and they are killing people right in front of public people,,,,i give YOU my word!!! prime time TV making it look like entertainment!!! get off this no where land-- JESUS is the WAY TRUTH and LIFE IF YOU Want to surpass this garbage-- three hearts church-----DO IT NOW--they are at ready to pouce! Melodyskys flyfastgirl a pilot! I flew through the fire came out the other side! Jesus saved me from this MESS!

I'm subbed to Three Hearts Church ion YT! Is that who you're talking about in your rant? I think I might've been "abducted" before, but by DEMONS. I've seen some of the mess happening in D.U.M.B.S., seriously either in dreams or God knows what else....

Another Nut! Chasing after Jesus is so much more!!!

Jesus is fine, as I've emphasized all along. Jesus visited England (the druids) a few time, as his ancestry is from there among the Druids, who very much appreciated Mother Earth - - as did Jesus - - but those (his) teachings were not included in the Bible. Tom

LOL. What makes you say that. Oh, wait "mother Earth" and Gaia, right? These are definitely new-age terms and not very biblical. I'm watching it for the entertainment factor, but maybe he has some valid info?

Hi I had been contacted by SaLuSa who is the commander of Galactic Federation of Light since 2011. She told me by telepathy communication "We are going to clean up Reptilian underground bases. The earth change is coming. The water body will be increased, and the land mass will be decreased. I know you love the New Earth. It is so beautiful!" Since then, I had been contacted by David Icke, John Carpenter (He created the movie They Live), and so on in my dream state. I had the role to find Reptilian Shapeshifters from the youtube videos mostly ANN news in Japan. I check Intellicast Radar everyday. I found out when the big earthquake off the California coast few days ago, I found beside the epicenter, there were many FIRE marks. That means that earthquakes and fires happened at the same time! That make me imagine their Undersea Secret Bases had been attacked by Galactic Force, and those facilities were exploded under the sea that was why the earthquakes and fire marks appeared on the radar at the same time. I don't know why but I found your video first time. I am glad I found your channel. I might leave my comment time to time. Thank you. Much love!

Welcome. Spread the word about this channel. So far I've been emphasizing bringing new people on board to help them get acquanted with the transition. Soon I suspect, this channel will be more involved with training and other new chapters as things unfold. Tom

I am not exactly on the same page as you but I have been praying that GOD would cause earthquakes under ground to get rid of these evil things!

We all have our (comfortable) way of viewing things. Tom

Not all is rosy with more freedoms being tampered with and google censoring the news like Pravda did in Russia.

You keep saying these guys are being taken out. They are, but they WILL try to take us out with them. They plan to change us into robots in 18 months with a satellite that communicates with the transmitters in us. The transmitters are in the nanobots from chemtrails that we breath in and they bond in our bodies. We must meditate for a positive outcome and keep in mind that our consciousness is stronger then they are. We will win in the end, but there will be a lot of suffering before this is all over.

The Cabal is done!  No WW3  Divine Source has said enough!

It's close..  just feels like it's close.. Hawaii.. now Alaska.. how long before all is disclosed.. all the false flags starting with 911 forward.. all staged events.

what you are saying is true.the earth makes sounds both befor and after.

1500 miles per hour is 2400 kms per hour, not 3300 kms per hour. Got a calculator?

Yep. 2.2 is lbs to Kg!

the tribulation has to pass before things get better

this guy is L O O N E Y ! ! !


Great point. The tunnels he speaks of are there, but created by our military. The entities he speaks of are demonic spirits., well he just said that they are this times version being led by antichrist. That is true. He

That's a very good question! Let's hope so. I'm gonna check the HARRP website. Brb.

The kubari (greys) come every 26,000 years when the sidereal year passes from the age of Aquarius back to Aquarius,there not being taken out ,this is the end of the age of materialism,at the door way of the water bearer,Aquarius,where Yeshua said to meet him,not in the flesh but thru our higher consciousness ,we are going to have mega quakes Tsunamis and economy collapse ,and the kubari will reveal themselves ,this happens at the end of every root race,we are in the 5th of the 5th,this happens in cyclic cycles ,Atlantis cataclysm came the 4th of the 4th,this old system will fall ,the karmic debt (biblical judgement)has to be paid out before we move forward.The truly iluminted would be preparing.

