The 700 Club - March 8, 2019

The 700 Club - March 8, 2019

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The. Following, program, is sponsored. By CBN. Coming. Up, Democratic. Controversy. Did Democrats avoid, condemning, one of their own members over, charges, of anti-semitic, remarks, and, the. Latest, in high technology a, look, at the extraordinary, inventions. From. Israel, then. A, missionary. Doctor if you put your finger in here becomes. The patient's himself an American, doctor who became infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa is in stable condition tonight, at a Nebraska hospital he, returns, to the field as I always joked with people hey I'm. Immune. I'm in you now I might as well go and help and takes, our cameras, along for the ride I think, it's the calling, and conviction, of the Lord in my life on today's. 700. Club. Well, welcome to the 700 club, condemning, anti-semitism. Well, it should be easy but, that's not the case for Democrats, in the House of Representatives, it, took them a week to respond, to controversial. Comments, made by one of their newest members, they, finally agreed on a resolution, that does condemn, anti-semitism but. Not before expanding it to include other groups Jennifer. Wishon joins us from Washington to explain. What. Began as a house resolution, condemning, anti-semitism. Morphed. Into a seven-page. Document condemning. Anti-muslim. Bigotry along. With a whole host of other bad, behaviors, it all started, when freshman congresswoman. Ilan Omar, one of two Muslim members of the House suggested. Lawmakers, who support Israel are pledging, allegiance to. A foreign country, something. Many lawmakers found, deeply, offensive, we are having this debate because. Of the language one of our colleagues, language. That suggests that Jews like me who, serve in the United States in Congress, and whose, father earned a Purple Heart fighting, the Nazis in the Battle of the Bulge that, we are not loyal Americans. Why. Are we unable to singularly. Condemn, anti-semitism a, question, asked, passionately, by members, on both sides of the aisle we came here because of an anti-semitic. Remark. And we, came here to condemn, anti-semitism. But. This resolution, has, changed. Up over the last hour, now condemns, just about everything. Along, with anti-muslim, rhetoric the, resolution, condemns, past white extremist, attacks on African, Americans, bigotry. Against Latinos, Native Americans. Asian, Americans. Pacific, Islanders, other, people, of color Jews, Muslims. Hindus Sikhs. The. LGBTQ. Community and, immigrants. We left out the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day science we left out Wiccans we left out jehovah's witnesses we left out disabled, people who, are often, discriminated. And had hateful things about and, some, members were outraged, congresswoman. Omar wasn't, called out in the resolution, speaker, pelosi pushed to keep her out of it this one resolution. Addressing. These storms. Of hatred not, mentioning her name because it's not about her it's about. The. Debate comes as American, support for Israel, is falling, when, asked about the israeli-palestinian, conflict, a new Gallup poll finds 59%. Of Americans say, they're more sympathetic, towards Israel, that's, down from 64%. Just, last year, the divided among Democrats, over support for Israel may have political, implications. Heading into 2020, as the, party works to win back more moderate, Democrats, President. Trump won in 2016. Jennifer. Wishon CBN News, Washington. Well. Here's the amazing thing about this story since. The, end of world war 1 it's been America's. Foreign, policy to.

Recognize. The right of self-determination, for. The Jewish people and, they, supported. This, goes all the way back to, the council and sentence and remo in 1920. They, supported. Forming, an independent, state, an independent, Jewish state in. Palestine. In what used to be part of the Ottoman Empire, so. The Ottomans, ruled it, they lost World War 1 and from. That point forward the, the, British Mandate was, established. And that mandate was, to create, a Jewish. State, so. It's been part of our foreign policy for. Almost. A hundred years so, you look at this and. Now you have a new, newly. Elected member, of Commerce, saying it's unpatriotic, that. Somehow rather you're pledging, allegiance to. A foreign power. If, you support, Israel, and and. The House, of Representatives. Can't, come to their senses and say we need to condemn, this and. This. Is anti-semitism. What. This resolution does it, doesn't do anything other than support, the remarks, when you say. We're. Not going to call, out congresswoman. Omar or we're not going to name her specifically. We're not going to distance, ourselves from her remarks, and then, you add into it you. Can't have anti-muslim. Hate, speech well this, resolution act supports, her it doesn't condemn her at all I don't, understand, what just got past but it just doesn't. Cut it and in. Our foreign, policy we, have recognized. Israel, we have recognized. Israel's, right to exist. In. Anything, that opposes. That has has not been in any part, of the American, conversation. For a hundred years well. In other news Senate, Leader Mitch McConnell is ready to go nuclear. To speed up confirmation. Of judicial, nominees John. Jessup has more on that story from, our CBN News, Bureau in Washington John. That's. Right Gordon right now more than 130, federal court seats are vacant, Republicans. Say Democrats are, obstructing, the process, delaying president, Trump's nominees, for, example naomi rao who's on track to fill a key appeals court seat formerly held by Brett Kavanaugh, she's, facing opposition, over past writings about date rape and her views on abortion leader, McConnell is considering, a rule change that would speed up the process, and fill the lower court spots before the end of President Trump's first term while, former Trump campaign, Chairman Paul Manafort will. Serve close to four years in prison for tax, and bank fraud that's, far below the 20 year term sentencing, guidelines recommend, and prosecutors.

Wanted Still. It's the longest, sentence for defendant in cases stemming, from Robert, Miller's Russia investigation. It's important to note man fort was not charged, with colluding, with the Russians in the 2016, election the, special prosecutor, is expected, to submit his final report soon manna, fort will also be sentenced next week on additional, charges that he served as an unregistered, foreign, agent for Ukraine laundered. Money and tampered. With a witness well. Hundreds, of Isis fighters are giving up the fight in Syria and they're fleeing to the embattled village of BA who's the, final holdout meanwhile. Families, are taking, refuge in makeshift camps some. Civilians, are arriving at an open-air, Medical Center in the Syrian desert there, to meet them are volunteers, from, the free Burma Rangers a Christian, medical aid group they've, been providing, care to the injured and sick the, ministries Dave Eubanks, bunk spoke by phone on, CBN's worldly program about, sharing the love of Christ in the war zone. Give our food, and blankets and medical care with love and with prayer and. Most. Of the time we can pray with them if you refuse that when. We begin to talk about Jesus many say they don't want to hear it but some do and so, we had a chance to give some Bibles to a very few that wanted them to, pray with many especially. The wounded and they always want prayer and we, have a chance to say call, on Jesus name this is a new start, call on his name and see what he does for you we're, not trying to convert you you. Just ask him to help you and see what happens. Eubanks. And his own team have first their lives to help rescue civilians, caught in the middle of the fighting well, because of its groundbreaking, technology. And combated competitive. Business atmosphere Israel. Has been called the startup nation this, week Israeli, companies showcase tech tech technology. CBN's, Chris Mitchell shows us how it's changing, the world. Nearly. Twenty thousand innovators, and investors from almost every country came, to see or signed, up online for. The largest tech meeting in the history of Israel the, our crowd, global, investors summit the, summit brings, together extraordinary. Technologies. Like, beyond meet that, developed a plant-based meat, substitute, and many, more. Very. Good they. Make water out of air we. Think that we found the solution for, the entire world, for the new source of drinking water they, plan to connect, the world through micro satellites, there. Are 4 billion people in the world that are not connected they, need to be able to choose whether to connect to be connected, and, they help the paralyzed, get on their feet it's. Very innovative. Perfect. It's so stable and when. I walked down the aisle with it it. Was a dream, come true our, crowd, showcased, all these technologies. John, Medved is the CEO and, founder our. Crowd, is the world's largest investment. Platform for, investors, to invest in startups, online, and in-person. Events. Like this our crowd summit at the summit investors, meet innovators. Our, crowd, democratizes. Capital, by, giving smaller investors, an opportunity, to, invest in cutting-edge innovations. Just, like the large venture, capitalists, after. Six years our crowd, is celebrating, 1, billion dollars, raised for, 170. Companies, but. The bottom line is changing the world they, call it the double bottom line making. Money and doing good, what's. Most, exciting about today's event is that, we're focused, on impact. On, how startups, can tackle global, challenges, and how, can startups, really. Bring to humanity, a huge. Impact for the better medve DEQ's planes it as an expression of tikkun. Olam, the, Jewish concept, of healing, the world, Betty, whateves, believes Christians. Can play a role God, is our first entrepreneur. He, created this world out of nothing in, the first six days I believe, there's a calling for us as Christians, to, partner. With our crowd as we, invest, in companies, that's, going to transform, and change the world, Medvedev's. The summit through the lens of the Bible it's, a little bit difficult today because the nations are flocking, to Israel, to see what we can do to help tackle, global, challenges, and how they can bring back those, lessons, to their own countries, Chris, Mitchell CBN News our, crowd Global, Summit Jerusalem. Some. Exciting new inventions thank you Chris well, president Trump visits Alabama, today after last week's deadly tornado, the, president, will see the region where the powerful storm tore through the rural countryside, leaving. 23, people dead now. Many of the survivors are digging through what's left or their homes and belongings, Operation. Blessing is on the ground helping residents like Barbara won't roll she, wasn't home with a storm hit and believes her life was spared, Operation.