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47 be blessed ❤

Thankyou for your time :)

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47 your very welcome we all reincarnate a total of 108 times in human form,and death is just existing on another dimension we are immortal souls who will incarnate the light within us this is called the Christ,no need to be worried ,but I would encourage you to get some food stored ,water,water filters ,and medical supplies so you will be prepared for the times ahead of us

know thy self, thankyou for sharing your knowledge. At least that gives me some hope for the children of this generation, Blessings to you

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47 yes we are ,it last 25, 000 years, it will be a sideral year again,we are going to have a round of cataclysmic events and an economic collapse,soon,however cataclysmic event will happen over the next 25000,years till the poles reverse,Atlantis didn't sink all at once it had 3 cataclysmic events till finally the 3rd and last sunk the remainder of the continent.We are in the 5th sub race of the 5th root race two more subraces to go in the 5th root race first cataclysm comes in this subrace , our poles already started slowly reversing.

know thy self, are you saying we are not about to experience the end of this age we are in now?

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47 The Night of Brahma is when all matter is undone ,and we return back to the invisible ,because out the the invisible the visible world was made,we will be devas by then, angelic,(biblical white garmets)We are at the beginning stages of the end of the age which will last 25000 years ,with cataclysms happening until finally the poles reverse,those who have desinigrated a large part of the ego will be in the Golden age of the 6th root race,the last root race will be the 7th.

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47 they are going to form the New world order with the Elite under the umbrella of the United Nations,people are not going to be happy about this and will fear it but fear sad to say is the only emotion strong enough to drive people towards consciousness of spirit,

know thy self, if they interact with humans what is their role? Also, is the night of Brahma the same as the end of the Age ie of the 5th root race which is supposedly soon? Thankyou

breatheinandout47 breatheinandout47hello, yes they appear physically ,they are bound to earth not permitted to incarnate in human bodies again and can not reach the higher consciousness and higher dimensions like we will be able to do ,to escape the final Cataclysm the night of Brahma (biblical end of days )which is millions of years away ,they work with the Elite along with the Kumaras (annunaki)who live in ethereal matter,they are the forms of the formless Elohim.The kubari or you can call them grigori (Grey's) are not friendly, they cut themselves off from source( Most high,universal consciousness) just as the Elite have and are completely left brained masculine leaving out the divine feminine the great mother ,emotions ,divine intelligence (the holy spirit)but this is all going to happen thru the will of the all,the law of cause and effect ,Karmic debt.the loss of material possessions pushes humanity toward spirit,however you should do as the bible, which is an esoteric kabbalistic book,tells you to do use the sun,the moon and the stars for signs of coming judgement (KARMIC PAYOUT)And be like the ant and prepare,

know thy self, hello, are you able to explain the role of the kubari in this time period please? Do you know if they will appear physically? Many thanks

Some of the comments are so 3d that this tells me this message has a great chance of being true . My Foil hat has become a full suit don't count this information out. It's more fun to be way out there than to be here on this current shithole cabal run planet.

That one clip is from a video game lol

Can I recommend a channel called "planet X Physicist" -she can give the answers u are looking for. Peace.

Not bad Mr. Price! We must be related.

Glad I didn't waste much time on this garbage. Bunch of new age crap, designed to confuse decent people. Your time would be better spent opening your bible, praying to God and calling on Christ Jesus to wash away your sins and fill you with the Holy Spirit. God bless.

THis isn't new AGE... Christ was New Age!  The Bible, ok.. The Bible says an eye for eye.. yet Christ said turn the other cheek.. so which is it?  The contradictions in the Bible are too numerous.   Eating the flesh and drinking the blood.. that's a satanic practice, how clever were the Romans to infuse that into the Sacraments!   Christ never wanted organized religions, that controls and oppresses the truth and it has.   The Bible mentions flying chariots with fire out of them,  clearly these were early flying craft by the ETs manipulating mankind whom they thought were Gods..  killing animals to atone for sins?  This isn't God.. infinite love and forgiveness.. this was a dark advanced beings fooling primitive mankind.. so obvious

You left out Flat Earth !!

Same goes for Nibiru!

Dutchsinse doesn’t predict, he forecasts...!!!

We now have the biggest idiot ever born as President. I would say we are headed in the opposite direction of "good".

All Obama did was play golf, and kiss ass to the globalists. You can watch him kissing ass on many videos on You Tube. He broke the record for the most golf games ever played by a president. What a shame. I watched a you tube video of Obama trying to explain to his fellow black americans who were losing their jobs because their company was moving out of America. He looked like a fool because he said he couldn't do anything for them. So Obama is nothing but a clown and a fool.

It depends on what your perception of good and bad is. Who knows? Maybe you think cigarettes and herion are good. And apples and oranges are bad.

Trump is getting rid of the crooks in washington and undoing what the biggest communist president did for 8 years turning to take down our country.

^ Pres. Donald Trump has done more on his first day of office than Pres. Barack Obama done on his 2 elections into office

How can I get more information on the fist/knuckles please ??? I haven't heard of that before.

Go to QTZ1054 (search utube for that) Book has much more. Tom

What was happening in the Spring of 2015 in the Sevierville,Tn. I heard the trumpet sound so loudly that it was piercing and left me freaked out for days. Also seems that there was to be tidalwaves to hit N and S Carolina and wash in upto 100 miles on shore.That did not happen however.Was a scary bit of time as no one seemed to know what was going on. JUST WONDERING

5:00 that not even real its bloody gameplay ffs!


hMM truth is jupiter is gonna smash the earth and the serpent once and for all and u dont wanna be here when that happens Jesus is the star jupiter and anyone who tels u other wise is lying to you if u think jesus is a man im sorry but your worshipping the beast and his image wake up Jesus is the star. The beast will rise again and force worship what this guy is taking about is the enemy creating an enemy and the beast wil destroy the enemy and amke the beast look like the hero and then he wil enforc worship thats whren u say no!! and give your life for your creator. This guy works for the beast look at his Logo Roman wreath used by the beast

makes perfect sense jesus the man is the image of the beast and u must overcome the beast and his image the truth is Jupiter is the star of bethehem they drill the story of jesus being aman in grade school the natiiity play every xmas in grade school. there hiding the star from you and fooling you into worshipping a fase god if u belive jesus is a man then your worshipping the pope and his image . Look up when the twin towers fe on sept 11 2001 was prohpcey in revealtion the two candesticks that tormented the erth. guess which star was in the connstellation vigro(virgin mary) look it up Jupiter taks 12 months to orbit our sun. stop worshipping the beast and know the truth that our lord is the star jupiter put thre to show the glory of our creator Virgo is the ony consteation visibe to both north and south hemisphere jupiter appeared easter in 1ad and stayed in virgo for 9 months and came out sept 11 on lunar calendr sept 11 is day 1 on solar caender they changed to lunar calender to hide this truth from you look at al the movies especaiay the ones that portray Jupiter destroying earth. Jupiter ascending is a good or even transformers a plant cybertron coming to destroy earth. or even this CG1 harlock aot of movies make this refence . Put your heart into that star as our lord and stop wworshipping the image of the beast your ife wil change and truth wi overwhem you Glory to those who orcome the beast and his image. the beast will rise again the pope and enforce sunday worship thats whn u say no and saty true to the God most high. Jesus is the satr he never was a amn hope this sets you free I am the women from reveation the bibe is the book of the sun moon and stars my ancestors defeated rome long ago led by napolean so you could have religous freedom today if my ancestors didnt do that you woud stil be worshipping the pope as god in 1750 eveyone knew the truth Jesus is the star the pic of jupiter are fake everyone forgets that on these pics in the bottom left corner it say in fine print artist rendering just shows how strong the delusion is. the most powrfu telscope showws its just a star do your own reseearch and you wil see how deep the lie goes they changed time and laws www3 ened 1945 and gae rise to the image of the beast. everryting they teach you is a lie heres my emai addy in case you do beive me Good lluck

Fear ...  all entities that promote fear want to control your consciousness.. govt, media.. churches.. all negative outlook.. fear.. stop living in fear!  Christ Consciousness is coming.. they control us via fear...  cold war?  Terrorism?  on and on.. fear..

^ That doesn't make sense... Jupiter is in a stable orbit like the rest of the planets, if you think Jupiter will destroy Earth, then you're wrong. God sent Jesus to Earth and He died for us so that we have a way out. The Bible speaks of a star called "Wormwood", we never seen this "Wormwood" until 1984... this star comes every 3,600 years approximately. Most people call this star as Nemesis, which is another name for Wormwood. Jesus / Yeshua is our only way to have an everlasting life, so repent and love others as if it were your last day on Earth.

The trumpet sounds are the noise of massive amounts of air escaping DUMBs via air shafts. In other words, the deep underground bases are being destroyed. And, this is the sound of the explosions.

Thought someone would come thru with the right answer! Thanks Tom

The solar system revolves around a tendril of the galaxy every twenty six thousand years. Now, we are crossing through the galactic central plane, an area of intense radiation (what we call the proton or energy cloud or field). For 13,000 years we have been on the negative side of the galaxy. We are now emerging into the positive side, which is what everyone refers to as "ascension." Every time this happens all genetic material on Earth experiences a quantum leap forward. Evolution does not happen gradually. ~ Per Ian Lungold (RIP), and I believe him. 2012 was only a tipping point at which enough of Us had become aware of the matrix of lies in which we live that it mandated that eventually all of Us would become aware ~ the unveiling.