Blessing Prayed, with her and helped, her sort through and clean, up the debris Gordon, some important, and heartening work there you know we just landed, on just. Moved in to, help, those people if you want to be a part of it all you have to do is give to Operation, Blessing Disaster Relief. Fund you, can call us. 1-800-772-1213. Doctor. Who nearly died five years ago, from the Ebola virus I, always. Joked with people hey I'm. Immune. I'm immune now I can't get Ebola, again, so I might, as well go and help me we'll. Ride alongside dr.. Rick sacra as he continues, his medical, missions of Mercy in Liberia, after this. Keep. Up with what's happening, in today's world from a Christian perspective no matter where you are download. The CBN, News app available at, CBN, Well. Five years ago Rick sacra made headlines, after contracting. The deadly, Ebola virus while, serving, in Liberia, well, today this missionary, doctor continues. To serve in the West African nation showing. Compassionate. Care and love, in the name of Christ George, Thomas has a look at his heroic, work. Rick. Sacra loves, this country so much that he speaks English, with a Liberian. Accent. It's, not always easy to understand. Him. Even. For this reporter, who grew up in Africa do. Me a favor if you cannot speak in Liberian, English. Okay. So if you can talk in just regular English. That. You learned, in. High school that was my man I finished forgetting our. Seeker. And his wife Debby first traveled, to the West African nation some, 30 years ago, what. Drew the couple here from Massachusetts. Well, I think it's the the calling, and conviction, of the Lord in my life. He. Just does put a love for Liberia in my heart. And. Thankfully, he's given that same love. And commitment to my wife. Sacré. Is a missionary, doctor at. Elwa. Hospital. Outside, Liberia's, capital, Monrovia. Elwa. Stands, for eternal, love winning, Africa. Founded. By American, missionaries, in 1965. If you put your finger right here the hospital's, mission is sharing, the love of Jesus by, caring, for the sick, it's fooling me a little bit elwa. Is all about. Providing. Care. Compassionate. Care in the name of Christ. Elwa. Has, been the sacred home away from home now, for 24. Years. In. Corinthians it says Christ's, love compels us. And I. Think, that that just characterizes. The. Way that, we. Feel. That Christ's love compels us, to go. Where, we're, needed since, arriving here on the shores of Liberia, back in 1995. Dr. sacra has had one driving passion and that is to train the next generation of, Liberian. Doctors, his, dream came true by, the way about a year and a half ago when. He launched the first family, medicine program, so whatever abscess, it's the only one of its kind here and gives, the 56, year old doctor an opportunity. To put his training to use as a family. Physician it's, been my desire for many, years, it to be able to pour. My life and my skills, and my experiences. Into. Local doctors who'll be able to pick up where. I've where, I'm gonna leave off alright, this is the, man on the motorcycle is. Jeremiah, Kali and he's leading us we're gonna follow him we are going to his home higher-quality it's where he came from for. Sacred it's also about using, medicine, for ministry. Oh yeah. Come. On Big Daddy you. Can directly. CBN. News joined a team from the hospital, on a medical, outreach to, the Liberian, forest getting. To take you on this medical outreach trip, into. A rural area and see. You. Know bring a pastor, with us who can share Christ, in the vernacular along, in concert, with what we're doing medically, it's just exciting, our, two-hour journey through, the bush brought us to this remote village this, was not here the last month.

After. Time of worship prayer, and a short sermon by the village pastor. Sacra. And team spend the next nine hours, tending. To more than 300. Villagers, folks, here. Don't. Have access, to medical. Facilities. They. Have to walk several hours, to, get to a Medical Center jar. To hold arrow and her baby had to walk three hours, to today's outreach, she, like so many that CBN, News spoke with was, grateful for the team's visit, I'm so thankful to God that I could come to have my daughter seen by the doctors, it was a difficult journey, but, with it. The. Sacred also, pay a price they, have lived through two civil. Wars and the, 2014. Deadly, Ebola outbreak. In West Africa almost, cost Wieck his life he, got infected with the virus while, caring, for a pregnant, woman at elwa. Hospital, and had, to be airlifted from, Liberia, to a treatment center in Omaha, an American doctor who became infected with the Ebola virus in West Africa is in stable condition tonight, at a Nebraska hospital. Thankfully. He survived, and returned, to Liberia several. Months later to. Continue his calling, of loving, the stranger, and as I always joked with people hey I'm. Immune. I'm immune now I can't, get Ebola, again so I might, as well go and help in late January, dr. sacra received the prestigious. $500,000. Lahaina, prize for, his work in Liberia, his, hospital, is also one of the recipients, of a two million dollar matching. Grant given, by African, Mission healthcare and CBN. That, will help improve elwa. Infrastructure. Trained additional, medical experts, and expand, compassionate. Care to the Liberian, people, resources. That sacred, says will go a long way to, saving lives both, physically, and spiritually. Reporting. From elwa. Hospital, off the coast of West Africa I'm George, Thomas CBN News. Rick. Is what and what an amazing Christian, and and, the quote compelled, by love and we. All. Need this we all need to be compelled, by Christ's. Love to, go out and reach the least of these, Rick, likes to tell us that you know he's, the one guy who says, when there's a fire well, how do I run to it and, that's exactly what he did when he decided, I'm going to care for a bowl of patients, he's, a doctor he knew the risk he contracted. The disease but, God delivered, him from that and now, he's back hard at work and it's a great pleasure. It's a great honor to, be a support, of what he's doing so if you're a member of the 700 club that's, you at work you were part of that million dollar grant, that CBN, made to, make hospitals, missions hospitals, in Africa, work, and do even more to, help people in need, so, congratulate. Yourself, and thank. You for what you are doing Terry, well. Up next a, nurse injures, herself trying, to stay in shape see, how this military, mother of five gets, back on track plus we're gonna be praying for you and your needs right after this. Lorna. Hester is a military, wife and the mother of five her, job is a home health nurses, vital, to helping the family make ends meet so when she injured her arm she needed speedy, relief.

Lorna. Hester is one busy, lady a Navy, wife and mother of five. She's holding down the fort while her husband is stationed overseas I tried. To, just, keep, going because I, knew. I had to keep, strong while, my husband, was gone. She's. Also a home health nurse to a three-year-old special, needs child when, she took the job in 2018. She knew it would take lots of energy and trips. To the gym I needed. To stay fit because I knew I would have to pick him up he, has. Equipment, that we have to carry with him to his school Lorna. Was using the elliptical machine one evening and pushed, a little too hard I really. Have to do well on this job and I. Need, to increase, my speed but. I was using my arms instead of my legs to keep up quickly and then. I might hurt my arm by, pulling, too hard too. Tightly, the. Elbow, started, to get tight and I couldn't open my arm so. I started. To pray about it, and, asking. The Lord for healing. The, pain and tightness continued. For weeks making. It tough to do her job or care for her own family we're. A military family and, I. Needed. To be, able to work, to. Help make. Ends meet while. He was gone I was. Having trouble lifting my bag, to, get in the car and folding. The clothes I just have to let, it rest because, I couldn't, straighten my arm and lifting, something up I had to ask my sons to, please, carry these things for, me just. Starting a new job Lorna, didn't want to take time off to see a doctor so, she tried ibuprofen and, muscle creams but. It didn't really stop, that pain and it couldn't straighten, my arm Lorna. Had worked through the pain for nearly two months then. One morning she was watching the 700 club, oh I love, 700. Club every day I, love. To stay encouraged, I. Was. Doing dishes and, I, wanted, to have, relief from, this pain. So. I, was. Asking, God for help I, just. Heard, a word of knowledge, I'm, dairy. It. Is painful, and so annoying God's healing that for you that whole joint is just being completely reconfigured. I said. Lord that. Is for me I'm receiving. That I felt. My, arms, just release, and, it straightened, and I, could open my arm and I, said oh thank, you. I. Was. Able to pick up my bag it, would put it in my car and then able to do the things that I do every day so. No. Pain there, was no pain and. It's been that way ever since Lorna. Is grateful, for her family, her work, and God's mercy when. We crowd to load in our trouble, he saves us out of our distress. That. Is part of your inheritance as, a child of God and we, want you to know that today God knows, your name he knows your need and his, ear is bent toward you and toward me and he says when we pray together that, powerful. Things happen, in the heavens so that's what we want to do right now is pray together for, whatever your needs might be but first we. Want to encourage you with some reports of others who have been touched by the Lord grid and this is Frank he lives in Clearwater Florida he. Was driving his tractor, one day and took. A serious fall from that point he couldn't walk on his own one.