And I say unto you (LOL), that the growth is a Fibonacci step! Tom

nice post.. makes sense too.. also a flash is coming from the galactic central sun.. a shock of consciousness if you will.. can't wait.. hard to live knowing all is a lie.

You are an Absolutley wonderful man thank you so much my brother

You are welcome. Tom

You're kookoo for cocopuffs

You have to bed over and look elsewhere for the truth sometimes. Tom

Thanks so much!!

You are Welcome, Shri! ATom

Just was told tonight’s attack will be thwarted.

I think you should know that an ENORMOUS ship was taken out two days after the Alaskan quake, directly over my house. I am not going to kid you, seeing that and hearing that, seeing it blasted out of the sky being blown way out to the ocean past the marianna trench. A 15 minutes battle ensued over my house, many shots etc. tons of explosions in a battle directly over my house. And they had another one scheduled for two days ago. My inner source told me it was a rogue battle ship tr387s operated by deep space with stolen codex. They attempted to pull a fast one as I was returning. I waited for the usual sound of ships leaving over my house when instead, I waited, seconds went by and nothing. Suddenly enormous explosions occurred over my house. The explosions continued numerous times as it was pushed out to see and went under. The battle ensued overhead for approximately 15 minutes. Their next scheduled attack was cancelled according to inner I am source. Our planet is slowing in spin, and quickening slightly at times, which also makes small tsunamis. Those protected are not to worry. One thing, with all the various kinds of ET’s that have visited me it would be nice to know who’s who. Last one here just weeks told me that his species were called eB Be. He told me they were helping. Anyone have any other intel? He told me that his species can remote control groups of people like those reptoids did who worked with nasa. He told me they will do that to as many as needed in order to insure protection in this ascension. Which is imperative for all in our cosmos. Being looked similar to tall grey I suppose, greenish in color, big eyes with pupils that light up. Large iris under black lens cap you can’t really make out. Just lit pupils. Honestly the being seemed nice to me, although his message came only after he disintegrated into light. I thought he was taken out. However, next day, he told me that’s how it looks when they teleport. He told me there is positive and negative factions in ALL species. This sector of the galaxy has many of same species of both polarities. Positive polarity ones have been instructed by earth and source to remove the problematic ones. He said, this is because all earth humans have various highest functioning ET genes in us. As we ascend, so does all on their planet. Due to this fact alone, we are to be looked up to as the most important aspect of ascending life in this cosmos right now. Prime creator says nothing will be allowed to stop that. Today’s high stress on earth also is between asleep people taking the wheel from the awakened. Causing major harm. These humans are to be removed or they are to suffer the loss of soul intelligence achieved so far as well as their free will. Biobots is what they ask for in their war against their own on their own planet. And biobots they shale be. Why? The imbalance of soul path has ripped the cosmic fabric of time. They are to suffer the consequences and will have lifetimes to grow back to their intelligence earned thus far today.


OMG this is amazing. All the things that resonate truth in my Spirit....Thanks soooo much!

Thanks. Glad you are getting connected. Tom

??//For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians:6:12

At 7 minutes you talk about finding a resonant frequency ,turning up the power as you aim where you want the damage and pow!!! It explodes!!! This is exactly how ROYAL RAYMOND RIFE killed pathogens. We must also be wary of machines aiming frequencies at us

On the news the other day there was a story about some guy who was surfing a large (100-foot?) wave off the coast of Portugal. I thought that was an odd place for a giant wave.

Wow!!! Awesome!!! Thank you!!! I live in Colorado... In the first months of 2017, I heard regular sounds that I described as muffled explosions... It went on for weeks, then finally stopped... I found James a few months ago... Was already familiar with David Wilcock...

Welcome! I followed Wilcox early on in my discovery, Tom

I love your videos !!!

I love you for loving them! Tom

I think Tyler's awake, he just has to play it safe or get hammered by zombie comments bc he does have such a huge following. :) Thanks, Tom, it's all about frequency.

very intertaining but the footage from the video game gives you away god bless America,

KeK (lol)

hahaha..Thank god some discretion...Its the age of disinfo..

Yes Brother Kip , I became disillusioned at that point too !

Everything that is happening in our world is foretold in the bible. No fairytales or speculation required. Wake up people and seek the TRUTH! God bless!

Yes, most of it is there. There is an intervention, tho, effective 2003, which means that some of the Biblical predictions are no longer as valid. Biblical folks also need to wake up and pay attention to real-time information. Sooner or later the truth will hit us all on the head bigtime. The Biblical (Jesus) approach will withstand, The Christianity (the religion) will not. Tom

UAWSUX: I'm in the word every single day. I also don't watch Joel Osteen OR John Hagee. Sorry to disappoint you!

You blabber blabber blabber blah blah blah blah blah but when was the last time you opened your Bible and read it or you just repeat and parrot stuff to Joel Osteen or John Hagee tells you to repeat

Thank you God bless you&your family

I've watched all the videos on this channel. I Know something big is happening. But there are elements in the videos that feel off. I've come to trust my intuition. I feel like the hundreds of channels I've watched are still speaking in parables. I love outside perspective, but something is still not matching up with what I know. Every channel is directing people to heal, love, grow and not fear. This is one of the most important things. But how they go about explaining what is happening, it's still has a bit of illusion. I suppose it's important to help everyone feel safe while we escape the illusions we've been living in but there is way more than your saying. Do you think people are still too spiritually young or intellectually incapable of handling the full perspective, or do you still not know it, OR do you think it requires way too much explanation to get others to understand it?

You've answered your own question.... On this channel I target those who are just waking up. But soon... even that is going to have to change. There will be a day when we re all knocked over the head, and those who are less awake will indeed be jolted. Not way around that. Meanwhile you have to find whatever presentation you are comfortable with. Tom

the 2nd tectonic plate video from the NYC subway looked totally computer generated., CGI.

Sure did. It was awesome, tho! Count that as entertainment

Yeah it is however there are plenty of videos that show this happening all over the world

John Lyons looked like a video game.

thats what i think to, it is a game not real

Your video clip coming up out of the New York subway system was video game footage! You might want to delete that fakery, because it damages your credibility, my-cute-old-man-friend! Other than that, thanks for your perspective and update! I will conjoin it with many other perspectives and my own to form a bigger picture and put the puzzle pieces together! In the mean time, all I can do, personally, is go about my day and life in joy and send out positivity and love to my fellow humans, Gaia, and the Universe! (Oh, and keep abreast of the Randall Beane court case going on in Knoxville this week that will be exposing banking and government corruption and putting it on public record for all to see!! Gotta love these exciting times!

The Positive Side of 2012 Yes, you ARE kinda awesome!! Your voice carries a very soothing resonance....

Kind tough to delete that. I was pretty awesome, tho!

Hi, just found you!! Thank you!

Welcome aboard! That is what I like to hear. Tom

Hello Tom, It's still a pleasure to hear you explaining obscure things so clearly (at the first and the second levels!). Things are moving faster and faster all over the globe, physically and spiritually. Everyone has been incarnated at the right place on Earth to play his role in the very next coming weeks or months. Your president is moving the lines despite the hidden and dark forces. In France, I feel that a very important episode will take place sooner or later too. Human slavery must cease now. We have the right and the duty to break our chains. By the way, I will be not surprised to learn that the tunnels you are talking about are also linked with Germany, UK and France. Regards / Bernard

Little doubt about that. Tom

Wonderful!!thank you love your videos..

Thanks, Janie Tom

AWESOME THANKS FOR THE INFO TOM! Love and light, Brother Dan

Tanks, Dan Tom

thanks brother

You are welcome, Thomas Thomas (LOL)

Tom I’ve been trying to contact you via “contact form” on your site. 4 x only got error messages.Please check out my brand new gnostic channel Spirit started squeezing out of me after 2017’s Winter Solstice!Best wat is to go to playlist in my channel. Start with introductions (I get better) and go from there. Looking forward to your response!

But it happened in the North Pacific, NOT the Bering Sea. Bering is to the west of Alaska. ☺

Sir, yes Sir!

Thank you Tom I like the way you explain things easy to understand God Bless you

Thanks Karla. I try...keep it simple even if I have to fib-abit to do so. Tom

On board, believe in fairytales. On YouTube was said some big wigs like pope, Obama, Prince Williams n such others took trip to Antarctica but never said why, is this true & why? Thank you.

Yeah. Antarctica was bog news about a year or so ago. Too big to tell the public, for fear we night freak out. Tom

just listen to corey goode and or david wilcook - take care

Traducción. A español

Done!! Finished 2/1/2018

Hang in there. 2-3 Days

I wish I believed in fairy tales...this was one of the better ones. I do appreciate the positivity, but this is all just wishful thinking. Of course I hope you are right and I'm wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.