Day He was watching this program and he heard you pray for the, person who fell and was unable to walk, Frank, followed your instruction, to put his hand on the place he was hurt he also placed one hand on that to be TV, touching, and agreeing with you Gordon by faith after, the prayer he got up and started, walking he woke his wife up and showed her the miracle, together, they rejoiced, cried and gave God all the glory I mean that's got to be pretty amazing experience. God still gets people up out of beds and yeah I love it here's, Vonda, she had a growth behind, her earlobe had been there for five years watching. The 700, club Terry said something, there's, someone you have some kind of growth behind, your ear very concerning, it's, close to your skull also impacting, your hearing God, is just going to cause that to slowly, go, down and be, gone you won't have to worry, about it, anymore. Well, Vonda, claimed her healing she doesn't have a growth anymore, and God, gets, all the glory we. Don't know Vonda, we don't know the, the people that we're praying, for God, just speaks to us gives, us what, the Bible calls a word of knowledge and. That, sparks. Off faith, and, God. Always, responds. To faith faith. Comes, by hearing, and hearing by. The word. Now. Here's a word for you comes, from Psalm 103. He, forgives, all, your iniquities, and. He. Heals, all. Your diseases. Now. Some of us say well that's all going to happen in heaven, because, there's nobody sick, and have it I've. Got some good news for, Jesus, told us to pray this thy, will be done on, earth as it. Is, in heaven. So, we're supposed to fix things down here we're supposed to pray down heaven, so, that these problems, don't exist anymore. Keep, in mind Jesus. Died, so that you could be free, free. Of sin free, of disease he died to fulfill, Psalm 103 he. Forgives, all, your iniquities, he. Heals all. Your diseases. What. Part of all don't. You understand, it's all, and. It's you. So. Let's agree standing. On these wonderful, verses let's, get encouraged, and realize. The eyes of the Lord or roaming to and fro over the whole earth to show himself strong. For. Who for you because. Your heart is loyal to him you're looking to the promise, you're, looking, to Jesus the author the. Finisher, of your faith, let's, pray Lord. We just lift the needs of the audience to you right now and as people are. Are. Looking to you we. Just asked right now that you would encourage their faith that you would give them the faith. Faith. Comes, by hearing, speak. To your people Lorna, he'll. Encourage. Deliver, forgive. Set, them free from all guilt and shame let. Them know that they're, justified. In your sight that your blood has cleansed them, from all unrighteousness, you. Have set them free from the law of sin, and death and they. Don't have to be bound by anything, anymore they can walk free, of any, disease. Any, infirmity. In. Jesus. Name we, say. Over, these bodies, now be. Healed, and, be, set. Free from, the top of your head to the soles of your feet be. Restored. Have, new energy, have new vitality. New. Circulation. Proper. Heartbeat, in, Jesus. Name let, everything, be normal, now. Terry. God spoke to you someone, you have a. Problem. With your eyes it's it's not one thing it's recurring. Issues with your eyes infections. And. You've. Had things. Underneath, your eyelids, but commonly, you gets ties on your eye that really, are unsightly, but become, infected. And impact, your sight God's healing that whole, condition, for, you no more problems, in Jesus, name well there's someone you've been diagnosed, with a mass in your lung and has just turned your whole world upside, down and and, God. Is speaking directly to you right now that mass, is going away you. Don't have to worry anymore go, back and get retested, and just, give all the glory to God he's, heard your prayer he's answered, it today, in Jesus. Name someone. Else you saw that story of the, woman. With the elbow, and you. Know you're just saying that you know I need mine healed, well today's your day you have, broken, something, in your elbow you had a fall it's, being completely, healed today no more clicking, no more pain no more stiffness. And that elbow just straighten, it out and bend it like you couldn't do it before you'll find God's healed it somebody. Got extreme pain in your left knee your whole knee has been wrenched. And. You're. Swallowing. And, just a tremendous pain, God, is healing that he's able to restore, ligament.

He's Able to restore cartilage. He's, able to heal completely in. Jesus, name be restored, now, what you couldn't do before do, it now if, you couldn't put weight on that leg put, weight, on it now I'm giving glory to God for what he has already done for you he's, already healed you he's already set you free from all that pain now be. Healed in, Jesus. Name someone, else you have digestion, problems, you've had them since you were a child and, you just feel like you almost can't be healed just because you've had the condition so long today's. Your day Jesus, is healing you completely, just lift up your hands and receive it and eat, what you will Lord. We just thank you we thank you for the wonder, of who, you are for you are wonderful. We. Would just receive, all that you have for us we, appropriate. It at all, faith and we, bless, your Holy Name for, what you have done for us thank. You Lord you thank. You in Jesus, name Amen and. Amen, if you have been healed let us know give us a call one eight hundred seven, hundred seven, and, if, you need prayer we believe in prevailing. Prayer it's the prayer that gets an answer so, call us 24. Hours a day seven, days a week it's our honor our privilege, to pray for you so call us now 1 800, 700. 7,000, there well, coming up later 15. Years and 27. Days, that's, how long winter, and Jonathan Pitts were married today, Jonathan talks, about his wife's sudden, death and the legacy, she left behind. Welcome. Back to Washington for this CBN Newsbreak, India. Has seen a dramatic rise in Christian. Persecution, the, newest figures from a human rights group show the cases of hate and violence, against, India's minority Christians jumped. 57, percent in the first two months of this year that's. Compared to 49, percent last, year according. To the evangelical. Fellowship of india seventy-seven. Incidents were documented, against christians between january, and february of, 2019, that's, in comparison to just 49. Cases, in 2018. Violent. Attacks against Christians have steadily increased since, a radical, Hindu party to control of India's government a few years ago the, Christian watchdog, group opened doors has ranked India as the 10th worst country, in the world for Christian, persecution while. Operation, Blessing is providing clean, water to families in Honduras, families, like nine-year-old Sanji's whose continual, who've continually, suffered, from waterborne, illnesses, the, water system near their village was contaminated. With dirt worms, leaves, and bacteria, operation. Blessing's installed a state-of-the-art water. Project, that delivers clean drinking, water to taps located, throughout the village now. Sang II and other families can quench the thirst quickly. And without, fear to. Learn more about Operation. Blessing visit, its website at, Gordon. And Terry will be back with more the 700, club right after this. Oh Alan. Mary loves spoiling, their seven grandchildren they enjoy, having fun with them and teaching them about the Bible and, they, do both at the same time through CBN's, Superbook. Alan. Mary chicks seven grandchildren are, the joy of their lives, being. Pop al is a pretty cool thing because, you get all the fun stuff of being a dad and none of the hassles, and.