Believe in fairy tales! That works, too, for the moment. Tom

I don't believe Tom is "on the money", but is aiming in the right direction. Which is all anyone, within their best attempt can do. You have to discern information for yourself. Either by listening to what's been researched and put forth by others, finding things on your own, and/or both. Have a listen to what's being said by all of the folks talking about things related to this subject, the event, E.T.'s, secret space programs, secret pedophilia societies and what they worship, the shift in government, etc. Take it all in with a grain of salt, and make up your own mind. You'd have to admit, there is "something" happening. What is it? Who knows? But there's a lot of connectivity, and congruency with things happening. Including that part of you that "wants to believe", trust what you feel. It's there for a reason.

That’s Awesome... Go Mother Earth and our friends from Up above !!! Our Galactic friends !!!

The kubari (greys) come every 26,000 years when the sidereal year passes from the age of Aquarius back to Aquarius,there not being taken out ,this is the end of the age of materialism,at the door way of the water bearer,Aquarius,where Yeshua said to meet him,not in the flesh but thru our higher consciousness ,we are going to have mega quakes Tsunamis and economy collapse ,and the kubari will reveal themselves ,this happens at the end of every root race,we are in the 5th of the 5th,this happens in cyclic cycles ,Atlantis cataclysm came the 4th of the 4th,this old system will fall ,the karmic debt (biblical judgement)has to be paid out before we move forward.The truly illuminated would be preparing.

Awesome channel... when you speak Truth good things Happen !!! Evil is real if you allow it to be !!! Are fear is the evil working so it’s a constant battle !!! But the Great News is we are going to win !!!

Thanks, Chet Tom

Bunch of new age hog wash.

mother earth my ass, mother ain't created a fly get out of your delusion. America is going down. The Most High sent that quake! You heathens better wake up

This sounds like what Steve Quayle and Greg Evenson were talking about. Armies of demons under the ice and tunnels have been dug all around the earth. What's with the NY subway video ? It's a video game, It's annimated.

Hava of CCCaBBalah working together with the fallen angels !! Year 2018 = Rev. 18 !! Hava the EaGLe !

go get fucked price its all boloks

Heathen, Heathen, I'm still breathing Meditating, that is. Tom Actually the earth has shifted on it's axis a few degrees! This is just part of the 2012 cycle we are in. That is what is causing all these quakes, etc.



I think personally the booms and horns are the government using tnt and the huge drill to make tunnels underground or bunkers. They already have a highway that travels from north, east, west, south. underground

For these sounds check out the final break through of the Goddard Tunnel!

Only the second time I've seen you plan to watch some more

Here is why no one believes this stuff. You didn't even notice that, the second clip shown when the strange sounds from mother earth are heard, it is a video game. The one where someone walks out of a new York subway. VIDEO GAME!! Now I don't know what game or even if it is a game per say, but I can tell you that it is CGI. The #1 giveaway that tells me its a video game, the stairs. I am an avid gamer and stairs in video games are always the same. No gamer wants to get motion sickness while playing, so a lot of the bouncing around that normally happens to our sight when we walk, is taken out. Now with that in mind, watch the clip again. The camera movement is more or less rock steady all the way to the top of the stairs. If a human was actually holding a camera walking up stairs, the image would move up and down a lot more. Nice try. Maybe you will fool some idiots that don't know any better, but you are going to have to do your homework to fool me. Plus, it kills your message. Even if the rest of your video is chuck full of useful and accurate info, I cant watch the rest. That one clip that you try to use to prove your point is false. Therefore your position in the debate is false.

Reality is the illusion and I want back what ever it was that I had to give to get stuck in this stupid vehicle we all call, the human body. However, if I was fully aware of my decision going in and my memory was wiped, then I really want to go back. Just for a minute or two. Just long enough to kick my past self in the balls a couple times. Tell him to make some different choices when it came to the experience I was to have. That is of course, If I was given any choice at all. The question I have been stuck on for a couple months is, why does everything to do with human growth and being born at all, come down to nothing more than a roll of the dice? It seems like someone is playing a real life game of dungeons and dragons.( yes, I just aged myself) and "god" is the dungeon master. Oh, you want to wake up? roll the dice. You got a 12? well that sucks, you die falling out of the top bunk of a three bed bunk-bed set. You want to walk across the street and you can see that street is clear? roll the dice. Thats an 8. Ohhhh, a drunk driver hits you while you are looking at your phone. lol Its just stupid. lol