As, Much as the couple enjoys treating, the kids to fun and games they're, even more interested, in laying a foundation of, faith for them one. Way they do that is through CBN's, Superbook it's. Teaching, them the truth teaching, them Bible. And. Giving. Them a direction. The. Kids are very visual they, they like cartoons, and they like stories like that so that's the way to reach them and I. Just feel good about reaching them with a story, content, that's, gonna give them you, know questions, and knowledge about the Lord and, because. They don't always get that in their day to day lives now. Their, grants, can't get enough of Superbook, what's going on I always, ask can we watch Superbook, because, I I love it my, favorite Superbook, is Daniel. On the lines then I would go sing, Chris. And joy going, into the Bible, because, so. Excited. To see them talk about Jesus. Allen. Marries say their favorite part seeing their grandchildren, learn about Jesus, a. Good part of their spiritual. Upbringing and. Knowledge, of the Lord and coming, to the Lord has been through Superbook, when, we take him to church like, on the way home that will say what did you learn in church today oh we learned the same story that we saw, in the Superbook, so. There's. That correlation, in the the, memory that that, is being instilled, in their little brains which is, very. Cool a CBN. Partners, the couple knows their gifts are making this same opportunity, available to, children all over the world one. Of the best things about Superbook, is the money that we contribute, toward that program, is allowing. Other kids who don't have a Papa out to, be, able to see all these great stories and whatever their native language is I think little kids deserve a chance to for, a pretty, decent in childhood, so. Anything we can do that they help that I really have, all behind. As. You can see kids love Superbook. And we're we love getting, these Superbook, episodes, to, the children of the world we're now over 40, different languages, there's, a broadcast map, where you can see all the different places around the world where Superbook, is being broadcast. Distributed. Through the internet it's. Amazing, how many children. Are watching these our surveys, are showing a hundred and sixty million viewers, last year, absolutely. Incredible. How many how. Many children are watching, and they love it so, if you want to be a part of it join, the Superbook Club for, a gift of $25.

Or More we'll, send you this wonderful new, episode, Jesus, in the wilderness and then, we have a special, Easter offer where you can have the Last Supper and He is risen all. Of, that these two wonderful, DVDs. Containing three episodes, will be yours when you join the Superbook Club. So call us. Codes where you can watch, all three, seasons, that's 36. Episodes we've. Got Spanish, translations. All. Kinds, of translations, up on those apps so, you can watch it on any device a tablet. Smartphone. Desktop. It's all available for you when, you're a super book club member so if you want to join call us now 1 800 700. 7000. Ok well, up next last, July. Winter, and Jonathan, Pitts finished, the manuscript for a book on marriage, four. Hours, later winter, died in her husband's, arms, Jonathan. Pitts joins us when we come back. Winter. Pits was the niece of her, doctor. Tony Evans and the mother of actress Elena, Pitts and three other daughters she, was also the founder of a ministry called for, girls like you as well as a magazine, by the same name busy. Lady then. Last July just after, finishing a book on marriage with her husband, winter. Suddenly, died. We. Had a 15 year journey and in. Those 15 years we realized, what, it looked like to not be perfect but to be really intentional about our marriage, Jonathan. And winter Pitts celebrated, their 15-year anniversary in. 2018. Less. Than a month later Jonathan. Turned in the final manuscript for their latest book four. Hours, later winter. Took her last breath in her husband's, arms. Our. Marriage isn't lacking in significance, that, has eternal, significance that, goes beyond our 15 years as well in. Their book emptied. Jonathan. Shares their take on happily ever after and how, their love story continues. To help others even in the face of loss and tragedy. Please. Welcome to the 700 club, Jonathan, Pitts what. A year, you have had I mean, the dream of the book that. You'd worked on together finally. Being completed, and published and, I've. Written, I know what a burden that is to have that done but within hours, after completing, a book. Winter. Dies first, of all let me ask I mean obviously this. Has been very tough for you you have four daughters how, are you all doing we're. Doing well I wasn't ready, for that video so I apologize, but uh we're. Doing well I mean God's been. Everything. That we've needed and everything I believed, up into this point God.

Has Been so he's been faithful and he's, been our joy and sorrow and. So. This. Was just last a lot July that you submitted. The manuscript and, within hours, you're you're, holding your wife as she dies what happened, to Windsor yes, yeah she, had a heart murmur which I think it's like ten percent of the population, is heart murmur so, yeah. It was just sudden. Unexpected. She. Was as healthy as we thought she could have been her heart and so, in, a lot of ways I just trust you know winter was a very peaceful girl and live life with, very. Kind of low anxiety and, she exited, this world just as simply. As she lived it and so it, was a little bit traumatic for us for, my girls and I but I just, had this vision. In my head of just heard gently just going into Jesus's arms and so I'm really grateful for that but. The. Trauma. Of it you. Know that the loss is traumatic. In itself but the unexpected. This. Had. To hit you and your daughter's so terribly. Hard you had just finished this book I mean in a in a sense you. Know her legacy is surely, you and her girls but also, this message, tell me about emptied, yeah, well for me one of the beautiful things about that book it's honestly, sacred. To me in a sense because turning. It in about four hours before she died was this reminder, to me that only God gets to decide when a book starts and when one ends and I think, about our marriage and I think about it being like a really good book and it had all the you know peaks. And valleys and, all the things that you'd expect in a good book and it was a short one I mean 15 years I would have hoped, for 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 and, but. The reality is any good book when, it ends you don't want it to and, so I'm just really glad that it was a good one I'm grateful for what I had in winter but the book emptied is from Philippians. 2, verse 7 which says although Jesus was equal with God it didn't take that equality with God something to be grasped but took on the form of a servant humble himself became. Obedient even to the point of death and death on a cross and so. I had. Done a study with my staff on, that scripture and was reminded, I used our marriage as an illustration and really the book came out of me, doing that study with my staff using my marriage to illustration, and then realizing, what Jesus did for us is really what we're supposed to do and, our marriage is for each other you know husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her you, know you and, you. Have such a wonderful relationship, with winter you share so candidly, the struggles, the UPS the Downs the victories in your book but. You are both very different how. Do, you. Write about this in the book but talk about just a little bit how do people, who are so, different, blend. And bend, the fuel, in. A marriage. Because it's, it's, the only way it's really successful. Yeah well, I think it starts with just emptying. Yourselves, of all the things that you have in you that would keep you from blending. So for example your sins all the different sins that you bring into your marriage your history. You know winter night brought a lot of history that wasn't necessarily good or bad but they were different so we had to submit, that in. Order, to receive each other also, expectations. That you have of each other there you, come into marriage with so many expectations of what you want your spouse to be for, me I wanted her to be my mom and for her we jokingly talked about the book she wanted me to be Richard Gere. Definitely. Gear, from. Attempting. Ourselves to those things so that we can be filled up with all God wants to fill us up with which is the fruit of the Spirit love joy peace patience, all those different things but, what are the things in this. Is evident, than the book one of the things you're talking about is a lot of self-evaluation. It's like looking, inside, honestly. With, a really honest, perspective that's not always easy to do you share a comment. That you made when you were engaged to. Winter, that really hurt her you didn't intend for it to hurt her but, it caused you when you realized you had to, self-examine, yeah, in a way you might not have otherwise talked about that I figured you'd bring this up but I document.