The sound i hear benieth my home sounds like a large drillbit cutting through aluminum coming from the southeast headind in a northwest direction over the last two weeks and today is march 1 2018 and we only hear it late at night and usually starts at aproximately 11:30 pm and my property is or was full of gold and a mine was supposed to start here years ago but i believe they are already mining benieth my feet at this very minuite. I'm still waiting for #TYLER to contact me.

jasper white it appears you have your work cut out for you... There are a few people on YouTube that helped me overcome obsticles...try looking up Victor oddo, he's very patient look back on some of his work, at first he seems like he's never had a care in the world but he came from hard times and built himself up from scratch. Hugs let me know if there are specific obsticles. I can't solve it for you but I can reorganize it into an understandable goal for you.

lol pooping for the soul. What a great analogy. My trauma as a child was compounded by a brother that hated that I was born. A feeling that manifested itself with beatings and bullying. Setting me up to be beaten and bullied my entire high school career. Well, maybe not the last couple of years of high school and the beginning of my twenties. Yes, im old. By the time I was 21, I had amassed a large group of friends through giving the best time possible, on my dime. I paid for friends, without anyone actually saying that out loud. But we all knew. Wouldn't you know it, The minute I lose my job for an extended period of time and they cut tail. Went and found a new sugar daddy. I was dumbfounded for the longest time. Cause I didn't even see it as buying friends. I saw it as being a nice guy and wanting my friends to join in my revels. The same friends who tossed me aside as soon as it was convenient. In fact, that is an over-arching theme in my life till 5 years ago and maybe a little now. My father or as I call him, the DNA donor, tossed me aside because he couldn't get a handle on his alcoholism. He is a full blood native and we don't do too well with alcohol. I also quit drinking for the same reason. That act however, took care of the remaining hardcore fake friends. They couldn't imagine being around me while I wasn't drinking and still somehow find a way to have fun. Like I should be to blame for their lack of will and imagination. So, they went away too. I had a GF years ago, but she tossed me away for a meth dealing gas station attendant. Again, It happened after I paid all her bills, took care of her children and made it possible for her to attain HER dream of being a dog groomer. Ive done all my crying and lamenting about all those idiots. Its out of my control. That is the best lesson I have taken away from all the shit in my life. That when I get right down to it, I really dont have control over anything. Not when I have to use the bathroom, not what I might see if I look in the mirror, not in how fast my super clean teeth fall out of my mouth and certainly not in the comings and goings of other creatures or plants for that matter. I like growing shit and I cant even stop weeds from invading a small plot of fucking dirt. lol (accidental subject change) I have had people think I am crazy, seeing me while gardening and talking to the plants like they are people. I tell everyone that they are people. I have won at least three great arguments about vegans and vegetarians with that position. I like arguing. It gets me in trouble on FB cause its just text. There is no inflection, no facial expressions and body language. In fact, you say more with those three mechanisms than with any words you can muster. Shit, now I'm rambling. :} (plus I have been trying to remember where I was going with the gardening info. Anything you see in perenthesis is written while proofreading. Something so few do these days) P.S. I forgot to say that the brother who was a bully is one of three people I am a home-care worker for. All in the same house or trailer. Im taking care of him as an adult, despite what he did to the younger jasper. Cause the way I see it, I am not him anymore. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. Shit, I'm not the same man I was last summer. So, it doesn't really bother me. Unless there is a buried emotional trigger that I need to deal with and am blind-sided by. I mean, you can only fix what you know to be broken.

jasper white it can be emotionally uncomfortable, but stepping even further back to the traumas in childhood, is where our emotional habits come from. A child who is treated like a slug, an outcast, one who dealt with everyone acting as though they were repulsive garbage. This is where you start. Feeling it as an adult brings you a more mature introspect. When your a kid you blame yourself, but as an adult now, you can reveal it and understand it had an affect but your childhood view of it was not mature enough to had nothing to do with you being garbage. It had to do with the fact your priorities were not superficial. You were mature beyond those who persecuted you. You search for true experience, while others were more into meaningless passings that had no depth or importance. Letting go of the survival mechanisms you used as a child to protect yourself is important. But is only done when you realize you are truly important and that other people's views were just that, their view was clogged by social norms and they had no idea that their actions were setting you up for future phobia and pain. We must begin to heal and realize we've all done this in the past, we were all tricked into thinking one person may have more importance than another. But now we all need to heal, crying is not a weakness it is pooping for the illuminates the old to bring in the new that we need so badly.