It In the book so it's it's easy for people to see but we, were 21 years old we're engaged to be married and, I, basically. In an effort to just talk about the value that I carried. With for fitness and just looking, at all that I said to her in a moment of, idiocy. I said it's really gonna be hard for me to love you if you ever become overweight - II said if you get fat and in that, moment what happened was the trust that we had built was broken, Trust is something that's easy to, break that's really hard to build and. Also I think like there was a seed kind of planted in my heart of, almost. Like this. What. Would you call it just this just. Some seed, of maybe, a root of bitterness or something like that that would cause me to have to I have to deal with that and wrestle with that and she'd have to deal with the rest of was I said it and so, it was like stamped, into our marriage was this issue that we'd have to wrestle through and thankfully we've rested through it well and. God gave me just. The insight to begin to submit that and empty myself of that so that God could fill my management something so much better that then, what I thought my marriage should be in terms of what, it could look like so, the, book has written and here, you are one. Of the authors and the other author not here, how do you expect God to, continue. I'm not saying that he was saying what is your expectation. For God to continue using this journey that you and winter went on together to. Share your life in your history yeah I mean honestly, like for me it's one of the greatest I think one of the greatest joys I'll ever have in life is that this book first, of all that it was documented, that our marriage was documented, fifteen years twenty seven days documented, not, perfect days but intentional, days so, I'm grateful for that and I'm grateful that although, our marriage. Obviously you know till death do us part it's not part of but the reality is that I'll carry that with me forever and just the. Fact that God gave me such a precious gift in her and now I have four beautiful girls with her there are also gifts, so, I just you know it's an honor to carry that that, ministry, the book our story for. The rest of my life and beyond my life so you know marriage I think is up against so much today, Jonathan. Just uses a word that he uses throughout this book he and winter both did the book is called emptied the word is intentional. And it's a word that needs to be a part of your marriage whoever, you are if you want it to be successful, this book will help you get there it's available wherever, books are sold Jonathan, thank you for being so honest. So vulnerable it's, a beautiful. Story and you. You, carry the legacy beautifully. As well your daughter's thank, you thank you for having me we, also have a social interview, with Jonathan on our Facebook page if you'd like to watch that just go to Slash 700. Club well. When we come back we're going to answer your email questions so stay with us we'll be back right after this. We. Wanted to answer some of the email questions that, you all have sent in Gordon, this first one is from Jackie who says Gordon my son was a Christian, he rebelled and then he died, I live, in torment everyday wondering, where he went well I may got angry, if I asked him where my son went it, was so hard to watch my child walk away from the way that I raised him Jackie.

You're Not going to make God ever, angry, at you that's that's not going to happen you're one of the redeemed, and he loves you infinitely, so. Don't ever worry you're gonna make him angry, that's not going to happen I would, encourage you though, don't play God and don't. Assume, that. Your son, passed. Away apart, from God here's. Some foundational. Scriptures, and I think this is, needs. To be reminded to every, Christian. Just. How, wonderfully, easy God. Has made it to be saved. Regardless. Of what we've done regardless, of what we knew. How, much we walked away, here. It is is from Joel chapter 2 verse. 32. And it, shall come to pass that whoever. Calls. On, the name of the Lord shall. Be saved. Now, two apostles. Of. Repeated. This first. One is the Apostle, Peter in Acts chapter 2, and he. Says it shall come to pass that whoever, calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved and then, Paul repeats, it in Romans chapter, 10 whoever, calls, on, the name of the Lord shall be saved. So believe that your. Son could, have called on the name of the Lord, so, is he saved the answer from Scripture, is yes. So. Be, encouraged, with that and. Pray that. And. See what answer you get from God this. Is a viewer who says how do I remove doubt, from my heart, well. That's a question for all Christians, everywhere and, it's the fundamental behind. The fight the good fight of faith and, Jesus. Actually, ran into this so if Jesus is running. Into, doubt and unbelief we. Can expect ourselves to, run into, and unbelief here it is from mark chapter nine, Jesus. Says to him if you can believe all. Things. Are possible to, him who, believes. Well. Immediately the, father the child cried out and said with tears, lord. I believe help. My. Unbelief, for. Me one of the things I've learned is, that's a great prayer and then. The second part is instead. Of focusing on my doubt let's start focusing on some great facts and here's some great facts. Jesus. Came and he dwelt on the earth and he lived a sinless life, the. Promise, of the Old Testament the promise, of the Messiah was. Fulfilled, by. Him he, would fulfilled, every, scripture, there was to fulfill he. Has done it all he'll fulfill even more when he comes back again and, as, rushers. In the Messianic, age what, a wonderful, thing and he, died, on a cross and, his, blood, was shed for me and he forgives, me of all my, sin. He sets me free from all of that and he didn't stop there he, went on and was raised from the dead three, days later and, now he. Is at the right hand of the Father and what is he doing, he's praying for me so. You focus on all those facts and doubt, and unbelief go. Away, and. This is Neal who says my question is what do you think of Transcendental, Meditation I, understand, it's a type of meditation used, for relaxation and, anxiety, I am a Christian I need your advice I would.

Stay Away from Transcendental. Meditation any. Meditation, that says let's, take all thought out of your mind. You, need to have your mind filled with the Word of God and here is the biblical. Meditation. You, find it in Joshua, chapter one this. Book of the law so it's the Torah shall. Not depart, from your mouth that means we need to speak Torah but, you shall meditate in. It day and. Night that, you may observe to. Do according to. All that is, written in it for then you will make your way prosperous and. Then. You will have good success. I encourage, Christians meditate. On the word or, put. Yourself, in the biblical, scene have, these words in your mouth in your heart memorize. Them, write, them on the the door of your house write, them on plaques, and put them up on your walls have. These words fill, you and you, will have success. Here's. A word from Psalms 20 may, he grant you according, to your heart's desire, and fulfill. All, your purpose, for Terry for me for all of us here god bless you we'll see you again next week.

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