So right and now I am completely confused as to why my life has stagnated. Our life situation is always the result of one or more of our own choices. You really cant blame anyone else for doing anything but influencing you. I have been in solitude for the past 5 years and done nothing but remembering all the choices that got me to where I am now. So why hasn't the universe filled that something new. Something I can feel good about, happy about and move forward. I have spent enough time in the past. I have gained a lot of insight into myself and others and would like to see if it is accurate or a result of only learning about the few people around me. I would like to see if it translates.

jasper white my heart hurts when I witness individuals, who are searching for truth, who are pushed away, I've seen it too much. Someone is searching for a lifeline, a person who will not judge them. What is there to judge. This is our school, we have misadventures, make a choice or two that aren't beneficial and then shame the crap out of ourselves with lifelong regret. But look at this like a kindergarten. This is where we learn the basics. When we didn't understand a lesson, it clings on in forms of shame, guilt, fear. But the magic is- when you go back and figure out why. Why did you make the choice? What need or lack caused the choice? Did fear of loss, fear of not having, or fear of being taken advantage of. These are examples. When we've understood the whys and understand how it did not benefit our growth. We can let go of the shame and guilt...the lesson has been taken, the bookmark is no longer needed. If we discover the root of the pain and turn away from the paths that keep it coming, something new takes its place. The reactive self becomes active and calculating and soon FEELING the path.

Thank you. I don't really ever hear that from strangers. Usually its fuck off or lets play hide and seek, but i'm not gonna look for you. lol I get those feelings quite often and also had a realization of my own years ago. I am uniquely gifted at the skill of dealing with other peoples shit, at least, I usually am. But I have noticed lately getting to a point where a tantrum seems like a great idea. What usually stops me is amazing humans like yourself. Who have been there and lived to tell the tale. Rather than keeping that knowledge and using it only for your personal benefit. You share it willingly and I think that is how information should be. To the betterment of humankind. Not so any one person or group of persons, can use the information to lord over any other. Not man, not beast, not rock and not plant. Because we are only us and cant truly know any others reality. Nothing on this planet experiences the same reality, nothing. Every single thing in this universe experiences individual realities. We just seem to be experiencing them in a huge community of others doing the same thing. Like some kind of weird mix of every video game ever created. That thought just hurt my brain....gotta go hit the bong. Glad you survived your tantrum. Not many good ones do. Its cause we care to much and feel to deeply. We are the minority and I see it everyday. I think that is why I have retreated into hermatism. Just easier that way, for me and for others. I mean, who wants someone questioning everything all the time. It gets irritating. and tiring. hugs back

jasper white I love your wit and sense of humor. And i once played an enemic druid vampire in dnd. It was hilarious. But what I can say is we all are questioning why we would choose this "shitty" hand. I questioned the point where I despised my very existence and my entire story. It wasn't until I begged existence to send me home in a week long tantrum of tears and heart ache that a comfort came to me. Quite unique and the type of comfort I could never find in this "matrix". Hugs, enjoy a good tantrum...

Those sounds instantly relaxed my body. Mmmm I have the earthquahe,volcano app. Alaska had a couple of earthquakes. 3.3 -4.3.I have felt a rolling under my feet last summer/fall. Air Force Accademy is located in CO. I wonder if AK. Lab is connected to Cern?

So you admit to propagating false news then. You cant take a video game clip and add some weird sounds and call it real. You REALLY cant then use that clip as a point to improve your position in an argument. It just makes you seem like a moron. Do you realize that there are actually a lot of people that wont know any better. They wont be able to tell that you just found a cool looking CGI clip and decided to add it for no other reason than that you liked it. They will think its real. They will tell other people its real and use that clip, as you have, to argue a point. I dont think you realize how far you are spreading stupid. Just stop. For the love of human kind, just stop. Plus, how many other idiots out there do the same thing? You could have a view of reality solely based on the opinions of a bunch of morons, that saw a cool clip on the web and rather than research it for yourself, you join their idiocy. Well done. You are right by the way, there are hundreds of those clips on you tube. 98% of which are bullshit. Regurgitated vomit. People like you have given life a worse name.

I like it, so I used it! There's zillions of clip with these booms on it (youtube) Tom

Thanks! Tom

Can you explain to me why some videos ago your voice was supposed to be the galactic whatever explaining something or other and it was your voice you were either lying or hiding it can you explain that to all of us

What the fuck

Perhaps we're winning, but, lately, it sure doesn't feel like it.................

Yes he does

I know just how much help we are getting, and how much everything is being orchestrated, and thank you so much for this video! Everyone needs to know. It is very good for our peace of mind.

Ummmm Suuuuure

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